Defrauding Veterans

Two Companies Defrauding Veterans In Benefits Swindle Get Sued


Two companies accused of defrauding veterans in a predatory lending scheme are being sued by Minnesota for swindling disabled veterans of benefits.

Attorney General Lori Swanson announced the state filed a lawsuit accusing the companies of targeting vulnerable veterans and seniors, charging them up to 200 percent interest. The firms also swindled veterans of their VA benefits in exchange for small loan amounts.

Attorney Swanson said the companies, Future Income Payments, LLC of Delaware and FIP, LLC of Nevada, were pressuring veterans to sign over their benefits, which is generally considered unlawful in any form. The VA benefits were likely pension benefits and disability compensation benefits.

It is important to note these benefits cannot generally be assigned in the manner they were as part of this scheme, and such agreements are likely unenforceable so long as the judge knows about the federal statutes precluding assignment of these federal benefits.

“These companies had veterans and seniors sign over significant portions of their monthly pensions and benefits for years to come in exchange for much smaller immediate cash payments to cover basic living costs, medical bills, and household emergencies,” said Swanson in a released statement. “A pension is supposed to provide financial security, and people should be very cautious about giving away their future pension benefits to get just pennies on the dollar in immediate cash. Borrowers’ finances can become even tighter down the road if they relinquish their future monthly pension payments.”

The companies tried to bend the law by calling the loans “purchase agreements” instead of loans. Nonetheless, the companies allegedly violated state lending laws by not seeking required state licenses for lending.

Companies Defrauding Veterans Like These

According to KARE 11 News, Attorney Swanson provided the following examples to illustrate the nature of the despicable fraud at the center of the lawsuit:

  • A 73-year-old disabled Vietnam veteran whose wife has stage four lung cancer borrowed $1,800 to take care of medical and other bills and was required to repay $14,400—eight times what he borrowed. He must pay the company $300 from his monthly VA benefits for four years, for a 199.9% APR.
  • A 72-year-old military widow borrowed $2,100 for emergency surgery for her dog and was required to repay $21,000—ten times what she borrowed.  She must pay the company $350 monthly deductions from her late husband’s monthly VA benefits for five years, for a 200% APR.
  • A 63-year-old with psoriatic arthritis borrowed $4,000 to pay off other bills and was required to repay $24,600—six times what she borrowed—through $410 monthly deductions from her pension for five years, for an APR of 122.6%.

You hear about schemes like this all the time, and it is criminal to defraud veterans of their benefits much less to trick them into signing the benefits over.

That is a totally illegal business model, and any veteran caught in that kind of scheme should know the loan agreement is likely unenforceable. If you are a victim of this kind of swindle, be sure to contact an attorney and your state Attorney General immediately.

If the loans are unenforceable, you will not need to pay it back.


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  1. I do not understand why it would matter what the ethnic or cultural background of this scammer of Veterans, Scott Kohn, Jewish or otherwise. This man and his sham scam company of leeches has absolutely no ethics, and that has no cultural or ethnic identifiers. Just about everyone of us are literally genetic mutts here in USA, so maybe it’s just me but I do not get the angst against a particular genetic manifestation.

    It’s called Human Greed.

  2. @ANutterVet, I apologize. Guess I am hearing too many people too many times. Been living in a foreign county too long. Need a change…. I do apologize.

    1. No need for sorry’s. See nothing wrong with you asking a legit question. We’re good. We all need a change. – – – Nutter.

  3. @ANutterVet, why does Kohn have to be a Jew? @Ted, thanks for your post. Is Amvet a v s o? The VA OIG sure came down on one Vet for possible fraud, why aren’t they investigating Veterans being defrauded? If Sessions doesn’t step in, then it’s not important to him.

    1. @Jo3n – – – If met a couple that were Jewish with the same spelling of the name, Kohn. – – – Nutter.


  4. right where i live in Las Vegas/Henderson, one of the guys is from there . Reno worst office in the nation they know how to cover up things so well they have the OIG on payroll. these guys where talking to people in Reno about this particular scam for a while ….then they get busted . amvet officer john odya behind the scenes. someone get this guy as well also fucking turned rogue to his job and all he does is fuck veterans over in the lasvegas area as well also..

    p.s if u could see some of the shit behind the curtain in vegas with the VA it describes a whole new meaning of scams by far….

    1. Ted

      Doesn’t the American Legion hold their next annual shin-dig in Vegas next month? I know they just held their annual Washington shin-dig before Congress took their summer Vaction. As always they were lobbying for the VA the whole time. Due to the Annual summer funding crisis for the VA.

  5. Just a shout out to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sir what is your Department of Justice going to do about Scott A. Kohn. Will the DOJ Investigate Scott A. Kohn or is the DOJ just going to turn their backs on Veterans again. Just like DOJ has time and again when VA Leadership should be charged and prosecuted for major thefts, fraud and putting Veterans at risk.

    How about give out a little justice for the Veterans that not only have been scammed by this individual but all the future Veterans who will be scammed by him. Not to mention all the state and federal employees he has also robbed.

    1. Currently, since Kohn is still active, in a round about way, he has access to part of the Federal till. – – – Nutter.

      1. He is still doing business all over. He just changes the name and continues on because no law enforcement agency will act to stop his interstate wire fraud.

        He doesn’t just target Veterans he even targets retired police officers also state and federal retirees. Just think all of those AFGE benefits at retirement for Federal Employees going up in one bogus transaction.

        I read about 50 complaints at the Better Business Bureau and most of them came from former state employees in a number of states.

        Most of them saying the same thing. A $5,000 dollar loan then approved by emailing the last page of a contract to the borrower. After the borrower receives the money and spends it and start to wonder what they got themselves into they ask for full copy of the loan agreement and find out they are required to payback $30,000 for the $5,000 loan.

        A real fricken predator, this one.

        His current website is at: “” suing the name of Cash Flow Investment Partners, LLc (CFIP). Operating in all 50 States.

  6. More on Minnesota

    Minnesota Attorney General v Future Income Payments LLC

    The following describes a pending government action that has been formally brought by a government agency but has not yet been resolved. We are providing a summary of the governments allegations, which have not yet been proven.

    On August 16, 2017 the State of Minnesota’s Attorney General filed a complaint against Future Income Payments LLC. The company is being accused of unlicensed lending and charging interest rates higher than the Minnesota law allows. Future Income Payments “loans provided to Minnesota residents are void, and Minnesota residents are under no obligation to pay any amount owing and are entitled to recover all amounts paid.”

    This matter is pending.

  7. The City of Los Angeles

    LA v. Scott Kohn

    The following describes a pending government action that has been formally brought by a government agency but has not yet been resolved. We are providing a summary of the government’s allegations, which have not yet been proven.

    On February 16, 2017, the Los Angeles City Attorney announced his office will be filing a lawsuit against Scott Kohn and several companies he owns. Allegations include predatory lending practices that targeted seniors and veterans in California, including using illegal debt collection practices and charging interest rates up to 96%.

    The matter is pending. For more details, click here.

    1. Let us draw straws as to who will surprise Scott Kohn; He just doesn’t get it. He needs to be convinced by guys in camo with black paint on our faces, and he needs to be made an example of. After this experience he should not be capable of any job except for floor mopping.

  8. State of New York

    New York v. Future Income Payments LLC

    The following describes a government action that has been resolved by either a settlement or a decision by a court or administrative agency. If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below.

    On October 20, 2016 the company entered into a Consent Order with the New York Department of Financial Services. It was alleged that the company operated without a license, charged interest rates higher than New York’s civil usury caps, and intentionally misrepresented their financial products or services. The company was banned from operating in the State of New York. The company was ordered to “forgive all amounts due in excess of the amount advanced,” totaling $6,348,232, and refund to pensioners’ amounts paid more than the pensioner’s lump sum received. They were also ordered to pay $500,000 in fines.

    This action is final. For more details, go to:



    Whether there has been a violation of the
    Consumer Loan Act of Washington by:



  10. Future Income Payments California.

    “Column ‘Pension advance’ company is unmasked — and it’s no friend of California consumers ”
    David LazarusContact Reporter
    March 14, 2017

    Also from California


    The California Commissioner of Business Oversight (“Commissioner”) finds that:
    1. At all relevant times, Pensions, Annuities and Settlements, LLC (“PAS”) was a Delaware limited liability company.
    2. In or about 2014, PAS changed its name to Future Income Payments, LLC (“FIP”).
    3. At all relevant times, PAS and FIP were Delaware limited liability companies that used the same addresses of: 18300 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 410, Irvine, CA 92612; 4500 Campus Drive, Suite 650, Newport Beach, CA 92660; and 3535 E. Coast Hwy, #119, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625.
    4. At all relevant times, Cash Flow Investment Partners, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and Cash Flow Investment Partners, LLC, a California limited liability company (collectively “CFIP”), were located at 18300 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 410, Irvine, CA 92612. CFIP maintains a website at “”
    5. At all relevant times, Scott A. Kohn (“Kohn”) was the manager of PAS, FIP, and CFIP.
    “Pensions, Annuities and Settlements, LLC, Future Income Payments, LLC, Cash Flow Investment Partners, LLC and Scott A. Kohn are hereby ordered to desist and refrain from engaging in the business of a finance lender or broker in the State of California”

    Dated: March 3, 2015 JAN LYNN OWEN
    Sacramento, California Commissioner of Business Oversight
    MARY ANN SMITH Deputy Commissioner Enforcement Division

  11. I get super pissed off when those with disabilities and those that are disadvantaged get ripped off. And, when I hear and read valid stories about how the VA is shafting us Veterans, well, I try not to getting locked up the Po Po, and then be put into custody. I don’t want to smear my record, and that I still can possibly get a good (S)ecurity (K)learance (@Seymore, same abbreviation). One of my biggest challenges with all the relating VA messes, directly and indirectly, these stories for some reason, makes me more cunning, deviant, agitated, rebellious, and non-compliant, that is compared to the completely law abiding Citizens, and those to even consider just a wee wittle bit of purposely stepping out of line to show more than Civil Disobedience. Although, not even close like those recent protesters from both sides of the isle.

    Shish, don’t get upset. What? Now you want to take away my freedom of speech, because YOU want to classify may comment as hate speech. Go fuck yourself. PS- Purchase a medium shaped and sized soft rubber horse shoe, angle it vertically, and ride that some.

    In a real tweaked up mood. Having medical incident daytime flashbacks. Is this possible? This stuff has gotten extremely intense in the past two years. – – – Nutter.

  12. Plus, before the Authorities zoom in, they need to be captured by the White Nights, taken down a dark back road, tie em up, and given a dirty licking. At least, leave something permanent to be used as an example. Doesn’t our Judicial System do something of this nature? Damn ass wipes.
    Its frigging upsetting when Veterans not only get screwed over by the VA itself, but now even some public business owners are scamming on those Veterans in a jam. When does this damn shit stop?

  13. Notice how “Future Income Payments (FIP) LLC” the company in the following article was a California Based company in January, 2017. That is when they were barred from the state of Iowa and had to pay a fine of $35,000.

    “California-Based Pension Advance Company Banned in Iowa”
    Manchester 24/7, Posted 9 January, 2017

    A California-based company that charged up to 200 percent interest for cash advances on largely military pensions will cease offering Iowans what Attorney General Tom Miller alleges are illegal and exorbitant high-interest advance loans, and refund overcharged consumers.

    “Future Income Payments (FIP) LLC” this week paid the state $35,000 as part of an agreement called an assurance of voluntary compliance. FIP will refund Iowa consumers who were overcharged and modify existing contracts into interest-free loans.

    FIP, formerly doing business as Pensions, Annuities and Settlements (PAS), operates from California, and is incorporated in Delaware. Its owner and president is Scott A. Kohn.

    “This company preys upon vulnerable people who are desperate for money, particularly veterans who can sign over a reliable pension,” Miller said. “For a few thousand dollars cash up front, you’re forced to sign over tens of thousands of dollars from your future pension income. That’s what we call predatory lending.”

    1. If this type of illegal behavior of trying to strip Veterans of their Pension monies, all for a small amount of loan, due to knowing that these monies of Veterans shouldn’t be touched in the first place, I wonder how often this occurs, how much monies are involved, and how these illegal actions have hurt or made the Veteran, Spouse, Love One, or Care Taker in more distress?

      Do you think that the loop hole of these types of Corporations should be filled in, so that these types of stuffs can’t happen in the future? When I first seen a documentary on how these hiding Corporations are set up, and why, I always thought that they should be illegal to create. Why? Because if you in a legit business, received the proper licensing to do business, and then to obtain a Gov’t Service Contract, then for what reason does anyone need to be invisible and unknown. I know why, their a scammer. – – – Nutter.

  14. 08/17/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Everything is so “peachy” at the Phoenix VA—Why everything appears to be working fine!—see my post on 08/16/2017.

    And we see Wells Fargo, Future Income Payments, LLC of Delaware, and FIP, LLC of Nevada—pad their offshore accounts—-where did the money go????

    And here comes namnibor to remind us of the recent years the VA wants to down play. Good work namnibor!!!
    namnibor August 17, 2017 at 5:54 am
    “[Future Income Payments’ chief executive, Scott Kohn]” — should be sentenced to receive VA Deathcare and make him and all his staff scammers be on the receiving end of “sloppy seconds” of VA Colonoscopies…make sure they have their VA colonoscopies late in the day when it’s guaranteed the VA hacks have left all the gunk and crap on equipment from previous Veterans…all for Future Income Payment’s, Scott Kohn’s future medical woes pleasure principle.
    Then, do as the VA and wait several months to a year or two to issue mass mailings warning Veterans and others that had procedures with dirty infected with Hep A, B, C, HIV and more…informing Scott and FIP of the VA’s oopsy….all for starters for these predatory pricks.

    Not one reporter or future reporter in Arizona uses the 508 number provide by the VA—Why is this?
    No wonder Mayor Stanton does not want the President here—what if asked about Karg’s Wall he tried to tear down with the City Frontend Loader after I requested a response on the 293 Victims released by the VA in 2014. Just imagine if President holds in one hand my Letter to Stanton and on the hand the 32 books he received as President Elect. So Much for being Congressman.


    Don Karg

  15. Ben asks the question how many other swindlers are out there? Well, these guys used the term “purchase agreement” to hide their con so…..

    Google, tell me about Department Of Veterans Affairs and purchase agreements.

    Google returns a page by a company bragging about….wait for it…..

    Making a REALLY BIG purchase agreement with VA! It is so big they call it a “blanket” purchase agreement because it covers at least something up, right? “But Dennis,” you may be thinking, “how is this a con?”

    I am glad you asked because read carefully here a quote that basically says the companies hire to do this may not even have to do it! “We may not require (the service) of those awarded a contract???” So Ben, ask me again how many vets are being swindled by a ….. wait for it…..

    Blanket Purchase Agreement. My hunch is all of those in VISN 22…

    “MULTIPLE AWARDS: Since experience has demonstrated that one contractor cannot provide a guarantee to meet our needs, it is our intention to make multiple awards with a possible restriction on the number of awards made. As a consequence, it is reasonable to assume that we may not require the daily shipment services of all contractors awarded a BPA. In some instances, it is possible that a contractor’s shipment services may not be utilized at all. With all things being equal, the VA will order medical supplies, on an as needed basis. The Government shall make a reasonable effort to rotate contractors. Performance and availability will be critical factors in obtaining orders.
    The Government intends to award a Firm-Fixed Price Open Market Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to ship ordered medical supplies directly to veteran patient’s home for VISN 22.”

    1. Dennis, did you see all the training videos on youtube for blanket purchases agreements. hahahaha

    2. @Dennis – – – If its an excepted ripoff service that VA accepts, then can’t all 1-23 VISN’s be affected by their offers and services? Then shouldn’t we all be aware of these damn schemes and scams? Who do you trust, no one but my dog. But then, when I turn my head, he takes me burger. And then hides. Like people. – – – Nutter.

      1. Since we are Veterans, wouldn’t it be appropriate to make it a felony to scam or rip-off a Veteran in USA? Place it in same category as war profiteering.

      2. Am thinking there would be something about abusing or taking advantage of the disabled would come into play as a classification ‘flavor’.

        As it remains, we Veterans seem to be low-hanging fruit for all varieties and flavors of scams and fraud, a ticket to the never-ending-VA-gobstopper-cookie-jar.

        Does your company or experimental chemical company need non-classifiable non-human test subject? Well, step right-up, and Beetlejuice will provide you with any flavor of non-human test subject you desire, for a price of course and Kevlar body bag included. (we learned from Chicago)

      3. @namnibor: Your on target, remember all the predators waiting for your money on payday, around every military post? Also, this character has a LinkedIn profile, he does look like a friggin mobster.

  16. How they get you to take a colonoscopy is to nag, nag & nag until you throw up your hands & say ok just stop nagging me. The new tactics my PC just tried on me was, Well you only have to do it once & then not again until your 70. If you have a family history you Must have this test. They won’t take NO Thank You for an answer without a fight. You can ask for the colorectal cancer screen poo card instead & get told its not as accurate but better than that filthy equipment.

    When my son had one at the VA they didn’t medicate him & failed to diagnose Crohn’s. Told him to just eat more fiber. When he could stand the pain no more & was hospitalized locally, they medicated him for that test. He told them the VA did not use medication, the look of shock on their faces is something he’ll always remember & will never trust the VA.

    1. NiteWish..I got a liver biopsy at the VA they never gave me anything, did you ever see the needle they use,… It’s a big one LOL…he had a hard time and stabbed me 4 time’s even once in my lung..never again from them, that’s third world medicine…. and they can stick there asshole probe up there own ass…LOL The worst part is when i looked at the doctor and told him u did my colonoscopy he said I’m one of those old doctors we do everything…..Yeah I got a jack of all trades/medicine…LOL……NO SHIT..TRUE

      1. OldMarine, its my understanding that all biopsy’s are painful & to be jabbed 4x without any meds is unacceptable. Hurt like hell when the surgeon pulled out the chest tube because the ‘trainee’ put the stitch so tight & I even asked him If he’d done this before & I ask him if he was training on me. He assured me he’d done it many times. Thankfully I knew enough to be asked to be put out before the insertion. Propofol -sweet milk as M. Jackson would say. Except for the nitemare I had while under.

      2. Peek a boo up yo shoo. They caught one dr not giving anatisthesa. Patients screaming gave small amount to relax they said but wore off. Hmmmn maybe the entire staff was getting high on drugs to be used on patient. Sickasses.

  17. @@SeymoreKlearly, About calling those 526 deaths due to bad Dr.’s, yes, suicide is a possibility. Murder or wrongful death is more accurate. I agree that being the slimy VA is unaccountable, suicide will work. Sadly enough, I believe the VA is responsible for many Veterans deaths. They keep coming up with new ways of killing veterans. These LLC’s are open invitations for anyone with money to do whatever they want. With no responsibility. Going back to the VA Dr. and hep-c cure.

    1. They don’t have to be insured and they had many sickos take advantage of that. Now eyes are on them and new policies in hiring. Damn I could never figure out how they had so many sickos in one place. Of course some still there, but they have gotten rid of a lot even b4 new accountability law. Absolutely outrageous and scummie to no end. They had major investigations before they just didn’t get exposure it was too twisted. One hospital had VAOIG’s stationed right in hospital. A VA police told me and one was her friend. And yes congress knew how sick they were long ago. So bad they couldn’t keep up. That same hospital vet employee told me new director and they’re not going to change so they’re bucking and going to be worse they can. They took up assaulting falsifying X-rays, denying correct tests even when X-ray personnel recommended. Then warned them to shut up. Oh yes really started b4 2014. Twisted ppl you would never want to run into. Union I guess made them feel above the law and to practice inhumane treatment. Sick real sick. Hush

  18. Just wondering. Those of you with a long term disability due to a injury, PTSD, and that your laid up more than you were in the past. Below is a short take on my behavior during the beginning of the day, until mid-afternoon. And, this happens a lot. Need no judgement call here, but only want to know if anyone else goes through something like this.

    Oh, and the VA, well lets just say, the time is just around the corner in removing them out of my life, completely (I surely hope so). Please read and let me know if you experience anything similar to this, or even almost similar.

    A short glimpse of my average daily activities; fell asleep at 4am, . . . , up at 5.5am, thoughts pounding my mind, . . . , meds, . . . , coffee, . . . , day dreaming about how VA fucked me up (reliving incidences) , . . . , pain flare-up, . . . , a few tokes, . . . , more meds, . . . , fruit slush, . . . , struggling w/ stress, . . . , bloated w/ gas, . . . , urge but can’t poop, . . . , more gas more bloat, . . . , sex on my mind that’s about it, . . . , post on Ben’s blog, . . . , a few more tokes, . . . , package from VA w/ load of reading (irritating), . . . , more damn gas flatulence, . . . , urge to poop but I can’t go, . . . , post again on Ben’s, . . . , green tea w/ extract, . . . , took supplements, . . . , stress and reliving about I shouldn’t be in this condition, . . . , took antioxidants with smoothie, . . . , didn’t get a fucking thing done today, . . . , hung up on VA Rep (tired of the incompetent ass holes), . . . , ate weed concentrate on gluten free bread, . . . , day dreaming about sex again, . . . , toked pure CBD isolate crystal for pain, . . . , bloated still, . . . , thinking about what to post on Ben’s, . . . , fucking pissed off because I shouldn’t be laid up in bed, . . . , reliving VA treatments, screw ups, and lack of care, . . . , super stressed, on edge, PTSD cranking the fuck up, . . . , took more meds, . . . , toked on CBD crystals, . . . , don’t give a fuck what the VA says anymore, just waiting for them to fuck up so that I can blow up (payback is well overdue), . . . , etc. – – – Nutter.

    1. All but the sleep and poop issue.

      I cannot sleep for very long either, and when I do nightmares and terrors wake me if I’m lucky. So I typically will try to not go to sleep until after midnight or so because it’s another double whammy in that the medication side effects cause sleeplessness, which leads to even more anxiety which leads me to the No.2 issue at-hand, literally:

      I unfortunately have the polar opposite with both medication side-effects, my own anxiety/PTSD, I have chronic Irritable Bowel Disease and been through spectrum of every G.I. test with a very good private Gastro Spec. and with my particular situation, I DREAM of being constipated. I get-up by 04:20 every morning and by 07:00 I will have shat on the thrown a good 5 times, maybe more depending on what I did or did not eat night before. Quite often I am a living poop canon.

      I have learned to divide my day up into just about two complete days based upon a 12 hour day and adjust a nap in daytime that’s able to be sacrificed if absolutely necessary but can be a bitch these days without it. Funny thing, I’m every bit of the annoying morning person that’s awake, creative, and productive, but after a nap, I really need time to welcome the world into my surroundings again…grrrr.

      Speaking of “grrrr-rrr”….full moons affect me tremendously and am expecting the pending solar/lunar eclipse to have interesting behavioral affects. I simply cannot sleep during most full moons. Odd, I know. My mother thought so as well, growing-up. Then there were those alien abductions… 🙂

      1. @Namnibor – – – Nam, the above happens to me a lot. Even more troublesome, that ever since the VA clusterfucked me in many aspects of my life, my symptoms have potentiated tremendously. Do date (past few months), the Police have been called. And, I really don’t give a fuck about the Disruptive Behavior Committee, the EPERS list, the Veterans Court, VA Federal Police (I’ve been escorted out of the VA 3 times), and I don’t fear our local Police.

        To date, the County Police have been fantastic. One time when they were called, I explained why things were happening for them to be called. They understood. And actually told me, “we take care of our Veterans.” I had to hold my composure. I’ve NEVER heard that before. They were trying to encourage me to admit myself. But again, I’d have to go to the VA, and I told the Officers, “if I go into the VA, and they make another dump ass mistake, I don’t know what I would do, I’m edgy and pissed off with good reasons.”

        Nam, those Officers stayed with me until I calmed down enough to call and talk with someone. They gave me 2 local numbers to call if I had another flare-up. And, they said, “if you need a ride, you call and ask for us, we’ll take you, and here is my card.” I was shocked. I didn’t detect any type of negative intentions on their side. As a matter fact, I felt comfortable.

        I find it to be very hard to break this damn cycle. I’ve tried, but I only slip right back into the same ole routine. Plus, there are many triggers that are located right in front of me that sets me off on a vibrant but accurate rant. I will spew off all of my notes on the VA, and repeat what I’ve recorded.

        Then there’s that one big trigger, that I just can’t change, or remove it. That’s me. As I look at how much I’ve wasted away from the VA not helping me when I first yelled out for assistance, because I new what was going on with me, but not totally knowing why. Too many things effecting the condition of my current health status.

        Oh, when those aliens stop by to see me. We first meet and great (there quite friendly), then have ice cream, and before they go, I bust out my colored crayons, and then we draw rainbows on white construction paper to withstand long and fast travels. – – – The Nutter that I am.

      2. @ANuttervet — “[…Oh, when those aliens stop by to see me. We first meet and great (there quite friendly), then have ice cream, and before they go, I bust out my colored crayons, and then we draw rainbows on white construction paper to withstand long and fast travels. – – – The Nutter that I am.]”

        Oh…you get the crayons and I get the probings! 🙂

      3. @Namnibor – – – You and Ole are funny. Hey Nam, I forgot to mention, the next time they visit you, be careful, they’re out of lube. LMAO Big Time. – – – Nutter

  19. Tip O the cap to Lori Swanson MN AG for bird-doggin these assholes. She’s one of those functional Democrats. Class act all the way. And, when I knew her, hot. Steaming hot. She has a history of going after cheats and swindlers. I wasn’t too keen on her suit against Trump’s immigration ban. But, like everything else Trump has done – he, and his ban was not legally prepared. Did I mention she was hot?

    1. several times, we get it, she’s hot. 😉

      I prefer not to look at things through party colored glasses, you did hit the nail on the head when you said functional. There are functional politicians in each party. These are the people we need in positions of authority. Not these useless corrupt assholes slurping their way down the trough line while cramming fistfuls of dollar bills in their pockets.

  20. Any disabled veteran 50% should be able to discharge their student loans. What’s the point of the government giving them money that they have to hand right back?

    1. @lily– As is stands, *if* you can acquire a Service Connection Rating of 100% P&T or at that via Individual Unemployability (TDIU), you can then and only then request the VA to do paperwork to have your Dept. of Ed. Student Loans Discharged. I went through that and it took the VA almost 6 months to do what they needed to do, I also needed to have the VA send me letters stating I was indeed 100% P&T Service Connected, then I had to FAX those letter to the entity in which I had my Student Loans Consolidated with. A huge burden off my back because VEAP (my era form of G.I. Bill) would NOT cover my double major undergrad to prepare for MA in Art Therapy.
      I ultimately did not finish my 5th year of undergrad as my health issues got in the way but it was a double major in Psych and Art…but at that time Art Therapy was not considered an approved course of study for my type of G.I. Bill and NEVER got to properly utilize it. Rat Bastards. I now fully suspect that I just got a typical lazy assed College VA VSO Liaison that did not want to help me jump through hoops.

      Considering the fact that Federal or otherwise Student Loans are next to impossible to escape and they can even take Disability Comp. in order to satisfy monthly payments…up to a max %, but still, they can and I agree that it should be 50% and up to have those Federal Student Loans forgiven.

      Do note: Once you HAVE had your Fed. Student Loans Forgiven, you can NEVER EVER obtain Federal Educational Loans/Benefits rest of life….I was told that by several and it’s even in official docs I had sent to me.

      1. When I was discharged, I did not know that I had a traumatic brain injury.

        I attended college and could not do the work and had to drop out and the VA came after me and I had to pay them back.

        Due to the va denying my claim, I was r refused treatment and only 40 year’s later did I get treatment and discovered I had a traumatic brain injury.

        I know it way to late, but how many other veterans, were Denied their deserved disability and never knew they had a traumatic brain injury and had to drop out.

        About the scopes, the va has to get as many veterans that they can so they can use them to teach the students how to complete the examination.

        Same as anything else veterans go to the va for, it’s done for training, were not human beings, were test rats.

        They got rid of the employee that was to sterilize the scopes. The manager should have been held accountable for not supervising the employee.

        If they would have done their job and insured that this was being properly done.

        The oig stated no law’s were broken, so it’s ok to stick contaminated equipment up veterans butts.

        After all no one was harmed. ! Per OIG !

        The OIG, does this time and time again, employees are caught doing something wrong, investigating them, say what they found “evidence”

        But then say can not say any veteran was harmed and end of story. VA employees know this, so they continue to do as they please.

        So, the OIG is culpable and is now part of the cover ups !

  21. So I called up FIP LLC, interesting that their still in business, and asked the person who picked up the phone if they where still in the business of scamming vets out of their money. He asked me if I would like to speak to a manager. I replied that actually I’d like to speak to Scott Kohn. The person then put me on hold. Perhaps we should start a phone campaign against this company…

  22. Liberals Gone Wild:

    “[The Army has turned down a request to rename streets at Brooklyn’s Fort Hamilton that honor two Confederate generals.

    Rep. Yvette Clarke and three other New York lawmakers had demanded that the Army change the names of Stonewall Jackson Drive and General Lee Avenue.]”


    1. Notice the differing words of “request” and “demanded”? They are quite different linguistically and tense.

      1. These fucking people don’t want to address the real problems, that in actuality hurting people; reforming the VA (better services, recovering monies), jobs, trade agreements, National Health Care (weird how our Politicians never mention in PR that the evaluated European Countries on how they implemented health care), etc.

        In France, when you go to the ER, and if you have no way of getting home, they will get a Taxi for you. They have a lot more bennies that are offered as well.

        If National Health Care is such a problem for us, then how come other Countries are doing it? A lot of questions and suspicions. Damn sounds like the VA again. – – – Nutter.

    2. Actually whether it matters or not. The confederacy is considered an enemy combatant to the United States military. So when they find their ships that’s what they call it and put them into a museum. Article above suggestion any scammer going after VA anything and if they use a lawyer and don’t do what you want it’s fun to beat them up. Federal all the way in this case they got to use attorney general state law. Guarantee politician directed them all way to attorney general. Time to take smartie scams drain them.

  23. THIS IS CHUMP CAHANGE TO VA DC HQ FEDERAL RICO SCAMS VA BUDGET FOR 2018 186 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THE VA DC HQ RATS ARE DOGS IN HEAT FOR THIS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  24. I don’t know why people get a loan for med. bills, I pay my so called 20% medicare doesn’t pay [sometimes LOL] when they inflate the charge I don’t pay shit, screw them crooks…I pay what I want to pay..LOL

    I was delirious yesterday of lack of sleep if anyone was wondering…

  25. Benjamin- Nice “Bad VA Art” photo today, showing a VSO piggy standing behind being oh-so-helpful with his funny hats and uniforms rivaling only those of ‘Steak-n-Shake’ employees…(Steak-n-Shake have better hats and dare say would be more helpful to Vets plus…there’s ice cream, as opposed to I SCREAM because of the VA)

  26. “[Future Income Payments’ chief executive, Scott Kohn]” — should be sentenced to receive VA Deathcare and make him and all his staff scammers be on the receiving end of “sloppy seconds” of VA Colonoscopies…make sure they have their VA colonoscopies late in the day when it’s guaranteed the VA hacks have left all the gunk and crap on equipment from previous Veterans…all for Future Income Payment’s, Scott Kohn’s future medical woes pleasure principle.
    Then, do as the VA and wait several months to a year or two to issue mass mailings warning Veterans and others that had procedures with dirty infected with Hep A, B, C, HIV and more…informing Scott and FIP of the VA’s oopsy….all for starters for these predatory pricks.

    1. Also, if there’s 500 Veterans in Minnesota alone affected by Future Income Payments SCAM…you can easily and logically multiply that by 50 States for starters to get an estimated veteran population affected, which comes to: 50 States x 500 Vets in each State= 25,000 AFFECTED VETERANS IN USA 50 STATES.

      I wonder which VA Execs or VSO’s have shared $$$$$ interest in such companies as Future Income Payments…you know, just like all those predatory colleges attempting to get Veteran educational benefits still out there…A LOT of them just happen to be in state of Arizona. Insane McCain’s State. Rat Bastards!

      1. @Seymore Klearly- The difference is, the VSO’s call their stealing dues and lifetime membershits, err-r, memberships on good shit lollypop V.A. Titanic.

        Welcome Aboard the V.A. Titanic!! Visit our gift shop and buy a hat and become one of us sucking the teats of the Good Shit Lollypop V.A. Tit-anic.

      2. Hey Namnibor,

        Does the current Veterans suicide rate include Veterans who died due to their trusting VA Health Care?

        It truly is inconceivable for me to believe that 526 Veterans actually allowed a VA Doctor to perform a colonoscopy on them. I mean really how does someone trust a VA employee who has spent a good part of their lives, and most of their professional careers studying assholes. Not only trust them but to allow them to shove a camera up their asses. That is just foolish. I don’t care what anyone says. Really its moronic for someone to believe a VA doctor, with a thing for assholes, who says well now that you are 50+ years old we need to start regularly shove a camera up your ass for posterity.

        It really should count as a suicide if any of the 526 Veterans contract a disease they die from because they trusted a VA employee into assholes. It should also count as a murder charge against the VA employee with the asshole fetish.

        While on the topic, the 350+ Veterans who trusted the VA’s contractor cardiologist Dr. Apostolos Voudouris to provide them proper cardiology care. How many of them died from not receiving timely care because the Cardiologist found it was easier to bill for testing and not waste time preforming the test. Then it would be for him to actually do the possibly live saving testing he was being paid for. Really it is truly moronic to think anyone can trust any VA employee to do their job. So shouldn’t any of the 350+ Veterans who trusted this VA contractor that die because they were not properly tested also be include in the Suicide Rate? Also, shouldn’t cardiologist Dr. Apostolos Voudouris be facing murder charges for any deaths associated with his scam?



      3. The colonoscopy equipment that are in use in many VA Medical Centers, are the type that’s hard to sterilize while autoclaving lab and medical equipment. It must be that somewhere on the colonoscopy equipment itself, that there is a section that is compacted together somehow, or a spot where the bacteria can sort of hide, and therefore the bacteria is protected against the autoclaving procedure.

        Then after autoclaving, the equipment is used to enter the poop shoot, take pictures, and then the bacteria is released into the colon. VA knows about this defect. And yes, I to believe that if a Veteran contacts a disease from something like this, and gets so depressed, especially how the VA is too damn slow in treating the condition. That if the Veteran commits the final act, they should be included in the suicide count. Shameful. This shouldn’t be happening. But then again, its the VA. – – – Nutter.

      4. @ANutterVet- The VA simply fails time after time on this very autoclave sterilization and guess what is found each time by OIG? That the VA Employees failed to properly follow instructions of procedures from manufacturer of equipment.

        When the letters went out en mass from when this happened @ Dayton VAMC, the VA came back and blamed the manufacturer of the same exact equipment for not having CLEAR ENOUGH instructions of sterilization procedures. I kid you not.

        Something is sterile and sanitized or it isn’t. It’s not that tough…unless your an engorged purple team member.
        By the way, the VA does not even follow the proper follow-up for testing of infectious diseases for proper amount of time after such an event is found. Standard protocol for infectious disease, esp. HIV is steady 6 month retesting for 2 to 3 years or more because depending on what mutation/strain of a virus you get such as HIV, the time for seroconverting varies, with some even have been known to remain undetectable for more than a decade until you get that one nasty cold that JUST will not go away as it should….rat bastards!

        You would THINK that anything with assholes in it, the VA would get that correct every time. One brown-eye to another… 🙂 🙂 (I crack myself up sometimes) 🙂

    2. Amen, brother and they deserve more, more, this guy, Kohn needs to be disappeared, something that really scares him and his buddies before they lose consciousness. The FBI no longer does its job, these pukes need to answer to some of us “other” vets who can “reason” with them and make them offers they can’t refuse.
      I bet Gary Kohn would donate all of his riches to a veteran’s org if “aproached” in the right way, hey?

      these guys must bleed slowly; Remember the old days, fellas, no quarter for these big crooks;
      There ain’t no “mafia” big and bad enough to stand up to a well organized group of vets. Take ’em down.

  27. Delaware is recognized along with Nevada in setting up these upfront ghost LLC’s. I thought a while ago when my wife and I watched a documentary on this type of set-up for priming a scam. Don’t like those who take advantage of anyone that is disabled and trying to make ends meet. I’m glad they got these pukes. Good night. May be. – – – Nutter.

  28. FIP, LLC
    Our Mailing Address:
    2505 Anthem Village Drive, #E-578
    Henderson, NV 89052

    Contact Us By Phone:
    If you are a new or existing customer that would like a cash advance on their pension, please call one of our pension specialists at 877-871-1991.

      1. Wyldechylde….I think you got the right TURD/ flim flam man.

        Most recently, Mr. Kohn has been involved in the building of enterprises in the Structured Cash Flow business that include Business Process Outsourcing and internet marketing – he has made a healthy 8 figure investment in this market to better serve his customers.
        He is also pioneering exciting new options for Rideshare, and developing new business models to directly assist individuals with credit challenges.


  29. Name and shame to include owner and address then put them in the ground. No court room, no spending tax payer dollars dragging this out. Just a lone wolf crazy veteran rolling up to their door and capping their ass. Problem solved.

    1. Their LLC’s so likely the setup is run through an attorney. I’d love to find that guy and make him tell me who his client is…

    2. The principals of this outfit have committed federal crimes similar to those for which the Mafia was prosecuted
      It is called “Racketeering” and they should be “replaced” by adventurous veterans, former military bad boys;
      If they are Mafia, then wipe out the whole gang; Time for action

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