Amdur Resignation Letter Excerpt

In a whirlwind today, Deborah Amdur just sent our her personal retirement email after I leaked the earlier decision email. She now cites health complications that started AFTER working at Phoenix VA.

Did working at Phoenix VA make her sick? Apparently, not only is the hostile environment at Phoenix VA making veterans sicker, but it is also causing VA employees to drop like flies, too?

Is there a vaccine for working with a-holes? I am sure someone like Ray Schinazi will invent it and sell it back to VA for millions.

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This was quite a turnaround.


Just days ago, Channel 12 News produced a story about Steve Cooper, a retired Army veteran suffering from advanced stage prostate cancer at 44. VA allegedly missed his cancer, and as a result, Cooper may die. Adding insult to injury, Phoenix VA was unable to schedule Cooper for health care consults in a reasonable time. In response, Cooper armed himself with a recorder to take action.

When he finally got an appointment, Cooper confirmed that Phoenix VA is still overloading its doctors and making it near impossible to schedule appointments by eliminating call options for primary care doctors.

This morning, we knew Amdur would need to break out her best ballerina shoes to walk the tightrope this time – – it is her third scandal VA brought her in on to clean up – – so I am sure she thought she was up for it.

But by this morning, the decision was made that she would retire. The first announcement came out to internal employees and indicated Amdur had a new health condition that caused her to need to suddenly resign. Apparently, SUCKING AT YOUR JOB is now a health condition.

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Her formal announcement was set to go out next week, but after I published the internal email that she was out, she then sent off the most recent announcement. That announcement outlines when she apparently got too sick to keep going.

In the newest email, Amdur cites health complications that apparently started only after starting her work at Phoenix VA. Did the hostile atmosphere at Phoenix make Amdur sick?


Deborah Amdur Resignation Letter


I guess staff can’t stand the heat, physically and mentally. Same problem here. Not a desirable location for retirement or employment. Most physicians stay only as long as they have to stay. Too many better locations for a family.

My guess is her legal advisors suggested the “sick AFTER starting working at Phoenix VAMC…”, so it will help propel her forthcoming legal suit of Workman’s Comp or whatever the equiv. she may have cooked-up to sue for environmental reasons. Being around assholes would be an environmental hazard but if the person already WAS an asshole at previous location, well it matters very little if such a vaccine exists. She had a previous existing condition of asshole so it could… Read more »

The VA Meat Grinder had chronic diarrhea today. 🙂

Dina Padilla

She as a scandalous person and also for lying, she should never get her benefits. How many of these criminals in the management system are getting paid out of tax dollars after they are found to be what I call just crooks. TOO MANY! While vets have to fight for their benefits if and when they get them.


Lolz, the head of a vast network of a multitude of health care professionals surrounding her……..and the very best advice they have for her medically is to quit and leave. That must be one powerful case of the sniffles. The combined efffort of all the doctors within VHA under her supervision, and the best advice they have is to leave.

Maybe VA doctors do give great advice after all?

Seymore Klearly

Or she just could get through on the phone to schedule an appointment to see someone!


Too much exposure time in the VA Telemedicine Booth. 🙂


I’m thinking she pissed off a janitor and before they could stop the DBC she got flagged. No matter who you are or what you did, it is a bitch to get the flag removed. Better just to leave…


I’m betting she got a paper cut and decided it couldn’t be properly cared for at Phoenix so she bailed out.
Or her anxiety at getting caught became too much.

I am curious what “I have great confidence in each of you”, means. Each of who? Also, what great things were accomplished? From what I have been reading, Sir busy Ben, Arizona has had continuous problems for a while. I wonder if things can ever get better. Once I was out of the Army, I was called a Civilian. All I want is what other civilians want, decent medical care, without making millionaires out of poorly trained civil servants. Without… Read more »


Seymore Klearly

Excellent job Ben!

Now to wait and see what VA contractor she goes to work for.

R Michael Maddox
I wish someone would come look at the Carl Vinson VAMC in Dublin, Ga. This place is a joke. Crap as bad if not worse than the other facilities we hear of, But you never hear about Dublin. The previous Director ‘Retired” 2 days before he was to be brought up on charges, Was escorted off property by VA Cops yet still got retirement benefits. The nepotism is rampant and disgusting not to mention the Flagging of files. I know,… Read more »

You know what’s ironic is that if she does have a significant health issue, it wasn’t diagnosed at Phoenix VA, and she has the option to retire and get health care privately.
For as short of time as she’s been there, if she were a veteran, she would still be waiting to see a doctor at Phoenix for that diagnosis.


Good works Mr @Ben


I’ll try again with the stiff fingers making a time of it…

Good works Mr @Ben

Don Avant

I need a like button…

Ronald Nesler

This web site is NOT connected to VA in ANYWAY. Complete honesty is ALLOWED and encouraged.


Ronald Nesler

Ben, could you give this web site by Neil Barrett a boost?

That is a VERY useful web site Ron, and will do what you have been telling vets. Put it in writing so McDonald can’t claim he did not know. If Neil is reading this, or if you can contact him, I suggest adding a section for Congressional review. Some congressional sides are very helpful in helping a veteran with the VA, and other congressional or Senate sides refuse to respond to a request for help. Knowing whether a congressional office… Read more »

This is a trilogy of horror for VA management. I have appreciated this site. It has given me much insight as to how i should approach my struggles with the VA, VAOIG, third party contractors and upper management. The comments section often shows how resilient most veterans really are.Thank you all.

Don Karg


Dear Benjamin Krause,

Working in “Mexico’s Second Largest City [Arizona Republic]” is not easy.

Since I have been here since 02/14/1993—Leaving Los Angeles after Five Years of Treason there [1998 Cox Report] and the Murders that were Global—it is hard to keep a job.

Treason is all around—it comes to you.

Use the word.


Don Karg


Could this be the beginning of the RATS leaving the sinking ship???? Get her benefits while the ship’s still floating……….You know she’s not leaving empty handed……..

I would say that since Deborah Amdur is apparently a “VA CLEANER”, (sent to various scandal-laden VAMC), that Deborah Amdur surely must be made of toilet paper and Febreeze to be sent to so many VA shit-holes and she simply became such a “soiled” piece of toilet paper she is no longer any use to the leaky rear-end of the VA Meat Grinder so a fire hose is being used on the rear-end of the VA Meat Grinder until a… Read more »

Benjamin Krause, you’re amazing!

Reuben Castro Acosta

PENDEJO VETS VA WILL KEEP ON KILLING VETS FOR THE BONOUS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


FYI- If any Vet’s are missing medication from the mail from the VA, a massive sting operation caught 33 USPS stealing and hoarding mail, to include Veteran’s Medications sent in mail; USPS employees accused of hoarding parcels, stealing veterans’ medication