NASCAR Hall Of Shame

VA recently joined forces with a young firm to help diagnose and treat veterans using artificial intelligence (AI) that is run by a “Hall Of Shame” former NASCAR owner.

Flow Health, an artificial intelligence company, just signed a five-year deal with VA to analyze its 30 petabytes of longitudinal clinical data to improve personal care plans.

CEO Alex Meshkin said, “Our mission is to advance healthcare by applying the latest artificial intelligence techniques to improve the detection, diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases.”

Before founding Flow Health, and numerous other companies before it with unverifiable histories, Meshkin ran the Toyota NASCAR team.

That team had great success at first, but numerous lawsuits revealed questionable management practices leading to fraud allegations against the then young owner of the team.

I will get more into this below.

Now, based on VA’s deal, Meshkin’s company will strip out personal information and then aggregate the data into the cloud for analysis. That analysis will be used to diagnose and recommend treatments for veterans care plans, a process previously administered by doctors.

Like nurses and pharmacists, these new AI systems will also serve to erode the role of doctors in everyday healthcare for sick veterans.

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The effort is the next step into genome studies at VA but separate from the Million Veteran Project. Earlier this year, VA announced a separate deal to partner with IBM Watson to analyze data for cancer research using AI.

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But all may not be as it seems for this company.

A quick dig into the background of Flow Health revealed some possible skeletons in the closet of its founder, Alex Meshkin, that VA should assess.

Meshkin went from being a supposed whiz kid day trader to an infamous Toyota NASCAR team lead to now running a genomics company that will handle your data.

According to Bloomberg, at least in 2005, Meshkin was best suited at promoting himself while refusing to provide any clear references to support his accolades. Now, even his company Flow Health contains little information on him.

Yet, VA plans to trust your electronic health records with this daytrader, whiz kid, NASCAR failure turned AI designer? What is going on here?

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Quotes From Flow Health On Deal

Our first stop into this query should be to see what Flow Health says about itself and the deal they struck with VA. Flow Health’s Chief Medical Officer provided some feedback.

“Developing artificial intelligence which can automatically identify the best diagnostic and treatment pathways will assist clinicians in delivering precision medicine to every veteran,” said Robert Rowley, MD in a statement. Dr. Rowly, Chief Medical Officer at Flow Health, continued, “To build artificial intelligence you need huge amounts of data to feed deep learning models. This is why this partnership between the VA and Flow Health is a watershed moment for deep learning in healthcare.”

According to an excerpt of an interview by GCN of CEO Alex Meshkin:

“Imagine having artificial intelligence that is clinically validated that can help individualize medical decision-making,” Flow Health CEO Alex Meshkin said. The technology can facilitate more personalized care planning by using all of the data resources that the VA has, he said. It can look at past events, “learning from that continuously to help make doctors better doctors.”

“What’s really unique about the VA dataset versus a lot of other private-sector health systems is that they’ve seen these veterans before being diagnosed with, say, lung cancer, so we’re able to find those patterns and early symptoms,” he said. “I think that’s going to be one of the really powerful aspects of our data analytics work here.”

The graph will make possible what humans can’t, he added. “It’s something that would be impossible to expect a doctor to digest all the history of every patient who’s ever been seen,” Meshkin said. “It’s basically the understanding of the aggregate relationships.”

Once the graph is made, it will be available to VA workers via an application programming interfaces integrated into their workflow. “The idea is that tight integration back to the [electronic medical records] so they don’t have to start using another interface, which is always very challenging,” Meshkin said.

This is what we know presently about the deal according to what Flow Health says.

Flow Health Website

My usual second step in investigating any company is to review its about page.

The Flow Health website is full of blog posts but light on detailed content about the company with no “about” page – – at least not one that is labeled as such as of the day of this publication.

That seems strange, especially for a company selected to review medical records of all veterans. You would think the outward profile would be well polished.

I did a little more digging into the company but could find very little about it or its corporate structure other than Meshkin and Dr. Rowley run it. Flow Health used to be called GroupMD but changed the name around 2014 to Flow Health.

Alex Meshkin Background

GroupMD was apparently a company founded by Meshkin, like Flow Health.

At first glance, Alex Meshkin appears to be somewhat of a cyber ghost other than a blip where he ran a NASCAR team called Bang Racing. The team did well at first but eventually folded. That is what I found at first.

Little shows up about him on his LinkedIn account regarding his education or pre-2000 background. No college is listed and no hometown can be found. His LinkedIn profile seems incomplete. This is strange for a CEO of a tech company using AI to evaluate medical records.

Meshkin’s Bloomberg executive bio leads to a 500 error page. Again, that is strange but not necessarily something a non-Bloomberg employee could affect.

Dr. Robert Rowley

Dr. Robert Rowley has a long history working in the same arena, formerly with Practice Fusion before taking up with GroupMD, now called Flow Health.

Dr. Rowley used to have a firm website that is now also unavailable. Notice the trend here?

Is There A Story Here?

It is possible there is something behind the scenes with Flow Health. After some digging, I came across another source from Bloomberg.

It was an article covering Meshkin’s unusual rise and fall in NASCAR that also exposed some questionable claims the entrepreneur made at the time that hopefully VA vetted prior to signing the contract.

The 2005 Bloomberg Businessweek article, titled “A Wild Ride At NASCAR: How a whiz kid talked his way into owning a race team – – and then hit a wall.” starts out:

Alex Meshkin’s story was so good it almost glowed. A precocious kid races through high school, graduating in three years. With his parents’ blessing, he passes up college to become a day trader, quickly converting a tuition fund into a fortune. More money is made with a dot-com started up and sold in the boom years. Then on to NASCAR, where at 23, the boy wonder becomes the youngest team owner in major-league sports.

Meshkin has been telling versions of his Horatio Alger tale for years, and the media have been all ears. Profiles have appeared everywhere from Wired to The Washington Post. Last June the Fox Sports (FOX ) show Totally NASCAR called Meshkin the sport’s “whiz kid.”

It all sounds so sensational, so motivational. And it would be — if only the Meshkin story hung together.

But Meshkin, now 24, didn’t graduate from a Maryland high school in three years, his day trading profits can’t be confirmed, and he won’t reveal the name of the outfit that he says “merged” with a Web site he co-founded in a deal worth $24 million.

Now, Meshkin’s racing business has a big hole in it, too. Besieged by angry investors and stung by sponsor defections, Meshkin’s once-promising Bang! Racing is reeling. On Jan. 21 the team shuttered its 35,000-square-foot shop in Mooresville, N.C. In the garages in and around Charlotte, a hub of NASCAR racing, speculation is thick that the upstart team may not race in 2005 — if ever.

Apparently, the Meshkin debacle at NASCAR is one that will never be forgotten. His story is now listed on the NASCAR Team Owner Hall of Shame. As recently as 2016, his successes after NASCAR were likened to those before it:

Meshkin wound up shutting down the team before the start of the 2005 season, and has since been involved in a number of business ventures.  Much like his earlier “successes” very few of these activities have much proof of success or profitability.

The article is worth a read, and I sure hope VA did a little digging before inking a deal to allow Meskin to dig through our medical date using AI to ensure these allegations proved false.

Let’s be honest here, the 2005 article made Meshkin out to be more of a conman than a businessman who can be trusted with our most private information. He was allegedly sued for misleading investors about his background and his ability to run a NASCAR team.

After his NASCAR failure, Meshkin went on to set up a company called Bopaboo that landing him in hot water with the recording industry for reselling MP3s. There, Meshkin’s business model was to profit off the resale of digital music asserting the practice was allowed under existing laws just like selling used CD’s.

Copyright Alliance executive director Patrick Ross called that business model both “flawed” and “illegal”, saying “I hope (Bopaboo) crashes and burns before it gets sued. It seems like a flawed business model as well as an illegal business model.”

Bopaboo did crash and burn, and it had nothing to do with the horrible name of the company. Instead, Meshkin found out later that he had to pay record labels for their permission to resell the MP3s. Ultimately, the business model was flawed.

Will Meshkin Sell Our Scrubbed Data?

Two things seem clear. Meshkin has created a number of opportunities for himself to make money using other people’s resources, remarketing those resources, while ultimately failing to create a sustainable success that is documented in plain sight.

For the music industry situation, Meshkin could not bypass copyright infringement without facing lawsuits. That was his hurdle. For NASCAR, he could convince investors to invest and believe in him despite having zero experience. That lasted about a year before it imploded resulting in lawsuits. In his previous endeavors, little if any of the claims can be documented.

Despite this apparent shortcoming, VA is willing to overlook this unusual background to grant Meshkin a shot at redemption. His new plan looks to be quite profitable so long as Flow Health is granted some form of ownership or copyright in the new data it creates from our data.

And best of all, VA will likely not seek payment or require remittance to the veterans’ data Meshkin plans to use. What a sweet deal. It’s almost as clever as selling free water back to the people who own the natural resource to begin with at a premium for the bottle.

We have two options here. Send President-elect Trump a tweet to at least look into this business deal to ensure Meshkin and Flow Health is on the level or do nothing. If VA did a due diligence review, it should probably be evaluated for completeness. If it’s complete and correct, then I wish Flow Health the best.

If not, I hope the contract gets canceled.

What Did You Find?

Something about this deal seems suspicious. If you guys find anything, please post it below for those within VA who diligently read this blog for actionable intelligence.

Does Meshkin really have the infrastructure in place to pull off such an important topic, or are his promises to use veteran health records for the greater good more hot air?

Is his a genius finally hitting his stride or is his planning to resale your medical history just like an MP3?



One of my regular readers, Seymore Clearly, came across this “protective order” filed by the Meshkin family in the case involving the NASCAR incident. It lists the company names and identifies some of the relevant issues. The judge denied the protective order.

We also found this unusual exchange between Alex Meshkin and a Czech Republic business owner Jan Castek where Castek is inquiring about some kind of invoice. Based on the question and its placement, likely done to embarrass Meshkin, I assume it’s another unpaid invoice issue.

The comment was under an article published by Meshkin on time series data that appeared on LinkedIn.



Does anyone know if the VA is authorized to use your veteran information, despite not being enrolled in VA care and my numerous notifications to VA that they are not authorize to use any of my data to any 3rd party entity.

Any information is helpful. If there is no relationship, they should not be able to use your data to create these bogus schemes and maintain your information in a database without your consent.


Yep, Benjamin and all, I am for sure digging into this one. Sounds so much like someone investing billions of dollars or even thousands of dollars into Mutual Funds and losing his ass. Then, of course, committing suicide at time of loss. Selling our medical data will be a suicide of the veterans. This decision by the VA sounds insane but I will further determine my take on it after I dig into it.

I forgot to mention about the neural engineering with using in vitro implants to establish and monitor the flow patterns of the brain neurons and neural networks of the human brain. This relates to the clinical determination using artificial intelligence to treat and diagnosis and medical conditions. One thing though all conditions are unique to an individual not as a whole. This might could be used a a basline. We already have baseline databases though to triage veterans but still… Read more »

@BenjaminKrause Is this a ploy to further sabatoge the Veterans Administration? Sabatoge the veterans with using and selling of medical data?
Any decision made is never to benefit a human life these days. It is made only to continue to line the pockets and finish trying to overturn the country to become under the control of George Soros. This is another way to destabilize the TRUMP administration????? Lots of questions.


“To build artificial intelligence you need huge amounts of data to feed into the learning models”. Here we go again using the veterans data instead of helping the veterans right now. Many veterans need help right now not when they get further artificial intelligence developed to use for future clinical treatments and diagnoses. If they even ever do.?


VA absolutely will not share your data. This contract was cancelled last week.


The VA absolutely will share your data.
I have a FOIA response showing the company name of the contractor the VA shared my information with, and I never authorized it.
The VA claimed I signed a form authorizing it when I sought care from them, and when I requested that form through FOIA, they said they couldn’t find it.


That is probably like becoming an unwitting research subject. Someone needed numbers so they put you in asserting you signed in. A form was probably forged to go with the records but the forgery is not included in your record. It will only exist in the company’s record if at all in the case of records transferred electronically.

Not wholly true. Your data will be share in research. But your specific identity is removed and you become Patient x000….. which only identifies your condition not your identity. In some cases a patients concurrent conditions could be used to investigate his identity but because there are so many xx year olds with your identity and concurrent conditions in a given study in a given year one has to know the year the report was generated to even come close… Read more »
Crazy elf
I would like to know “WHO” authorized this (possible illegal) ‘contract’ and what the total amount of taxpayers monies, over the next five year course, will be spent! ___________________ Also, how about “…making doctors better doctors…” by having them attend credible medical universities! Instead of hiring (alleged) doctors from third world countries. As Seymore Klearly let us know about recently! ___________________ To Seymore, I read the article late last night over; “Gingrich urges ‘straight-out war’ on federal bureaucracy” by Joe… Read more »

From how Munchkin describes his new idea, we won’t need doctors. We just need data entry clerks and his whizbang machine will spit out the diagnosis like the little take-a-number machines at the pharmacy.


The pressure to move fast because of the “VA Crisis” opens the door to fraudsters. I hope you emailed a copy of this article to several upper level managers at the VA Central Office.


I get the impression VA upper managment is trying to lock in these contracts before they get shown the door.
They may be sewing their own Golden Parachutes.


Yes 91Veteran, this is what I see too. Agree.

I was a control systems engineer and designed/programmed advance 2,3 and 4 axis motion control systems. My last system before retirement was coordinated motion control on 5 axis programmed on top of a Unix type deterministic real time operating system. Several hundred thousand lines of ANSI C code written in a deteministic real time system is like programming a human mind. It takes tangential thinking and the results can be fantastic when you get the knack of interacting with a… Read more »
Just Another Veteran
Goes something like this: Welcome To Veterans Artificial Intelligence Kiosk We Are Your Friend (Smiley Face Screen) “Please swipe your Veteran ID card” Waiting “Please enter your birth date” Waiting “Do you have private or other insurance” Waiting “Do you still have ZXX insurance?” Waiting “Are you Veteran Sam Doe?” Waiting “Please wait while I retrieve your records” Waiting Waiting Waiting “Are you here for your appointment with Nurse Practitioner Abillabulah?” Waiting “Please verify you have been taking the following… Read more »
Except the VA would have only paid the IT Contractor in Pakistan that specifically codes the language/voice recognition to only do the default dialect of many from Pakistan in machine, forcing the VA to require all Vets to learn an Arabic language or snooze you lose policy. Not even the crows want to speak Arabic. I think vending machine therapy would be just as effective. Fortune Cookies are much more like good chicken soup for the soul. The VA’s medicine… Read more »

@Just Another Veteran- Will the VA pay us $1 per answer so that we can get medications from a reliable source? Tire of taking dam generics with substandard efficacy ratings.


Very good post.


How many lifes will be wasted testing the code? I am a 30 year system programmer and the code is only as good as the people who program it. Dont believe me, how is vets choice working gor us.

Bill see your point. All this crap is bullshit and flapdoodle. The VA needs to get to the basics and get to the bedside manner instead of looking for a technological fix. The VA just does not want do their jobs. Some are even incapable. The VA wants all this technology so the technology can do it for them. Never seen the likes of it. Squander those taxpayer dollars. Hey, are we called the Venezuela Veterans Administration yet? If we… Read more »
Ex va

@ Dennis, you nailed it again! Thanks for the read.

“Hall Of Lame and Shame”—–Another pilfering of the Veteran Cookie Jar because if they do not spend it the next year’s budget would be possibly lessoned, so MUST spend cookie jar $$$….never mind getting *real* Dr.’s or helping Homeless Veterans, et al. HALL OF LAME. War Profiteers come in all sorts of flavors when we have wars lasting 15+ years and this guy seems as shady as that dweeb that bought the Pharmacy Co. and jacked the price of a… Read more »

*hear* (coffee, lack thereof) Fixed that and went out in brisk air.


Shit coming from VA’s mouth so much so that it is now flowing out of they Ass, shit is shit no matter what hole it comes out of. And we know they talk a lot of that. Artificial intelligence is what they are using already its called employees.

They seem not to have any.

Crazy elf
Do y’all want to know how insanely sick the MSM News is- Check this out from “The Horn News” today. “CNN blames conservatives for the terrorist attack in Berlin” Today it’s reported 12 people are dead, and over 50 injured by a “RADICAL Islamist Terrorist!” By claiming Conservatives, and therefore Christians, for the attack, it’s a con game of ridiculous proportions. Also from the “Horn News” today. Some of the Russian Representatives are blaming the Obama administration for the assassination… Read more »

Keep an eye on it, Elf, as what seems to happen often around such people is many of the key ‘would-be’ witnesses or low-hanging loose-strings in Clinton periphery, will start dying mysterious but plausible natural causes…nature given a push….wait for it.


I always enjoy a great unfolding mystery! 🙂

Crazy elf

I’m waiting and keeping my eyes and ears open.
This mystery isn’t hard to figure out, though.
The Clintons and Obama’s administration are really stepping up their game plans! I really do believe they want to start WWIII.
ONLY, the finish isn’t going to be to their liking!

James Gallegos

Rumors lacking facts is the way the VA is harming veterans and rumor is not fact I wonder is also not a fact.

We must use facts as reality or hearsay will be used on all of us.

Just Another Veteran

The Disney model was ineffective and the Scientology method is being incorporated

Steve Ardire

@benjaminkrause nails it @FlowHealthHQ is a sham ! Lame ass website is full of empty hype without any real product or substance. The incompetent people at VA should be ashamed for buying into fakester Meshkin.


Haven’t started checking out any of this yet?
I just do not get it. Benjamin, what in the hell is the VA doing? Benjamin, Why? Don’t they even have an IQ of 70? And this is low? But, I believe whomever made this decision has a IQ of about zilch!


Is there any way we can stop this? This is bullshit!!! Who can we do blast emails too?


Where is flow incorporated? When was it incorporated. Who are the officers? What does the corporations D&B look like?

Something smells big time.


As a veteran seeing a VA doctor, do I have to participate ? I checked the site out also Ben, and it is not real. As always, the information in the computer, can’t be any better than the information you feed the computer. That should kill this project. Seymour, the “Newt” article was good. Ben, who recommended this? Is this a payback for something? Were there bids? This is wrong. Personally, I don’t want to be cared for that way.

Seymore Klearly
It is a strait up scam. Will post more on it latter. Everything that Alexander Meshkin is claimed to accomplish have all been scams that ended badly. The Doctor involved Dr. Robert Rowley should have his license revoked. They have been working this scam for about a year now putting out bogus information about themselves to make it seem like they could handle the contract. They can’t. One thing is certain if they get their hands on our records they… Read more »

I truly believe that is their hoped for end result.
Get access to the data then resell whatever they can.

James Gallegos

Agree with you. So many have a scam to harm people like the God James Jones. We can’t just trust anyone


On reading about “Flow Health” I don’t understand what it’s about. Quote, ” The Flow Health system is capable of sifting through massive amounts of data, and can answer patient-level or population based questions to personalize how care is delivered and reimbursed, and transform how treatments are discovered.” Do we need this? Without Dr.’s, this is not a good thing.

Seymore Klearly
Jo3n, It is all BS hype he stole from an article that was published three years ago about Watson. A great article worth reading about Alex Meshkin and his con to get into Racing. Total con job just like what he is pulling with the VA. “A Wild Ride At NASCAR”; “How a whiz kid talked his way into owning a race team — and then hit a wall”, ‎Bloomberg Business Week, February‎ ‎06‎, ‎2005‎ “” Small part of the… Read more »
James Gallegos

The VA don’t need this all they have to do is get a smart phone and say ok Google

Same thing

Interesting. So Meshkin claims humans just cannot digest a patients history to properly diagnose a medical condition. Its interesting because he glosses over the fact that it is humans collecting that data, and we all know how well the VA does that. Two things result from this, bad data being put in to his AI model so the common cold is diagnosed as a broken leg, or the input interface will be one size fits all that a VA provider… Read more »
Just Another Veteran

Look at the upside. No more attitudes. The kiosk will always call you friend and it comes preprogrammed with smiley faces to put the veteran in a pleasant mood.


The VA would also have it fitted with several aerosol jet gun nozzles so when the machine determines you are anxious or depressed it sprays something to give every Veteran a permanent Joker Smile until next time, but the facial recognition software would have to be further updated after each visit due to the newly acquired Joker’s Grin. 🙂
Think the last 10 minutes of the movie, “A Clockwork Orange”, that’s how the VA would use such ‘tools’.


Large entity: Goldman Sachs or another Market banker ready to take the company public.

One thing I forgot to question is, how is it this guy can do this without any history of having the infrastructure to pull it off? So he goes from whiz kid to day trader to NASCAR to this, but where in his history does he show access to the massive data farms needed to store this information, or the supercomputers needed to crunch the data? I could see IBM Watson, but this contract is like awarding a space shuttle… Read more »
Just Another Veteran

Let’s not forget its app is on our phone and has access to all our locations, activities, pictures, texts and phone log

Just Another Veteran

There’s no business like government contract business. The recent contract given to corporate companies to work on the claims backlog was in the billions with the parent company #6 on the Forbes list.


@91Veteran- I don’t want to keep your information, I’m a reseller. Oh my, the data base now goes into the hands of a third party. Geeish, frigging nincompoops!

Crazy elf

There’s just sooooo much wrong here!
I’m with all of you,
“WHO” is behind this?
“WHO” authorized it?
“How” much is it costing the taxpayers?
“WHEN” will it be implemented throughout the U.S. VHA’s?
“WHAT” will be the total cost? We all know with government contracts, the costs always spiral out of control!


Was the VA looking for this type of bullshit? Or, does Meshkin have someone on the inside? The only thing I’ve read that would answer this, is the Vet who wrote that the VA has to spend THEIR MONEY.


To All My Fellow Veterans- Even if the New VA Secretary wants to change and revamp the system, does any one have an opinion pertaining to the amount of time that it would take to better serve us [Veterans]?

I know that there are many variables to answer this question. Give it a shot anyway. I have my own projection [10-20 yrs.]. Does this sound reasonable given all the problems that the VA has?

If the correct authoritarian LEADER was put in-place that could instill the fear of God Almighty in these bastards in the entire system and start firing…and enable the situation to further reward whistleblowers, to encourage the great VA employees to stay-on while helping drain the swamp…this could happen well within a year’s time, if not swifter. No fear of retaliations, no fear of fraud. Neuter the AFGE from the VA and like a self-cleaning oven…OH…very important to have both a… Read more »
If given the full backing of Trump and a competent SecVA, 6 months. The first couple weeks would be surrounding themselves with competent help, and firing a few SESers within the first week, just to get everybody’s attention. Form 3 person teams to evaluate each VISN reporting back to the SecVA within a month. Fire more dead wood. Use existing laws to fire any union hack breaking the law in any manner. Force them to hire attorneys to get their… Read more »
Ex va

@91Veteran, i agree completely!


Don’t forget we’re talking about making changes in a bureaucracy. What were the timelines of other issues that were reformed in our Country?


The timeline of any issue “reformed” in our country depends on the priority set by who sits on the White House.

A good example of that is Obama’s priority of ignoring illegal aliens, resettling “refugees”, and his pardoning of drug offenders, which his count stands currently higher than the previous 15 Presidents combined.

The VA can be reformed and it can be done quickly depending on the priority set by the next President.

Although I do not see anything yet obvious, but I am betting with “Munchkin”, there’s a trail leading to nepotism with someone high-up (or not) within the VA system. His past alone should have barred him from any Federal Contracts. Hmmmm?! I also agree with 91Veteran in that they may be sewing and patching their own golden parachutes before the sustaining swamp water is drained from under these rats. They are basically doing from with the VA to the VA… Read more »
Anyone else see this on the VA releasing data story? Before I place link I want to quote what VA Sec. McDonald said, “To be clear, no VA medical facility is bad or failing,” McDonald wrote in a letter to the editor of USA TODAY.” “VA reverses course, releases health care quality data” “” “[WASHINGTON — The Department of Veterans Affairs has quietly released quality-of-care ratings for its medical centers across the country, despite years of refusing to share them… Read more »

I found the ratings some time ago minus the * part. Raw data on a spread sheet. It was obvious some facilities fudged their reporting. so what is new?

Yes, this is exactly what I have been saying. If the VA would just cut through the bullshit and quit trying to finagle every damn thing, then, the VA just might see the light of day with ethicality. All this vindictiveness gets the veterans no where and the VA just remains as a cesspool in the gutter festering at it’s all time daily with a continuous infinity high. If the VA would do things right from the start, billions of… Read more »
Ex va

What do they call “failing” how low can a facility go? There is no zero so they received a one out of 5??? And that is Not failing???? I guess no one can hold them to any kind of scale. So ridiculous!!! What is the point??
This article shows the no accountability of who knows what again. Veteran/Patient identifiable information is to be confidential and against privacy laws. HIPA is to protect our records.

“Something about this deal seems suspicious.” To the author, your sentence “Something about this deal seems suspicious” takes a moment to consider… 1) It involves VA. 2) It involves a race car driver. 3) It involves something only the Great Wizard of Oz can grant (a new brain and it helps to be made of straw). Ben, are you just being paranoid? I look at those facts and will feed it into Siri on my iPad to see what she… Read more »

Is Siri different as a pro?

That depends on whether she has a pimp or is on her own.

If Siri is a part of the VA stable, she definitely has a pimp.

james gallegos
Just wandering how many of you have written Trump Yet, Go right to the top and now is the time. Please write him, he has to know from each and everyone of us, how the VA has harmed you, me and your love ones. We as veterans have a chance to let our New President that we matter and deserve way better than receiving denial letters one after the other. Lets help him drain the swamp, if you don’t at… Read more »
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