For my readers familiar with the situation, the Star Tribune published the obituary for Amie Muller, beloved mother, wife and burn pit victim.

Amie passed away last Saturday, at 36 years old, after a devastating fight against pancreatic cancer likely linked to her tours in Iraq and burn pit exposure.

She is survived by three children, Caidyn Krause, Jace and EmmyLu, and is the beloved wife of Brian Muller.

Amie’s funeral service is today at 11 am in Woodbury, MN, at the Crossroads Church followed by a Celebration of Life event at the South St. Paul VFW. On Monday, Amie will be buried at the Fort Snelling National Cemetery.

I plan to follow up on this to share some words that her daughter Caidyn had to say about Amie’s life, the Iraq War and burn pits.

Generally, the media focuses on the death or injury of veterans while failing to evaluate the long-term effects of war on our children.

For that reason, next week, I plan to share some of what Caidyn told me about her own experience of loss and what she wants the public to know about her mom.

Burn Pit Background

For those unfamiliar, Amie was diagnosed last April with pancreatic cancer at 36 years old. The past 10 months of her life were spent fighting the burn pit-related disease that ultimately took her life after spreading to her liver.

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My Personal Notes On Amie Muller

I rarely delve into my personal life on this site, but my daughter, Caidyn Krause, asked me to share some words about her mom here on the site, which I am happy to do but will keep it brief to avoid taking away from the Muller’s moment to share about Amie.

[For those interested, you can tune in to watch her service this morning on Facebook Live.]

Amie was loved by everyone, and as someone who grew to know her quite well over the past sixteen years, I can personally say she will be missed by thousands of people worldwide, least of all me.

Sixteen years ago, Amie and I first met in the US Air Force while stationed at RAF Mildenhall, UK, where she served in the military police. It was at that time we started on our journey as co-parents of Caidyn Krause, in 2001.

Over the years, she developed into a star airman and exceptional photojournalist. She served two tours in Iraq, 2005 and 2007.

By 2009, Amie developed numerous leading programs to help the State of Minnesota honor its fallen troops as well as designing the “Gold Star” family license plate.

That is when she met her loving husband Brian Muller and went on to have her two other children, Jace and EmmyLu.

Throughout her life, Amie never met a stranger, and always had a way of making even the most downtrodden feel welcome. She had a passion for helping people and hoped to someday become a psychologist to help others work through loss and grief.

Your passing has not gone unnoticed by the masses, Amie, and we will always cherish your memory. You are an incredible mother who always gave 110% for your children.

Thank you for my first child and only daughter, Caidyn.

I will always cherish her and our time working together as co-parents to make Caidyn into the exceptionally intelligent, strong and funny young woman she has become.

The funeral service will be broadcast on Facebook Live from Amie’s Facebook support group: Team Amie.

READ: Star Tribune – Amie Marie (Dahl) Muller Obituary

Disabled Navy Veteran
Disabled Navy Veteran

That one brought tears to my eyes as with the deaths of every brother and sister in arms. She was so young, like most, and she moved on knowing she was loved and still is.

Seymore Klearly

She sounds like a truly amazing and incredible woman.

To Caidyn, Ben, Brian Muller, Jace and EmmyLu. Truly sorry to hear about the loss of your loved one who truly must have been a very incredible person.

Ex va
I am so sorry for your loss dear family of Amy Marie (Dahl) Muller. Sometimes pictures can speak a thousand words and when i looked at your dear Amy and your mother it truly did. You could see the joy and love thru her face and eyes and the love she has for her precious family and children. She is a light to remember and will always be there for you. She is one of our nations heroes and a… Read more »
Disabled Navy Veteran
Disabled Navy Veteran

Amen to that

Don Karg
02/24/2017 Dear Benjamin Krause, Burn pits have been around for centuries, and the toxic fumes had been a secret to most Military personnel. In New Mexico, the Government was sued over their neglect and wanton actions at Area 51, the road to work was known to the locals as “Widows Highway.” “When workers at Area 51 first came to me in the 1990s, they described how the government had placed discarded equipment and hazardous waste in open trenches the… Read more »
Don Karg

Correction–Sorry about that— Nevada instead of New Mexico.

We aliens know where Area 51 is located. So do almost all in the military, beyond urban legend, especially those of us that served a decade in USAF in Cold War Era. Many of us were stationed at installations in which immediately after President “early retired” a handful of USAF Bases, one I was in the muck of for 4.5 years, was thrust at the very top of the EPA Super Fund Toxic Clean-up Sites. That was back in the… Read more »
That was a difficult one to read and am truly sorry for you and your family’s loss. That is very powerful for your daughter Caidyn , to want you to write something because it takes a lot to muster up emotion.That kid has inherited you and Amy’s genuis and I think her legacy has just been born. I would be interesting if she would be willing to write a letter directly to the Secretary, after giving this grievance period some… Read more »
Ben you have mine and our families condolences and support as we are fighting the same war for me as I am know totally home and wheelchair bound most of the time. We know personally what a fight you have with the VA because we found you and your site due to searching for more burn pit suffers like our selfs . We morn and grief with you in this time. There is so much going on in this that… Read more »
Crazy elf
Ben, Sorry for your lose of a loved one!! I wonder ‘what’ will be said at the “post level” of the VFW today. Concerning “Burn Pit Diseases”? Seems to me, VSO’s know about these “curses”. Yet, never do anything about it! The members want National to become more proactive in forcing VA into admitting, once and for all, the devastating health effects of a multitude of different diseases caused by; burn pits, agent orange and more. Yet, they stand by… Read more »

Crazy Elf, I bet every one of those VSOs give these Burn Pit veterans the same excuse.

“Well, if we push congress to provide care for you, that will take money away from treating X veterans for Y.”

Myself, after losing so many around me, countless, I know there is absolutely no trying to prepare for such events in our lives such as this, loss of people in our lives. One decade or two, three or four, we can be surrounded by many many friends, girlfriends, Xs, life-long friends, family, fiance-s, great acquaintances during volunteering/work, etc. Then all gone seemingly swiftly at young ages, for many reasons, and in very short order in one year or over the… Read more »
You have my prayers and supportive thoughts in your loss, Benjamin. Utilize this frustration and anger to embolden your/our fight for the VA and DOD to recognize these toxic and deadly practices and to force our gov’t to also take proper care and home assisted care for all affected vets. Whether it’s Agent Orange, radioactive or otherwise toxic waste on military installations exposed to, or blatantly stupid from an environmental view and human toxicity; burn pits. No matter what kind… Read more »

My condolences, Ben. This was a good start to becoming a single parent. Sorry you no longer have that co helper.


My Condolences to you and your family BEN

Crazy elf
I know today is a “Day of Mourning!” for Ben and so many more. I, again, wish my deepest sympathy for y’all. That said, I believe it’s still important we keep up the fight against VA. I received this from “” – via: “The Military Advantage Blog”. Titled: “VA Denied Stay on Paying Tsunami of Emergency Care Claims!” Posted by: Tom Philpott Dated: Feb. 23, 2017 The “ruling” was the quickest ever by a court! Looks like the VA isn’t… Read more »
Right-On, Crazy elf!! We never leave a brother or sister behind but at the same time we always watch our sixes and continue the fight. Matter-in-fact, I predict this tragedy Benjamin’s family is going through currently will serve to fuel this fight to make the VA do what is right. Never surrender! What would be appropriate is to invite every congress critter to one HUGE burn pit bonfire pig roast where dinner is roasted upon a pile of unknown canisters,… Read more »
Crazy Elf, I didn’t see your comment, so I posted the same thing below with some comments on the article. In my opinion, with this starting in 2009, this started with Obama and his dumbass push to force veterans to pay for their own care, to include service connected injuries. Although the news reporting from that time said he backed off on it because of pushback from VSOs and congress, I don’t believe he backed off at all. I believe… Read more »
It has been over 50 winters since I last shared the same mouthful of food with my mother. In that time I never rode away from a town without missing those I left behind. I never got used to being alone, and I never learned to say farewell to those I loved without crying. When I stop being a human then maybe I can learn these things. For now I am just a man and I choose life. No fear.… Read more »
fred locke

Attorney Ben:
My sincere condolences in this difficult time. May God bless.


It is a very sad start to such a gloomy day. I am truly sorry for you loss. My condolences to Caidyn, Ben, Brian Muller, Jace and EmmyLu. My heart goes out to all of you, and you are all in my prayers.



Sincere condolences to you and your family. Your decision to share something so personal on a public forum could not have been easy. But you successfully presented a balanced report of yet another VA injustice, and a personal loss. Peace and comfort are first found in the embrace of family.

Off topic, an article just posted says a judge has denied the VA request to stay a decision forcing the VA to pay for emergency care outside the VA. In plain english, it says the VA needs to get off their ads and pay their bills. Seems the VA has been screwing veterans by suspending consideration of 373000 claims for payment of outside ER care because once again, the VA decided to follow their own rules, and a veteran sued.… Read more »
Crazy elf
Hey, 91Veteran, This morning while taking our “Katie” to the dog groomer. We were listening to our favorite radio station, 96.5 FM, WDBO, out of Atlanta, Georgia. What we heard brought lots of laughter. You’ll get a kick out of it too. Seems there’s a push, over in France, to have ——— wait for it——— “Obama run for President IN FRANCE!” That’s right, many of the French people want our Former (Muslim) POTUS as their leader! I wonder, what the… Read more »

@Crazy elf– I am thinking the French must be drinking vintage ‘Snowflake Whine’, which is made from the tedious collection of snowflake tears while bacon fries in a mosque. 🙂

Seymore Klearly
The VA has been fighting this for a long time. Here is part of the decision from back in April of 2016 when the VA lost their appeal of the original ruling. Even after the ruling the VA continued to spend VA resources on fighting against Veterans even though it was mandated by Congress in 2009 and ordered by a court. “COURT RULES THAT VA HAS SHORTCHANGED VETERANS SINCE 2009 BY REFUSING TO REIMBURSE THEM FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL EXPENSES NOT… Read more »
gary owen
It is so sad this has happened to this woman as she served our Nation. I had a niece who served in Iraq as a translator, where she met her husband, who served there as a Ranger. She too developed cancer after being there. It took her life back in 2014 after a few years of battling cancer, leaving her sons without their Mother. A National Guard Unit in Oregon was severely impacted by their exposures as well. The ongoing… Read more »
Just Another Vet

Ohio Gary Owen?

Gary Owen

No, I’m in New Mexico, I had read about the Oregon National Guard Unit several years back when it was in the news.


I am very sorry for your families loss Ben.

And truly saddened and angered at what these Burn Pit veterans are having to go through.

I can just imagine the number of excuses and lied told by the VA, and the hell these vets are going through.

Thomas L Lamb

So sorry for your loss Ben, it is no surprise to me that you and Amie went on to careers the speak up for the disadvantaged, unspoken and unheard people. She sounds like an amazing person and I can’t even comprehend the loss this family and the people she served…. sending my prayers, wishing all some kind of comfort during your healing process.

Just Another Vet

So sorry for everyone connected to Amie. She was too young, too beautiful, too full of life’s plans, and too much to do yet with and for her children.

God bless her and her family.

Sorry to Hear about the Loss and thanks for letting us into your personal lives. As an advocate here in NV I know she didn’t have a smooth sailing w vets and the politics surrounding helping Vets, my hat off to Her and I’m just as proud of her as most who knew her she served her fellow vet/man to the end. Expect Mooorrrreee issues lk these burn pits etc to go on since we got Mr Corporate in office… Read more »
Ben, my wife and I want to express our deepest condolences to Caidyn, Jace, Emmylu, Brian Muller, and yourself, for the physical loss of Amie. I personally know how this feels, dearly hold onto the memories of Amie. May God richly bless all of you while your going through the grieving and healing process. Ben, from how you described Amie, she was a beautiful and caring person, and shall be missed by the ones who truly loved her, and those… Read more »