Vivieca Wright-Simpson

The woman who reportedly ordered VA employees to withhold evidence about the secret wait list from members of Congress is now the interim VA chief of staff.

Last Friday, VA announced Vivieca Wright-Simpson is the interim chief of staff effective Sunday. The press release asserted Wright-Simpson is a “trusted leader with a commitment for serving Veterans.”

Wright-Simpson was previously the chief of staff of the Veterans Health Administration under now-Secretary David Shulkin, MD.

So what happens when we look behind the curtain?

The Daily Caller was also curious and did a little digging only to find reports that Wright-Simpson was behind part of the movement to stonewall investigations by Congress into the wait list scandal.

Behind Wait List Stonewall

In 2014, Wright-Simpson was reportedly pivotal in blocking a Congressional investigation into wait times at the Pittsburgh VA. At the time, her staff reassured Congressmen looking into the matter that the facility passed an audit with “flying colors.”

In reality, there were 700 veterans on a wait list, many of those veterans had been waiting years for an initial appointment. Pittsburgh Healthcare System director Terry Gerigk Wolf was ordered to stonewall members of Congress despite knowing the numbers.

Then VISN 4 director Gary Devansky ordered his subordinates to not report the correct numbers to Congress but not before Wolf disclosed. The person who ordered the stonewalling was reportedly none other than Vivieca Wright-Simpson.

Then-chairman Jeff Miller of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs blasted VA for its efforts to suppress the truth. VA told The Daily Caller Wright-Simpson merely wanted to ensure Congress had the correct numbers before telling anyone.

Office Of Medical Inspector

Telling anyone what?

VA basically stonewalled the investigations across the country and Sloan Gibson conveniently shut down the Office of Medical Inspector (OMI) right when it came time to investigate the wait time scandal.

Instead of relying on OMI to investigate, all investigations were the responsibility, at least in part, of the local facility after then General Counsel Willie Gunn allegedly green lighted record destruction in the run-up to the investigation.

How convenient to be in charge of criminally investigating yourself, right?

Think we will ever know the depths of the wait list and resultant nationwide cover-up?

VA Spokesman

“In June 2014, Ms. Vivieca Wright-Simpson, then-Veterans Health Administration Director of Network Support, acted to ensure correct information was provided to Congress,” acting deputy assistant secretary for the VA public affairs James Hutton told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Some information required validation and, as a result, delivery to Congress had to be briefly delayed for the validation of the information to be completed.  Once the information was validated it was delivered.”

“She remains a dedicated public servant focused on modernizing VA and implementing change in order for our Veterans to get the care and benefits they deserve,” Hutton added.

Let’s hope VA is being truthful and that Shulkin has promoted his former chief of staff for a reason other than to continue stonewalling Congress.

Perhaps she knows where the skeletons are buried and will help Shulkin put them to rest the right way?


“[So what happens when we look behind the curtain?]”– Perhaps Shulkin is simply lazy and it’s so much easier to play slide one chair down to the bolted deck chairs on the V.A. Titanic? I view this served cold as whatever they were smoking when they decided to appoint BVA Agent Orange Denier Murphy to that position. They simply do not care. Business as usual, Isaacson will blow smoke rings up Pres. Trump’s ass, meanwhile back where the ranch is… Read more »
Seymore Klearly

You have to wonder how these people sleep at night.

Oh, Never Mind, I forgot about all the drugs they keep steeling.

Ex va
The promotion of someone who may have been part of obstructed justice tells us much of what the beginning of the future department of veterans affairs will look like. I do not believe anything that this new administration, who sounds a lot like the old administration that business is open as per normal operations. That is just great!!! The continuation of more lies, deception and crimes!!! The truth will never see the light of day because there is a waitlist… Read more »
Unbelievable Ben. The same damn people over and over and over. Didn’t shit for brains Shill-kin just say he was going to fire THAT kind of person? What’s he waiting for, permmision from the VSO’s? Please……….somebody whack me upside the head with a 2×4. and stick my head up my ass. So I can see what is’t like to think like a Shill-kin. LIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ALL LIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Windguy is right, only 3.5 years left before they need us again for voting… Read more »
Disgruntled Veteran
Good article, Ben. C L U S T E R F U C K. Simply a C L U S T E R F U C K !!!! The practical definition of the term “Insanity” is “Performing the same ineffective actions over and over, while expecting a different result than you previously achieved.” I am convinced the VA is totally insane. Shithead Shulkin and President Trump. On us veterans will take a dump. I would ask WTF are they thinking… Read more »
With respect, I agree that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action expecting different results, but in this case insanity is not at work. What we see here is the definitiion of corruption. Dirty, piggish people, liars, and criminals who signed up for the VA gravy boat and show loyalty to the lumps in the gravy are rewarded with a chair at the big persons table come feeding time. The VA is infested with morbidly obese administrators, bariatric… Read more »

Yams & Hams Models Of Excellence In Healthcare.

Disgruntled Veteran

@Dennis – – – Touche’.


Remember the term F**ck up, Move up? When that one person who was a piece of sh*t couldn’t and wouldn’t do the job they were paid to do; suddenly moved to the top! Sometimes it’s wonderful to watch people seated at the top FLOP! She will be in the spotlight and her lack of talent will be obvious to everyone. What goes around comes around.



Disgruntled Veteran
Back from my break. Got lungs full of fresh clean air. And the pain pills are starting to take effect. Feeling half-human again. The continual “revolving door” policy of the VA – – – shuffling quite obviously morally incompetent people from place to place in order to keep them “under the radar”, while thinking that the majority of this nation’s veterans are completely oblivious as to what is really going on is a joke. Facebook, Twitter, et al can help… Read more »

While leaving a VA facility recently here in north east Pennsylvania, I heard the WHO’s hit, “We won’t be fooled again” being played through the intercom system. Except they kept looping the last lyric……..” meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

Crazy elf
Like I said yesterday, “Shithead Shulkin” is not playing with a full deck. Or, maybe he’s already taking his “Que’s” from the VSO’s and other’s wanting to fuck veterans! Just as all the others before him, when someone is caught, “PROMOTE THEM!” I wonder *IF* MCDUCK is somehow behind this? Somebody is definitely guiding Shulkin. Why do I say this? Because it’s just been a few weeks since Shulkin was appointed, and already he’s doing the same thing as all… Read more »
Crazy elf

I just saw where President Trump will be speaking tonight, to Congress, at 7 pm est. Of course, he will probably be speaking shortly after 7 pm!
Watch what he’s saying! I think we’re going to here a lot of “moaning and groaning” from liberal Democrats and RINO’s!


CRAZY ELF ………OOOO but he is playing with a full deck, just not a full wallet. yet. you have to promote the ones that can go along with the corruption

Genius H. Kennard

His name is Boob Mc D

Big Biz
“”Malum In Se””…we brother vets have only “one solution” (Prayers). No one is going to come to our assistance but the “”Almighty””.. Pray vets just as you did in combat!!! Asking god to intervene once and for all!!! Coming together..””when two or more come together in agreement in prayer” our Father sits in acknowledgement to our submissions. Trust and believe that “”something very powerful and surprising” is going to take place for vets!!! God is sick of the “”Deliberate Indifferences””perpetually… Read more »
Big Biz

“Malum In Se””…yesterday I requested “vet’s” to come together and “”Prayer””…I said that some “‘Very Powerful. & Surprising “” would manifest!!! Don’t disbelieve in the power of “‘Prayer””!! How many saw something “”Powerful. & Surprising”” in our President’s address???? It’s time and I encourage “All” of us to pray!!! It’s gets better in time!! Malum In Se…P.S. GOD BLESS THOSE WHO PRAYED WITH ME????!!


The only VA facility more dysfunctional than the VAMC Pittsburg is VARO Pittsburg. From experience.


“[So what happens when we look behind the curtain?]”

I’m seeing a cross between a very hungry, hungry hippo and a flying monkey from ‘Wizard of Oz’. (much wind speed velocity would be needed for this hippo)


Definitely not the ‘Wizard’.


These people have no honor… but of course who did not know that

Rick B

This is nothing new, and we should not be surprised. The va has a history of promoting people that should not even have a job serving veterans… And factually, nothing ever changes except the names of those put in positions of authority, a great majority of them are not serving veterans but screwing veterans.

Business as usual. As I said in another comment yesterday, I despise liars. If the VA were simply trying to make sure their numbers were not covered in bullshit, why did Miller blast them? Why didn’t the VA tell him, even off the record, here are preliminary numbers, but we still need to clean them up for accuracy? They got caught, and made up the validation excuse. Do they use this same validation method to carefully determine if a bonus… Read more »

Truly not who I thought would be back. But, she never left. I’m tired of being angry all the time. If this is how POTUS planned things, well that just sucks. If POTUS has nothing to say about this, well, we can expect…. nothing and we’re on our own, again. I am still praying the Choice Card ends up working. God only knows.

Jo3n, I mentioned before about how different Choice is working this time around for me than it did last year. It seemed they were moving with blazing speed this time. After being told by Choice that they called the provider and claimed the provider didnt have the authorization, I said I just talked to the provider and was told they had it, but were waiting on Choice to call them. I also said I had a voice mail to call… Read more »

@91Veteran — You *must* just go with the flow and flight path of the ever-circling crows. The Choice Program Crows have a contract and so that “40 mile as a crow flies” rule has been repurposed, redefined, and refined into Choice’s lessor-known program for Veterans, “Murder Of Circling Crows “. Either way, it will eventually get you to your final destination even without the helpful guidance of a Choice Champion.


Nam, I’m thinking they’re more like a Murder of Circling Turds that just won’t flush.

…and the stink never goes away.


@91Veteran — “[Murder of Circling Turds that just won’t flush.]”

Does Isaacson’s stairmaster have a spiral staircase configuration by chance?


Isakson is so lazy I bet he has a colostomy bag hanging off his Stairmaster with a built-in bidet.


That image placed for presentation to my brain made my brain tell me it requires decades more cognitive therapy because it stained my brain. Thanks.

Imagine that colostomy bag is an OSHA violation in danger of entanglement with the stairmaster…but then again, the pace is probably slower than pain drying, never mind.


“paint drying”, my hands are in pain from neuropathy. Max dose of Lyrica 100mg 3x a day.

Crazy elf

For y’all wanting to know about that veteran who “…laid on the floor, in pain…” here’s an article out today from;

“VA Nurse Refused to Get a Veteran in Severe Pain a Bed, So He Laid On The Cold Floor!”

by Katie Pavlich | Feb. 28, 2017

Pictures and statements were made by the individuals who witnessed the incident, Mr. and Mrs. Steven McMenamin on 2/24/17!

Everyone who works at that VHA should be held responsible for their inactions against that Veteran.

@Crazy elf – elf, I read the article. Its hard to believe that not one VA employee is attending to these elderly Veterans, that are obviously hurting with extreme pain and discomfort. elf, I don’t know what to say anymore. Its not that I’m desensitized, its the dam shock and unbelief from what I see and read. Hopefully, one day, someone with authority will come down hard on these ding bats, and I’m pretty sure it will not be Shulkin… Read more »

It will take God Almighty Himself to intervene. Am thinking that part in Revelation about the bottomless pit being opened-up is all about the VA and it’s demons unleashed.



Crazy elf

@OLDMARINE, namnibor and ANutterVet;
I’ve become “Hardened within my heart” over all the criminal activities and acts committed by VHA & VBA employees over the past many, many decades!
I’m no longer willing to accept the bullshit from the these “animals”!
They are less than “Animals”- they are scum!
I better stop now, before I say something I might regret!

As far as those ingrates at that VHA, everyone of them should lose their jobs!

Why is it looking like more of the same? Is it too early to tell? Same subjects, same people, ? May 1st will be 100 days. I really don’t get how someone can possibly ruin many Veterans lives and be promoted after straight up lying to Congress. Seems to be the theme at VA’s and Congress. This appointment of a proven liar, and a person who has been caught hiding files, and she crippled many ongoing cases. She’s promoted? No,… Read more »

Jo3n, put it in writing, or ask them to respond to you in writing on why your PCP won’t refer you.

When I was told I would be dropped for all VA care, and actually was dropped, I told them I wanted it in writing.

Within a day I was reassigned to my PCP.

Happy Scorpion
***** Subject Change ****** To All Veterans Using VA Services and their Wives; If, you want some assurance of receiving adequate medical care from the VA and legal choice to have a door open then consider this option, using the VA form [VA FORM 10-0137]. In Section C – additional preferences write something to this effect…” I want a licensed (State) Physician to make the prognosis and diagnosis of my medical care and medical long term plan and share this… Read more »
How do you get past the VA’s more often than not waiving any requirement FOR a given State that VAMC is at? I ask because people on this blog have researched and shown that the VA Dr.’s may be listed as State Medical Board Certified in say Wisconsin where he did first worked, but the problem lies in that same Dr. is listed in say 3 or more other States from being bounced around from on-par VA corruption or life,… Read more »

I was just reading yesterday’s post. Shulkin did say that he was getting rid of the bad apples, not promoting them. In less than a day, the lies begin. I really don’t know how to take this BS anymore. Exposing the corruption doesn’t seem to get Veterans anywhere. How fed up do I need to be before I’m not responsible?

Yeah, that’s why today’s article put me in such a bad mood early-on today. Better now. Nice rainstorm starting and they relax me. This is how crazy the current VA management is: If Jeffery Dahmer had worked at the VA and got caught doing what Jeffery did with dead and alive bodies, but the AFGE attorneys get him off, VA upper management would see fit to appoint Jeffery Dahmer in charge of all VA Morgues and Canteen Cafeterias. Sick, I… Read more »
Michael Ramsey

Write a new PD for this position and break into 4 part time slot. Get a retired SNCO from each service in those 4 slots to provide advice and guidance to the Secretary. I’m willing to bet the screwing off and propagation of alternate facts will stop in short order.



But, Shulkin was *supposedly* going to have his little helper, the “beer mogul”…what happened with that? Did it just fizz-out? 🙂


@HappyScorpion, what you so happy about? Only kidding, I am glad that there are Veterans who can at least say they’re happy. I will follow through on your advice. Thanks

Happy Scorpion

@ Jo3n;
I prefer NOT to let ANY Government agency take my happiness – Or else should we all go Article 99? Only kidding…not.

Happy Scorpion
@ Namnibor; You make a point. Let me expand on the topic.… each licensed Doctor has a DEA [Drug Enforcement Number]; or State Physician Licensing Number can be found on your prescription (Doctor’s prescription pad) that number believe it or not can be found on the Internet at one time. This number – drug addicts have used to forge prescriptions for their own intentions. Confirming Your Doctor is licensed in your State, you will now have the choice to legally… Read more »
You may get help through those agencies if you are in a state that has workers that will respond. I found several VA providers at my VA that do not comply with state law, called the state and was told 2 different things on whether the VA is exempt or not. Many states ignore the VA because the VA claims they are a federal entity and exempt from state laws. Those not in compliance here are committing a Class 6… Read more »
@Happy Scorpion– All good to know, but I hope you know that at the VA the new trend is it’s either the Pharmacist Tech or even the Nurse Practitioner that will be deferred by the lazy Dr. to write the RX and this goes for Pain Management where it’s not even a certified pain specialists at the VA, it’s the damn pharmacist or some other hack. What I am getting at is the VA lives in their own glass bubble… Read more »

Off Topic, but Poe just introduced a VA Accountability Act in the House.

Its an interesting read, including containing the ability to reduce an employees pension.





You have crows on your head dealing with Choice Champions and the VA…it’s only natural to think of ravens then Edgar A. Poe.


For those with recent internet issues, a story posted on Drudge mentions Amazon’s S3 cloud storage having problems affecting several companies web hosting including Yahoo. The service most affected is on the east coast.

I noticed some email issues earlier, but for the most part, haven’t seen any complete outages.

James Gallegos
Decated yes to themselves and not the veterans. Lying gets VA employees promoted. Yes policing themselves does stink. But it’s done every day. The VA when it gets any inquiries they send it right back to the offender to answer themselves. The VA knows they can say anything they want and no one can force them to tell the truth nor can they do anything if the evidence proves a veterans complaint. Our senator’s in Colorado don’t seem to care… Read more »
Light bulb repairman

Has anyone ever filed a complaint against the va with the joint commission for unacceptable medical care? I get the impression that some high ranking va employees thumb their noses at congress inquiries. If I understand the process, the joint commission is the accreditation authority for all health care facilities and they probably carry more weight in the va’s eyes than congress.


I have never heard of anyone filing such a complaint and would be curious to hear what the outcome would be.

I suspect they would claim they don’t handle individual complaints against providers, but instead only assess facilities.


Then the VA would still claim “World Class Excellence In Healthcare”….while Veterans are ignored and in pain on ER floor or the RN administers way too much IV pain medicine on Vet and kills them…the VA will even go as far as claiming some kind of pulled out the ass exemption from such oversight…anything remotely resembling that VA Kryptonite called Accountability.

Now to watch Pres. Trump….this should prove to be interesting.


@Light bulb repairman: Thanks for the sugestion, I saved that info for later use.