I Care VA Whistleblowers

New VA ‘I Care’ signs mandating VA employees not share negative information about workplace problems is discouraging to VA whistleblowers and veterans.

One of our field operatives (a veteran with a smart phone), took this photo of an inappropriately worded morale poster at a VA facility in South Dakota.

Isn’t this an unusual time to live, while we use devices that track our every move to document the possibly unlawful policies of federal agencies charged with caring for us?

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Anti-VA Whistleblowers Posters

Signs recently posted at Black Hills Health Care System mandate to VA employees, “I will talk positively about my workplace to others.” To casual passersby, these posters resemble the commonplace moral booster posters in corporate America.

But VA is not corporate American, and not so subtle hostility against whistleblowers has curbed honest discourse about VA criminality. Posters like this one are believed to further such hostility.

Regardless of the not so subtle propaganda technique, removing negative speech does not make a VA workplace a positive place to work.

It’s time VA hit the problem areas on the nose. Maybe the new VA Secretary, whoever that is, will take action where McDonald lacked.

Toby Cosgrove, MD, CEO Of Cleveland Clinic Back In Running For VA Secretary

As an aside, Toby Cosgrove just met with President-elect Trump to discuss VA issues. Some of you may recall that Cosgrove is a physician and the CEO of Cleveland Clinic.

He was the first choice to succeed Secretary Shinseki in 2014. However, Cosgrove dropped out of the running after it surfaced he opposed the now defunct Affordable Care Act.


Veterans in every city should place an ad in their local paper in the public notice section ” VA IS LYING” If that paper refuses to publish it, a campaign should be started to list these news outlets, because we know the VA paid them to silence the truth. I will be publishing the two lackey Delaware Senators names when it comes close to election time.


I tell you what with all that is going on in the VA and if the VA is not reformed, there will be nobody signing on the dotted line to serve in the miltary for our country. One of Trump’s policies is to rebuild the military. If the VA is not reformed, this will not happen. A draft would have to be initiated to build the military back. American citizens deserve better than this. REFORM the VA.


Hello all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone on this blog. I hope everyone is showered with many new blessings in the upcoming new year. Good-Bye everyone.

They way things are, all Voluntary Military 1% of the population, will not be loud enough for anyone to hear. In order to be heard, the Draft needs to be done and every eligible Man and Woman be drafted into active duty, Then everyone would be involved with their love ones placed in Danger and maybe sent off to war. Then the public will have a stake and that’s were we will get them involved, Out of site out of… Read more »
Disgruntled Veteran


You are mighty right! Especially when guys like me tell the truth to the younger folks that ask “Uncle, you were in the military a really long time. How did they treat you?”


Thanks for your eye to eye agreement. All Truth has got to be exposed. Then, positive change can occur. 🙂


I am referring to knowing the truth of all the VA lies to the vets.


@Angela- I always discourage those that ask me for my opinion about signing on the dotted line. Now I refer them directly to this blog, and tell them to read the posts.

James Gallegos

Very nice. That’s what I’m going to do. Take about a thousand words. Want a great idea !

John Cokos

That wishful thinking and $2.00 will get you a SMALL Starbucks coffee. I’ll take the coffee….


@CorpsmanUp!- Do you reside in the State of Delaware? In recent history, the previous Senators of this state have been from the D party. You can add your own acronym to what D stands for.

Yea! D as in Dweebs, Dickheads, and Dorks. All in 3 -D and Hd. At one point it was 3 Cs as Coons, Carper and Carney. The three Stooges who want to make Delaware a Santuary for refugees. As I know for sure, this current administration has not been enforcing the Selective Service law for all males, 18-25 ,alien and non resident to sign up. The first thing Carper blurts out is about his 23 year naval service , all… Read more »

@CorpsmanUp!- What county; N, K, or S?

This is nothing short of everything George Orwell was trying to warn us about in his novel, ‘1984’. Will the VA take it to the next level and forbid “Thought Crimes” as well? This appears to be a VA PsyOps propaganda directed at Whistleblowers to prevent the VA from having McDonald’s “undesired outcomes”, which translates to that thing called accountability. So will now the VA employees just have a new improved crocodile smile while they place negative notes in Veterans… Read more »
I’m picturing a bunch of teeth gritting smile Nurse Ratcheds running around. Dressed in some old, Soviet era nurses uniform ratting out employees and staff alike. The obvious question to that poster is, what’s the follow up? Telling the investigators the place would be so full of sunshine if they just had extra clerks smiling so dead vets don’t go bad in the shower? Pointing out how green the lawn now looks after that vet fertilized it by burning himself… Read more »
John Cokos

Ingsoc and The Ministry of Truth ? The Va a total refinement of that model.







A Positive attitude is maybe 1/10 or .10 of what it takes to implement a Quality health care system for Veterans. There are 9/10 or .90 left to be dealt with to get to the GOLD which represents a total quality health care environment for Veterans as well as employees. I am on my phone now and will get on my computer later to dive into this new piece of news, the other 9/10 to achieve total quality health care,… Read more »
I will add to my reply now then add later on my computer. The forefront positive concept is just what it is a “front”. With not speaking about poor workplace situational problems, this is even more of a way for Secretary McDonald to further his control of Veterans. This approach silences the VA employees to where veterans cannot determine what is going on with them and about them in regards to their health care. This is similar to the concept… Read more »
Crazy elf
OK, “Stifling Free Speech!” I do believe this is what the “Alt-Left” is all about. Y’all know who they are. They’re the “Free Speech Hall Monitors”! The “Crybabies” who won’t allow “First Amendment Rights”! This could also be “Censorship” right out of the “Communist Party Propaganda Play Book”, as namnibor points out. Don’t allow anyone to speak the truth! Are we living in (pre WWII) Germany, China, Saudi Arabia or any country which disallows free speech? I don’t think so!… Read more »
John Cokos

Alt-Left, Alt-Right: meaningless terms that no one has yet to define. Don’t waste your time on vague symbolism. The Socratic Method is far more beneficial and scientific in determining the reality of all t his.
The Left, Right paradigm and all those pointless labels just obscure the reality of what we are dealing with.
The Vampire Squid that is the VA will just suck you up move on the the next meal, YOU..

Crazy elf

And, by the way, there were TWO, (2), Russian Ambassadors MURDERED yesterday. One in Turkey, the other in his own bedroom at home.
Here’s couple of videos from Utube.
“NBC: Obama Told Putin Election Hacking Could Result in ‘Armed Conflict'”
by: Jason Delaney
Tuesday 20 Dec. 2016

From: “TCR: Talk Radio Breaking News”
“Rudy Giuliani makes the case for protecting the homeland Dec. 21, 2016
(7:38 minutes long)

John Cokos

Rudy Giuliani A totally Irrelevant rehashed “NEO_CON” .

Frigging communism! Free speech is one of the most powerful rights that we as Americans have to influence and make necessary changes. With the VA’s propaganda, they want to keep things quiet in order to stop any positive changes. Therefore, targeting Whistle Blowers that reveal the problems in the VA. I thought that when there are problems is to fix them. With the VA, they think they’re a well greased health care system. As an Investigative Research Biologist, this far… Read more »
So now a federal agency is requiring people to express thoughts that they do not share with the federal government, and the federal government is paying people to tell others what precisely they “will” express to others. First Amendment – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petitition the Government… Read more »

“Wondering now….how about a poster that says, “I will heal veterans with my every word.” No? Ok, I forgot; the union has rules like this too.”

The union would allow the word ‘heel’ instead of ‘heal’. ‘Word’ redefined as blunt objects. Little Cox approves.

Seymore Klearly

They should send Cox to room 101 for the re-education process for this despotic Orwellian nightmare he is putting Veterans through. His Re-education would include the correct use of a heel and hungry Lab rats.

Seymore Klearly

About Room 101.



I wonder if that dental assistant in Tomah decided not to say anything about her boss using dirty equipment because it might be taken negatively by him.
How many others in the VA work for some arrogant quack who won’t speak up because the quack will make their lives difficult?


That’s an easy one, All employees under management !


@91Veteran- You hit a nerve here!


I hope I’ve struck a nerve in someone enough to see how stupid this is.

If you look at it, the VA has not had a long history of whistle blowers, or people just standing up for themselves.

It wasn’t until Phoenix where more and more started coming forward, and instead of the VA recognizing they have a huge problem with their managers ignoring federal law, they double down on being thugs.

John Cokos

In the “Administrative Universe” this would be SOP. It’s only “Policy” and only has force internally until challenged….

Seymore Klearly
What utter BS. Posters like that are going to have the opposite effect and really demonize VA employees for working there. The Morons at the VA responsible for these posters have no understanding of Organizational Behavior and how it effects employees. To the employees, it is like telling them all that they are working in the deadliest Health Care system in America and to keep their mouths shut about it. What a totally dysfunctional Bureaucracy. It is like telling all… Read more »
Seymore Klearly
Donovan Slack, reporter, USA Today, your article published December 20th, 2016 titled: “VA reverses course, releases health care quality data”, is completely published as the ultimate in FAKE news and is written by you to hide the truth about what veterans are being faced with. Even though you know the truth that the VA is lying and Veterans are dying because of it you slap us all in the face with this article to hide the truth. The same Veterans… Read more »
Seymore Klearly

Donovan Slack, No Morals, No Ethics and writes anything for a paycheck.


I sent documents directly to her. Never responded to them. Mark Flatten exposed the IG in a series titled Bad things happen when watchdogs attack.
This shows you that the VA has been paying off the media.

Seymore Klearly

Hey Elf,

Russia has just frozen all communication channels with the U.S. and right now Trump is meeting with 10 of the top leaders of the U.S. Military.

Obama is likely golfing.

“Erdogan: ‘No Doubt’ Russian Envoy’s Killer Linked to Gulen”, Voice of America, December 21, 2016 1:25


“John Kerry Denies U.S. Linked to Killing of Russian Ambassador to Turkey”


“Ludicrous claim’: US denies involvement in assassination of Russian envoy to Turkey”


I hope you bought fuel for that generator.

Crazy elf
Seymore, If what happens, (under Obama’s threat against Russia with that “Armed Conflict” statement, or the recent developments over those two Russians being assassinated), happens. We won’t need no fucking generator. We won’t need anything except to stay alive! Obama’s administration has been trying its best to start shit with Russia for some time now. All those damn “liberal pansy crybaby punk-assed Democrats” are bound and determined to get America into another world war conflict. Only this time. Everybody’s fucked!… Read more »

Totally with you. AMEN.


Get rid of unions and you will see who truly cares about the VA.

Government collective bargaining means The People do not have the final say on public policy. Instead their elected representatives must negotiate spending and policy decisions with unions. Unions outside the public sector negotiate for what they perceive to be a fair a percentage of the profits of the company that they work for. AFGE employees negotiate only for more money and has zero basis attached to actual performance for the “company” so they negotiate what good and bad performance is!… Read more »

^The gig of a bleeding pig.^

Disgruntled Veteran


Yes Sir. I suppose being young patriots is what led us to the Marine Corps. Had we wanted to “serve” ourselves, rather than country – – – we should have “enlisted” in the AFGE.

As you said, good gig – – – just NOT my kind of folks.

Happy Holiday, Devil Dog!

Dan F


Coming from McDuck, it simply means he cares if you don’t follow the party line. It’s Big Brother spewing fear – period.


Yeah, if McDoosh actually cared, he would not have hid the hospital rating data, would not have used veterans for his bullshit excuse, and would have announced months ago his plan to raise those failing hospitals up a few stars.


The Chief of Staff at the Black Hills Health Care System (BHHCS) is VERY TOXIC to fellow “VA Employees” and to veterans!
The CoS BHHCS by training PM&R/DO SUXS! Interferes with many veterans proper medical care here.
I do know many VA Employees here do not like her and do everything to “steer wide berth around here” so as not to have to talk with or to her for ANYTHING including when a veteran needs medical care help!

james gallegos
Merry Christmas, We know that Management retaliates against employees and we have also stated Two wrongs don’t make a right ! We seen the poster where it implies, Snitches get stiches ! Well if VA employees see wrong doings and do nothing about it is just as guilty as the employee doing the wrong thing. You my friend can help veterans more that you know, We veterans put our lives on the line for VA employees to have a job… Read more »
@CorpsmanUp! The Black Hills HCS here has the media be it print or visual news outlets SCARED 🙁 They will not write even when presented with true facts on ANY VETERAN who is needing medical care, benefits or other. As one of the “largest employers” in the area 1 Ellsworth AFB, the various colleges South Dakota state University, Black Hills State University and School of Mines & Technology here the VA would rank next for Rapid City, SD area. @Ben… Read more »
Just Another Veteran
Thinking the ratings don’t reflect care of patients but rather facilities to throw money at. For instance, if the rating is a 3, they could qualify for a few mil if the justification was good enough. Your rating of 5 makes complete sense. It says your facility is good to go and little additional facility, personnel, or program money is required. This rating scale is similar to military C war readiness ratings with the 5 being operating with all personnel… Read more »

sorry…should read as…” I even had 70% of all my radiology exams literally “DELETED” could not be found…”
hit the enter key to fast 🙂


That is part of that VA pay the media off scheme. The best sources are Judicial Watch and FACT Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust. They like to expose the truth, especially when you have a Senator or Congressman that has been misleading the public by false narratives and sticking up for the executive branch. The legislative branch is exclusively separate and this is the gray area these Representives face when they meddle on that fine line.

Crazy elf

Check out this video from,
“The Alex Jones Channel”, dated Dec. 21, 2016! About 10 minutes long.
You won’t believe your eyes. There’s enough evidence to prove everything they say.
“Moderate Rebels Prepare Small Daughters For Suicide”

Remember Vietnam, brothers and sisters? It DID happen there. It could happen —-????????


Best of times, worst of times. I just wish burning our flag didn’t fall under free speech. Klearly, we shall soon see.

John Cokos

Like it or not, burning the flag comes under just that coverage. What is so sacred about the symbolism of the flag. A piece of cloth made in China ?
It means everything to everybody. consequently it means nothing in the real world.

Crazy elf

Hey, y’all,
Do y’all get the TV station; “DECADES”?
If you do, at 6 pm (est), “Rowan and Martin’s, Laugh In” is on.
Great ‘skits’ and constant laughs. Plus, it’s starting to get real anti-Vietnam now.
And Goldie Hawn hasn’t had her “boob job” yet!


@Disgruntled Veteran- Off topic question, . . . What is the price for prime ahi going for per/lb.? This time of year is usually expensive due to demand. It’s hard to find fresh here. Lucky you, bruddah.

VA BHHCS is bad about PCP’s. In just the last 1 year and less then 6 months my husband has been thru 11 PCP’s. 3 of them just in the last 3 months. I am getting really frustrated by this. Changing of PCP’s isn’t help this case any. Every time there is a NEW PCP they have to ask 20 some on question to figure out what has been going on. Cause some of these new PCP don’t take the… Read more »
Yes, Jane, I hear you and you are correct. I had 6 PCP in one year. They were just traveling passing through providers. You are right, the continuity of care is very limited when one has many primary care doctors. Tests that get ordered are not followed up on and progress notes are not sequential because the interruption of care prevents this. Too many hands involved lead to all the more reasons things become chaotic and disorganized. I got through… Read more »

@ Benjamin Krause: you said, “… it surfaced he opposed the now defunct Affordable Care Act.”

As far as I know, the ACA is NOT defunct. It is still up and running. You might want to edit your article to correct that statement.

mike may
happy holidays, as a resident of HVH in Pennsylvania for almost 14 years, i have witnessed a major decline in the conditions of living here. the home was easily one of the top facilities in the state. with major reductions in employees, it resulted or lead to less services and quality of services. when a resident called to complain, our nurses and other employees, who are doing their best with what they have, go thru thorough inspections and get reprimanded… Read more »
Mike May, I really wanted to respond to your message. You are right. If one does not have a choice of where one lives, ideals of freedom are not protected. Your message is really touching for me. It is very painful for ones life to be dictated. I hate how our government has chosen to look after people who are not even citizens of this country and let our own citizens live in substandard homes with limited resources or no… Read more »
mike may
thank you for your thoughtful reply, you are one of the main reasons, we veterans, have donned the service uniforms for our country. i initially became a resident to calm my mother and sister’s worries about my whereabouts. i have/had suicidal ideas and as you probably could see, i am uncomfortable with the conditions of dealing with society any further. as i stated before, the home was entirely different the year i arrived. residents, housekeeping, nurses and social staff interacted… Read more »