Felix McDermott

Family Of ‘Murdered’ Veteran Seeks $6 Million From VA In Damages

An active homicide investigation is underway at a VA medical center located at Clarksburg, W.Va. At least nine suspicious deaths are under investigations and one confirmed homicide.

As reported by Stars and Stripes, retired Army Sgt. Felix McDermott’s death was confirmed as a homicide. The family of McDermott filed an FTCA claim against the agency after learning he was “murdered” while in the care and custody of at the Louis A Johnson VA Medical Center.

McDermott suffered a stroke after being injected in the abdomen by with a deadly dose of insulin. The veteran suffered from dementia and physical disability. However, he had no history of diabetes or needing insulin.

Veteran ‘Murdered’

“He was showing clear improvement in his medical condition when he was negligently, wrongfully or intentionally injected with insulin,” the claim reads. “If the medical examiner’s conclusion is correct, Felix Kirk McDermott was murdered while he was in the care and custody of the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center.”

The agency reports a person of interest has been located but not revealed to the public. VA assured Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., that the individual is “no longer in any contact with veterans at the VA facility.”

No Contact At The VA Facility

Is he or she in contact with veterans at another “VA facility,” though, while the agency investigates?

It is worth asking the question given how soft the agency seems to be when investigating its own employees where veterans are injured, or murdered, as is the case here.

“These crimes shock the conscience, and I’m still appalled they were not only committed but that our veterans, who have sacrificed so much for our country, were the victims,” Manchin said. “I will do everything in my power to investigate these accusations and get to the bottom of what happened.”

Not A Current Hospital Employee

A spokesman for the Clarksburg facility reiterated the allegations do not involve any current hospital employees.

In an email, the spokesperson wrote, “Immediately upon discovering these serious allegations, Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center leadership brought them to the attention of VA’s inspector general while putting safeguards in place to ensure the safety of each and every one of our patients.”

So, was the alleged perpetrator fired or instead moved to a different VA facility?

$6 Million In Damages

The McDermott family seeks damages of $1 million in personal injury and $5 million for wrongful death.

This is the second story of a former VA employee engaging in reckless or homicidal behaviors resulting in many veterans being killed. Robert Levy, MD, is presently being prosecuted for three counts of involuntary homicide.

For Levy, agency officials were informed of wrongdoing but failed to timely respond according to numerous lower-level staff.

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  1. Carol, in reference to your statement of “not being paid extra to deny veterans and your other statement about plotting to ruin veterans lives as you exited your post” you maybe correct as you maybe a credible VA employee. Only you know this. God gave us all a conscience. Noone on this blog is accusing you of anything. However, please think about this. VA Secretary Robert Wilkie is trying to get a handle on the suicide situation among the veterans. I believe he is sincere but once again only he knows this. But why wouldn’t he? Though, who knows? Only TIME will tell. TIME is the answer to all. When it comes to politics and money, the brain does not follow the body. Insanity takes over. Getting back to the veteran patients or even employees, when a person puts false information into records to use it to deny veterans of whatever they are seeking, now why would VA leadership or VA employees carry out such actions? Why would you not think these type actions could not destroy lives? Or contribute to veterans committing suicides? Why would VA employees enter information to cover up errors? Honestly look at this. If a person is constantly being lied about or lied too by their VA providers or by their VA Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation counselors, wouldn’t you see these actions as being totally unsatisfactory? I am sure you remember the military inspections as either being designated as sat or unsat. Carol, these type dishonest actions towards anybody or about anybody would lead to all kinds of serious problems? Actions like I am describing destroys lives whether a veteran or not. There is a Golden Rule. Treat others how he or she would like to be treated in return. ????????️

  2. veterans employed by VA? They must be on the night shift… haven’t seen a doctor in years. If I did see a Dr. he wasn’t American… come to think of it haven’t seen many Americans their either…cept at my CBOC.

  3. Quit going to any VAMC’s a long time ago, figured I’d live longer, I was right! Very easy to kill veterans at VAMC’s and get away with it as we are still considered expendable and congress and most Americans have a limited concern for veterans. Maybe that’s changing…

  4. Carol, if you might care just a tad, there are honestly real ways to reform the system. But, I do not believe your leadership types want to turn the VA in an about face manner at all. Do you know why I say this? Because the VA modality is just about sustainability with no real decisions and with no solutions happening; but, issues are just kicked down the road. Oops, here is the underlying core issue. The more dysfunction in the VA, the more money the VA leadership believes they can manipulate from the Congress.
    Also, with the EHR system, the only reason the VA is trying to upgrade now it is because of the Trump administration. The VISTA Operating system should have been updated years ago with all the records having been digitized. Look at the millions of dollars if not billions wasted on IT projects. This is even another story.
    Carol, the difference that I have witnessed over the years is the VA has become so politicized that it’s attitude is to hell with the mission, some employees, and of course the veteran patients. Reform of the VA in one area of the VA has to do with it’s organizational structure which points to the compartmentalization modality. Major reform could start right here. And, second, what builds a healthy environment is accountability. In my opinion, the accountability stems from respect, good ethics, principles, transparency, and above all honoring life itself. And Carol, I do not mean the VA with always honoring those who have fallen. In addition to honoring those who have fallen, living veterans should be honored as well. This is even a much deeper issue. Best. ???????

  5. @”Carol”,
    Well, you really stepped into the quagmire of crap you brought onto yourself.
    To respond:
    I will bash anyone IF they deserve it! I will also praise anyone who deserves it!
    So far, a majority of the VA employees I have had to deal with have not earned my respect. Especially when so-called healthcare providers don’t know how to read lab reports! Which has caused me further medical problems!
    So, in closing, take your fake opinion and get back to work!

  6. As another point to ponder.
    It is well understood that there are some VHA facilities and likely some VISN’s that run like well oiled machines, and they are the entities that are providing honorably. But, nothing is to be gained in having persons that are existing among the lollipops and rainbows, in taking personal affront via retorting their disappointment when sc veteran patients have legitimate complaints/issues with the day-to-day operations within the VHA facility that they are utilizing. There are moldy, insect infested, rotting facilities that do not attract the best providers, because everyone wants their own great place to work. All I can say is, appreciate fully the great advantages you are able to consume, but please have some compassionate understanding for those that are still looking for some flowers among the weeds.

    1. Here’s another major point people don’t seem to consider much. How many people, vets, state agencies, groups, associations, those “teams,” CBOC’s, unions, civilians, et al, does it take to play games, play the consult games and others among perhaps several clinics and staff, denials, file manipulations, the PA’s, contractors, activist, MD’s, college’s, med school types, secretaries and all the temporary staff, ALL, anyone and everyone imaginable does it take to suppress truth? To keep info and real news out of the media from MSM, college rags, PBS, etc. To gas-light veterans. To cover up deaths, abuse, threats, the conflicts in care to keeping things out of our files. To all conspire to keep many things our of the public’s sight and minds. To prevent recording in many places from the VA, communities, by law enforcement, court houses, police stations, churches, councils, PACs, lobbyist, secret clubs, etc. For how many to know some realities behind the scenes or how some of us are treated or targeted but remain silent, let it happen, choose their positions over our lives. Community, state wide, shunning and ignoring? All those in DC? To see we are censored, blacked out, barred, have no chance of communicating with others in the nation or community. That use every tactic out there to make us the enemy to set us up for targeting, etc. It’s never ending.

      For me and would imagine many many others it’s us versus the world, the country, entire communities. Some have to take stands against them all. Countless. With many of us like me playing the lone ranger and all we get is lip service, play waiting games. Why are “whistle-blowers” hated and attacked so badly or killed. Why do so many people hate truth and reality. I think anyone reading this get the drift. Anyone got any answers other than attack or be part of the silent majority? Go to their churches, clubs, meetings behind closed doors or smile on camera claiming to be so righteous, good, communities of perfection, goodness, unity and giving, oath keepers, perfect members in the hood, positions to protect and serve, etc. Horse feathers.

      People and bashers, the cheerleaders need to pause and think about some things and numbers involved. What we are up against but WE are the conspiracy theorist, possible domestic terrorist, banned from military forums like Military dot com and many more. Considering it all including having to mention lost lives, the suicides, and unknown numbers being intentionally abuse and murdered and people wonder why some of us are totally pissed off and fed-up. We are supposed to be courteous, respectful and such in every move or thought when dealing with all this out-right well known evil and scum bags or sociopaths/narcissist? Being nice isn’t and has not cut it.

      Fire back Carol and all those like you. Take a wild guess at the numbers of ‘people’ out to destroy us without a thought or emotion.

  7. I am sure you don’t speak for everyone that works in the VA and I can assure you that just like everyone that has a gripe about one thing or another, there are those who are content with the service and are happy for them.
    But, I have experienced things at the VA that I would never and have never experienced at a private doctors office, for reasons that I will never understand shit happens there that is unheard of in the medical industry !

    The operation is totally politically run by people that are clueless, standards are so low that you can go to a county hospital and get better service. They lie more than the police and are never accountable for anything, it is really a bad movie and I am sure you as an employee feel that you are achieving something if 1% are happy with the results.

    They call me and send cards asking to come in for an appointment, one message said, ” just call to say hello “.
    What a Bunch of self centered jerks, their cell phones are more important than the job.

    I am happy to have private insurance to I can see a real doctor in a office were the focus is on my help and they just do their fuc*ing job !

    I am the first in line to vote for the VA being sold to a compost facility and the Government gives me a card to choose my own medical doctor to go for my medical needs.

    To many employees related in one way or another, if you support the President ( Trump ) then you are on their list to get screwed, they hate him at West Los Angeles or any VA hospital in southern california.

    If you want to learn what real medical care is get the hell out of the VA and work at a major college, if you just want the pension then clock in every day and realize that people are going to sham and people are going to complain, it’s what government employees do and what sick people do !

    I will never go back there. I was thinking some bad thoughts and knew that these idiots working at the VA do not understand consequences enough to respect a person that is standing to close to the edge and they would catch a bad one that would put them in a box, of which they would lie and never tell the truth about what really happen to start the bullshit.

  8. 08/29/2019

    Dear Carol,

    18 years and counting in uniform and a VA Employee—Thank You!

    However, When do you call the system a failure?

    After “40 homicides”?—-According to a Judge [Fox News] [Phoenix VA 2014]

    After 1700?————-According to the President’s letter from a VA executive [at the Phoenix VA 2017]

    After 2500?————-According the given numbers from OIG and projected out to current death totals from 2014 to 2019

    When do you shut-down a Hospital?

    In Phoenix we just shut-down the Hacienda Medical Center for much less, why is the Phoenix VA still open?

    $$$$$$$ and lots of them.

    It is simple, money over bodies—how long can your mind handle it?


    Don Karg

  9. That old saying “Good enough for government work” is not just a saying but a practice and a belief. I’ve seen it in the military and 2 government jobs, one of which was the VA. But not all VA employees are there just for a paycheck. I am a sc veteran and have been going to the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System in both Little Rock and North Little Rock since 1983. I have never seen anything but respect and compassion for veterans. I have even been called at home by several doctors to inform me of test results or that my blood work showed dangerous deficiencies in vitamins/minerals. I know there are some pretty bad dudes and dudettes out there and they are the ones that get all the attention. I agree that the rotten eggs need to be weeded out before someone else gets killed. Unfortunately it’s the rotten ones that get moved or promoted instead of being booted out and prosecuted.

  10. I’m a veteran, 18 years and counting in uniform and I’m also a VA employee. I get so sick of the VA bashing that it’s hard to take reading blogs that are filled with supposition and conclusory questions. If you want to bash the system, have at it. Every federal agency is built on a foundation of decades long bureaucracy that makes its efficient and proper functioning all but impossible. But attacking employees as though they are deliberately trying to make other veterans’ lives miserable overlooks the fact that veterans are more likely than not attacking other veterans. VA is the largest US employer of veterans in the country. The average is 30% nationally with many facilities employing over 50% veterans. Our goal in life isn’t to screw people over. I don’t get paid extra to be a jerk and deny anyone anything. The VA is in short everyone’s dog to kick until you need them. For every tale of woe there are more stories of veterans being given back their lives by the care and benefits they receive from VA. I have worked with highly dedicated, competent, talented and compassionate team members over the years and know firsthand as a veteran the good work they do. Most veterans have no clue the morass or rules, regulations and system limitations we employees have to navigate to accomplish our jobs and assume we are aiming to make their lives miserable. Congress makes the laws and directs the regulations and even policies VA must implement. And then fails to properly fund them, leaving the few to try to do the job of the many. Yes there are limits to suing the VA -as there are if trying to sue ANY federal agency. The FTCA is your only recourse and you can thank Congress for that. And I’m saying this as a 100% sc combat veteran who received care and works at a VA hospital full time while still serving my country in the ANG. Bad employees get fired every day. Employees who present even a hint of danger to patient safety are detailed away from
    Attempt care while an investigation happens. Federal law doesn’t permit VA to just fire them up front. Once again you can thank Congress and AFGE for keeping bad apples around for way too long. But that’s the framework in which VA must operate. If VA fired every employee who had any allegation against them of any nature before completing an investigation the VA would be forced to expend tens of thousands in court to defend its actions and ultimately be stuck with the bad employee coming back to work in many instances. If the investigation is taking too long VA can’t control it. you see the IGis an independent entity, answerable to no facility Director anywhere. Blame the investigators but not the people who are sitting waiting for the outcome so they can take action. So if VA plays the ready, shoot, aim game in firing employees, AFGE will tie the agency upin protracted litigation and scream about employees being mistreated. It’s a damned if they do, damned if they don’t scenario. Be careful who you single out as a nefarious wrongdoer; it’s highly likely you’re defaming a fellow veteran when you do. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go plot how to ruin other veterans’ lives tomorrow

    1. Carol, I agree with you on some of your comments; but, not all. I do not bash anyone honestly. There has to be good reasons for me to even go there. And, then, it is really not about bashing; it is about correcting. I will dive into the topic to explain and illustrate how you are carrying out the same actions as the others to whom you are making claims about. Be back a little later.

      1. Well, I am back. Though, what I have to say will be of no real importance to any politician or any VA employee or any Senior VA Leadership type. Because they are rarely on the receiving end. Rarely affects them. Plus, most of them go along to get along in my opinion. They will not make decisions; but, however, not making decisions are decisions. All due to the type system that the VA is that of which allows most all to the kicked down the road. VA system rarely generates any resolve and rarely generates any positive meaningful results for anyone to include those VA employees at the low end of the pay-scale. Being the VA system is a moderate Single Payer Socialist Healthcare system, this type system in itself does contribute to many problems for all. This type system breeds corruption. Scratch the employees out of the picture for now. This is why Medicare For All would collapse country and murder many Americans. Carol, you are not considering the whole picture before placing judgement regarding the veterans on Benjamin’s blog. Carol, veteran patients rarely have due process rights afforded to them. Veterans have to fork over big bucks for attorneys just to have their voices heard. Look at the red flag system or the Communist patient flag system in which the VA attaches to many veterans. Sometimes this maybe warranted; but, sometimes this labeling maybe defeating it’s own purpose. Carol, does the VA ever take a step back to dive into the situation to consider the objective substance or the facts of the situation? Rarely, have I witnessed this. Carol, honestly, you speak about the bureaucracy. Do you ever consider just maybe the government is too big? Once a government gets to big; it exists to only serve itself. You speak about veterans bashing other veteran employees. Yes, I have witnessed this among veterans; but, do you know what drove this? Political correctness and money. Whether it was coming from a PhD Senior VA employee being directed to a veteran employee of the GS-1 to the GS-7 pay scale or from Veterans who were elected members of the Congress and even the Senate. Oh yes, I am aware of veterans who were in senior positions who chose to vote against legislation that could have served and assisted many veterans. Carol, it is not that the veterans on Ben’s blog are viewing the VA employees as the only targets; but, there are many targets outside of the VA as well. Let’s go back to the Clinton administration and before the Obama administration. The quantity quota regulation or statute was enacted by Former Bill Clinton during the Clinton administration. Honestly, this was a disservice to the American Veteran right here in my opinion. Because quantity eliminates quality particularly if the institution or agency is strangled by rules, laws, and regulations that the federal govt imposes on them. And, even, the govt involvement in the healthcare insurance private sector companies, reduces quality as it becomes crony capitalism. Now, going to the time before the Obama administration, healthcare was delivered as medical care in most cases. The private sector healthcare as in medical care was more affordable. Plus, the medical care was of a better quality. I know it was more affordable because I have the numbers. Healthcare insurance companies and American citizens were not having to pay nowhere near what they are having to pay out today. It boils down to more govt involvement has contributed to the higher costs and to the care of less quality. Now, I will shift to the VA care well before the Obama administration. Carol, you are correct. The VA has saved many lives to include mine over 20 years ago. From the condition that I was in during that time period, there was not anyway my family could have handled the situation. Carol, as a matter of fact, I could not even transition from one area of the country to the other. I could not handle it. As per the VA care, here is the biggy. Carol, when the VA comes up with a program that ultimately helps the veterans, the VA should not eliminate it. And, then say, oh lets try this or that just because someone had a hypothesis that would enhance the VA’s chances of getting more money or brush someone else’s back for the money trail from the Congress. Carol, when the VA has programs that work and are helpful, the VA should let the programs stay put. This does not happen. When you speak about the Congress, then, why not speak about the DOD as well? Because they all dump on the VA. Look at the bio-hazards that many of the military members come in contact with. I know you are aware of this in many instances. The core point that I am getting to is the DOD and even members of the different branches of the military fail to report the details of the happenings to the VA. So therefore, the VA does get dumped on without knowing the appropriate recourse for the actions to take in regards to how to treat and on how to deliver care to the veterans to whom were affected by whatever. Carol, consider this. Many people in and out of the VA do not like their jobs. In reference to the VA, I honestly saw little being accomplished daily that showered quality over all due to the extreme nature of the compartmentalization that resides as the VA’s structural foundation.The compartmentalization in my opinion removes the realness and the teamwork from the care. Compartmentalization also reduces quality. This compartmentalizing stems from the AFGE union mostly. Getting back to my statement about how many people do not like their jobs, think about this. In my opinion, this points to the culture and the environment. When you mention bad seeds, do you realize the bad seeds could have been good seeds at one time? Have you thought about this at all? Many times people become affected by the environment that they are having to reside in or residing in. This goes with saying that if people are treating others with respect at least some respect and following the rules as how they are written, then, the good seeds will continue to more than likely remain good seeds. Totalitarianism does not generate positive dialogue among anyone to include both the veteran patients, the veteran VA employees, and the non-veteran VA employees. Also, it does not generate the truth either. Because this concept of a mode restricts and shuts down veterans from being able to stand up for themselves to communicate, to find out, and to problem solve the situations that are against them. When any environment or institution is one sided, this negatively impacts all to include VA employees, VA patients, and actually all when it comes down to it. People who love one sided situations are cutting themselves off from wisdom in many cases. Therefore, they might be very shallow thinkers who do not allow openness for positive growth. Carol, you made the statement that the VA is everyone’s dog to kick until you need them. I say maybe or maybe not. Well, what if the veteran wants to reach or reaches a point to where they do not need or want assistance from anyone but themselves. I know many veterans who have never been enrolled in the VA at all, who are doing well, and have done well. Carol, have you considered the decisions being made for others and the decisions being made to control others can really be harmful if the persons making the decisions are not qualified. This goes with saying there are VA physicians and other medical types who were hired who were of substandard and who even had expired medical licenses. Now, think how unsafe this is. One would view this as being unsafe if one values life and if one respects human beings. You speak about system limitations with the veteran not having a clue, you are absolutely incorrect with this judgement and observation. Your statement actually portrays a disconnect between the VA employees and the Veteran patients. To go even further with looking at the whole picture, I will say Washington DC is on display with an almost total disconnect from the regular everyday Americans. I will end with some unique quotes.
        “Nobody is perfect and nobody deserves to be perfect. Nobody has it easy and everybody has issues. You never know what people are going through. So pause before one starts judging, criticizing, and mocking others. Everybody is fighting their own unique war!!”
        “A wise person knows that there is something to be learned from everyone.”
        I am saying this for the reason that everyone deserves opportunity and should not be sabotaged. Every veteran deserves life who returns home. Veterans are not victims. Dark clouds of victimization have been surrounding many veterans and non-veterans due to how the country has become solely centered on one’s status regardless of ????? What every veteran has gone thru and has experienced adds to their resiliency, their strength, and their insights. Life experiences only adds great depth to people’s lives if they can redirect them into strengths. Thus, struggles are required in order to survive in life, because in order to stand up, one has to know what falling down is like.
        So Carol, I say to you, “Why don’t you apply for or transfer to a VA leadership position that entails leading a VA facility under your direction?” Carol, I will say this if you did not care about the Vets and the VA you would not have posted on Ben’s blog.
        So there. Take your concern to running a facility that will ultimately deliver quality and efficiency. Make it happen. Though, for all I know you maybe already in a very senior position. Best.

    2. Carol, new here? Not read the reports and stories, torment, attacks, retaliation by many, countless including a very large number of veterans? Gonna cheerleader for your bosses or employer instead of having knee-jerk reactions and trying to gas-light us or condemn some of us? Just because someone is or claims to be a veteran does NOT make them our friends, allies, supporters, etc. Any of them, all the VSOs, out-reach groups, employed by any agency, in politics, work as staff for some creep politicians, in media, the silent majority et al., does not make them BFFs either nor interested in our live and death issues or make good neighbors. Same goes for those vets who will claim to be oath keepers or announce to “defend our rights and freedom of speech with their lives?” Really? Where are all of them? Just playing keyboard commandos usually. Then be the same ones like all others that will be the first ones to censor and join in the attack and bully games. Horse feathers, then claim there are more out there happy with the VA so the rest of us can go to hell or just shut-up? With that kind of understanding and compassion I don’t want that kind of person around me when I am on my back ill or suffering. So don’t blow smoke up my rear or try to. You seem to take all the seriousness, deaths, suffering, all the suicides as a grain of salt and acceptable. And YOU and others try to defend it all or some? Really? You and others like you should be totally outraged asking why some of this shit is allowed in some communities or entire states, but you nor others will.

      Like I always tell you VA workers, and others. If the shoe fits wear it. If not why feel offended then have the need to attack us or protect those at the VA getting by with all their antics and abuse, or murder? Driving people nuts to suicide?

      I’ve been in the shit and corruption for a long time. I can’t get a “vet” to even video tape me when out with my signs protesting all the corrupt bastards or at the civy hospital here withholding my records and playing games. The vast majority of vets here want nothing to do with other’s issues or of corruption and do NOT care about the censoring. They all too fear the machines and retaliation. If not some of us would NOT be alone in the shit out here, period. If vets around the nation cared, and in the VA, it seems to me there would be those stadiums full of vets watching sports or Kardashians butt out in the streets with me or us, have created forums for us to network and share on, or some kind of progress happening instead of the same old shit. Or, they would NOT allow entire states or communities to bounce on one dude or small group to appease the commies or the college cliques forcing their NWO, Marxist, censoring, special interest group, Antifa like crap on us. Get it? “Defame a fellow vet” when so many don’t care about us, or me, our issues or being shunned by entire communities with vast numbers of vets living in scum sucking college towns or states but it’s all okay and acceptable cause it doesn’t affect them or theirs? Secretaries, staff of all kinds many working in all the various offices and agencies claim service time them happily do their evil crap? Minus any conscience, integrity, truth, or ethics? It’s not the investigators doing all the retaliation and getting by with STUFF. Get off it. To hell with all the excuses. How many vets offed themselves today due to all that fellow vet care and concerns? Hey, create a free speech forum for us you seem to be healthy enough and got the energy.

      Don’t offend or defame fellow vets. Yeah right. They all can’t serve two masters, vets or unions of all sort. Gonna support a collection of unions, associations or a vet under attack or dealing with UNION thuggery and by vets.

  11. I am Vietnam Vet wife and widow. Fighting over 30 years I spoke with Stacy about my Presidental Inquiry and call to Secretay Wilkie Chief of Staff office today 8 /29. She told me that the VA will not change their mind and Secretary WIlkie will not grant equitable relief for hr listens to his employees. This creates a problem for I have proven federal VA employees have violated law and Secretary needs to look at my claim and hean not if the employees decide it without jurisdiction and will not get the claim to him. I was told by SRacy that a hearing testimony by a traveling BVA judge is not binding. This is an untrue statement a hearing transcript is taken under oath and evidence of record. So if the SEcretary only listens to his employees no wonder we’d as veterans, widows and orphans are done wrong.

    1. “…Secretary WIlkie will not grant equitable relief for hr listens to his employees.”

      What, then, is to be done when VA’s own records unequivocally show his employees are wrong?

  12. I am so tired of employees at every level of the VA system, they do as please and don’t try to hide. If they feel you did anything wrong they get their crew together and ruin lives as they sit back enjoying plotting with each of other making work a fun place to work. Most of these dingle berries are supposed to be educated in positions that require helping people in need. When will throwing someone who died in the shower to clean up the mess made because they were watching TV or a suicide where a message is sent out saying let’s keep this one quiet. How can any such wrongdoing not make the news. Lives can change spiraling downward in a second because changed doctors. They have plotted out my demise telling me exactly how they were going to do and have done exactly that. When gone won’t even be on radar. These dirtbag pieces of crap have the nerve to protest sending veterans outside the system for care, holding signs saying there’s nowhere to send veterans for better care because they know veteran’s needs better than anyone. They see their own lives going down the toilet because when you eat 12 Twinkies a day you get fat and they will never be able to change their habits especially the amount of effort it takes to reverse the effects of those Twinkies. It’s extremely easy to have someone agree they deserve more and sitting in the waiting rooms makes me want to vomit, watching as they are required to see 6 patients a day and when the clock strikes the new hour everyone comes out to get you not 30 seconds early being told if show taking early they will make you see 7. You can find good people who care, but 2 things happen quickly, they will either jump on the I deserve more wagon or leave. I can’t believe people working there say they are whistle blowers working there 12yrs and in trouble, didn’t get their bonuses or fired it’s now their doodie to report what have seen for 12yrs.

  13. Let’s get real. We know about the cover-ups, the lies, excuses, promises, lip-service, the moving of incompetent or dangerous staff, employees or contractors, etc. Also about the retaliation if we dare question or make the smallest complaint that can ruin a life. Think someone like with other incidents in hospitals nation wide will make a peep until it gets very bad if at all. May claim later oh it was just a couple of murders or deaths then explodes into possible countless deaths or murders committed by some nut-job.

    Like locally and other stories/reports if there are that many then there are more than likely others damaged or killed off by some freak or someone with an agenda like over their hate and activism that does NOT end in college or med school. People not watching the news or seeing what is happening with the activist trying to out problem vets and people from their fairy dust communities. Like me. It’s bad, rarely if ever in the news or has to be reported or caught by some news group called terrorist, racist, evil right winger or whatever. In college towns around connected med schools whatever ‘they’ are doing their best to label and silence us, or me. Getting crazy out here in la la land.

    With the revolving doors of PCPs or others how do we know what or who we deal with. Seen it here. A PCP loses her license for one, reasons unknown, shows up to be something else in power positions like a mental health pill pushing nurse, then gone. Come to find out by her spouse’s BFF that she got a new position running another clinic somewhere but they don’t know where or wouldn’t say. A severe down-grade and loss of a license to practice then off to a fancy high paying CBOC position?? I am not in that clique.

    We go from “murdered,” “confirmed homicide” while improving then to “if” the coroner was correct etc. Of course nothing “revealed to the public.” Not much from anywhere with major issues is for “public consumption.” Ask questions get put on some kind of crap list. Everything today is handled “internally” no need to shake up the sheep or be transparent. Keep internal communications private and not part of our medical files? Then to the usual lip-service; “safeguards in place to ensure the safety of each and every one of our patients.” Total cliché and BS.

    Still nothing from Larry Bucshon MD (congress critter). They all lie, ignore, etc. Staff and aides help in destroying us, passing the buck or seeing to it we go ignored totally by all. The machine or establishment does not care until their tit is caught in the wringer then the game begins. Nothing nor voting will change this stuff. Like locally with the attacks and BS it just increases and worsens with their hoping we all just shut-up and die, period.

  14. There are hundreds of eyeballs that read Ben’s blog and some even read the posts.
    Over this last decade of comments, there have been myriad revelations from sc veteran patients, about the level(s) of care they have(not) been provided at any respective VHA facility. Some have told of outrageous misdiagnosis. Most recently, one sc veteran patient telling of ignored liver cancer symptoms and then another sc veteran patient telling of a severe salmonella infection. In the latter, a simple blood test should have led any oath honoring provider some clue to investigate for their sc veteran patient’s well-being. Many, many sc veteran patients have recounted myriad difficulties in receiving necessary appointments, labs, medicine, etc., and without any reasonable explanation for a calmly asked query. There is just no valid excuse to be had, for VHA providers and staff to leave patients in the dark where their health/medical needs are concerned. Every question should be answered to satisfaction, if at all possible. Thankfully, there are kind, reasonable and helpful persons scattered among the sour grapes.

    At a typical VHA primary care visit, intake always asks why you are there and then runs through a laundry list of the same computerized questions that were asked last time you were there, even if that was three months ago. When the provider appears they’ll generally read the previous notes, and they may check on labs or other clinic posts. Then the provider might ask a question or two and maybe there will be time left to discuss any new health experiences. Some new labs or other tests might be ordered, and “I’ll let you know if we find anything.”, is too broad a statement, as in if there’s no news then everything is all good.?! Sometimes the exact labs are not performed; who will ever know? At the end of your appointment more often than not, “We’ll see you next year!”. This same method of delayed practice can also easily be experienced at specialty visits.

    Many VHA providers seem to be practicing their profession with a severe case of tunnel vision, within the walls of VHA facilities. Do a bit of phonebook research and you’ll find that some of your VHA facility providers have thriving stand-alone practices in your community or are Uni-hospital staff first. I can not for the life of me, comprehend any of those providers delivering the same garbage-speak they administer to their sc veteran patients, to their civilian patients. They would surely be out on their arses and black-listed professionally. But, within the safe confines of the VHA system, are they being directed to respond to sc veteran patients thusly? I think every sc veteran patient should consider making the answer to that question, a priority in their medical care and treatment.

    If you carefully read your appointment notes, as if they were someone else’s records, you will undoubtedly find broad statements or phrases that don’t even remotely define the real intent of the same. Is someone economizing on keystrokes to your medical detriment? It is commonly known, that most professionals say writing reports is the part they hate most. Are the transcribers at fault here? Why is it next to impossible to have errors corrected but you will spot other significant changes made to your computerized medical notes from past visits?

    The level of apathy from those holding power, to to make real change in the day-to-day operations of care and treatment delivery toward their patients, is appalling to rational thinking people. Yet, this behavior remains unabated and at the very least, remains seriously under-addressed. There has been far too much “CYA performance” that is deliberately not being recognized as the smoke-screen provided when “inspections” are being conducted. You can rest assured that your local food-handler/health inspections are being performed with greater and stricter care, than any VHA facility throughout the system. It would not surprise me to learn that the VHA inspectors are just that, always VHA employees and so, not impartial or independent of any VISN influence.

    A grave misconception IMO, is the equating of flu-shots and persistent health-screenings to mean all VHA facilities are/must be providing stellar MEDICAL-care. Many communities or some businesses will provide annual health screening sessions at a reduced cost; but, they also state that this is not a substitute for your doctor visits.

  15. I am glad that Sgt McDermott’s family is involved and will be seeking justice on his behalf. May Sgt McDermott Rest In Peace. I hope the person or individuals responsible for this are brought to justice.
    To commit a heinous crime like this is terrible. People who commit a crime like this should understand that when or if you ever get caught, that the reach of the veteran community is very extensive —we got veterans locked up in American prisons, in law enforcement and many that work in the judicial system—they can’t wait to get their hands on you.

  16. Patient Advocate works for the VA Hospital and their staff and not necessarily for the veteran that is a patient at the facility, in my history of dealing with them I had one person tell me to just work it out with my doctor and another try to intimidate me when I mention to him that I was considering calling the White House Complaint Hot Line.
    It is a real shitty band aid on and very serious problem.

  17. has anyone ever given any thought to what options a veteran has when he or she is wronged by the VA.
    Patient Advocate is a joke. They know which side their toast is buttered.

    1. (Don’t get me started on the so-called Patient Advocate.)
      To answer your question:
      Yes, and I’ve explored a gazillion of them, by rebutting – from the record – VA’s denial rationales. VA not only “doubles down,” by repeating the previous denial rationales(s). VA’s latest scam to shut me down was to submit, in my name(!), a new, *completely bogus* claim one arm of VA wrote to another arm. Surprise, surprise, “Arm” 2 denied “Arm” 1’s so-called claim (the one submitted in my name). For good measure, VA’s response to my complaint to the White House Veteran’s Complaint Hotline about such treachery, was that VA would not entertain any further complaints from me.

  18. Here’s additional information on that MURDER at VA;

  19. From: *”military.com”*

  20. New from; *”military.com”*

  21. 08/29/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Good reaction, I’m proud!

    My condolences to all the Family members.

    However I am sadden by the situation, this VA Administration was notified in July of 2018 about the unexplained episodes of hypoglycemic deaths at the Clarksburg VAMC.

    The reaction is Late, and the OIG dragged their feet.

    According to Tony O’Dell [victim’s family attorney] there was a complete system failure. Was this “complete system failure” sabotage from the VA administration? [65 months into the “national embarrassment”]

    When does the FBI get involved with a serial killer(s) case? Or does the VA think it can handle more responsibilities and homicide cases too?

    It is apparent that this Hospital will be on the Justice Channel soon as the Doctors and Nurses are all drilled and nailed to the ground.

    This is not the first time the VA administrators/OIG/their attorneys blindside the Veterans/American Public/Congress and it will not be the last, as veterans die in the halls of the VA hearing “we pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide.”

    Until “We the People” toss out the bastards who screwed up, we have to live with these outcomes!


    Don Karg

    1. Thank you Don! This is why we need a forum to post on, freely, nation wide, 24/7/365. We need to share and know what’s going on in every state and community besides being censored or banned. I was totally unaware of this and the hypoG issues. I know this issue about took me out like some other issues while at the VA. Talking to others this was a common problem and didn’t begin until VA care, and improved greatly after leaving. Too many died off so quickly and no way to find out the reasons why or the truth of it. Especially when family members or friends would report not knowing what killed their veterans, spouses, etc. But knew just a bit about their care which I personally find strange or out-right un-caring or not interested.

      I’ll leave all that alone but weird when we had physically meeting groups I would ask about people and not being present. Looking a doing great just few days ago or last week then. “Oh he died.” Like it was nothing. However some were complaining about their meds that worked being changed, then the HypoG stuff coming up along or with other complaint like side-effects from the changes or not working like the usual ones. Then why change what is working and what are they doing or mixing all those pill they push that seems to make some issues like this worse? Or they allow to lay all day during a fast for surgery and not get us on the slab to be cut on till several hours later from scheduled, we/I are shaky, sweating, and bout to grey out, have us sign some document then say none were signed. Was I supposed to be a lab rat or killed off then? I’ll stop that here.

      FBI and others? I doubt they care much when labeling those who question things “conspiracy theorist” as some kind of terrorist, liars or problematic to be dealt with and censored/watched. I know no-one in Indiana gives a damn about us or me.

  22. “The agency reports a person of interest has been located but not revealed to the public. VA assured Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., that the individual is “no longer in any contact with veterans at the VA facility.”

    “No Contact At The VA Facility

    “Is he or she in contact with veterans at another “VA facility,” though, while the agency investigates?”


    Given that it’s the VA that’s in the middle of this, it’s only natural to ask them to state, unequivocally,
    that they didn’t move the suspected perp to another VAMC.

    1. Who care if he or she is in another facility or not. He need to face a judge for murder

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