The Guy Only Got One Year: Curb-Stomping VA Cop Let Off Easy

A former police officer at the Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis will serve a year in prison for shoving a patient who was not being disorderly, punching said patient in the face 6-7 times, and falsifying his report about the entire incident.

Yes, we covered this a few months back. Yes, this guy made a plea agreement. But honestly, 12 months is an egregiously short sentence for an assault of this magnitude regardless of the plea. This victim could have died.

Officer Michael Kaim was indicted in January on a civil rights violation and obstruction of justice for allegedly falsifying an arrest report at the Indy VA.

They filed the plea agreement in June, after Kaim acknowledged that the victim was already walking out of the hospital when he was accosted. They told the victim to leave the premises, and the man complied.

Before he could walk all the way out the door, Kaim shoved him out and pushed him against an exterior wall of the building. Kaim then caused the victim to fall face-first onto the sidewalk, and punched him six or seven times.

The U.S. Department of Justice announced that Kaim’s sentence was a mere 12 months in prison and a fine of $1,000. Great work, guys. Really stellar justice work you did there.

U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler had this laughable addendum to tack on the whole fiasco:

“When excessive force is used by police officers against members of our community, particularly our veterans, it erodes confidence in our justice system and does irreparable damage to public confidence… Anyone who violates the civil rights of others will be held accountable.”

No kidding. If by “held accountable” you mean, “slapped on the wrist,” then sure. I think most of us could name two or three people we would be willing to punch in the face repeatedly, if we knew we would only face a 12-month sentence.

As a condition of the plea, Kaim also agreed to surrender his law enforcement license and not to seek further employment as a law enforcement officer.

That makes the rest of us safer… from this one particular bad cop. It does not punish him effectively, and other cops in the area might even be emboldened by his lenient sentencing.

Authority figures need to be held to a higher standard of conduct than the rest of us, not a lower one. Unfortunately, sometimes human social life is bogus that way. We treat our so-called “pillars of the community” as if they could do no wrong.

Too many assume that authority figures never do anything wrong… we all need to be assuming the opposite. Positions of power grant people cover. They grant people outs for their bad behavior; they grant people the ability to make the rest of us feel shame for even suggesting they are out of line.

There is no uniform that obliterates all wickedness from the human spirit. For everyone who strives to be worthy of their uniform, there is someone else who wears theirs like a mask.

Moral of the story? A person wearing a badge will not always act with honor. Until the day their commanding officers see fit to discipline them correctly, we all need to be vigilant around them.

Stay alert. Do not be fooled.

Source: https://www.theindychannel.com/news/local-news/crime/former-indianapolis-va-officer-to-serve-12-months-for-assaulting-patient-filing-false-report

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  1. An 71 year old AF veteran was beat to death at Pineville, La VAMC by a 51 year old nurses aide about 4 years ago, they were waiting for a witness to die so they could ‘Limine’ here written statement , disqualify it as here-say to get him only a year of probation. I don’t use that hospital, and nobody has asked me why. An elephant in the AO.

  2. Sounds like the Average Cop to me in Amerikkka, beating a private Citizen, falsifying records sounds like an average day in the office huh? Maybe if he killed the guy we can blame the victim for getting killed right?

  3. The VA cop was most likely a punk and a thug on the street. Real cops don’t thug disabled veterans. This looks like another case of VA taking care of its own and screw the veteran!

    1. It’s not only a VA issue but a state wide FOP issue. Who recently announced supporting the Demoncrat party.

      This one story is just a small accidental incident caught with witness. Normally most folks will just pass by and not give this crap another thought. One little drop of reality in a ocean of corruption professional misconduct from everything imaginable. With media scrambling trying to confuse the issues or charges.

      Will he spend time in a regular prison, in solitary, claim to be in prison but shipped out of town and put in a ankle bracelet and home detention? No one will ever know. Or will he go to a special prison for the state’s well connected like a Camp Cupcake. Wont be the first time cop or well connected type to ease their pain. And fool the public. We have no real media or investigative journalist in the state or in college towns. Just liars, lefties, activist, those out to protect their own lying positions and not lose a wink of sleep over any of it.

      The “Blue line of silence” and ‘taking care of their own’ is real. Think one so-called good cop or people in the know are going to risk their media jobs or lives to whistle-blow on anyone in a state filled with corruption? What kind of legal authorities are going to support issues like censoring, nepotism, not allowing citizens wanting information, to report threats and crimes from activist/city thugs/ and not able to record things in a court house or a police station???

      We here can’t even discuss matters like this or about town corruption to pedophiles in parks. Against their “rules and regulations for councils” and their lawyers will shout you down and tell you ‘silence’ we won’t have that here.

      There are also many forms of thuggery and attacks on citizens/vets. Some out here know just how far they will go and to the point some target ends up dead or from suicide. If not locked up, set up or disappears. Think a patient with a target on their backs would be safe in this state?

  4. Hope the Victim has attorney, into District Court against the Guard personally and VA for failure to supervise, monitor, neglect in hiring an obviously disturbed person…

  5. As a Vietnam vet I am disgusted with the way this vet was treated. I worked in a hospital for 26 years and was part of an incident response team that managed all of these kinds of incidents. Police, social work, patient advocate and risk management all responded and diffused incidents so violence was not required. I’m available and willing to volunteer my knowledge and demonstrate and mentor the process.

  6. Like I said in your last posting these immoral evil actions are being cast upon Veterans everyday 100 times worst than this story. The Veteran has no real legal help, take a look at the unfair Federal Chokehold still around my neck and what I have unfairly been put through by the word twisters of The Office Of The Inspector General. The OIG did not investigated why I was denied Veterans Transportation services. The OIG has threaten me to take my disability away, told my mother I am consider a terrorist, has question me without legal representation. The main reason Veterans end up in trouble like I am currently is because the Veteran is denied medical services they are allowed, because the VA staff like Tampa James Haley bullies, belittles, intimidates and humiliates Veterans everyday knowing dam well it makes the Veteran angry. Then once we are many times fasley accused they have us by the balls with no escape or serious legal help. billapgar.com

  7. As I have tried to show out here and spreading it around all over the place including to the cowards afraid of Indiana mafias and politics, also our own deep-state and shadow government pedophiles, attack dogs, thugs, secret clubs, country clubbers, et al. ALL. Churches too.

    Seems this very morning I heard Cath-o-licks gossiping about them, the church, their holy magazines are going to renege or take back support for Kavanah over mere psychotic, lying, memory lacking events, accusations, of sex abuse. Over teen age years too… oh my. Stinking lefties and commies.


    That is from 2015. Should be straight Fs from the beginning till today. The past thirty five years or so has become nothing but total corruption, censoring, mafia and thug rule. Include college trash, media, about every damn thing. Yet the sheep and those claiming to love Obummer, globalism, NWO, or Hillary and all these now day social justice warriors and groups love that. And their mob rule and fascism.

    Using utility workers the local Democrat mafia and all included tried to burn me out. That show what this town and state is made of.

    Been a year and still can’t get med records for the local civy Union hospital and UAP clinics. Plus the harassing and threatening phone calls I’ve recorded most of. From multiple offices from them from registration to surgery. A lot going on and still have not found a doctor due to it all and my being a veteran with VA issues/damages, White, and being hated by local leadership, Democrats who run the area, and most who dwell here and fear all these regimes and Masonic shit. With local elected for life leaders having family scattered about the state so they can do what they want, and get any information on anyone they want. Its legal here for health care workers not tell you their real full names, to their bold face lies in your face acting all professional, then chuckle about it all, then more phone calls. Same as the VA for some nurse or staff not record things or issues in our files then later just say oops we forgot, laugh laugh, or say a nurse wanted to meet you so she came over from another clinic and new here (?). And acted like a witch from hell, very rude, and did her activist gig.

    All this and more is why media canaries tell me if they dared report anything going on with me they’d be fired on the spot, even their friends tell me that if the reporters and staff refuse to get speak with me meet me. Then I am a evil terrorist, racist, chauvinist pig, abuser, target, trouble maker, problem, or whatever. The normal Democrat, communist manifesto rule book games. Or from the Rules for Radicals and other college kiddy games and activism.

    Contacted the GOP here….. crickets and avoided the issues completely. “Let us know if we can help with any problems you may have.” Lying pigs. Typical here and no questions for me at all. Just like the state’s attorney generals, senators, congress varmints… all the same phony crap and passing the buck. Same thing for contacting the various ‘out reach programs’ or any of the local VSOs or clubs. Which support it all cause one of their own may need the support and to continue on with the nepotism.

    The total lack of professionalism, the evil, negative attitudes, covering-up, activism, identity politics, lacks of bed-side manners, lack of manners, respect, honor, truth, morality, decency, thuggery, mob rule, group think, gas lighting and such tactics, vast corrupt networks…. is all them. I rarely if ever got anything of the sorts in return, especially from those in political offices, VA scum on all levels, or health care community today.

    Those locally claiming the VA lies or is evil but still uses them are game players. They sure get their care with no problems. How many of them and others get to listen to shit about how some staff or some MD is from a big city like New York or somewhere. From very very prominent, well established families in the medical profession but are here to play games with us? Which Indiana is a dumping ground for misfits, illegals, scammers, crooks, fly by night companies, etc. If so prominent why are their foreigner kids and visa holders, as usual, here in Indiana to gain a step up the ladders of medical filth ruining some of us then move on once they get want they want or time in. I think this nation is … toast. Totally occupied, lost.

    Trump made around forty picks from here to fill his admin with???? Pence to warring scum like Nikki Haley which isn’t even her real name. It’s a lost cause till the sheep care and get involved and march against every bit of evil and censoring in this nation. My town is a lost cause due to the connections and mafia, nepotism, cliques. I don’t see America being one, two and three on the list of disappointments from my perspectives and loss of basic rights and living in college town far lefty commie rule.

    1. Mr. “T”, I thought I was the only one, but i guess there are at least two of us. I totally agree with every word you said, but you left out the worst parts. Just imagine if you had included them? What I have experienced similar to you; also, is that they only show up to collect their check of our hard earned tax monies. They are secure because of our service to our nation. The lingo they speak is called wordspeak, and no it is not two words, but one compound word. For example, “Hello, I’m from the Government and I am here to help.” That my friend is a very true and honest statement, but the wordspeak has more than one meaning and they expect us to fill in the blanks, or connect the dots. What the statement really means is that they are here to help, but to help themselves to their convenience and benefit, while the rest of the goats and sheep will claim that we are the bitter, and disgruntled ones for telling our stories that totally contradict the statement that the sheep and goat masses fill in the blanks and connect the dots. The best way to beat them is to use their rules, so I propose to give them a hug and a kiss, hold for at least 7 minutes, longer if the weather is colder then release them from their hug and sealed kiss. Bhuaalllaaaa! One less down. Wordspeak my frend. Does eminent domain come to mind? For the greater good, for the good of the public. Now change the wordspeak word of “public” to the real world meaning of “government”. It’s good to hear that I am not alone. I am in California, the land of the nuts and fruits. Another kudos for DisabledVeterans. org, and I ordered the VocRehab packet and reading it online, it gives me flashbacks of the last 22 years I’ve been attempting to get my VocRehab benefit, but their wordspeak keeps beating me down. It’s like going into the ring with Muhamad Ali, and I’ve never been to even a boxing match to observe what boxing is. Welcome to the new and improved America.

  8. I got into a disagreement with my new primary care doctor at Longview, Tx. CBOC about getting a 6 month wait time for appointment with urgent problems & on phone I asked,’Does a vet have to come down there with a baseball bat to get care out of you people’ ? He reported to the VA Police that I threatened him with an ax & was going to come down there & take an ax to him. VA police having to investigate called me and asked about it. Being angry I responded that that is absolute B.S. & told him what I said. He told me not to worry he was a vet also & he knew what was going on, ending conversation. But, how does one get this out of his records, you cannot because of a lying primary care doctor. Of course my primary care doctor was changed & next visit to my new P.C., I found VA police waiting & followed me & my son into exam room. New P.C. doc asked my son if he was the police officer which he responded, ‘medically retired’, showing how much I was investigated. On leaving again we were escorted by VA Police escort out, like a criminal, which I am not. Is this the way a priority ‘one’ vet is supposed to be treated ?

  9. I’m confused. He was arrested for a civil rights violation and obstruction of justice for falsifying the arrest report. Nowhere does it say he was charged or tried for battery with deadly intent (six or seven punches to the face). So, where did civil rights come into play? Racial epithets?

    One year and $1000 is indeed a slap on the wrist for battery, but not unreasonable for lying and a mystery civil rights violation.

    Something is missing.

  10. I don’t know, I see it everywhere. When anyone with a badge breaks their OATH to uphold the law and the constitution and are caught doing a criminal act (Usually after they tried to cover it up or bury it) or violating someones civil rights, it seems the sentence (If any) they get is far, far less than the general public or a Vet would receive for the same offense 98% of the time. When it should be, in my opinion more severe than a standard sentence, because they actually are breaking their oath they swore to do. A few years back, a female VA cop came from behind and lifted my shirt and tried to grab my phone in it’s case I was carrying on my hip, I was ready to punch whoever it was, but saw her uniform in time, and wouldn’t you know- She “thought” I was carrying a weapon. After telling her to keep your @#$%& hands off me, and her saying sorry 20 times, I filed a complaint. I never heard back from anyone and don’t even know if they ever even did anything, nor did I pursue it. Never know if you’d get put on a “Disruptive committee list” for something someone else did…

  11. Kaim your a punk and to push and punch a disabled veteran in the face should have gotten you 30 years or more for abuse of the elderly and disabled, you might have gotten away with 12 months behind bars but the veteran and his attorney should file a civil lawsuit against you , the VA, and the agency that tolerates your behavior, hope you get what you deserve, don’t drop the soap, somebody bigger and badder beats you, gives you the ass whopping you need

  12. The doctors there are not much better. I went there with my sister as I was so messed up I could not even drive. I actually COLLAPSED on them TWICE because my legs would not let me walk. Was taken into a room and they examined me and the one young doctor wanted to do surgery the next morning and was going to put me into the hospital that day. He left and the next thing I know an very much older guy walks in and sits down clear on the other side of the room, never looks at the documentation or my files on the computer or the x-rays. Looks down his nose at me and REFUSES to do the surgery. I get up and go outside and collapse in the waiting room and again nothing. No help nothing. My sister takes me home and the next day I see my own personal doctor who turns snow white when she looks at the x-rays and orders me to bed till I see an ortho surgeon two days later (the soonest she can get me in) He examines me and has another MRI done and then places me into the hospital for EMERGENCY SURGERY. Seems that there is a sliver of bone sitting right off my aorta in my leg and a small bump would be enough for it to punch a hole in it and I would bleed to death in my sleep. In short these son of a bitches there damned near committed homicide. Their punishment? The old fart was protected till he retired so he got a full VA Pension. Me? I ended up having to have my knee joints on BOTH sides replaced and am in the process of finding out if I have to have them done for the second time! and I am only 57 years old. If this moron had done the surgery he could have stopped this or put the knee replacement off, but he didnt and again damn near killed me in the process. So the police officers down there do not surprise me for their actions as by the sounds of it the whole freaking place is like this.

  13. ‘https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-obtains-irs-documents-revealing-mccains-subcommittee-staff-director-urged-irs-to-engage-in-financially-ruinous-targeting/’

    1. Yup. Should not surprise anyone on this board. Probably one of the reasons why when (among many others) he passed, that he did not receive a glowing tribute on this board.

      John’s rhetoric and reality were light-years apart . . .

  14. Can you say, *”Two Tiered Justice System”!*
    “We the People” have had this “saying” thrust apon us for the last two to three years, at least!
    Who wants to bet, this cop moves to another state and is hired by VA? Anyone! Don’t be shy! A year from now, no one will remember this “flat foot’s” name! Isn’t that how it works!
    He’ll pull his “time”, get out, then someone will hire him!

    Side Note; I’ve read novels where people will contact friends to take care of situations like this! Just saying!

    1. And nothing is stopping him from getting his job back when he comes back from probation. And yes I said probation as he will appeal this and still be on the job while appealing it and it will get knocked down to probation and he will still be employed there. so what exactly does this show? That you can do whatever you damn well please and nothing will happen to you

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