VA Is Lying Billboard Announcement

YOUTUBE: VA Is Lying Billboard Set For Corrupt Phoenix VA


VA Is Lying Billboard Announcement

VA Is Lying founder Ron Nesler is announcing the newest location for a VA Is Lying billboard in response to the lack of accountability and continued corruption at VA.

In his YouTube video to followers, Nesler identified three reasons he is restarting the VA Is Lying billboard campaigns: 1) Systemic VA Lying Persists; 2) Bad Promotion Of Agent Orange Denier Tom Murphy; 3) Unresolved Patient Advocate Conflict.


In response to these problems, VA Is Lying is planning a publicity blast to shine further light on corruption and related cancers that persist within the agency’s walls. They decided to start putting up the billboards near Phoenix VA. I could not think of a better location given the total lack of empathy for veteran sand lack of accountability for wrongdoers that was exposed two years ago at the facility by CNN.

The Phoenix VA sign will be up for 90 days to raise awareness of persistent problems there.



As Nesler explains, “We did billboards last year to embarrass VA into working with veterans.” The billboards worked but VA has persisted in “lying to veterans, taxpayers and Congress.” He continued, “VA cannot be fixed so long as they are not telling the truth.”

He continued to explain that the recent promotion of Thomas Murphy to head Veterans Benefits Administration is “unacceptable” and “injurious” to Vietnam veterans due to Murphy’s position that Agent Orange did not cause harm to those veterans.

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Nesler’s third position focused on the corrupt patient advocate system. Nesler says his proposal, to move patient advocates out from under local VA administrators, would be a “minor, no cost” tweak that would affectively remove the inherent conflict of interest that exists.

The third platform involves an obvious conflict of interest fix that could improve accountability at all VA medical centers. It would move the chain of command for a patient advocate under VA Central Office instead of under the local VA head.

The reason this suggestion could be very effective is that it would remove oversight of the patient advocate out from under the administrators about whom veterans are complaining.

The present system is akin to Hillary Clinton being able to appoint, manage, hire and fire any investigator evaluating her corrupt Clinton Foundation. It would be a bad idea, and no doubt nothing would be found if she headed it up herself.

That is why Nesler’s third element of why the signs need to go up could be very effective. If VA removed the conflict of interest, the newly empowered patient advocates could possibly be able to tackle problems. Now, they merely placate to local administrators.

Phoenix VA seemed like the best VA to start with since corruption is still present at the facility even though many of the previous whistleblowers were paid off. Part of their settlements was to no longer bash VA.

But reports circulate even now that indicate Phoenix is still as corrupt as ever. So, a VA Is Lying billboard will go up in their backyard, again.



“Good morning, this is Ron Nesler, founder and leader of the VA Is Lying Facebook group. I am here this morning to announce a new billboard campaign. We did billboards last year to embarrass VA into working with veterans.

“It seemed to have worked, but we are in a position now that we are going to do it again. We have got three reasons that we’re starting the billboards again.

“One of them is we are not getting any response at from VA on stopping the systemic lying to veterans, taxpayers and Congress. It is not stopping. It is not even slowing down. It has to stop. VA cannot be fixed so long as they are not telling the truth.

“The second reason we are starting the billboards again is the appointment of Thomas Murphy to be boss of all VA claims. This is unacceptable. Thomas Murphy denies that Agent Orange is harmful to veterans. He cannot be in charge of disability claims that include Agent Orange claims. This is injurious to veterans. And it is an insult to Vietnam veterans who have worked for 50 years to get recognition for the damage done by Agent Orange.

“Thomas Murphy has got to go.

“The third reasons that we are starting this is that we approached VA with minor, no cost tweaks to the patient advocate system that would take the patient advocates out from under the thumbs of the local administrators so that they can truly advocate for veterans. VA is refusing to do this. They refuse to talk about it.

“The way the patient advocate system is set up right now, when a veteran complains to a patient advocate, that patient advocate gets there job ratings and all of their career changes come from the same people veterans are complaining about.

“That clearly won’t work and we want it changed.

“Start expecting to see our billboards again, Monday, August 1st. I am not going to tell you right now where they are going to be, but that will be announced on the blog, by Ben Krause, in the next few hours.

“Find us, find our group, VA Is Lying group, we are on Facebook. We are the VA Is Lying Facebook group. Find us, talk to us, join us.”

What are your thoughts on the group? Would you include different reasons if you were the founder of a grassroots veterans group like Nesler?


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  2. It is a fallacy and mistake to try and hold onto VA’s toxic exposure process known as Presumption, and the Agent Orange legislation for it is obsolete and antiquated beyond all usefulness. Men veterans seem to be adamant about holding onto it. The Fort McClellan toxic exposure veterans have launched a new effort in the Senate on March 16th, 2016 and will be continued at the end of their summer Recess in September, by submitting a concept draft for new legislation to overhaul the entire toxic exposure process for veterans. Those who are already trapped inside of Presumption will be able to voluntarily stay if they so choose. But you have to know, that the Agent Orange Act does not even apply to the rest of us, and is tantamount to medical malpractice whenever the Claims Division attempts to “force fit” the rest of us into it. Under the new plan, toxic exposure groups with papers in place would be declared as, and processed as (by the VA) as an “Accident” category of claims. It would END the Act Of Congress processing that is going on right now through the systemic deprivation of claims benefits on the basis of trying to meet a fake and phony toxic exposure standard that was written in the early 1980’s and is now abused to overrule the workings of the Reasonable Doubt Doctrine. Also, veterans toxic exposure groups would no longer be aligned as Unit or Era of Service identifications. They would fall as EPA “Pathway” groups according to their toxic exposure scenarios either as air pathway, soil pathway, or water pathway. This would grease the skids for researches to come into play later on if it becomes necessary to further process the group. On a final note, mandates are in place for the VA to HALT the practice of using obsoleted health studies that were previously done by the Institute of Medicine (which has now been renamed as The National Academies) circa. 1980’s to deny veterans toxic exposure claims. The programs and services which already exists at the Environmental Protection Agency and at the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, including it’s modern day collection of science papers in their official government databases, would all be opened up to and inclusive of the processing of veterans toxic exposure cases. Men veterans are going about this entire overhaul idea the wrong way. We’ve got it covered in the right way to get this done. Vietnam Veterans of America are obsolete and they need to go home and give it a rest. Let the rest of us drive this jeep ride of toxics into the right garage. —- Sue Frasier, Army 1970, Lead Activist for The Fort McClellan Veterans Stakeholders Group.

    1. I like the concept Sue if for nothing else other than it stopping the VA and certain VSOs from pitting one veteran against another.
      If you try carve out and get Congress to pass legislation dealing with one group of veterans, inevitably you have other groups of veterans encouraged by VSOs complaining of taking money away from other veterans.

      Bravo for your efforts!

  3. Corruption is corruption. You can send a corrupt person to tin butt too and that person will not change. !

    Patient advocating should be taken completely out of the VA system. !

    This should be handled by an outside source. Remember VA pays them and veterans Will never get a fair shake when their beholding to their employeer. !

    The signs need to target not only VA medical facilities. But also the regional office’s. !

    Many Veterans can not seek help from medical center’s. Because they are not service connected. !

    Why. Because the regional office’s deny veterans their disabilities. They do everything they can to deny claims and also those that Do get A disability the regional office’s. Take those disabilities away.

    The signs should show a shreader and an employee doing the shreading. Caption !

    Screw the veterans. 22 suicides is not enough ! Deny. Deny. Die. !

    There’s always MORE !!!!!!!!!

  4. To everyone,
    Just now on “ABC World News with David Muir” was an article about VA.

    “Tax Dollars Spent on Art During VA Scandal”

    Congressmen(women) are working overtime to garner votes. Looks like their “playing” to all the taxpayers! Or maybe their just “Playing the Taxpayers”!!!! You know, the old “Switch and Bait Con Game”, or the “Peanut Shell Game” – which one will y’all choose?

    The VA responded with the same old Bull Shit. That the “…art helps veterans…” cope! They didn’t mention the “color changing walls” out in Vegas. Or many other asswipe things VA has done!
    Their Public Relations officers are definitely working overtime on this issue.

    I think they said that “rock”, actually when y’all see the picture, it’s a bolder, out in California cost something like $1.2 million of taxpayers monies. Then there was a TALL ass Christmas tree costing thousands of $$$$$! Then something about some kind of “lighting at a parking garage”!

    That billboard(s) needs to go up immediately!

    1. The colored lights on the parking lot “…cost $330,000 of taxpayers money”! The not so funny aspect of it is;
      It is a ‘board’ with “Morris Code” said to have “…sayings by Lincoln…”and someone else.
      The kicker is, it’s supposed to be for blind veterans. Critics say those who are blind, CAN’T “SEE” IT!

      1. Oh, another little piece of info – guess who’s “defending the VA” over the egregious acts of spending $20 million of taxpayers monies, over a 10 year period, on useless art? None other than the “American Legion!”

        I believe this little bit of information will bring out more trolls!

      2. The VA says it a vital way to help veterans.?
        Veterans can not eat art and since we paid for it. It should all be auctioned off. !

        No matter now many trols speak up defending it. It will shoe once again how little they knew what veterans need.

        The VA Is given x amount of dollar’s end if they don’t spend it. Now else are they going to ask for more. !

        Were broke. More please. !

        If a veteran tried sleeping by it. They would call the police. (trespassing) !

        Everyone but them know it’s wrong. That’s the VA way. !

        How many Veterans had to die for that art.?

        Too many

      3. They must need new hats. 🙂 Maybe this time the tassels will have glowing fiber optic trails coming out designed by no other than Lady Gaga. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Thanks, Elf. You just HAD to spread out the Troll Bait. 🙂

      4. Hey, namnibor,
        If the American Legion is so hellbent on destroying veterans.
        Let’s give them an ‘excuse’!
        This way we can “flush out the traitorous dogs”!

  5. Off-Topic but not exactly:

    I do not quite know what to think of these new ‘security measures’ ALL Federal Agencies are supposed to implement starting Aug.,2016. I am going to copy/paste the email I just received from Social Security because since it applies to ALL Fed Agencies that provide sensitive info/data to users, the VA/VHA surely must be required unless exempted. Here you go:

    “[Starting in August 2016, Social Security is adding a new step to protect your privacy as a my Social Security user. This new requirement is the result of an executive order for federal agencies to provide more secure authentication for their online services. Any agency that provides online access to a customer’s personal information must use multifactor authentication.

    When you sign in at xxxxxx with your username and password, we will ask you to add your text-enabled cell phone number. The purpose of providing your cell phone number is that, each time you log in to your account with your username and password, we will send you a one-time security code you must also enter to log in successfully to your account.

    Each time you sign into your account, you will complete two steps:
    •Step 1: Enter your username and password.
    •Step 2: Enter the security code we text to your cell phone (cell phone provider’s text message and data rates may apply).

    The process of using a one-time security code in addition to a username and password is one form of “multifactor authentication,” which means we are using more than one method to make sure you are the actual owner of your account.

    If you do not have a text-enabled cell phone or you do not wish to provide your cell phone number, you will not be able to access your my SS account.]”

    Would not this expose data via wireless means to whomever? How will the VA do this? Cups and String? 🙂 Thoughts to chew….

    1. This is a result of the OPM data breach, a result of many federal agencies contracting with Google and an inability of Google to prevent phishing or other malware attacks because people working in government are too stupid to avoid clicking on things they receive in email causing massive malware/virus infections.
      So, instead of stomping on the nitwits causing these problems, Uncle Sugar is making it equally difficult for everyone.
      I cannot believe SSA is claiming a cell phone is required, unless they are misunderstanding what they have been directed to do.
      They can easily do the same with a landline, or they can provide a list of 10 codes that you can print out and use as necessary.
      The problem is, the code you enter after you enter your username and password is only good for 30 days, then you will have to enter another code. That code can be off the list you printed, or, in this case, what they would text to you.
      You just know this is leading to a massive federal program to provide everybody cell phones, much like Obamaphones…with taxpayers paying for it.

  6. The head of VA claims has zero influence on decisions involving service connection for Agent Orange related diseases. If a disease is on the codified list, then the Rating authority will establish service connection. But being logical and fair is not a strength of Neslers. He jumps on board the train to rip the VA for denying benefits when they should be granted There are problems in the VA but he is no help for a solution. Here he is fighting a problem that doesn’t exist, except in his own mind.

    1. To Stanton Lore– Good grief your name is synonymous to Peter Lorre…. all doom and gloom. I commend Ron’s very hard work he does and the “problem” DOES exist and it IS in the mind of ALL veterans who were exposed to it. Take a biggg longgg whiffff.

    2. How can anyone say if they are a help or hinderence to the final solution of any problem? Leaders in combat know this. Sometimes an order must be given to take either the left path or the right. Sometimes either path might lead to victor or both may lead to oblivion, but nearly always the alternative choice of doing nothing leads to dishonor.

      The leader makes a choice knowing that either choice might be wrong, or maybe both choices are but one of those choices just might get the job done. Courage to make a decision is the measure of a true leader.

      My take on the man whose character you are attacking is this; he has offered his identity up freely and made it a personal fight. He asked his brothers to help and many did, but now he again posts his charming mug for all to see and nearly unzips,his trousers to one of the most powerful men in our nation, and says, “Too far.”

      My codified checklist confirms that to be courage. His actions speak to leadership. His commitment speaks to loyalty. His perserverance speaks to patriotism.

      What personal traits in his mind were you concerned about again?

    3. Do you seriously believe the head if the VBA has no influence over the people below him?
      I believe it is also codified that VA managers be honest in the duties they perform, including reporting statistics used to pay bonuses.

      We are how well that went.

    4. Explain to me how Robert McDonald got my husband’s claim to the BVA AND approved in SIX DAYS?

      Was it just coincidental that Danny Pummill was out and Murphy in within minutes of McDonald being outed as a liar in an email between Ron Nesler, myself, congressman Zeldin and many, many others?

      I heard that McDonald had a fit in VACO that morning. I also heard he is popping some pills to keep him calm. And, he cannot quit because he promised Obama he would stick it out to the end.

      Why is the last senate confirmed undersecretary of benefits Allison Hickey?

      Debi Bevins really needs to secure her phone line better. Telling that female VA worker that the secretary made up his mind and letting her go/reducing her job because of a disability and small spaces and fellow VACO workers was really illegal. I admire her giving her fellow employees charity Zumba lessons though.

      Mostly, I can’t wait for David McLenachen to come back before the House and Senate VA committees this fall over the TBI scandal. Did it even occur to him they were being so very polite right after Zeldin took on Beth McCoy?

      A little birdy told me it is going to be very special at the VA hearings this fall. And, these promotions are going to be front and center. Obama will be busy packing and stealing the White House china. Hopefully Trump is way ahead in the polls and Hillary stroking out and the congress and senate can get a little pre-election VA fire going.

      1. I do hope that birdy is singing. I would like nothing more than to see McDonald on the hot seat explaining how he promoted an Agent Orange denier, who then promoted a guy who signed a letter illegally ordering VA staff to change claims dates, and promoted a guy who lied under oath to the VA IG conducting an investigation into waste, fraud and abuse.

      2. Explain. To me why McDonald would not help a veteran whom was falsely accused of disruptive behavior and he had ten years of correspondence proving it right in front of him. !

        And he sends it right back to the people hurting the veteran to answer the veteran. Instead of McDonald demanding the VA provide the proof or correct the mistake or fire the person making the false allegations.?

        I’m happy for you and glad you got help. One veteran helped does not make a drop in the bucket. !

        I know you don’t know why. But when he does something like that. Its sending the veteran a message. I don’t care About you. !

      3. 91 veteran,

        VACO is telling a lawyer that they are getting ready to arrest me for harassment. The dead giveaway was they were going to arrest him too. John does not do social media, he barely uses his cell phone, etc. In fact he is in no where Alaska right now on his home turf and not a guy I would try to corner. If that SOCOM flag officer had let McDonald into John’s file instead of telling him his clearance wasn’t high enough Bob might understand that.

        Go ahead and arrest me Bob. You know where I am. Just stop and think why it doesn’t scare me. Who do you think my one call is too? How long would it take for my dead man’s hand switch to go active? How easily do you think that Anonymous friend can break into your firewall? I bet he finds stuff that makes Hillary look honest. Banks pay him good money, the US gov’t has used his services.

        That unredacted 2-1 is going to say “thank Bob McDonald for this national security leak” right across the front page as wikileaks publishes it Bob.

        Go ahead…arrest me.

  7. Mr Nesler, I want to send you a check to help you with this endeavor. Ben, Is there an address available?

  8. One might find a witch doctor to be more effective on cancer research than most VA doctors, least the only killing most of them do is chickens.

    1. I think the last few doctors I’ve seen at the VA actually WERE witch doctors before the VA thought they were well qualified in something and hired them.

      1. The 1st VA hospital I received care in was in 1981 following my discharge from USMC. I returned home to Manhattan and had a recurrence of large cyst in my sinus cavity that had to be removed surgically. The location I believe was 26th and 1st. Very good care. I remember being told that they were plucking homeless vets off the street and admitting them in order to keep the doors open. I’m not sure how true that is. I received substandard care at the Wilkesbarre VA, mediocre care in Phoenix, Tampa and St Pete as well. Finally won my ssi/disability case at the federal level which includes Medicare yay! I’m in the process of choosing a PC physician. 2 years into my VA appeal too. I enjoy reading this blog. Most posts are informative and useful and some are very funny. Thanks to everyone for sharing. Btw, I agree with you about some of them being witch doctors. You guys think you have it bad? I don’t even wanna go into the bedside manner of most of the GYN doctors. No joke, I’m for real!



  10. Those few reasons are likely the best reasons that go right to the heart of ongoing problems at the VA.
    The VA IS still lying as shown by the strategically placed press talking points around the country about wait times being reduced. They are not going down and telemedicine is not going to fix that.
    Murphy being an Agent Orange denier.
    Ron, if you are reading this, I would suggest a VA is Lying campaign to expose him, and make him so embarrassing to the VA that they do something about him.
    I suggest posting links to factual sources showing what he has said about Agent Orange not affecting a veterans health, along with posts of many of the various medical studies showing the various diseases resulting from exposure. Start by posting his biography showing his extensive background in Agent Orange related medical research giving him a basis to deny AO causes health problems. If not a medical study, then posts to legislation that Congress has passed service connecting diseases related to AO exposure.
    Having Murphy in charge AND SETTING POLICY for claims is like putting Hitler in charge of investigating a death camp, or putting a witch doctor In charge of cancer research.
    In fact, you could do a weekly theme on VA is Lying. One week calling for reports on Murphy, another week calling for reports on lying, another week calling for reports on Patient Advocates, another week calling for frivolous claims denials, another calling for outrageous health care experiences. All themes interspersed with the usual posts from vets would show how thoroughly broken the VA is.
    Finally, as for the Patient Advocates, even moving their reporting to the VISN level would remove the corrupt way they currently do business. They have zero accountability at any level of the VA, and the people hired to provide some accountability are required to report to those who refuse to do their jobs and hold anyone else in the hospital accountable. After my primary care nurse practitioner falsified my medical records, which I found out the same day as the appointment, I asked the Patient Advocate to be reassigned…the same day. I called her 4 times over the next 3 weeks leaving voice mails trying to find out who my primary care provider would be because I needed an ortho related appointment, then finally caught her in her office one day. She claimed she forgot my request, then claimed she couldn’t return my phone calls because her office was being rearranged…over 3 weeks.
    In the documents I received through FOIA, she wrote up a single Report of Contact showing I wanted to be reassigned, making it look as if she did her job immediately after I came to her office the first time.

    Yes, I think all 3 reasons are very good reasons, and need to be mentioned every time a veteran may be interviewed by the media on these billboards.

    1. REALLY well said! This wins it for me:

      “…links to factual sources showing what he has said about Agent Orange not affecting a veterans health, along with posts of many of the various medical studies showing the various diseases resulting from exposure”

      Any time there can be a factual source, use it! We have to fight with the truth! Opinions and stories won’t cut it — you did the right thing in getting the FOIA! That’s just crazy — I know Pt Advs don’t have absolute power, but having them out from under the reporting chain of the facility make so much sense!


  12. Phoenix VA seemed like the best VA to start with since corruption is still present at the facility even though many of the previous whistleblowers were paid off. Part of their settlements was to no longer bash VA.

    But reports circulate even now that indicate Phoenix is still as corrupt as ever. So, a VA Is Lying billboard will go up in their backyard, again.

    1. Ooooh, so you can use my moniker, you’re so clever! LOL!

      What reports? I’m very cynical and distrusting by nature — so unless you show me ANYTHING, I can pretty much assume you’re making stuff up.

  13. After reading many many of Ben’s Blogs, and, of course, all the comments.
    I really did need a great laugh today. Well, I got one. I showed my wife the video. She laughed so hard, she cried.
    She thought, as did I, we should share this with y’all!
    I hope y’all end up rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter!

    Google this video –

    “Breaking News: Bikers for Hillary are on their way to Philly”

    July 28, 2016 | by AmyElizabeth

    Pay very close attention to the video.

    1. To Elf & the Mrs., THANKS so much for referring the Bikers for Hillary video. I will send it to all four of my surviving grown children. It was a very welcome respite for a wee little bit of a stressful day. Have a good one, guys!

  14. The AFGE was formed in 1932, the year Stalin declare all farmlands state property and the year the Franklin Roosevelt got elected. All of the federal jobs at that time we clerical in nature. Roosevelt made a few changes…..

    Not it is all backwards. RAND published a 497 page book which made conclusions about government based on 1000’s of individual studies they did on the topic. It takes 24 pages to get past allt the self glofication of RANDs vital importance to our Democracy, but once they start into it, like all good authors they start with the REAL problem.

    Within two paragrphs they sum up the problem;

    “A simple comparison of the grade distributions between 1950 and 2000 reveals one dimension of the change. In 1950, 62 percent of the basic federal workforce was in GS grades 1–5, with only 11 percent in the top five grades; by 2000 those relationships were reversed: 15 percent of the federal workforce was in the bottom five grades, compared to 56 percent in the top.”

    Any guesses how many are in the top percent now? The AFGE is as old and powerful as any other instituition created under Roosevelt. RAND talks about “roots” having formed in government outside of the federal mission.

    Roots is code phrase for AFGE. The world got rid of Stalin. God called Roosevelt home.

    They are waiting in heaven for AFGE. Or hell.

  15. Here’s another issue many of us have had to deal with at VHA. That of “Big Pharma’s” use of “experimental drugs”!
    In keeping with this, I submit the following article, written by “Jon Rappoport” on July 27, 2016.

    “Which is Worse: The NSA or the FDA?”

    Once y’all have read it, and digested its meanings. I hope you realize we are still, and have always been, “Guinea Pigs” of one of the most corrupt government agencies known to the modern world!
    Could this be another ‘VHA agenda’, over and above what we have had to endure for decades? Could this be what McDuck and his minions want – the death, (MURDER), of all Americans, especially veterans?


    Here’s an article out of “Military Daily News” this morning.

    “Arms Stolen from Weapons Room on U.S. Military Base in Stuttgart”

    Although the military isn’t listing what was taken. It evidently was enough for cause for concern.

    With what’s been occurring in Germany and other European Countries as of late; ie: “Radical Islamic Terrorism”.
    Could this “act of theft of military style weapons”, be the ‘signs’ of things to come?
    Remember, we had “Fast and Furious” here in America. Where military grade weapons “…found their way into the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels!” One of our own border patrol members was murdered by one of these weapons.
    What’s to say the weapons stolen in Stuttgart won’t be used to murder, not only civilians, but, our own military members stationed throughout Europe?!

    Things are going from bad to worse, in my opinion!

    1. On our local news this morning, channel 27 Orlando, Florida!

      “Two police officers were shot in San Diego, California!”

      It happened either last night or early this morning. One is dead, the other is in the hospital.
      I believe more info will be coming out later. As the investigation continues.

    2. The FDA has been corrupt ever since they ignored the Informed Consent violations by the DOD on the anthrax and other vaccines, and the PB pills. Their corruption got worse when rather than yanking the license of the anthrax vaccine manufacturer for producing contaminated vaccines, they allowed them to shut down for 2 weeks to clean up their facility.
      GAO reports from the late 1990s show this.

  16. @ Namnibor AFGE little COX is a good description of VA HEIRARCHY just change the x to cks and it would be right on the money

  17. It really is not fair to ask me what I would do if I was head of any organization whose goal was permanent change at VA. I’ll give it a shot;

    I guess if it ever did happen that delusional folks elected me leader, my first purchase would be for some moderate yield tactical nuclear weapons. Then I suppose MY sign would be just a but modified from Brother Nesler’s ingenious design.

    Mine would look like a lottery sign but advise persons interested to leave the area to a safe distance of 15 miles. Instead of Jackpot winnings being displayed, my sign would have a count down…

    And so that I have now stated this publicly, my name is forever committed to Double Secret Probation by the DBC. Seems fair.

  18. My husband and I donated to that board. Will donate again. And, again.

    They patient advocate in Alaska Ms. Johnson had a union plaque on the wall for years. Who is her true master?

    It is not only Murphy. Remeber that video of Rep Lee Zeldin taking on Beth McCoy over my husband? Google Lee Zeldin+John Mitchell.

    She too got a promotion. It used to be lying to a congressman was a bad thing. Now Bob’s VA flaunts it, promotes it.

    1. I watch the video andnyou are right. Why does congress not start referring va employees to the fbi for prosecution when they lie to congress? This might make those who think this a game to think twice before they lie to We The People.

      I am sorry for your husbands injuries and he deserves much better.

      1. Bill,
        The reason no one in VA is being “referred to the FBI”, or any other law enforcement agency, for prosecution, is simple.
        Because POTUS, FBI, DOJ and all the other “acronyms of letters which is our government”, don’t give a sh!t about veterans!

      2. Bill, Thank you. That was Wednesday 6/15. By the following Tuesday his aid and attendance was approved. Bob McDonald emailed Ron Nesler telling him he had just learned of it the next morning and cc’d the congressman and I by mistake. I called him on it telling him he was full of shit. I think my exact words. Ron stayed on him. McDonald called me that Saturday night, Debi Bevins that Sunday night demanding to know exactly where my husband was. Sent cops looking for him Monday and Monday night I emailed back (by that time about 500 people joined the emails) telling Bob I would send him to his 6.8 million dollar house outside Disney so he didn’t have to keep looking for him. Gave Bob a few ground rules for entertaining John. Offered help in rebuilding his pool even if John found an alligator from the lake next door climbing in the pool. He was a Ranger and Green Beret for two decades…the man can destroy literally anything. The next day by noon Bob had the BVA approving it.

        We only asked for help since 1992. I have artifacts they didn’t quite completely remove from statements of claims, lost SOCOM evidence, date stamped letters, etc the VA scrubbed out of his C file.

        I found a great kid..well, kid to me that did multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq to be his assistant. Word we agreed to. John is in better spirits and safer now than I have seen him in years. You can love someone to their soul and still not be able to care for them 24/7/365. I needed help and now I have it. We stopped traveling, we couldn’t return to our cabin in Alaska as I could no longer drag my husband back into the cabin after an equilibrium attack, etc. I want to see that man enjoy life again. He gave a lot to deserve it.

        This shit has to stop. A recruiter in town told me parents are already naming the VA when telling them to stay away from their kids. Last time I heard the VA as a reason not to enlist was right after Vietnam.

      3. Itbis bull shit that it has to go to the levrl it did to get action. I am fed up with corrupt va employees just looking for excuses to screw vetetans all the while lining their pockets.

        If bob mac is so concerned about disabled vets why did he hire Thomas Murphy to head the VBA.

        I am happy that your husband has finally got what he earned and deserves but proves my point that very little happens to right the wrongs of the people in the va until they get called to the carpet.

      4. Bill, if you find Ben’s post here from a few days ago in which he reports on Murphy giving several promotions, and naming who got the promotions, you can see from my comments on that post that Murphy is not the only corrupt, ignorant hack who should be fired.
        He promoted a guy named Danny Devine who was found by the IG to have lied to the IG while under oath in 2010. Devine tipped off a target of the IG, which caused the target to destroy evidence the IG was looking for.
        Another hack that Murphy promoted was a guy named McLenachen. McLenechen and Murphy both signed a VA Fast Letter 13-10 which ordered VA claims officials to put current dates on claims in order to reduce the backlog. The IG only looked at the Philly VA, but that letter affected hundreds of claims all across the country. The IG showed how claims were affected over 3 years. Many claims had up to 264 days removed from their filing date. That is 8.8 months. If a vet would have been given a rating allowing $1000 per month, that fast letter removed over $8000 from that single veteran in back pay.
        Murphy and McLenachen both signed the letter.

      5. Bill,

        Here is the problem congress faces. Most would love to see the FBI go after VA, however we live in a democratic form of government with enumerated powers. It means that if the power is not spelled out specifically in our Constitution then government posesses no such power.

        The Congress is only one of the three intended legs of government, the idea of course was to divided people into different rooms when they got to bullshiting about how they were gonna hose the population. The founders figured that if we put three sides at odds with each other for power, that no one side could screw over the population without the other sides helping.

        The VA is cabinet level agency. It is on the side the founders called the Executive Branch, which is seperate and apart from Congress. Same with FBI. Congress would have to convince the Executive hose monster to use other folks on his side to screw over folks on his side. It is not the way it happens. This is why VA is untouchable and even in the full daylight of certain misconduct they continue to operate in standard VA mode. Technically in order to even sue the VA for misconduct, you have to ask permission of the government to sue it. If the government does not agree to be sued your recourse would The Pope.

        Make no mistake that the social program called VA has grown roots and is in fact no more than a social program for the benefit of AFGE members. More than half of which are in the top five pay grades. Nice gig.

    2. To Robin Mitchell

      I went, and am STILL going, through the same kind of B/S your husband is going and went through.
      My wife is so disgusted with VA. She wants to scream! When she met one of my “brothers”, and has seen my name on a wall “…in honor of those who served in-country”. Trust me, she has not let VA employees forget it!

      The VA does not want to admit to a large portion of my Army military service!
      My military service consists of:
      1.) Army, two tours – 65-69), then a break for about 4 1/2 years, then, 2.) Navy (three tours – 75-82). I was medically discharged from the Navy.

      The VA, has had in their possession ALL of my DD 214’s AND ALL my medical records. They received my Army records in the early 70’s and my Navy records in 1982.

      The problems I’m facing are the incompetent medical healthcare (alleged) personnel. And some alleged VBA personnel.

      1.) My “…eyes were burned in July 1968”, (in Vietnam 1 year, 5 months and 2 days as recorded on my Army DD 214). I had bandages on for three weeks, (21 days), and I was left on a small firebase!

      This “injury” is, according to outside opthalmologists, (which I should be seeing), the “reasons” why I have
      “(possible) glaucoma”!
      Yet, the VHA only allows me to see an optometrist.

      2.) In the Navy I was diagnosed with “peripheral polynueropathys-(sic)-of all four extremities”, PTSD, and a few other ailments. The Navy admitted these “conditions” are from my Army service!

      I went over 23 years NOT knowing about this
      “FUBAR”! When I found out in 2006, I was furious.
      For some time now, the wife and I, are learning the VHA side of VA are NOT wanting to admit I was in the Army, therefore NEVER in Vietnam. It’s as though I’m not coincided a “combat vet”, when in reality, all my awards and medals, verify it!

      Another problem we’re having is, we have zero representation from a Congressman. Or, any elected representative, for that matter.

      Now, IF this kind of bull shit has happened to your husband AND to me. How many other vets has it happened to?
      Don’t you think this would be another scandal the VA should fix?

  19. @namnibor and other vets

    In my opinion, Ron, and others, should have never stopped putting up those billboards. He, and others, should have continued until VA capitulated to the demands Congress, veterans and taxpayers were complaining about.
    We, on here, surmised VA would never comply. We knew McDuck, and other’s in high places, would not stop the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse! As namnibor and others have said, it’s their damn “Cash Cow”!
    I seem to remember something. When attempting to make a ‘deal’, “WALK FROM THE TABLE”, until your conditions are met & continue the onslaught!
    By stopping the billboard campaign, all this did, in my opinion, was give VA time to try something else.
    What did McDuck do – he put “Agent Orange Denier” Murphy in charge of the VBA! Now, veterans are really screwed!
    Until a new administration is elected, Murphy is what we veterans have to deal with. If anyone believes McDuck will replace him – well, we all know the answer to that!

    ‘Patient Adversaries’ is a great term for these a–holes.
    I believe they shouldn’t be connected with VA in any way shape or form!
    In my opinion, they should be persons who, not only have some legalese training, they should be familiar with VA rules and regulations. This way they could help veterans who have been screwed by and in the VBA & VHA settings.

    After I watched the second video. There was an attorney from Slidell, Louisiana who spoke. The consensus was to correct the corruption starting at the bottom in VA, (paraphrasing)! I believe what was meant by that was the “God Syndrome” permeating at the all clinics and hospitals. Due to a corrupt administration. I concur completely.

    Lastly, the attorney from Slidell gave his website –
    It’s, I presume, like Ben’s. I haven’t visited it yet.

    That’s my opinion for this morning. Anyone else?

    1. P.S.
      I also have a feeling Murphy will start pushing an “agenda” to reduce veterans compensation! As namnibor says, “Wait for it!”

    2. It would actually be more appropriate if ALL Patient Advocates were actually REQUIRED to be VETERANS ONLY POSITIONS! (Not West Point Types, all we basic ‘grunts’)

      That would at least place Veterans in positions to actually ADVOCATE *for* Vets, not the freaking Meat Grinder’s interests. It would help with Accountability.

      However, I am pretty sure McDonald indeed has that “God Syndrome” in which it’s his way or his HANDLERS (AFGE little COX) way or the highway. McDonald’s refusal to even further engage in dialogue speaks volumes in his silence. Imagine the AFGE has much to do with McDuck’s lackadaisical approach on these manners as well as the so-called VSO Groups that want to “save the VA” from….accountability.

      Am hoping these new billboards are very well thought out strategic locations.

      Also, as long as Attorney General Loretta Lynch refuses to prosecute or even investigate nothing, absolutely nothing will change until the next POTUS administers the needed course of massive enemas. If Hillary is elected, I fully expect these same thugs to remain in-place.

      The Thump of a Trump is sorely needed.

      1. Nam, I believe having combat vets as Patient Advocates is required rather than just vets.
        The Patient Advocate I mention in other comments was an AF pencil pusher years ago. The person at Grand Junction VA that is in charge of the Patient Advocates, or “Chief of Customer Service” which is his actual bullshit title, also is the guy who is the hospital Press Relations person.
        His bio shows he did press relations in the AF years ago.
        Just having any vet would not help.

      2. 91Veteran- Yes, I should have placed emphasis on Veterans with Integrity.

        Just how we have people that are Vets working at say the Phoenix VA that come on here and post but do they ever rarely mention that they were/are Whistleblowers? Not often enough, which makes an a Veteran VA employee even more egregious of a compliant self-interest-driven asses.

        Yes, unfortunately the word of the day is A$$. Gotta guard that cookie jar. Collect them all. 🙂

  20. I would only add and emphasize that BVA Thomas Murphy is not just bad for and insult to Vietnam Veterans, his appointment to that position is an insult to ALL Veterans that have been exposed to Burn Pits, Depleted Uranium, Military Sexual Trauma, and the list goes on and on. I would add that to your talking points as to express that Murphy is indeed toxic for ALL. This by no means is minimizing the 50+ years plight of Vietnam Vets and Agent Orange but rather, recognizing that Thomas Murphy is more or less in a position of power to deny ALL and just think that needs recognized and expressed. Murphy is toxic to an already toxic system in which he poses an adversarial threat on steroids for ALL going forward as well.

    The Patient Advocates should be redefined as ‘Patient Adversaries’. Always out to lunch even if they happen to be in their offices and are as elusive as Sec. McDonald and just as non-effective for Veterans.

    Hope this gets the word out in a time that the Presidential Debates will be brewing.

    1. @ Namnibor Patient Advocates should be redefined as ‘Patient Adversaries yup, I concur. They should make Murphy drink a liter of Agent Orange and see what tune he sings.

    2. I have been having a hard time expressing or providing an analogy of Murphy and his denial of Agent Orange health effects. You are right though, if he is willing to be so shockingly ignorant on AO, he likely believes the same for other exposures.
      On Murphy, I just cannot understand how someone can rise through the VA bureaucracy, knowing of the hundreds of medical research projects showing health effects from AO, knowing of the legislation passed by Congress service connecting those illnesses, knowing of the VA programs they were forced to put in place to address AO illnesses, yet still believe exposure causes no illness.
      Its like putting a janitor in charge who then claims being blown up by an IED will have no health effects, and particularly no brain injury of any kind, regardless of what medical science says.

    3. >> Any vet who has talked to one can tell you what a lie that is.

      >>The Patient Advocates should be redefined as ‘Patient Adversaries’. Always out to lunch even if they happen to be in their offices and are as elusive as Sec. McDonald and just as non-effective for Veterans.

      concur with @ronald & @namnibor.

      i’ve been to many a VA in various states and have yet to have a PA do much of anything. often not even entering the complaint in the system.

      not sure putting them in DC would help. we all know how Central Office is often the apex of trickle down thuggery in VA system.

      1. Since my discovery of these Reports of Contact, if I ever have to see a Patient Advocate again, I will demand they write a Report of Contact on the spot and provide me a copy so I can be sure it is accurate.
        I found out about these Reports of Contact a little over a year ago when I was talking to a clerk in the Release of Information office. She asked if I wanted one submitted, and explained they were internal reports that were submitted directly to management within that hospital. I told her exactly what I wanted submitted, and she did so.
        When I received a FOIA response recently, there were several Reports of Contact within the response not only showing what I reported, but that management was aware of the problem.
        I also found out local management uses those Reports of Contact when responding to questions from Secretary McDonald’s office.

        Not that McDonald does anything to respond and fix the problem.

      2. I would like to cal a pa something, but i have never had one call me back. Seems like they hide behind their voicemail wall.

        In my experience a worthless position.

  21. Taking PAs out from under local control and putting them directly under the National Office is an excellent idea. Unfortunately it makes to much sense fro the VA to even consider it…

    1. With respect, taking e PA out from any chain of command is pointless if that person is still an AFGE member. Every month when an AFGE member pays dues, they reaffirm their vow and bond to the brotherhood to (from their website) “…watch each others back.”

      How can we reasonably assume that having made that commitment to the brotherhood that they would violate their oarh to AFGE by working against another brother?

      The basis of my assertion is from personal experience. When the clinic manager called me at home to harass me into stopping complaints of service he was admttedly outside the bounds of VA policy. I told him on the phone (as a VERY stupid vet) that, “…the administration will never tolerate this!” His answer was cool calm and rehearsed, “Let me tell you something Pal, Administrations come and go, but WE will still be here and we know who you are.”

      This comment earned him a Restraining Order by an impartial PA called a Circuit Court Judge. VA reaponse? In his letter to me the Chief Of Staff cited the Restraining Order as their primary concern along with a concern over a voicemail. I conclude that the ultimate impartial PA in this case had the opposite effect, not the intended.

      I think the sentiment is perfect, but until we cut ALL the cords between corruption and Justice by terminating AFGE, we are just painting lipstick on a pig.

      1. last thought; I did leave a message on the voicemail of the then PA after the clinic terminated all care owing to the flag. In frustration I said into his voicemail referring to the doctor, “…and tell that bitch to write me a prescription!”

        He emailed his response, “…your comment has been turned over to the Disruptive Behavior Committee for action.”

        Within a week I was placed in a mental ward to stabilize. I overdosed to die on morphine and let a lot of blood out. DBC response? Extend my flag.

    2. Although I understand your reasons, I don’t think putting a poster in Phoenix makes much sense in this case:

      – If there were to be a move of patient advocates, that would have to come from VA central, not an individual hospital. He should be posting this sign in DC near THEIR office — this is about as effective as pulling a hair off your head to change the direction that you’re walking — pretty much pointless.

      – Murphy also isn’t in Phoenix – and his appointment wasn’t decided there — so what’s the point of putting a poster in Phoenix for that?! No, Murphy may not have been the best choice, but a poster in Phoenix to address this is as effective as intentionally shooting a gun into the dirt at your feet in an effort to hit a target 50 feet in front of you.

      As for VA lying, well, VA central seems like the best place again to address that, though it could be argued that you should post one at EVERY VA cemetery, hospital and benefits office. LOL!

      Don’t get me wrong, the VA still has it’s problems, but I don’t think you’re aiming your efforts in the right direction in order to reach maximum effectiveness to make your voice heard. Maybe get a PR consultant or something…

      1. Only because I come and read this site periodically, I assume the rest of America does not. So no, they probably have no clue…

      2. KYA…….These billboards cost a lot of money. Phoenix was an excellent choice because they are The most “In the News” VA in the country. I am sure the DC billboard is coming one day when funds allow it.

      3. @Kevin Phelps – you make a fair point. I’m just trying to aim the proverbial gun at the correct target. And Phx isn’t in the news as much as it once was, so it may not be as effective as it was in the past. Who knows…

      4. You really didn’t read the article carefully did you?
        Nor do you understand the concept of fighting on multiple fronts.

        Let me try explain it. The VA lying is continuing, particularly at Phoenix where this whole scandal broke.
        Murphy is a different lie being told to veterans, and including him in this billboard campaign can cause attention to be drawn to that scandal.
        The Patient Advocates can be shown as doing nothing about the VA lying, or in fact participating in it. Patient means veteran, Advocate means assisting or on the side of. Any vet who has talked to one can tell you what a lie that is.

      5. And so KYA, in RAND like fashion my brother, you have concluded that this website is America sole source of information on those billboards by virtue of the data set you described as visiting this site occasionally. You then applied an anecdotal scaling transform matrix which included 200 million citizens. Please forward to VA immediately as evidence!

        While his idea may be an ego boost for Ben, let me posit the following notion – Washington DC was created for, is staffed by, and benefits a group known worldwide generally as being self serving liars. These are people who have risen to the top like cream in the milk of the really snake like crowd we call politicians.

        Do you not think they already know that VA lies?

      6. You “assume” America is not listening or reading. Hmmmm! My college English Literature professor taught me this: When you ‘assume’, you are quite literally making an ASS in front of U and ME.

        Trolls will be Trolls. Asses will be asses. Same difference, and if you knew anything about strategy, hitting multiple fronts at same time is what wins battles.

        The Rat Bastards are certainly nervous on the V.A. Titanic.

      7. RedTurtle – a simple Google search shows the scope of the information provided in this blog post … well, only here so far. So I don’t think your point is valid on that aspect.

        Your assessment about the population of workers in Washington DC is, in my estimation, pretty accurate. By extension, wouldn’t those who work subordinate to those in DC then be in the same general grouping? So your logic would then have us fight against one “head” of the monster instead of stabbing the monster in the heart?

        Don’t get me wrong — I’m a Veteran and have even had care from the VA (Prefer to go to the base since I’m a retiree though). My whole point is that I think you’re aiming at the wrong target — that’s all. (Ok, insert whatever cognitive error you think might apply – LOL!)

        @91Veteran — Not sure how this is multiple fronts. If he were again posting at SEVERAL VAs, then that would be multiple. This is one.

        And let me call you on some of your assertions:

        “The VA lying is continuing, particularly at Phoenix where this whole scandal broke” — how so? What’s your grounds for this statement?

        “Patient Advocates can be shown as doing nothing about the VA lying, or in fact participating in it” — again, how so, proof?

        As I said above, I’ve gone to the VA and had care there before, I’ve had occasion even to visit the patient advocate office. There is a limit as to what they can do, regardless of who they work for. If you know anything about a patient advocate program, you know they are a communication conduit from the patient/Veteran to the provider. They are NOT medical personnel and don’t have the power to override the decision of a medical provider. They ADVOCATE for the patient. They ask a provider to reconsider a position — if he doesn’t, they can escalate to the providers boss, and so on. They can’t just change the world and give everyone what they want — just not how the program, as it’s designed, works. (Source: talked to patient advocate in VA, at a DOD hospital, AND at a civilian hospital when I was trying to get a change in care for my dad. — All have said essentially the same thing about their Pt Adv programs.)

        I’m happy to continue the conversation, but again, my main point here is that I think this campaign could be more effective if it were aimed at VA central, or else in multiple markets. I do know cost is a factor, but if I could only buy one billboard to make my message heard, I’d buy it at the headquarters where there’s more potential to get NATIONWIDE coverage rather than to it in one market that’s already been such a punching bag that one more black eye is just business as usual and won’t make much of a blip on the overall radar.

      8. KYA, if you were familiar with the billboard campaign, which I believe you are given you work for the VA, you would know these billboards are being put up at multiple locations, not just Phoenix.
        Multiple fronts.
        As for your calling me out on other assertions, I believe I covered that in other comments on Patient Advocates lying.
        But hey, you’re retired, go to a military base for care and work for the VA. And you’re here telling us we are all wrong.

      9. @Know Your Audience – I see you are commenting from a VA IP address. I assume you work there. To put this issue to bed, Washington DC is very expensive and the VA Is Lying group has limited funds, unlike your employer, that spends tens of millions on positive press spin each year. Phoenix was less expensive with a large audience.

      10. It would be nice to know that IP address. Somehow I believe it points right back to the Phoenix VA…likely a managers office.
        One other thing KYA does not realize is that a billboard likely would not be allowed across from the VACO. Not because some flunky wouldn’t like it, but because it is likely banned by city ordinance.

      11. @Benjamin – Posting from VA library computer actually, but regardless, doesn’t make my point less valid. I do get the point about the cost – totally understand that. Just don’t think it’ll be as much bang in Phoenix (where everyone is used to seeing the frequent hits and (I don’t think) they’re not as impactful anymore) as it would centrally. It’s not like his issues have a deadline — pump up the Go Fund Me and go big! I’ve been involved in public relations campaigns for more than two decades and while I applaud his effort, I’m just saying it could be more effective if it were better targeted. That’s all my point is…

      12. Regardless of how big the impact is, it will still have an impact. You being involved in PR should know this.
        Picture this…various media have likely gotten various talking points or have done various articles on the Phoenix VA from hacks telling them how good they are doing. The same media are seeing a new VA is Lying billboard go up and start to question veterans, only to find out the VA has rearranged the deck chairs and the PR flacks have been blowing smoke.

      13. Very sneaky KYA. You admit you work for the VA, so you go to the library to try dissuade a billboard from being installed outside your VA. You go to the library knowing your IP cannot be traced to anything other than a common use computer. You do this knowing it is inappropriate to use your computer to post on veterans web sites while on duty.
        Know Your Audience sounds like something a press relations person would think, yet you clearly don’t know your audience here.

        Did you use your PIV card to log in?

      14. Hilarious…Guess where “Know Your Audience” works…

        Phoenix VA…!!!

      15. @91Veteran and Ben–

        That IP Address will take you directly to Satan’s Asshole. I smelled a Troll but was hesitant to call it out so did it coyly, but thanks for painting the roses red. 🙂

      16. So that makes KYA’s opinion any less valid? The perspective from someone who said he/she a veteran and even agreed with the posting in general is invalid just because he/she is posting from a VA computer? AFAIC, put the billboard where ever you want – it’s not like it’s gonna make the VA shudder in fear and change anything. @Ben I think you’re an ass for that though — the person agrees with the concept, just not the execution. That person claims to be a Veteran and if they work at the VA then they probably WANT to help Veterans — but why would anyone want that in their backyard? No matter, doesn’t make any difference, they can’t change it anyway.

        And for what it’s worth, Clear Channel does rent billboards in the DC area. Probably can’t get one in front of VA headquarters because of ordinances, but it’d get a lot of notice along the loop. 🙂

      17. This is the problem veterans face. Whether it be some veteran defending the VA claiming to get great care, while ignoring all those who are not, or another veteran donating his time, money and effort into reforming the VA, there are always going to be other veterans claiming they are doing things all wrong.
        Often by other veterans who don’t do much themselves to help their fellow veterans.
        As one who has donated to this billboard campaign, I am not going to whine about where they go up. I figure it may result in change for the better for veterans in that area. Ultimately, it may result in change at the VA in my area.

        As for KYA and you calling Ben an ass, what is your opinion of a VA employee going to a veterans site on duty time trying to suggest a billboard should be put up somewhere else knowing full well problems still persist at that location?

        I would think the employees allowing those problems to continue are the asses.

        Besides, KYA is probably a good little AFGE dues payer who would get their protection if caught using government resources inappropriately.

      18. @Ronald – no problem, Just my thoughts — appreciate you listening.

      19. What a unique perspective! Here I was waiting for Neslers announcement that the sign would be within my personal view here in Oregon, and yet one of the happy recipients of the prize is hoping that he will change his mind and put it several thousand miles away! Was I the one cognitively impaired or him??? A mental patient never really knows…

        No jokes about cognition here. I am above that clearly. Tsun Tsu wrote that the enemy always ends up giving you what you need for victory if you just smell the winds and know the world. News is breaking upon your location like the wind my brother.

        Now go outside and break wind there please. It is not polite to fart your wind in here.

      20. I think we should put one as close to isleworth country club dr windermere florida as possible. Or, maybe fly a plane overhead with one of those tail signs. Preferably while Bob is sunning himself by the pool.

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