Tax Avoider Medtronic Wins Telehealth Contract From Veterans Affairs


The Department of Veterans Affairs just picked Medtronic, a US tax avoidance company, to receive tax dollars to provide telehealth equipment to the agency.

Medtronic, a formerly US-headquartered medical technology company, announced it was one of four companies selected to provide VA with new telehealth systems and services.

“After a rigorous review of potential suppliers, we are honored the Department of Veterans Affairs selected Medtronic Care Management Services as one of four vendors to provide home telehealth technology to its veteran patients,” said Sheri Dodd, vice president and general manager, Medtronic’s MCMS division.

“While we are pleased to continue our working relationship with the VA, we are even more excited by the opportunity to continue providing veterans with healthcare solutions enabling greater flexibility in the monitoring and management of their health.”

The systems will be used to monitor a host of conditions veterans suffer from including heart failure, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Medtronic Tax Avoidance In 2015

In 2015, Medtronic moved its headquarters from Minnesota to Dublin, Ireland, as part of its global tax avoidance strategy. The move benefited shareholders by reducing corporate tax from around 35 percent to 12.5 percent.

That year, Medtronic purchased Dublin-based Covidien to become an Irish company in what is technically called “tax inversion.” The move resulted in draining resources from Minnesota to Ireland as a direct result of the tax scheme that received heavy criticism.

Companies like Medtronic have benefited handsomely for moving corporate headquarters out of the US. According to economist Gabriel Zucman, the drop in tax rates on corporations using tax avoidance strategies have saved the companies over $200 billion.

Some companies are even able to create what is called the “double Irish” sandwich that allows corporations to benefit from protections from the US patent system and taxpayer investment in research while also not paying taxes on much of the profits earned from the fruits of the investment.

US News provided a good explanation of the scheme that benefits companies like Google, General Electric and Medtronic that is worth repeating here:

“Consider the example of Google. In the “double Irish,” Google establishes two subsidiaries in Ireland. Google Ireland Holdings, managed from Bermuda, licenses the rights to intellectual property developed in the U.S. to Google Ireland Limited, which sells advertising rights in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and collects the advertising revenue. At this stage, much of Google’s foreign profits end up in Ireland, where the corporate tax rate is 12.5 percent. However, Google Ireland Limited avoids these taxes by, ultimately, paying out these profits as royalties to Google Ireland Holdings which, under Irish tax law, is a Bermuda company. No taxes are paid on these royalties because Bermuda has no corporate tax. Because Ireland withholds taxes on royalty payments to Bermuda, Google has established a Dutch subsidiary, Google Netherlands Holdings, “sandwiched” between the two Irish subsidiaries. Google Ireland Limited actually pays the royalties to the Dutch subsidiary, which then pays the royalties to Google Ireland Holdings. Irish law exempts this type of royalty payment from the withholding tax.

“IT companies like Apple and Microsoft, pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Eli Lilly, and medical device companies like Medtronic and General Electric hold numerous patents on intellectual property developed in the U.S., often with taxpayer dollars. They are especially well-positioned to take advantage of loopholes in the tax codes of various countries to minimize, if not avoid entirely, taxes paid to any government.” 

Like many of those companies, Medtronic profits handsomely from the protections provided by the US patent system. It also profits handsomely from taxpayer investment into its research and design operations. And, it then sells the fruit of its taxpayer-funded research and protected patents back to taxpayers for profit.

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All the while, Medtronic is actively engaged in a tax avoidance strategies that divert its resources from places like Minnesota and its Twin Cities.

Imagine how many resources veterans might receive if VA government contractors paid their fair share in taxes.

Should Medtronic provide the telehealth services and equipment to VA at a steep discount in light of their present tax avoidance plan?

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  1. So what is Shulkin saying about this? Or his right hand man, honorable sloan clown, saying for him since Shulkin doesn’t say anything at all. That’s his policy and rule in his head – say nothing – like Col. Klink. What is Trump doing to oversee this piece-of-work Shulkin? Do they all figure we will not notice every move the VA makes in it’s business practices? That we now trust the VA or something? That the VA is not being scrutinized now? That we forgot all about transparency all of a sudden?

  2. @cj , @Ex va , @Namnibor – I believe in prayer too. But as with man, I admit, I fall short of the mark many times. Especially when dealing with individuals passing off dirty science as being good. Happening all over in our country. Very misleading to the health and welfare of our society. Example: I should be able to use the bathroom of MY choice. No absolutes for micro frozen crystals. I’m trying to be sensitive here. Just saying.

  3. @Ex va: Hey Ex va, I think I am going to try and get some rest as well. Hope you can get a good nights sleep as well. Talk soon.

    Goodnight Bens world, and God Bless all of you.

  4. @ANutterVet, @Ex va: Check this shit out

    Gmail is having authentication problems. Some features may not work. Try logging in to fix the problem.

    I am logged in you screwball, how else would I get that damn message? I think google has a screw lose. To many boat rides on the good ship lollipop.

    1. @cj , @Ex va – Trump’s team is on Google for going against him with the court order. u neber no.

  5. At all, I was thinking about what you guys said the other night about installing an instant messenger, that it sounded complicated. I found two that look good, and are cross platform secure IM’s One is calles : wickr, and the other is called retroshare. I do not have any experience with either. But both look easy to setup.

    1. I have to keep in mind that you guys are running windows or mac, and that I am on Arch Linux, so always have to find stuff that works on all.

  6. @ANutterVet, @Ex va: Personally, I wish I could get off of all these damn meds. Maybe I would feel like a normal person again. I talked to my cardiologist about how shitty I feel all the time, and that I didn’t think that living like this was worth it. He said, well your on a lot of powerful meds, of course your going to feel like shit…………What to do? You keep taking them and feel like shit? ot stop and die?

    1. @ cj, you have to take heart medications. They do make you feel bad because they affect the heart, those are strong medications.

      1. @Ex va: I hear ya, and of course your right. i just wish I could have one night free from every thing. It would be so nice to have just one night to pain free. You know what I would do? I would go party and hurt myself LOL…….maybe i shouldn’t wish for stupid things, and be happy with the way it is. Pain aside, I have had a repetitively good life.

      2. @ cj, i do not feel productive at life and it gets me down. My pain gets me down too. The medications help a little sometimes. I hate taking medications too.

      3. @Ex va, and anyone else reading this. I do know how you feel when it comes to not being what we once were. It sux, it puts bad thoughts in your head that shouldn’t be there. Nobody should feel like they are not productive. Everyone needs a purpose in life, or your going to feel like life isn’t worth living. We all have a purpose in life. Right here on Bens blog, we talk each night and it helps to take our minds off of stuff. So really everyone here is invaluable. I know this sounds hypocritical coming form me, but it is true. …………….and there it is……….I lost my thoughts again.

      4. @cj – I found your thoughts, but they slipped away from me too. In reality, I hear what your saying. It sometimes hurts when you get the feeling that others don’t care. Or, they just don’t understand.

      5. @AnutterVet: Not that other people don’t understand or care. I meant people once productive that become disabled sometimes have a hard time feeling like they are worth something. I think what I was trying to say is that everyone has worth, or a purpose, even if they don’t realize it. I am sorry I get lost while trying to contribute, it happens if we were face to face too. I just go blank sometimes, and haven’t a clue what’s going on or what I was trying to say.

      6. @cj – you made perfect sense. I was only adding that it seems like sometimes others don’t understand.

      7. @ cj, @ ANutterVet, i know what you are both saying and i thank you for the conversation. It is hard to make the adjustment from being able to being disabled. It is hard to understand yourself let alone trying to explain your feelings about it. Yes, everyone has value. I attached value of myself with my abilities and now being disabled it has been a difficult adjustment for me and feel selfish and guilt about all of my inabilities. It is a maddening circle for me. It sucks and i am so unbalanced in all of it. I hate it.

      8. @Ex va – Your not alone in how you think. Some times its day by day, the next hour by hour, the next minute by minute, then when things get super tense, second by second. The last 3 test me all the time.

      9. @Ex va: You hit the nail on the head. Just know your not alone. Most everyone that has their life as they knew it torn away from them, either overnight or slowly. Has an extremely difficult time adjusting. Your not being selfish either, it just takes a long time to adjust. Eventually you get use to the everyday grind. Just like you would if you were starting a new Job. Know what I mean? Yes of course you feel unbalanced and hell yes it sux. You need to find your inner peace my friend. It took me many years to do that. Don’t be alarmed at what I am about to tell you. First, I would never ever use a firearm to take my life. Second, everyday when I wake up I am starring down the barrel of a 45acp. I look at that 45 and I say to myself, today will be better than yesterday. I do this every time I wake so that I make the most out of each day that I can. The people here on Bens Blog amaze me. This is about the only place I have ever been that I feel that all veterans here do care about each other, even if they get into a spat once in a while. Now……….if I was to take my own life, there is something I want you all to promise me. I need you to as quickly as possible go down to the county board and register me as a Democrat. I would much rather one of those snowflakes get buried than one of us. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      10. @cj , @Ex va – We won’t be able to bury you with our bad backs. We’re not able to dig. You’ll just have to be top fertilizer. In this way, we will see the beautiful flora that these snowflakes bring up. Full of thorns. I’ll say good night again. good night again.

    1. @ Jo3n, i am thankful to Benjamin too. I have learned a lot about problems i have had to deal with the va. This site has helped me a lot.

    1. @Ex va – May be I need to ask around and see who is writing scripts for the medication that gives me relief. This is exactly what they force people to do, find the loopholes in the system. My VA PCP told me that it is a dean issue asking for the medication.

      1. @ ANutterVet, if it was no longer being prescribed why is it in My EVet and directions to take this medication? They are liars.

      2. @Ex va – You found this on My Healthy Vet website? Carisoprodol [Soma] is on the formulary [list of in stock medications]. And that’s another thing, they messed up my account at My Healthy Vet, and complain about fixing the dam thing. I even called Washington, they can’t figure it our as well.

      3. I went of dept. of veterans affairs and the E vet and found it under medications, and there was instructions on how to take this medication.

      4. @Ex va – Can you post the link with “______” around it? I was informed that it isn’t a formulary med.

  7. @ANutterVet: I don’t know how that works. I don’t think they could write a script to the va. but if already having a script then yes they refill it.

  8. @Ex va: I tried prayer many times, the last time I got hit in the ass with a lightening bolt, and I heard this voice from the heavens say “If this is a physiological emergency please hang up and dial 1 800 who cares.” Then I heard another voice from the heavens that I could not understand, I believe it was an Indian, that said “what operating system are you using?” I got up off my knees and ran like hell, confused the shit out of me.

    1. @cj – Did you clean up your poo? You should’ve stayed on your knees a little longer. Waited for the right voice. It happens to me as well.

      cj, I get my scripts for free from the VA. My wife and I are just making ends meet. I’m thankful for the “love” program, but it sure comes with a lot of head trips and unnecessary frustration. I do count my blessings, but I also count the shafting as well.

  9. @ANutterVet: Have your personal pcp write you a script for your soma. But first, go to and put in soma and your zip. It will show you locally were to get it cheaper than the va. Then just have your personal pcp call it into that location for you.

  10. @ANutterVet: After my heart attack my cardiologist put me on all kinds of meds, and the va refilled them all, untill i found them cheaper outside of the va.

    1. @ cj, prayer helps me a lot and i see results with prayer and i believe in miracles seen a lot of them in my lifetime.

      1. @cj and Ex va — Agree completely about prayer. There was a good portion of my life that I did not choose to benefit from the strong Christian upbringing my family bestowed but those ethics and convictions always remained and came in very handy when my life and health hit the fan.
        However, I am not a fan of ‘dogma’ or pushing of denominations or ‘the church’ in particular, I just do what I know is right without all the judgment and drama.

        Yep, power of prayer got me through so much and continues to do so.

        Conversely, the VA “preys” upon Veterans pushing for accountability. I am thinking that Satan and the AFGE managed to strike a deal where all of Hell is now under the AFGE and paying dues via torture. 🙂

    1. A jealous W.C. Fields to taxi driver “Sayyy why don’t you go jump off the Boston bridggggeeee”

      1. @cj – Did he jump? Hey cj. my wife has been getting upset about my situation with the VA. Pisses me off even more.

      2. @ANutterVet, @Ex va: I think it is best if every calms down, the more upset you get the more tense you become, and the more tense you are the more pain you will be in. Have You or Ex va ever tried meditation?

      3. @cj – I’m still meditating on trying to figure out your jokes. Did he jump? LOL Yes, I do meditate, and probably need to try doing it some more. Now that it is effecting my wife, it all adds up. Since the VA deals with families, you’d think they would catch on to these things. No, let me state this, they already know how it affects-effects family members, including their pets. Don’t worry my Brother, I’m calmed down. ~!@#$%^&*()_+ LMDMFAO I’m sorry, I’m lying to ya! Where’s my lady Gargoiling Gaga?

      4. @cj – There’s a murderer on the loose. But, if they pick him up as a person of interest, he’ll say that he seen him slip.

      5. @Ex va – Did you read my babbling long post. I tried to share w/o getting too emotional, but its hard.

      6. @Ex va, @cj – Do you know if a Veteran was prescribed a medication in the private sector and it gives the Veteran relief, does the VA have an obligation to prescribe the same medication? Or, jerk your chain?

      7. @ ANutterVet, it wasn’t babbling, i know you are upset and in pain and you have the right to be with what you are going thru with these insensitive jerk offs. My brother in law had to fight with pharmacy because it is expensive heart medications, but they have to fill it because he is service connected.

      8. @ ANutterVet, you peace time Veteran? I am. My brother in law is Vietnam and neighbor is too. They both have heart meds filled and some pain meds. Another Vet i know is Desert Storm, he gets pain meds and other meds filled.

      9. @ ANutterVet, this issue of medications should not be an issue. They should do what you asked and you know what works for you and what does not. Not everyone can benefit from same medications and if you know what works then they should be good practioneers and treat your chronic pain with what works for you. Not giving you stronger opiates if you do not get beneficial treatment. Call director office tomorrow or a veterans advocate on station and tell them you are a disabled veteran in chronic pain and that they do not want to help you to address your pain adequately.

      10. @ANutterVet, @Ex va: The post’s are posting in all different places, it is hard for me to keep up with what is going where. I am still here, just going to sit back a minute and drink some coffee.

      11. @cj – Hey, if you put the @ sign in front of someone’s handle, doesn’t go directly into their inbox, instead of clicking on send-receive button?

      12. @Ex va – I hear you Brother. I’m trying to simmer down in order to map out a strategy to deal with them. My problem is that when I get the run around I get pissed off easily. I use to be a lot more level headed. But, lately, I’ve been calling it as I see it. And then, going for the carotid artery, forget the juggler vein [too slow]. LOL

        @cj – I have to put in time with building a site. Wife has been asking way too many questions. She is digging in hard. So, I need to spend time on building the site. But, check out the IM application, and keep me up-to-date. Finding time to learn another app? I’m not shoving you off, it just feels like I’m a little overwhelmed.

      13. @ ANutterVet, you will get this straightened out with the va. I have confidence in you. I think you will do great on the internet site too. If you need time to get these things done give yourself time. I will be having to cut back on the internet usage. Need to make some appointments and lab work done. Just give yourself time when you need it.

      14. @Ex va – I’m trying to find a balance in my life with everything going on. The biggest time consumer, well you know, the VA. I think that one day it is going to come to a head. At least that’s how things seem to work in my life. I usually see it coming, or I’ll agitate it until it comes to a head, then pop it.

      15. @cj – Well its not actually a button. The send-receive in Outlook’s email program. Sorry, did you get all tied up looking for a button? Its right in front of you. No . . . right there . . . move over more . . . oh my, its right there. LOL

      16. @ ANutterVet, here is where i found it “” it is on the dept. of veterans affairs website. Type in carisoprodol or the name of it i think i misspelled it but it took me to it on the search bar.

      17. @ANutterVet: Oh you funny…..That is probably it, I am using gmail and not my email client. I answer a post, then have to wait for an email, then it says reply. I click on reply and it just takes me to the blog where I have to scroll around and find the damn thing…………….see my frustration with this now? That is why I was suggesting an instant messenger, to stop all this clicking back and forth and scrolling around, and going from page to page…………complete madness I tell you LOL

      18. @cj – it does the same on my end. I get an email, click on the reply button [in the email message not in Outlook], then it goes to a “leave a reply on Ben’s blog, then I post a reply, enter handle & email address, click on the first box below the “post comment” button. Then in Outlook, I have to click on the send-receive box. See what I have to go through. its a lot of typing. no wonder you loose your train of thought. First your here, the dam over here, then oh shit its there, and before you know it, brain slippage. Dam clutch and pressure plate shot.

      19. I also use gmail. It opens a new tab when I click reply. To look back at what I’m replying to I have to click on my open inbox but when it posts it does so under the person’s post I’m replying to. The gmail “reply box” at the bottom of each of my emails doesn’t work for this site.

        I have to check the boxes for “notify me” every time to get email notifications of posts.

      20. @ ANutterVet, @ cj, this is the same problem i have been having too and my e-mail is slow too. Geesh!!!

      21. @cj @Ex va – The night Ben banned, got a ring to it, J from the blog, my email app acted up. Its getting close to 2 am. I’m starting to nod a bit. Need to get up early with wife. She was really upset earlier tonight, and went to bed early. Good conversations tonight. Thanks I needed it. Going to call it a night. Good night, Ex va and cj, and the rest of Ben’s world.

      22. @ANutterVet: Goodnight, and sleep as well as you can and hold onto that good wife of yours, she is a saint you know.

    1. @ ANutterVet, i know when Veterans come into the va system they take their medications lists or their bottles of prescriptions and they get refilled when they are service connected. This is what i don’t understand this is an issue at your clinic.

  11. @Jo3n – Thanks for your post Brother. I sure hope that your health improves as well. As an Investigative Research Biologist, I’m so disgusted with the uncompassionate, inconsiderate, and dirty science health care practices in which the VA forces upon us Veterans. A dedicated and patriotic segment of our society, that the VA is responsible in tending to the mental and physical health. My patience is at its wits end.

    If the Main Stream Media [MSM], which has a large portion of the news market share and influence, would consistently and properly report on the condition of the VA’s health care system, the pressure on those who are responsible for making changes in the system would not be escapable. Things would change at a faster rate. Losing one Veteran due to the failure of the VA not performing its responsibility is unacceptable. Especially, when it is the Veteran who is reaching out for help.

    I find it totally offensive that people with authority and influence, are more concerned about the rights of others that are not citizens of our Country. The in thing now, is to honor the people who are seeking the rights of freedom, instead of honoring Veterans that protected the freedoms that people seek. No offense to others, I totally understand their fight for plight, but this Country needs to put its Veterans first.

    It is as simple as this; the backbones of many of our politicians are totally misaligned, screwed up, and dysfunctional. Most Veterans are fed up with the status quo, and tired of getting burnt and ripped off. Just telling it like it really is, without sugar coating it. And, Veterans have had enough of talk, its time for action.

    1. You are 100 percent right. If they would do as you say things would change pretty quick.

      Yes, veterans should be in the fire front. Anyone know if this site is on Twitter. Facebook or you tube.

      How can we get this site to a bigger audience. I think if more people could join in the conversation. The more the media would take us seriously.

    2. @ ANutterVet, Veterans do not understand the pharmaceutical end of what they are being prescribed. When you feel better could you explain some of the problems they are causing us Veterans with what they are prescribing us? Or just tell your story about it and see if anyone else has had similiar experiences. I pray for your health and well being brother and thank you for your knowledge about the va problems they can cause us.

      1. @Ex va – I believe, in my whole heart and mind, that the VA purposely makes Veterans go around in circles. In this way, the Veteran gets frustrated and gives up on the issue and still uses other services, or the Veteran continues to make the same requests over and over so that hopefully some one hears his-her voice, or the Veteran gets pissed off and looses it over a situation that is totally asinine. Just saying.

        If I recall, I thought a Veteran shared with me that if you were prescribed a medication in the private sector, and the med gave your relief, that the VA was obligated to prescribe the same med to you. Do you know if this is true?

      2. You have to see the Director of the Assistant/associate Director to get a non VA formulary drug. Experience in the late 1980s. I don’t know if it still works.

      3. @ ANutterVet, my brother in law gets scripts from his heart doctor in private sector and va fills it. They have to, they do not want to. His heart medication keeps him alive.

  12. @nuttervet, Sorry to hear you going through pain, again. I only wish we Veterans weren’t put through the hell that the VA chooses to put us through. Too many of us needlessly are subjected to poor, or substandard care. I’ve come to believe, it’s our fate. Trump has the words, but that’s all he has. @Dennis, get the poop cannon ready. Would it be illegal to mail out some of them poop cannons? God knows Alabama will never run out of poop. I’m not sure I’ve said it before, but, Unless something happens really soon to make the Choice Card USABLE, for all who live in rural America, many Veterans will lose what was promised; by Trump.

    1. Join the band waggon and contact your senator and keep contacting them until they answer. Remind them of the Holman Rule, they are able to fire any federal employee.

      All veterans must act now. The Holman Rule will only be in effect for 1 year. Time passes by so fast. Lets not let this opportunity to pass or we will still be in the same situation and those bad employees will still be able to hurt even more.

      Please let you elected officials we need action and not just word’s !

  13. New Topic – @cj – Sorry Brother about last night. I was hit hard with lower back and neck pain, and severe muscle spasms. Plus, anxiety was extremely high, and at the opposite spectrum dealing with depression. Basically, bouncing back and forth. This has been an ongoing problem for a long time.

    There has been so much that the VA has put me through, all unnecessarily. And, I know that I’m not the only Veteran that the VA has medically or judicially mistreated. Below is a response that I received from Johnny Isakson, Chairman, Senate Committee on Veteran’s Affairs;

    ———- Letter from Johnny Isakson ———-

    Thank you for contacting me regarding your concerns about the Department of Veterans Affairs [VA]. I appreciate hearing from you and am grateful for the opportunity to respond.

    As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. I am pleased to see constituents, such as you, taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns about the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and its policies. I believe that it is the job of Congress, along with the Department of Veterans Affairs, to ensure that veterans and their families receive the benefits they so rightly deserve, as well as access to timely and high-quality health care. Your letter will be helpful to my colleagues and I as the Committee considers legislation dealing with the issues facing our nation’s veterans. As we continue our work to improve the VA, I will be sure to keep your concerns in mind.

    Thank you again for contacting me, and I hope you will not hesitate to call on me in the future if I can be of assistance to you. Should you have any additional questions or comments, please let me know or visit our website at “”

    Sincerely, Johnny Isakson – Chairman

    ———- End of Letter from Johnny Isakson ———-

    Everyone – please feel free to express your feelings pertaining to the letter from Johnny Isakson.

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to post later on tonight. God bless all of you, and try your best not to give into these misfit medical providers and claims examiners that work for the best interests of the VA. Thank you.

    1. @ ANutterVet, if you need to get some medication for pain go to the ER or to a doctor that will help you. Sorry to hear your pain issues are flaring up. What kind of letter did you sent Senator Isakson? Did he address any issues that you wrote to him? Is this just a standard letter. Let me know. Thanks for writing this letter.

      1. @Ex va – Brother, if you’re talking about the VA ER, I’ve been informed that they don’t give out pain meds. They want you to see your PCP. But, that’s no use. I seen my PCP last week, and explained that since I started receiving medical care from the VA, and no one will prescribe me the muscle relaxer that gives me the best relief for the additional pain, severe muscle spasms, extreme anxiety, and to stop throbbing migraines from coming on.

        The med is called Carisoprodol [Soma], and it is non-formulary, controversial, and the DEA has it tagged as being addictive. My research reveals that it depends on the individual if its addictive. I was on Soma for years without any contraindications and no side effects. And, since I was prescribed Soma for a long time, when the VA wouldn’t prescribe it to me, I had no withdrawals when I ran out of it.

        I have put in several requests for Soma, and its the same ole deny, 6 or 7 times. I lost track. This is another tactic that the VA uses, by adding more stress to your ailing health. I had one PCP, that was licensed in the state where my VA facility is located, and he since Soma is a non-formulary medication, he realized that after I participated in a trial and error to test other muscle relaxers, this PCP cut me a script from his own pad. Therefore, bypassing the VA Pharmacy Policy. That PCP was transferred almost 2 yrs ago.

        I’ve heard of other VA Pharmacies having Soma on their formulary list. And, in my mind [but shootz, what do I know], that if a medication gave relief to your symptoms, that the VA would continue to prescribe it to you. Makes sense to me. What do you think?

        Additionally, and this really pissed me off because I was totally misled. After my K9 Service Dog passed away, my wife and I held off from getting another puppy for me to train, because the VA would not prescribe the Soma. We waited over 6 months.

        Then I was informed ahead of time that the VA approved the Soma. My PCP’s Nurse called me to let me know when the Soma would be ready for pick up at the Pharmacy. We were all excited about the approval. The script was only for a 21 day supply.

        Everyone believed that I would continue to be able to obtain refills. So my wife and I started to look for another puppy. After frantically visiting many shelter websites, we finally found a puppy. The shelter waived all costs. We adopted on July 15 and I was able to pick up the Soma on July 17. The VA never gave me any refills, and I couldn’t finish completely training our new puppy.

        I will NEVER forgive the VA for this. As you or anyone else knows, it takes a lot of effort to train a K9 depending on the puppy’s disposition, complexity of the commands, and my health issues. The VA could care less.

        You know Ex va, I explained this to my current PCP, and I physically started banging on my head with both fists. I was hitting myself out of pure frustration. This is strange; my PCP never stopped me from hitting myself nor recognized that I was extremely upset. Dam, a kid could pick this up.

        I didn’t mean for this to be a long post. The letter was that I sent to Isakson was a general letter to request changes to the VA system. I accidently deleted it along with other emails. I get tired Brother. Excuse any mistakes.

      2. @ ANutterVet, i would not recommend anyone to use va medical services. I was hoping maybe you could go back to your pcp that helped manage your pain. Maybe pay out of pocket. Just don’t like the idea of you suffering in chronic pain. I am in the same boat. Some meds work for me some do not i do not feel like going thru another med change. My pain has been getting bad with this weather. I hate this situation you are in with the va. It is cruel for them not to address your chronic pain issues.

      3. @Ex va – Private sector PCP doesn’t prescribe those types of meds anymore. Dam DEA coming down hard on PCP’s due to opiate pandemic. It depends on how much the PCP pushes back on the DEA. It depends on the PCP’s script track record. I actually turned down extra pain meds from this same PCP. My objective is to not take more opiates than necessary. The VA jerks you around even when you tell them the truth right to their face. Never been through so much BS.

      4. Call the VA first if you don’t have insurance. An ER visit will be paid by the VA for SC conditions provided you call first to let the VA know you are going. Otherwise you have to go through the appeals division unless it is a heart attack or a stroke. I made the mistake of going to a clinic for a yeast infection (over 50% so all visits are covered for me) instead of the ER. So do choose the ER as instructed when you call a VA number. And then tell the physician you are at the end of your rope with you pain, if there is no relief then there is only one way out.

      5. @Lem , @cj , @Ex va – Not service connected with my chronic pain. So according to your information, the VA will not cover an ER visit to a private sector hospital. Thanks for the information tallied from your own experiences.

        But, I’m totally in utter shock pertaining to you making this statement, —> “if there is no relief then there is only one way out.” <—– referring to; "only one way out." I'm still shaking my head in disbelief.

        Shit man, your smarter than this. @cj gave you a complement in a previous post about, and I'm paraphrasing, "you should be a professor." I'm giving you a pass due to; making my response early in the morning, and your a Brother Veteran. Also realizing, that my pass may have no meaning to you, but I hope this isn't so.

        Lem, there are many comments posted that contain helpful information, others are a little smug in tone, while some can be labeled as irresponsible and insensitive. Like you, I've been around the block especially in the academia realm, and realize that book smarts and or a mentors belief, can sometimes influence a person's non-therapeutic suggestion for the living to end their pain.

        For the safety of Veteran's lives when making future posts, from one colleague to another, it is advised that you think about your suggestions before posting. I'm sure that there are other Veterans that may be on the fence when reading our posts. I wouldn't want my response to influence some ones actions for permanent relief by taking their own life. Even though a Veteran may have previously or are currently entertaining that type of thought.

        My response was rewritten several times, giving you the benefit of the doubt. It’s the best that I could muster. And, not being a smart ass or to jerk you around, I wrote my post in short paragraphs in order to reduce the possibility of any error or misunderstanding.

        Written correspondence has a tendency to be taken out of proportion or context, compared to conversations over the phone, where by phone misinterpretations can be cleared up more quickly and easily. My reply in no way shape or form is meant to be offensive or degrading. I’m taking a mental break. Will respond to other posts that relate in a bit. Peace.

      6. If you are a veteran registered with the VA and pay copays for prescriptions then you will pay a copay for an ER visit I believe. You should have been denied eligibility for Obama Care (ACA) because of being eligible for VA care or having other insurance such as Medicare. Otherwise, Medicaid is an option if qualified. It is SOL(not statute of limitations but shit out of luck) if you fall in the cracks. Not VA eligible, too much income or assets for Medicaid and not eligible for Medicare and didn’t sign up for the ACA because of cost as applied to you (in that area that it took over 50% of your income).

      7. @Lem – I have VA care under a charity program, while my wife is stuck due to the cracks in the system, which many politicians don’t like to focus on. We get penalized by Government taking out the fine, then have to wait for them to turn around to give our monies back. Stupidity in motion.

      8. @Lem – No. I’m back on the contaminated E. Coast. Close to the Delaware River, near Philly. Where you can find the best cheesesteaks, pizzas, sub sandwiches, and the mofia to collect any money that may be owed to you. For a fee of course, and a life long contract. Still running strong.

      9. But the Mofia is insufficient in getting our debt collected from the Fed. Or maybe they are the Fed and are hording the pot. No stew for us tonight.

      10. @Lem – When going to college, Hawaii had a very good state medical program, and dental clinics. Believe me, came in handy, and extremely easy on the pocket. I don’t know what is happening there now. Taking a mental break. Meds make my reaction time slower. Need to regroup. You can still send posts, I’ll answer in a bit.

      11. @Lem – I forgot to mention to you that yeast infections can wreak havoc on your digestive system, and your immune system. Its an organism that can cause a lot discomfort on many fronts in and out of your system [can effect your poo too]. I got the Hawaii Blues again. We got this feeling many times. Love the people, love the food. In many ways, its a lot different compared to living stateside. I’m sure that you experienced this in Japan as well. Our landlord was Japanese. Good people. She kept our rent at $350/month, and never increased it for the 10 years that we lived there.

      12. @ANutterVet, @Lem: Hey can you guys tell me a little more about this “yeast infection” what are they symtoms, does it cause unexplainable hives? What about intestinal? Can it make it feel like your intestines are throbbing? Would this be something a doctor would recognize right away? like a Dermitologist?

        Oh, sorry…….Good afternoon.

      13. @cj – Hey Brother, are you referring to the Jungle Rot or male candida yeast infection?

      14. @ANutterVet: Not the jungle rot, the only jungle I’ve been in was all an illusion created by .gov

        Only asking because some things, with me, they have no answers for. Neither va, or private pcp.

        Just wandering the jungle with my very own elephant gun. Looking for rats. Nice thing about overkill is you don’t have to go back. Why keep swatting at the same fly when you have napalm on hand?

      15. @cj – If you have any further questions shot me line [question that is]. Do the yeast tests that I sent to you. Also, if you have jock itch, you definitely have a yeast infection. And, some times, if you notice a slimy plaque in your mouth [especially on the roof of your upper palate], this could be a good indicator of the bugger.

      16. @cj – Lem can most likely help you out with Jungle Rot. I’ve heard of it, seen it, but thankfully never experienced it.

        If your talking about male Candida albicans [yeast infection], many individuals will seek the attention of an Infectious Disease Physician. These physicians with this type of specialty, would not only be able to diagnose, but would have a definitive plan in eliminating the yeast, and will be able to direct you with a diet that is beneficial in keeping C. albicans in check.

        Your body already has C. albicans in its normal flora [microorganisms] in your digestive tract. Its only when its growth is out of balance from the norm. Here are some links that will help with symptoms, treatments, tests, and chemical by products produced by candida [information can be applied to both men and women];







        Most physicians will give you a script of nystatin or a type of fungicide. If you have a severe case of Candida albicans infection [systemic], please seek a physician that completely understands and has SUCCESSFULLY treated many cases. It can take many months to get your immune health back to normal. Gut health is really important for our immunity.

        As we age, have degenerated health issues, under a lot of stress, or have been on long term use of medication, you may want to consider increasing your intake of fermented foods [Lem should agree here due to his experience from living in Japan], and to reduce the amount of your consumption of simple sugars [white sugar, breads, candy, processed foods].

        @cj , try doing the spit test in H2O. This is how to do it; put about 4 oz. preferably distilled H2O in a clear glass cup. Cover the cup until it reaches room temperature [about 1/2 hr.]. Gather saliva, and put your sputum [spit] in the glass of water. Let it set for up to 4-6 hrs. Some tests say shorter periods of time, but it’ll not bother the test if it sits for a longer period of time.

        What you want to look for is stringy material sagging down from the top H2O line leading down to the bottom. Also, their may be some precipitates [solid material] at the bottom of the glass. This test is not definitive, but if you notice a lot of strings and material on the bottom, I’d be concerned. The strings and particles are yeast that have divided and flourished. Candida albicans is a single celled type of fungal organism, that grows like string like micro pebbles. This organism can easily grow in your system.

        For additional Googling search for; “candida infection symptoms,” “systemic yeast infection symptoms.” @cj , I hope the above information helps. If you think that you may be infected, please read up to keep yourself informed.

        We are expecting a major snow storm early am tomorrow. When I was younger, I use to love the snow, and would usually visit Nashua, New Hampshire to go snow mobiling [spelling?]. The dampness makes my muscle spasms go Stir Crazy.

        This above statements isn’t for any type of medical advice, its for informational purposes only.

      17. @Lem – Brother you’re not bothering me. I’ve just been trying to catch up with my cousin. She has shingles and her husband had surgery to remove a benign tumor that was pressing on his optic nerve. Got removed about 85% of the tumor. Still has blurred vision in one eye. My cousins husband was a close friend to my father, fishing buddies. Plus, wife has been asking me to spend more time on some other projects. You know how that goes. And, we’re expecting a major snow storm early morning. A lot of things to do. Time management.

        I didn’t know you had yeast problems that are so pronounced. PCP may need a stool sample as well. Be prepared. Try to stay away from processed and sugary foods. You’ll be surprised at the aldehydes that are by-products of some types of yeast. Wife will be coming home from class. I’ll try to get back on later tonight.

      18. I’m only cursorily aware of the condition, but it may apply to me. I have seborrhea which is a yeast infection of the skin especially the scalp. Also have had a yeast infection of the penis. I think my PCP just ordered a bunch of tests on that hunch but not sure because of bowel irregularity and sudden onsets of urgent evacuations (need to shit without time to get to the shitter) Look up Candida symptoms.

        Nutter apparently has long standing candida.

      19. @Lem – Haole when first landing. Kaimaaina after one year of being in there [finally accepted]. First time I ever experienced discrimination. Not to kool at all.

      20. @Lem – When dealing with candida in men, many physicians are undertrained in recognizing this in the opposite gender. Many men overlook this as well.

      21. Internal infection? Were you on a long treatment with antibiotics while in the service? Ie, jungle rot that was antibiotic resistant? The problem there is the “with in 1 year” symptom presentation. I think there will be a review of that limitation for diseases such as candida because of the delay in onset of symptoms as there is with residuals of agent orange exposure.

      22. @Lem – No. I don’t have Jungle Rot, but have observed it in other Veterans that were exposed. The infection has been ongoing for years. A very stubborn single cell organism. The cell wall contains an organic compound called, chiton. Chiton is the same compound that contributes to the hardness of the shells of crabs, lobsters, and insects.

        I’ve have consistently experienced Candida albicans [yeast] over the past 3-4 years [jock itch and systemic infection from being sedentary]. Like Jungle Rot, taking many rounds of meds can cause the strain to become resistant. Also, when trying to keep in check an overload of yeast, it is extremely important to watch out for die off chemicals that can build up within your system. Many physicians misdiagnose men having a yeast infection, due to mostly being recognized as a female problem.

        A short, good, and informative read for men; “”

        ————– Off Topic That Brings Back Aloha Memories —————

        Back in the late ’80’s, I had the fortunate opportunity to start the early research on a rare crustacean [shellfish] called, Halocaridina rubra; the Hawaiian red shrimp or volcano shrimp, a small red shrimp of the family Atyidae, with the common Hawaiian name ʻōpaeʻula [o-pie-ew-la].

        My research of this euryhaline shrimp [eu·ry·ha·line – an aquatic organism able to tolerate a wide range of salinity], was to try to obtain a cross section image of their eyes using preserved tissue samples, cut by a microtome [diamond knife], and viewed under a high powered electron microscope [250,000 x’s magnification].

        The shrimp is endemic [native] to Hawaii, and is found on the coastlines of the islands in anchialine [AN-key-ah-lin” meaning “near the sea”] pools or ponds that is landlocked by a body of water with a subterranean connection to the ocean. I had to obtain a permit to collect the shrimp, and pass a State of Hawaii security clearance. Back in the early 2000’s, the Hawaiian red shrimp use to be sold as Micro-Lobsters (c) in open, semi, and closed celled containers.

        Chiton brought back many good memories of my earlier research days on the islands of Hawaii. Many people don’t realize how long it can take to eliminate a yeast infection.

      23. So your condition is actually a progression from candida? The reason I had ask about antibiotic resistant infections is because the yeast infection is assisted in establishing internally by long term antibiotic therapy. I’m not familiar with your particular condition but assume as described that it is very painful. Could have been contracted as a part of your work as a marine biologist? Are you familiar with the work of my friend Austin Bowden who is now in Fiji?

      24. @Lem – Yeah, yeast infections can be painful. I remember one time, I was moving around, then noticed a wet feeling. Come to find out it was blood. I broke an artery or vein in my scrotum. Yuck. No I don’t know Austin Bowden. I may though, have run across an article of his but don’t remember the name. Happens a lot when I scan many articles in different fields of study. And, unfortunately, because of my medical condition, it has effected my concentration to the point of frustration.

      25. I’m in that boat. Lack of concentration frequently. Big enervation today. Got up on time and then crashed like a pot head but without the trip.

      26. @ANutterVet, @Lem: I need to step away from the computer for an undetermined amount of time. Please leave your answers to my questions in that last post. I will read it and respond when I return. Thank you.

      27. @ANutterVet: I wll be back later, I double morphed, and need to put some heat on, too much pain to concentrate. Sorry.

      28. @cj – Get better Brother. Take er easy. Will try to get together later tonight. Been acting up on my end as well.

  14. Change needed in the VA or in the rest of our sadly corrupted institutions will not happen by legislative effort or by the pen of executive order. It’s too late. Washington is owned by others. George Carlin’s quote – “it’s club, and you ain’t in it” is more true now than ever. There are no signs of change. Those that know and control the system are hardly the “sharing” types. There exists only legally engineered deals for those who can afford to lobby. The VFW and American Legion have been relegated to rubber chicken campaign stops, a little pomp, a half mast flag, a tear or two, followed by an un-gloved finger.

  15. @Cj , I’m on Social Security, and 30% . I’m 67, and aging fast. Thank you for your concern and info. After my last post, I arranged an appointment with a cardiologist and an orthopedic surgeon. From what POTUS said, I thought the choice would work. Personally, I doubt POTUS can get the job done. One could only hope. @Cj, I been reading all your posts, and I can tell you’re a good man. Don’t give up on this site, you’ve become a valuable asset. God Save the Veterans.

  16. @Seymour, Just a question… I have been to local clinic twice. I go to local clinic because I can’t get to VA. Both trips to the VA clinic, they can’t deal with my medical problems, so they send me to Birmingham VA. Like I have told them, I can’t get to Birmingham VA. The Korean Dr. laughed and said, “its no far”. I still can’t get there. This war with VA has gone on long enough. @Seymour, do I have an option? @Ben, As much as I need to keep reading your blog, perhaps every 45-50 days, you can put anything about something that is GOOD FOR US VETERANS? Guess that may be tough to find. Because the VA has made it impossible for me to get the medical treatment I need, I now must go private. Believe me, I can’t afford it, just not ready to die.

    1. Apply for Choice even if it is within 30 miles or ask the VA travel agent to provide transportation of the kind you need. If, for example, you are in a wheel chair they have to send a van to pick you up.

      If you don’t drive you don’t have to walk or wheel yourself. Submit an online appeal if necessary or ask the VA to send you an appeal form.

      A quicker way is to look up the newspaper that serves Birmingham and go to their site to submit a letter to the editor explaining specifically your predicament. It’ll get an appropriate van stationed at the Clinic with a volunteer driver.

    2. @Jo3n: Are there any VFW’s close by? Check and see if DAV will do a pick up at that location. If you have any disabilities, go to ssdi online and apply. You will print out a signature form releas of information, and take that to your local ss office. They will review your va records, and send you a questionare. What they are looking for in the questionair is if you have the ability to work, so answer the questions accordingly, to show that you cannot work. If they determine you to be disabled, they will take the average of the last 5 years you were employed and base your monthly payment off of that. I they determine you have been disabled for the past 3 years you will receive a check for those 3 years, and you will also automaticaly receive medicare coverage. With that you can now go to any doctor or hospital you wish. Hope this helps.

      1. This advice for ssdi is for everyone that is disabled. If you are receiving a disability check from the va, and you are determined to be disabled by ssdi, you will also be getting a disability check from them as well. It adds to, it does not take away from what you already have.

      2. If a person does not have enough “vested points” in the SSA system from last 10 years of work, instead of SSDI you receive SSI, which will be State Medicaid, which is actually more thorough in coverage and none or little cost to you, it’s better than Medicare.
        At one point I was dual Medicare/Medicaid qualified while I was in the black hole of awaiting both at same time my SSDI and VA Svc. Connected Disability award…now I am on Medicare. I will not use the VA until it’s safe. They tried to kill me with incompetence twice, will not get me a third time.

        Also, my SSDI fight was MUCH harder than the VA. It’s absolute with SSA, you are either 100% or not disabled. No gray area and just as lazy incompetent outsourced Disability Determination Services/Claim Evaluators…just be prepared for a fight and to do as I did, and get a Congress Critter after them.
        I won.

      3. @namnibor: They took one look at my mri of the back provided by the va. Basically rubber stamped it on through, No questions asked. No lawyer would touch my sisters case, and she is legally blind. I had her do it herself, she had to go through the apeal proccess, and eventually in front of a judge who determined in her behalf. Only use a lawyer as a last resort. As a rule though, if you are disabled you will get a positive ruling eventually. If your just trying to scam the system, then not so likely, and your breaking the law. Your right and you say it better than I can, any extra avenues of help should be persued, any medical help outside of the va will be in your best interest.

      4. @ namnibor, i had to go thru a lot of the same you experienced if you don’t have anything paid in its hard to draw ssdi.

      5. @ANutterVet, @Ex va, @Jo3n: Good evening everyone. I read all the post;s before signing in. Jo3n Thank you for the kind words, I am sorry your having so much trouble, I wish I could offer real help instead of just words. I hate hearing how all the veterans here are being treated, or are in need of treatment, but don’t have a way to get that treatment. @ANutterVet: Your having a terrible night, I hate seeing you in this condition. Hey, I passed out as well last night……lol it;s what we do……

        I called the regional va to check on my appeal, they said I should have a decision about June or July. It must be the weather brother, my entire body, inside and out is out of control, it feels like an ice pick is sticking out of every single joint, and even my insides are throbbing, also hard to breath. But not complaining here, this is normal for me, I deal with it well. So I heard a new jingle today……….Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go, with hand grenades and razor blades, hi ho, hi ho. Now if I could only sing that in the key of C, maybe I’d have a best seller, and use the proceeds to help all my fellow veterans??? I hear ya whispering, ok, ok I won’t quit my day job.

      6. @cj – Wife rubbed my back and neck, and I crashed out. Tonight, I took GABA, 5 HTP, Magnesium, D3, E, Omega 3’s, some other herbs, hoping to get a bit relaxed. Last night and today has been a challenge. From what you explained, seems like you’re taking a beating. Glad to hear that your claim is on some sort of a detectable tract. From your pitch, you can’t sing in the first place. After hearing your voice, that I’d be honest and inform you that you can’t sing.

        Hey, Maxine Waters and Pelosi are stated that Putin is encroaching in on Korea. Fake News. Heard it on RT. Please, don’t anyone turn me in. I’m still a patriot. New England!

      7. When I called the SS about my SSDI claim and the caller was negative, I told her that I had only one way out, a finale exit. She called 911 and the LA police found me with a empty half pint and a plastic bag over my head. SSDI came very quickly after that.

  17. This is one of the reasons why Trump and Congress need to get serious about tax REFORM, not just tax RELIEF.
    Cutting taxes will get the economy going, but not as good as if companies stopped shielding profits overseas. They are doing it for two reasons. 1. The law allows it. 2. The current corporate tax rate in the US is the highest of any deveoped nation in the world.

    Its a friggin disgrace that large companies can shield billions while so many in America get raped by our government from taxes to fees to any other cost of just surviving.

    Will anything change? Not as long as any congressman or senator can make millions in office by continuing the status quo with tax law, and ignore the citizens who elected them.

    I think it’s time to start looking at every member of congress, starting with the House and Senate VA committees, compare what their financial disclosures and donations are from OpenSecrets dot org, and try find why these bastards are more concerned about contractors in their district than veterans being killed by VA malpractice.

    1. Sorry 91 – I think there’s a reason Trumputin doesn’t release his taxes. It’s no secret he has a short battalion of lawyers minding his bidnez. I’d bet dollars to donuts that half are tax attorneys. And for Ben’s sake, I won’t go any further into a lawyer rant.

  18. Off Topic:

    Does any Vietnam Vet who served in I Corps instead of the southern Vietnam areas want to make a trip for healing back to Vietnam?

    “” There was a trip for those who served in the Saigon area and south.

    “A Vietnam prisoner of war remarked “You have got to learn to have a good heart.” Hearts can be under attack, physically or emotionally during war but heart healing along with the soul requires a village of peaceful, loving individuals.”

    I’d spend another tanuki skin I haven’t caught to visit Danang, Dong Ha, and Cua Viet.

  19. Ben: Firefox advises to contact the web administrator for the site & ask them to secure their connection.

    https:// before the url is missing from all my favorite sites including this one. I’m getting an Insecure password & login is insecure warning from Firefox. I’ve ran a full scan on my PC & that is all fine.

    Have you noticed https:// missing.

    1. @NiteWish: Firefox has an addon called: smart HTTPS, and I believe another called: HTTPS everywhere. Also: Setup vpn lifetime free. Is a good security addition. Hope this helps.

  20. They will have an operation in the U S. A U S charter left behind to get around that. They’ll move profits to Ireland by charging “management fees” to the U S Company. That is the change that is needed.

    No charges form overseas companies, including telemarketing or answering, deducted from U S corporate profits that don’t involve physical shipped in parts. Get those jobs back in the U S. Let Metronics stay in Ireland for its overseas business. Similar to Toyota stay in Japan. But no management fees or virtual service fees added to deductions from Toyota USA profits.

    The accountant in me coming out to speak.

  21. NEWS
    AP News, 8:02 PST
    The Daily Denniswiki
    Oregon API

    The mega-American telehealth king, Medtronics (symb: MEX NYSE) has partnered with American legend McDonalds (symb: BM NYSE) to deliver a state of the art healthcare solution for the American Veterans Administration (symb: DEAD NYSE).

    The joint venture will be called McVA and will operate in all 50 states except Oregon where they confuse the words “joint venture” with a trip outside to puff medicine. In Oregon it will just be called “bullshit” as a word universally accepted as practical by Oregononians. Irregardless of point of access McVA promises the exact same level of care available to even the walk-in customers. Walk in customers will enjoy clean bathrooms, a mopped floor, and a customer guarantee that each and every veteran will be out the door in under 90 seconds.

    In a move to dispel fears of corporate intrusion, McVA will not be sporting the familiar golden arches (except Oregon), but will instead sport the Pearly Gate icon above their facilities. This will increase the familiarity of the setting as a traditional VA healthcare organization, a move predicted to increase favorable veteran outcomes (RAND 2017). Additionally the new company facilities will begin utilizing revolving door technology, a cutting edge solution in partnership with IBM (symb: IBM NYSE).

    In less than 29 years the McVA CEO, Mrs. David Shulkin said, “Before you know it you will hear a happy McVA voice asking you ‘Welcome to McVA, may I take your bloodpressure?'”

  22. Ben, I was wondering if you are going to give us your opinion on the New VA secretary. You stated you would need time to gather enough information. I am sure you have many incites into what this new White House and VA secretary have in mind for the veterans. Thank You.

  23. @Larry G. Smith,
    Correct! There’s much that one can learn from history. *IF* only one takes the time.
    It’s been said, many times, Americans forget what took place after a short time span! Their brains have been “conditioned” to forget.
    This is why we need to let VA employees in on this “One Day Strike”!
    *IF* they were to STRIKE, then half or more of our battle would be won!

    The wife came up with a great Idea. Let those VA pukes know your not happy with the way President Trump is doing things. Then tell them about the STRIKE. Never know, many might take part in it!!!!!!

    1. I highly encourage all VA AFGE employees to jump on a union strike. There’s so many butthurt snowflakes refusing to do this or that now because they do not like Pres. Trump…even some New England team players are saying they will not attend the traditional White House ceremony of winning super bowl champions…so there’s enough whacko liberals with chronic cases of Trumphobia (radical judges, et al) that I could see AFGE President David “little” Cox getting his panties in a knot when and *if* Pres. Trump suggests we are going to renegotiate ALL terms of Federal Contracts, and the AFGE is at the beginning of alphabet…YOU’RE FIRED!!!

      Just like these mayors of more cities now declaring themselves sanctuary cities….in spite of the LAW…the snowflakes are indeed still very active, do not let diminished numbers fool you.

      I would take a bathtub filled with only popped popcorn and sit in it and graze on popcorn while watching them scramble in a modern day reenactment of Pres. Reagan and the Air Traffic Controller’s Union Strike….bring it on! P-L-E-A-S-E 🙂

      1. 1,000 Federal Employee’s spend 100% of Official Time doing Labor Union Business and Cost the Tax payer $157,196,468. VA has 188 Employee on 100% doing full time Union Business and of those, 85 are Nurses.

  24. It seems that the snow flakes in government have forgotten about the air traffic controllers under Ragen

  25. Do y’all remember a few weeks ago I said “let’s start a rumor about a strike!”
    Well, it looks like I might have been more on the money.
    After the “Women’s March in Washington DC”, the Soros backed groups are at it again.
    This time they’re calling for a “ONE DAY WORK STRIKE”! On a “…day yet to be determined”!
    Check out this video from;
    “End Times Prophecy News”
    dated; 6 Feb. 2017

    “California May Have Just Sealed Its Fate Look What Trump Said”

    It’s the first story in this video.
    Now, in my opinion, we need to start letting VA employees know about this. Why? Because *IF* these snowflakes strike, it’ll mean the AFGE days will be numbered.
    Remember what happened to the Air Traffic Controllers Union. It was because of their strike they lost control.

  26. Yes, President Trump is going to be taxing companies who have/will move out of country. How he will do this against this company is yet to be seen.

    Secondly, As has been said, put tape over camera lens AND mute volume on your computer. FBI Director Comey has stated he does this himself. He said this when he was in front of the committee late last year.

    A few days ago, (true story-check it out), up in Connecticut, snowflakes “…blocked an ambulance carrying a critically ill patient!” The “emt’s” had “…to perform a life saving procedure on the patient!” Because the snowflakes wouldn’t allow it to pass! Even when confronted by law enforcement!
    I think two or three snowflakes were arrested. One was the “leader of the group” of approximately 200 idiots!

    There’s also reports coming out claiming snowflakes, along with other George Soros backed groups, attacking Trump Supporters. Be very careful and aware of your surroundings when out and about, brothers and sisters!!!!!

    Up in Oregon, late January 2017, around the 27th, protesters blocked traffic downtown Portland.
    They were kicking, standing on vehicles and a bus. Carrying people home from work. It didn’t last too long. “SWAT” was called out and slammed some of the snowflakes to the ground. All the while, people cheered and clapped FOR the police! Great videos on YouTube! See if y’all can find them. There’s two videos.

    It feels like war. Yet, it isn’t – YET! That’s what the snowflakes are wanting. Especially those who are backed by Soros. We can’t let that happen.
    If you notice, the protesters groups are becoming smaller and smaller. I believe it’s due to people are finally waking up to reality. Most people are finally understanding President Trump *IS* doing a great job of trying to “Make America Safe Again!”
    His 90 to 120 day ‘ban’, which it really isn’t, to begin a better vetting system. Is not violating any laws. Once this is taken care of, we will see more executive orders come into play!
    Be patient brothers and sisters, everything is falling into place!

  27. Bastards are still rioting, I have never seen anything like it……..ever. In the old days, they would issue a shoot to kill order. Now days? We musn’t hurt anyone feelings………….goddamn snowflakes.

    1. It is perfectly fine for rioters to hurt innocent people, destroy property, do whatever they please. Can we do whatever we please? like go shove some snowflakes up other snowflakes asses? We could use that telemed Proctologist, for guidance so we don’t hurt the little precious, frail, snowflakes.

      1. We need a new name for them, that adequetly describes them…………oh wait..hold on……there it is………….CRIMINALS, and DOMESTIC ENEMIES……

    2. The snowflakes will inevitably push the perimeters to point of requiring justifiably launching the Nat’l Guard.

      If you saw the cool American Flag done with lights from all those drones high-up above the stadium at super bowl halftime last night, you would think that “Anti Snowflake Slacker Drones” (ASSd) could be developed where pepper spray and job applications could disperse the diaper deluge upon America.

      1. I missed that, it must have been quite the sight to see. Another good idea you have there, make them get a job…… least the ones that arent facing deportation. I don’t get people standing by these criminals. Don’t they understand that these people take good paying jobs for way less money, driving the standard of living down? I wonder if they understand why it is that their own kids can’t get good jobs. I wonder if they will ever put two and two together……………naw………….thats asking way too much.

      2. You know cj, since many of these rioting snot bags are likely living in mommy’s basement, they could easily stop this by holding mommy responsible. Like it used to be.

        If mommy or daddy can’t keep track of what their evil spawn are doing, perhaps paying for the damages would get their attention.

    3. “Shoot to kill” is outdated. “Turn on the poop cannon” is how we say it down on the farm. Less bodies and a whole lot more fun to watch. Simple folk are civilized.

      1. @Dennis: I will defer the shoot to kill, and give the new civilized method a chance. Your right, it sure sounds like it would be a heck of a lot more enjoyable.

      2. I would only imagine that the more advanced iPoopCanons have settings where you can adjust the viscosity and velocity of the iPoopcanons. *Puree* or *Chunky* with an app from far away. A remote control of sorts.

      3. Problem is, would anyone notice the difference if it were used in some of these cities like San Francisco?

  28. If any Veteran uses VA Telemedicine from any home computer, it *may* be prudent to place a small piece of black duct tape on your webcam lens between uses…just to be safe. Never know when those hacks might try to play McGyver and spy on Veteran’s daily activity then turn around and use it against the Veteran to reduce benefits later…nothing would surprise me at this point of futility.

    I am thinking this Telemedicine Contract was in the pipes before Pres. Trump took Office but it surely is something that could be flushed from the pipes as part of the…draining of the swamp.

    1. I think your right, President Trump sure didn’t like companies moving out of the US. I hope he taxes the living shit out of them, and drive them into ch 7. Never trust your webcam, way to easy to hack. Many very detailed instructions across the web. You are doing it right, cover it up.

      1. I know we talk about veterans issues here mostly, but I tell you what. It sure feels like an all out assult on the USA is occuring. With every post Ben makes, the information Crazy elf and seamore post. I mean I feel like we are at war, right here.

    2. I recall reading medical research proposals almost 10 years ago extolling the greatness of telemedicine and telephone therapy.

      The bottom line ALWAYS came down to the money they would supposedly save.

      No veteran matters. This will be reality whether we like it or not.

      My question is, how the hell do you closely monitor or monitor at all for heart failure? A monitor hooked up to a phone line? What would be the response time? I mean, if the alarm could be heard over the snoring of the union thug monitoring the other end?

      Now, with the push to implement this by claiming such a cost savings while ignoring the money paid to a contractor, you can bet your left nut it won’t be too many years before you have one person monitoring a whole bank of computer monitors.

      A few flatlines found in the morning is just the cost of keeping a contractor happy.

  29. I was just looking up average times spent in a doctor/patient visit. 15. somthing minutes. Then think about all the trouble given to veterans just to have that 15 minutes, and the damage done in those 15 minutes. In the meantime, sending 150 billion to Iran? wtf? You know it was the Iran hostage incident that made me join the military to begin with.

  30. Oh hell no, I didn’t even think about all that…………your right, once you invite a pest into your home, good luck in getting him/her out.

  31. Imagine VA Telemedicine Proctologists. Just imagine being able to moon the VA hack from your living room? No thanks. Why invite the pests into your home? Like vampires, once you have done that, then you have to worry about some VA pervert potentially hacking your computer’s webcam and getting jollies in an all glass conference room…it could happen. We are talking about Idiots R Us.

      1. “Now the non-human test subject places its ass up against the screen. It puts the KY Lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again” 🙂

    1. That will be the first time my dog would get a telemed proctology exam.

      And the first time I would see if a VA quack could tell the difference.

  32. New law: No non-US based company shall do business with the DOD, V.A. or Pentagon. Anyone caught handing out contracts to Non-US owned and operated corporations will stand in front of the nearest firing squad. Procedes from fines will be used to provide refreshments to veterans while they watch the punishment being dished out via telemed monitors. The irony of it.

      1. @namnibor: Of course, we have to recycle……never know when Al Gore might run for president again.

      2. If we could get the real Al Gore to stand up……… remember his identity crisis, last time he ran? hahahahaha what a screwball. The sky is falling the sky is falling…….I invented the internet……………….

    1. The law is already in place and it is called the Buy American Act. True story.
      This should be investigated by the OIG because it does not comply with sole sourcing, nor does it comply with Dixon certification protocol; which means that Medtronic needs this system to tie into Vista and cprs. Not every veteran is enrolled in VA and it puts their information at risk overseas AGAIN!

      1. They will have an operation in the U S. A U S charter left behind to get around that. They’ll move profits to Ireland by charging “management fees” to the U S Company. That is the change that is needed.

        No charges form overseas companies, including telemarketing or answering, deducted from U S corporate profits that don’t involve physical shipped in parts. Get those jobs back in the U S. Let Metronics stay in Ireland for its overseas business. Similar to Toyota stay in Japan. But no management fees or virtual service fees added to deductions from Toyota USA profits.

        The accountant in me coming out to speak.

      2. @CorpsmanUp!: I am didn’t know there was a law already, thank you for the info. I am glad there is, now if we could just get ALL the laws enforced, maybe we could get our country back.

      3. Veterans information does not go overseas. The data lives in VA data centers.

        Additionally, all the products are made in Chanhassen MN, which employs a bunch of MN people.

    2. Disagree with the VA decision to implement a contract with the Medtronic Tax Avoidance company.
      Actually, what needs to happen is the money that these companies have saved for themselves by utilizing the tax inversion method, should be put towards the veterans themselves. The companies should donate the money for Veterans who have no health care, help with paying for healthcare with current enrolled veterans, and retraining veterans of those who may can get into employment. I mean real retraining for veterans to be hired into substantive employment. I do not believe the VA should be on the hook for this contract. Sorry, there are other companies and the contracts need to be negotiated with some common sense and some business practical sense. Not just throw away money. Credible Audits need to happen.

      1. I mean real health care with live face to face doctors etc. Not tele-health using technology with no personal interface. The direction of the VA using technology instead of real humans is so demeaning and disrespectful to life. Real healing does not happen with technology in place of qualified doctors.
        I really hate the direction that the VA is going. I disagree.

      2. Tele health should only exist for doctor/patient relationships that include face to face care until stabilized and convenience for the patient. If a new physician takes over the PCP of a patient he should first see the patient face to face until the patient calls. Not the other way around.

      3. The veterans committee in Washington with jeff Miller brought up the VA doctor that said he invented the hep c cure

        Interviewing shulkin and asked if the VA would get any royalties and it was strange that the doctor retired 3 day’s before he was to testify.

        Shulkin. Refused to answer questions about the doctor in the public eye.

        Committee stated any inventions or cures must be part of the VA income. To help veterans.

        Shulkin. Said he would get to the bottom of the matter. ?

      4. Should include a drug royalty from all veteran human drug trials as well as other uses such as the original MRI studies and reading software developed at the West LA VA with UCLA and ultimately copywrited by GE and others.

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