Senior Official Corruption

VA OIG Data Dumps 39 Reports On Senior Official Corruption

Senior Official Corruption

With little fanfare, VA OIG just released 39 separate reports of investigations into senior official corruption including kickbacks to family businesses.

As in the past, VA OIG is dumping all its reports covering various investigations. This practice of mass data dumps started right after Donald J. Trump was elected.

@realDonaldTrump Be sure your staff checks out these 39 @VetAffairs corruption reports #cv4a Click to Tweet

The IG is releasing the reports in a manner that is hard to track and not connected to its home page. They are also not putting the reports in alphabetical order which further impedes on review. And, some of the reports are not searchable, which impedes indexing of the report by Google.

I tried to run optical recognition software on those reports to improve indexing by Google but OIG password protected the documents.

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To help IG have the effect desired, I am making a point to highlight the reports here so veterans can find them and report back with interesting findings below.

Normally, I have been merely publishing the link to the page, but decided that does not do justice to the reports whose titles themselves tell a story. I also took an extra twenty minutes to put them in alphabetical order below Central Office.

So below, be sure to check out the report that seems interesting to you and let us know what you find in the comment section below.

VA Senior Official Corruption Reports

VA Central Office/National (20)

Alabama (1)

California (2)

Colorado (1)

District of Columbia (1)

Florida (2)

Louisiana (1)

Maryland (1)

Michigan (2)

Missouri (1)

Nevada (1)

New York (1)

North Carolina (1)

Oklahoma (1)

Pennsylvania (2)

South Carolina (1)

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  1. After seeing all their conclusions, Everyone in the United States should work for the VA, Excuse me anyone that’s dishonest ! Every Conclusion is a slap in the face to Veterans, Citizens, the OIG, Do as you please ( Don’t worry be happy ), we will not do anything to you. The Justice Department won’t do anything except let the VA police itself.

    Since the Justice Department passes the Buck, that my fellow Veterans is giving the OIG, the VA to do as you please, When your caught doing something wrong, all you have to do is read the Manual again, and not to do it again. Next time have someone else do it (stupid) CYS and take a training course on how not to get caught.

    Over and over the OIG and Justice Department don’t want to be bothered with up holding our laws. Free for all and the Veterans are paying the price with their lives.

    These reports prove that regulations are being broken everyday and the VA is Employee dedicated and no one will take action, as you can see on many cases the OIG Conclusions is to let it happen over and over. Employees at the VA don’t care, who knows.

    I say shut the doors and save billions, To many employees making the VA their very own play ground.

    This is no different than what the Middle east is doing to their people, except the VA is better at covering it up, Veterans lives matter or do they ?

  2. I believe that the reporting or dumping shows a pattern of a course of actions. I believe all this is relevant because it is an example of the vaoig operations and how it determines how and if they decide to charge or prosecute or do nothing at all. I have question alot of behaviors of the vaoig and these articles and comments explain alot to me. Also, I appreciate the articles and the sources that are given because it has helped me personally. It still offends me and i do not like the real life issues or acts behind the report and it does not make me happy having this knowledge, but i do not want to be another victim to it.

    I do not like corruption and it really saddens me with the multitude of instruments in play and the lack of accountability. I believe exposure of the truth gives chance to the possibility of change. I pray for the innocent not to be abused and that somehow this system changes, dissolves or what ever it takes to improve the health and welfare of Veterans. My fear is that this may take a long time to change because most people do not understand the depths of this agency of corruption.

  3. Hey Elf,

    Know what Hillary might be getting for Christmas from Santa Trump? A new Orange Pantsuit with a life time supply of Depends. The Depends for her problem with leakage.

    I wonder if a good case of Trumphobia is going to help the investigators with there case.

    “EXCLUSIVE: FBI New York Field Office Told To Continue Clinton Foundation Probe”, Richard Pollock 12/14/2016

  4. First off. I can NOT believe they have not investigated any facility in Georgia. I took on the report of the VA Central Office concerning Prohibitive Personnel Practices and Nepotism. Try to get hired at the Carl Vinson VA MC in Dublin,Ga. You best be related to or sleeping with someone that works there. I guess it is easier for them all to cover each others backs. My ex-wife applied for over 20 clerical jobs. Of which she was VERY qualified for. Never got so much as an interview, Even had a couple people we know put in good word. I guess our friends were not powerful enough. That place is Afirmative Action Run Amock and Nepotism Rampant. The most NON VET FRIENDLY of any place I have ever been. The first Town Hall meeting got crazy.I took the mic. from the local news and told my history with dealing with the Pharm. Needless to say, my meds were ALL messed up for over a year. Three months after the meting, I got a letter from Chief Of Staff, documenting a time in Dec. prior year that head of pharm. reported me as Violent and needing anger mgt. She said I had to report to VA Cop whenever I came for appointment. All sorts of lies Of course put “THE FLAG” in my file. I sent my response to COS. I figured I had a right to defend myself against accusations. I met with head of pharm. She told me that she did not appreciate what I said at the town hall in from of the News Media. I said, well it is the truth. She had only been there a year or so. I been going up there for 15 + years. It has progressively gotten WORSE. They have no FEAR. They will tell you to your face, You can’t do anything to me. That place is a CLICK. If an employee even THINKS about complaining, They will have their office in a broom closet. I have seen them Fuck with GOOD employees till they quit. Like I said, I an not believe no reports on Dublin or Atlanta. I personally have called OIG a couple times. But NOTHING! Until these people fear for their jobs, It Will NEVER change.

    1. Nepotism is indeed akin to a cancer to an organization/Agency and one as large as the VHA, it spreads like a virus from top to bottom. We read about it time again on here where they cover for each other resign, pop-up someplace in 30 days, you have VA Whack-A-Mole with a feather duster.

      Drain The Swamp.

  5. can I file a complaint against the VA OIG, to investigate the VA’S OIG’s who for whatever reason, failed to do their job? The VA OIG report that was dumped concerning D.C., was definitely illegal. Others seem to be cover-ups. Ben, one IG did the dumping. Who was the one sitting on these reports,, and who dumped them, on who’s orders? Can I ask for an investigation, in a proper manner?

  6. I read the file that pertains, or did pertain to Alabama. Dated Jan, 2012. Are any of the investigations more current? Why release a useless investigation report 5yrs after the investigation? In the investigation report, all the VA OIG did, is explain why it’s legal to steal. Because, they wrote the law. How does one go about draining a swamp that’s below sea level? I NEED to see some of these murderous thieves being held accountable, and found responsible. Ben, you find SHIT on the VA, every damn day. Enough.

    1. Ben finds the ‘shit’ amongst the ‘shit’ the VA Meat Grinder exudes. I am sure it’s like looking for a kernel of truth amongst the other “kernels” within that very poo. Very messy research and definitely not finger licking good. 🙂

  7. 35 reports issued since the election, with 34 of those released on 11/18/16…and all of them Administrative Investigations.
    Are there other types of investigations they are sitting on, or do they perform all their investigations administratively, so they can handle them administratively?

    Nice, neat and tidy with no excessive public fanfare showing VA leadership as woefully inept, incompetent or corrupt.

    The next report I would like to see:

    1/21/17 – Criminal Investigation into OIG for Impersonating an Entity charged with Investigation of Waste, Fraud and Abuse in a federal agency.

    How does one explain dumping all these reports on a single day? It would be interesting to compare dates on all these reports and when they were completed with the date they were released. Are they like other VAIG reports completed months ago and released just now?
    I suspect many would have never seen the light of day if the election turned out differently.

    As for the password protection, you can easily defeat that Ben. Download the report, drag the report from Windows Explorer and drop on a new tab in Google Chrome, then print the document to PDF such as CutePDF. It will create a copy of the document in PDF without the password.

  8. 11/18….appears to have been a busy day. Who investigates the VA OIG? Would it matter? At least we have transparency. An awful lot of double talk. Ben, I’ve always enjoyed your art. I don’t get releasing reports, and hiding them. Are they so comfortable in that they can get away with anything? Don’t they know Ben is gonna find that which is hidden? That 11/18, is that when these reports were written, investing, released? They just can’t keep getting away with this crap. It’s time to pay the piper.

  9. Thanks again to Mr. Ben for bull-doggin the VA. Sadly, it’s rare when this stuff shows up in any form of media – main-stream or otherwise. A few comments on this subject suggest blame to Obummer for not fixing the VA. True enough. However, this shit ain’t new. The government has been throwing veterans under the bus since the civil war. Nothing has really changed. Promises are made, sacrifices are made in return, and the promises are rarely kept. Add the cultivation of decades of bureaucracy, and the system goes into “auto-fail”.

    And here we sit – preaching to the choir. You and I – all of us – regurgitating the same shit over and over. Might I suggest a taking a page out of Gandhi’s book and getting a bunch of troops together to stage a non-violent protest or two – or twenty – or fifty? DoD would throw a shit-fit if there were to be a coordinated set of protests in front of recruiting stations around the country. “Don’t do it kid – your government doesn’t honor its promises.” Stuff like that. No rocks. No bottles. No BS. Just veterans telling the truth.

    This could be a tough pill to swallow for men who were soldiers. We take oaths and honor them. Advocating non-service runs counter to our prior commitments and experiences. I get that. But, you have to admit – even the MSM couldn’t ignore it. Maybe after the first or second time. But sooner or later, we’d get peoples’ attention. Nobody needs a crystal ball to see that we’ll be going to war again – somewhere. Gotta have troops, and talk of DRAFT in DC seems forbidden.

    Jus sayin.

    In God We Trust, Everyone Else We Monitor

    1. The problem I see with that would be the protest willingly portrayed as disgruntled vets against the military, and many people, not knowing any better believing it.
      More people believe the VA is a shithole. Better to protest there. At least until the VSOs show up to muscle you put of the way.

  10. titled;
    “Fed Reserve Moves Against Trump Boom”
    Dec 15, 2016 (4:19 minutes)
    David Knight reporting.

    The federal reserve is not a government agency. They loan money to government(s) & banks and charge interest. They’re also highly responsible for the “bubble burst” of 2008-9!
    Do you remember recently, this year, how they “… misplaced $9,000,000,000,000, (NINE TRILLION DOLLARS), and were “… called out…” by Congress?
    Well, they’re at it again.
    Watch this video to see they’re latest scheme!

  11. This is a good test to see if the new Watson VA computer program can look at things like a human and respond accordingly;

    Input the following items;
    39 OIG reports of VA misconduct going back 5 years ago or so.
    22 reported veteran suicides going back 24 hours ago or so.
    1 President promising to fix it all going back 8 years ago or so.

    Input the data into the new Watson system for VA healthcare and ask for the prognosis. If Watson actually reports ITSELF to have just acquired “self shutdown ideation”, then we know at least Watson understands what the data represents and really does emulate human behavior well.

    I personally think that only two of the input numbers are accurate.

    1. I am pretty sure Watson would only blow out it’s logic circuits. Then go into an infinite loop outputting “Danger Will Robinson does not compute” into infinity and beyond.

      1. To funny, that has happened to a lot of veterans already. I have a question to all, do you’s look at the news on the net about the VA and comment on the story.

        I do and I believe all of us should do this, permanent record for ever. May want to give the writer some stories they may want to use.

        Many of you are very bright, who knows someone may listen to what you have to say.

        I also tell the reader’s to come to disabled veterans Org.

    2. The corruption at the VA has taken on self-actualization, an entity of sorts but much more akin to a nasty computer virus. Am thinking that IBM Watson would catch at least HIV, HEP-C, HEP-B, and most probably syphilis, triggering a self-detonation sequence. 🙂

      Listening to Sec. Kerry trying to give a speech on Aleppo, Kerry has such a bad hack in his throat, it’s driving me nuts on top of his droning voice. He and McCain could drive a person to drink.

  12. I have a question for the vaoig why do you even put together these reports? Why bother? Why blacken out parts of a report??? Your already protecting the guilty parties, can you get much worse than that??? With your authority you can and have protected doctors who thru deliberate negligence murdered, other who are thieves and liars at the expense of our nations heros, of our sons and daughters lives. Does a Veteran life means so little????Why??? Is it arrogance or indifference?

    I saw them waiting in lines sick, broken, and trying to get help. They come for treatment already trusting that someone is going to help them. They believe that they are at a safe place and someone will take care of them and make them feel better. Some are old enough to be a grandfather or grandmother, or they are someone’s father or mother, or son or daughter. These are the faces you betray when you do not seek justice for them. Bottom line you betray them, you can lie, make all your phoney, nonsensical reports. You can fool many, but not all.

    1. Some of those reports could be replaced with Project Bluebook Roswell UFO FOIA Reports and you would not immediately know the difference. Same amount of blacked-out data. Same Federal Goobly-gook lingo.

      Do aliens actually run the Veteran Affairs or just Satan himself? If so, they thrive on endless supply of cookie jar contents and souls of Veterans for subsidence. Either case, it’s Project Whitewash/Hogwash.

    1. Yes, in Ben’s ‘Bad VA Art’ today, the VA employees are pre-whitewashed before speaking with the devil and paying him off.
      Maybe the VA has developed an industrial Whitewash that’s now utilized at the medical level for ingrown hands in VA cookie jars? Yeah, that’s it. It requires a VA Whitewash Enema in order to be thorough with these miscreants.

  13. I reported serious allegations to vaoig because it is in all the medical center memorandums, va guidelines, etc. Very little was done concerning the operations of the medical center I notified them about. You are held responsible if you don’t report it and they can do anything they want to do with it like dumping it. What is the point when you report on doctors, senior administrators, etc. they all can get out of it because vaoig doesn’t do their jobs of investigating and holding them accountable. All the paperwork states it, to report any wrongdoing to call vaoig….So, they can dump it??????

    The va is the second largest financially funded agency in the government and has little to no accountability. The va is also high in ranking with employee violence at the workplace. Because after you disclose you have to put up with managers telling your co-workers lies about you so they can Hate at you. All thanks to the vaoig and other accountability measures that boils down to no accountability.

    1. I called the VAIG about 1 1/2 years ago, and the person answering the phone told me they only investigate instances of financial fraud before hanging up on me.

    2. Wow, this sounds very familiar to me, and I fear not only for my psychological safety, but for my physical safety at the Salisbury VA Medical Center. I am a Registered Nurse, and have NEVER been afraid of any Veteran, it is the staff that is the problem! The wasting of VA resources was about my situation of being retaliated against.

      1. Holy carp Batman, an honest VA employees.

        Thanks for your post, now do the right thing and tell someone in authority about what you are talking about !

        Be sure you are claiming to be a whistle blower. Don’t over state any thing, just the facts.

        You know who, when, where and how !

        Thanks for being honest, you are a rare employee !

  14. Here’s an extremely important video I hope y’all watch. It concerns the “Electoral College” and how they are NOT following procedure or the law. Which, by the way, was set down in the “Federalist Papers” and the “Constitution!”
    It’s from that ‘alt-right’ news source. Reported by David Knight today, 15 Dec. 2016. (11+ minutes long)
    “Faithless Federalists: “Hamilton Electors” May Face Prosecution”

    Although Mr. Knight is using Texas as a model, everyone should research their own states laws! The ways the Electoral College is being run today, is not the intention of our Founding Fathers described or set down in law!
    As I’ve said, this is a very informative video!

  15. Namnibor,

    Like you that very first report caught my eye and I noted the same things that you did. About the date of the investigation ending and the timing of the release of this report. So, I broke out my portable sun to shine more light on the report and started scaping some of the white wash off to see what was underneath.

    Using a number of websites and memory to scrape away the multiple layers of white wash. I found a picture of Robbie McDonald with his hand deep inside the Cookie jar. Looking like he was suffering from a bad case of sudden onset Trumphobia.

    In Mary Carstensen’s LinkedIn profile she names the nonprofit that paid her more than $250,000 laundering it through her company Good Stewards, LLc. That Non-Profit is named the Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF). After she was forced to leave the VA she went to work for them and she is still maintaining her money laundering company named Good Stewards, LLC.

    Her Job titles are: Acting Director, Programs and Partnerships and also the Director of Collaboration Initiative.

    Two articles concerning Robbie and her working together with Robbie, Merck, Ferring Pharmaceuticals and EMD Serono can be found at the following links.

    VA Secretary to Announce VA-Bob Woodruff Foundation Partnership November 10, 2015 – See more at: “”

    Bob Woodruff Foundation establishes fund for injured Veteran IVF services December 1, 2016

    Oh, EMD Serono is the biopharmaceutical division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

    1. General Shinseki rose from the rank of 35th richest Obama cabinet appointees to the rank of 13th wealthiest Obama cabinet member. How many Million per year do we pay the Secretaries?

      It is noteworthy to mention that he was investigated for allegation that he engaged in ethical violations that led to personal financial gain. But he was cleared of the allegations shortly before he was forced to retire.

      The Shinseki OIG report came out in the November 22 document dump. The IG report is at: “”

      1. Seymore,
        What I’m more pissed about is how the upper crust of VA employees, (SES’rs, Directors, etc.) can, when caught with their hands in the cookie jar, retire with full benefits and not face criminal charges!
        This almost never happens in the private sector. If it does, we rarely hear anything about it.
        I believe if a person is caught red handed, they should face criminal charges.
        I hope President Elect Trump sees what’s going on and stops it, quickly!
        If not, it will be business as usual in VA!

      2. When you read the reports and compare the information it seems very clear.

        “7/20/2016 – Administrative Investigation Advisory – Conflict of Interest and Violation of Ethics Pledge, Office of the Secretary, Washington, DC”
        at: “”

        11/22/2016 — Shinseki OIG report on — Conflict of Interest and Violation of Ethics Pledge, Office of the secretary, Washington, DC”
        at: “”

      3. Your Welcome Ex VA.

        Elf I know exactly what you mean. I would like to point out that Trump did not get to where he is today by being fooled by thieving employees.

      4. Hey Elf,

        I see that low life Leo Shane is still kissing Robbie’s backside. While Robbie is busy trying to loot as much as he can of this year’s VA budget through VA grants to Mary Carstensen at the Bob Woodruff Foundation.

        “Veterans groups: ‘We cannot afford to start over’ with new VA leadership”, Leo Shane III, MilitaryTimes, December 15, 2016

      1. No, Not really.

        She was pretty much out of a job when McDonald started his job August 1st, 2014. She was working primarily for both the Bob Woodruff Foundation and General Shinseki at the same time. Or you would also be right if You said she was working for both ABC News and General Shinseki at the same time.

        To understand what her job was just read the two docs. One from this document dump and the other from the November 22nd, document dump.

        This Document Dump
        “7/20/2016 – Administrative Investigation Advisory – Conflict of Interest and Violation of Ethics Pledge, Office of the Secretary, Washington, DC”
        at: “”

        November 22nd Document Dump
        11/22/2016 — Shinseki OIG report on — Conflict of Interest and Violation of Ethics Pledge, Office of the secretary, Washington, DC”
        at: “”

        Now consider she is working with McDonald.

  16. Funny thing is, all these reports yet nothing is being done about any of it. It’s like the credit monitoring commercials, “why monitor it if your going to do nothing about it.” They kick out these reports that their aware of the problem yet, cease to do anything about any of it.

    1. Scott- This is the point that I’ve been trying to express. If the current Administrators of the VA and our Elected Gov’t Officials wanted to make REAL changes, all they need to do is to read this blog. Many fine Veterans have listed their experiences with the VA.

  17. Here’s an update on the VHA in Tampa, FL. Y’all remember that little fiasco coming into the light about a veteran being “in a shower stall for 9 hours!”
    This morning, “ News” reports:
    “2 Fired After Body Was Left in Shower at VA Hospital”
    14 Dec. 2016 | associated press

    OK, I get it. Two VHA employees were fired. Bet a dollar neither one was a union member, yet. Bet a dollar, all the others involved will skate outta this like monkeys down a rope. You know damn well there were more than two employees involved in this bull shit!
    As my wife says: “They, (fired employees), were the ‘scape goats’!”

    1. I cannot see it any other way. Scapegoats.

      I would very much like to hear the details of these “firings” because I don’t believe anybody was fired. Now, I could certainly see someone being told if they quickly resigned, nothing further would be pursued against them.
      Even if their firing was completely justified, I cannot see any federal entity firing anybody this fast before a formal investigation was completed. Hell that thug in Louisiana who beat that elderly veteran to death still hasn’t been tried, and that was 2 years ago.
      Regardless of whether they were fired or resigned, what actions did that VA take to report this issue to other authorities? Any bets nothing further was reported outside VA?

  18. Y’all remember FBI Director Comey’s diatribe over all the illegal acts committed by Hillary Clinton, (emailgate), back in July? Many thought she would finally be brought to justice! Then, all of a sudden, out of the blue, he said “no charges”!
    Well, that same diatribe is being used on certain people in VA. The OIG says one negative thing, then tries to cover their ass by saying something negative again!
    As Don Avant so eloquently stated, and needs repeating, quote; “Two diametrically opposite things CANNOT be true at the same time…”

  19. WTF? Oklahoma…The VA OIG said there were “mitigating circumstances” that made the VA Ass continue the same practices as to not “rock the boat” in a “toxic environment” and continued the damn same corrupt toxic practices. These are truly rats with pointy rat clawed hands…at this point, gut the entire VA OIG and replace with some salty vets.
    Does the VAOIG hand-out VSO teddy bears to those they investigate along with a plate of milk and cookies? WTF?
    But don’t make an error on your travel pay claim. Again, McDonald and his ratty VSO clan want to keep things as is? HA HA HA HA HA
    These reports were the VA Meat Grinder’s yearly Yule Log from it’s Southern exit.

  20. What the hell happened all on the November 18 date? Mass Trumphobia Trauma Onset at VA upper management? November 18, 2016 also happened to be a FRIDAY. Does the VA OIG wait until the end of year or end of POTUS Term to actually whitewash, err, do reports these days?

    1. I realize also, that most of these reports seem to just happen to date back to about same time McDonald came to be nominated for head turd at the VA and these things were sat on for a few years at best then Trumphobia Onset Attacks and mass dump…after the scum have already resigned…I think the DOJ just rubber stamped these all en mass and were never even allowed light of day….just my morning hypothesis and rant out. PTSD levels seems to reach nasty levels around swamp creature shat reports this early in the day. That VA OIG gooby gook can really screw with your brain…read in moderation in short amounts to avoid chronic diarrhea and/or constipation, in either case, utilize the reports for toilet paper to balance the senses. 🙂
      The VA OIG and Upper Management really think we Veterans are stupid and clueless, don’t they?

      1. Not only when McDumbass was at the helm, guess who’s in charge at the top— “Obummer”!
        He’s the one who “neutered” all the OIG’s during his first “reign of pseudo-terror”!
        It’s like Ben said, all these things are starting to come out into the light because Trump was elected.
        This is why there’s such a hard push to get the Electoral College to change their votes! It’s all on account of Clinton NOT accepting the final outcome of the election!
        She, and the rest of her minions, can’t accept the loss!
        We’re going to hear a lot of crying in the few weeks until 20 Jan 2017!

      2. A new SecVA installed after the previous one resigned over scandal, with the DOJ agreeing to prosecute more flunkies would have made Obama look stupid for selecting McDooosh, so it wasn’t going to happen.

  21. “07/20/2016-Admn. Investigation Advisory Conflict of interest & violation of ethics pledge Office of The Secretary”

    Yet another VA hack running non-profit crap for Wounded Warriors Org. and accepted $250,000. in just 3 years on top of salary but yet again get this….”We did not make a recommendation to VA and we are administratively closing this case, as DOJ declined to prosecute and Ms. Carstensen resigned from her position effective August 4, 2014.”

    So….this was right under McDonald’s nose but yet, no freaking charges nor even a recommendation…just administratively close the case because DOJ declined to prosecute AND she happened to resign? WTF?

    And to think Bobby McDonald wants to remain at the helm? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA….you ignoramus buffoon!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…..I really do not need to read through all the rest if the #1 listed was right under our fearless leader’s nose and did absolutely nothing…kissing the VSO’s asses…and a VSO Group, Wounded Warriors, that at the time was living the high life…HA HA HA HA HA…..

    Drain The Swamp…NOW!

    1. But God Forbid if any Veteran makes a false travel pay claim. God Forbid! What hypocrite critters!!!!!!

    2. Dear SucVA McDipshit:

      I did NOT voluntarily serve this country for Politically Correct Pussies like SucVA McDipshit to fuck over my Brothers and Sisters-In-Arms by showing a SEVERE lack of Leadership whilst drawing a high salary composed of taxpayer dollars that in all fairness – – – are way more than what he and his cronies services are worth.

      West Point Education? ARMY = Ain’t Ready to be Marines Yet.

      McDipshit should have taken some remedial training in The Pit at MCRD, San Diego where he might have learned a few things about REAL leadership.

      Time for President-Elect Trump to torch McDipshit’s hootch. Then tell him and the worthless VSO’s to đi đi mau.

      Asshats. All of them.

      1. Disregard the above – – – nerves in hands not working correctly this evening. Hard to control computer.

      2. @Disgruntled Veteran,
        Or, McDipshit could have come to Ft. Polk, La., to the “Vietnam Village Instrumental Course”. Where I and my brothers, as Drill Instructors” could have shown him some ‘Leadership’ qualities.

    3. One would think having the IG investigate one flunky under McDonald resign after running a fake charity while on Uncles time would have caused to to look around for other potential conflicts involving his upper flunkies.
      But, it took the media to flush out Burch what, 2 years later?

  22. RE: 11/18/2016 – Administrative Investigation – Alleged Improper Relocation Incentives, Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System…
    “We found that Ms. Williard requested and Mr. Struchtemeyer improperly authorized two relocation incentives when they [Williard and Struchtemeyer…my emphasis] did not comply with VA policy.” ” We did not conclude the the incentives were improper but that the requirements of VA policy were not met.”

    So is that typical OIG double speak or what…

    The incentives were not within policy but they weren’t “improper “?

    What does that even mean? Two diametrically opposite things CANNOT be true at the same time…

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