Homeless veterans program

VA Reverses On Massive $460 Million Homeless Veterans Program

VA plan to redirect $460 million away from its homeless veterans program was reversed instead of letting local hospitals use the funds at their discretion.

The funds were originally set aside for the voucher program VA and HUD jointly run to provide long-term housing for vulnerable and mentally ill veterans. There are presently less than 40,000 homeless veterans, meaning the funds amount to $11,500 per veteran in spending through vendors.

To put this amount of money broken down by veteran into perspective, the agency spends around $200 per veteran for transition assistance out of the military.

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“There will be absolutely no change in the funding to support our homeless programs,” Shulkin’s statement said. “… Over the next six months, I will solicit input from our local VA leaders and external stakeholders on how best to target our funding to the geographical areas that need it most. Based on that input we will come forward with proposals for fiscal year 2019 on how to improve the targeting of our homeless program funding.”

The number of homeless veterans has dropped significantly since former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki targeted that population for additional support in 2010.

According to VA:

Thanks to VA’s collaborative efforts with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, community partner organizations, and local and state governments, there was a 17 percent decrease in Veteran homelessness between 2015 and 2016 contributing to a 47 percent overall reduction in Veteran homelessness across the United States between 2010 and 2016.

VA likely hoped it could take the throttle down a little on spending in this area to instead allow local hospitals access to funds to update its facilities and staff hiring.

What I would like to know is how much of the funds actually to go the homeless veteran when compared to the vendors who provide the services to include lavish online campaigns and awareness events few if any homeless veterans would likely enjoy or benefit from.

At least one example of an online campaign can be seen on the agency’s website. These subpages are not managed or updated by VA employees. Instead, VA pays vendors (ie government contractors) hundreds of thousands per year to update content, depending on the topic type.

Here are two examples. One is the dressed up Homeless Veterans landing page with its attached subpages and the other is Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment. The former gives the veteran lodging and the latter gives them skills to find and keep suitable employment.


Over my years of investigating VA and its spending for online work, for which it pays ludicrous amounts, it seems the web presence value is always much higher for a veteran population the elicits more sympathy.

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So, spending for veteran suicide and veteran homelessness concerning fancy websites or events is veteran high – – and those monies go to vendors, not the veterans.

According to a FOIA release in 2012, VA paid Booz Allen Hamilton $35,000 for a 10-page PDF to help advertise its winter disability games. Can you imagine being paid $35,000 to create a PDF and write the content?

The agency paid roughly the same for another vendor to update and manage the agency’s 6 webpages dedicated to Native American veterans and another $6,000 to create its logo.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2017/12/06/va-tried-to-reallocate-460-million-earmarked-for-homeless-veterans-now-it-says-that-wont-happen/?utm_term=.75d6e04d2b5b

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  1. ANOTHER VA LIE: Here’s a link proving the latest #’s 2016 show a huge rise in homelessness and out of the reported 554,000 Homeless in US of A you cannot tell me the VA’s # of 40,000 Homeless Vets is anywhere accurate:

    “[LOS ANGELES — The nation’s homeless population increased this year for the first time since 2010, driven by a surge in the number of people living on the streets in Los Angeles and other West Coast cities.

    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released its annual Point in Time count Wednesday, a report that showed nearly 554,000 homeless people across the country during local tallies conducted in January. That figure is up nearly 1 percent from 2016….]”

  2. 12/11/2017
    Dear Benjamin Krause,
    “The number of homeless veterans has dropped significantly since former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki targeted that population for additional support in 2010.”
    The former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki did target the population [January 21, 2009 – May 30, 2014]; but not in the way people are thinking.
    What did he achieve? Long Waiting lists, C&Ps being skewed by QCTM, denial of care, the delay of care, obstruction of care through the use of under staffing, Paperwork destroyed or removed, incompetency at the highest level, criminal cover-ups, investigations stalled and terminated, employee intimidation and criminal interference, medications leading to murders, dead bodies rotting, missed placed bodies, uncounted bodies, deaths of veterans covered up, profiteering on body parts and the purchasing of unqualified body parts, extortion of moneys from veterans, drug dealing, misuse of assets, misuse of funds, selling property to third parties, misuse of properties to third parties, procurement fraud, management wanton negligence, kickbacks, sabotage, and treason…just name a few violations.
    Just remember he was following orders from the U.S. Corporation.
    Don Karg

  3. Horrible ! I replied to that news article and asked the question, how many of these veterans suffered from traumatic brain injury or suffered from ptsd and had their deserved disability claims denied and or are waiting for their appeal adjudicated.

    and now we see why this question must be asked ! every denial means that veterans is not eligible to seek treatment or be authorized treatment due to their claim being denied and in the appeal process or the VA did what they were just caught doing closing claims falsely or criminally.

    Veterans must have an adjudicated claim approved before the veterans can be granted treatment. It does not matter if higher management states they did not know this was happening, if that is the case they were not doing their job and they are to be held accountable as they say the Buck stops at the top.

    All employees involved are guilty, they are grown ups and know the difference between right and wrong. What they have done is criminal denying veterans their deserved disability claims and treatment.

    I suggested a Law be put on the Books, When an employee is caught denying a veterans claim and its discovered that employee is to have Federal charges placed upon them for falsely denying that claim.

    The veterans be granted his deserved disability and any treatment and all back pay from when they first applied.

    Many of these homeless veterans are self medicating and should be in treatment facilities. I proposed that the VA authorize (any) veteran that reports to a VA facility for mental conditions, that the VA treat them now and not make the veterans wait for their adjudicated claim to be approved. these veterans receive their deserved treatment until their final appeal is completed.

    The VA will argue against this, but the veterans are told by the regional office way to many time, we the VA regional office need more proof that you suffer from ptsd or Traumatic Brain Injury.

    The veterans can receive their care or treatment by the VA and use those progress notes as evidence of their disability or found not to be service connected.

    How many veterans lives would be saved if the VA would treat every veteran adjudicated claim or not. I would say about 22 veterans a DAY !

    what do you think. I want to call it Jimmys Law. It was not very fun having to live with my ptsd and traumatic brain injury witout treatment for over forty years.

    1. I like “jimmy’s Law” only I would add, that the Veteran be payed all the way from date of injury.

      Fuck these lying ass cocksuckers. If you were working for ANY large corporation, INCLUDING THE VA, and you received a TBI, while on the clock, or premises, they would be legally liable, for those injuries plus damages, and any treatment costs, and loss of pay due to that injury.

      Why the fuck should some asshole, that works for the VA, who is also union, never signed the dotted line to serve, be granted more protections, and legal rights, and benefits then the people that they are suppose to be employed to help?

      Seems in this country the more of a lazy ass incompetent fuck you are, the more you make, IE, do nothing politicians, government workers, any union asshole, that has no incentive to do any better than the lowest common denominator, criminal bankers, wall street, inside traders and manipulators, lying ass cops and judges. etc, etc, etc, etc…..

      Fuck em all, time to get r done people, it is time!!!!

  4. Well all of you I’m a Viet Naum Vet I have not one cent for my life,, came from the VA,,, I had everything paid for in 1990,,, a small pay from the VA disability that was around 1200 per month I was surviving,,, I one day came back to my home from helping my sister move,,, and got a letter ,,, the VA took it all away,,, and all the money paid thus far,,, I with 100%Disability of PTSD,, it was thrown out the door,, I had to mortgage all property I had no payments on and lived off of that borrowed money to stay off the street,,, and finally running out ,, MY Parents and my Grandfathers success in farming stepped in and supplied me money to go on,,, but had to give up all my property and vehicles etc, back to the bank,, and leave,,, I did not after years and years of more fighting with the VA,, I finally got reapproved,,, but never paying in full the amount they owed,,, only half which I was in debt of over $350,000,,, People there weren’t any of these laws of today or help by no one,,, the money I recieived was worthless,, it all had to go to paying the debt NO I COULD”NT buy anything in my name it would just be taken away,,,, that’s the way it was back then,, I didn’t receive my disability until over 13 years later,,, once again after taken it all away,,, as said I have no help ,,,, and today I live in a home that the VA Loan CO approved,,,, that needs over 50,000 in repair,,,, Now I know what some our thinking Home prices on were I can live a life at,,, are all broken junk homes in a 100,000 to 175,000 area these home ALL NEED New Heating and cooling system ,,, Insulation,,, PLumbing,,, New updated Electrical Panels and wiring,,, Windows,,,, Siding,,, Roofing,,,, I have been for 7 years picking away at this,,,, Why I had to buy this home,,,,, I with the low income they give us will not support a mortgage payment of a 225,000 dollar home,,, and being able to buy a vehicle,,, of dependable,,, or save for replacement of Refrigerators ,, stoves,, washer dryers,,, another words repairs ,,,, nor does it really is enough for replacement of vehicle,,,, oh I hear what about a apartment,,,, what about dying gentlemen ,,,, I have PTSD not a physical disablility,, and the new heating and cooling energy saving system I put in,,, has been destroyed by the furnace co who put it in buy there not cleaning out the air and water out of the freaun they use in this system it is 13,000 gone,,,, now we heat with electric space heaters, threw out the house, in the winter,,,with a underpowered electric panel which I said wa’s’nt even large enough to even make this energy saving heating system to total work ,,, which I never new till this year,,, why for 6 years we could make this heating and cooling system ever work properly,,, This is not even a 1/32 of the whole story,,, I would really wonder why I came back,,, and totally have since 1972 have a miserable life,,,, I’m still fighting,,, though its getting very very hard,,, I pray and pray for a miracle from God,,, I can’t talk no longer to hard on me,,, this is just not a good life,,,,, oh by the way NO ICOULD”NT at that time file bankruptcy,,,at that time either,,, I would be out on the street,,,, and I don’t know if any of you understand the crap to restore a credit score,,,, but after I could file bankruptcy after over 6 years ago,,, I don’t make an income nor can I get enough what they call money you can use over and over,,, to get the score to hardly get hire then a 640,,, and of course the banks use a different way of figuring and they tell me its at under 600,,, and others,,,, yet my FICO score bounces from 620 to 650 month after month,,, and no I am not late on any payments in fact I have paid all loans back at high intrest before any of them were due,,, doesn’t matter,, Oh I know there are Vet 100% disabled and there bringing in very good income do to the fact there wives are working,,,, and of course some are getting housing help etc,,, because PTSD is not looked at as damaging and total stoppage of life or able to do much of anything but cry,,, and try to hold on a intrest of something,,, oh yes got two arms two legs healthy as far as physical goes but without my brain working with it,,, its just decoration an illusion,,, that I'[m just fine,,,, My dad was shot in the head in the Korea War lost his whole right side for use,,, he actually could do more then I can,,, My Dad could not except what I had,,,, before he did die,, he left me with a real help of thought,,,,,, IT ALL IN YOUR HEAD,,, I need to write a book called that ,, He was shot in the head ,,, and so was I,,, ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD,,, thanks dad,, my Brother who was 4 years younger is dead,,, but before he died He came with his wife and as for me to forgive me ,,, for he also did'[nt understand either no one in my family did,,,, and I forgave him,,, he died of Heppitites C,,,, there was no cure for it at that time,,,,, Said enough,,,, Cheers,,,

    1. @steven dont write anything here that you dont want public but can I ask what state/city you currently live in?

      1. Alexander,

        From the comma ridden, broken sentenced, no paragraph, heart string pulling bullshit in Steven’s post. It is a troll that lives near Tomah Wisconsin.

  5. Off topic: interesting stats on the VA as far as it being a good place to work at.


    This is a survey of VA employees about working at the VA.

    Of 18 large federal agencies, the VA ranks 17.

    On the question of Effective Leadership: Supervisors, they rank 18. They also rank 18 on how satisfied employees are with their pay, 18 on “Teamwork”, 18 on whether leadership and management promote diversity, and 17 on whether rewards and advancement is fair or timely.

    Another interesting stat is that in 2001, the VA had 188,145 employees. As of 2016, the VA had 333,264 employees.

    …but they are short staffed.

    1. “[…but they are short staffed.]”– Short in staph-carrying, dues-paying AFGE minions. They seem to multiply like Gremlins. Do not feed or get wet after midnight. 😀

  6. My experience as a homeless veteran is that here in Honolulu – – – the VA does not provide much substantive help. And I know more than I want to about living on the street.

    The VA COULD help veterans, but WON’T.

    End of Story.

    Disgruntled Veteran
    1973 – 1976 USMC
    1978 – 1993 USN
    Wounded Warrior

    1. It’s only when it gets cold out as it is now in Central Ohio, that I saw ANY mention of the Veteran Homeless population amongst other homeless living in various wooded areas on news…and guess what? It was NOT the VA or any VSO Piggy tromping out in the elements to give them cold weather gear, etc., no, it was Lutheran Social Svcs., and local Salvation Army and GoodWill…I would love to know just what in-hands assistance the VA gives Homeless Vets with those hundreds of million$. I know from my albeit brief, but indeed homeless experience, a few dollars can stretch a long way when you have nothing…then desperado fight/flight survival sets-in…esp. with Veterans.

      1. Salvation Army, Goodwill, Catholic Charities somewhat helpful. VA and State of Hawaii resources not so much. If State of Hawaii had their way, they would tax veterans disability – – – while allowing high-tech from mainland to retire here without taxing their pensions.

        HYP – O – KRITZ !!!!

  7. just out of curiosity. How hard would it be to get a Citizens Oversight Committee up and running. It’s goal would be to force the VA to account for itself in every way that it is currently failing.

    1. Great idea but the damn AFGE will likely only allow an AFGE sanctioned contractor that just happens to be both union dues paying and a ‘Citizen’, but the VA only allows itself to police itself, always, even that VA kryptonite called accountability, the VA recently redefined what accountability even means to the VA…under the Disney McDonald VA Model…

    2. Part of the hurdle to overcome with this idea is that the VA could try ignore this committee, unless it is chartered by Congress.
      Some years ago when I was more active with veterans, the VA would try ignore us because we were not congressionally chartered like the VFW, Legion, etc. That means even when meetings were held on issues specific to our group of veterans, the VA would not invite us because we were not chartered.

      The VA can ignore groups, until it becomes embarrassing for them in the media to do so.

      Getting a congressional charter is tough because congress thinks there are enough veterans groups to represent us. They ignore that those groups do not represent us. I believe a charter also comes with some kind of financial support from congress, but I am not positive.

      1. However, I truly believe *most* VSO’s original intentions were indeed well-intentioned, until they got a taste of that fine swamp water and then, More, Please! Can’t get enough of the stuff…my point is D.C. seems to have the ability to corrupt even well-intentioned Vets and the VA always seems to corrupt. Speaking of which, that new Whistleblower Office is likely the VA’s way of keeping abreast of churning scandals so the rat bastards can alert Cashour to load the unicorns asses with pixie dust. Yep, in a mood.

  8. If the program is truly as successful as reported, the only reason I can see for that success is that no single agency, VA or HUD is running it and corruptly skimming or wasting as much as they can.
    Without one agency overseeing the other, with outside groups involved and watching, a program works. Send the money to individual hospitals for them to deal with veteran homelessness, and I bet veteran homelessness doubles in a year as the money is skimmed for interior designers.

    As for web pages and corrupt VA contracting officials shoveling money at politically connected contractors, one should ask why the VA did not have their own in-house IT people create these pages. Every VA hospital in the country has at least 1 IT person, and every VA in the country has a web site. Granted, each web site likely runs off one server, but surely they have IT people that maintain it.

    One should also ask why they are not reserving those contracts for disabled veteran contractors who gained web design or graphic design skills through Voc Rehab.

  9. Spectrum Health hospital in Grand Rapids, MI is owed millions treating homeless vets but have not been paid by CHOICE. At this time they are no longer accepting vets that use the CHOICE program. I find it more and more astounding that something like this can happen in America in the 21st century. Have the power to be, become so brazen, that their criminal behavior is completely within the realm of normalcy ?

    1. Same is happening here in Colorado. A Choice provider is owed over $1 million for 2 years worth of appointments. The provider sent a letter to vets asking the vets to contact Senator Cory Gardner.

      As if that assclown would do anything.

      What’s interesting is Choice may pay a doctor for a visit, but if that doctor wants an xray or MRI, Choice does not pay whoever does the xray or MRI. Quite often billing for a doctor and billing for a radiologist is separate.

      Not sure why this is happening. It seems like the Choice authorization and billing information is not getting to the radiologist, and the VA is ignoring any inquiries unless the radiologist has that authorization number.

      A couple months ago I got a letter from a radiologist saying they were going to send bills for a Choice appointment to collections unless I pay within 20 days. The bills were over a year old. I called the radiologist for details. They said they had submitted those bills to Choice multiple times. I then made a few calls to Choice, the VA, Trumps hotline and others about what I thought about being threatened by collectors.

      The VA said they would contact the radiologist and take care of it. I haven’t heard anything since.

      1. There is yet another source to contact that is very new, an I just uncovered it a week ago. There are now “escalation specialists” in each of the VA hospitals (not clinics) that work within the non-VA office in the hospital that Healthnet put there to solve problems better than the “choice champions” can. I spoke to mine last week and she told me that she was on Healthnet’s payroll, and not employed by the VA. I found out about this by contacting the non-VA “navigator” at the hospital and she told me she would have this new “escalation specialist” contact HNet (her company) and straighten out the mess. The next day I got a call from her and she told me my authorization is now in place for my treatment. I asked her who she worked for and she told me she was a HNet employee and physically worked at my VA hospital (in person). She said all the VA hospital have at least one or two of these escalation specialists there, but you have to go through the non-VA office personnel (employed by the VA) to have them take your matter in hand and move the ball. You can’t call them directly – they won’t give you their ext #.
        She did get my issue straightened out in one day.
        The non-VA person that put me through to her stold me she is their “secret weapon.
        HNet felt pressured to do something like this (after more than 3 years now), obviously, because they want to show the VA and the veterans that they are busy addressing their slowness, and want a five year contract as the contractor to administer the ” NEW” program (Cares?) that is going to replace this current Choice program coming up this month as it weaves its way through congress (small c).
        So ask to get the “HNet escalation specialist” at your hospital on the case on your behalf. Everything is a big secret, isn’t it? NO TRANSPARENCY.

      2. If you wait, the VA will then add a dues-paying AFGE member in a brand new position called “Escalation Specialist Champion”, which will be quickly followed-up with the “De-Escalation Specialist” ad nausea. Same goes for the plethora of VA websites…it’s as much of a misjumbolated systemic mess that directly reflects the VA’s bloated state of missaffairs.

      3. YICL, that is likely who I spoke with at my VA. I know she was not one of the Choice champions. Benn there and done that.

        I didn’t bother to find out who she worked for.

      4. The VA policy, known by all Dr’s. who take choice will pay anything within 90 days of submitting the bills to them. Veteran is never responsible. My last ER visit, they waited 4 months to send bills to the VA, and sent bills to me!!. I called the VA here, they told me after 90 days, etc. Never pay a Choice bill if you get one.

      5. Well Lawrence, there is a difference between what doctors know, what their contracts to accept Choice state, and what reality is.

        The VA has charged my insurance over $10,000 for service connected care, so when I was referred to my first Choice appointment, I asked about the VA paying the bill, and was told as a part of the agreement providers sign for participating in Choice, they are prohibited from billing veterans.

        When that Choice bill wasn’t paid, the head of the Patient Advocates at my VA lied and said the provider sent the bills to the wrong address. The provider was St. Mary’s hospital and had been involved in Choice since it started, so I am sure they knew where to send bills.

        As I said in another comment, the radiologist for one of my Choice appointments had submitted bills to Choice for over a year, and was not paid until I made several phone calls.

        I wish the VA would be as quick to pay those bills as they are at coming after veterans if the veteran owes the VA something.

  10. So, the VA spends oodles of $$$ on websites for Homeless Vets and Suicide Prevention, yet…those particular Veteran Populations very-well have the least amount of access to a…computer. Right?! So, all the $$$ spent is to somehow make some VA exec & contractors feel all warm & fuzzy while the Homeless Veterans are still frosty in the elements and the Suicidal Vet is collecting frost and meeting his/her maker? WTF, VA?

    1. “https://www.tribstar.com/news/local_news/operation-vanguard-seeks-to-help-homeless-veterans/article_875ae1bf-6c1b-5bba-ac07-0b975d0265b9.html”

      Yeah, and don’t dare try to get information locally about how any monies are spent, to who, how much goes to a veteran or their family. Or homeless told to go the local library where they get free computer access for fifteen minutes per visit. When I was a more healthy social butterfly I would bring people home and put on a typing teaching program and let them use my PC to try to get things done. Too damn dangerous to try to be helpful like that around here locally any more, especially for me. The #1 enemy of the fascist and lefties running things regionally.

      There are hundreds, countless homeless vets locally. No accurate numbers to be found. From around a hundred to many hundreds, but news reports everything is improving and well in our global village.

      I went down to the event and shared my story with one leader of the group claiming ‘we are all family.” No we are not. For clique members and town cheerleaders only. Never got a call back for information, support or connections. Or news about any others locally being treated as I am since I have been told there are many out there (hundreds of calls reportedly) but afraid to speak up or be known of. Silence. FOIAs are a waste of time here and totally ignored over anything. Not being a insider and asking for some transparency here is useless.

      Caring community my big broad ass!

      While there, the news failed to mention all the “fingers/the birds” those vets got while standing out there trying to get donations for homeless vets. Typical college town I suppose, with 3 major lefty universities who hate the townies who refuse to assimilate, bow, and “Deplorable” veterans. Local fake news and politicians sure know how to put up a good facade and a smiley face while lying between their teeth.

      Don’t ask about the final tally on any monetary gifts given either. Guess that is “not for public consumption” too. Or ya get various answers to the questions put to any of them.


      The more claims of change is made the more things remain the same or are much much worse. 2012 : “https://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/why-does-the-u-s-government-treat-military-veterans-like-human-garbage”

      Are we still on the terrorist watch list Obummer made? Must be, no word from Trump about it.

      Do vets still suffer from stigma, VA incompetence/activism/retaliation to having no voice or representation in state or local government and communities. Aside from all the fake news and propaganda. Big yes.

      1. @T- For many of the reasons you speak of, are contributors to why this originally a Hoosier/Indiana Farmboy, stays clear away from Indiana and it’s see no evil practices…then there’s the VA in Indy, a complete train wreck that keeps the $$ flowing to Indiana University & Pharma Research, which also happens to be in Indy. Earlier this year had to spend some time with a family funeral in very small town/county I am from and that tiny county has the worse crime, homelessness, and heroin/pill problem when compared to even larger counties.
        The VA’s count of only “40,000” Homeless Vets in USA has to be fucking lie. Maybe add a zero at least to that decimal point?

    2. Good point about accessing the site nam. I don’t recall seeing homeless vets dragging around a desktop or laptop computer and some kind if gerbil powered generator.

      $6G would be pretty damn significant help for a homeless vet.

      1. I was barely one leg out of homelessness when I did all my own filing of both SSDI and VA Disability Comp. Claim, but I did not own a laptop or any PC at that time so relied solely on the library branch three blocks away. I learned me being a morning person served me no good when wanting to use a library computer for the allotted 15 mins at a time…the first three hours of each & every day was filled with regular thuglets posting what they freshly stole that night on craigslist…I shit you not, the library branch workers knew it, and yes this was 10 years ago, but I hardly think much has changed, only the stolen goods have gotten more high tech. God, am glad those days are behind me but, I will never forget…

    3. Access to Internet directly is very much an issue. Though there aren’t many other options for dissemination of information as widely and rapidly than the Internet and homelessness can create isolation from all communications so no matter what getting the right information to the right people is a challenge. A plus side to the Internet is that it can help give information to those that wish to help by getting involved in the programs or passing the information on and helping with access to the Internet. Even if it is just a public library to start it is better than no movement at all.

      Of course, the information that is currently available lacks in solutions, contacts and other helpful information for those in need or those wishing to help. Keeping it up is also an issue as seen over the thanksgiving holidays when the homeless chat service did not work for several days.



      Then days later only messaged that the 24/7 chat was not available and to try again during normal business hours. As if 24/7 didn’t cover that it was normal business hours. How many veterans may have been desperate or in crisis or freezing and found a way to try then were rejected for days?

      Getting the training, housing and intenet access into the same ecosystem would allow those (homeless vets) that are most experienced with the shortcomings and injustices of the process and are most connected to other homeless vets can help create an improvement cycle that can avoid corrupt interests. A population of homeless vets building this program won’t screw themself but an individual can easily be bought.

      It’s important to remember that a community working together can vote with influence using voice and by deciding when or when NOT to spend. Voting with your money is very influential if everyone does it together. Getting support from all veterans to put those with the most (homeless vets) interest back into the game that needs to be changed will create a community of change.

      There are already many resources available for free retraining in tech that can be used 24/7

      Short list at http://www.diycodeschool.com

      And programs such as Operation Code that are helping vets become programmers. That and everything tied to it is the future course of every economy and society. Writing, design, media, programming … everything can be learned and applied to the web.

      A lot of pieces are there because we are all ready to make it happen we just need to stop letting other corrupt, short minded or weak individuals be placed in the process keeping the vision fractured.

      Even just Setting up a warming area with public WiFi and outdated replaced pc’s would be a possible start to educating, reuniting and developing a homeless run business.

      Cutting communication is a war tactic. Establishing communication is the development of a community.

      1. A larger challenge is fact that we Veterans are such a diverse group coming from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, that even say take trying get 100 Homeless Veterans on same page will be much like herding feral cats. That diversity would be exactly the same amongst non-Homeless Veterans…we are a fickle group that may be a large voting force, but even THAT is not entirely predictable, as in recent elections have shown…herding cats. Must have a way to get the cats to meet you on common terms, not so much other way around.

      2. Very good point @namnibor. That is something that definitely needs to be worked on. Maybe if a few of us cats could talk and somehow create a small group that were interested in working these issues out
        and working together, we could slowly grow community involvement through members that were willing to do the same. Creating functional growth through gradualism much like what our enemies use to destroy and separate us but for positive movement.
        I’m starting to feel idealistic in this, makes me a little nauseous, so I know this is much more complicated to do than say but I know the difference that can be made if we all were able to do what we do together with the same goals. I guess for now networking and conversations.

      3. In my city, the unemployment offices and all public libraries have a ton of computers available to anyone free. Your town probably does also if it has unemployment office or library. Check it out.

  11. I think I will FOIA the VA today requesting follow up on their LEGIONELLA management program.
    I think I will FOIA the OIG to see gow many people were fired there for misconduct related to veterans or their fiduciaries.

    It will be a long day, but worth it!

    Happy Happy Joy Joy!

  12. I wonder, If I start a Veteran owned small business can I be awarded these contracts? It would keep me from going homeless and I could hire and train homeless veterans to manage the sites and build content. Directly and efficiently creating an ecosystem that perpetually houses and retrains veterans. Maybe then I could also pay the bills the VA sends me for getting injured in active duty :p

    1. Good idea. I’ve been trying to figure out that racket, but it looks like you’d need to hire an ex-VA official to lobby for you like Danny Pummill. He’s been out of VA for just a couple years and already has a sweet $2.5 million contract for god knows what.

      1. Thanks for the name. I’m in D.C. going to do some research and see if there are federal or local contract notices and if there is a collaborative interest somewhere here. Booze Allen, Deloitte, Raytheon and hundreds of others are just blocks away so I’m a little skeptical about getting an “in”. Then again I don’t need 78 billion to run this successfully. Half would work just fine AND I could use a lobbyist. Getting a drupal, php and design veterans training program together would not take long and all participants could start contributing on the first day. My gI bill did not cover even lower division courses so I have learned everything I know from free resources on the Web. If I can do it then surely anybody can in some capacity and there are experts seperating as I type this.

      2. Alexander, check out FedBizOpps dot gov. It will tell you all you need to know, including how to register in SAM, and whether contracts are set aside for veterans.

        Be careful of the scams though where some “partner” offers you a partnership, simply to have a veteran as a front for getting veteran set-aside contracts.

        Currently there are 62 solicitations set aside for veteran owned small businesses for just the past 90 days.

        Imagine getting the contract for any of these jobs around the country, even if you are not local to that area, then subcontracting it to another veteran in that area.

        Even if a contract is not designated as veteran set aside, there is no reason you cannot argue in favor of it being set aside if your business has the ability to handle the contract.

      3. Hello Alexander Nelson…my GI paid all 4 years at major university. What happened to you? Something seems to be missing or not accurate about your education payments via GI Bill. Could you let us know what happened?

      4. Its been a while. I’ll try to remember. Are you post 9-11? I was out pre-911. With the strong marketing towards separating military, I fell into the for-profit school trap as I was trying to maintain two jobs with a back injury from falling from a c-141. To this day the VA still sends me collection notices for visits pertaining to that injury and denies service connection. I needed flexibility in scheduling to go to school while maintaining basic needs. I found little to no education value in the courses once I was in them but I was desperate to get some sort of schooling out of the way as we were disallowed from taking courses while on active duty due to extremely low manning on a high activity base. Mission requirements were not being met. A lot of people were telling me to just get the 4 years done then take a good masters program. I started believing them. I made it to the last courses for lower division but the school was adding courses that did not count for the degree requirements. They had some accounting tactics given to me “honestly” by their head finance counselor where at the end of the year they would “accidentally” add a couple courses to many of their students schedules and force payment to the students credit card to boost their end of the year numbers for the investors then slowly take complaint calls over the next months and fix the “accidental” registration and charge issues. They threw a couple unwanted courses on mine that I quickly cancelled then they cancelled all my courses and returned the FAFSA payments cancelling the entire program for me. At that time I was getting the runaround from the VA, going to physical therapy, getting denied VA appointments and one employer decided to stop paying us as they were getting ready to go bankrupt while the other one was giving me a hard time about my back injury interfering with my work performance while also trying to get me to sell my pain meds to them. That was my first almost homeless experience. There was very little gi bill left by then and it soon expired. I started self educating at that point as I was never balanced enough with the back issues and the financial toll it had. I either worked 100 hours a week and tried to function with a back injury or I went homeless to go to school and hoped that I found the means to pay for courses and food through completion. Looking back I should have taken the homelessness because that’s where I am now still self educating, school just outside my reach and walking the line between homelessness and employment and my back injury now preventing work in my past experiences. I have applied for voc rehab but haven’t seen any movement on that yet. I’ve relocated to another state so am trying that again in the new area. For now I scour the web for free resources and spend all my non working time, 20-45 hrs a week, learning more in skill sets that will hopefully be sustainable and allow employment and professional development in companies where formal education isn’t a hard requirement. I know a lot and have accomplished many things in a variety of fields. That works very well sometimes and sometimes is a major barrier without formal education to show employers.

      5. Benjamin Krause every time I friend you on Facebook you don’t want to my friend I know I don’t know to much about the Veteran but I am a Concerned Veteran.

      6. Tell me, How did old Danny Pummill get somethiing that other vets cannot get? He can be made to describe his scam, what am. There is another mafia called the VA boobacracy. Just follow da money, but don’t fuggetaboutit

    2. LegionellaMan in Pittsburgh got a contract after being outted there.
      You have to get registered as a 51% or more veteran owned business.
      It really is all about who you know , but it can be done. Especially if you have 1 single veteran who got over 400,000 in a gofundme campaign for helping a stranded motorist.

    3. @Alexander Nelson

      Without ANY doubt at all AN you can indeed be awarded one of these many lucrative contracts! Contact your local AFGE affiliate, associated with AFL/CIO and ask them for details.

    4. Guaranteed. All you have to do is find out who gets the kick back. There is a bank lobbyist with money to lend you that will help with that. Of course he gets a cut too.

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