Secret VA Rating Schedule Uncovered From 1945

Secret VA Rater Schedule

Benjamin KrauseVA could be still withholding millions in unlawfully withheld disability compensation from WWII veterans and Korean War veterans based on its secret VA rating schedule. VA withheld it from veterans and the public. The document was known as inside VA as the “1945 rater schedule” that the agency held secret from veterans until 1964.

Of course, in this day and age of 1984 semantic wars, VA would say the rating schedule was not secret. Instead, they would say people knew it existed, but they could not get a copy to verify what VA was doing.

DOWNLOAD: 1945 VA Rating Schedule

The first paragraph of the Federal Register announcement reads:

The following Schedule for Rating Disabilities, commonly referred to as the 1945 rating schedule, which became effective April 1, 1946, is herewith made available as a public document and is added to Title 38 of the Code of Federal Regulations as Part 4 of Chapter I. The effective dates of the amendments since April 1, 1946, which have been incorporated in the schedule, are shown in the Table of Amendments and Effective Dates as Appendix A.

This was published by the Federal Register on May 22, 1964.

Yes, VA waited almost 20 years before it made the rating schedule public. Basically, any veteran with any disability rating or denial was wholly dependent on the rater not being a dick when doing the rating. Otherwise, they had no way to verify that VA lowballed them.

Don’t you just love our benevolent government? Its motto should be, ‘Merica, screwing our “Greatest Generation” since 1945.

Here is the deal. I just uncovered the VA rater schedule. It was first created in 1945 but held in secret by VA until its publication into the Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations in 1964. The official effective date of the sheet was April 1, 1946.

Many WWII veterans had pending disability claims when the schedule was created, but it is also highly likely VA failed to incorporate the mandatory usage of the schedule in those claims.

This biggest failure could be veterans who had pending claims at that time. If the claim was pending, VA was required to use the version of its schedule that was most favorable to the veteran’s claim assuming the decision was made after the schedule went into effect.

If you have a friend or loved one who was injured while in the military and who subsequently filed a disability between 1945 to 1964, this is the rating sheet to look at. VA may have lowballed millions of veterans, screwing them out of billions in benefits.

Have any feedback on veterans affected by this secret VA rater schedule?

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  2. 09/01/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause and Friends,

    Which Document do you want?

    The Deaths
    The Involvement

    All are found in Book One—-so I have go back and look myself One and Half years have gone—take it easy—the information is there.

    [Col.] Charles R. Forbes
    Charles Forbes served as director of the Veterans’ Bureau under
    President Warren G. Harding, beginning in 1921. In his three years in the post, Forbes embezzled over $250 million by selling hospital supplies meant for veteran’s hospitals and taking kickbacks from contractors in the building of hospitals for the Bureau. Forbes’ activities eventually came to light, and he was prosecuted for conspiracy to defraud the government on hospital contracts, for which he served a mere two years in prison (U.S. Dept. Veterans Affairs, 2009).

    On 05/26/2014, around 11 O’clock, Travel Channel aired an episode of the Harding/Forbes scandal back in 1921—the Kickback, Bribery, Embezzlements of the VA Hospitals Construction Contracts; these contracts involving kickbacks, bribes, favors as soon as the giant project was released by Congress. Within two years the President of the USA shut down Col. Forbes and exposed the embezzlement of Millions of dollars just before the Great Depression 1921, and the Albert B. Fall’s Tea Pot Dome Kickbacks of $400,000 who was also in the Harding’s Administration and the “confirm development of a conspiracy”
    Why would the American Legion jump all over the Doctor who brought to light the embezzlement?
    And why they looked at Forbes, who drank at the Drake in Chicago, as a saint? And where was Al Capone?
    Shortly before he left, the President received information that someone in the Justice Department was receiving kickbacks from Chicago gangster Al Capone’s organization in order to protect Capone’s monopoly on bootlegging (the United States had been “dry” since Prohibition began in 1919). Harding discussed the matter with Jess Smith, and both men endeavored to launch a full investigation when they returned to Washington.
    Then came a stunning announcement from Washington: former Assistant Attorney General Jess Smith had been indicted for accepting bribes from Al Capone. For Prevost, Smith’s link to Capone seemed to solve the puzzle of Harding’s death. During the trip west, Smith had enjoyed unfettered access to the President, and stood to lose much in Harding’s promised purge of corruption. In addition, as assistant head of the Justice Department, Smith had access to the FVZA lab, from which several vials of vampire blood had gone missing shortly before President Harding’s trip west. Prevost told FVZA Director Hilton Dickerson of his findings; Dickerson summoned him to Washington, and told to bring along his report.

    The Strange Life and Death of President Harding
    BY Russell Aiuto

    There is more information.

    But I need more information on The Hurley-Mason Construction Company [Robin Renee’ Wilson-Sauls].


    Don Karg

  3. 08/31/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause and friends,

    Someone stated, “VA has been breaking the rules since its inception. Read my comment below, then Google the article, about President Harding and his “poker buddy”, Forbes. It’s a true story that is registered with the “Library of Congress”!
    You should get a good kick out of it. Too damn bad we ain’t got a President like Harding today!!!

    Col. Forbes lived to an old age—the President, the First Lady, and the “whistleblower” Doctor all died in a year after the Billions of Dollars [today’s money] went missing.

    Little is known about the 1920 Contractors involved—this information would be very helpful.

    President Harding was knee deep in it—do not be fooled.


    Don Karg

      1. To Don and Robin, Google the following article;

        “How the VA developed its culture of Coverups”

        story by, David Fahrenthold
        photos by, Matt McClain, Nikki Khan

        Forbes, “later went to jail, and his crimes shaped the agency that would become the VA!” (Library of Congress)

        One of the “contracts” Forbes brokered was a “100 year contract with a floor polish company!”
        When Harding found out the many things Forbes had been doing. A White House staffer (or visitor) “caught Harding choking Forbes and calling him names”.
        I didn’t make this shit up. Google it and find out for yourself.
        Whether Harding was involved in it or not, remains to be seen. I haven’t been able to find anything on Harding and a connection to graft and corruption with VA.

  4. Sure my father was one of them. four children,wife, wound up leaving because of his service. said in later years when on death bed that with his service disabilities ” He new he could not be a good father” left with nothing my mother struggled with us kids who had nothing. Not a word from the V.A. NOT A PENNY, Thank you America. Kick us all again cannot feel the pain no more. Remember that was before this great welfare state. In my area we were not the only ones who father and mothers gave so much and received so little.
    All this time his belief was in authority but a what cost.???.

  5. Ben,

    A very important part of that 1945 rating schedule referenced Total Disability and Unemployability for aged veterans:

    page 3, statute: 4.17

    It addresses the waiver of the 70% requirement to be determined Unemployable for AGED veterans.

    Does that concept still carry over to day for older guys?

    1. Jarhead. This section {38 CFR 4.17 – Total disability ratings for pension} refers to “Pension” or non service connected financial benefit and not “Compensation” which is a financial benefit for service connected disability.

      Non Service Connected Pension is great fro those who qualify but is kinda like SSI with low levels of income limits.

      So like SSI the disability barriers are lowered at advanced age.

      Semper Fi from “Airhead”.

      1. Jarhead; Yes.

        There is a table of income limits once qualified by disability and period of service.

        Basically that means wartime service as far as service goes.

  6. crazyelf, Love Cinci and have spent much time there. Your parents must be very special people to have known those dignitaries. Agree with you that the last generation is of a different caliber- that we truly need today. I’ll have to check out the Lyons thing.

    1. Wade, my father was a high up “Mason”. My mother was high up in the “Eastern Star”- that’s the ladies auxiliary of the “Masonic Lodge”! As were Ruth Lyons, Marge Schott (not only the owner of the Reds, but her name should be recognizable- remember “Schott Beer”? She also, without help from the taxpayers, built the second “River Front Stadium”. It was done by her and many ‘private donations’ only. There’s a great story about her “smoking cigars at the stadium”! I don’t know if the web has it, but it’s funnier than hell.
      Of course there are many other dignitaries from other parts of the U.S., and the world, who came to visit Cinci. Do you remember a lounge/restaurant called “The Living Room” in downtown Cincinnati? Great food and entertainment.
      Damn, we could talk for hours on this subject.

      1. Crazyelf- Love Cinci- I’m familiar with the Masons and Eastern Stars as my in-laws were members. Heard about the Living Room but was never there, but heard they are currently putting another restaurant there. Ruth Lyons was an icon for Cincinnati, know she waved with her gloves. What is the story about Queen Elizabeth and how do you know it personally? We’ve had many outspoken women in the town who have made a difference- and not taken any crap. Marge Schott was one of a kind. In a non-PC world we all have positives and negatives. It’s called being human and not perfect. Upsetting with her comments about Hitler, but she did great things for the city and for children. When did everyone become so perfect, and so unforgiving? Didn’t see anything about a website for her cigar smoking in the stadium. Sounds like a hoot- especially during her time.

      2. Wade,
        First,) Ruth Lyons, back in the day, when “Queen Elizabeth II” was going to have her ‘Coronation’, her and her ‘subjects’ wanted Ms. Ruth Lyons to attend. Seems Ms. Lyons had been a celebrity over there for quite some time. I quess it was because she, like Ms. Lyons, was also an “outspoken” lady.
        So, when Ms. Lyons’ received the “Royal Invitation”, she was not too shy, but not too pushy, in showing it off on the “50-50 Club” for many years. There were also many pictures taken of them together. Some of those pictures hung behind Ms. Lyons on her ‘tv set’. That is what I meant about “knowing about it personally”. Plus, my mother watched that show religiously throughout my younger years (I’m 68 now). The Queen wore white gloves from that time on. She still does today…

        Second.) Marge Schott was a pistol. She said what she wanted, whenever she wanted to whoever she wanted. When “her stadium” was built, “her box” was directly behind “Home Plate”! As was to be expected. Well, during the first game, she lite-up (her cigar) and one of Cinci’s finest, making a little money as a security guard, asked her politely if she “would put it out because some fans had complained!” Now, being a lady that she was, she extinguished it. Before the next game, however, she had surrounded her “box” with ‘plexiglass’. Thinking that would correct any problems. Not so though.
        She lit-up and again this same security guard asked her to put it out. This time though, he wasn’t too pleasant in the way he spoke to her. He was fired on the spot. Because this time his boss was sitting with her. Evidently the security guard didn’t know who she was. And wasn’t familiar with his company’s “chain of command”!
        After those two incidents, she built a “Sky box” high up behind “Home Plate”. Then dared anyone to say something.

        Those are true stories Wade.

    1. Erich, VA has been breaking the rules since its inception. Read my comment below, then Google the article, about President Harding and his “poker buddy”, Forbes.
      It’s a true story that is registered with the “Library of Congress”!
      You should get a good kick out of it. Too damn bad we ain’t got a President like Harding today!!!
      When you google the article, then you’ll understand where I’m coming from…

      1. crazyself is right. Hardin would be better than the current. Va affects us but it is the same with about a dozen issues.

      2. To all my brothers and sisters.
        Has anyone ever heard of the G.A.R. (“Grand Army of the Republic”)?
        They were formed sometime shortly after the “American Civil War”, and lasted up into the late 19th or early 20th century. (I believe it began during Grant ‘s administration.)
        Many had never heard of them until last year. When a “picture” (c. 1880’s) was seen on “Antiques Roadshow”! The “Brass Initials” (G.A.R.) were worn on their hats, or kupies, of the veterans. Because of that picture a segment was done on “History Detectives”.
        They are concidered the “first true Veterans Organization”! They “helped many veterans to receive a monthly compensation” through the government.
        Even then, according to the show, as time went by, the government was not treating veterans well. There weren’t enough hospitals or staff to man them. Corruption was rampant within the newly formed government agency. Which had been mandated by Congress “to see to their [Union Veterans only] needs”!

        Side note:
        Although the “Union Troops” did receive a small stipend, it wasn’t very much.
        (I’m giving this info from memory. Y’all might want to Google the article to learn more on this subject.)

      3. Crazyelf;

        Yes the GAR was the largest veterans’ organization for a long time. That’s due to the large number of participants.

        They began in 1866. My father remembers going to a ceremony where there building in his town was being turned over to the American Legion from the GAR.

        They megan Memorial Day commemorations (Decoration Day) which had already existed in the South but in April. Spring comes earlier in the Southland.

        President Grant did have a lot to do with the GAR and many of the archives of the local GAR Posts, and State Posts have Grant memorabilia.

      4. Papa Reed
        It seems no matter what time frame is mentioned of VA or whatever it was called. There has always been corruption within that government agency.
        From the time after the Revolutionary War, War of 1812-15, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and now these newest wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, (And lets not forget the ones in between those.)
        My only wish is someone would do something about it!!!!

  7. Denied of course, this seems automatic. They do this over and over and so many veterans get so frustrated they don’t keep fighting for their disability! . Once they get mad enough they reopened their case. What they get is a letter, we need more proof. That not already in your chart. The veteran again gets frustrated again. And if the veteran hired a lawyer and wins, even though the VA had all the information they needed to approve the claim, they will only pay the veteran from the last time they applied, not the first time they applied. They have told so many veterans their records were destroyed in the st Louis fire, where many veterans were discharged after the fire. Why do they do this! They just don’t care and if they do this to us veterans it spells. BONUSES

  8. The VA having a schedule of some sort to rate disabilities is and was a given. The particular name given may have not been common street talk.

    Any veteran who pitched a bitch would receive a “Statement of the Case” as the very first case and that document should quote VA Rating Schedule provisions that applies
    to his or her case at issue.

    If at any a time a clear and unmistakeable error is found in any VA claim it can be rectified.

    The most common cases in which to find such errors are those conditions that are the very hardest to properly rate; namely SMC {special monthly compensation} and GSW {stands for Gin Shot Wounds and actually means any missile injuries or puncture wounds}

    One would think that Gun Shot Wounds would be the one thing the VA would get right.

    1. You are assuming that the VA has anything BUT “Musket-Shot Wounds” on the books. Bullets may be too “high-tech” for the VA and could mean admitting people actually can get hurt or killed by such means. After-all, the VA still has trouble acknowledging Agent Orange and it’s many “off-spring agents” were actually used around and on troops…let alone anything dealing with Gulf War Syndrome, or even go back to WW2 and right up to mid-80’s when we were testing nuclear weapons above ground then underground…all within the USA. One such radiation cloud traveled from Nevada/Utah all the way to Buffalo, NY. Just TRY to connect THAT with the VA’s educational level.

      1. Ben Hi
        1. Are the C&P Employees (Raters ecc) exempt from the FISA Rules and Regulations?
        2.Why we don’t have a UNIFORM RATING SYSTEM With the SSA?
        I think we need to focus our FIGHT toward this direction and send these MFs (Mighty Folks) HOME !.
        They need a more Honest and productive Job to earn their Living!
        Instead of screwing up (and Killing) the Combat Disabled Veterans and their Families.
        MSG VAM

    2. Speaking of gun shot wounds, trajectory wounds, IED via shrapnel and the use of field techniques such as cauterization via gunpowder has never been researched regarding toxicity of those foreign bodies in the patient’s system. I have seen shrapnel stuck in place for years on end and only have been discovered by the x-ray , ct and MRI , in which it is contraindicated in testing. The broad interpretation under 4.3 brings unresolved disputes if this information is not backed up by research including decomposing metals used in dental work that affect the endocrine systems and kidney function. ~PeckerChecker

  9. I was more hoping on some sort of nexus to yesterday’s article as far as the backlog and seriously fudged numbers. Or let me put it this way: The diminished number of active backlog/claims while at same time augmented distrust for the VA’s claim as such. Monday?

    1. FYI- I used the two terms ‘Diminished/Augmented’ in the “musical sense”, as music is a hobby that keeps me somewhat sane, and yesterday’s topic still has me hearing circus music.

  10. The words may have changed but in 2015 Veterans are still facing the same lying cheating mentality within the VA that screwed the ‘Greatest Generation!!.”

    1. Google the following ;
      “How the VA developed its culture of Coverups”
      story by, David Fahrenthold

      It tells what happened between President Warren G. Harding and his “poker buddy”, Charles R. Forbes. Forbes was the first person to be in charge of VA back in the early 1920’s. He was also a thief. Check it out what Harding was caught doing to Forbes. We need someone like Harding today.
      This ‘story’ is in the “Library of Congress”, just in case people think it was “made up”!

  11. I know the VA “low-balled” me and a lot of my Viet-vet friends, most of whom are dead from COMPLICATIONS and DRUG ADDICTION, but I will not be negative. I serve an awesome God, who in His time will make it RIGHTEOUS.

    1. Yes, that’s their intention, continue to deny until you die. I agree, God is in charge. I know because if not for God I wouldn’t have survived this living hell.


    All the hype about aid and attendance being additional benefits but when approved the try to make it look like you are getting an additional amount but you are not.

    Just wondering what is being done with all the money we are entitled to but don’t get?

  13. The VA has no honor when it comes to robbing veterans of their compensation! I have first hand knowledge. They recently took my compensation from me in a very underhanded manner.

    I suffer from Severe Depression that I developed in the military as a result of tumor surgery performed on me in 1988 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

    I’ve suffered from Severe Depression, major while in the military and since I left the military in 1991. I was finally diagnosed in 2003 by the Atlanta VA Medical Center and I was rated at 70% but non-service connected.

    I applied for compensation benefits for Severe Depression in 2007 and they fought me for over 8 years. They denied my benefits, hid my doctors letter and when the Board of Veteran Appeals scolded them for their underhanded tactics they finally approved my compensation.

    I was rated as 30% from 2007-2014, they claim that it is because I was on medication those years. I was rated as 70% for 2014-2015. I should have been rated 70% for all 8 years.

    I was also on medication in 2014 when their Clinical Psychologist performed my
    C&P exam, she rated me as 70% but non-service connected. I’ve been on medication since 2003.

    As a result, my final pay was a little over $3000 and since I owed a debt to the VA for $3000, they took the $3000 and I received $87.00. It blew my mind!

    Since 1991, as a result of my Severe Depression, I’ve suffered from homelessness, unemployment and abject poverty, it has been very difficult. I have struggled every single year since leaving the military. That back pay would done wonders for me and my children, we have nothing. In the end I received $87 and 70% rating.

      1. Wade:
        I already emailed Secretary McDonald on August 23rd. He is aware of my situation. I told him everything, I am just waiting to hear back from him.

      2. Wade, your phone number begins (513). Which county are you in, Butler or Hamilton? I grew up in Butler County. That’s how I know things about Procter & Gamble.
        My father and mother knew Ruth Lyons (50/50 Club), Marge Schott (Owner of the Reds), Ms. Rosemary Clooney (actress) and others personally.
        Wish we had people of that caliber today. These women were very outspoken. They didn’t put up with crap from anyone. If you google Mrs. Lyons, you’ll find out why “Queen Elizabeth II wore white gloves”! I know that story personally.

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