Jake Leinenkugel Wisconsin Beer

Wisconsin Beer Mogul Picked To Help Fix Veterans Affairs

Jake Leinenkugel Wisconsin Beer

A retired Wisconsin beer mogul from Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co was tapped by President Trump to help fix the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Jake Leinenkugel, a Wisconsin businessman who served six years in the Marine Corps, will head to Washington DC to help President Donald Trump clean up the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Trump recently selected Leinenkugel to serve as a senior White House advisor to VA. An official announcement from the White House is forthcoming, pending the late confirmation hearing of the future Secretary of VA David Shulkin, MD.

Leinenkugel attended the University of Wisconsin where he studied business. In 1976, he joined the Marines like his father, Bill, brother, Dick and sons Matt and C.J., where he served for six years, resigning his commission in 1982.

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About Wisconsin Beer Mogul Selection

According to the Chippewa Harold:

“Northwestern Bank President Jerry Jacobson has known Jake Leinenkugel since high school. He said it is obvious how much this position means to Jake, as are his reasons.

“’Jake is very dedicated, and I know he really took a lot into consideration. He doesn’t have to work. He could be traveling, he could be in Phoenix right now golfing instead of stuck in Washington, D.C.,’ Jacobson said.

“’It’s unbelievable a guy in retirement who’s doing fine will sacrifice himself for our nation. It’s great that he’s doing this, and I actually think it’s a great honor for the Chippewa Valley.’

“Jacobson said Leinenkugel had a long discussion with his wife Peg about going into government just a month shy of his 65th birthday. Only one thing would have swayed him into taking the position.

“’He’s only doing it for one reason — to help the vets,’ Jacobson said. ‘If he can find a way to make it easier on their lives, he will have accomplished his goal.’”

As a fellow Wisconsinite and enjoyer of Leinenkugel’s beer growing up (don’t judge, it was Wisconsin), I see no down side to his selection.

More importantly, Leinenkugel served in the Marines and came from a long line of Marines. His dad, brother and sons all served in the Marines. That kind of commitment to the country despite having obvious opportunities outside military service says a lot.

There are very few multi-generational families who both served in the Marines and had the opportunity to lead a successful, family-run business.

Not to mention, growing up in Chippewa Falls, Wis, Leinenkugel understands Americana-style community-living and the importance of being a team player and job creator in what is considered small town USA by those in major cities like New York or Los Angeles.

He is certainly not a Washington DC insider and brings with him a wealth of experience from both military service and running a successful business brewing mother’s milk.

What do you think of Leinenkugel being tapped? Think this might lead to an appointment within the agency or something else?

I hope President Trump continues to pull in DC-outsiders to clean up VA, especially if they have a military background and business acumen.

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  1. I for one am quite happy with PRESIDENT TRUMP’s actions so far. Please take a moment to consider the the following. First off, during the campain he was accused of being a coward for avoiding the draft, and yet he was willing to run for this office and openly defy the corrupt establishment every step of the way. He has in essence put himself and his entire family in harms way to defend this nation and its people from the evil, greed, and corruption that is rampant worldwide. He has made himself the #1 target for every closed minded, sick, twisted, liberal nut case on earth. Not hundreds, thousands, or even millions, but literaly billions. I can think of many words to explain that, but coward is not one of them. They have called him every other foul name they can think of as well, including ignorant but he kicked their butt’s anyway, and they still can’t understand how that could happen. He obviously isn’t nearly as ignorant as they have been brainwashed into beleiving. Realizing that the mess we are in did not come about in a single day, week, month, or year, how can we now expect it to be corrected in the blink of an eye. I do not have any problem at all with anyone that he might select for any specific position or task, because I realize he is working on rooting out litteraly millions of corrupt, evil, college educated criminals, and holding them accountable for their actions, locating and neutalizing millions of radical anti-american lunatics otherwise known as terrorists, securing and rebuiling our nation, undoing the actions and failures to act of past administators bent on destroying our nation, and unifying a nation that has been deliberatly and maliciosly divided. It’s an awful lot to ask of one man Those who step up and preform their assignments well will be rewarded accordingly, and as for those who do not, I am willing to bet you dollars too doughnuts that our new President is more than capable of saying “YOU ARE FIRED”. Any suckers, I do like doughnuts. I see exceptional leadersip, profound wisdom, decisivness, determination, and flexability (constant re-evaluation based on new information) at work. The plan is not always obvious, and sometimes might change in mid stream, but that is not nessesarily a bad thing (keep them suckers guessing). He has already started keeping some of his promises, and I do not see any signs that he will stop short of fulfiling each and every one of them. Sometimes I wonder about his choices, and have to spend a lot of time researching or contemplating to make sense of them, and other times its in your face plain and clear. I do see a method to all the madness and look forward to seeing what will happen in the days to come. If President Trump needs my time, effort, or blood in the dirt he will not have to ask twice. This has nothing to do with skin color, retoric, or any specific action, or choice. It has nothing to with money, power, or influence. It has everything to do with his character. Meanwhile I shall continue as always to do everything in my power to keep myself and those I care about around to see another day, because for the first time in many years I feel hope. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
    PS: I started this post at 2:30 in the afternoon and it is now 12:30 in the morning, a time span of 10hrs. I stoped 3 times, once for 30 min to eat and twice for 15 min each. This is an extreamly lengthy post for which I apologize, but I had a lot to say. Still 9hrs may seem like a very long time to most people for this amount of writing, but it is quite typical for me. I point this out so that you will perhaps have some inkling of the difficulty I have putting my thoughts into writing, and thus the importance of this issue to me that I would exert so much time and effort to write it.

    1. I had that problem until I was put on Keppra for temporal lobe seizures. If I don’t pace myself it comes back. Ever have an EEG Lawrence?

      What I eventually realized was “lost trains of thought” occurred because of absences. Sometimes would just stare thoughtlessly at the wall for almost an hour. Bosses didn’t like it and fired me.

  2. Many, many things going on here now. Will keep up here as best can for the next few weeks – – – then when things settle down a bit, will get back to being a regular.

    Went to VA today for meds to clear up sickness that has been hanging on for a week. Viral Infection commonly referred to as “Flu”. Departing VA, was approached by a gent who displayed WH Creds – – – and we chatted about the VA for awhile. He took my contact info.

    The VA was for me today, more helpful in two hours than they have been in past ten years. They literally kissed my ass to make sure I had EVERYTHING I needed. Not sure what is going on – – – but the rat bastards are shitting their pants with fear!

    One thing is for certain, POTUS has some teams doing a “stealth recon” on some VA facilities, and talking to the “customers” rather than the “store employees”.

    Got down to the coffee shop to meet some vet friends, and one of them told me the story that I had just lived a few hours prior to meeting him. Only thing was, his “out of VA” experience happened this past Monday.

    I like it! Hope it continues.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

    1. This has apparently been going on under Shulkin for some time. Apparently staffed up a little in the last 6 months. Effects were evident in Cheyenne a year ago. Makes me more hopeful on the Shulkin appointment.

  3. Ben,
    The Beer Mogul seems like an excellent selection. On a separate note, I would like to talk to you personally about dismantling the “CORRUPT” VA senior management MAFIA. They must be removed in order for the VA to serve our “GREAT” Veteran’s as intended. Please send contact info.

  4. “Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs assistant deputy secretary Dan Buttery resigns”, Katelyn Ferral, The Capital Times, 01/25/2017 3 hours ago.

    John Scocos, the former WDVA secretary resigned 01/07/2017.

    Their resignations are after an audit of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs. Also the high profile series of atrocities committed against Veterans in the State of Wisconsin while John Scocos and Dan Buttery were in charge of the WDVA.

    John Scocos had been fired from the WDVA but Governor Scott Walker rehired him to the position. While the WDVA was headed by Scocos the WDVA became little more than a money laundering and cover up operation for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    WDVA is has been involved with the attempted Tomah Cover-up, attempted substandard care at the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King and has recently been shown to be involved with money laundering between the Veterans Administration and the State of Wisconsin.

    Part of their sham caring for Veterans included: The VA granted money to the state of Wisconsin to help provide shelter for homeless Veterans and their families. The state of Wisconsin in turn provide a portion of that funding to the WDVA who in turn granted the money to Veterans Assistance Foundation. The Veterans Assistance Foundation then rented space at Tomah VAMC to provide housing for several dozen homeless Veterans.

    In 2014 the Veterans Assistance Foundation was rated as 26 on the list for America’s Worst Charities. Spending less than 11% of money received to help veterans on actually helping Veterans. The money taken in by the Tomah VAMC for rent at their facilities is placed into an account to be used at the discretion of the director.





      1. Under Obama’s administration we have spent billions on Veterans homelessness. But clearly as in this case only pennies on the dollar are making it to actually help Veterans.

        It is clear in this case the VA was merely running the money through an expensive money laundering scheme to convert dollars earmarked for spending on Veterans homelessness into money that could be used at the discretion of the director of Tomah.

        I wonder how much Veterans Assistance Foundation was paid for Laundering the $1.5 million. Also how much the VAF was paying John Scocos and Dan Buttery for appearances at events they spoke at so they could collect their cuts of the booty.

        I see from some of former Senator Russ Feingold’s old campaign adds he was also on the payroll of VAF.

        “Friends of Wisconsin Veterans (formerly Friends of WDVA)”

        One of the Veterans he chose in this add was “John is a Vietnam veteran who serves on the Board of Directors for the Vietnam Veterans of America and as secretary for the “Veterans Assistance Foundation”. He served in the Air Force until 1974, earning the rank of captain.”

        Those tentacles do run very deep. There is one fact that seems to always be true thought and that is the very tip of tentacles is in some ones pocket grabbing money.

      2. In one of the articles I read that had the link posted here, either on that homeless shelter or on the vet jumping out the widow to commit suicide…it was said the VAF paid Tomah either $14,000 or $17000 per month rent for that building.

        One of the first acts for a new VA IG should be a complete audit of the entire VA grant program, with a focus on their homeless grant program, and a microscope on the grant given to the VAF.

        I bet many millions have been laundered in the name of helping homeless vets.

      3. Just the idea that us taxpayers not only paid for the land and construction of the building and also the upkeep and maintenance of the building used by the VAF. Then we have to not only pay to rent the building so that it could be used to help Veterans. Then we have to pay the high cost of maintaining the fraud and corruption that comes with the VA Management.

        I personally have a problem with that.

    1. The WDVA has fallen hard in the last 5 or more years.

      They used to be fairly financially secure, and those veterans homes at King and Union Grove were nice facilities.

      Sad to see crooks ruin things.

  5. I just hope, when Congress puts a bill forward to help veterans healthcare, they don’t shove a bunch of “pork” in it.
    Example; a bill is introduced to expand our healthcare, hire professional Physicians, fire incompetent individuals and stop bonuses, (unless warranted)! Then, all of a sudden, you see where planned parenthood is to receive $500 million dollars for aborting babies. This is what’s called “PORK”!!!!!!
    Something within a bill which has nothing to do with the bill before Congress!
    It would also cause some of the representatives to say “NAY”! Which I would say is, and would be, appropriate!

    1. @Crazy elf — Speaking of pork, that reminds me of Obama’s little parting gift of a few hundred million to the Palestinians as a further jab at Mid-East Peace…just as he was leaving WH the taxpayers just gifted known terrorist factions…Israel is not happy.

  6. I just heard reported the WH Press Secretary say the VA is exempt from the hiring freeze.

    Exactly as I thought and commented earlier.

      1. @Lem, @91Veteran – I’ll be watching the ultra informative and up to date CBS Evening News with Scott Pelly. He might also mention how may be Prez Trump may put pressure on Philly’s Sanctuary City.

      2. It was mentioned during the WH press briefing yesterday, and some reporter questioned the 41000, but I didn’t hear any answer before they moved on to the more important crowd size and illegal voting questions.

        Media priorities.

      3. I must have missed it, 91. Too busy responding to posts and not paying attention or else it happened during one of my outages (complex partial seizure).

      4. I’m trying to figure out why the disconnect on the VA and the hiring freeze. I heard excerpts of yesterday’s press briefing, and it was said the VA as exempt. Another reporter asked something about the 41000.

        I just searched on it for news. USA Today is saying they are not exempt, with Spicer saying the freeze is a hiring pause until they look at things more closely. The same article says the VA plans to seek a public safety exemption.

        Of course, that pathetic VoteVets fake vets group is quoted in the article.

        A military dot com article also sounds as if they are not yet exempt.

        That article is rather disgusting with the quotes from VSOs and politicians suddenly concerned for veterans health care.

      5. @91Veteran – Watch for it; when Trump makes announcements about major changes that many others will then want to jump unto the bandwagon, so they don’t miss out on . . . ? It’s not to hard to figure out. Piggy backers. Watch them all start to jump on the momentum, instead of putting themselves on the frontline and speaking out about Veterans healthcare issues. Wait for it.

  7. I am from Oregon. We think of moguls as really knarly bumps in the snow that either lead to a glorious run down the black diamond trail or…..on the same trail lead to multiple fractures and snow impact TBI.

    Staring down a nearly vertical ski run composed only of bodacious and radical moguls is exhilerating in a “My God! Oh Shit!” sort of way. This is because in order to glimpse such a beautiful site a person must already be on skis or a snowboard and completely committed to going doooowwwwwnnnnnn. Gravity doesn’t care about veteran status and the only way to make it down alive is to go for it with every fiber of your soul. Hesitate and Mr. Mogul becomes really nasty….

    Careers in ultimate sports have been made and ended on moguls, but the funny thing is that as a spectator you just never know how the run is going to end. Irregardless, a black diamond run seen from the bottom of the hill as a spectator is absolutely a thrill whether the skier lives or dies when the moguls are well groomed! All the best clubhouses serve beer too. Moguls hurt and beer helps and being drunk numbs the pain.

    My position on the new guy is this; If a beer mogul is anything like the ones made of snow there is some major “oh shit!” moments coming up. This aught to be good. Stay tuned.


    1. The craft beer in Oregon is some of the best I’ve ever had. When I moved from Portland back to the midwest, my favorites were Ninkasi Brewery and Deschutes Brewery. There were a few others, too, but those were my favorite hands down.

      1. My favorite beer (only used as prescribed by a physician) is New Belgium’s, Fort Collins, CO: 1554 Black Lager. Current physician says it is working fine.

  8. Ben – Leinies is OK if your into basic lagers… and yes, I did notice the bit about how Trump “Tapped” a beer mogul. Subtle. I met Mr. Leinenkugel at an energy forum about 20 years ago. Dude has his eyes wide open and head on a swivel. Let’s hope he succeeds

    1. Does Leinies make a black? Black is what I use for a cholesterol medicine. Max 2 of 12 oz per day. It is like any other medication. If you overdose it is worse for you than not enough.

      1. I was never impressed with Leini’s “craft” beers. Then .. Miller(?) bought them – things didn’t get better. Ever try Red Rice Yeast for cholesterol? It knocked my C’rol down 35 pts in a matter of two months.

      2. @Windguy – You may also want to review the following;

        Niacin- check w/ PCP if on a statin, loss of muscle mass and tone have been reported.
        Coenzyme Q10- check out ubiquinol, more bioavailable and also more expensive.
        Vitamin C- make sure your C contains bioflavonoids, Rutin, Rosehips, or combination thereof.
        Lecithin- granules and powders cost less, and more flexible to use.
        Selenium- make sure it is a chelated type.
        Citrus Pectin
        Red Yeast Rice
        Chromium (Brewer’s Yeast)- lowers triglycerides. Look into Chromium Picolinate.

      3. How do you put it in your regimen? I’ll look it up. Thanks Windguy. Is that “red rice” as in Chamorro fiesta rice?

      4. Has the side effects of statins which is the reason red wine was recommended to me by a physician if I could maintain control of 2 wine glasses per day and no more. Subsequently I read a study on ETOH by Houston Medical School which concluded black beer was best followed by beer then red wine then wine then other ETOH. ETOH continues reducing cholesterol if you drink more but then its side effect of raising triglycerides overtakes its benefits.

        Denver VA internist in 2001 when he gave me nitro. Haven’t needed it since.

      5. ETOH is the primary. In Black Beer and red wine there is an ingredient that starts with L that is also in dark chocolate that also assists. I don’t know why plain beer was more effective in the Houston study of 26,000 plus subjects turned out better than red wine.

        ETOH assists the liver to change bad cholesterol into good cholesterol is the mode. It doesn’t flush it the way statins do is my understanding of the research. It has been several years (more than 10) so some of what I’ve said may be a little off. I didn’t bother to look up the research and re study it. Plus there may be newer research that is more definitive.

      6. A natural one. Probably nature’s way to get you to eat and drink what is good for your system. Or is it part of our evolution to the point we need it to live longer?

      7. @Lem, @Windguy – ETOH = Extremely Trashed Or Hammered. Add this acronym to your nutraceutical abbreviations.

  9. @91veteran, I think you are right. What’s been needed is the presidents ear. Seems that is what he was chosen for. Perhaps a bit of revenge. @Dennis, I would vote for you. Just didn’t know you were running.

  10. Headline:
    ” Wisconsin Beer Mogul Picked To Help Fix Veterans Affairs”
    Not: MARINE VETERAN (6-years service) chosen to…
    Pretty krappy journalism technique.

    1. Callmebob, not crappy journalism if you are describing his most recent activity.

      He may be a beer mogul now, but he was a Marine last in 1982.

      I’m sure if the headline was, “Marine chosen to…” there would be people pointing out that he hasn’t served for years.

    2. 6 years service probably means officer class from NavCad or ROTC scholarship. Not a grunt. So no change there.

    3. @callmeBob – Interesting critique.

      I support the Leinenkugel selection and picked the characteristic that best described his work experience in the title while explaining it more thoroughly in the first two sentences.

      This person was a beer mogul who worked in the family business for decades, not a retired Marine general. Instead, he served in the Marines for six years. Both are important, but his experience running the family brewing company is clearly why he was selected as an advisor. Loads of veterans who served in the Marines would love to help reform the agency as a senior advisor to President Trump, but without more, these individuals will not get selected.

      The business experience and success in my mind was the significant differentiator with the topic and why I wrote the title that way.

      1. Agree on that point, Ben. Business experience is experience in holding people accountable after granting authority and responsibility. And in establishing controls that keep wrong doing in check.

        But what experience either for himself or family members does he have with the VA? Is he aware of the problems? No mention if any of his family members have a TBI treated and compensated by the VA for example. Do you have the resource to find out any additional positive information other than what you have provided? Maybe a copy of his application?

      2. Keep in mind we had Derwinski for 3 years and got nothing from him. Nothing from him in while he was in Congress either. Even a guy in a wheel chair from his injuries or Dole when he led the Senate. McCain as Chairman of the VA Senate Committee. Credentials mean nothing without action.

        We still waited until 1985 for PTSD recognition and 2008 for TBIs that were not grossly evident to be recognized as being debilitating to the point of being unemployable. Prior to 2008 all you could get from a TBI that didn’t cause major motor disorders or seizures was 10% for tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

  11. I think this is absolutely huge news.

    This will likely be seen as a bone thrown to Reince Priebus or Paul Ryan since all are from WI, but the huge news is the title.

    I cannot ever think of a time a President took enough interest to actually have a named, White House advisor on veterans and the VA.
    For veterans, this means there is now a direct line to the WH, a line that will go both ways. If Trump, Leinenkugel or his staff see a problem, they can pick up the phone to Shulkin, and on the same token, if Shulkin has a problem, he can pick up the phone to Leinenkugel and get someone with Trumps ear that will answer the phone and will listen.

    No longer will the President only see or hear from his SecVA during veterans or wreath laying ceremonies.

    Now it is possible Trump puts this guy in a corner office and ignores him, but I doubt that will happen.

    To understand how huge this is, think of the other White House advisors there may be. There may be a defense, Intel or National Security advisor, but I have never heard of one for veterans.

    I think the pucker factor just went up by 10 at some VAs.

    Which is why I think the coordinator for the focus group at my local VA answered her phone on the second ring, and confirmed I would be in the group.

    1. They have all had one. Obama’s was the First Lady who did nothing she promised. In fact the First Lady has had that position since Eisenhower, I think. At least this one won’t just be a pretty flower in the First Lady’s bonnet. But no guarantee it isn’t just a political payoff for Wisconsin votes.

      1. Lem, I’m talking about an actual, named WH advisor, not a pet cause tossed at the First Lady as something that looks good for the media on veterans day.

      2. Same problem. Will he leave his desk in the White House of just draw accolades from a cheering crowd. We still don’t have enough time to judge what is going to happen other than promises, the promises I based my vote on.

        And promises are a dime a dozen. Actions count, 91.

      3. You know what they say…

        When life gives you Lems, make Lemonade. :).

        I still believe this is a good sign for veterans.

  12. As I’m a veteran from Wisconsin, who was a direct victim of the Houlihan scandal and then the Tomah Dental Clinic scandal, I feel Leinkugel’s appointment as an “overseer” is perfect.

    Our local television stations and newspapers have been riddled with info regarding veteran substandard care, substandard providers, and veteran interviews indicating nothing is getting fixed.

    While many of us fear Shulkin is a band aid for the top end, Leinenkugel would be the hope we’ve been waiting for to fix issues on the bottom end — the veterans themselves.

    What could be better than pulling a professional veteran out of the trenches to ensure the VA gets fixed? It’s also nice Shulkin won’t have a loose rope and Leinenkugel can go straight to the top dog to report poorly performing programs.

    Now, we just need Leinenkugel and Ben to have an open line of communication. That would be a huge win for us veterans.

    1. You are seeing the same thing I am just another vet.

      Shulkin may be a quick appointment Trump knows he can get through congress. Shulkin may agree with his plans to reform the VA.

      In my opinion, Leinenkugel will be the hatchet man for doing what Trump wants in fixing the VA. I don’t believe he has to be confirmed by congress.

      Given Leinenkugel is also well known by Priebus and Ryan, he will be a useful conduit for getting things through congress as well, or going around some congressman or senator bitching about money spent on veterans rather than their pet cause.

      1. Am seeing through same eyes. Hatchet Man. And yes, I think there has been a huge collective puckering at the VA today, so much in fact, it caused a weather change from the anal vortex of the VA Meatgrinder’s South end displacing the time continuance in the universe. Ratty Rats must be very nervous puckering ratty rats about now. 🙂

        Liking what I am seeing and it’s not even a full week in.

      2. I am picturing hearing lots of little rat claws furiously clicking on tile floors as they race from one safe room to the next.

      3. As I stated before, If anyone goes in and lets themselves be greeted with open arms and lets VA employee’s kiss their Ass. They will end up like all the others, become Medial pinners and Hand shakers.

        They will treat him/her Great at the beginning, get some dirt and will Blackmail them. Or as its called Retaliate and their goes their leverage.

        I would think that if they are not going to close the VA and have put a hiring Freeze. President Trump should but something in his freeze language, to state once someone is Fired, Retires or just leaves. The VA would be able to hire Veterans Only.

        Veterans should not be punished by the Freeze, they should be the exception to the Rule. I also Believe just because someone is a Veteran and have committed or doing wrong in the work place should not stay.

        Veterans caring for Veterans and only Veterans.

        I had mentioned on how I have been trying to contact two of my Senators via the computer. Got nothing but a Robot answer or prearranged E-mail for staff to send out.

        So today I hand delivered a letter to Senator Cory Gardner office in Pueblo Co and in the letter, I told a short story about how the VA is using the Disruptive Committee to punish Veterans and it’s not just one veteran, its thousands.

        I also stated that if I do not get a meeting, I will be forced to go to the Media. I also tried to deliver a letter to Senator Bennett’s office in Pueblo and they were closed, due to meetings. Since I drove 60 miles, I left the letter in their door and called the number left on the door to advise them about the letter.

        No one answered the phone. Surprise !. I have also been reading that citizens are flooding all the Senators offices all over Colorado with complaint’s. Spread the word to veterans that if they use the computer and use the Senators site to request a meeting, The only response they will get is not a Human its a Robot and not to waste their time.

        If other Veterans are like me, they will not like the response they are getting. Its more or less telling whom ever thank you for contacting our office and please follow us on Twitter, in other words go to Hell, we don’t care and do not want to hear from you.

      4. @james Gallegos – Your situation confirms; to trust no one unless they prove themselves as truly going to bat for you. You’ll know it, when you find ’em. Don’t want to burst your hope, but I haven’t found it yet either. So much for standing by Veterans.

        Also, is it me or what, I sometimes think people throw out that well known phrase to make them look appreciative; “Thank you for your service.” Then there’s nothing else. You’re on your own. Only resource, try to get guidance from your Brothers and Sisters on Ben’s Blog.

        In the mean time, trying to stay calm and keeping yourself together. Fighting off those negative and detrimental thoughts.

      5. Yes you are right about this site, its nice to be able to speak with other veterans. I have been fighting all my live and old habits, don’t go away very easy. I will keep trying until the day I die. I know the VA wishes I would hurry up and get it over with.

        NO SUCH LUCK VA !

      6. @james gallegos – Stay strong Brother. No negativity from no one. It’s on them if they don’t understand.

      7. Thanks I needed that back up right at this moment. Been working all day to set up a list of contents on the evidence I have been collecting for the last 10 years. Have sent letters to Cory gardner and senator bennetts office. Trying to make it easier for them to understand and explain each letter the way I see it.

        It all seems so simple to correct. all that has to be said to the VA is Put or Shut up. Provide the proof or correct all of Mr. Gallegos records and clear his good name. But no we don’t have the Authority to make the VA do anything. Well our Senators and Congressman cant use that excuse anymore. The Holman Rule gives them the Authority.

        Will they start helping veterans now, that is the question we all have to wait and see. If not I will send it all to Trump, maybe he uses the fire place.

      8. @james Gallegos – Keep chugging Brother, you’re on a roll. Hopefully, someone will take bite and do the right thing for you.

      9. Called Senator Bennett’s Aid to see if they received my letter requesting a meeting. Will have to check with other staff members who was at a meeting. Was told Bennett was a very Busy man and really don’t meet with people. So I guess, he is not in charge of everyday operations and the Aids do all the Dirty work and shoo away citizens or handle the cases them selves. These are interns and are in training, they should not be left to do Bennett’s Job.

        This is what happened with my other inquiries, his Aid did everything and what ever the VA said to them, was just fine. The Aid did not even know that the “Holman Rule” was infect and did not know what it even was !

        Have heard nothing from Cory Gardner’s office as of yet.

      10. James, you have to realize it is physically impossible for a congressman to have even one meeting a year with everyone who requests one. If you have a big check for the campaign fund or an even bigger check to the PAC that supports the congressman you have a chance. Buy a seat at a $2,000 per plate for the candidate’s table at a hosted dinner and you might get a word in edgewise. But don’t expect any substantive conversation.

        The only way you can be sure of getting your words heard/read by your congressman is through the largest media outlet in his district. And you may have to file your claim in court vs the VA to get the media outlet to put your words out. Sometimes that will result in a meeting.

      11. Can I borrow the $2000 and what type of Lawyer would take the Case. If I would take them to court myself with a TBI and a Layman about the Law, They would send an attorney and Quote something and the Judge would Dismiss it.

      12. If you need to borrow $2000 go to your nearest law school and ask the Seniors to take your case. They’ll be supervised by a good lawyer. You can also write a letter to your local chapter of the ACLU. If the ACLU can’t take your case they’ll give you some names who might take it for a 1/3 contingency fee. You’ll have to do some of the leg work or get someone who can do it for you to keep the costs down.

      13. You are wrong. Try a different chapter, James. It is the same with the VSOs. If your rep isn’t willing to go through your file and right up a claim you can sign the go to another. You may have to go through several to find one who actually cares but it is worth the effort. Read and be critical before you sign. If you have to change VSOs (Amvets to DAV, etc.) withdraw you assignment of representative. There aren’t many that care and know. and you need both. One that cares and knows. Same when you talk to an ACLU member or a College of Law intake interview.

        Be diplomatic and work with one that will work with you. Do your part including reading and understanding the sections of 38 CFR that apply. They are in you Statements of the Case and rating decisions. But you need to go to the chapters and pay attention to whether the cited sections actually most accurately apply to you.

      14. You can also do what I did, james. Search VA lawyers. Then start writing emails to their offices. Don’t do too many at a time or someone will complain you are spamming law firms.

      15. That furiously clicking of rat claws on the hull of the V.A. Titanic is how they send their vitae’s out in a very primitive rodent morse code to their other ratty friends working in gov’t., looking to sail their ratty parachutes.

        However, the VA ratty rats only succeed in morose code instead of morse code. 🙂

  13. My father owned a family run tavern when I was a kid. Until we could afford a house I lived in a travel trailer with the family parked just in back of the outdoor beer walk-in cooler. In the high desert it gets very cold and very, very lonely and the 26 cowboys (from the ZX Ranch – aka Campbells Soup Co.) would come to town to court one of the three unmarried women within four days ride. Invariably the courtships happened over cases and cases and cases of ice cold beer. As teenager I got front row seat at night because I slept about 20 feet and one thin wall away from all the fun….fun….fun…barrrrrfff…fun.

    No wonder that a lot of kids born in the desert are named “Bud”, right? That is my past and also my spiritual foundation. After my clearly well thought out plans to reform the VA had been posted on Ben’s site I thought I might at least be considered for the job…

    After all, I don’t know how to make beer but I learned plenty as a youth about those who drink it. I am a Marine too. I clearly have experience with cleaning up the most vile of human messes (I had to clean the Tavern in the morning as a chore). Furthemore, because of the untold nights of study in human behavior as I studied the beer industry at the point of delivery (rather than supply side) it is clear that my bullshit radar is likely far more tuned than a Beer industry mogul who could be my opposite? I wonder if he slept 20 feet away from the brewing vats as a kid in his own family’s tracel trailer. That would suck, right?

    My own father was a Navy man. I became a Marine which shows growth, right? How could the new POTUS not even make mention of me as a choice to clean up the VA??? Damn.

    It was the poop cannon comments, wasn’t it? Sad. I was so very much hoping to be the one who turned on the switch to the old honey wagon and fertilize the minds and bodies of the VA with the knowledge that only the honey wagon can bring when attached to a fire hose and a thirty horsepower pump. I would make the WHOLE place smell like our High Desert tavern the morning of New Years Day, but only after the cowboys woke up. Girls too.

    This is a real setback for me…

    1. Oh Dennis, cheer up.
      You don’t know it, but you have a fan club.
      I love you.
      I can’t wait to read what you write.
      It’s the only interesting reading I can find right now.
      I turn on the computer to look for comments you wrote.
      Especially your canna comments.
      I myself, elder lady vet, am a shaman of sorts.
      I work with the plant.
      Together we …
      – stop pain
      – remove gout
      – increase appetite
      – excise tumors
      – halt infection
      – bring sleep relief
      – lower blood pressure
      – bestow an irie vibe.
      – and more, much more.

      You, Dennis, bring me hope.
      Yes, I am fan club of 1.
      But, dedicated.
      Bless you, Dennis, thank you.
      lawyerlynn at gmail.

      PS. Re this article, and appointment of BEER mogul to V.A.
      How ironic this appointment (payback) is.
      Beer? Alcohol seems to be a very destructive drug.
      In all aspects, physically, culturally, emotionally.
      Alcohol is the defacto drug of choice for most veterans (and others).
      This man promoted alcohol use.
      He devoted his life work to producing and injecting into culture, this harmful drug.
      Yet, he’s now going to help veterans?
      After harming them, now he’s on board to help?
      Has he been using his vast resources through the years to lobby for veterans?
      How about cannabis use?
      Does he promote the plant? Or just the drug (alcohol)?
      Does he believe all people on earth have a right to the plants, or does he believe his group (the rulers of the plane, [not planet, sorry, there’s another lie]) have the right to tell people what plants they can use or not use or grow or whatever?
      Does he expose the injustice of plant prohibition for some? (not everyone is prohibited from using the plants, for example, the donald, hillary, bill, etc., all use plants they want).
      Does his family use the V.A.?
      What are their experiences?
      Did he speak out about that?
      Sponsor legislation? Take an ad in the paper?
      What has this man done through all these years that makes anyone believe that a guy who has been producing and selling poison is going to help vets?
      Nope, sorry, he’s just another poisoner ready to dish out more poison to the poisonheads.


    2. @Dennis – Don’t give up yet. With your experience, you might be able to apply for monies from the VA to build and maintain a Cathouse, stocked with both exotic women and home brew for active and inactive military personnel for the purpose of R & R and Behavioral Health.

      Don’t know where you reside, but may be an easy endeavor to accomplish in Nevada. Talk to @lawyerlynn [a great fan who has confessed] that can help you to do the paperwork, and to assist in stocking the green bushy material. The smoking type, not the Irish green dyed fluorescence pubic tentacles down below. I’m joking. My way of humor as a way of easing stress from the intentional infliction of emotional distress [IIED] caused by the VA’s incompetence.

  14. Here’s a new video from “InfoWars.com”

    “Veterans To Trump: We’ve Got Your Back”

    Posted 25 Jan 2017 (11:29 min)
    “Vets4Trump leader Joshua Macias speaks to InfoWars about a new Trump administration and how new investment will help veterans heal!”

    He says “We Are Family!” That is what we are. We need to take a strong look at what will be coming up in the next 100 days. It looks as though things are starting to take place.

  15. Hey Folks, don’t start swapping spit yet over Jake Leinenkugel.
    Trump doesn’t do ANYTHING that isn’t somehow a payback for his political campaign supporters.
    Until Jake Leinenkugel is completely vetted, he should be considered a “arm’s length transaction’. Connect the dots before you bet the rent money…
    Trump has no record of any real independent support of Veteran’s groups that are not somehow a political asset.

    1. The veterans groups are for themselves. Why should Trump need their approval to establish a record? Pretty much all you hear from veteran groups is that everything is good but more money is needed to hire some more AFGE folks to care for the veterans.

      Don’t tell me you’re on this disabled veterans site to promote veterans groups advocate for veterans? – unless you’re from the Legion who miraculously decided to stand behind veterans needing weed – .but to ultimately line their own pockets with veteran money in the form of dues.

      1. Do a search 9n the American Legions Save Our System program.

        For 13 years they have had a dog and pony show program in bed with the VA to protect the VA.

        The Legion doesn’t give a damn about the veterans using the VA.

  16. Ed’s post is on track. Question is how many of the Marines in Jake Leinenkugel’s family are having the experiences we are having? Or has Jake been taking care of them with the family business assuming it was his responsibility? Does he have any idea of the messed up lives of those with organic brain syndromes whether from TBI, cerebral malaria, congenital aggravated by PTSD, etc. Has any of his Marines gone into the service as category I mental and after service been unable to hold a job or have a reasonable life financially because of service residuals?

    Need more information on the Jake Leinenkugel family, Ben. If they are suck it up marines taken care of by the family business Jake is going to be the same entitlement block that we have experienced since McArthur removed the WWI veterans from the Mall.

    The bankers and the military industrial complex rules.

    1. Lem,
      This time I’m going to have to agree with you and Ed.
      I also am tired of all these (alleged) military personnel being hired at VHA’s nationwide, then slacking off, then not giving a crap how they treat veterans!

  17. I think what President Trump is doing is this;
    He’s being extremely quiet on HOW he’s going after VA employees. Employees who are a detriment to our healthcare will see a purge. They may even see themselves having charges placed against them. At least that’s my opinion.
    A shrewd business person never lets anyone know what their up to. It’s like that in any setting.

    I’m willing to give him as much time as he needs to clean up the mess brought about by the upper management in VA.

    I’m not sure about this guy he’s picked. If he’s tangled up with the Houlihan family, as Seymore points out, then that is a strike against him.

    1. Yup! And I have popcorn and am on the sideline watching the show – waiting for the climax purge.

    2. Hey Crazy Elf,

      I was wrong in my earlier post Mr. Leinenkugle is not in anyway that I know of mixed up with the Houlihans. I will explain more latter, but I am currently caught up in something and trying to keep a Vet I have been helping alive right now.

      Leinenkugle is from Chippewa Falls WI and the Houlihan scum are from La Crosse WI. It is also the same difference between Old Style and Leinenkugle Beers.

  18. I am getting tired of ” he’s a vet so he must be good” Who cares anymore. We have had dozens of vet’s at the VA as Secretary’s all the way down the line and I see little improvement because of that fact. All the Justices at the Court of Veterans Claims are veterans and over half can’t do what’s right even when the Board does outrageous things they just remand and tell the vet how bad they feel. At hospitals I want healthcare and it doesn’t matter if its a vet or not as long as they have competence and my care is timely

    1. Leinenkugle is not your usual run of the mill Academy Ring-Knocker, as previous VA Secretaries and other upper management ilk have proven to be.
      He’s a Veteran that wants to help Veterans, how exactly is that a bad thing? Trying something completely different is the exact opposite of the insanity that’s been tried before.

      Great article, Benjamin. Let’s give the Trump Team a chance. Liking what I am seeing/hearing thus far and the rats at the VA must be looking over the poop deck of the V.A. Titanic looking for a good iceberg to jump-onto. We Veterans are the large alley cats cleaning-up the ratty rat problem on the V.A. Titanic.

      1. namnibor,
        Until veterans, who work for VA, come forward, without reprisal, and ‘Whistleblow’ against those who’ve committed egregious acts, very little will change.
        The wife and I have had conversations with veterans who have said they can’t do anything to stop the corrosive culture. Until that occurs, those who want to help vets. Will remain silent. Sad, yet true!

      2. Crazy elf, at some point those whistle blowers will realize things have changed, and I believe the floodgates will open.

        I think there will be a number of retirements in the coming months. Getting out before they get thrown out.

    2. I hear what you are saying ed, but I see this as good news below, as I mention in my comment below.

      As for Hamlin being fired, and the articles posted yesterday and the one cited by Seymore in the Daily Caller…

      Anyone else think it odd the VA fired Hamlin on Jan 20? Clearly they didn’t just gather evidence needed to fire him on Jan 19.

      Who in upper VA management was blocking the firing of Hamlin? Who ordered that upper manager to sit on their hands and do nothing about him?

      I don’t think it was just the fear of Trump being sworn in that finally forced action. I think a roadblock to his firing and many other VA reforms was finally removed.

  19. No disrespect for Mr. Leinenkugle but a business leader coming from the Chippewa falls business community that has been so dominated and at time clearly corrupted by the Hoilihan Family. Same family the Candy Man belongs to in Chippewa Falls. There has been no official news release from the Trump administration or the Veterans Administration.


    About Yesterdays Article just wanted to point out several excellent articles from Luke Rosiak at the Daily Caller News Foundation who also is covering the firing of DeWayne Hamilin and a host of other VA employees. He even lists some sex offenders that have open warrants for their arrest still being employed and protected by the VA.

    “Days Into Trump Admin, Corrupt Employees Are Already Being Fired At The VA”, by Luke Rosiak 1/24/2017



    “VA Employees Include Child Molesters, Rapists and Kidnappers”, by Luke Rosiak, The Daily Caller, 12/15/2016

    “When elderly World War II veterans go to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to receive urgent care, they may be greeted by child molesters, ex-convicts, men with face tattoos and gun-wielding rapists.

    Eleven sex offenders list the John D. Dingell VA Hospital in Detroit as their work address. Within the VA’s regional office for Ohio, Indiana and Michigan, 30 sex predators work at nine facilities, according to the records.

    At least 11 of the 30 are full-fledged, standard members of the federal workforce, but others are likely veterans taking part in rehabilitative work programs that pay them minimum wage to work as housekeepers and other laborers at the hospital.

    Three men listing the Detroit hospital as their work address are currently in violation of their sex offender registry requirements and are being sought by authorities.”



    1. @Seymore Klearly — I must respectfully disagree with your statement about Mr. Leinenkugle and where he comes from as far as his community in Wisconsin.
      Because we cannot just say that anyone coming from small town of Bath, Ohio is likely a serial killer just because Jeffery Dahmer’s parents raised the serial killer in that small town so therefore anything coming from Bath, Ohio must be likely serial killers….same goes for Wisconsin. Just not quite understanding your linking Leinenkugle’s being unfit for position simply because he happens to originate from same community as Canyman Houlihan.
      Hell, even Benjamin comes from Wisconsin, does that make him less able to do what he’s currently doing? Just wanted to express a flip side to what you stated.

    2. Hey Namibor,

      I was wrong! It was La Crosse, Wi were the Houlihans controlled the City. Not Chippewa Falls where Leinenkugle is located.

      1. Leinenkugle does not come from the same area as the Candyman and his families political influence.

    3. Completely absurd!

      Chippewa Falls and Tomah might be on the same side of the state but are distanced by land between them north/south by many miles.

      This is why medical marijuana isn’t always a good idea – it causes paranoia.

  20. BEN IF YOU Think he is good I’ll go with you cause you have never lied to me or others. PS. I still need HELP getting my medical and service records from the D.O.D. “smitty”

    1. HEY JAMES must be a new way to deny a claim.NO PROOF.. because i went on line and applied for my younger brothers records and he never received anything either…i am guessing they are doing it to everyone

      1. OLDMARINE,
        The best way of getting your records is by physically calling St. Louis.
        I’ve found by calling them, getting their email address and talking to them personally is the way to go.
        I’ve handled it this way in the past.
        At this moment I don’t remember the phone number. It can be found through information. Your county service officer should also have the number as well.
        Hope this helps!

      2. Staffing cuts. Now you go online and you can get quickly anything that is not a hard copy that is archived. Old vets get shit, especially Vietnam vets. I put a FOIA in in 2015 for my hard copy medical records to replace documents removed from my Benefits File. “Online tracking” estimates completion in the middle of 2019.

        If you are after your military health record don’t forget to get all inpatient records also. You have to request them separately with date and facility. They were not in the fire and are more relevant than the Health Record.

        In 1990 I would have gotten a copy of everything within 30 days. And if you walk up to the FOIA clerk at a VA facility you can do the same for online records from any facility. From the facility you are at you can get a record printed same day.

      3. Lem,
        Here’s are the facts.
        St. Louis will not send anyone their hard copy “original” military medical records. Only a copy.
        If the VA has requested a military medical file from St. Louis, they have it. It will be “Time/Dated Stamped” from when it was shipped by St. Louis, and then to when it was received by the VA. It will also have “stamped” on it, where no one can “alter” or “delete” or “change” anything in it “under penalty of law!”
        Your personnel records, (201 file, etc.) are a different matter. These you can receive the “original”!
        Again, unless the VA has them. They will also be “Time/Date Stamped”!

        I would suggest to anyone wanting copies of their files, to contact St. Louis personally.
        I’ve done this multiple times for veterans. At one time, I used to personally know the Active Duty Marine who was in charge out there.
        This is how I know things got done.

      4. Crazy elf:
        But you won’t tell us who to call to get action? The phone number please. And I’m not talking about military files in my case. I’m talking about VA files. And during the hard copy era items were removed from the VA Benefits file. Your belief that they cannot be removed is false until they get in the computer data file. From experience. And the computer data file medical side is not complete. Each facility had their own program for progress notes until recent years. From 1996 there are no hard copy notes and the notes are maintained on the individual facility’s computer. May of 2013 is the first date progress notes are included in my “blue button” medical file.

        Mid 2019 is the date the 2014 FOiA request for the rest is scheduled to be completed. You are not the only one with experience on FOIA requests. Having an in helps. So are you going to give the rest of us your source or you just going to let us call and get the circle jerk. Send a letter to–?

      5. If what crazy elf suggests doesn’t work, I would submit a request under the FOIA and Privacy Acts for the records, and include copies of your previous requests as exhibits.

        A request under the FOIA and/or Privacy Acts would be handled differently than a standard records request.

      6. First; My comments were only in reference to military personnel and medical records held out at St. Louis. Not VA records.
        As far as a phone number or address, contact your county service officer. I do not have that information handy. The county service officer should be able to help with that.
        When speaking with someone out in St. Louis, be cordial.
        As I’ve said, when the VA receives the vets records, they are “Time Stamped”! Even though no one is allowed to “remove, change or alter” anything inside, that doesn’t mean some degenerate won’t do it!
        This is why veterans should always get a copy of your “medical records” BEFORE the VA does. Because, St. Louis will send your “hard copy original” to them, once a veteran has applied for health care.
        Whether you believe this or not is up to y’all……
        I’ve helped lots of veterans with this issue.

      7. So I guess the VA will blame saint louis for saying my military records were destroyed in the May 1973 fire, when I was discharged in Oct 1973.

        Either way I was denied my disability for 40 years. Funny how they appeared as soon as I hired an Attorney.

        This should fall under a Clear and Unmistakable Error. Big problem for me, with a TBI. I did not know any better to think that they would have lied about the being in the fire. So if anyone knows of anyone that knows what their doing please let me know.

        DAV, VFW, American legion, I do not trust them and for good reason. They don’t know what they are doing and they don’t care if they win or loose.

      8. @james Gallegos – DAV Rep told me that no records were ever lost in a fire. So what is there, is what is there. Also, both the Rep and a low level administrator at the VA know about my medical conditions and the stress that my wife is under.

        Do you think they would ask me if I need help? Hell no! I don’t trust them either. Unfortunately, the dam VA and those associated with this deceitful agency, has lost all bearings and observational skills to even know how to do medical detective work. They can’t see what is in front of their eyes, when a Veteran is truly in need.

        Shit, my K9 PTSD-Alerting Service Dog, in which they could care less if and how he was trained, knows more than they do. And my buddy is an amped up mixed breed, and not related to larger species of K9’s that is normally associated with this type of functional behavior to assist me. He’s got more neurons in his nose, than all the neurons that make up all of the VA’s staff’s brains. The dumb muffled airheads. It’s a no brainer, and it’s them.

      9. There were records that were seriously damaged. I had to help a veteran to get a copy of his personnel record so we could use the page 13 (then) to find the dates and facilities he was hospitalized in. The inpatient records were grossly different than his “hospital summary” which actually turned out to be a summary of a rehabilitation unit in country. We also needed to get his inpatient records of a hospitalization in Japan. He eventually got 100% for intractable PTSD because they didn’t want to rate him for residuals of p. falciparum malaria.

      10. @Lem – And I would think that records that were normally kept via hard copy back in the late ’60’s and ’70’s are a lot more messier and the VA may be able to possibly hide some of them? The plasmodium malaria is terrible. Very had to control the vectors in infectious areas. Recent Tanzania outbreak ~2012?

      11. Since you say what was there, was there. That is telling me that it was the VA who lied about my records and they should be held Accountable and Veterans in the same boat as I am, Should be able to recoup every Penney of back pay.

        A lie is lie no matter how many times its told. Like I said 40 years of not living and all the hurt I went through and not knowing I had a TBI was Pure Hell. They say no man left behind, I have been stuck in 1972 since I have been shot in the head. It will not go away and I hold the VA responsible and they should be made to pay a heavy price. And the only thing they will understand is Loosing Money and or Jail cells.

      12. Your attorney is not representing you for your CUE claim? Work it up and submit it as soon as you can with what you have. If a VSO won’t do it go online and file an intent to file then take a year to work through the effort yourself.

        Your case is similar to mine except I was diagnosed by the VA in 1985 as having residuals of a TBI. I have an attorney who is trying to get me UE 100% from 2009 when my rating was raised to 70%.

        After you have filed and have a copy of your filing which will very likely be denied as a matter of VA policy by the local adjudication board. You then have a year to file to the BVA. Anything given you by the BVA with my attorney representing you, you would would have to pay her 20%. There is some success at that level now because the BVA is independent from the VA. But still usually you will end up at the CAVA. If it goes to the CAVA my attorney will request the VA to pay the 20% of your award and the CAVA often makes the VA pay. That makes you more likely to get a full rating at a lower level than the CAVA.

        Don’t make the mistake of accepting a local DRO. A DRO simply delays things, removes things from the file and upholds the local rating board. Go directly to the BVA appeal and get an attorney to help you. It is worth it if you have a CUE going back years. The VA will not want to pay that if they can bully you into accepting a smaller shorter amount.

        Take my email out of quotes and let me know when you want my attorneys address if you want to contact her. By the time she finishes my case she’ll be up on TBIs. I was a hospital corpsman for 13+ years and did a 3 year study at NIH on TBIs and other brain syndromes. The not knowing and denial is a condition known as anosognosia. In the extreme, stroke victims deny they own the left side (right side if left handed) of their body. But think of it as the condition of trying to get the car keys away from a person who has been drinking and doesn’t want to give them up. The more the person has had to drink the more defiant they will be. The difference between a TBI induced anosognosia and ETOH is that the ETOH will sober up. And the TBI victim has varying degrees but is never really O K. Often temporal lobe seizures accompany anosognosia. Look them up.

        [email protected]

      13. That is true of all finale decisions unless you can find a cause to break the finale decision, James. Everything is appealable up to the CAFC if you can find a cause.

      14. James, I’m not an attorney so I’m not going to give legal advice. I’ll refer you to my attorney but I won’t post her address because I don’t want her in mail box filled with claims that sound invalid even to me after all of the study I’ve made on the subject. Your posted statement sounds similar to my case so I’m fairly sure she’ll give you a look. I get nothing for doing the referral and am glad to do it. Send me an email without your identity numbers or anything that can be used to steal your identity that I can forward to her. “[email protected]” You’ll have to provide documentation to her by snail mail or redacted by a valid redaction software such as Adobe DC. If you have access to a computer with Adobe DC (not a public one) and Adobe Creative Cloud you can share documents through Creative Cloud with her. It is secure.

        Also note, YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR CLAIM OPEN OR REFILE IT WITH NEW EVIDENCE unless it is a valid CUE or malpractice case which have no SOL (shit out of luck or statutes of limitations both having the same finality)

        There is also a Federal Court download subscription software that you can download cases but the search mechanism leaves much to be desired. Once your case is filed you can follow it there. It is as reasonable as a library coin operated copy machine.

        You can go to your local college or university law library and look up VA cases similar to your case via their case search software (Westlaw is the best if available). It is too expensive to do any other way, leave it to an attorney if you have no other access. Also you can look at the rules by going to the web sites of the CAVA and the CAFC. You’ll see the CAFC is the appeal authority for the CAVA. And, of course, if you have something that hasn’t all ready been decided and you get a decision against you, you can appeal to SCOTUS under Sec 4 (d) of the 14th Amendment (read your constitution). The CAFC is a higher court so precedence setting decisions from that court rule over the CAVA and BVA. Start your search there and if you don’t find anything in CAFC cases then go to the CAVA and then to the BVA decisions to find the case that most closely resembles your case. Also be aware you may find a case that negates your case premises.

        Of course you know the CAVA has jurisdiction for appeals from the BVA.

        From the CAFC web site: “https://www.cafc.uscourts.gov/the-court/court-jurisdiction”

        6th line or so down in 2nd paragraph.

        “Court Jurisdiction

        The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit was established under Article III of the Constitution on October 1, 1982. The court was formed by the merger of the United States Court of Customs and Patent Appeals and the appellate division of the United States Court of Claims. The court is located in the Howard T. Markey National Courts Building on historic Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C.

        The Federal Circuit is unique among the thirteen Circuit Courts of Appeals. It has nationwide jurisdiction in a variety of subject areas, including international trade, government contracts, patents, trademarks, certain money claims against the United States government, federal personnel, veterans’ benefits, and public safety officers’ benefits claims. Appeals to the court come from all federal district courts, the United States Court of Federal Claims, the United States Court of International Trade, and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. The court also takes appeals of certain administrative agencies’ decisions, including the United States Merit Systems Protection Board, the Boards of Contract Appeals, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Decisions of the United States International Trade Commission, the Office of Compliance, an independent agency in the legislative branch, and the Government Accountability Office Personnel Appeals Board, and the Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance also are reviewed by the court. The court’s jurisdiction consists of administrative law cases (55%), intellectual property cases (31%), and cases involving money damages against the United States government (11%). The administrative law cases consist of personnel and veterans claims. Nearly all of the intellectual property cases involve patents. Suits for money damages against the United States government include government contract cases, tax refund appeals, unlawful takings, and civilian and military pay cases.”

    2. if all veterans would stop going to the pain clinics at the VA who suffer from chronic pain such as myself they would change. they should just shut all of them down and start all over. one other thing the DR”S who are contracted with the VA are not responsible for their actions and can not be held accountable for killing a veteran. or disfiguring one. I bet a lot of veterans don’t know this. that’s why these DR whom worked on the outside run to the VA for a job. they don’t have o pay for malpractice insurance. and they are not held accountable. they don’t care about veterans they want the protection of their wallets. congress backs this up. the only thing you can do as a veteran is file a form for a body part. this needs to change. so many of us are in great danger.

      1. VA has rubber stamped everyone. Real doctors go through the medication & history of pain patients. Then they re-evaluate & re-design their treatment plans whereas VA doctors just cut pain meds off, disregard past treatment plans & then slowly authorize Anesthesiology appts months later & miles away from home.

    3. To Bad we cant trust our senators to do the right thing, try sending them an E-mail on their site as instructed and you will see they are pumping out a ROBOT response. Do it more that once and you will get the same reply every time.

      They are doing the same thing as the VA hot line. They want you to go away. This country is going to hell fast. Senator Bennett and Cory Gardner don’t want to help veterans if they did they would at least contact the veteran and not use a Robot to answer.

      1. James, call their office and ask to speak to the side handling veterans affairs.

        Ask for that aides email address.

        The emails sent to their web site address likely see hundreds of emails a day, and likely have an intern reviewing them for who should handle them.

        If that doesn’t work, go to their Facebook pages and post comments there asking them why they refuse to respond to requests for help from veterans.

    4. James,

      Crazy Elf, and 91Veterans provide some good information and works for most Veterans. Some others on this site have also posted that they did receive help through a Congressman or Senator.

      None of the above have been fully fruitful for me, and hopefully you maybe able to hire an attorney that knows the law and how the DOD and the VA hide records. That may be able to help.

      One thing that I did find useful in attempting to obtain my med records from a VA med facility was repeatedly contacting the FOIA officer for that facility and at the end of each phone call ask them to document any information that was provided in a letter.

      I know I my case using the FOIA officers letters I can at least show that my medical records from the VAMC Minneapolis are made up of photo copies of photo copies that were reportedly found laying lose in a Med department there. Of course the records are totally bogus but at least you can show any outside health care worker that they are bogus when trying to obtain proper medical care.


      2. Yes, Jonney, he mentioned us at least thrice. Shuskin, Jake Leinenkugel (above) and a hiring freeze. He has had only 4 days and has been very busy. So let us give him at least a month or two before we get too far up in arms.

        I’ve all ready seen a different reaction from a phone call to Cheyenne, VA. Could be the employees are also hopeful seeing Shuskin moved up. Hard to say. I didn’t work inside so no idea what the blockages were to being treated decently or what brought the morale of the facility down.

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