San Jose VA DeWayne Hamlin

You’re Fired – San Juan VA Director DeWayne Hamlin Terminated

San Juan VA DeWayne Hamlin

One gift of President Donald Trump’s inauguration day was termination of San Juan VA Medical Center director DeWayne Hamlin according to a leaked email.

That email, sent by VISN 8 director Miguel LePuz, provided Hamlin’s replacement after removal from federal service, “Mr. Dewayne Hamlin was removed from federal service effective January 20, 2017.” The replacement is Dr. Antonio Sanchez, chief of staff at the facility.

Hamlin was being investigated for a string of unethical and illegal acts including driving under the influence, diversion of painkillers without a prescription, negligent hiring and attempts to induce fraud against another federal employee and VA whistleblower.

In 2015, Hamlin was also under investigation by Washington Examiner for improper “delegation of authority” where he was paid $179,700 despite being absent from the hospital for 80 days in a one-year period in 2014.

Apparently, being absent from work was not the only problem Hamlin was dealing with in 2014. Florida police caught him sitting in a car smelling of alcohol at 2am. He refused to take a breathalyzer twice. Police then found oxycodone on Hamline even though he did not have a prescription.

Hamlin Against VA Whistleblowers

In September 2016, Hamlin was exposed by the press in an apparent fraudulent conspiracy to force one VA whistleblower to make a false report against another and then tried to pay off that same person with $305,000 using taxpayer money when the scheme backfired.

According to one report:

“Hamlin asked [Rosayma Lopez] to write a report that could be used to fire Joseph Colon because Colon called attention to an intoxicated Hamlin being arrested at 3am with painkillers, the diversion of which is a major problem for VA hospitals.

“When Lopez’s analysis of facts and rules concluded Colon shouldn’t be fired, Hamlin tried to fire Lopez for insubordination, and when that was blocked by ethics officials, he offered her $305,000 from the hospital’s budget for her to quit and agree not to re-apply.

“VA general counsel Leigh Bradley would not give any evidence for why it was appropriate to purge Lopez from the workforce, claiming the Privacy Act prevented her from discussing it, even though a representative of the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), a federal agency that advocates for whistleblowers, and others at the hearing did not seem to think it prevented them from discussing cases in some detail.

Shortly after the above story was exposed by The Daily Caller, September 2016, the VA Office of Accountability Review (OAR) acknowledged it was investigating Hamlin.

A VA Whistleblower Response To Hamlin Termination

“I believe it is a start towards holding unethical people like Mr. DeWayne Hamlin accountable for going after whistleblowers,” said VA whistleblower Joseph Colon.

This was the whistleblower who reported Hamlin’s problems with intoxication.

Colon went on to caution VA against replacing when bad apple with another when seeking Hamlin’s replacement, “You will never fix the VA if you remove an unethical person and replace it with another unethical person.”

He was referencing the promotion of Dr. Sanchez to acting director at San Juan VA.

According to Colon, Dr. Sanchez was also implicated in whistleblower retaliation in 2013, “But at the same time the VA rewards Dr. Antonio Sanchez with an acting director position. Dr. Antonio Sanchez, who was promoted, was the first person to retaliate against me in November 2013.”

Apparently, there is more swamp to drain at San Juan VA.

San Juan VA Negligent Hiring… And Training?

As for Hamlin, hiring unethical people was one of Hamlin’s most noteworthy characteristics as evidenced by two of his most recent questionable hiring decisions.

Hamlin thought it made sense to hire a top purchasing official straight of federal prison after serving a sentence for credit card fraud. Keep in mind that purchasing officials process enormous amounts of money and are pivotal in preventing (or allowing) contracting fraud schemes.

Another human resources official was a convicted sex offender. As one can imagine, being a sex offender can pose complications and ethical questions when managing private and sensitive information of employees.

Both hires stretch the common sense limits of proper hiring practices. But Hamlin was not the only VA leader guilting of lacking common sense.

Hamlin also saw to it one VA employee was promoted despite being responsible for the unit that let veterans sit in their on feces. She was promoted once the Office of Special Counsel investigation into feces-gate was complete.

Not to break with tradition, during the recent 2016 VA investigation, Hamlin was selected by VA leadership to serve as a “coach” and “lead” at VA’s Leaders Developing Leaders conference in Washington DC. Perhaps he was coaching them on ethics?

Perhaps he was coaching them on ethics? What about promoting bad employees?

What do you suppose Hamlin taught the other VA leaders?

DeWayne Hamlin Track Record In VA

At San Juan VA, as director, Hamlin was responsible for a budget of $500 million and oversaw a workforce of 3,400 employees.

Before going to San Juan VA, Hamlin served at VA centers nationwide. I would bet there is a trail of scandals behind him: 

“Before his appointment to VA Caribbean, Mr. Hamlin served as Director of the Lexington VA Medical Center from 2011 to July 2012 and Director of the Boise, Idaho VAMC from 2007 to 2011. The Juneau, AK. native also held the position of Associate Director at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa, Florida, where he was also the Chief of Facilities Management Service. Prior to Tampa, he was appointed Chief Engineer at the Clarksburg VAMC in West Virginia and Chief, Facilities Management Service at the VA Puget Sound Healthcare System in Seattle, Washington. He started his VA career in 1990 at the Portland, Oregon VAMC.”

San Juan VA Termination Email

“A Message to all VA Caribbean Healthcare System (VACHS) Employees from VISN 8 Network Director 

“Dr. Antonio Sanchez, Chief of Staff at the VAHS will remain acting Medical Center Director until further notice. Mr. Dewayne Hamlin was removed from federal service effective January 20, 2017.

“I am confident each of you will continue, as you always have, to provide exemplary health care services to the Veterans we were honored to serve.

“Miguel H. LaPuz, MD, MBA

“VISN 8 Network Director”

SEE IT: Screen Shot Of VA Removal From Federal Service Email

I would like to wish DeWayne Hamlin a nice life outside VA. Good luck finding a job after these reports circulate.

How could it take any reasonable organization over 2 years to terminate someone with such a concerning record of fraud, waste and abuse of their position while getting paid top dollar by American taxpayers?

UPDATE: 1/24/17, 12:23 PM, The original article inverted the names of Dr. Sanchez with Dr. LaPuz. It is Dr. Sanchez who was investigated and linked to Mr. Colon’s whistleblower claim and not Dr. LaPuz.

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  3. AND… There is more. I would like to come to surface the name of the podiatrist who kindled a female and he s still servicing at San Juan VA. Plus, this Dr. Sanchez is a power freak.

  4. Many thanks to Benjamin Krause for all the news!

    It is hard to comprehend that ANYONE within the VA at any level could have control over hundreds of thousands of dollars. “…Hamlin tried to fire Lopez for insubordination, and when that was blocked by ethics officials, he offered her $305,000 from the hospital’s budget…” Just doesn’t seem legal, ethical. Reading some of the replies on one other threads, a person said if this is what is allowed to be uncovered, then surely those things which are kept hidden underneath are much worse.

    Earlier in this comment section was the mentioning of being asked by health practitioners if “you own or have a gun at home?” This one question use to make me feel like a criminal, like I was already guilty of something, or that I should feel guilty. I did take it personally, and even thought I should feel some shame. I would answer ‘no’, but later on would wonder why I felt like I had to lie, even though I had done nothing wrong? Had someone in my family or friend circle called ahead of my appointment and falsely reported me doing, or threatening to do, something?

    If I am ever asked that question again by a VA Mental Health worker, I will answer this way:
    “With all due respect, if you have any reason for asking that question, I would like to know now. As far as I know, I have not been denied my Bill of Rights by any court or jurisdiction. And just to set the record straight, I should be more afraid of you than you are of me. Does the name Major Nidal Hassan ring a bell? You know the one, the psychiatrist who shot up all those soldiers? Well, you remind me of him.
    Now, if I am under investigation, I would like to call my lawyer.”

    That is tacky, I know, and I know I’m suppose to forgive. But there are those bodies who are still piling up that could’ve used a good doctor. One has to make choices daily on how to live, what’s important and who to give help to. I refuse to give honor or my time to those who couldn’t care less.

    1. PS. And, I would also like to know what medications, Rx, OTC, herbals and home-made drugs my health care professional is taking. Is that at all possible?

      1. I’ve read stories about your own personal visits to the VA. As I’ve stated before I was given a choice between pain medication or my firearms couldn’t have both. I still have my firearms. When we enter the military they didn’t have a problem giving us weapons to protect our country, so why would they want them now? I know most of you are dealing with the same thing as myself, chronic pain, PTSD, depression, insomnia, anxiety, nootropic because of our military service. Because of my experience at the VA, i had to find something i could take to help me combat what I’m dealing with. A friend ask me if I knew anything about KRATOM, which I answered no. After doing some research on it I decided to try some, couldn’t hurt. After two days my pain level was down to almost nothing, i was able to sleep all night for the first time in years, my mood as far as depression and anxiety was so much better. I am not endorsing it or telling you to try KRATOM. I will tell you that my life has changed for the better because of KRATOM. If you are interested in finding out more about Kratom and it’s many uses, go to Google and find out for yourselves. That’s more than what you’re getting from the VA. Hope this information helps!!!!!!

      2. @Gary Painter – Hey Brother, what species type or color of Kratom do you use for your symptoms related to your medical condition. I’ve read many posts about Kratom, but I get concerned when individuals mention more about the high compared to the amount of pain relief that they receive. Your input will be greatly appreciated and valued. I’m an Investigative Research Biologist, and I want to weigh the start-up costs when purchasing so called Over-The-Counter [OTC] alternative treatment modalities. Thank you.

      3. As you are already aware, there are many different strains of Kratom, but the color is a green, but each variety has a different name depending on what it’s used for. Example: the red leaf variety is the strongest of these plants: uses: pain, sleep, some varieties are for energy and believe they work. Kratom also works for depression, I could go on and on and still not completely described what Kratom has enabled me to do, things I couldn’t do before, simple things like get out of my house instead of staying locked in side, being able to move without making sounds with every step because of pain. But if you’re looking for a “high” keep looking you want find it with Kratom. I will tell you if you take too much you can get the “wobbles”. As I stated above in my article it is actually better than the medications I was on for years including Fentyal because of no side affects. If you find someone who knows their stuff they will be better equipped to explain the different strains and what each one is going to work for. Hope this helps

      4. @Gary Painter – Hey Brother, I’m not looking for a high. I need relieve from the same symptoms that you have because I have the same as well. I’m not asking for OTC medical treatment advice, I’m asking only for information. There is a big difference. From what you describe, I’d like to get rid of my symptoms and hopefully stop taking Schedule II controlled substances. So how about a share of information? Thanks again.

  5. ?And thai director signed and approved a proposed removal because I have fibromyalgia??????
    Shame on him!
    3 month karma! That’s a record-breaking time!

  6. @Ex va – How R U doing tonight my Brother? Hope you’ve been able to get some necessary relief in order to recharge. Mine slacked off a bit today.

    Last month my I started to get a sleepy colon. I stopped sennosides [Senokot like] tabs. Only been taking stool softeners, and I’ve been having better evacuation amounts [a good, relaxing healthy poo’s]. I had enough talking with VA PCP about this issue. They offer no current medication to help with this type of constipation. I did it my way.

    And, I hope that I have continued success of sitting on the throne because, thankfully I’m able to eat, and I mustard. I thought I’d give you a shout out to see how you’re doing.

  7. @91Veteran , @Namnibor – Thank you both for chiming in about discussing VoteVetdotorg. 91, I got tied up with other things, so when you posted the information located at their site, that’s all I had to read. This liberal progressive [Lem] was having a reasonable debate at first. Then I started to see signs that I didn’t agree with. I would hope, that all Veterans would get together to help Veterans with their normal issues with the VA.

    Instead, some of them hide their true agenda at the bottom of the page or in fine print. Supporting other identities instead of purely focusing on Veterans. This isn’t what I’m interested in, don’t want to waste my time with, or to support in any way shape or form. I’ve had enough of the immoral wolves in sheep clothing personalities.

    Final conclusion, Lem reminds me of Zeek who was on the last Survivor. Smooth talker, manipulator, and story teller. Then if you buy into it, it usually causes, “you’ll find out afterwards that the affect-effect is bullshit. Thanks for covering my six.

    1. ANutterVet, no worries brother. I don’t mind comments here from whatever perspective, but suggesting veterans support a clearly political group like that that has little history in actually accomplishing good things for veterans is as bad as a VSO coming on here telling us we need to ignore dead vets and just Save Our System.

      VoteVets have every right to do what they do, but I don’t need to read bullshit suggesting they care about veterans issues.

  8. Once again a misfit life long bureaucrat with the VA that never himself spent one day in uniform.

  9. Ben, I posted on here many time about the disruptive committee as you have. I stated that I would contact Senator Bennett’s office once again to get a meeting with him and advised his office that I have all the proof of a VA employee using the Disruptive committee to Retaliate against me.

    They lied to his office more than once. The problem I am finding is that a veteran can send his office an E-mail as required and I did receive a message back with the name Michael Bennett and it says nothing about the disruptive committee or anything about a meeting.

    what it does say is thank you for contacting our office, we need citizens like you to give input. Please follow us on twitter and facebook. I sent them another e-mail stating that I felt that the response I received was not addressing veterans concerns and I feel that the E-mail was not sent by him and that a clerk sent the E-mail and once again requested a meeting with him.

    What can a veteran do, when the elected official or his staff blows you off ! They talk and talk and do nothing about the problem. If he or his office does not reply positively what option do we have as citizens to be heard.

    The message was a slap in the face, what the hell is going on with our elected officials. Don’t they have to reply to the message and not ignore veterans. What is one to do ?

    1. Don’t expect action unless you copy your letter to a local media and get it published or aired. Few Congressman respond to anything that isn’t in the news. And if it is in the news, expect to hear from the Chief of Staff, not the Congressman himself and he will contact the VA on your behalf. There is also, once it gets printed/aired a Congressional Liaison with the House VA Committee that may contact you. Experience with the Cheyenne VA speaking over the “Choice” program and a FOIA request speaking.

      They were effective to some degree.

      1. Thanks lem you are dead right and I have now written a letter to both Senator Bennett and to Cory Gardner asking for a meeting. I will be hand delivering these letters to one of their field offices. And if I do not get a response I will be forced to go to the Pueblo chieftain a news outlet and koaa news.

        I will also be writing to President Trump. I wrote another E-mail and received the same E-mail back. So its a Robot or a standard letter sent out. Its a dirty, dirty, shame that our elected officials are hiding from its citizens.

        I have ten years of REAL evidence to prove my case, seems they don’t care about their citizens or Veterans.

      2. will keep you all informed, the senators E-mail site is a SHAM. ROBOT. everyone gets the same response. Dodging their duties. Shut down the VA, they are worse than the people they send us to fight. At least when sent to war, we can fight back.

        The VA is a death trap, by design. Greedy. Care less if veterans are dying. Reminds me of Tom Cruiz in the movie SHOW ME THE MONEY !

        I was reading where McCain had veterans arrested for protesting. Way to go McCain, hurting fellow veterans.

      3. I don’t know if Gardner has an office in Pueblo James, but beware of his office in Colorado Springs.

        His aide there is not at all helpful.

    2. James, what you are getting is an auto response from his email.

      Its just a generic form letter they send back to anyone emailing them. If you sent it directly to his email address, you might see a different response. If you sent it from his web page, there should have been some notice like, “Due to the volume of messages received”…yahdah yahdah yahdah.

      If you want a response, call his office and let them know you sent an email, and you would like a response from them.

      1. Thanks I am going to hand deliver a letter to both Bennett and Cory Gardners field office today and advised them if I do not get a real response I will be forced to go to the Pueblo chieftain and KOAA news.

        That is a very sad way to respond to citizens concerns. I did call and was told to go to their site and complete their form. Yes it is a Robot and standard practice, sad

  10. Great alternative fact, “illegals” braved exposing themselves voting against Trump to the more than double the rate of voting of legal voters? Give your “gun” a couple more jerks, Seymore. I voted for this liar and wish I could take it back. I didn’t believe the man would turn into a Putin/Kim clone.

    1. @Lem – I would’ve not voted for HC for any reason. No matter what, there needed to be a changing of the guard. This country is WAYYYYYY to far to the left. I’m tolerant, that is to a point. Like I mentioned before, in no way was the poop shoot made for a penis. THis love is love crap is distorted and dangerous. Shootz, our younger ones can’t even figure out what bathroom to use.

      1. Neither would I. But I thought she was the only one owned by Goldman Sachs and thus the military industrial complex’s effort to defund the VA in order to get a broader cut from the “military budget”.

        And if I had know how deeply flawed Trump is I wouldn’t have voted for him either. But certainly never HRC. Even as flawed as Trump is I believe in the Constitution and the overwhelming just people in Congress and the Courts to hold him in check. But it is getting scary. Gaging government workers? WOW! “alternative facts” DOUBLE WOW!

      2. @Lem- Just people in Congress and the Courts? This is where even more corruption is occurring. Let us deal with one large identity or agency at a time. I don’t like to say it, but corruption runs rampant in our country.

      3. Agreed. But most of the Congressman and Senators don’t fall into that barrel. I think a couple of the Cabinet picks from the Congress do though and that is scary. Makes it worse instead of better. I worry about the number of picks from Goldman Sachs. Home they are “former employees” bent on correction but I don’t know their background. One is an ex employee for sure, as in not moving directly from Goldman Sachs.

      4. The House and Senate is more crooked than a dog’s hind legs. If you think otherwise you are only fooling yourself. Case in point, V.A. denies medical treatment for two years, I write a letter to my congressman, V.A. tells him to fuck off, he does. I carry on the fight and I win the battle without the help of my so-called congressman. By the way, his name is Congressman Randy Hultgren, Republican, Illinois 14th district, Useless piece of shit when it comes to helping veterans. Mark Kirk was no better, Little Dick Durban, don’t make me laugh, and Duckworth? She tow’s the liberal party line.

        Point is the majority of both sides don’t give a rat’s ass about veterans. Did you watch the video of Ben at the hearing? Did anyone seem the least bit interested in anything he had to say? Hell no. And the one single question asked be the little libtard, was not in earnest, it was a rhetorical question, as to what would you suggest that the great Obama hasn’t ? Go back and watch it carefully, and you will see what I mean.

      5. @cj – I never said that any party stands out to support Veterans. Many on both sides are crooked. And, yes, I watched Ben’s video, and paraphrased, “where were all the people?” I also put a large portion of the blame of not keeping the VA issue in the limelight, straight in the dam lap of the media. They have a lot power to cause many of our candy ass politicians to stand up and push to do more than Veterans. I have my own struggles with this monstrous agency. Every time I see a medical provider I say to myself, what now? All I expect, is something else that I need to fight with them about, again, and again. I get it. Veterans are made to keep sacrificing and to suffer for way to long. I don’t have all the answers. That’s why I keep repeating, reformation and reorganization. It is enough already, and it has been for a long time.

      6. @Lem – We have more in common as Veterans, even though we may have different political perspectives. The politicians and the leaders of the VA take full advantage of this to their complete $$$ whipped ways. Follow dat money.

      7. You have every right to be Mad, because it is/was true that the VA will or would have told our elected official to go screw themselves and they would have to do just that. Remember the New Rule where our elected officials have been given the Authority to take any action they need to, to fire federal employees.

        I know I will believe it when I see it ! I don’t know how long it has been since you last contacted your Elected official, But now is not the time to stop trying. Now is the time to flood their offices with your concerns and advise them if they do not listen to you, you will contact the Media.

        Our Elected officials better listen to you and any other Veteran and not only listen take positive action and let the VA know they can go Screw themselves, as they do not hold all the cards now and the Trump card is now in play.

        One of the first people I would like to see go, Is Diana Rubin’s and Kimberly Graves, so they can EAT their words, Go ahead and laugh, we will see who has the last laugh. No more pleading the 5th.

      8. @ANuttterVet : My last post was not against anything you said, I agree with you completely. I was just pointing out in general, that “most of the Congressman and Senators” are in the same barrel, and as such, do not really give a damn about veterans, except around voting time. My own Congressman, like I pointed out, is worthless. I wish the tables were turned, and every veteran who served a couple of terms, were set for life. No disrespect was intended, against any veteran.

      9. @cj – None taken Brother. More than likely, I misinterpreted your comment due to chronic pain, lack of sleep, and totally being frustrated with many asinine VA employees and my medical care [if that is what we want to call it].

        The lack of moving and shaking politicians, that in no doubt stand straight up with proud peacock feathers in full bloom, which continually neglect the health and welfare of Veterans. And, the Fake News outlets are a plague to Veterans, because they don’t fill the airways with breaking news to keep the American public aware about the issues that are clogging the corrupt VA System.

        Almost everyone with influence are for themselves [$$$], and for moving up the employment stratification layers for more prestige, power, and time theft. While Veterans, their love ones, and their service, therapy, psychiatric, and or emotional animals have to struggle with unnecessary pain and suffering, that surely begins with the culprit referred to as; the intentional infliction of emotional distress [IIED].

        In other words, those with the authority to treat or to make the necessary changes to really help Veterans, know exactly what they are doing; not heeding the calls of Veterans to help them regain their lives back as much as possible. Reformation and reorganization of the VA System is the only answer.

        Stop the madness. Veterans have passed away in physical weaponry conflicts and war, but they still have a fight against the ones who are supposed to back them up, and to support them with their continued struggles in civilian life.

        Stop the madness. It’s cruel, uncompassionate, causes a lack of security and trust, and Veterans are truly getting fed up getting jerked around with the swampy smelling bullshit. But poo powder, what do I know? I only enlisted.

        Now I’m going to make a bio-hacking stack containing GABA, Alpha GPC, and D-Ribose. Roger dat, ober an out.

      10. It’s a damn shame that the people from other countries being allowed into our own and are given free health, free homes welfare, and the veterans who laid their lives on the line for our country can’t even get medical help from our own government. What’s wrong with this picture, don’t we at least deserve the same benefits as those “muslins ” coming into the US that wants to destroy our way of life

      11. @Gary painter – Brother, I understand how you feel, but I do believe, even though I’m not of the Muslim faith, that not all Muslims are Radical Muslims. Radical Muslims are the dangerous ones, due to their extreme and inhuman believe system. Puzzling though, the VA will let their own Veterans suffer until their death, as Radicals will surely kill their own as well. They are people with out heart.

  11. Okay, I have to say it. DeWayne Hamlin’s photo in Ben’s ‘Bad VA Art’ today makes his deadpan stare eyes look like a typical mugshot and all that’s missing is that black rectangle below his chin with name/case number.
    I know a person cannot help way they may look but Hamlin has that look of the cat that just ate the canary or in this case, crow. 🙂

  12. VoteVets

    Lemuel –

    Here’s a pop quiz for you. Right around 7 percent of Americans have served in the military at some point, but what percentage of the federal workforce is made up of veterans?

    A. 7 percent
    B. 16 percent
    C. 25 percent
    D. 31 percent

    Take your time… think about it… Ok, ready? The correct answer is 31 percent of the federal workforce is made up of veterans. And what that means is that Donald Trump’s hiring and pay freeze hits veterans harder than almost any other group. Trump’s order also hurts unemployed veterans who would have had a great shot at getting new Federal jobs, thanks to President Obama’s Veterans Employment Initiative.

    Donald Trump bragged over, and over, and over, and over again that he was going to take care of veterans. Now his first action hurts them more than any other group. It’s time to make our voices heard:

    Sign our petition calling on Donald Trump to reverse his federal hiring and pay freeze or to detail a specific plan immediately that will help put veterans across the country to work.

    Scarier still, there is no guidance yet on how this federal freeze is going to impact employment and pay at the VA. But here’s the truth, if we are going to make a difference in the Trump Administration, we have to set the tone and make our voices heard early. That’s why adding your name is so important.

    All our best,

    – The team at VoteVets

    1. @Lem — Keep gobbling-up that Kool-Aid you’re pathetically deliriously intoxicated by…I call it swamp water, some just call it canal water, but it still all originates from the South end of the VA Meat Grinder or your fake news, same difference. ~Gurggle~

      1. Just thought I’d post some additions to the “alternative facts” that permeate this sight enhanced by bullying trolls.

        Anyone been listening to the hearings? Not even the appointees will mouth some of these alternative facts. Crowd size etc.

        And now the Putinish gag orders. Yep you get to have your “alternative facts” scrubbed of ligitmate studies, Seymore and you can drink all of that Jones Koolaid you want or maybe you would like a “Heaven’s Gate Exit”.

        The revolution is nigh! Get your gun–the one you were made to hold while shouting, “this is my gun, this is my rifle.” Give it a few whacks. It’ll make your “alternative facts” shine all the brighter.

      2. @Lem – If there was a revolution, you’d be making friends with someone who had a gun, or you’d be looking for a way to get one yourself. And, you’d make dam sure that it would work.

      3. I’ve got that gun. It is just so shriveled up with age sometimes I grab a fat hair and pee down my pant leg when bellied up to a urinal. Hard to find in the “Haines” made in China. Can’t figure out if Chinese are hung high or hung low. Anyway it is a hell of a problem digging out my gun. Have to resort to a seated discharge.

      4. @Lem – I’m sorry you’ve got that problem. Better get you fat wide open mined ass to your local VA for you 4 fingered anal sphincter check. Maybe you’ll be in luck in being serviced by a limp wristed blow hart of a physician, or nurse practitioner, or clinical pharmacologist, or maybe the maintenance engineer in the supply closet? Fuck off pricky vert.

      5. You know ANutterVet, something to think about with your comment about Trump taking stock of things first.

        He’s been in office 3 days.

        With this federal hiring freeze, once he takes stock of things, perhaps he’s thinking, rather than hire those 14 bureaucrats at the Agricultural Marketing Service, I’ll hire 14 VA nurses instead.

        Rather than hire 3 Americorps directors, I’ll hire 3 doctors instead.

        I think his priorities are a little different from previous Presidents.

      6. @91Veteran – My point exactly. Trump is results driven, plus his ego will be negatively affected if things don’t work out the way he would like it too. And, if it doesn’t work out at first, it is my impression, that his well seated personal business minded drive within his psyche, will not rest. He get up, brush himself off, make adjustments, and try another path. And, it may not be the path of least resistance. Because there may not be one.

        Plus, a man with his type of strong ego, it wasn’t an easy thing for him to do; giving up control of many successful businesses in order to be the President of the US. Even though he turned over control to his son’s, he still likes to be number one [top dog].

        I don’t think he’s the type of person that would make his mind up to turn over the businesses to his son’s in one evening pondering session. He consulted his advisors or most likely hired more qualified people to help him due to the complexity of possible conflict of interests. If I recall, I think he hired a woman attorney that spoke of these issues at a press conference.

        And, I try to give our leaders the benefit of the doubt when they take office. I didn’t support Clinton or Obama during those elections, but I didn’t want them to fail at truly helping our country. Come to find out, all along, they helped themselves and sugar coated many pertinent issues.

        The last I heard, there were some liberal political commentators on CBS that commented on ex-Prez Obama’s not so shiny legacy. We’ll see. We know for sure, that he’ll definitely get a fine library. I hope the library gets to be located in Western or Southside Chicago.

      7. Hope you are right 91. But not seeing it in the “Executive Orders” so far. Last pick for appointments was the VA and not so sure it wasn’t from the bottom of the barrel as opposed to time to get the best. And if pick for health care is any meter for the VA?

      8. Trump has been in office 4 full days now.

        Trying not to cheerlead, but I see 2 positive changes in just those 4 days.

        Hamlin is fired. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200, just get out. I can’t see VA management taking the risk of playing games and trying to put him somewhere else.

        The second positive change is, I saw last night a post on my local VAs Facebook page looking for vets to by on a focus group seeking ways they can improve. I have already left a message saying I want to participate.

        It may not be positive yet, we shall see, but I get the impression they are truly looking for ways to improve.

        I say that since updates to their Facebook page used to be once every 2 -3 months if that.

      9. I also just had a positive experience 91. I just got off the phone following up on my Rx for diapers. The pharmacist said she would find out what the problem was and call me back instead of sending me in the circle jerk.

      10. Each day of Trumps administration is bringing more news on how things are changing.

        I believe there are many managers in the VA that are seriously rattled, and I also believe they will be scrambling hard to show what a great job they are doing for veterans.

      11. @91Veteran – Albeit, leading into another cover up at the level of each person covering their tracks. In other words, using their chromatophores to blend in with what is acceptable. These people play this game very well. This is why it is of the utmost importance to have an open door policy for employees to freely speak out about unprofessional mannerisms. You know, the same old, same old. Hopefully, Trumps Administration will implement strategies to detect those who are only putting on a show while the heat is on.

    2. @Lem – Thanks for your post. I figured it out after your listed the options on your multiple choice question. Here is something that I’m thinking; if 31 percent of the Federal workforce are veterans, then I would think that there is at least 31 percent or more, of the employees that work at VA facilities are Veterans. Hmmmm?

      If this is so, and with all the training that Veterans have had in their past or current career, then why isn’t there more Veterans speaking out to protect their own? No matter how you answer this question, it doesn’t benefit Veterans, who are in need of proper healthcare due to REAL pain and suffering.

      So what do you suppose President Trump to do? The VA corruption and scandals are so deeply rooted, that no matter what is done at first to get this matter in control, there will be others that are affected-effected because of this turmoil. It is a complex situation and has gone on for way too long. I keep on seeing images of the movie, Article 99.

      What ticks me off, is that I know for sure that there are corrupt Veterans that work in the VA Medical Centers. And, they are a disgrace, equal to treason.

      I don’t like others to suffer because of the actions of others. Unfortunately, may be this is the first step to protect Veterans and to protect the taxpayers from being ripped off. I don’t know. But, I do hope that this is a starting point, then as the new Trump Administration gains insight, that they will retract on the Federal freezes where it deems necessary.

      Another thing, Trump knows that our budget and deficit is way off balance. This makes our country weak, and dependent on other countries for help or support. This has been a problem for decades. I realize that the Government has sold us out by dumbing us down, and making us feel and think that we need to rely on them.

      I believe that if the freezes have anything to do with our country becoming stronger, and that the VA corruption gets cleaned up, that most Veterans would be willing to sacrifice for a bit in order to solve this critical issues. Lets hope for the best, and time will tell. I do understand you concerns.

      1. @Lem – continued . . . but I respectfully don’t agree with them. And, I will not be signing the petition at VoteVets. It’s too early, and I’m suspicious due to what I perceive that you’ve not thoroughly thought out other variables; hurting Veterans that can’t help themselves or their families, corruption in the VA system, and the deficit that is strangling our country.

      2. Nutter, if there is a hiring freeze, how is the VA going to improve? You can’t fire someone if you can’t have a replacement.

      3. @Lem – I’m sure there is a plan that goes above and beyond the hiring freeze. It doesn’t make logical sense to put a permanent freeze in place knowing that many Agencies are wasting money via legal or illegal means.

      4. Hope you are right. I hope he takes a quick look at the Choice contracts. Won’t change my doctor but will change how big of a rake goes to corruption. On the other hand maybe my reauthorization is not going to come through because of the “contract freeze”. In any case if he changes Health Net, inc. he can’t do any worse. Well not really, but he will have to expressly try hard to make it worse.

      5. @Lem – Like I said, I think they want to get a handle on things before committing to spending more money. I do this with my own household’s budget. Then when I get a handle on things, I allocate monies accordingly. Its called evaluating to see how and if things are working as they should. And yes, sometimes we have to sacrifice some, and hopefully the changes will make things better. Shootz. the people believed in Obama and gave him plenty of chances to change things. Short changed or what?

      6. It is a wait and see situation. But so far the seeing doesn’t show much. Jake Leinenkugel is a ??? Is he a suck it up Marine that, as in the past Marine appointments that want to put it on the veterans family to take care of the veteran no matter the veteran’s family or their financial situation because his family had the means and the heart to take care of their own but didn’t extend that to other Marines. Still a question in my mind. Haven’t seen an executive order to the Secretary of the VA to take the TBI adjudication date back to the point of their employment history, no matter far that goes, so that those veterans can have homes and retirements their comrades have the entered the service in the same mental and physical condition but were discharged whole have.

        What I’ve seen so far from Trump is a disconnect from the have not’s. Going full bore for the haves and the able bodied. Health care be damned. Civil rights including the entitlements of veterans be damned. Health insurance companies reeking huge giveaways. Exon getting a huge give away. No requirement to monitor that pipeline effectively. 35 jobs after it is fully installed. Electronic monitoring that is ignored because of the false bells by the 35. Air patrol that often misses the early signs of a problem. A businessman who works without controls and sues in the aftermath of a problem instead of installing basic controls including the routing of a pipeline.

      7. @Lem – Your comments tie in too many variables in which you think directly effects the VA. You are all over the place with your analogies and perspectives in other areas of concern. In this manner, nothing will change except getting dizzier with more gargle from the liberal left. What other types of non-VA protective sanctuaries would you like? Forget that question, please don’t reply. I get what your trying to do, but stick to the issue. It may be a good idea to direct your comments to someone who fits your beliefs, say VoteVetdotorg.

        I refuse to have any more sugar coated poo TRYING to be forced upon me, that is lacking of possible solutions to the VA’s health care crisis, corruption, and cronyism.

      8. Sorry I posted the “alternative source”. But I think it was on issue more than most the political “alternative sources for alternative facts” posted by crazy elf and Seymore.

        I fully agree. I’d like to stay on target which means there isn’t much more to say on this thread. One bad doctor down. How many to go?

        I’m not aware of any here in Cheyenne. A civilian I don’t have to see in Scottsbluff NE. But I think Cheyenne has been purged. Wish it was going faster for the rest of you.

      9. @Lem – Typical extreme left liberal tactics. When you’re unsuccessful of changing ones beliefs to that of your own, you retaliate by using derogatory measures in knocking them down. Drop, flush, then spray.

      10. That petition reads just like the VSO’s “Save The VA” mantra… it’s merely to protect the cookie jar they see the grown-up President getting ready to yank it from the petulant child’s hand (petulant child is the VA and all lamprey attached to her teats)

      11. @Namnibor – Your statement is funny. I cracked up about your analogy of the VA personal hanging on to the nips of Big Mama. Another generation getting nourishment to corruptly move on up [$$$].

        I noticed that there wasn’t a major emphasis on the treatment of Veterans. A big giveaway of one sidedness. My wife lately shared with me, that I’ve been getting a little too upset, and not keeping my health in perspective. You’ll notice the tone in my posts when I’ve had enough.

        In my deduction, the VA’s corruption should’ve been severely acted upon. Its a no brainer. Day and night. Light dispels darkness. You know what I mean. Thanks for the humor!

      12. That is not VSOs. They would put their tags on it. Look up “VoteVets organization.” Liberal veteran’s organization sponsoring candidates to improve the VA. Not dismantle it to eliminate entitlements.

        Wouldn’t hurt to get out of the “alternative fact” limbo.

      13. Nutter, do you believe this is the only organization speaking out? Check out the OIG listing that was open at Denver VARO. Check your Facebook and twitter feeds.

      14. @Lem – It is possible that the Trump Administration wants to get a grasp on things before spending anymore money. Its done all the time in business. I know many will say that business is one thing, but governing is another. I’m not sure that is really a sound and valid position. From a managing perspective, costs, and goal setting, its a standard protocol. I don’t believe that Trump is foolish enough to not gather around him individuals that know how to crunch numbers, and what those numbers indicate. Washington has always spent too much money, and usually never set any type of effective controls or evaluation strategies, in order to determine if it is working as planned or not. Example: ACA-Obama Care. Don’t touch that legacy, even though the premiums went up, and the plans cover less than they use too. There is no monitoring. And, I do hope that as a business man turned politician, that Trump implements protocols that will measure how effective that the changes are working.

      15. There is no expenditure on refiling a position. Some savings on the backs of veterans. The VA Sec is onboard at the VA. All he needs is Trump policy to get moving. He hasn’t been removed, only promoted.

        He made a promise to veterans, “We are going to take care of our vets.” Repeatedly! The primary reason I voted for him. Is this like some of his other broken promises? All ready and only 2nd working day. But look at the Cabinet.

      16. @Lem – I agree, I have reservations about Trumps pick for VA Sec. I also believe that if he doesn’t make Trump look good, that he’ll be out of there. Hopefully. I think it goes like this, “Your fired. Now go on, get out of here.”

    3. I won’t be supporting any petition by a raging leftist group that uses veterans as pawns, and includes veterans in their agenda as an after thought.

      Since I have never heard of these people truly fighting for veterans issues, they must be too busy on their long list of other causes they advocate for.

      Why have they only come out of the woodwork after the hiring freeze was announced?

      Why haven’t they said anything about the VAs record on retaliating against whistle blowers? Many of which are the very veterans they claim to support?

      Having Wesley Clark on their board of advisors is a huge red flag, but having Doug Band, President of Teneo Holdings and Clinton fixer is an absolute no.

      Their sole concern with this issue is the impact to labor unions. Nothing else, including veterans, matters to them.

      1. Go to their site and check the listed candidates that are now office holders and some all ready were. Check their voting records. That is where the facts are not on an “alternative fact” new blog.

        votevets is cool as this site. Good information just happens to back mostly liberals because liberal vets vote for veterans. Most conservative veterans vote against them. I made several visits to Senator Cranston’s office. He was as much for veterans’, completely in denial of TBI during his tenure of the Senate VA Committee.

        Most of you folks that want something out of the VA that somewhat stands on the laws and regulations of Title 38 simply have your heads in the sand. No research. No effort to check out the votes to discover who is on your side.

      2. @Lem – In your post you wrote, . . . “No effort to check out the votes to discover who is on your side.” There are both R’s and D’s that don’t vote for veterans. Pull a vote here on TBI and see who votes for it. Point is, I have a hard time trusting any politician who don’t want to do something to change things. I’ll admit, I don’t care for someone like McCain. I think he’s fake. I respect his service [?] but not his track record on standing shoulder to shoulder with Veterans. When there is money involved, many times politicians get caught up in the money, status, and the good life. Veterans, no matter what their affiliation, well, there still suffering.

      3. I agree on McCain. He got his and could give a shit about the rest of veterans. Maybe he figures that if we weren’t a POW we aren’t deserving. What ever the case he definitely is not on the Vets side or Phoenix would never have happened under his nose. Makes me wonder if he has stock in Health Net and the other Choice contractor. On most other issues I side with him but I think he screws veterans and has a post on the committee which could investigate the wrong doing.

      4. Lem, I checked out their web site and checked out their list of candidates and advisors. That is where I got my information from.

        You can choose to have smoke blown at you, but I don’t care to be used as a pawn and be lied to.

        Again, that organization is nothing more than a front group using veterans for their leftist agenda.

        Read their “More information” section under their “About” section.

        The last line says all I need to know.

        “For that reason, Votevets dot org has, and will continue to, work with all progressive allies representing labor, immigration, gay and lesbian rights, and environmentalists, when their issues coincide with the needs of troops and veterans”.

        Given those issues rarely coincide with troops and veterans, troops and veterans are merely an afterthought.

        Now, if they are such a successful group, why haven’t we heard more about their accomplishments for veterans? Doug Band certainly had Bill and Hillary’s ear for quite some time while he worked for them and the Clinton Foundation.

      5. As I said, I just wanted to add to the “alternate facts” that permeate the board. Who is our “vote checker” like the NRA’s? Why don’t we have an organization to check on votes. Maybe Benjamin will kick one off. I’d be happy to donate to such an effort even though my resources are very limited. It would get more than I gave to the “Bern” campaign which wasn’t much.

      6. That’s a worthwhile thought Lem, but donating to Votevets and expecting change for veterans is like donating to Jill Steins recount effort and expecting to go to her inauguration.

      7. @91Veteran – And that recount by J Stein was a bunch of bullshit as well. Even though legally it was her prerogative. Although, we’re a country governed by laws, but just because it is law doesn’t make it logically right. I don’t think Prez Trump even gave it one second of thought or worry about Stein’s efforts. I forgot which state denied Stein first, but I do recall that after hearing about it, I felt the same way. No thought, no worries.

      8. Not suggesting a donation to Votevets. Or even support. More investigation needed. We need that vote tabulator that the NRA has. We need to know who votes for vets. Not who claims they do.

      9. @91Veteran, @Lem – 91, thanks for posting . . .Read their “More information” section under their “About” section.

        The last line says all I need to know.

        “For that reason, Votevets dot org has, and will continue to, work with all progressive allies representing labor, immigration, gay and lesbian rights, and environmentalists, when their issues coincide with the needs of troops and veterans”.

        Given those issues rarely coincide with troops and veterans, troops and veterans are merely an afterthought.

        Now, if they are such a successful group, why haven’t we heard more about their accomplishments for veterans? Doug Band certainly had Bill and Hillary’s ear for quite some time while he worked for them and the Clinton Foundation.

        –That says it all for me. I don’t and will not support Votedotorg. I’m not that tolerant. Roger dat, and out with this issue. Don’t even think about bunkering down in my hole. Shew, go away now. Phewwwww!

      10. Because the bankers and the military industrial complex rules, Nutter. Because Seymore has a lot of alternative facts that distract their effort as well as Benjamin’s. It took 20 years to get the VA to recognize the subtle TBI effect. It took two world wars, Korea + 10 years after the Vietnam war for PTSD. And it is extremely difficult for a veteran to get anything past the VA committees in Congress when they are manned by military industrial complex funded chairmen.

      11. @Lem – If Ben distracts, then why are you on his blog? You’d be better off posting where your comments are more in line with others. Poo elsewhere. And Lem, I’m being nice.

      12. Ben is on target. crazy elf and Seymore bring on the crap that distracts from Ben’s post. It becomes a smoke screen to keep the message Ben is presenting from gaining traction. One of the troll techniques used while claiming like mindedness.

      13. Now your thinking like a capitalist. You may have noticed a problem, now supply the need; start your own blog. If your observation is correct, then your blog will gain traction. That’s what it is all about.

      14. Nutter, you are on track now. But look how my off track political post drug you around. I hope others can see how it works now and ignore also the political party crap and stick to the veteran’s issue topic Ben has presented.

      15. @Lem – And your still trying to drag me around. Its persuasion with reason, not manipulation. Trying to get on my good side now? Lift top of seat up, sit hopefully for a bit, wipe a few times, then grab the handle, and its a flush. But with you Lem, you always come back. And, I have to go through the whole process again. It’s not only taxing, but annoying.

        Look, I have not put my beliefs on you in the forefront. And, I’m not tying to convert you. So don’t try doing it to me. Flat out, it’s not working.

      16. Nutter you are doing great. Your wife’s input? I’ll try to follow your example. Hope some of the others do also.

      17. @Lem – I have to restrain my wife. Some times she’s overly protective. I have to keep an eye on her because she has a good, I mean bad, habit of stabbing people with her prized lacquered SE Asian chopsticks. Funny thing, she’s not even Korean. Enjoys Kim Chee though, but not fermented eggs. Me, I eat everything from eggs to sun dried sea cucumbers. How did we start with this feistiness in the first place. I blame Seymore Klearly and Crazy elf. Only joking, not even close.

      18. @Lem — You are sicko manipulator troll. You do not OWN the atmosphere in this blog so get the fuck over it, we Vets are individuals and express ourselves as such, not SHEEPLE. Get used to “off-topic meanderings” because POLITICS AFFECTS VETS.

      19. And you are calling me a troll. Ain’t that like the pot calling the kettle black, namni pambi

        Read what you just posted.

  13. From:
    “ News”

    “Trump’s Federal Hiring Freeze Could Hurt Vets: Officials”

    dated: 24 Jan 2017 | by Richard Sisk

    The VFW is weighing in on this, basically saying it has no substance.

    !!!! Here’s some Bad news!!!
    “The Next News Network”,
    Gary Franci reporting.

    “Not Good!!! Kim Jung Just Called Trump’s Bluff And Placed 2 ICBMS In Firing Position”

    dated: Jan. 24, 2017 (5:17 min)
    According to sources, the missiles can reach our western borders of the U.S.. They are “2 stage rockets”, with new technology.

    Let me know what you think of this!

    “NASA: The End Of Mankind “Leaked Document” 2013″

    The wife sent it to me. It’s kinda long at 35:57 minutes. From “”!
    I’d appreciate it if you’d check it out.

    1. @Crazy elf and all — Here’s the direct link to the PDF of that document.


    2. I’d like to see more reporting on the hiring freeze rather than some officials using veterans as scare tactics.

      Were they named in the article?

      If not, it may as well have been Little Cox phoning in the comment.

      From what I have read so far, the hiring freeze has an exemption for the military, and for positions deemed public safety.

      I’m sure the VA would argue medical providers are essential to public safety. Or not.

      1. CNN – and, my CBOC yesterday said, “opening of our new facility is now up in the air, while we had offer letters for replacement doctors, we have no contracts. Under our rules, we can’t hire them”. That was from Director Paxton – Roseburg OR VA Med Center.

        The election is over. Washington may now return to their non-partisan time-honored tradition of throwing veterans under the proverbial bus. Ya’ll can stow that flag-waving until the next election.

      2. I know what you are saying, but that director is being irresponsible and using petulant scare tactics in saying that.

        Nobody knows the details of what impacts that EO will have, and I highly doubt Trump would risk the disaster in the media that would result since he campaigned on helping veterans, and now won’t hire doctors to provide care?

        At this point, I would be surprised if even the VISN directors know the impact.

        As time goes on, I expect those same VISN directors will be providing Shulkin justification on why X or Y needs to be hired to insure public safety.

  14. Great article Ben,
    If it was not for people like yourself for exposing these horrendous stories to the public. Being a whistleblower that has suffered due to Mr. Hamlin unethical behavior, I feel relieved that DeWayne Hamlin will not have the opportunity to hurt other employees but at the same token I am worried because the current acting director was the first person to retaliate against me. People that participate in retaliation should not be in leadership positions. So many good employees have suffered for doing the right thing by our Veterans. Keep up the strong work and I thank you for all you do for Veterans. God Bless!

    1. Joseph, in the years you have worked for the VA, do you recall getting any kind of training or directive regarding whistle blowers, retaliation or anything about the No FEAR act?

  15. Maybe this new Federal Hiring Freeze will coax “little cox” AFGE out and cause him to become overtly vocal? If so, I would LOVE for “little cox” to threaten President Trump the way he threatened McDuck. Then, a full President Reagan could be pulled on the AFGE and banish them to trying to get all the fast food workers paying dues. 🙂

    1. namnibor,
      It might help *IF* the AFGE members were to ‘hear’ the fake news outlets say something on the lines of –

      “BREAKING NEWS from CNN: AFGE members plan on striking Feb 1, 2017!”

      This “fake news” outlet would be responsible for all those asswipes being fired and the union being dismantled, just as President Reagan did to the air traffic controllers and union.
      What do you think? Let’s start this “fake news rumor”!

      From: “Crazy Elf Laugh Central”

  16. Good riddance! And quite an indictment of quite a number of VA managers in his chain of command.

    How so?

    Well, those same VA managers believed he would be a good candidate to teach other VA leaders. Given this as an example of their shockingly poor judgment, it’s no wonder the VA is in such a mess.

    In addition, how is it those managers can have such sloppy financial controls in place that a VA director has $305k of scratch lying around to use as bribes?

    But…the VA is…underfunded…or so I hear.

    Another question for these managers is why they show zero compliance for following the No FEAR act first passed by congress in 2002. It requires agencies to provide training on whistle blowers, retaliation and other things every 2 years. How is it a Chief of Staff can get promoted to acting director after he himself had been retaliating against a whistle blower resulting in a director being fired?

    The VISN director is going to be facing some uncomfortable questions in the next few weeks, if he hasn’t already by the end of this week.

    This whole Hamlin saga and his career with VA suggests the VA has little or no standard for who they put in leadership positions.

    1. @91Veteran – Totally agree with your comments. Also, recall synergy? If one is thinking of ways to scam the system, so are others. Now, there is no way that someone is going to try to convince me that these VA corrupt boon bags, aren’t corresponding with each to learn how to make the system work for their advantageous wickedness. I’ll say it, they’re EVIL. Their hearts are full of deceit, greed, and they shouldn’t be in ANY position that requires them to take of or oversee ANYONE or ANY LIVING THING.

      Let them manage our Government’s waste facilities and stock piles of carcinogenic materials. With no hazardous pay. 91Veteran, I’ll even suggest that you digitally sign their paychecks. Then I show you how to skim 10%, or what ever you want, off the top.

      Veterans have had enough of corrupted VA employees taking advantage of the system. Your way of living of the doll is getting closer in being distinguished. Then what are you going to do?

      Some of the above statements are for entertainment value. Other statements may no be. VA leadership, you figure which is which. You interpret everything else for the benefit of your EVIL ways.

  17. One step in the right direction. That said, Mr. Trump’s federal hiring freeze may result of the closing of our brand new (yet to be occupied) CBOC. I was in the old mildewy one yesterday and was told that the VA may not be able to populate it. We were down to zero doctors from two (the temp stayed beyond his contract), and missing a couple RN’s and lost one nurse practitioner. So, it’s two and half hours to the nearest CBOC, or three and a half to the nearest hospital. Even though the positions were budgeted and slated for hire, contracts weren’t done yet for the new docs who had been made offers. The regional director said that the military exemption did not apply to VA. Other VISN’s are scrambling to appeal that. Oh well. Same steaming pile, different mongrel.

  18. Hooray! President Trump!
    Great article Ben!

    It’s about time they get rid of all these bums, like Hamlin! It’s a shame what veterans have to deal with, we love out country and protect our wonderful America!

    Unfortunately, they hire all these incompetent buffoons that could care less for veterans!

    Let’s put others on notice! That veterans will not be shitted, trashed and treated as nugatory garbage!

    We are veterans and we stand tall for all veterans and America always!

    God bless America!


  19. Apparently someone turned on the light, and the cockroaches are scattering. I too would like to see them cockroaches behind bars. This may be a stupid question, but, if any of Them do get arrested, will it be like a Governor or congressman? Where the taxpayers pay for their defense? Will the attorney General try them? I really don’t like comparing POTUS to the Light, but, I like what he is doing so far. Good article Ben.

  20. I was paid $125k to leave and never re-apply for being a whistleblower at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System! Go after that director, Donna Beiter.

    1. @Kenneth Rippetoe — Thanks for your integrity in stepping forward and if you have not done so already, you should send an email to Benjamin about your particular situation and outcome and remaining problem still working at that VAMC.
      Also, even if you do not like our new POTUS, consider sending your story to his website greatagain dot gov.

      It’s pretty obvious that most of VA upper management is compromised with corruption and when the lower level employees see this from their supervisors it becomes a green light for a feeding frenzy for all in the VA Swamp.

  21. It is impossible to rise to leadership and control of half a billion dollars within VA without being corrupt. I doubt it is possible to work at more than one VA without being corrupt.

    The system in place that keeps the cash cow milked has been put there carefully by the milkers and it goes to the core of their ethics. The cash outflow from VA is ENORMOUS and always somehow comes up being spent without anyone being able to point to where it went. This man is a part of that, albeit now outside VA.

    You think he will have trouble finding a job? Lolz, he is a bought man Ben! He has the lowdown on who to talk to, who to pay off, how the system really works (not the rulebook but the reality) and this man has clearly been stacking the deck with those that a criminal mind can expect help from, even including loyalty.

    His job is secure and he is now free to leverage his knowledge without scrutiny from any whistleblowers from his controlling organization because in that organization the whistleblowers get murdered.

    Trust nobody at VA. Thieves, sex maniacs, drug users, drunks, and liars are what waits at VA. There is zero but corruption behind every door at VA.

  22. Hi, my name is Gary, I’m a Vietnam era veteran. I went to a VA hospital for chronic pain and even after being told that they don’t give any veterans opiate Medicine I was given a 30 day subscription for 30mg roxycodone. On my next visit my doctor said I had a choice, they said I had to choose between my medicine or my firearms, if I would give them my firearms they would give me my medication, needless to say I left and never went back. Thought I would see what your comment on this would be.

    1. So the VA is giving out medicine so dangerous they are requiring veterans give up their guns?

      I would have asked them to clarify in writing that I needed to give up my Constitutional rights in order to receive medical care from them.

      I was asked this some time ago at an annual VA checkup…who paid the bills in my house and if I had any weapons.

      What the hell does that have to do with my medical care, other than the VA playing politically correct games?

      1. I indeed asked “WHY” I was asked this at each visit at both when I utilized the VA and now in private healthcare, on the Psych end at least, and every time they just look stupidly at me at robotically recite, “WE FOLLOW EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE”…I freaking left private Psych Care because it had become the clone of the VA’s crap and this was through Medicare but I have to wonder if they saw me as a Veteran Non-Human Test Subject even in the private Psych Care because each of those Residents went on to work at the VA after graduating.
        I dare say that the educating institution’s relationship with the VA Medical is not benefiting from higher learning…only higher learning methods of mind-fuckery.

        By the way, I was asked also in same sentence “…if so, where do you keep your guns?” WTF? I repeat, I am absolutely NO danger of hurting myself BUT your mind-fuckery is making me a tad testy… 🙂

      2. Those questions were a throwback to Obama’s attempt to get around the 2nd Amendment.

        I don’t recall who started it first. The VA or Social Security, but there were actual cases in California and I believe in Idaho where, if a veteran said their wife paid the bills, the VA would declare the veteran incompetent, and force a fiduciary on them. In some cases, the declaration, or seeing a veteran treated for PTSD resulted in an order to confiscate any guns a veteran may have.

        In the two articles I read, they confiscated guns from a veteran in CA, and in ID, when they tried, the local Sheriff essentially told the VA to go to hell.

        I didn’t really know if the articles were true or not until I was asked the question by the VA…and then congress at some point was looking at legislation to stop that confiscation.

        I believe they started with veterans, and were expanding it to Social Security or Medicare recipients when congress finally started asking questions.

        It was a BS excuse for him confiscation since it clearly would not have stopped anyone from committing suicide using any other method such as overdose, etc.

      3. I’ve been asked the same question by VHA healthcare providers. My wife jumps in and says, “I have no weapons, I don’t allow them in my home!”
        What they don’t know, won’t hurt them!

        Florida came out, and Gov. Scott signed it into law, a couple years ago and said the healthcare industry was no longer allowed to ask that question.
        I do believe the Federal Government should take a hint and forget about violating veterans 2nd Amendment Rights!
        Especially since some individuals in our country have taken it upon themselves to commit crimes against veterans and the elderly.

      4. When I was asked the question about who pays the bills, me or my wife, I said we both do.

        When I was asked the question about guns in my home, I said I do not have any.

        Whether I do or I don’t is not anybodies business.

        Friggin busybodies more concerned with PC BS than what I am there for.

      5. I know what you mean but getting the VA to put that in writing would be like asking Obama to send the muslins back to where they belong????

      6. @Gary, @91Veteran – Don’t expect the VA to put anything in writing that may back fire on them, and even at times, may help a Veteran. Example: my wife and I spent over 6.5 hours at a VAMC facility in order to obtain a letter that a K9 PTSD Service Dog would be beneficial for me in my daily life. Do you think a Federal Agency that is so familiar with PTSD, and how animals can help Veterans, would give us a letter? We had to go up 3 steps in their hierarchy.

        The last VA Administrator we spoke to got very agitated without cause. He stood up from his chair and said that I offended him. I didn’t like his body language, and my wife knows that these types of actions will push my buttons. I reminded that doctor that I have PTSD, and to please move away from me. My wife interjected, paraphrasing, “my husband made no reference to what you’re accusing him of, just what is your problem, and stand back from him” I thought this stupid VA doctor was going to move in on me.

        I don’t recall how the conversation became cordial again, but the doctor was completely adamant about giving me a letter. May be he thought that it would give credit to me having PTSD, even though I was already diagnosed with this monster. I do remember that once I mentioned that I worked on a specific types of chemical analysis equipment, he did a 180, and out of nowhere agreed to give us a letter. My wife and looked at each other, and with our expressions we were both thinking, what just happened?

        Per, the VA signing a letter pertaining to their questioning of a Veteran’s Amendment Rights, that would be literally almost impossible to obtain. He or she would have to be a newbie, or high on those pain meds that they don’t want to give to Veterans to ease their suffering.

      7. I d9my disagree the letter would be impossible to get, but it would be great to see their response, or to have it on video.

        If you are asking me these questions, surely you must have a medical reason for them. No? Then why are you asking?

      8. @ANutterVet,
        I too have been treated poorly by VHA higher idiots.
        It’s only when they have pissed my wife off, and made a fool out of themselves, do they realize this –
        “A wife of a veteran contacting someone outside the VA, (Congressmen/women, law enforcement, etc.), holds a hell-of-a-lot more weight”. The wife of a veteran can inflict more damage on their egos and reputation.
        I’ve seen grown men cower from my wife’s statements, stares and threats of contacting HER representatives.
        Keep this in mind when your at VA next time.

      9. @Crazy elf – I know, I’ve seen live action when the bulldog lets loose on these buttwipes.

      10. Same as being asked about depression, I NEVER say yes, and I NEVER answer any questions about firearms……PERIOD. I DO NOT TRUST THE V.A. in any way, shape, or form. Anything you say WILL be used against you. Trust me on this, I know what I am talking about. You say anything, even in jest, and they use that as a reason to deny benefits. When it comes to firearms, I am soooooooooooooo careful of how I answer ANY questions, I first ask myself, (Can this be used against me, or be used as a reason for the government to take away my weapons?) if the answer is YES, then I refuse to answer. They have used my words against me more than once. I have learned from my mistakes, third time, shame on me, right? They have no business making an ultimatum like that with you. What part of NOT BE INFRINGED, do they not understand!!!

      11. Veterans are nothing to the VA period, they will lie about anything. Our records are full of lies and all veterans better get a copy of those records. SHUT it DOWN, Before they kill us all.

  23. “Nurse accused of stealing pain meds from veterans at Lake City VA”, by: Michael Yoshida, Action News Jax Updated: Jan 23, 2017

    1. She only wanted “help” and now admitting she was “out of control” because the bitch got caught….and I am sure it plays into the sequence for the legal team at the AFGE so she can be rehired at another VA in another State when the cloud blows over and the VA in it’s infinite wisdom will make her in charge of VA Pharmacy Formulary…wait for it…….

    2. Seymore,
      The article says she, Michelle Lynn Harris, only lost her nursing license. What will happen to her now is anyone’s guess.
      She should be prosecuted.
      This is why veterans are so damn angry at VA and law enforcement’s around the country. People have been getting away with this kind of crap for decades. And yet, almost no one goes to jail.

      I surely hope President Trump and Vice-President Pence keep their word!

      1. Yes, she needs to be prosecuted.

        Losing her license might prevent her from working at another VA as a nurse, but likely not in an administrative position.

  24. To all “Patriotic Americans”.
    Here’s three videos y’all should watch.
    From “John”
    “Rep – Trey Gowdy speaks on the lawlessness of Obama concerning immigration and more”

    Jan 23, 2017 (6:53 minutes long)
    Y’all know I’m a “fan” of this American Patriot. Rep. Trey Gowdy is a guiding light on what our government has refused to accomplish for the American people. It’s about time we see “action” from those who were elected to represent us, not the other way around!

    From; “The Real News Studio alternative” via “Fox News”
    “It Was A Great Trump’s First Day and The Union Leaders Loved Him”
    Jan. 24, 2017 (10:21 minutes long)
    All I can say about this is “Great Video”!
    President Trump is doing exactly what he said he would. “Bring back jobs FOR the American people!’

    From; “The Alex Jones Show”
    “Exposed: ISIS Sympathizer Among Violent Protesters”
    Jan. 24, 2017 (11:29 minutes long)

    I agree with the young lady reporting. When that young protester was outside the restaurant, some of the patrons should have gone outside and showed him the “errors of his ways”!

  25. For many decades, our government, from local up to federal, has become corrupted so badly, even President Trump said “It’s not time, yet!”
    He said these words when asked if he would run for POTUS back in the late 90’s to early 2000’s! He’s been asked it a number of times. Each time he repeats those words!!!!!
    He said, quote; “The people aren’t ready!”
    There’s a multitude of videos of him going before Congressional Committees over trade imbalances, unequal tax referendums, corruption within our government, etc., etc., etc.!

    “We the People” weren’t hungry enough yet to see the “…change we could believe in…”! It took a POTUS, actually a few POTUS’s, which was so corrupt that the majority of Americans were tired of being screwed.
    These past eight years were the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’, so to speak.

    To “T”,
    I know exactly what your saying. My own Governor, Rick Scott (R-Fl), tried to help veterans down here a few years ago. Yet, the corrupt VA directors wouldn’t allow him onto a few of their sites, claiming “Federal Reserve Status”!
    Until each states residents do a purge by voting out all persons who feel entitled to be in office, very little will change.

    I’m not sure, but I believe we’re just going to have to wait to see what happens in the next 100 days. Will President Trump and Vice-President Pence keep their word?
    That is yet remains to be seen!
    I believe they will!!!
    I hope they will!!!!

    As far as San Juan VHA hospital, what about, and let’s not forget about, that female who was involved in an armed robbery. Only to be brought back by that “sex offender”!
    She should also be standing in the unemployment line!

    1. P.S.
      Instead of people being fired, or allowed to retire, I’d much rather see them prosecuted for crimes committed against veterans!!!!!!!

      1. Agreed, it is the only way that it will be prevented from continuing.

        If people were prosecuted instead of the continually free passes. There would be a lot less people willing to commit crimes against Veterans.

        Firing and Retiring is a start but there needs to be prosecutions.

      2. Agree with Seymore and Elf.

        Firing is just the start. There do need to be prosecutions. And the purge needs to continue.

        That said, every good thing has to begin somewhere. I would say that the last week (VA speaking) has been a good one for all of us veterans.

        We must continue the good fight!

    2. The best thing any state official can do, and I cannot fathom why they do not, is to create a state level agency that actively seeks out and assists veterans for getting any benefit they are entitled to.
      Look at it this way. A veteran rated at 10% instead of say 70% living in a state might be small change. Times that by a few thousand veterans, and suddenly that is a big amount of money not coming in and being spent in their state. Instead, states may be spending money for housing homeless veterans or providing other services rather than that expense being where it belongs, on the federal government.
      Same with health care, or with veterans who are not getting the VocRehab benefits they should be getting.
      WI passed some significant laws some years ago regarding veterans entering duty in WI, and what the state would pay for college. It was enough that the state was getting phone calls from those still on active duty inquiring about whether they were eligible.

      I don’t know if that program is still in place, but I always wondered why states didnt take that thinking one step further, and help veterans with other benefits such as claims for service connection.

  26. “[How could it take any reasonable organization over 2 years to terminate someone with such a concerning record of fraud, waste and abuse of their position while getting paid top dollar by American taxpayers?]”

    Unfortunately, two years is considered “efficient” for the VA…that’s how low the bar has now been set.

    Drain the freaking swamp. One huge enema.

    1. I agree. When you have a total free-for-all attitude throughout the agency that looks like a Friday night shopping spree in Ferguson, 2 years is efficient.

  27. Take a look at VISN 4, I am not sure if the Leadership Team has been intentionally blocked out at Pittsburgh, Philadelphia in the about us section, but one thing I do know is that the Wilmington VA Director took a job at NASA. Senator Carper wrote a commentary in the paper stating she was a scapegoat because of the veteran setting himself ablaze. That dude needs to be drained from the Senate! Trump needs to keep to his word in setting up a direct line and investigate the VA like he stated. You can’t be commander in chief and lie to your troops. Yes, veterans are your stateside troops if this country is in jeopardy from a homefront attack, foreign and domestic! The actions of DOJ and VA OIG inaction and complacency is a threat to the homeland whether you believe it or not!

    1. @CorpsmanUp – The Old Boy Network has been doing quite well in Delaware for a long time, haven’t they? Not only in the Federal sector, but also in the State sector too. Filled with corruption, favoritism, nepotism, bullying, mobbing, . . . etc.. The changing of the guard doesn’t apply.

      1. Delaware is tax free, headquarters to many corporations and last but not least a sanctuary state for Syrian refugees. The usually defense is Sovereign immunity to protect their good ole boy network. They will reap what they sow as a default repercussion .
        No effort needed, Karma is real.

      2. @CorpsmanUp – If I recall, you in K.C. [close to airbase], me in N.C.C. The lower one’s, referred to as “Slower,” is S.C.. Am I correct? That is if nothing has changed.

  28. I don’t have much hope yet for corrupt, occupied, Indiana. Pence like a long line of others did little for veterans or the vast amounts of corruption and cover-ups here. Those under his state’s administration while governor as with others before him totally ignored our issues but put on a good facade for media and the sheep. Just like our reps, senators, and Buschon Congress critter has done. There are no words or way to explain how this state functions to deflect any and all negativity or corruption that may affect giving this lousy state a good pleasing 5 star image. They will do and say anything to protect the happy globalist lying image of the grand “500 Mile Race” and other pet activities, or whatever, they don’t want to blemish the state with. Gotta keep that revenue and propaganda rolling in and about.

    Heck, let alone, none of them will admit to our state and college towns being sanctuary places for illegals. Or that towns like mine can get by with whatever they desire to do and call it Constitutional or a must for the global community. Ha! I am not from Missouri but now Trump and his admin is going to have to show me that we the people now have a true voice in gubbermint rather than being told by all the above that they must protect us from ourselves and that they know what’s best for us all, especially us veterans who can’t even find good health care around here due to all the red-tape and branding going on.

    Then comes Coats that Trump made Intelligence Director from this corrupt state. A two-fer from one corrupt state. To me that means another Johnathon Pollard and more corruption and info leaks for the powers that be to use on us agitators or truth seekers wanting to see some real honor, integrity, and real professionalism plus real representation. Oh boy that fun one (sic) really makes me and others feel really safe and secure. Especially what I have seen and endured over the many yeas dealing with a multitude of issues, and all of them swept under the carpet, or like some VA files falsely reported or simply… deleted, gone, forgotten or flushed. All done to preserve the corruption, generations of nepotism, special interest groups, foreign rulers seemingly, serving the uber wealthy and mafia cliques, and countless other issues.

    I don’t see Pence, or Coats being part of anything that will change the Indiana VA, anything in the state for all our common good, our lying media, let alone upset the unions (mainly VA kind), the Marx-feminist, VA contractors, Chambers of Commerce, globalist, far leftist college towns, clique syndicates, shy vet groups (many others) that don’t want involved, or any other special interest group that needs dealt with for real change. They would have to swallow their big ego, pride, drop the facade, games, admit to the many negative issues here, etc., and they can’t/will not do that. It would all expose too much around here.

    It would be nice if Trump would take the time to read this website and blog! Maybe then he’d call for a in-depth investigation on some things in all the states we may never hear about. Or that is censored, corrupt, and as propagandized as mine.

  29. Really like see this.

    Also noticed another sudden retirement.

    Mid-Atlantic Health Care Network to bid farewell to network director
    Published Sunday, Jan. 22, 2017

    “The Mid-Atlantic Health Care Network is bidding farewell to VISN 6 Network Director Daniel F. Hoffmann, who will retire from the Department of Veterans Affairs in February.”

  30. Nice article, Ben.

    A small glimmer of hope? Mayhap this portends microcosmic changes as to the hierarchy of the Hungry Hippo Batting Order over the next two or so years?

    YOU’RE FIRED !!!! I like the sound of that much better than “I want your resignation on my desk by” . . .

    Every blessed day that goes by – – – it seems we have a real Commander-In-Chief instead of a (En)titled Civilian. While I am definitely NOT a “Trump Fan”, I am really liking what I am seeing from him more and more.

    As for DeWayne Hamlin, Good Riddance to BAD GARBAGE. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

    1. I be your parden?? That door should have kicked that sorry Mother fucker up his ass!!!!!! NO Trump Fan here. Dam sure didn’t vote for him. But If Mr. Hamlin turns out to be one of the many VA Fuck ups doing the duffel bag drag, hell I might vote for him. I voted for Regan. lol yes life long DEM!!!!!!!

    2. Totally agree. This individuals go high on a power trip with our taxpayers money and think they are above the law.

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