VIDEOS: Here are YouTube Clips of VA’s $5ml Ads

VA Voc Rehab Advertisement

VA recently owned up to spending $5ml in 6 weeks on ads that ran before and during the VA shutdown. Many of the benefits the ads were about were also shutdown.

I found some of the ads on YouTube that I wrote about yesterday.

In two Military Times articles, VA was claiming the ads within its mission to increase awareness about VA benefits and VA healthcare.

However, the ads did not do a great job of helping veterans access local resources. Instead, they seemed to support a positive spin on enlistment in the military because VA provides services if you get hurt.

Interesting message. Here are the ads I found:

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  1. The videos that above were overall great. However to say that they “increase awareness about VA benefits and VA healthcare” I wouldn’t 100% agree that the marketing strategy was well thought over before execution. Being a marketer myself, I would have focused more on the actual benefits of attending or being cared for at the VA..not as a transition from the military to the VA. There are more 5+ year Veterans out here that needs this critical information to make it in this thing called “LIFE”! That is my 5 cents.
    Thanks Ben, for sharing.

  2. ” … a living allowance”; so far removed from a present idea of a normal social contract, can veterans lobby this legal misnomer “living allowance” be changed to “poverty allowance”? Maybe a “Shinseki Alohance” is a better term for a poverty trap.

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