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Some Veterans Suspect Key Senator Holding Up VA Secretary Selection

VA Secretary

Is Trump’s selection of the next VA Secretary being held up by a backroom deal struck last winter by Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) to keep McDonald onboard?

Some of my readers have written in with grave concerns over the present move by our dinosaur Veteran Service Organizations to pressure our new president-elect to keep VA Secretary Bob McDonald.

They referenced back to articles I forgot about back in February-April where Sen. Johnny Isakson, chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, became a huge fanboy of Sec McDonald.

Back in February, Isakson called for McDonald to stay on regardless of who was elected. Isakson also slammed Trump for being critical of VA’s persistent frauds and failures.

“I don’t know that he has served or used any VA services, so I think he is regurgitating what he’s hearing in the press,” he said. “A lot of the things being reported are things that happened before I came along or Secretary McDonald came along. … The VA is making substantial changes.”

I will explain more below, but suffice it to say that numerous critics of President-elect Donald J. Trump are engaged in a kind of coup to keep Sec McDonald in power. The plan appears to have been struck last February between Obama, Isakson and McDonald.

Does that mean any backroom deal was struck to keep McDonald there?

I am not sure, but it looks like some kind of negotiation was in place to erode accountability reforms by Isakson while he curried favor with the White House / Democrats (ie unions). It really rubbed Rep. Jeff Miller the wrong way.

I promised to look into today.

What Happened To VA Secretary Selections?

In an article by ABC, the delay in selecting a new VA Secretary is receiving pushback in an unusual way. Dinosaur Veteran Service Organizations are now pushing for Trump to keep Secretary McDonald, and the Secretary has made it known he would stay on if asked.

During this transition, the position of VA Secretary has been one of the “most difficult” positions to fill. Despite making veterans issues a cornerstone of his campaign, the selection of a new VA Secretary has been apparently difficult.

Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL), the former Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, was considered the front-runner at least during the election. But sources inside the beltway indicate he has turned down the position.

ABC highlights four remaining contenders:

  • Former Sen. Scott Brown
  • Pete Hegseth
  • Former Gov. Sarah Palin
  • Michelle Howard

Adding to the mix is the recent inside baseball from some dinosaur Veteran Service Organizations who are pushing for Secretary McDonald to say on to finish the 5-10 year VA transition under his iCare plan.

According to the Task & Purpose article, “Trump Makes Time For Kanye West, But Not Veterans Groups”:

Those involved with veterans organizations seemingly don’t want to see a Trump nominee at all. Thus far, leaders of the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Vietnam Veterans of America and Amvets told Trump’s transition team that they would not support any of the candidates that have been mentioned. They would rather see current VA Secretary Robert McDonald retain the post.

“We all want McDonald,” said Joe Chenelly, the executive director of Amvets. “He has a good business mind, he is experienced and we feel we can trust him.”

But is there a backroom dealing that is really holding up the selection?

Backroom Deal Between Isakson And Obama

One of my readers found this suspicious and reach out with a reminder of an older articles including one from Military Times that highlighted:

Back in Feb or March of this year (’16) I blogged what I read then about Sen Isakson having talks with Obama and Isakson agreeing to let Obama “creating” some kind of “law” (with more stickiness than an executive order which can be stricken when a new president gets in) to keep McD on indefinitely in exchange for things Isakson got from Obama in return. I remember the article being in military times I believe – or something like that. The article told of McD insisting he needs more time (like 5-10 years or so) with himself at the helm to “get the job done”. Isakson bent over before Obama and sealed the deal. So I am thinking maybe this is the hold up with Trump Team recommending a new Sec. thus far. Isakson is a complete sell-out and can’t be trusted. The truth will come out soon, but I will not be shocked if McD stays on due to this secret agreement back then. “Several lawmakers, including Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Johnny Isakson, (R-Ga.), have publicly urged Trump to keep McDonald.” says a current article.

So is there merit to this concern? Possibly.

Taking this in mind, I set out to find the articles to see what happened.

What I Found

Last winter, Military Times published an article by Leo Shane III that was search engine optimized titled, “Isakson-endorse-McDonald-VA-secretary-election”. That is why I took a screen shot of the photo at top for this article.

Can you believe how brazen Isakson is to make that statement during an election cycle that is not even complete yet while attacking then candidate Donald Trump?

In that same Military Times article, Leo Shane wrote:

An influential member of the U.S. Senate wants Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald to stay on in that role next year, no matter who becomes president.

“Everything I’ve seen with Bob McDonald over the last 16 months, I’ve been very pleased with,” said Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., in an interview for C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” taped Thursday. Isakson chairs the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. “I would certainly hope he would stay for continuity purposes, or the next president would pick him to stay.

“The main thing we need at VA is continuity and commitment. Bob McDonald is a veteran, he ran a large business, he’s committed to the I-CARE program at VA. I want to make sure that goes through, and I would recommend him.”

At the time, President Obama had a pending 2017 budget looming while Sen. Isakson was holding up selection for the new VA OIG head. There was also a row brewing over inclusion of VA Accountability Act within the omnibus bill.

By April, Isakson was cited by Leo Shane at Military Times as pushing back against Rep. Jeff Miller and his reforms aimed at accountability:

On Tuesday, Isakson brushed off that criticism and said he also has concerns with Miller’s proposal.

“I’m not going to get into our accountability section until we’re ready to unveil,” he said. “We’ve done a much more comprehensive look at it, to target the real problems and the real areas for accountability.

“Anybody can write a letter. We’re going to produce legislation and work with the house to get a joint bill together that solves everybody’s problems when it comes to accountability.”

Isakson also said he’s confident he can craft legislation that the White House will support, unlike the Miller bill.

What were those criticisms?

According to the article, “Is Sen. Johnny Isakson too soft on bad VA employees?” the lawmaker was criticized for not being firm on accountability reform:

Since December, Isakson, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, had been part of talks among lawmakers and Congressional staff for a series of bills on veterans’ issues, the letter said. But those negotiations, which centered on strengthening the VA’s hand to remove problem employees, have broken down, the letter said.

Rubio and Miller accuse Isakson of ending the talks, and they express concern he is trying to reach an agreement with the Obama administration that won’t address the real problems at the VA.

“We hope you realize that any piece of comprehensive veterans’ legislation that doesn’t provide the VA Secretary swift and comprehensive disciplinary authority for all VA employees misses the true mark on what ails the Department,” the letter says.

The Rubio/Miller letter, which was posted on the House veterans affairs committee website, is notable because of the public strife within Republican ranks over what tack to take with the VA following the scandal that rocked the agency two years ago over long wait times at VA health centers.

Veterans Rights Reforms

Shortly after this, VA and McDonald were cited as pushing for veterans rights reform dubiously dubbed “appeals reform,” a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Gibson garnered support from our dinosaur VSOs to reform veterans rights to speed up processing the backlog VA manufactured by failing to ensure accountability and smart policies.

Sloan Gibson IV, VA Deputy Secretary, garnered support from our dinosaur VSOs to reform veterans rights to speed up processing the backlog VA manufactured by failing to ensure accountability and smart policies.

That is right, VA and many VSOs supported appellate reforms at the expense of veterans’ civil rights and due process rights because… VA thinks doing its job is hard. And the answer is to limit your rights.

Again, according to Leo Shane at Military Times a few weeks later:

Earlier this week, Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., said that appeals reform will be included in the pending omnibus, but warned it might not be the comprehensive plan floated by VA officials in recent months.

The omnibus already is expected to include sweeping new changes to hiring and firing rules for VA employees, changes to the department’s outside care programs, caregiver provisions and several dozen other pieces of veterans legislation.

Isakson said he is committed to helping overhaul the process this year — either through the omnibus or in separate legislation — but conceded that passing any comprehensive legislation after June 1 will be difficult, given the shift in attention to the fall elections.

Veterans First Act

These deals were building up to Senate’s passage of the Veterans First Act in June. But, by the time December rolled around, about a week ago, only a portion of the 400-page act was ultimately passed.

McDonald was disappointed. and my best guess as to why McDonald is being pushed to stay on is to push through the reforms Congress refused to take action on that likely support the limp accountability reforms pushed by Isakson.

My best guess as to why McDonald is being pushed to stay on is to push through the reforms Congress refused to take action on that likely support the limp accountability reforms pushed by Isakson and veterans rights reform.

In the article, “Congress Passes Gutted Veterans Reform Bill,” McDonald is cited as saying:

During a public discussion at the Center for New American Security on Tuesday, McDonald said Congress was acting as a “barrier” to reform the process.

“We need that legislation in order to ultimately have the ability to continue the transformation,” he said. “I’ve been told by some members of Congress that my wish to get this legislation passed wasn’t going to happen so they could wait for the new Congress to come, so they could take credit.”

Is There A Backroom Deal?

I am sure there are always backroom deals in DC politics by swamp creatures lurking in the darkness and behind closed doors. Donald Trump was elected, at least in part, because he promised to drain the swamp of those creatures.

Do I hope Trump makes good on his promise to help veterans and drain the swamp by selecting a competent VA Secretary? I hope so.

Should we trust our dinosaur Veteran Service Officers who care more about maintaining their power and control over the veterans they used to serve?

Rather than answer that question, I’ll ask another.

Should we, veterans of the most powerful military in history, accept the mere scraps these VSOs throw us while claiming they are doing us favors, or should we take what’s ours? The steak, the potatoes, and the scraps?

Let’s give President-elect Trump a chance.

At the end of the day, the VA Secretary has not generally had a huge impact on the agency. It is the underlings including the communist elements engaged in simple sabotage that we need to flush with greater accountability.

RELATED: Is VA Using CIA Guide To Simple Sabotage To Crash VA?

Isakson is a clear enemy of accountability. He needs to get flushed, too.

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  1. Here is the only question about needing or not needing new leadership;

    Mr. Sec. Of VA, please read the following items that were put into place at the tail end of the United States Constitution. Then, if you can say that your leadership protected these ten rights of every single veteran of the United States of America, then you can stay. West Point ring? Tell me sir, is a leader responsible for everything his people do, or fail to do? I have to ask, because I attended OCS at camp here in Oregon. We smoke pot, so we think different, but at my OCS a leader was held accountable for the successes AND the failures. At my OCS I took a lifetime vow to uphold and defend the the Constition of which these ten item ammend. Does a West Point Officer take that vow?

    Amendment I
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    Amendment II
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    Amendment III
    No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.
    Amendment IV
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
    Amendment V
    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
    Amendment VI
    In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.
    Amendment VII
    In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.
    Amendment VIII
    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
    Amendment IX
    The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
    Amendment X
    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

      1. With how the VA so arrogantly stomps all over state laws, I don’t believe they have any idea of what item 10 says.
        McDonald’s sole concern is preserving the Good and Plenty clause on behalf of the VA.

  2. @ Seymore Klearly, i do not trust the pharmaceutical companies of the flu shots. One year when i was in the military the flu shot was mandatory. Alot of us got sick after the shot, some had to be hospitalized. It ended up that later they discovered they exposed us to a live virus so that is why people became so ill. I do not get the shots anymore, plus if your immune system is weakened some providers do not recommend to take the shot.

    1. All true and correct. I have not had a flu shot for the last eight years. Only caught the flu once. During the years I did get flu shots, I was always down within a month of the shots for 72 to 96 hours.

    2. Related: The pre-Gulf War and other “Mobility Exercises” or “Peacekeeper Missions” mass Air-Jet down the line of shots, arms bleeding, cross contamination no worries? Hep C and other military “goodies” have been blamed for them as well.
      With that said, my health conditions require careful practice of the yearly flu shot and every 5 years the multi Pneumonia vaccine, but I cannot get “live” vaccines such as the Shingles Vaccine nor the Hep B Vaccine.
      When I tried to use the VA in the interim of having to wait little over a year after being granted SSDI in order to qualify for Medicare (stupid ass rule as one is already obviously in need of healthcare coverage if granted SSDI but one has to wait over a year before it kicks in and you make premium payments), the VA managed to give me a really nasty case of MRSA and something new to my world called C-DIFF…shows how well (not) they VA keeps things clean and sterile or better than the hut in Haiti.

      What’s amazing is when you take ownership of your specific chronic health issues, are educated by great private medical professionals and then go to the VA and it’s really as if they took a speed-reading course over the internet from a hut in Haiti, bother to keep-up with advances and very common practices in the very private medical area that the VA claims to be “WORLD CLASS MEDICINE”…well yes, it’s world class medicine to someone in Haiti. Oooga, Boooga Zombie Dust Veteran, Be Healed!!! Oooga Booga As The Crow Flies. Oooga Booga.
      Rant Out. Forecast is for Flying Monkeys singing Oooga Booga. 🙂

      1. @Namnibor- Well said my brother. Now only if our politicians, skeptical Veterans, and the American public are willing to understand, and will agree that the VA needs a TRUE overhaul.

  3. The push to ensure McDonald is out of a job.

    “Senators to team Trump: VA still troubled”, Donovan Slack , USA TODAY 3:28 p.m. EST December 16, 2016

    1. I also see the pro-vaccination crowd has been hit hard with a sever case of sudden onset Trumphobia.

      “Trump’s Meeting With Wakefield Rattles Vaccine Supporters”
      —Was it a signal of new administration’s attitude toward vaccines?
      by John Gever


      1. Quick question is there anybody out there that was foolish enough to get the government supplied flu shot this year?

      2. Hell NO, Seymore, to letting the government give me a flu shot! My wife and I aren’t guinea pigs!

        Oh, here’s a great video out today.
        Mark Dice is reporting how the MSM news medias have been “paid under the table” for decades to report ‘Fake News’! (6:35 minutes long)

        “NBC News Blows Up Truck for Fake News Story”

        Y’all gotta watch this shit. The CIA is the most corrupt agency paying off the news medias!
        Of course, one could argue this has been going on since ???????!
        So, who’s to wonder just how corrupt the medias really are!
        Tonight, the wife read where MSNBC has thrown Hillary under the bus. By calling her out on why she lost the election. It was her fault, and she’s unable to face facts!
        During that “fundraiser” Wednesday night, even her donors were questioning her over this issue. She left early according to reports.
        The donors spent over $1.2 BILLION on her campaign, they ain’t happy, to say the least! Their “Queen” wasn’t “anointed”!

        Also, this video from the “Alex Jones Show”, (Dec. 16, 2016), goes into more detail on “The Hildabeasts” failed bid at POTUS.

        “Clinton Donors Demand Answers”

        (13:11 minutes long)
        Evidently even her donors are waking up to all her bull shit.
        Think about it, after all is said and done, who’s actually to blame over Hillary Clinton lose? It’s Hillary Clinton!
        Her lies caught up to her!

    2. Good for Senators Grassley and Johnson! I have no doubt that McDipshit’s days of getting a free pass are over.
      Except for at Disneyland. Mickey-Mouse McDipshit always liked Disneyland.

      Thanks for the link, Seymore.

  4. “U.S. to Disclose Estimate of Americans Under Surveillance”

    This article came out today. Look it up.
    When Congress comes back after the holidays, we’re going to learn more about how many of us are being spied upon.
    Scary Shit folks!

    1. Will be interesting to see. Edward Snowden is on my “most admired individuals” list. If Obama had any decency, he would grant him a Presidential Pardon.

  5. To Who Can Answer- Why is everyone putting quotations around a webpage site that is listed? Does this blog allow you to list your references so that the hyperlink is alive? It would be much easier to list, then be able to click to the reference that someone lists. Just wondering.

    1. From my experience you are getting great care. Thank you for your service.

      Of course I am saying this tounge in cheek.

      1. @Bill- I appreciate your response, but what does “From my experience you are getting great care,” mean? Please don’t go by my posts that are published under this article only. Read my other posts, minus the grammatical mistakes.

        I relate my condition according to my own experience. And, if I wanted too, I could most likely find someone else and say the same thing about your care from the VA compared to someone else.

        Not being rude or a smart aleck, your post is a broad reply. Do you know how many times I hear people [civilians and veterans] say to me, “Thank you for your service?” This statement doesn’t solve the problems that are occurring at the VA. Even though I don’t doubt your sincerity.

        Plus, I don’t under estimate my own observations. For example, in 2006, I asked my wife to stay home from work. If I recall correctly it was about 6 a.m. that morning. I had no pain or other signs of anything wrong. The thought was in my head, and I felt fine.

        Around 8 a.m. that same morning, I started to feel this pressure. It was like something heavy was laying on my chest. To keep it short, I had a myocardial infarction. A 100% blockage of my LAD [the widow maker artery] of my heart.

        I almost lost my life twice that day. All I know is that along with my life science education, and a living God, that I would not be here today. Bill, I believe that I understand what you are saying, but I can’t ignore what I’m experiencing. I know that the VA is incompetent in many areas of serving Veterans. Why do I say this?

        When I would go in for my appointments, along with my service dog, I would ask many Veterans in the waiting area if they liked their medical care. Those Veterans that were only using the VA for check ups or blood work had high praises for the VA. Those who were using the VA for a longer term of care did like the VA health care services. More than 90% of these Veterans were not happy with the VA.

        I’ve given the VA the benefit of the doubt. I can’t shake off the awkward and life threatening care that I’ve heard from other Veterans, including my own experience. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year.

      2. @Bill – You Bet! (Chuckle).

        @ANutterVet – Bill meant “Ho! dem VA buggah one steenk futt. Go slap dey heads!

        @Bill – Two Dollars for the translation services, Sir. Or you can be my body-double for a Colonoscopy . . . (Chuckle).

        My friend’s brain scan was rescheduled last minute. Kaiser machine broke.

      3. @Disgruntled & Bill- Oh, ok, I get it. Bill you should have spoke Hawaiian pigeon, then I would have had understood.

      4. @Lem – – – Surely does. Two wars, 3 years on the professional bull rider circuit, 9 Westpacs, over 100 countries visited/lived in – – – but I have NEVER seen anything like the VA “Thanking me for my service”.

        Makes me want to vomit.

      5. “Thank you for your service” is also a common courtesy uttered by the neighborhood prostitute at end of transaction. 🙂

    2. @ANutterVet – – The reason that we put quotes around the links is because the way this system is set up, if you stick a live link in a post – – – that post goes into a holding queue – – – which means that it may not get into the comments section, until Ben has the time to look at it – – – then say thumbs up or thumbs down.

      The way it is now means less work for Ben, and it is faster for us. There are also some (computer-related) security issues with posting live links.

      When you see a link you want to check out, just copy and paste without the quotes.

      1. Disgruntled- Thanks for filling me in about posting links. I hope when your friend get the brain scan that it comes out negative. I wonder how often Kaiser calibrates their medical equipment? I ask this all the time at the VA. I never get a response. Strange!

      2. Not strange at all. VA Policy is to NEVER give a straight answer. Especially when it might get them in trouble.

  6. I have had to go to civilian doctors/surgeons to get my back “fixed” so I didn’t have to rely on a wheelchair to get around. I, also, fought with the VA for 20 years to get to the bottom of what was causing the TIAs (Mini Strokes) that I was having. It took a civilian cardiologist to do an angiogram in order to discover that I had a hole in my heart that I, apparently, was born with. Currently, I am rated at 30% but am working on getting an increase. It is unprofessional for a VA doctor to tell a Veteran that all their all ailments/pain is in the veteran’s head and won’t do any further investigation to causes of ailments.

    1. @Jamie- It would be important for you to provide a nexus of something in-service that further aggravated or made outright worse, even if it’s something you were born with and went into Active Duty with, if your active duty career had event(s) that would make it more likely than not to be aggravated via in-service, you would save yourself a lot of time, as the VA pretty much leaves that burden upon you, as the VA’s “Service To Help” is about as useful as a fast food drive-up window asking if you will be dining inside.
      (that in-service event could even be perhaps medicine RX’d for your condition that was now found to be in some class action big pharma suit because say, it was causing undesired outcomes…just as a for instance).

      1. @Namnibor – “as the VA’s “Service To Help” is about as useful as a fast food drive-up window asking if you will be dining inside”.

        Too damn funny! Adding that one to my collection . . .

  7. Veterans, we must stand united. Trump promised us changes! I voted for him, for that reason. I will hold him to his pledge.,I think Ben Krause, would doa excellent job heading the VA! He has my vote. We, as veterans and spouses should have some say so regarding who gets appointed! Do you agree with me. We did to rally together, we need to speak out, we need to take our lives back! We need to in memory of the ones that have died and for the well being of the ones that still live! AMEN!

  8. Hey, folks, here’s a couple videos for your amusement.
    from; “Political Madness”
    dated: Dec. 14, 2016
    “Donald Trump Inauguration Video Released: Jobs, Immigration, Cleaning the Swamp…”

    He’s definitely becoming more Presidential each day!

    from; “The Alex Jones Show”
    dated: 16 Dec. 2016
    “While Obama Attacks Russia, China Steals US Submarine”

    Although it’s not a real, honest to goodness life sized sub, it is an “underwater submarine drone”! Now, they have, in their possession, a working drone capable of ????????!
    So, while everyone was distracted, over the bull crap lying Democrats talking about the false stories on Russian Election Hacking, the Chinese came and took our Naval vessel. WTF OVER!
    What will Obama’s administration do about it? Absolutely not one damn thing! He’s a complete coward. What’s he doing now? Going to Hawaii for his yearly Christmas Vacation. He’s already chocked up over $80 MILLION worth of vacations. All paid for by the American Taxpayers. He’s also purchased 5 homes, which no one knows how much that has cost the Taxpayers.
    His taxpayers funded spending spree can’t come to an end fast enough!

    1. Correct on all counts. The situation in the SCS has been developing for quite some time now. It will erupt into a naval war within the next two to three years, unless solutions can be found to deescalate. As in all things, this “Professor of History” that is the current sitting POTUS has refused to learn from it.

      Go along to get along with the rest of the world is fine to a point. But having our nation bend over to take every other nations whims, desires, and problems up the fourth point of contact – – – is not.

      Hope is not a plan. Hope does not solve problems. Proper planning, and the execution thereof – – has a much higher chance of success.

      Too soon to tell, but from the signs I am seeing – – – looks like the incoming may be a real “Commander-In-Chief”.

  9. To All Vets- I have a lot of information about my health on this blog. I want to thank those who have responded to my messages. Even though I don’t personally know you, your responses means a lot to me. Here’s some additional information about how the so Affordable Healthcare Act is robbing my wife and I.

    My wife is my personal caretaker, works part-time, and attends school. Because we can’t afford the medical premiums of the Affordable Healthcare Act, our loving Federal Gov’t penalizes us $695 a year. We get charged because of our low income. Shootz, come on now this is absurd.

    1. Yes, it is absurd and macabre. You said you had contacted a famous radio talk show host, and got no reply. Good Thinking, Bad Targeting. Find a (local area) radio talk show host needing to “make their bones” in the broadcast world. They may be more likely to help. The famous guys most likely will not be interested in ONE veterans story. Also, they will need some lead time. Say for a Veterans Day story – – – they should know about you and your basic issues not later than four to five months before then.

      Nerves in hands playing their “arsonist games”. Time to get off the computer. Once I get my speech recognition software – – – I will become a regular “bucket mouth”.

      Be well. Stay in Touch.

      1. @Disgruntled Veteran [DV] and Others- DV thanks for tips. I’m going to reevaluate. You know, I was getting down on myself this morning due to the VA not backing me up with certain medications that gave me good relief from pain and muscle spasms. The major thing that gets me upset, is that I was not able to fully train my K9 Service PTSD and Alert Service Dog up to my standards. I received my puppy free from a local shelter that has national recognition. The shelter waived all adoption costs, gave us a collar, leash, flea-tick spray, and food.

        What did the VA contribute? Nothing! They never asked me anything about my new buddy. I use to take my other boy [he passed in August 2014], up to the VA Medical Center all the time. They knew that I trained my own service dogs. I also wear a 6 panel baseball type hat, and in bright yellow fluorescent color it says, ‘K9.’ Pretty obvious don’t you think?

        The point that I want to make is that I was getting to hard on myself. In retrospective, I shared with my wife this morning, “You know babe, given that the VA didn’t back us up with training our boy, at least we got some good solid training accomplished where he understands basic and many other complex commands.” I had to step back and take another look in what I was able to do given my particular circumstances with the VA. I thought I’d share this with you folks. Thank you for reading.

      2. Take a look at these links. Remove the quote marks. Might be some useful info for you there.


    2. I believe the VA has a program where she could be paid by the VA as your in home caregiver.
      I don’t know the details, but it may be worth checking into.

      1. Good catch! I had not even thought about that. He may find that helpful. I sent him a few links to check out.

      2. @91Veteran & Disgruntled Veteran- Hey thanks for the info. My wife is in a caregiving program from a non-profit agency. I’m also trying to keep the VA out of all services that I receive so that they don’t think that they control my life and to have me think that I’m at their beckon call. When the VA didn’t back me up with the training of my service dog, I took this very personally and still do.

        They don’t even have or follow monitoring protocol when some one is on strong opiates. Last year, they put me into a program so that I would have a Naloxone Kit in case of an overdose. This med is not prescribed by my Primary Care Provider. The Kit expired in September 2016. I called to let them know.

        In response, the VA sent me a nasal spray instead of the injection kit. Geeish, they don’t even check my medical records. I then called them for the injection kit, and still haven’t received it.

        This above is only 1 example why I have a lack of trust. And, they can’t comprehend how come things like this affect the PTSD symptoms. You’d think they would be the experts. I’ll tell you, I have to watch and monitor everything that they do.

        Man, if this is the way the VA system works in a whole, there needs to be a drastic change to protect and preserve Veteran’s lives. A shameful scam all they way around.

        Where are the outcries of our politicians, the media, and the American public?

      3. @ANutterVet

        “Man, if this is the way the VA system works in a whole, there needs to be a drastic change to protect and preserve Veteran’s lives. A shameful scam all they way around.”

        Unfortunately, it is. And you are correct, it is shameful.

        “Where are the outcries of our politicians, the media, and the American public?”

        THAT, my Brother – – is THE question I have been asking for more than twenty years. Obviously, while they can talk the talk with “Thank You for your Service”, they are incapable of walking the walk.

        Got to go. Escort duty for friend having brain scan today for possible Glioblastoma Multiforme. Long day on Da Bus.

        A Hui Hou.

      4. There is an “aid and attendance” application for a home care giver. Ask for it like you would any other claim. But getting it takes some doing. Just having to use a wheel chair isn’t enough.

  10. @Disgruntled Veteran- Hey my local Bruddah, thanks for your input. I’m trying to locate a savvy person who knows about social media, crowd funding, and website building. One of my issues is that the medication for pain does not work well. They want me to take 2 tabs at once. I’m trying to back down from doing that. When I go online and move around a lot this flares up my pain. It is hard to control. They tell me to just bite it. And there response to the less effective med is that we are FDA compliant. No dah. It friggin ticks me off because it is well documented that some generics do not work well with some patients. Oh, you said so precise my friend, the VA does use things against you.

    1. I too, have my issues with chronic pain. In 1979, while on active duty – – – I was competing in Professional Rodeo whilst wearing a Blue and Gold vest that had the word “Navy” on the back. Not that a Brahma or Charolais Bull would know (chuckle) Navy from Air Force or Bow from Stern. In those days, we did not have the protective equipment that is mandated by PBRA today. No face mask, chest protector, etc. So when you got bounced and tromped – – – you usually suffered some (minor) injuries such as a broken nose which can lead to a deviated septum. That was the most minor injury I ever received. Knee Injuries (non-weight bearing) here and there. Various fractured digits, etc. Lying in the bed of a pickup truck on way to hospital, consuming a six pack and a few Darvon helped to take the edge off. And a lot of that is documented in my medical record. I have also had my issues with eating painkillers like M & M’s – – – and I NEVER want to go back there. EVER!

      I admire your stoicism at trying to back down from taking two tabs at once for your pain. And I understand why you would be concerned about taking too much. I cannot tell you what to do, only what I would do. I would get a pill cutter. Take a pill, cut the second in half – – – or if possible, into thirds. Wait until you are halfway through your recommended dosage interval, and if the pain is still intolerable – – – take one of the small pieces. My philosophy is that IF I have to take painkillers, I do not want to crush the pain – – – I only want to “take the edge off” to the point to where I am able to go about my business. I only have one drink a year on a specific date for Brothers lost in Combat. Other than that, I never imbibe. So I need never worry about “mixing” and “accidental overdose”. Not saying you should do it, just something for you to think about.

      My experience has been that for every issue I have had – – – the VA has been “FDA, AMA, or something else” compliant. The problem I have with that is that they are almost never helpful. So, I have learned to use my military training to become more self-reliant. I am hurt, have chronic pain, and other issues – – – but so what? The ONLY way those slimeball ignoramusus win is if I give up fighting them. I WILL NOT give them the satisfaction. I may die before I get my benefits – – – but they will sure know that I never gave up and never gave in.

      My battles were in Southeast Asia and the Mid-East. My war is here in the United States. You say you do not “know” us. I say “Vets of our generation all experienced the military differently, but there were a lot of areas of common overlap”.

      So it is. So it goes.

      More later.

    1. The first 12 years the VA began tanking were under Republican administrations followed by 8 years of continuation “middle ground” Democrats administration followed by 8 years of Republican administration followed by another 6 years of continuation of the “middle ground” or “pragmatic” Democrat administration with the House mostly controlling and controlled by Republicans except for a short term of Pelosi who did nothing to help the VA situation.

      It took both sides. Nothing is new. Veterans have been stiffed from the “look nice” laws supposed to benefit them since the bankers bought Revolutionary War Warrants for pennies on the dollar. The military industrial complex lobbyists make sure the budget dollars are taken from the veterans and given to bankers and contractors.

      1. Now THAT I will agree with.
        Both sides have ignored the VA going down the toilet.
        What disgusts me is it has accelerated over the past 8 years, while huge amounts have been spent for illegal aliens that both sides think will benefit them.

      1. I don’t expect a correction in 2, but I DO expect to see some concrete steps that anyone can see as an improvement to be taken in those 2 years.
        I don’t expect some BS Icare campaign that is proven to be BS at the first contact every veteran has with the VA.
        ANuttervet and Janes comments both show the VA motto is still IDontGiveAShit.

      2. Which VA are you talking about? What is the time frame? I’ve seen major changes in the Cheyenne VA in the last 6 months. Most of them are probably related to the kiosk input stations where the veteran checks himself in for his appointments. No sitting on your ass playing Tonk or some game on your computer and then claiming you saw your patient within 10 minutes of arriving at your station.

        That still hasn’t changed the misreporting of histories. We have to get our record of the visit and then upload a correction to the history and complaint for all to see. Doesn’t hurt to add the statement that the physician or nurse is writing a history to diagnosis instead of taking the history the patient is giving and that if a physician works on an erroneous history they can’t make a correct diagnosis.

        That is the same in private practice, especially with Doctors under 50. A rush to make money by seeing more patients and making snap impressions then writing the history to fit and saying that is what you told them.

      3. Yes, these doctors and others place into your records what they feel like putting about the veterans, even when it’s not true and then the veterans have to try and correct this themselves. I had a doctor place into my official medical records, “Veteran was stabbed while on active duty” I was never stabbed in the Military, I was stabbed in the States and the VA did the Surgery.

        VA’s response well we can’t change the records, But you can write us a letter, state what was said and how it should read and we will file it in your record ? I have mentioned this before, veterans have two records, A medical file and an Administrative record, The Administrative record is never looked at by staff.

        So when you make the report (letter), it will never see the light of day. So in my case the VA accused me of Disruptive Behavior and placed into my official medical records if they ever hear that I become disruptive again you will be arrested, They did so using hearsay from a disgruntled employee, who was not required to furnish any proof of the disruptive behavior and she could not produce any proof, because she made it up and I paid the price.

        Since the VA falsely accused me of disruptive behavior and did not require any proof, they can use the doctors notes to accuse me of falsifying my records, as it looks like I told the doctor that I had been stabbed !

        Veterans better be very careful, because the VA does not care about the truth, Their truth yes ! Once they say something about the Veteran, it must be true, because its written. Look at your records and I bet by the time your done, you will be shaking your head and get really mad.

        Remember, many employees hold a position with a little power and now they are a God and don’t mess with a God or they will send lighting bolts to make sure they retaliate against you. Even if you did noting wrong in the first place.

      4. I have been in the same boat. I was accused by a lowly tech.

        4.5 years until medicare, I just hope they dont kill me 1st

      5. I’m using choice because of that employee and the chief of staff from Denver railroading me. the VA is not paying their bills and we veterans are paying the price. I like my private doctor so far, he acts as if he really cares, when asked what do I do if I need to be seen because of illness, he told me you call us and if we can get you that day or the next. Great answer

  11. Obama HAS signed Isakson’s bill. This is not the good news it appears to be. Whoever Trump appoints as VA secretary will face a hostile and legally entrenched bureaucracy determined to protect its own cushy jobs, instead of serving vets. The real problem with the Veterans Administration is NOT a lack of money. The real problem is a lack of discipline at all levels.

    When the VA’s secret five-star rating system was exposed last week in USA Today, McDonald whined the news might “dissuade veterans from coming to [the] VA for care.” You bet. Why entrust your life to a one-star hospital? The Phoenix VA, where vets died while their names languished on wait lists, was rated one star in 2014 and hasn’t improved. Yet the Obama administration is fighting to enable its director, Sharon Helman, to keep her job.

    Meanwhile, Democratic senators are still blocking a bill to hold VA executives accountable for these deadly failures. What’s wrong with firing liars and incompetents? Democrats would rather side with the public-service unions that fill their campaign coffers and turn out the vote.

    1. Disgruntled Veteran, right on track. Democrats all about putting their hand in the candy jar and keeping it there at the expense of anyone and everyone. VA is not for a lack of money at all. They just squander it just like the agency that wastes billions of taxpayer on watching shrimp run on a treadmill as well as spending $856,000 to train mountain lions to run on treadmills. Also, $480,000 on a study to determine if boys like trucks and girls like dolls. Also, check this out 4 million dollars a year in the meditation industry to research untested claims by alternative therapy practioners that promise huge and wellness benefits from practices like mediation. What a joke? I could never make it working with these idiots. Even check this out, a local University within the college of medicine has spent tons of money on cognitive retraining etc. Well, what they have spent tons of taxpayer dollars on, I have done the same thing over a course of few years with my own brain. I had too. With how the Navy put me out in reference to my functionality, I have rehabilitated myself from then until now with using my brain in academia. I have come from being barely able to speak to now with being comfortable speaking to anybody and everbody. From not being able process information to now being able to process information to the degree of application of Calculus 1 and going on up.
      All cognitive retraining that I learned to do on my own to survive. The government spent tons of money to research this very same process. Can’t the federal government understand we have American citizens who are homeless, veterans with no health care etc. They are wasting money on studying watching animals run on treadmills. They say it is due to many reasons why and one is safety. So what. Hell, if boys like trucks and girls like dolls so be it. This is God given. As for the alternative therapies and cognitive retraining, many people develop their own ways to survive in this world but if I do not do it and others do not do it, we will dry up and blow away. Having Personal responsibility on our own because no help or limited health care from our VA surely will not come close to meeting our living needs. As for the cognitive retraining, I just laughed at them. I really know what it is like first hand because of my needing to survive. Then, the gov’t waste tons of money trying to understand it.
      Can’t they use the money to house somebody or feed somebody? Hey though I know medical research is needed but he’ll why does it take so damn much money?
      The subject of taxpayer dollars was floating around so I through in my 2 cents worth.

      1. Do you think these hypercapitalist pigs are jacking up the bids to perform these asinine research projects? I think so!

      2. @Angela – – – Wish I had known about the “Boys like Trucks, Girls like Dolls” study.

        You and I could have gotten a Federal Grant to do it for $125,000. I’d have my dream truck – – – and you would have a “Barbie” collection worth a few million once you sold them on eBay.

        The government would have saved a few hundred-thousand in the process, and we could have gotten it done in less than two weeks.

        All winners, No losers.

        Keep it coming.

    2. Yep, maybe not good news. Isakson’s bill.
      Hell, I will try to assume my own care to get them the hell out of my life. Even though they have me attached under whatever care, does not mean that I have to be compliant. I can maybe do a better job anyway. With this mandate of health care. One could have it and avoid it by using alternative therapies via on my own. They need to get a grip and redirect the priorities with first being accountable and get out of the underhanded business. Thanks.

  12. @ ANutter Vet, Home base primary care is a good program for someone who has mobility issues and severely disabled. I tried to answer questions on operations about clinics. Sorry about your treatment issues. You have to keep trying, i hear alot of Veterans finally getting success after many hoops they have to jump thru. What happened to you sounds like someone dropped the ball, they do that to too many Vets. Please keep trying to contact these people. I wish the best and hope you get the help you need soon. God speed.

    1. @Ex va- Thanks for the reply my brother! I have mobility issues with extreme pain. The VA puts everyone in the same box. And, they have been so slick, that I believe that they will use their generic medications as bait in order to pressure me to visit the VA Medical Center. I have 1 med for the extreme pain and 1 for breakthrough pain. The VA has a habit of changing pharmaceutical providers that manufacturer less effective medications. After all, I can’t afford to get medication on my own. I’m tired of being treated like a number. I may change my name and replace it with digits.

      1. I think at this point, with the games they are playing with you, your best bet is to contact TV news media there and try get them to come to your home and interview you.
        If the public saw that interview, the VA would be jumping all of themselves to help.

      2. 91Veteran has made a really good suggestion. When you are not a financially well off veteran – – – the VA uses THAT to their advantage to try to “keep you in line” while they play macabre games with your life.

        Been there. Had that done. They can go fuck a duck.

        Start contacting all the local media in your area. Radio, Television, Etc. Write and call your Senators and Reps, as well as the Secretary of the VA. Keep copies of those letters for your records, and future use.

        Do you either know, or have contact with some super-savvy computer guru’s? See about getting a website done – – -on which to put your story out.

        In short, make yourself a bigger pain in the Okole to them, than they are to you. Also, due to my own unique situation – – – it was suggested to me by an old high school friend that I create a “go fund me” page in order that I obtain the money I need to get some things done that will allow me to remain in the fight. My moral compass will not allow me to do that, but it MIGHT be something to consider. Crowd-funding may help considerably.

        Think about it.

      3. The VA is Lying Facebook page has a feature where veterans can create and post their own videos telling their story. You might do a short video explaining what VA originally agreed to do, and no longer admit to, and that they want you to travel to them, which is impossible.
        If you create that video and post it, you can then find your Senators or Representatives Facebook page, and post a link to your video in the comments. Same thing with media Facebook pages. I’m sure once the media watched a short video on your story, they would be contacting you.
        You can also go to your VAs Facebook page and do the same.

        Now, thats not to say your comment may not be removed by any of these pages, but it may be more embarrassing for them if they do.

        If you are desperate and cannot get them to help, this is one way you can get their attention.
        Keep your video short, 2-3 minutes. Make it go viral.

      4. @91Veteran- I’ve contacted a famous radio talk show host via email, and asked him if I could be on the show to explain my situation. No reply. I’ve contacted my State Senator for help to no avail. I even contacted President Obama [didn’t expect much though], and he assigned my complaint to what is called a White House Complaint #. The only thing that the White House did was to send my complaint to the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff of the VAMC.

        The letter originally got the VA to offer me the Clinical Video Telehealth [CVT] services. Then the VA reneged on their offer. This would have helped to address the PTSD, counseling [anxiety, depression, insomnia, amongst other symptoms], and to get medications prescribed to me. All this to no avail.

        I also contacted an administrator about the CVT services. We ended up arguing and he told me to call my Senator. He was already aware that I had already contacted my Senator. The tone of his conversation to me was like he was mocking or taunting me. What a pisser. I usually don’t cuss much, but I did tell him to F – – – OFF!

        I was ticked. I have found that this issue brings the worse out of me as well. But I have to fight.

      5. If you decide to create and post the video I mentioned in another comment, these are details you should include.
        It would be especially helpful if you held up that letter from the WH or VAMC about your complaint, and describe what the VA did.
        I would also include that phone call, and the title of the person calling you.

  13. My health condition has deteriorated to the point where I’m mostly bed ridden due to my chronic pain. I have a low air flow mattress to reduce the pain that occurs at my pressure points. I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass, and get really tired easily. Additionally, I fell and broke my right wrist [colle’s fracture].

    I also have PTSD, high anxiety, depression, I get migraines all the time, and the stress is of the charts. I informed the VA what is happening with my health. The VA then promised me Home Based Primary Care Program to help me get my strength back to be able to get to my local VA Medical Center. Then they reneged on the HBPCP. They also promised me Clinical Video Telehealth [CVT] for PTSD, counseling, and medication. They also reneged on this service as well.

    Now the VA is telling me, that they will not give me any medication until my Primary Care Provider [PCP] personally sees me at the VA Medical Center. They first recognized that I couldn’t get to the VA Medical Center, and offered me the HBPCP and CVT programs. Now, they are telling me that I need to get to the VA to see my PCP.

    I also informed the VA that the generic pain medication does not work as well as the other generic medication from a different pharmaceutical provider. They don’t care. The VA is expecting me to do in home physical therapy provided by a non-VA company. I also shared everything with the nurses that did my first evaluation at my home. They basically threw there hands up with no resolve. They can’t help me with my medication issues.

    I only get 2-3 hrs. sleep a night, which attenuates my pain. They don’t care. The anxiety that I get is off the chart. They don’t care. I couldn’t fully train my K9 Service Dog due to not being prescribed a muscle relaxer that works. They don’t care. Due to not being prescribed Biotene for dry mouth, I lost teeth. They don’t care. The pain medication has a lot of side effects, and the VA doesn’t test the levels of my neurotransmitters, hormones, or other important organic compounds in my body. They don’t care. My wife has a lot on her plate by taking care of me, and gets stressed out. The VA didn’t even ask how she was doing. They don’t care!

    Am I missing something here? First they hear me and take actions to help me. Then they turn around and renege on their promises to help me get better. My fellow Veterans, I’m really struggling here. Don’t know what to do or who to turn too! I need help. I’ll most likely repost this message again so that others can read.

    1. I have come to this final conclusion; the VA Primary Care Providers know what they are doing, or they don’t know what they are doing. Is it one or the other, or both. I think it’s both.

    2. Please, don’t give up. Are you rated? Did you apply for Aid and Attendance? Your primary must do that for you! We tried, were refused! My husband is 100 percent but, said he does not qualify because he has PTSD! Bunch of BS! We ask the primary to reapply: he blew us off! I also take of my husband! I know how tired your wife can get. At least you can advocate for yourself. I am praying for you, from Wisconsin! God bless you, sweet soul!

  14. I’ve thought Isakson needed to get flushed long ago. He simply has not shown any concern whatsoever with the daily scandals coming out of the VA, and likely hasn’t because he knows the worthless VSOs will provide cover for him.

    The other thing that tells me that this is such a sleazy deal is that Miller was touted long ago for SecVA, but when it came down to supporting someone, the VSOs threw him under the bus in favor of the same useless hack that said he can’t fire his way to success. In my opinion Miller had a much better track record at trying to reform the VA than McDonald…or at least trying to hold them accountable.

    Yet the worthless VSOs ignored him anyway.

    I don’t know what kind of BS deal Isakson may have bent over and accepted to push McDonald, and I don’t much care. What’s he going to do if Trump selects someone other than McDonald? Run to the media and whine about some backroom deal?
    However this turns out, I hope to do my best, and hope other veterans do as well to get Isakson removed as Senate VA chairman. He’s as worthless as an AFGE union hack at the VA.
    His own veteran constituents say he refuses to help when they call. Why the hell should veterans accept that?

    I still believe if Trump allows McDonald to stay, it will be the first embarrassing scandal he will have to deal with in his administration. The scandals will continue, McDonald will wonder where the VSOs are hiding, and the media will be hammering the WH and NOT McDoosh.

    1. As for McDonald, it really does not matter about his efforts and intensions in trying to reform the VA because he will not succeed.
      This is why. The VA union will defeat his efforts. Furthermore, anytime there is a union, corruption is sky high. The AFGE union enables and protects employees who are lousy employees. The low moral employees or whatever they are, are never forced to do the real deal. I mean being accountable and ethical. As long as the unqualified and the unethical employees are enabled and protected by the union, the VA will be more of the same. The liberals and Democrats are insane with doing whatever to have the damn control and power. These people will even threaten and harm people. This union does not care about veteran consumers. The union needs to be demolished because as long as it exists, there will not be even one human life valued if they are not a VA employee. Look at this biased attitude.

  15. McDonald is nothing more than a pasty for the VA. After 22 year’s of federal service. I sat and watched how the VA works and McDonald is not in change per say !

    He like other’s have been reduced to a hand shaker and metal pinner and told speak when only spoken too and do as your told. If you want to continue to receive free money.

    This person is one person and who is he to tell the president to hire. McDonald is a proven lier as seen by millions.

    Trump. Needs a no nonsense person. One with morals. I know good luck finding one of those employees.

    Ben. Why don’t you put your hat into the arena. Hell everyone else does. What can they say NO. As if all of us have not ? that before.

    Get trumps ☎ number or email and we veteran’s will put a bug in his ?. Would you be willing to take the job and learn from trump how to say Your Fired !

    I’m sad that Miller would not take the job. I guess he does not want to be lied too everyday by VA employees.

    Or loose his sanity. Your a stong minded person. Think about it. You have veterans here that will go to bat for you.

    Who would you like to see in that spot if no u ?

    I have a TBI and I bet I could do a better job. Than Bob McDonald. I know how to say Your Fired ! LoL !

  16. It is sounding like McDuck has a good shot at the VA, again. Is there a way to prove that McDuck has personally profited since he has been in office? Or, that he hasn’t profited? This Perishing Hotel thing….When and how? Wish Boris the best… All I hear, when Ben posts what comes out of Senators and congressmen and representatives mouths is double talk. They are professional liars.

    1. @Jo3n,
      Google the history of Pershing Hall Hotel, Paris, France.
      What you’ll learn will be important on how much the VA-SEC receives!

    2. If anyone wants to learn more about the Hotel information is listed at:

      Sec. 493 – Transfer of Pershing Hall to jurisdiction, custody, and control of Department of Veterans Affairs”


      It includes the legislation that provides for an annual rent payment not less than $100,000 to be paid into a discretionary fund for Robbie McDonald to use as he sees fit.

      McDonald also profits from it through his ties to the New York Bank of Mellon.

  17. Disgruntled Veteran- I use to live on Maui and the Big Island for total of about 20 yrs. You may have thought that I still lived in Hawaii because I referred to myself as a Kaimaaina. Disgruntled Veteran, sorry if that misled you.

    1. @Disgruntled Veteran- Although I’m still willing to communicate with you. I forgot to add this to my last reply. Sorry, way too much on my mind.

      1. @Disgruntled Veteran- Are you still willing to talk? The VA system is one of the strangest things I’ve encountered in my life. Its hard to keep up with everything when you have a chronic medical condition.

      2. Of course I am willing to talk. I will ALWAYS be willing to talk with anyone about this CLUSTERFUCK that is the VA. And I know about chronic medical conditions. Way more than I want to . . .

        As do the vast majority of Combat Veterans I know.

        Stay strong. In touch soon.

  18. Are any other veterans experiencing difficulties with scheduling appointments over the telephone the same way I have? For instance, the other day I was on the phone for two hours and 17 minutes trying to schedule a PCP appointment before finally getting through to someone. They send out these appointment reminders through the mail with this 1-800 number for you to call to make the appointment. Is the 1-800 number a dead end number to veterans to make us remain on the phone forever in order to discourage us from making appointments? Also, does the VAMC operator route veterans to “dead end” numbers when they call the VA in order to further discourage us? I’d like to know just what in the hell is going on! I don’t think McDuck is going to do anything about it. Has he done anything else?!!

    1. Dennis: A friend of mine was told his PCP was retiring and he would be notified about his request for an appointment. He has serious and multiple SC disabilities and is rated ?.
      We have been trying to get an appointment. Was told there is not a Doctor than can see him. He has now received a letter from our Regional Office stating he has not seen a VA Doctor in over a year. Therefore, if he fails to show when his next appointment is, with a PCP, his monthly VA disability check will be stopped!!

      Just another example of how the system thinks it can work, failing (again), to follow their own CFR,s and violating the rights of veterans.

      1. I would very much like to see that letter, because I think its an example of the VA illegally threatening a veteran. I would be sending the VARO director a copy and asking why his staff are threatening veterans with loss of benefits.
        They CANNOT stop his disability pay if he chooses to not go to the VA. I have dug in to that specific issue, and have been told the VA cannot do anything about a veteran not going to the VA. I was told a veteran only needs to see a PCP once a year to stay enrolled in the system, and that those appointments can be scheduled every other year if the veteran wanted that.
        I was also told that even if a veteran chose not to go to the VA for more than 2 years, they still have to provide medical care for service connected conditions whenever the veteran requests the appointment.

    2. I was called last week to schedule an appointment with my PCP, and now that I think about it, I got calls for any appointments more consistently than I got a letter.
      As for VA phone systems…how well they work or don’t work all depends on how well they are set up, or even if they are set up properly.
      There have been news reports of VA hospitals in the past having serious problems with their phone systems either because they were broken, or not configured properly.
      VA phone systems are either the old type of computer based systems with lines coming in, and phone extensions being programmed, or possibly a newer VOIP system where each phone has a network cable plugged in. Both systems need to be configured properly for incoming calls to go to the right extension.

      1. My husband is rated 100 percent, plus! He is threatened, telling him they are going to pull his rating. BS! I tell them, they can’t, under the LAW! Their response: “we are the VA, we can do whatever we want!” My, opinion, they are a bunch of bullies! Wonder how they sleep at night??

      2. My response would be to put their threats, and the name of the person who made them along with any witnesses in writing in a letter to the director, asking why a veteran rated at 100% is being threatened by his staff.
        They can either lie and claim the threat never happened, or acknowledge it and explain what they are doing to stop it.
        Either way, put it in writing.

  19. Breaking News today.
    Obama, during his last White House Press Conference, admitted 100% “…the Russians had nothing to do with the election or hacking…!”, PERIOD! As a matter of fact, he said there had been a “leak” in the DNC! It’s already been reported, by numerous security agencies, there’s no proof whatsoever to tie Russia to anything! Only the CIA is continuing on with this ridiculous theory! That’s all it is, a fucking theory!
    There, it’s fucking official. To all those crybabies out there in LaLa Land, stop your damn bitching, moaning and crying! The MSM’s still haven’t reported the facts, YET!
    That being said, I’m tired of chipping in for coloring books, crayons and play-do to help appease your little brains and butthurt feelings!
    As a matter of fact, Sheriff Appiao has proof Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud. That came out yesterday late afternoon! Which means, everything Obama did this last eight years, is ‘null & void’!
    I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of changes in D.C. come 21 January 2017!

    1. P.S.
      Later during the Press Conference, he “‘flip-flopped'” over the Russian Hack!
      How many times is the American Public going to believe anything coming out of Obama’s pie hole?
      He’s trying his best to get America into another conflict!
      I can’t wait for him to be out of office. I wish Congress would impeach him!

    2. The politicization of the CIA started a long time ago, but got pretty public with the Valerie Plame affair. I knew that was political BS as soon as I read news articles of other leftists who claimed to know of her described her as “hell on wheels with an AK”. It was so strange hearing a leftist praise someone as being good with any gun, let alone an AK.
      Those articles about Plame were flooding news sites within a couple days of her name first becoming known, and was a setup so her husband Joe could push the “Bush lied” tripe.
      The same thing is happening again. Some elements within or connected to the CIA selectively leaking or pushing outright BS. I believe one of the people helping that is the former director, Morrell.
      He’s been all over the news supporting Hillary during the campaign, and has either been in the news or pushing behind the scenes the story of Russian hacking.
      I believe he expected to again be at least CIA director or higher under Hillary. I believe any contacts he still has at the CIA are helping him, but they looked stupid claiming the CIA said the Russians did hack, then Clapper, DNI saying a day or two later that other Intel agencies didn’t agree with CIA. That tells me it was either a rogue operation from the start, or a very preliminary assessment that should not have been leaked.
      Its become a free-for-all in DC since Obama seems to have checked out. They all look even more stupid with the news that Obama knew of Russian attempts at hacking last summer, and did nothing.
      Hell they even admitted today he did nothing because he thought Hillary would win.
      So a national security threat is OK as long as the right party wins?

      1. Also. these butthurt snowflakes are acting as if the USA has never ever messed about with other Nation’s elections…and more, under what used to be called covert “peacekeeping missions” or so-called “Nation-Building”….and Obama’s Public News Conference yesterday was a National embarrassment because rather than speak or apologize for USA failure in Aleppo, Obama went on and on about how GREAT he and HIS administration has been doing this, doing that, not doing that, not doing this….and Obama spent more time painting a shady framed picture questioning the validity of their butthurt snowflake election results…oh, and too bad about Aleppo.
        What an idiot POTUS. Obama refuses to believe his inaction and not listening to his Generals has anything to do with Syria’s plight currently. Obama is glorious in only his narcissistic mind.
        At the end of his news conference he gave an after-the -fact, matter-in-fact…OH, and we thank our troops, men and women in the military. What a buffoon.

      2. If someone in his position, covered by the media daily, has to point out his accomplishments, they were not much of an accomplishment.
        As for Syria, well, the media can report a little here and there enough to keep it kind of fresh in the minds of some. They can’t report too much without showing Obama’s incompetence…but they will report just enough, and start ramping up just enough to start screaming loudly, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT SYRIA”, the day after Trump is sworn in.
        The same as they did in Somalia. Except it was Bill Clinton that was supposed to lead after the media demanded Bush do something about it, and we know how that turned out.
        The media wants ratings and embeds. They don’t give a shit about anything else going on over there.

      3. @91Veteran and namnibor,
        The Russian Ambassador, while in Japan, has come out and said to Obama, “Put up or Shut Up!” (Those may not be the exact words), but, if y’all read between the lines, it’s exactly what he meant. He’s telling Obama to show the proof once and for all!
        Also, for Obama to say things about other countries being involved in our elections, and having to pay consequences for those actions, is absurd.
        First, Obama’s administration was directly involved in Israel’s election. Obama’s administration was, with Hillary’s State Department, Instrumental in toppling the leadership of Libya. All because Libya was wanting to go over to gold to back their currency.Then the same occurred in Egypt, as is now occurring in Syria.
        This administration, and past administrations, is causing all the unrest in the Middle East.
        History lesson for today;
        It was the Bush’s grandfather who was, during WWII, selling oil to the Germans, Italians and anyone else who had the money. He was tried and convicted over this issue!
        I put this info on here many months ago.

      4. I recall an article from last June-September timeframe about some well known Dem campaign consultants being involved in elections somewhere around Russia, Ukraine of one of the old states.

        It was a little shocking reading it because it was a name like Podesta, or that lizard Carville, and their work was in support of a candidate that was against the candidate Putin supported.
        Would Putin order hacking in retaliation for them screwing around in an election over there? It wouldn’t surprise me.

      5. I found the article.

        If you want to read about US interference in foreign elections, read this article. It discusses why Trump fired Manafort, and why the media has not pursued that story much since….because it implicated Tony Podesta and others much worse.


        Remove the quotes.

  20. Who does a Veteran turn too when they believe that the medical services from the VA is substandard, and the Veteran fears for his life due to the substandard of treatment [or lack there of]?

    1. @ ANutterVet, can you apply for Veterans choice program? I would talk to Veterans in your area and see if others are on the program.

      1. Over I year ago is when I first informed my PCP of certain changes that are affecting my medical condition. I needed help as I watched my body deteriorate during this time. I then when into a pleading stage for help. After about a year my PCP said that I qualify for the Choice Program. The long wait has taken a toll on my health.

        The other issue is that the VA medical staff doesn’t know what providers in the private sector accept the Choice Program. The VA staff would call me to tell me the provider, then call me back to tell me that this provided no longer accepts the Choice Program.

        Without listing all of the issues with the VA, over time I have come to the conclusion that they are incompetent. These people would rather me to take more Oxycodone [Schedule 2 Highly Addictive Narcotic] than to take Carisoprodol-Some [Schedule 4 Muscle Relaxer.

        I realize that many physicians don’t like to prescribe Carisoprodol-Soma due to the drug epidemic happening in our country. But I have been on Soma for many years with no measurable side effects. Many people get a euphoric reaction when on this medication, but I don’t get this. I get relieve from painful spasms.

        I don’t feel comfortable taking more Oxycodone. Plus, my primary at the VA is a Nurse Practitioner. This is the strange part, the Pain Management Physician doesn’t believe in prescribing medications for pain. And, the Nurse Practitioner doesn’t specialize in pain management. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

        No one understands. I have a heavy science background. This experience is very frustrating on me and my wife. There has to be more options to turn, somewhere.

      2. @Ben – – – Would you give ANutterVet the e-mail address you have on file for me? I want to reach out to him. Pretty sure we are on same island.

        Thank You.

      3. @ Dennis i was told by many Veterans that they could not get anyone to answer phones in specialized clinic for weeks. It would be a MAS manager who would be responsible for phone calls being answered or not answered. If you call and can not get thru to clinics have them forward you to a MAS manager if they do not help go to patient advocate for the service line or call the directors office and file complaint. The call center could give you extension numbers for the offices. This is how it is set up in some medical centers.

      4. I think the VA has hired a bunch of new telephone operators. Perhaps they double for crisis line instead of using contractors that then use overseas posts in the Philippines or India. In any case I got right through except the Assistant Director had to walk across the hospital to get to the phone bank. Maybe veteran’s outside calls are taken first and perhaps they finally realize it they take care of a veteran’s issues first he won’t need a crisis line call. In any case I’m seeing action now that wasn’t possible a year ago.

        I wonder how many suicide vets left notes about being put on the disruptive list and then couldn’t get service?

      5. @ ANutter Vet, the choice program is billed thru fee base clerks. If you can get the extension number for Fee Base clerk staffing thru the call center you could talk to the clerk that is over that clinic and they could tell you providers that are approved for the choice program in your area. Also, a patient advocate for that care line may be some assistance to help facilitate your choice provider. A provider can be approved for choice program by filling out some forms. This is how operations work at the vamc close to me. Don’t lose heart i know it is a inconvenience and hassle trying to navigate thru the offices via the phone. Talk to the directors office if you keep getting no answers. Persistence usually is successful, but i know it is stressful.

    2. Hell, just go to any emergency room and sit there and wait to be seen. They have to see you. This is what the illegals have done and do forever begin. I know it happens all the time. There are some health facilities that even will provide resources to get some financial assistance. I do not believe they can turn anyone away due to this current health care mandate.

      1. Oh yes, I wanted to add further to my illegals’ comment as well as what one can do. I have got to further research what I am about to comment on. I believe it was over a year ago where Congress as in Paul Ryan implemented a bill or whatever to use some veterans
        benefits funds to provide assistance to illegals and refugees. Got to retract the details on all this. Does anyone recall this slimy move on behalf of Mr. Paul Ryan? Illegals ahead of the veterans.

  21. I had an uncle who played Major League baseball. He pitched for Connie Mack of the Philadelphia Athletics. He did not have a long career due to an arm injury. As many of you had short enlistments due to injuries of your own. He learned a lot on his way up (from my grandfather) and was more than willing to share his knowledge of the game with players at almost every level of baseball, from the minor leagues where he was a coach and manager to the youth leagues where he lived and became commissioner and yes, thankfully to me. My point is. I think we could to better with a former veteran who has experienced the VA as a USER of the VA to be the next leader. I know from reading this blog that so many vets have had countless divergent opinions and experiences. For example: one vet cites Healthcare , (good and bad), another cites Benefits (good or lack thereof), another cites Appeals ( good or never ending) etc. etc.. There is only one way they can comment on all of these things. They went to the VA and Trusted the VA for their Care. We should have someone at the top who has been there. Wishful thinking? Could be.

  22. Why do they always say the problems where here before i came, so i am not really responsible…. Just another excuse. Oh, i am new so don’t blame me. The responsibility comes with the job and the authority to make changes are there and you can decide to do something or do nothing. They look for free rides like at Disneyland. You pay a one time ticket to get in then you can ride the rides all day for free. The sick comparison was people don’t mind waiting in line to get on the rides at Disneyland and why should Veterans mind the waitlists at the medical centers?

    Leadership so out of touch with the reality of illness, disease and the disabled Veteran population. I will never forget that comparison. Some Veterans cannot walk, let alone stand or sit without excruciating pain and that is ok to make them deliberately suffer longer. Shame on you Secretary McDonald you have no sensitivity to this suffering population. They give blood, their lives, their innocence to the cruelty of war and this is ok with you to make them suffer longer. You paid your admission fee for your free rides and did little to change the poor leadership throughout the agency.

    1. Yep!!!!! More of the same. Actually, it is even more in the direction of being treated like a robot. Robots can’t feel and experience emotion. Secretary McDonald makes decisions involving veterans’ lives as if he is looking right through them with a dagger right through their hearts. Mr. McDonald appears to not experience empathy at all for suffering and struggling veterans. He appears to be totally cut off. Robot concept. Even with a robot, it will not be oiled for a small tune up. With Mr . McDonald, the robot will rust until it decomposes. With Secretary McDonald, there is really no hope for the veterans. Mr. DONALD J TRUMP, please remove Secretary Robert McDonald. Do what is right by human lives. If you have this concept, then, you will make the correct decision regarding the veterans. Then, politics will go out the window.

  23. @ Angela: I had to do the same thing with those VA drugs. On the 23 Dec, I will be going in for emergency surgery on my neck a month after my VA specialist said there was nothing wrong with my cervical spinal cord. The same MRI that VA did on me in Oct and said there was nothing wrong, is the same MRI my civilian doctor looked, sent a copy to specialist that same day, and a few days later, this past wed, a specialist spent 15 minutes looking at it, ad immediately made a slot for me to have surgery next Friday on Dec 23,2016. Yes, I have 5 in office appointments in Feb 2017 to see some lawyers.

    1. Best wishes for you Boris on your upcoming surgery. I hope the best and you will have a better quality of life. God bless and God speed.

    2. Boris, wish you a successful outcome with your neck surgery. I will be extending my prayers to include you with asking God to bless you. 🙂

    3. Boris,

      Best of luck with your surgery. And when you have the right attorney, use the Ben Grimm approach. “It’s Clobberin’ Time!!!!!” Ought to work just fine . . .

    4. Please, reply to me, the same thing happened to my husband! He was missed diagnosed forfive years.,could never really find our what was wrong with him so hung a label on him, a form of Parkinson’s, maybe: even gave him medication for it! His condition deteriorated. His pain was horrible! My husband told them he could no longer live with the pain.,After 5 years, they ordered a MRI of his cervical,spine. It showed he had Cervical Spinal Stenosis. He needed brain and spinal cord surgery, ASAP! His condition, was so severe his spinal column was putting pressure on his brain and pulling his brain stem into it! The VA refused to treat him! They told him to come back is six months and they would talk about it! Had to seek out private neurosurgeon and hospital! He had the surgery but, because of the delay diagnosis and treatment, he has permanent damage. He faces more surgery. The VA says they did nothing wrong, it was just a big mistake, mistakes happen all the time,, really? We need to talk. We live in Wisconsin, please reply! I am praying for you on the 23,

    5. Boris, could please reply to me ASAP! I think we can help each other! Anyone else care to come aboard? Numbers speak!!i I advocate for my husband but, when am advocating for him, I am truly advocating for all VETS. The VA hates me! I am known as a whistleblower! I uncovered a huge wrong doing in the VA Hospitals:this went national. We have been threatened, bullied, etc. I willnot give up. Veterans, across this great nation; we Stand United!,WE MUST HELP OR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, that so proudly served our country and can’t, or do not know how, to advocate for themselves! I emailed Trump’s aide, twice. Both time, they said they would get back to me! As of yet, I have not heard a word! I will give them time! Praying for our vets!

  24. I heard the word “coup” in today’s post. Kinda feels like a”coup” going on in D.C.. I would like to know what Isakson’s hidden agendas are. Doesn’t appear the Veterans are faring well. Senate and house have been screwing veterans for a long time. Our real problems are with the laws of accountability and Senate and Congress just haven’t done their job. It’s our representatives in D.C. to blame. Klearly, I’m waiting. But, things got a bad smell. It smells wrong. You can’t drain the swamp, if you are going to listen to these Swamp Things like Isakson, who seems to be fighting for keeping the VA unaccountable. Why?

  25. Veterans are doomed, I think its time for Veterans to go to recruiting stations through out the USA and hold signs, hand out leaflets with information to enlistees’, what to expect when they get hurt or apply for Benefits.

    Tell them how the VA is lying to current Veterans and how current Veterans are being treated period. Stop sending our Children into a danger zone to die or get hurt and have VA employees to add salt to our injuries.

    Put up Billboards with art showing how veterans are being treated and how VA employees are breaking the Law and how our elected officials are letting them by talking and no action. Sad day in America.

    1. THAT is a damn good idea. Were we to organize and actually implement that course of action, the general public as well as our elected “leaders into disaster” would be unable to ignore our plight any longer.

  26. Check this out now.


    Remove quotes.

    1. Kcorbin210: TKS for that link . .

      Earlier this week, a group of 20 veterans organizations sent a letter to Trump asking him to “strongly consider” keeping Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald.. . . .

      1. This is sad. If he remains, then the VA will be another Venezuela. It will crash with no accountability.

  27. One thing I’ve been wondering, is – What happens to all those BILLIONS of taxpayers monies, once VA upper management receives it, go?
    I know a lot goes to veterans compensation and other benefits veterans receive. Yet, even with all those benefits, BILLIONS are still left over, and unaccounted for!
    Yesterday, Seymore disclosed how Shinseki went from 35th appointed person in financial gain up to #13, (paraphrasing)!
    He also asked, “How much are they, VA Secretaries, being paid?”
    Then Seymore showed evidence where Shinseki was under investigation over a “conflict of interest with financial gain”! Of course, like with many in VA, nothing would ever come of it.
    Also, now we have McDipshit becoming more wealthy off the backs of the taxpayers. For example; What’s up with that “5 star hotel in Paris France, called “Pershing Hall” the VA owns? I remember the representative of Colorado, last year, telling McDipshit to sell it! Why hasn’t that been done? Why? Because McDipshit is raking in the financial benefits from it! Talk about “conflict of interest”! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that!
    Question; Are these corrupt, “dinosaur VSO’s”, receiving any taxpayers monies from the Congressional mandated monies required to pay VHA Hospitals for veterans healthcare?
    We know, for a fact, many of the “under construction” hospitals and clinics nationwide are well over budget. Or, the directors have spent monies for art and/or refurbishing not really needed.
    There’s much President Elect Trump needs his SEC-VA to look into, once he decides on WHO will take the lead role!

    Until then, veterans will be treated like cattle. We’ll be wondering when change will occur!!!!

    1. McDonald getting personal money from VA properties? Are you crazy? The man needs some more time than 2 years to continue the MyVA initiative. A year ago, both Isakson and Miller supported keeping him on knowing what reforms he has been working on. Miller just changed his tune when he was considering the position for himself. It is a crime that the Veterans First Act did not pass! The Senate and Isakson had passed it. We are losing precious time to make many changes that can only happen with legislation!!

      1. @WR,
        You might want to look up “Pershing Hall Hotel” in Paris, France! The VA owns it!
        McDuck does receive monies from it.
        Where, and how much, does McDumbass get all that money? No one knows, because it’s never revealed, PERIOD!
        Just as Shinseki went from #35 in being financially secure up to #13. How much money does a Sec-VA make for that to happen?
        If you look up what was in that “Veterans First Act” it wouldn’t help vets one bit.
        So, before you say something, you might want to investigate further!

      2. Hey WR,

        Crazy Elf is correct. Although I do like the way you try to hide the fact with your three opening sentences. It show you are not about change to make the VA Veteran centric again but only commenting to protect the status Quo.

        “McDonald getting personal money from VA properties? Are you crazy? The man needs some more time than 2 years to continue the MyVA initiative.”

        If anyone wants to learn more about the Hotel information is listed at:

        Sec. 493 – Transfer of Pershing Hall to jurisdiction, custody, and control of Department of Veterans Affairs”


        It includes the legislation that provides for an annual rent payment not less than $100,000 to be paid into a discretionary fund for Robbie McDonald to use as he sees fit.

        As for WR’s statement “The man needs some more time than 2 years to continue the MyVA initiative.” When we know that at last count 22 veterans per day are committing suicide at last count, wait times are getting longer and the management of the Veterans Choice program has turned into little more than more dollars for the medical colleges affiliated with the Veterans Administration with no resolution of the problems with care for Veterans. You want to give Robbie more time.

        The big VA and VSO talking point you forgot WR is you forgot to add he is also going to need more money again.

        “Barbara Temeck, MD
        Summary of Waste, Misuse of Funds, and Patient Health and Safety at Cincinnati VA: Physicians at Cincinnati VA with conflicts and other issues related to Affiliated Partnership with University of Cincinnati”


      3. U.S. News and World Reports Hospital rating system points out that the VAMC has 12 Surgeon working at the VAMC Cincinnati. Dr. Temeck’s supplemental statement attached to her whistle blower’s protection complaint filed with the Office of Special Council provides information on 5 of those surgeons.

        These 5 out of 12 surgeons where hired by the VAMC at the request of the university of Cincinnati Medical School. So, the VAMC could cover maintenance of their Visas. Although they are employed as full time surgeons at the VAMC their primary offices and facilities used for surgeries are at the University Hospital of Cincinnati.

        At the University Hospital, these surgeons treat both Veterans and Non-Veterans. Although they are employed by the VAMC at a cost greater than $300,000 each when they treat Veterans at the University Hospital the VAMC pays on a fee basis for their care.

        The University benefits to the tune of $40,000,000 annually paid out by the VAMC for these fee basis services. Additionally, the VAMC loses the funding to employ 5 surgeons to actually work at the VAMC. Also, all hiring of surgeon can only be done through the University.

        A check of the 5 surgeons listed show that they come from 3rd world countries fresh out of medical colleges.

        So Veterans not only have to wait for appointments at the discretion of the University they are basically subjected to a third world medical practitioners.

        Basically the VA is paying for employees to staff the University hospitals to see patients using VA fee basis, Medicare and Medicaid while only providing third world practitioners. While robbing the VA, Medicare and Medicaid and ultimately us taxpayers.

      4. No. What’s a crime is McDonald claiming he somehow needs authority from Congress to handle corrupt, criminal and incompetent employees, and Isakson folding like a cheap suit allowing any legislation with teeth to be gutted.

  28. One requirement to have in place is whoever becomes the. VA Secretary, must be actively receiving their care or has received care and has been prescribed medication through the VA for at least 3 years in the last ten years. I see Sarah Palin’s name and wonder how she can even be on the list for consideration. How can anybody manage a program they’ve never used? The head of the VA SHOULD be someone like Ben who has a main line directly to the source of the issues and knows the political avenues to correct the problems. Anyone else will be a fail and we NEED the VA medical problems fixed, not passed onto another title holder who comes up with Mickey Mouse plans to correct.

    1. I also concur, a person exactly such as Benjamin Krause, JD; **Swamp Wrangler Attorney Military Protector**(S.W.A.M.P.)
      No hat or USAF tights, but maybe a “Cape of Accountability” as Ben’s caricature. 🙂

      All in for Ben.
      However, I am afraid that the swamp has bigger dino swamp creatures protecting the swamp, so I am praying that President Elect Trump will do something to turn it all upside down, inside out, draining the swamp. With dinosaur politicians such as Isakson pushing for McDonald to stay-on, makes me wonder how deep the VA Cookie Jar’s tendrils go into the coffers of Congress as well. Hmmmmmmm?!

  29. The Icare program is false advertising.

    Should be renamed to I Don’t Care.

    Just more of the same watch the bouncing ball.

    Mr. Trump the next election is less than 4 years from now. Stand tall and what you promised.

    1. The “I” in ICARE stands for Integrity and noted whistleblowers like myself refuse to ever wear the pin because when it comes to Integrity the current VA leadership has none. They can attempt to fire me again or attempt to take away my 1st Amendment Rights yet again before I would ever be forced to wear a pin that stands for core values the leaders do not themselves follow.

      Brandon Coleman
      Phx VA Whistleblower

      1. @ Brandon when you made your disclosure did the vaoig begin to put you under surveillance? Did the medical center director or associate director try to cause you problems?

      2. That is because that asshole McDonald is an office pog and has never been suitable for any ground operations. These are the same people that like to display all of their medals and pins, but never did diddly squat!. He has that dumb ass “GameShow Host Face” like many of those VA Directors have in their photos. Isakson is a fat n nasty, fatback, corndog eatn fuckboy!

      3. Like the platitude, “Thank you for your service.” I suppose that suffices to some but for me the “Thank you…” I want is service. I want the compensation promised by 38 CFR. Physicians and intake personnel to write histories accurately without interpretation unless it is notes as such with an “the patient reports….””…but I think.” I want a rating board and the BVA to not change a “severe” on a C&P report by 2 physician team to a “definite” cutting me out of 30% in compensation, etc.

      4. Brandon Thank You!

        Also, want to say excellent job at the press conference posted by ABC Channel 15 on You Tube.

        “Phoenix VA Whistleblower Brandon Coleman”

        With your experiences with the Phoenix VAMC and you’re having been through the educational system connected to the VA and what you have had to face by coming forward about problems you and other Veterans face at the VAMC Phoenix. I truly would value your opinion on the supplemental statement Dr. Barbara Temeck filed with her whistle Blower protection claim filed with the Office of Special Counsel. It has been posted online at:

        “Barbara Temeck, MD
        Summary of Waste, Misuse of Funds, and Patient Health and Safety at Cincinnati VA:
        Physicians at Cincinnati VA with conflicts and other issues related to Affiliated Partnership with University of Cincinnati”


        One of the questions I have is:

        Do the Universities affiliated with the VMAC have that much control over their staffing?

      5. Do the Universities affiliated with the VMAC have that much control over their staffing?

        The short answer is a firm yes. All, and I mean ALL, of the doctors and interns are conducting their own research. I mean every department YOU are just a specimen under the microscope. That’s why the medical practitioners don’t care if they kill you. It’s done in the name of science and ALL of them are granted immunity for their “practice”. As for recording YOUR medical history and problems? They don’t care about YOU or YOUR benefits. YOU are a big ZERO in their eyes and compassion and bedside manner doesn’t pay the student loans or fund studies. What does, is YOUR ignorance about what’s going on. YOU* are the procedure of the day…weather you need it or not!

      6. The biggest problem is the competition in the art of the “diagnosis.” It starts with the intake person who will quickly guess what is wrong with the patient and write notes that lead to the diagnosis guessed. Statements by the patient that are contrary to the diagnosis (including malingering) are ignored and from that beginning the patient is saddled with a low skilled assessment as the “competition” continues.


        Then get a new copy of your just reported contact. If the physician or PA does not correct the history ask to be transferred to a physician or PA who can record an accurate history.

      7. VA is the leader in training doctors and the veterans are the quinine pigs, we are the subjects of the human kind, That’s why they say you cant sue the VA, OK this veterans right leg needs to come off, what you took off the left leg oh well, next time do a better job OK

  30. I see positive change in the Cheyenne VA. Of course it is under the gun and I’m probably going to lose my “Choice” option. I don’t know what is going on with the full ramp of changes and if it will be better or worse for me.

    Adjudication seems to be still way off course. And the VSO representation needs to be dumped. I’d like to see C&P exams done by the SSA contractors. They are more thorough and accurate. Or at least the processing of my SSDI was albeit slow.

    1. I too am seeing a change, and I’m trying to figure out why. I think part of the change is the election, but I believe change or this new attitude we are seeing will likely stop if McDonald stays.
      A few days ago, I got a call to schedule my annual checkup. I told them I wouldn’t do that, and told them why. I followed up with an email to the director and the VARO explaining why.
      I had a voice mail yesterday asking me to call them to discuss the issue. I called about 4:30pm expecting to get voice mail, and was shocked when she picked up. She asked a few questions why I didn’t want to schedule the appointment, and I gave her a good history why. I also told her about the FOIA response I received clearly showing what the head Patient Advocate thought of my complaint, and the old director.

      She spent about 45 minutes on the phone discussing this, and said she would talk to my PCP about my concerns and let me know.

      Something has changed considerably. Only time will tell how much and whether it might be lasting change.

  31. There’s definitely something (stinking) in the air, for President Elect Trump not being forthcoming on an appointment for VA Secretary. He’s not rushing into putting someone in who’s unqualified. Why? There could be many reasons. This ‘blog’ from today, could be one of those reasons. Another reason is because he knows how corrupt the VA, due to the union and some in Congress, has become. He wants it to be corrected. Until someone is willing and able to do it, he’s going to sit back and take his time.
    We’ve basically come to the conclusion, among most of us, to give President Elect Trump a chance! I guess this means time will tell! There’s still over 34-36 days left until inauguration. Even then, President Elect Trump, may not have a ‘pick’. Like I’ve mentioned before, even Former President Reagan didn’t start picking his cabinet until mid December. Right now, President Elect Trump is ahead of schedule!
    Here’s a thought, why not let the McDipshit continue fuckin up, so President Elect Trump can bring charges against him, (accessory to many crimes against veterans can bring a long jail sentence)!
    We all know there’s been many crimes against veterans which have never been prosecuted.
    Here’s something else. Remember when the news medias, MSM’s, went after President Elect Trump for not giving out that $6 million to the VSO’s? Remember how he was pissed? He said, he wanted to “vet them”! He didn’t get that chance, because the MSM’s were dogging him relentlessly over this issue.
    I believe many on here, including myself, were against some of the VSO’s to receive any of that money! Only a few actually deserved any of it!!!!!!!

    Yea, I heard that the New York FBI is continuing their investigation on Hillary’s email, or foundation.
    If I remember correctly, the head federal prosecutor, a fellow by the name of “Barrara”, (spelling might be wrong), is heading up that investigation. I’ve also read where he loves to take down people of importance.
    I think the main reason behind this is due to The Clinton’s not keeping their “word” on the outcome of the election.
    I also believe the investigation is proceeding because, the FBI’s reputation was definitely bruised due to Comey’s outright refusal to tell the DOJ to prosecute the Clintons!
    I do believe there will be a “Draining of that D.C. Swamp” sooner than we expect!
    He’s also going to have to DRAIN many State SWAMPS also!!!!!!

  32. Isakson is a sloth of a swamp creature that’s absolutely only doing himself favors while ignoring accountability and Isakson needs flushed and *anyone* Isakson supports. Isakson is the Jabba The Hutt on VA Committee and has to be awoken often from his pool of drool while Veterans are being eaten by the VA Meat Grinder….Isakson could care less about Vets and unmistakably favors the AFGE Union before Veterans.

    There isn’t enough square footage of carbonite to contain Isakson so I prescribe a lightsaber to be inserted where the light normally does not shine for neutralizing the Isakson threat to Vets. Done.

    I cannot see where McDonald would be allowed to stay by anyone other than our impotent POTUS.

  33. I say give Mr. Trump a fighting chance to clean up that swamp of RATS. Get Isakson and his rats OUT! Veterans deserve much better that what they have been dealt.

    1. Senator Isakson needs to get his hands off the Veterans Affairs. Why doesn’t the senator choose his health care at the VA? Get a taste of his medicine. Then, he might have an idea. Neither Secretary McDonald or the Senator have any idea about the veterans really. Neither are connected at the real hearts of the veterans. This is so sad. Why do they want to crash the VA and make it like another Venezuela? I just do not get what these people get from killing veterans. The 5-10 McDonald plan is already not in the best interest of a human being. It is in the best interest of a robot. What is the deal about Trump not making time for veterans groups? Actually, if Trump is refusing to meet with Veterans Organizations, then this is good thing. However, if Trump is refusing to actually meet with veterans who are not involved with the DAV, VFW, Amvets, VVA, etc. then, this does not look good. Why are these certain individuals fighting to control the veterans and kill the veterans. This is human rights violations just like the middle east. If Mr. Trump does not select an appropriate Secretary of the VA and if Mr. Robert McDonald remains on as the VA secretary, then, I am gone from the VA period. Nobody can me make adhere. I will assume all responsibilities of myself. In the more recent years, the VA has only gotten in my way anyway. With what they do, if I left it up to the VA currently, nothing would get accomplished. I take better care of myself anyway with alternative methods with exception of one medicine that I could get through Tricare. I will Pray for the power above to take care of me and pray for the second coming of Christ. “What is impossible with men is possible with God.” (Luke 18:27)
      Evil is surely ruling. No accountability and veterans dying is all part the evil individuals.

      1. In reference to my comment about my medications, I have dumped all VA medications, but 2 medications. I will go elsewhere. The hell with all this damn power struggle. I did not realize we veterans were that important. It is about who will have control the taxpayer dollars that they are scrambling to get a hold of. Who is going to get the next dollar? What a disgrace. No passion or conviction for human life. I believe all the working Americans should all quit their jobs and demand checks from the federal government. Then, the Senator Isakson, Obama, and McDonald could not fight over the veterans. I believe they have a money scam but what type of illegal money scam is it? If private sector employees quit, then, there would be no money.

      2. Oh yes, Mr. Trump should not be meeting with Kanye West. This does not look clean for him. He needs to be focused on his cabinet, the country and not playing around.

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