BREAKING: Phoenix VA Director Suddenly Retires After Recording, Cites Health

160826 Phoenix VA Deborah Amdur

A leaked announcement just sent to me by an insider contains an announcement that Phoenix VA director Deborah Amdur is suddenly retiring just one day after a scandalous recording exposed wait list problems at the facility.

The reason? An email from the human resources chief at Phoenix VA cites “medical issues she has had flare up recently.” I did not know TOTAL FAILURE AT YOUR JOB was a medical condition, but okay.

Here is what I think really happened. Amdur was busted misleading Congress when she was head of a VA medical center in Vermont. She was then charged with investigating the Tomah VA’s opioid scandal where veterans died. Once that was whitewashed, the then moved to Phoenix VA after the wait list scandal needed a clean up.

But Wednesday night, Steve Cooper, a cancer patient at VA, secretly recorded a doctor and nurse within the Phoenix VA medical system confirming problems persist related to the Phoenix VA wait list despite shuffling the leadership deckchairs.

This is contrary to Sloan Gibson saying wait list problems were primarily an exaggeration of the press in 2014. It is also contrary to claims from Amdur that all was well and good at Phoneix VA after she took over about 8 months ago.

Her sudden retirement announcement will apparently be made sometime next week according to a source, but you are getting it here first.

Barara Fallon will be in charge until a new director is announced.

(You can download the announcement below)


Sent: Friday, August 26, 2016 10:04 AM

Two items of interest to share this morning:

First off, the All Employee Survey cut off for input is rapidly approaching. If you have not already done so, please make sure you complete the survey. It is 100% anonymous (any of the demographic data you input is not provided to our facility) and you can help me make changes that will benefit you and our processes.

Secondly, the Director, Ms. Deborah Amdur, notified Service Line Chiefs this morning that she will be retiring in the near future. This is unexpected and is related to medical issues she has had flare up recently. In the short term, Ms. Barbara Fallen (Director of the Loma Linda facility) will work with us as we transition to a new Director.

Have a great weekend,


R. Scott Nevins


Human Resources Management Service
Phoenix VA Health Care System
650 East Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85012

(602) 277-5551 x 3036
(602) 222-6554 Fax

DOWNLOAD: Copy Of Phoenix VA Director Retirement


This announcement is great news. It shows veterans armed with a recorder can take down a medical center director when their employees admit failures or wrongdoing of facility management on a recording.

In the story published here today and by Channel 12 news two days ago, recordings of a doctor and nurse show Phoenix VA is overloading doctors with patients. The facility has also shut down access to primary care providers by phone. Patients cannot apparently schedule appointments through normal communication channels.

The recordings confirm that health care providers are aware of substandard care at the facility caused by bad decision of managers that ultimately harm veterans seeking care.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, whitewash master Sloan Gibson has twisted the wait list scandal into an exaggerated creation of the press. Behind the scenes, Gibson shut down the Office of Medical Inspector just after the Phoenix VA scandal broke, which effectively shunted all investigations back to each VISN rather than allowing centralized review.

And we all know how that ended up.

The Phoenix VA wait list scandal was a national fraud perpetrated against veterans and against the taxpayers that allowed these criminals to abscond away with higher bonuses and without accountability for dead veterans.


Deborah Amdur was just coming off a stint leading the VA’s investigation into the drug scandal at Tomah VA in Wisconsin.

There, Tomah VAMC doctors were recklessly and unlawfully prescribing opioids to veterans that resulted in death and injury.

RELATED: VA Creates Liars Club At Phoenix Az

Before investigating Tomah, Sen. Kelly Ayotte asked Amdur about a scandal at White Junction VA, where she was the director. Rather than provide a transparent and truthful answer, Amdur misled the senator about prescribing recalled drugs. When confronted, Amdur said, “Absolutely not. I would never mislead a member of Congress.” Now, Amdur will lead Phoenix VA Medical Center.

Agency response? “Promote above peers.”


According to the Loma Linda VA facility page, here is Fallon’s background:

Barbara Fallen was appointed as the Director, VA Loma Linda Healthcare System on June 30, 2013. She has the responsibility for the overall management of the 1b tertiary care teaching facility that provides primary health care services to more than 71,000 Veterans in Southern California’s Inland Empire and portions of Southern Nevada.

Prior to this role, she served as the Deputy Network Director, Network Operations Officer, and Network Strategic Management Officer. In her role as Deputy Network Director she served as Acting Director, VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System and Acting Network Director, VA Desert Pacific Healthcare Network.

Ms. Fallen previously served in positions at VA healthcare systems in Long Beach, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Temple Texas and Hines Illinois. She is a graduate of the prestigious Presidential Management Intern Program. Her VA career started in Clinical Nutrition at Hines VA in Chicago. She progressed within the ranks of Food and Nutrition Service until transitioning into an administrative career in 1987.

Ms. Fallen received her undergraduate degree in Nutrition from San Diego State University in 1981 and Masters of Public Administration and Healthcare Administration degree from Arizona State University in 1987. She is a Registered Dietitian and a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives.

 How will things roll out now?
Amdur sent out her retirement email early. It was slated to come out next week, but my guess is after this was leaked, they threw in all the cards.
She claims she got sick only after working at Pheonix VA, and that the illness required that she retire. So merely being at Phoenix VA is not good for veterans or employees…?

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  1. I have done the same thing up here with a nurse in charge of being a doctor for an outreach program ,,,,, only I get a certified letter of telling the truth on what was going on,,, that I was out of control,,,, and a bunch of other lies,,,,,

  2. Admur is/was a joke. She has three letters on her (?) desk right now! Anyone defending her should go with her. She made me wish the other bitch was back. Good riddance!

  3. She ran away. She seen the writing on the wall. They say give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves. !

    She. Is was a career employee. You can see that she went from hospital to hospital. That’s their MO

    Remember. These people have Had year’s to stack the deck. People like this. Knew someone who worked for the VA

    Each time their antics start to catch up. They move and move.

    They want people who say their willing to travel or move. They come and go like the wind.

    That’s how they get promoted. You have people running the show and they don’t know how. They depend on other manager’s to tell them what’s going on.

    As time passes. We can see that they can not depend on management anywhere. They make their bosses lives Hell and the director becomes a figure head only.

    These people will and do ruin other employees lives. In order to get their way. This director like many others never wanted to really help the veterans

    They are there to help themselves and will lie straight to their face and could give a #!*%! About the veterans or lower grade employees.

    Noting will change. So close the doors and this #&#; will end and the veterans can go on living like everyone else.

    You seen VA employees writing on this subject and would not even leave us a chance to reply. Why they know their wrong and afraid to hear the truth. !!!

  4. I agree that phx va still has a way to go. But I can also say that Ms Amdur was leading the facility in the right direction. There have been massive changes and improvements under her too short of tenure. I know many here won’t want to believe this or hear what I have to say. And many won’t agree. But you also didn’t work for her and see firsthand how hard she worked and held people to a higher standard.

    The loss of Ms Amdur is a tremendous, tremendous loss.

    I’m a 23 year army veteran and am as passionate about Veteran care as can be. I have spent my life dedicated to caring for our active military and our veterans. If she was not worth her salt I’d say that. But…..
    At phx va- I worked regularly for ms Amdur.
    The problems at phx va were years in the making and gestated for years prior to her arrival. I can honestly tell you Ms Amdur was diligent about being addressing every issue she could. She did not accept the status quo and invigorated the team to make things better. I wish most of you could have known her dedication firsthand because she was a tireless Veteran advocate.
    Honestly, I can only think that her unwavering effort wore her out. She took her job seriously and was one of the most amazing leaders I’ve been able to work for. I am truly saddened by this news. I know for sure that the loss of Ms Amdur is a setback for the VA.
    I would appreciate not attacking me. Disagree with my comments fine, but remember, I’m a veteran too and this is my true sentiment. I say it with all the integrity and honesty possible.

    1. @Cap’n P,
      If she’s all you say, then she wouldn’t have quit!
      Evidently she’s not that brave or honorable!

      1. I dunno Elf. I can take him at his word and imagine even good leaders can’t keep track of everything employees do.

        On the other hand, the wait times were still long at Phoenix. I also wonder about her tenure at Tomah, and why she misled Congress in Vermont.

  5. I have almost 100 Hours of recordings with phoenix VA doctor saying things VA wouldn’t believe they said out loud, lol.

    1. Shannon, you should turn them over to the TV station. If your name isn’t on the recording, do it anonymously. If it is, then have the station redact your name.

  6. Nice “Bad VA Art” on this article, Ben. Bernie looks like one of those Muppets up in the balcony on the Muppet Show, namely Waldorf. 🙂

    If not for the website and people’s contributions of website links, would have had no idea how little Bernie Sanders helped the VA situation. Not.

    1. thanks, many many people should be arrested because of this, veterans are nothing to people like this

      bonus money for doing this to veterans Crime Genocide lab rats

  7. What I fear the VA’s typical kneejerk, petulant child reaction to this “accountability recording” will be the VA will instruct all VA employees to say very little to nothing in front of Vets and even try to intimidate Vets by simply asking them if their phone was recording…when even in asking without asking to turn it off can instill anxiety.

    Yeah, I unfortunately see more mindfuckery coming from this but hope to be wrong.

    What I do not get is, if Trump would want to make a hard swing way back on top of polls above Killary, why not fully exploit the fraud at the VA? Yes, we would be again used as political fodder but it’s an opportunity with only 74 days and counting and we can NOT count on the Presidential Debates ever bring-up Veteran Issues unless it’s the usual “stage prop Veteran” with the already cued question. Just saying it seems Trump is missing opportunity since Killary just thinks this is all wild conspiracy theories by the RNC. ???

    1. @namnibor
      I believe Mr. Trump has lots of tricks he’s going to be putting against “The Hildabeast” when it comes to the the debates!
      This “Racism” crap she’s pulling is really tiresome. The Democratic party is known as the Radical Racist Party starting with Andrew Jackson. The KKK started from the Democrats. LBJ stated, on recording, he’d “…keep the n—–rs voting Democrat for the next 200 years!” When he started the “War on Poverty!”
      JFKennedy was murdered seven days after his televized speech on “Exposing the Illuminati!’
      There are so many examples of how the Democrats have exploited people of color throughout history, it’s pathetic.
      On the other side, the Republican party has tried to help all those who were being taken for a ride by Democrats!
      History is chocked full of examples!
      Google it!
      Get “Hillary’s America!” It explains it better than I can!

      1. You are right, he’s probably letting the steaming poo arsenal build-up to properly encrust granny.

        My point is timing is everything. But then again, Trump deals with casinos and mob-types as a cause of business, so we cannot judge what card’s he is holding. I just know that granny’s VP pick drives me nuts in that he seriously needs to lay off the coffee or something or maybe it’s just me. 🙂

        The VA/VHA will now, after this scandal broke from a Vet with a recorder talking to a loose-lipped, disgruntled VA Dr./employee, will be SURE to be recording everything JUST to catch any loose-lipped VA employee, not for real accountability where Veteran’s Lives Matter.

        Remember, that Sloan Gibson himself and McDuck have “redefined” accountability?? In a twisted funhouse way.

  8. Judging from my experiences with private civilian workers getting injured just so corporations can profit off of them, then get them off the public funded programs they paid into by providing poor care or no care, then they’re dead providing yet a dead man, peasant, or key man life insurance policy. I blame the govt, both state of CA. & the feds for the poorest medicare care meted out to anyone that could possibly get sick or injured. I blame the legislators who caved in tor Kaiser, a federal contractor that is under the guise of a health care institution that garners unaccounted for billions of dollars every year. Kaiser treats all people civilian or military and it’s MO is just to garner as much money as it can to further their own agenda unrelated to health care like selling herbs to the chinese,(that’s really a BS business) but that is mild considering the real ugly stuff they own..
    The worst part is that its MO (Modus Operandi) is in the VA as how to treat veterans via its management style, all to save money to take the money for stuff totally unrelated to health care.
    Because every thing you all talk about is the same we faced as employees trying to do a good job but that kaiser was just an experimental hospital, in getting rid of certain classes of people, perhaps all people anymore. I am a progressive life long democrat (Peace and freedom for 10 years till this year and gone back to being a democrat, but for the time I will not vote for a democrat, especially one called Hillary. I grew in the Chicago area and all that is about rigged politics run by a syndicate. and the #1 one reason I will not vote for her is that she lied about growing up poor, well that was the first lie. But the absolute worst is that she has been for kaiser since the early 90’s, where kaiser has inserted itself as the the #1 healthcare and all it is is what many people out here in CA call it, is Kaiser kill and the VA is rotten through and through with its kaiser style management with unions that protect the VA..
    I’m with my brother who has just finally gotten care for his viet nam PTSD and It’s till not enough, but I’m voting what he wants,and it ain’t Hillary who’s the wide awake Manchurian Candidate especially to promote the worst government/military- national single payer universal healthcare called kaiser. where all other health care companies emulate to profit off the created ill , injured and dead.(the employer will have a astronomical life insurance policy that will go into their retirement plans, even if one commits suicide is double indemnity). Kiaser would have hay day with Hillary as president and that cannot happen, her being a president who would be part of a killing machine…
    The reasons we all suffer such horrendous healthcare problems, no matter where we go about crappy care, the worst care ever in the history of medicine( worked in the healthcare filed for many years prior to kaiser) it is because of kaiser, it’s tentacles have for over 45 years and have infiltrated into every government agency including the DOD & VA and with including the unions that are in on it together like SEIU. Like Rueben Castro Acosta states. It is a RICO and it is euthanasia.

  9. She should retire as I predicted when she was hired. I knew this was going to happen as she also was and is incompetent. When Will the Media start paying attention to EVERYTHING I have to say? NEWS FLASH: This is not the first time she her recordings. She knew about this scandal mouths ago, as I had a private meeting with her, presented recordings worst than the one that broke news, and she still didn’t reprimand anyone. So, It is amazing as much as I have uncovered they always way too long to bring my concerns to awareness. Long NEWS Media people, I have more information about the Phoenix VA than you can shake a stick at, and even though I will NEVER receive credit for insuring these people are no longer in operation, it is all good with me!

    1. js03
      It’s only illegal in Florida to NOT inform the other party.
      We, (yes, I live in Florida), have a “Two Party Recording Law”!
      Which means “…all parties must know they are being recorded!”
      I had to record someone last year for court. My wife won!

      Here’s additional info for Florida residents.
      Even if the person, on the other end, says they don’t want to be recorded, yet continue talking! The recording is still legal. By continuing to speak, they lose their rights. I can’t remember the term, but it’s real.
      I answer and say,

      Me: “Hi, this call is being recorded! To whom am I speaking to?”
      Caller: “I don’t want to be recorded!”
      Me: “If you want to talk to me, this conversation is being recorded! Or you can hang up! Your decision! To whom am I speaking with?”
      Caller: “I don’t want to be recorded!”
      Me: “Then hang up! Or ask, or say, what you want! There’s no other way!”

      (Side note: if you have caller ID, you can say after “Whom am I speaking with? Add – “at VHA?” This way the caller knows you know its a call from VHA!)

      Once the caller is told to hang up. Anything he/she says after that can be used in a court of law! One does not have to continue stating the “…call is being recorded!”
      You have given the caller three chances to hang up or talk. He/she did not take it. Therefore anything said after that is a legal recording.
      Like I’ve stipulated. I won
      my wife’s court case against a dental office! Once the Judge heard the evidence, it was smooth sailing! My wife won a lot of $$$$$$$$$$!

      Check it out. You’d be surprised at what Gov. Scott has put into law!

  10. Please Brother and Sister Vets, be VERY careful in doing such as this. It is against federal law for ANYONE to record another person without letting them know they are doing it and it could come back and bite you on the a$$ very quickly. McDermitt (D) from Washington State just took a copy of an illegally recorded recording and gave it to the press. Long and short of it the two people who did the recording were charged with federal felony wiretapping charges and while spending no time in prison because of their age, they WERE fined close to 500,000.00 for doing the recording. McDermitt was found guilty of the SAME charge and he ended up paying a 1.5 MILLION dollar fine, and just recently lost his bid to have this taken off his Congressional record and expunged from his personal record. What this means is he is now looking at being censured in Congress or even completely thrown out of Congress for his actions.

    If the VA gets ticked off, they can sue the Vet who does this and the Vet will lose their access to the VA, and depending on if they want to make an example or not, the Vet could also have their VA pension stopped.

    So you have to decide if this is worth it to you. There has to be a better way to do this without putting yourself at risk.

    1. @Daniel Gray- Didn’t Benjamin set you straight on this in the very early A.M. hours right on the article previous to this earlier today?
      You are drinking too much V.A. Titanic Kool-Aid. Don’t you know it’s made on the poop deck?

      You are potentially giving Vets fear and instilling anxiety unnecessarily.

      Did you know the VA records your medical appointments? Do they tell you this before each and every visit or ask for your permission? NO!! (VA Psych Care definitely records visits and without telling you so or asking)

      Rotten Cabbage.

    2. Danny Boy you are full of it again. Yes you Daniel Gray.

      You said: “If the VA gets ticked off, they can sue the Vet who does this and the Vet will lose their access to the VA, and depending on if they want to make an example or not, the Vet could also have their VA pension stopped.”

      The VA is the deadliest health care system in the United States. I would say the planet But China’s organ donor program does have them beat. So if the VA denied the Veteran access to health care the VA would be doing the veteran a favor.

      In regards to taking away a Veterans pension. That is utter bullshit. Name one Veteran the VA has done this to. Same thing for suing a veteran. Name one just one veteran this has happened to.

      Go ahead create a work of fiction like you have in the past you fucken troll.

    3. You keep suggesting veterans could be in trouble if they record an appointment by comparing it that worthless POS, Baghdad Jim McDermott. That’s like comparing a Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon to a VA General Practioner C&P doctor.

      Two people supposedly just happened to have a scanner in their car while driving that would pick up cell phone conversations (illegal under Florida law where they were) and just happened to have a tape recorder in their car while driving handy enough to record the call.

      They turned the tape over to McDermott who turned it over to the House Ethics committee. The committee realized it was illegal, refused to accept it and turned it over to the Justice Department.

      McDermott, even though he was past chairman of the ethics committee and was the ranking member at the time thought that wasn’t good enough, so McDermott released it to several media outlets.

      The couple that recorded it got off with a $500 fine. They were facing $5000.

      McDermott was sued, lost, and fought it for years before ultimately losing, then having to pay over $1.1 million in attorneys fees, damages, fines and $600,000 of his own attorneys fees.

      What McDermott did is in no way comparable to a veteran recording a doctors appointment, unless that veterans appointment consists of using a scanner and intercepting his doctor dictating the results of his examination to some transcriptionist in India.

    4. Isn’t the real question this; why would a servant of The People be interested in hiding their words from scrutiny? Furthermore, why would a servant of The People want to punish veterans they serve and are tasked to care for?

      And lastly, if a veteran believes they are coming to the aid of America’s sacred Constitution, are you telling me that you support fining them and taking their things and turning another vet into the street – just for serving their country?

      Is this you are telling America, VA?

  11. 08/26/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Wow! I was just letting your first article sink in and I was trying to put a spin on the Phoenix Director—–all of a sudden—Bam! She is out.

    She is already dodging the bullet like an old Mafia guy—is she gonna show up with the Air Cylinder too?

    Nobody can write this story like this!

    Do not forget the Farmer & Montague in Buffalo/Cleveland/LA/Dayton and Leo A. Daly
    Read the 61 page court document that is attached to the article.

    Good work staying on top of this fast moving event!


    Don Karg

    1. they need to go after them all, 1%, They really need to look further into the Claims department, I bet if they really looked, they would find Thousands upon Thousands of veterans claims have been tampered with or some veterans denied their claims and in reality the veterans claim was approved and the monies syphoned off into secret bank accounts.

      Start with Diana Rubins and Graves and ask their employees, for evidence !

      This time take them to a real court, where they can plead the 5th, but evidence can be presented to a jury ! Goes for the rest of them. The VA is unwilling to police themselves and they need to get out of that Business.

      They need to be held accountable just like everyone else in this country, Stop them from getting free Attornies , Veterans are being falsely accused of Disruptive Behavior and are being thrown under the bus, without having the same represation !

      Veterans are killing themselves, because no one is listening !

      Nice job

  12. We gave up a precious time of life to serve and protect this country,,, and for decades the corruption continues on,,, No one seems to really understand that all who protect this country ,,, if they full fill there time with no injury or mental problems all is fine,,,,a carrier can be made ,,, but all of us who didn’t escape without injury of one time or other are treated not only with poor health care but also treated as we weren’t smart enough to make a min wage anyhow,,,, even us who did manage to go to colledge after service,,,, and then the illness or mental strain finally crippled us years later,,,, we are brought down to nothing more then a waste of life,,,,,, I have seen all on this type of VA DAV Legion etc help,,,,, I have read a protocol laying on a doctors desk,,,, that I should of stuffed into my pants,,,, on what to do with us Vets sitting beside them,,,,, and it had nothing to do with health people but who to move in on you if you don’t commit to there way ,,,, SO BE IT,,,,

  13. The V.F.W. is a dying organization. At least my Post is. They used to open at 11:30 AM. every day. Now they open up at 5:30 PM. They used to have bingo every Sunday. They stopped having that altogether because not enough people were showing up. The V.F.W. is fading fast like all the rest of the veterans organizations. I’m sick and damn tired of seeing veterans always coming in dead last, and I wish young people would quit joining the military and force them to bring back the draft…This old vet would love to see all the fun that would kick off!

    1. Dennis,
      That “draft” you spoke of would be a sight for these old eyes.
      I can’t imagine the firestorm it would set off.

  14. Too bad these pukes couldn’t find a decent Dr. Or, one of the VA’s nurse/doctors. How can the VA fire anyone, when I can’t even complain to anyone. My VA Dr., won’t tell me where he received his Dr. credentials. Honestly I just ain’t getting why the VA gets away with the crimes they are getting away with. My 1st appeal from 1999 rating is coming up, and truthfully, I am scared. Not so much what they do, it’s just I don’t know how to behave. Good luck in Arizona.

  15. The conclusions drawn here are lazy and inaccurate. One doctor’s and one nurse’s opinion being recorded does not make a fact. The author claims to be an investigative journalist, how about actually investigating? Also, drawing the conclusion “Patients cannot apparently schedule appointments through normal communication channels” from “The facility has also shut down access to primary care providers by phone” is erroneous. Primary Care providers cannot be reached via phone, true, but can be reached via Secure Messaging (a secure version of email). SCHEDULING can be accomplished via telephone through the centralized call center, which is open extended hours.

    Don’t rant, give accurate information, and maybe I’ll be able to trust what YOU say.

    1. A senior official is stepping down after fighting and clawing her way through scandal after scandal after scandal. She is doing so immediately after yet another scandal emerges. Whether the scandal is based on merit or speculation is a matter for RAND to clarify for America but those are facts as I know them. Do you have different facts?

      I agree that speculating about whether she has the sniffles or not is irrelevant. Unless you kissed her on the mouth this morning.

      Did you?

      1. Sir, you are confusing facts with speculation. It is NOT a fact that this is even a scandal. For one, the video only shows a HAND in a white lab coat. It doesn’t even particularly look like any of the exam rooms I’VE been at the Phoenix VA. So “Scandal” is not a fact (it’s actually a pretty subjective term regardless) since the ‘facts’ of the scandal have been neither verified or corroborated.

      2. There seemed to be at least 1 news station comfortable enough with their facts to air a story on it.

        Are you suggesting the vet is a liar or that he’s faking stage 4 cancer?

      3. That’s the problem is that the media gets a hold of a “scandal” and runs with it for all it’s worth, when the REAL problems the VA faces are swept to the side. The VA COULD be an excellent institution with more funding and oversight, as well as MUCH better hiring practices, but it’s too busy reacting to media-created “scandals” that sell airtime and papers.

      4. I dunno, but I figure a vet not getting proper care after being diagnosed with cancer is worthy of a scandal.
        I figure a vet not getting through to someone who can schedule a primary care appointment is a scandal.
        I also figure the billions the VA gets in their budget is more than enough, but spending $142 million in fraudulent bonuses is a scandal. As is spending millions on useless “art” is a scandal. As is losing track of 30 government vehicles is a scandal. As is an attempted cover up of an old vets suicide is a scandal after being turned away from the VA ER.

        Its not a problem of money, but I do agree there is a problem of proper oversight in how the VA spends the tax money they are given and how they operate…and how they repeatedly fail to carry out their mission.

      5. You are full of shit Dis Vet 95!!!

        More money, More time, More hiring, More oversight, The VA COULD be an excellent institution.

        What utter fucking bullshit!

        Try going back and listening to the recording you fucken troll. There isn’t a video.

      6. Unmistakable scent of foul rotten cabbage in the air. THAT must mean the trolls have come out to play because one of their own has gotten shell-shocked with that bright spotlight called accountability. Poor thing. All the stress and anxiety of getting caught red-handed.

        I also noticed that in that “letter” to all other VA Employees, the VERY FIRST paragraph has about completing a freaking survey that “can benefit you…”….nevermind the fraud and corruption leading to Veteran’s Deaths!

        Oh the stress of having the sniffles. Do trolls get the sniffles? Crocodile Tears?

  16. SILLY VETS @ YOU THOUGHT VA DEATHCARE CARES A RATS ASS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VA WILL KILL VETS FOR THE BONOUS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ THATS A LEGAL FACT SILLY VETS NOW GO DRINK A COLD BREWSKI YO SILLY WINO VETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. This is not on subject but if anyone has any idea on what to do to challenge a NOD hearing result please let me know. They continued to deny my desert storm issues even though the language in my C&P exam should be enough to approve it. Any alternatives other than going to the cva?

    1. @John D Reigle– Take a look at and do some searches on the excellent wealth of info website called hadit dot com and you might see what others have experienced and done successfully. A lot of great info that links everything to whatever it is in Title 38 regs. Peace. (I learned everything years ago from that site to successfully file my own VA and SSDI Claims) Hope it helps you and others.

  18. Seems “illness” is the main cause of people stepping down or retiring from positions of power all over America.
    I’ve seen it at VA. At the DAV, VFW, AMVETS etc.
    I wonder, how many of these asswipes actually think we believe their stories?
    All it is saying is: See we beat you. This way you can’t hold us accountable!

  19. That is quite a statement by Nevins.

    “Hey you slackers! Get that survey done! It might mean more money for us!”

    “By the way, our director is retiring. Yeah, she had a flare up of anxiety. She lied to congress, swept Tomah under the rug, but was busted here continuing to ignore those pesky people that still persist in showing up here wanting something. On this particular day, this particular director had her anxiety flare up, so she’s bailing out to insure her retirement. Makes it easier to not get caught up in any ensuing investigations.”

    Any takers on betting McCain tries to take credit for this? Or mucks up the replacement director?

    1. I hope that female, can’t remember her name, running against McCain uses this information against him.

    2. @91Veteran- I noticed the order of priority in that letter as well. $$$$ for surveys completed way more important than Veteran’s Deaths at the VA.

      This is a good start but I worry that an exact replacement “cleaner” has been put in her place instead. I have not heard ANY positive info coming out from that California VA System she was responsible for, so this looks to be a “gift” that will keep giving at Phoenix VAMC.

      I wonder of Senator McCain even has a clue of what’s been taking place on the federal grounds in his State? I see Budweiser is doing massive layoffs today, so I imagine McCain has more concerns with the Coor’s Operations than Disabled Veterans, right?

      But…it’s re-election time for the old dinosaur, isn’t it? He just MIGHT ramble on about it to get Vet votes then back to sleep. ZZZzzzz……..ZZZ…..zzz..z…~

  20. She is but one predator among the pack. The pack quickly turns on a member that makes it weaker. She wasn’t paying attention and when the music stopped she did not have a chair. She has to leave now. She can’t play the game anymore. They don’t take a chair away – they just pick from the applauding audience to replace the one now gone.

    And the music starts again. and again. and again. 22 times a day.

  21. Hi Benjamin! First, thank you for the update since my husband’s VAMC is Phoenix. Deborah Amdur..what a joke! She cam up here to Payson, Az for a Town Hall Meeting and blew a lot of smoke up all our butts! Lied through her teeth, made a bunch of promises, which we all know she won’t keep..well now that she’s leaving..not now.
    But by the time they handed me the microphone and it was my turn to speak..I didn’t even need the microphone because i was so pissed and my voice so loud…I blasted her!! She was shaking..and I had her so shaking that she couldn’t even answer she passed the microphone to the guy next to her to address my issue.
    Yeah..what a leader..bullshit.
    Now as for Barbara Fallon..yet another joke! I have veteran friends who go to Loma Linda, veterans are dying there too! wait times, under staffed, can’t get medications, that place is a joke as well!! So with all that being said..this was under her watch. So to bring her to the Phoenix VA…HUGE MISTAKE!!! HUGE!!

  22. Great news. A victory forb truth and free speech. Now, if we could just get Bob McDonald to start firing them BEFORE they kill vets, instead of after, that would be even better.

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