Brieux Dash

West Palm Beach VA Refusal To Discharge Ended In Suicide

Details of the horrifically tragic suicide at West Palm Beach VA Medical Center are starting to roll-out after we first exposed the failed cover-up on this website.

Brieux Dash, a proud veteran of the Army, ended his life three weeks ago by hanging himself in his room in the psychiatric ward. VA tried to cover up the suicide, but my readers here reported the news to me and I pushed it out the next day.

Soon thereafter, the local press started nosing around and cracked the story.

Now, we know a lot more including that West Palm Beach VA is stonewalling the family of Dash including his wife. The agency even omitted details of a suicide note.

Can you imagine that? Imagine that your loved one left a suicide note. Would you not want to at least know and read the last words from your spouse?

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Medical Examiner Report

Based on the Medical Examiner report, more details have come out that I wanted to pass on to readers following the story.

Dash checked in to the facility with reports of suicidal thoughts three days before his suicide. Just prior, the veteran’s family said he was acting erratically with trouble sleeping.

In the military, Dash was deployed to Iraq twice for 18 months per deployment and reportedly developed PTSD.

Staff at West Palm Beach VA reported the veteran was “irritable and agitated after being told he would not be discharged” that day. VA staff then reported he refused to go to dinner that night and completed his suicide within 15 minutes later. The agency told the Medical Examiner Dash was “last known to be alive at 5:45 p.m.”

Dash was known to be a loving father of three. His wife works at a VA medical center as a pharmacist. The whole family thought he would receive better care than he obviously received prior to his tragic death.

The agency has not responded to questions from the local press about the supervision Dash received prior to his death. This is not abnormal since VA is hopefully investigating what happened.

The Dash suicide occurred just a few weeks after another veteran opened fire on VA personnel at the same VA in the emergency room. One doctor was shot.

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In December, another veteran committed suicide at a different Flordia VA medical center while sitting on top of his VA records with a note critiquing VA for failing its veterans.

Heavy Criticism

The Department of Veterans Affairs has received heavy criticism for failing to protect and care for veterans experiencing suicidal ideations. Each day, 20 veterans commit suicide. Six of those are actively receiving health care from the Veterans Health Administration.

In response, the agency has spent tens of millions of dollars each year on advertising campaigns that instruct the publication about veteran suicides. However, the numbers have largely remained static for years.

Recently, reporters have uncovered an alarming trend of veterans completing suicide while on the grounds of a VA medical center they use – especially the parking lots. Hopefully, the agency will sort out exactly why these onsite suicides are becoming more common.

If you are contemplating suicide or self-harm, please seek help immediately by calling 1-800-273-8255 then press one.

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  1. Found good song neil mccoytake a knee my ass. 5 finger death punch did a good one too showing veteran issues

  2. People that wanna check your receipts can fuck off to it’s transfer of property. There no privacy in this country

  3. Google our government does nothing as lives are destroyed . Google social security scandal. Bigger than va. Tired of the genocide by this government you have 4th ammendmant right search seizure tell the police to fuck off if they come to your home and you don’t have to talk with them. Va police beat a vet falsified police report in Indianapolis. The two articles are calling out the va and federal government probly disappear in a weak they retaliate is live and we’ll. Deny deny untill they die make them wait years.

  4. To The Privisation Folks:

    You would appear not to understand how “privitsation” works. The clinic is not going to be “crreated” or “capitalised” and then have to perform—an existing clinic, or set of clinics meeting a set of standards selected by the same people in charge now, is/are going to be selected to provide VA care. The care they provide Veterans will be paid below the rate quality clinics receive. It is a PERCENTAGE of the median rate, not even the full median rate.

    So as far as we, the Veterans are concerned, we are a COST to the clinic, not customers. Driving us off by providing poor service has no downside—the 11 minute slot opened up can be given to a customer with Bluee Cross (or whatever) paying 100%, AND, there are other Vets willing to make up the numbers for any subsidies the clinic might receive for additional clinic space or equipment. Their “performance metrics” will be just as rigged as the VA’s, and for exactly the same reasons.

    Oversight WITH FOLLOW-THROUGH is the only solution that works. As long as the VA has a management staff and a bureaucracy immune from the consequences of their actions, nothing will change. There is no reasons to suppose that Congress will react to an IG report on private-sector malfeasance any more robustly than they react to the literally dozens of adverse IG reports issued every year.

    Privitisation is a chimera that people with jobs—or a law practice, or Congressionally-mandated 100% Top Tier health Care, like POTUS or COTUS—like to talk about in vague, pie-in-the-sky terms. But in real-world terms, it has nothing to offer a Veteran with permanent and total disability. And until and unless there is a “privitisation” solution that offers ACTUAL ANSWERS to the real problems in the VA (or Medicare, which is how privitised VA would work, fyi), it’s just a distraction to doing the work.

    Sure, the Marvel Comics CEO likes the idea of privitisation—they are going to make money. But I already did my part for the rich. Now it’s their turn to step up.

    Apologies for getting heated up.

  5. Has anyone seen the updated suicide report from the Department of Veterans Affairs stating: …veterans using VHA care have a higher rate of suicide than veterans that don’t use VHA care…
    enough said?
    i was at Town Hall meeting Jan 9, 2018 and ASKED about my treatment in “3C” WPB VAMC Mental Health Ward and finished with a statement “that since my TREATMENT at WPB VAMC I pray everyday to DIE”
    I went to WPB VAMC for help, that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.
    hearing a Doctor in Menal health ward say “I hate treating Veterans with PTSD”
    Not only is that doctor in the wrong place to work, but i wonder why stays there?

  6. They need oversight, mental health doctors get 6 appointments a day and they don’t get tired and whistling boredom

  7. West Palm Beach, remember me? I did an Agent Orange Exam with you- how many years did it take for the VA shitbag system to admit i had IHD and an enlarged heart? PTSD off the rails…

    Tell Doctor Russell i said “fuck you little man”, “go suck on some radium”.

  8. Jim Wysocki,
    You are right on the mark. It would be better to privatize, outsource or otherwise close the VAMC HELL-CARE System . I am a former VA Nurse and I can tell you stories too much to handle.

    For the Dash Family and for his soul I am so sorry, this is a disaster every time I read one of these, my heart takes another hit.
    The words about why Veterans do this in parking lots is salient. We know why–it’s the final commentary back at the VA Butchers. On this note I think the Congress could have a role in funding a public Ombudsman/Police Force to patrol VAMC Hospitals looking for at-risk Veterans , intervening and even apprehending staffers who abuse Veterans. Seriously- this is out of control and while I hate fascism I think the time has come for smashing pumpkins with storm trooper regulators. start the ass kicking. As for the Doctors in these places ; WTF is wrong with you jackasses?
    You know really, I’m not surprised one of these schmuck faced sniveling medical morons got whacked by a Veteran.It seems that time has come now…

  9. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever be done to change how the VA treats our medical and mental health needs until ALL veterans reach out AND start calling daily, writing or personally visiting all of our state and federal Congressmen and Senators offices. A United Front is what it will take. All of us must stand and be counted for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters. The message must be get through that we have simply had enough of the fun and games.

    Everyone of these “ELECTED” officials, come election time all, beat their drum – while standing on their soap box about how they feel Veterans deserve the very best benefits to include medical and mental health care. Time to hold them accountable and force them to “walk their talk”. I have watched, over the past few years, congressional bills that would have really benefited Veterans making its way through the process only “die” in committee. It is very sad to see these bills fail because one Senator felt it would cost too much money, was told by VHA or VBA officials would be too hard for staff to impliment or some other far fetched reason. You can darn well bet that if it were thier son or daughter who was a veteran in need of improved benefits; those improvements would happen so fast it would make your head spin .

    If you ever want a shocker – go and review the entire VA approved budget! Best to be sitting down on this one. There are many very dedicated people who work for the VA and strive each day to help us. However, you will be amazed at how “pampered” many of the middle and upper management truly are. The bonuses, lavish office furnishings, elaborate training seminars, travel permissable perdium rates of reimbursement …. there are so many $400.00 tiolet seats in this one. Calculate a Doctor or Administrator monthly retirement payments and health care benefits – will blow your mind.

    The only practical solution would be to “privatize” the majority of health care services, inclusive of mental health care. Those non-VA providers would be in a position of delivering high quality services or go out of business. Those dedicated VA employees likely would be hired by the non-VA providers.



    1. VAMC Albuquerque gets $20 million per month. PER MONTH! its a shit hole and they can’t keep a psychiatrist on staff but Nurse Ratshit is always around. Watch your back and get ready to throw the toilet through the window. Maybe we can just go cannibal and start eating the fuckers. HAHA, barbecued Berger, the doctor from HELL.

  10. To me it’s pretty simple stupid to explain away my opinion of VA Hospital care ?
    It’s like building a wall to prevent illegals from entering our nation ? Those that don’t want it have an agenda, like those who abuse the VA system to their corrupt agendas!! Why do you think VA Suicide has remained static for as long as it has ?
    Same reason why the war carries on and on, like that of Vietnam ? It makes money!
    It lowers the populous ! Reduces cost of lengthy VA pensions! And frees up over crowding at the VA level! KIA/ suicide/ and the lack of intervention & in-efficient medical care, all lead up to a cost effective way for those who run these institutions, and political agendas!
    It’s like another Veteran Genocide!!
    If they wanted to heal you ? They would ? If they wanted to end the War… they would! If they wanted to reduce suicide..they would !! But, the sad news is,, they don’t!! Their F***ing us royally !
    First it was the denial of Agent orange, then Desert storm illness ! Wtf over ?

  11. I am about to get fried. My medical notes get changed all the time to what ever they wish and it’s insane. Someone has sent the regional office or someone has a buddy there and tomorrow have a mental health exam. The VA now alleges that my ratings for mental health are not from chronic pain but a personality disorder that can’t give compensation. Before moving here and pissing them off my GAF score was between 22-35. They changed my notes and changed all at least 4 times. Tomorrow have mental health exam and I have no reason to go. Not only there is a new document saying I have a personality disorder and they also changed my last exam 1 1/2 ago to say the same. I am sure they have my exam written already. Not only will I lose my compensation but they are going to send me to community care who will verify any diagnosis, but will take meds away. There’s nowhere to go for a doctor to prescribe Fentanyl and the other crap without the history or my medical notes that say perfect. So will lose everything and made to live in pain and already told them no way. They haven’t done one thing to make better, only radiology reports that said minor problems. No way living in pain, these idiots do as please because no oversight. I guess when someone dies they win and have a party..

  12. VA mental health is a joke. You can’t talk about your religion with them, they care more about seperation of church and state, which isn’t in the constitution, than they do about veterans struggles… And it’s the BS, it’s the BS, it’s the BS trying to get anything from them that drives veterans to suicide…Privitize all VAMC’s, turn them into for profit entitys. Then staff and employees will actually have to do their jobs or go hungry…

    1. Firstly, you’ve obviously never had private-sector mental health therapy. Secondly, you clearly don’t understand how publicly-subsidised private care works, or you’d know they have no more incentive to perform than do VA employees at poorly-run clinics.

      Lastly, wouldn’t it be better to talk about “your religion” with some one who shares it, and who’s job it is—like, say, your Pastor (or Imam, or Rabbi, or etc…)?

  13. We love our fellow Vets so turn to us. Also, WHO, was the boob who handled this case. On behalf of all vets, We let you down by not holding the VA responsible for their screw-ups.

  14. The precipice of suicide is a steep, wet slipper cliff. One man can walk up to it and safely take a step back. The methods of intervention and counselling may appear superficial or invasive and oppressive. One is not enough, the other too much. Any method or system of treatment can never, ever, know how close someone is to suicide when that person doesn’t really know either. There are the underlying causes of PTSD and “ideation”, and there are the daily externalities that compound the desperation. There’s no doubt that the VA and it’s often confusing and callous C&P system contribute to some suicides. Some leave notes. Some sit on the stack of documents in a VA parking lot. I will not dare be an apologist for the VA. However, life on the edge of suicide is precarious at best. How many people go beyond ideation only to step back because a pet walked in, or “last glance” at the photo of a loved one, or any other de-cocking events?

    If you’ve been dealing with your shit for a long time, you’ve no doubt run into mental health professionals who are sincere, and capable, and some who are simply not relatable to you or your issues. I question whether the best of best of therapists can bring a guy back from his own final decision.

    Fate is serious business, and it can be very fickle.

    1. @Windguy. Awesome post. I feel that a couple of earlier posts—Lem posted about organic causes, for one—also spoke to this issue.

      I do still feel we have to try. And I do believe the VA has an obligation to shake itself free of the one-size-fits-all mentality that governs military affairs—after all, we’re not IN the military anymore. I was lucky—once—in that I had a great VA therapist, who was patient and communicative. We went through several different therapy approaches, always talking through what they were, why they might work or not, and what to guard against.

      Sadly, I mistook that for the VA’s approach. Once he retired, things became more “VA normal”. The whole “this is our approach” (often stated as “best practices”) line. And the refusal to focus on an individual, rather than on the institutional. Those are aspects that CAN be overcome, however…as is done wherever a good therapist or Psych MD happens to be.

      It certainly appears to me that there are some VA Clinics or Hospitals that are in desperate need of major staffing—and thereafter policy—changes. Like West Palm Beach, or at least two clinics in Arizona, and in the LA area, and one in Cheyenne. Obviously all clinics have problems and issues, and those related to leadership policy are the least likely to be dealt with. But some clinics seem to have a deeply-rooted culture of antagonism and denial. And that has taken a toll on us, which is not OK.

      We are not the easiest people to deal with. The idea that any young MD or Therapist can work at the VA to pay off their medical school loans is probably one of the least-grounded in reality. It takes a certain kind of toughness to deal with us, especially because the organisation they are working in is so often adversarial towards us.

      But it seems to me that if the issue of Veteran Suicide was really the big deal people in Public Life keep asserting it is, then all these millions of dollars could be spent on improving the actual delivery of care, and in improving the adversarial relationship of the VA and those it is meant to serve (us). Stop kissing Congresses’ ass, and focus on veterans.

      The LAST thing the VA should focus on is economy. And the C&P process should be focused on awarding compensation, not denying it. Imagine that.

  15. The inside boys and girls at the VA are whores and not professionals. I had the same scam attempted to be pulled on me. They are corrupt through and through and only massive amounts of lawsuits and investigations, overwhelming amounts of pressure, and pressure to prevent the Gov’t from defending these criminals. Also proceedings to take away their licenses to injure and kill Veterans

  16. So sorry for the loss of veteran Brieux Dash that served his country with honor!

    VA shame on you, you are better than this, but when are you going to step up to the plate and be there for the people that were there for you?

    When the VA or DOD receives the funding, the money then is routed to the employees, defense contractors and other corporate entities and not for veterans. At least not in the way that the veterans are advocating they need and deserve! Hence the substandard care and criminal VAHCS.

    It’s true, veterans are treated with disdain within the system that is designed to serve them! The insanity of it all is that we are the reason these people are employed! We are the reason they receive government contracts for medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, building contracts the list goes on and on. But once everyone is feeding at the trough of government funding, the veteran is the least of their concerns.

    All great and righteous movements are thought of as being radical, until there not. Keep on keeping on!!!!!

    Peace out

  17. We need to find a way to change the VA. These are our benifits, like all of us when I first started with the VA I thought they were there to help. But, they aren’t they seem to think they are there to deny ventrens the benifits that we have all earned and deserve. There only 21 million of us so if you’re thinking about suicide please don’t we, your fellow veterans need you as well as your family’s.

    1. We love our fellow Vets so turn to us. Also, WHO, was the boob who handled this case. On behalf of all vets, We let you down by not holding the VA responsible for their screw-ups.

  18. My UI Claim was denied because they could not verify my Psychologist’s license though they approved his first DBQ and I was rated at 70% for PTSD. They could have called, emailed or written me over the 4 month period making me aware of the problem. Nope. I am sure they got off denying me. They completely ignored two of his reports (40 years PTSD Expert. Author of two books on Combat PTSD) and gave weight to the VA C&P who did everything he could to tear the report apart in front of me. It took a lot for me not to kill myself out sheer exhaustion and frustration. Luckily he did not reduce my 70%. Time to appeal and waste another 4-12 months or longer… Meanwhile the finger is always on the trigger. I see now in Europe you can get your Euthanasia application approved now just by being chronically depressed or have severe PTSD. So, I have another option in the end….

    1. The inside boys and girls at the VA are whores and not professionals. I had the same scam attempted to be pulled on me. They are corrupt through and through and only massive amounts of lawsuits and investigations, overwhelming amounts of pressure, and pressure to prevent the Gov’t from defending these criminals. Also proceedings to take away their licenses to injure and kill Veterans

    2. Better to give the VA the finger. Stay out of Europe. It looks like a fight might be coming here– we will need you Nick.
      We are brothers together in this life on the reservation and everywhere.

    3. I have a Comp & Pen exam where the rating panel spent the entire response tearing me down for quoting medical references from books i paid for and downloaded on the Internet. They were medically accepted books, endorsed by the AMA, yet the mere word “Internet” invalidated any credibility i sought in my research. A few short years later, the VA itself relies heavily on the Internet in the exchange of their information.

      My point is that the VA often yet leans to the side of being closed minded and tight lipped. They’re still in the pre-Internet mentality of operating without an exchange of information when nobody challenged their authority. They’re going to have to come to terms with transparency or society itself will take them down. In my case, that response to my claim makes them look like fools.

      The problem of veterans committing suicide on VA property has probably been around for decades but the VA has just begun to be pressured by society for answers. Now that they don’t, nor ever have, had answers they’ve turned to communities to bring veterans to them for care. They know that’s not going to work but they’re playing a game of acting transparent and like they care. It’s not working. The VA will be forced by society to accept a new norm.

      When they come to terms their care isn’t effective, things will finally start to develop in terms of fixing the problem. The single largest trigger in veterans who use the VA and have suicide ideation is when a veteran goes to an appointment at the VA. 80% of those who attempt suicide do so within 30 days of their appointment at the VA. The VA has known this for years but refuses to acknowledge it. The Internet and societies demand for transparency will force the VA to eventually accept that fact their own researchers told them they are causing suicides. The VA will have no option but to ask veterans if they’re upset before they leave the doors of the VA. And in the case of this unfortunate death, trapped the veteran who took his life because he couldn’t live another day stuck there.

  19. Negligent, incompetent, self serving, and apothetic. It is a life and death struggle with the veterans administration. They are the enemy!

  20. The reason why vets go to VA property to commit suicide is to draw attention to the plight of the veteran at the hands of the VA. Why else off yourself while sitting on a stack of your medical records with a note stating how shit the VA is?

    This will probably get me another visit from a govt agent but since I don’t give a fuck here it is. Take a shit VA employee with you, preferably the incompetent or corrupt shitheels C&P examiner, when you go. Maybe then once the public is aware of just how shitty veterans are treated. Maybe then something will change. If you look back over the last few years with the spike in police shootings of minority citizens what happened? The minorities started shooting back. People are content to suffer so long as evils are sufferable. It says so right in the Declaration of Independence. Tyranny and oppression must always be met with violence.

    1. If you get a visit from a government agent do not talk to/with them. Contact me.

      1. If I get a visit from a government agent, I’ll have two questions for him. Do you have a warrant? and. Am I under arrest? If the answer to both these questions are no. Then I’m going to politely decline to speak to the agent. If he persists. Well, I have an axe handle for persistent fucks that don’t understand the nature of power and authority.

      1. Major change would be to focus on organicity. The current behavioral approach forgets to tell the patient they have a brain injury to adjust to. The approach believes brain damage cannot be addressed so ignore it leaving the patient feeling like something is wrong with his soul. Or the patient is possessed by a demon because they can’t simply will themselves well.

        The MMPI personality assessment is always given for approaches. But the neurobehavioral testing and EEGs for organic brain damage are rarely done. A person with residuals of a TBI may never know he should be adjusting to diminished talents in some areas. That he is like a person with a few drinks that is insisting he is o k to drive. We have come a long way in training people to give up the keys when under the influence. But no one has adjusted therapy to the permanent brain injuries unless they are very severe and very obvious. The walking talking vet is supposed to pull himself up by his boot straps even though that talent went with the wind.

  21. The situation has gotten so bad that what are the veterans supposed to do, if the VA doesn’t have the staff who can help these veterans one on one then refer them to outside clinics where someone can help these men and women, not doing their due diligence to get them the critical help will result in more suicides, the Veterans need to seek help outside the VA if the VA won’t help or don’t have the resources to do so, they’re more concerned about pinching Penny’s then hiring good counselors to help, get on the bandwagon VA, hire the necessary staff and get our Veterans the help, NOW, before more die

    1. Juan, going outside the VA would depend on location. Just one, 1, example. Didn’t do me any good when the VA shattered my jaw and couldn’t get civy dentist or oral surgeons to simple do an X-ray on me, which they all dismissed and side-stepped. Sure did charge me enough for special made lower dentures and numerous surgeries and suffering… no pain meds. One dentist saying “YOU said the VA broke your jaw not me.” But jaw bone sticking out, bits of bones and tooth didn’t mean anything. Then the games and retaliations increased one hundred fold and beyond. How do you get past a “community” then every imaginable state agency, med boards and the rest ignore, pass the buck, waste time and all circle their wagons to protect their own and the VA. And other forms of corruption and professional gross mis-conduct. Indiana is a totally lost corrupt state, period, full circle. Anyone that can play cheerleader here is lucky or connected or a activist agent of some kind.

      Had a good group of vets meeting here at a sober club on the side. All are dead now but me. Drank themselves to death intentionally or flat out suicide or claimed “accidents.” Like walking in front a semi on the highway doing 60mph. Just after reporting he was ending it all and 15 minutes later… gone. No stopping him. After meeting with court ordered professionals and total idiots in offices for the prestige, politics, *nepotism*, steady pay checks, plenty of job security, shoe-horned into a phony undeserved degree… not to help people as claimed. You know those people, groups, rehab joints that are in with the dirty political/legal systems and country clubbers, etc. Complete with judges and some going on fancy vacations together with the rehab joints and their BFF counselors or shrinks. When around the more serious ones with issues did okay until they had to drive and meet with VA fools (for the stressors possible rough physical treatment, and threats or demands) or got caught up locally over simple issues like DUI/seat-belts then had to play that government game or sent to the phonies and kiddies playing some kind of professionals with their Phds and alphabet shit by their names. Better stop there.

  22. Un-F-ing believable. Static my ass. Freak Book (Face Book) like others have gone mad with censoring serious issues full circle. One vet apparently tried to connect with me over suicide issues and corruption… one swift message about them knowing of THIRTY, 30, suicides where he/she/they worked and zip gone. No chance of further communications, no time to read the rest of the message or what it was all about. Three days ago. Why?!!!!!! This censoring shit and the power brokers and corrupt allowed to run rampant “from the top down” (whatever party) along with VA/media/VSO/associations/union scum then out to all other areas of concern need exposed and made to come to a Earth shattering full stop. Then some “communities” and states keeping up with non-reporting on any suicides? Or any other “negatives” that may expose just how corrupt and evil some locations are? BS. We “whiners” are the evil ones and being negative? Oh, we are too negative or evil to be heard so attack, destroy or ignore totally. Or, then on to how some of us have been treated or talked to like dogs, or worse, so badly no-one can believe the talk and language, threats, insane demands that happened in our little orientation groups for the new pain clinic at Roudebush, Indy? Oh, no-one wants to listen to some reports or some realities in our open air prison camp living. Talk about some freaking insanity and no-one really giving a shit but well covered up and protected by….. et al. Talk about an early morn pissed off session before my first pot of Joe.

    Interesting to note is this. The masses out there still using or promoting the very same social medias and marketing systems promotions, VA, news sources, medical systems/establishments, etc., that are doing the deep hard targeted censoring, banning, shadow banning, allowing activist (all kinds)/foreigners, corporate monsters and their propaganda, fake media, and allowable attacking on some ‘truthers’ or whistle-blowers out there/here. Can’t fight the evils and support them all at the same time. Especially in this day and “information age” where snail mail can’t even get noticed or a reply. Or being blocked by ‘social media’ so bad our supposed representatives can easily ignore us or diverted by their scum sucking office staff or secretaries. So who is listening or care?

    1. The VA is run by incompetents fools and criminals who are protected by the system it self. Much more REAL pressure has to be put on these fools and criminals to hold them culpable and liable PERSONALLY, for these forever screw ups…Also time to sue Fleecebook which is run by communists, who are instructed to censor anybody who violates their left winged principles. Matter of free speech violations by a “quasi=government” entity, Facebook who censors all. And it you think medicare for all run by the government boobs is something positive think about the VA health care system run by the same boobs & criminals. Open borders for all who want their loved ones to be raped and murdered by illegals;….check out the murder of the New Jersey Nanny. Why not Nancy Pelosi’s granddaughter? Nancy favors open borders…..

  23. I tried suicide twice within a two week period while still Active. I had checked my M1911 out and I had three rounds: One for my boss who was a Captain, one for the Warrant Officer One who ran the Aide Station, and one for myself. I had just made Staff Sergeant but it seem the problems had become insurmountable. I am so glad GOD decided HE still had work for me to do and allowed me to keep my life. Even now I realize it was a Miracle, beginning with my boss not showing for work that morning. My boss would had been first and I intended to finish with myself. I was frustrated when my boss did not show so I went in my office, put the weapon in my mouth, and pulled the trigger three times. I had three rounds so I tried each round. When I returned the weapon to the Armorer, I told here about the rounds and she went to the barrel in front of the building and fired all three rounds. I got a week on B4 at the hospital on the Psych Ward for being so hasty! GOD Is Good my Brothers and Sisters, let’s try to remember those Seeking and Needing Assistance and hold the entire Veterans’ Population up to GOD, GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!

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