Veteran Neglect Durham VA Emergency Room

VA Attacks Couple Who Posted Photo Of Veteran Neglect At VA Emergency Room

Veteran Neglect Durham VA Emergency Room

VA is attacking a couple that posted photos of neglected veterans at Durham VA Hospital emergency room claiming the photos misrepresent what happened.

Last week, Stephen and Hanna McMenamin waited in the Durham VA Hospital emergency room for care when numerous veterans were forced to wait many hours waiting for care while in extreme pain.

One veteran eventually resorted to lying on the floor to abate his pain after a nurse forced him to sit prone in a chair despite complaints that the position was painful.

The couple took photos of the incident, which are tragic, as they depict enormous neglect and lack of staffing and proper facilities at a major VA emergency room.

Those photos then went viral and shamed the entire VA facility. The amount of attention garnered by the images show Americans still care about us.

Meanwhile In The VA Spin Room

Rather than repent, VA director DeAnne Seekins doubled down. She said the photos misrepresent what happened.

“I feel very, very good because those veterans received high quality care,” Seekins said.

Apparently waiting for a long time and being forced to lay on the floor is somehow negated by getting good care later?

Seekins said the emergency room was very busy that night and seems satisfied despite at least one veteran having to lay on the floor. Instead, according to Seekins, the surveillance footage shows the veterans received reasonably timely emergency care.

Seekins reportedly asked the couple to pull the photos down claiming they violated the privacy of the veterans whose images were captured by VA surveillance footage.

Seekins Facility And Wait Times

It is important to note DeAnne Seekins’ facility was implicated in the wait list scandal back in 2014, and while misconduct was confirmed, obviously veteran neglect at the facility went uncorrected. According to a VA OIG audit at the time:

According to a VA OIG audit at the time:

In preparation for this audit, VHA (Veterans Health Administration) Central Office learned on May 12 that a Durham VA Medical Center employee indicated that some employees at that facility may have engaged in inappropriate scheduling practices at some point between 2009 and 2012.”

VA takes any allegations about patient care or employee misconduct very seriously. If the allegations are true, the inappropriate behavior is unacceptable and employees will be held accountable.

So what happened? The photos look bad. Did these veterans really get high quality care?

Come on VA, they say a picture is worth a thousand words for a reason.

The McMenamin’s Story

The McMenamin family gives us the rest of the story. And let’s be honest, VA’s reaction is typical spin after being caught with their pants down. Where there is smoke, and photographic proof, there is more than a fire.

According to McMenamin’s Facebook page:

Yesterday (2/24/17) while at the Durham, NC VA Hospital, my husband Stephen McMenamin and I witnessed some very disturbing events. The man in the wheelchair on the left, were waiting in that waiting room at least 3 hours. The man bent over grabbing the chair, was yelling in pain and was borderline convulsing and almost falling out of his chair he was in so much pain. No one paid him any attention until I approached a nurse to please check on him. This gentleman sat in the waiting room in extreme pain for hours upon hours with very little attention paid to him.

The gentlemen seen in the two photos on the right, came in extremely sick. He could barely walk, sit up, or breathe. My husband had been directed to a chair just off the waiting area because it reclined (my husband was being seen for extreme lower back pain). Upon this man walking in and telling the nurse he needed to lay down, and her telling him to have a seat (with very little regard for his well being), my husband got up and offered this man the reclining chair. This man sat in the chair for probably about 15 minutes before he was told he had to get up immediately. Upon being approached by the nurse (who was extremely rude to him), he told her he could not sit up and he needed to lay down. She completely disregarded him and demanded he go sit in the waiting room area, leaving the recliner completely empty. Upon seeing this, and seeing how rude the nurse was being, my husband approached the nurse and asked why this man was not allowed to stay in the recliner given that my husband had been sitting in it for 30 plus minutes. The nurse refused to provide any explanation or even her name, and stormed off while this man was still struggling. The man then asked multiple times for a place to lean back or lay down, and was completely disregarded by the nurse. Eventually after being completely neglected, he laid on the floor.

The point of this post is to show the issues that exist at the VA. Yesterday at the VA we did encounter some nurses who genuinely cared about the patients, but after seeing what happened, I had to share this. There are good people that work at the VA and genuinely care, but then there are people like this particular nurse who should not be working with our nations finest. We did end up getting the nurses name who was extremely rude and neglected patients in need. And are planning to go through any means to make sure people know what was going on.

Please share this post. Our Veterans deserve better. And the problems in the VA system are very real.

Thank you.

UPDATE 2/28/17- The VA is very unhappy that we have posted this photo and it has been seen around the country. They have asked us again to remove this photo, claiming on of the participants does not want this posted. They claim to have told him his face is blocked out. I am not sure that they actually told him that, and I am sure they did not mention he is not identifiable. Due to potential legal concerns, John Burk has volunteered to help us continue getting the message out. Please like his Facebook page, I will link it below. Also we have started a page called “Help Put Veterans First”, and I will link that below as well. Thank you to everyone for sharing, let’s keep on going with trying to make the changes that need to be made.


Help Put Veterans First:

What do you think of this fiasco? Did the family do the right thing by outing VA via posting the image on Facebook?

The incident went viral and now that VA facility must explain why its nurse acted with such indifference and diminished common sense.

In instances like this, I think it is important for every veteran negatively impacted to record or photograph the incident and then expose it. This particular incident will get enough coverage to force the Durham VA to reform, at least a little.


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  1. Ummm, do you all realize more than half of the VA employees are veterans? Blame the VA system for forcing administration to hire veterans that are lazy and just want to sit around and add on to their pension/retirement, those are the people taking care of you, your own lazy, unskilled fellow veterans.

    1. @shawn, you would be incorrect with that number. Approximately 30% are Veterans and that majority are in the janitorial, canteen and food service worker positions. They are very rarely in managers positions or upper management. You need to look at the stats at va medical centers.

      VETERANS are not lazy and unskilled. You are on a disabled Veteran blog and insulting Veterans. What do you do for a living Shawn?????

      1. Ditto,,,,,,and if he works in any government position concerning Vets,,,,,,,wow,,,,,,,,would explain why our vets who should be treated like gold,,,,,aren’t being treated even remotely humanely!!! !!!!maryw

    2. There are veterans who care and then there are veterans willing to walk on others to get their own. The VA Central Office is full of both. The ones with the most power are those that believe in reducing veteran entitlements for their bosses, the Congress and Administration. It has been that way since the end of the Vietnam War on steroids since the Reagan Administration.

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  3. Gals and Fellas
    You’re so on spot! Our system SUCKS! No cameras allowed at VA in White River Jct. VT. or you’d see some
    crazy shit on the medical wards. My late husband got his treatment there and I do as a CHAMPVA member. Feb.19 this year I had a chimney fire at 0300 hrs, My landlords responsible for cleaning it as well as keep the driveway cleared , he”d done neither. Needless to say I tried but my ladder shifted and I fell about 16′ breaking many places in my spine, once I was finally able to crawl in the house and call for help I was taken to local E.R. I was transported out of there, I thought they were taking me to VA as I’d requested…nope! That public hospital had me good and doped, when I woke I was in yet another public hospital (near VA) and I’m asking WTF. Had them call my boy 2 hrs away and he was there in no time, that public hospital would not give me anything for pain due to the first hospital NOT logging they’d given me narcotics and I’d tested positive for them in my system,well duh. I’d had it! I was miserable, in terrible pain and made my son bring me home. two days later I went to my VA E.R. the Doc on duty refused to take another set of xrays, said he’d read the “notes” from the 2nd public hospital, I was admitted, but only for the night, given a neck brace and back brace 20 pain killers to get me thru a couple of days and told they would get me there and further co-ordinate getting me to the spine specialist in W. Roxbury MA. None of has happened! I’ve been hung up on by a team 3 nurse, told that the VA will not treat me and to just keep flat on my couch! VA care is less than desired right now! My husband would be there kicking ass right now had he not passed away!!!! VA needs to tighten their ships and get rid of the junk.

    1. @Pamela Cady: Thank you for letting us all know how you were treated. It is now in the public domain for good. I think that all involved, in the treatment of your serious injuries, was negligent, and criminal, I would sue the crap out of every one of them. I always say “I wonder what the rest of the world would think, if a GITMO detainee, was treated in the same manner?” I can garauntee there would be a world wide outcry for justice. I am sorry for the way you were treated, and it angers me. So many stories, and it’s as if nobody is listening, or even cares. It’s all about the money, they don’t care diddly about us. Only people that care, are other veterans. We need to stick together, and devise a strategy, to insure this kind of crap stops.

    2. if u have e a phone that can take pictures/videos or even record voices,,,take em in,,,even if the V.A saids ,”no camera,,” hey,,,THEIR LIEING TO AND ABOUT THE TRUTH,,,OUR VETS ARE Treated terrible,,and this needs to be exposed,,,yesterday,,,sneak in your phones!!!!!maryw

  4. Another normal operating day for a VA Medical Facility. Come on President Trump. Put veterans higher on your radar. We need this garbage Healthcare to stop.

      1. @Ex va: yes I like his recipes and ideas. I told ANutterVet about him too. Geez, my mind is really out of it tonight. Double dosing can put me in a fog. If I start typing really bad, you know why…….I mean really much badder than I already do hahaha.

      2. @Ex va: Like you I didn’t get much sleep, had an appointment with audiology at the va today. Tomorrow I have another appointment with my tbi doctors. I think I told you before, that is my favorite appointment, wish it lasted all day, instead of an hour.

      3. @ cj, i don’t think you ever type bad, everyone has typos. I think i have it right when i type what i am trying to say and it comes out wrong or doesn’t make sense what i wrote. Sometimes i just say the heck with it and leave it. It is frustrating i use to be good a writing, not now. Lol! I am tired tonight. Is ANutterVet doing ok?

      4. @cj, what kind of treatment they give for TBI’? Is it just medications? Or is it cognitive therapy?

      5. @ cj, you get some good rest tonight. I am glad you get good treatment for your TBI. Take care and God Bless you and your family. Goodnight! Talk to you tomorrow!

      6. @Ex va: Sorry I was going off on the next topic. They work with memmory issues, doing different tasks trying to get the brain to make new connections to find a way around the injured parts. I really like the way the work, and how engaging they are, and the anual testing they do to judge how they are doing and if they need to change treatment plans. Very proffesional group of doctors.

      7. @Ex va: Sorry Ex va, that I took so long to reply. Hope you sleep well too. God Bless you and your family and everyone on Bens world. Goodnight to all.

      8. They don’t only work on memmory, but all brain functions, They also collect data on you weekly. I am so looking forward to getting in front of a vba judge, they have over 500 hours of data and observations compared to the 15 munutes the va quack used to deny service connection.

      9. @Ex va: Sorry, I didn’t talk with ANutterVet enough today to know how he is doing. I was gone most of the day and night. I hope he is ok.

      10. @ cj, i am typing a response on the other page about the VSO’s. I don’t care much for those agencies anymore.

      11. @ cj, i am glad they are helping you with your service connection data. Good for you!

      12. @Ex va: Ex va, I am starting to nod out. I better get to sleep. hope you sleep well. Already blessed you and everyong up above lol. Okay………..I am not making any sence so. goodnight.

      13. @ cj, that is good they are working on memory and trying to get the brain to work around the injured parts. I think i have problems like that. I need to get my brain looked at for TBI i think. I glad you have doctors that will help you. My doctors i see are not va doctors. Can’t handle va doctors because i don’t trust them. My doctors are sincere and care about me when i am sick. I am going to try to do a small vegetable garden i think in containers. I keep thinking about all your tomatoes. Lol. That is great you can garden like that . I hope i can do more this year. Maybe get some physical therapy on back. I have to be careful. Chiropractor has helped also hurt me too.

      14. @Ex va: Talk to your regular doctor, not the va doctor, they can set up the rite appointments with the rite people to check for a TBI, and then the propler treatment from qualified proffesionals.

      15. @Ex va: Seem like we are playing tag. Let’s talk tomorrow night. I mean it this time……….goodnight.

  5. @cj, doing ok. Did you get any storms last night? It was kinda bad most of the night here. Had tornadoes.

    1. @Ex va: Just thunder storms here, no damage of any kind, and then today snow, not enough to stick to the ground tho. You had tornado’s by you? Is your area ok?

      1. @ cj, yes, the county i live in had a tornado touch down it was north of me. Had golf size hail not a lot of it. Loud hits, hate that stuff. A lot of lighting strikes, dogs hated it. Now it is cold again. This weather hurts my joints. How is your back doing? Have you ever ordered tomatoes from “totally tomatoes”? It is a seed catalog with a lot of different tomatoes and peppers. I think they are online too.

      2. @Ex va: Glad your okay. Haven’t heard of that seed company, will check it out tho, you can never have enough sources. Back is okay today, I took a double dose of Morphine. My fingers are having trouble remembering where all the keys are at. lol.

      3. @Ex va: Okay, yes I have been to that site before. The name didn’t sound familiar, but the site I remember. I like seedsavers, tomatofest tomatogrowers. I few others for hard to find stuff.

      4. @Ex va: I meant to tell you about this kid on utube, very good cook. Look up:

        Frankei Cooks. So far everything I tried of his was excellent.

      5. Dammit……………..Frankie Cooks…………..Oh hell……here is the link “” I am feelin the Morph tonight lol

      6. @cj, i am glad you have meds that help you. I mess up my words without pain meds. Lol. I didn’t sleep much last night with all the tornado warnings. Some people lost their homes. One life lost in Missouri. If i come across some Amish tomatoe seeds i will let you know what they have.

  6. @Namnibor, I will definitely do that. Too many sad stories out there. Too much injustice for Veterans and their families. Didn’t Ben write about a law whereas Congress or POTUS could lower pay to a buck? Why are those executives afraid? I read every word every day, and today there was a lot of evidence that together, there just may be a way to change things. Sadly, we will need to hear every story out there. I don’t know which story will tip things our way, but I am sure that there is one. God Bless the Veterans and their families.

    1. Chicago NBC News just reported on this very va scandal, and reported that they thanked the couple for bringing it to their attention? WTF? They sure have a funny way of thanking this couple.

      1. Sorry let me rewrite this……..they reported that the va, thanked the couple for bringing this matter to their attention.

  7. OFF TOPIC – Remember this Trump Rally about the VA- “” This is what I meant by being more specific during POTUS’s Congressional Address last night. We’re waiting. Just sayin. Hmmm . . . Grrr . . .

  8. OFF TOPIC – Drug Testing VA Employees – People are writing about VA employees using drugs. I found this Letter to the Editor at “”. I cut and pasted the letter because the website is top heavy, therefore slow loading.

    Post and Courier, Published February 25, 2017 – If the Veterans Administration medical system is having problems with opioids disappearing because of lax oversight, theft and unauthorized use by VA employees, then Sen. Tim Scott should take the lead in writing a bill for President Trump to sign into law placing VA employees under a mandatory drug testing program.

    The law should require an outside auditing firm to inventory pharmacies every month and should reduce the supply of opioids being prescribed by VA doctors. If a VA employee tests positive for using opioids not prescribed to him, he should be fired.

    When I was employed by the federal government I was under a mandatory drug testing program by which I could be called at any time to be tested.

    I wonder how long this drug theft has been going on.

    Dennis L. Compton
    Filly Court
    North Charleston

    Although I agree that VA employees should be drug tested. But, I also believe that a patient should be individually evaluated, with patient input, and to be monitored if the patient is being prescribed opiate pain medications. It isn’t good medical practice to put every Veteran that has issues with pain in the same box, therefore using the same treatment modality for all. Each Veteran’s pain issues are different. And, many Veterans will not respond well when given antidepressants, acupuncture, and to use yoga for pain and or anxiety. Just sayin.

    1. @ANutterVet: LOL yeah that yogo bit got to me too. So a veteran with a screwed up back, knees, and all kinds of other things veterans have screwed up are really going to benifit from yoga when they can’t even put on their own socks…………………….2 more tickets please for the good ship lollipop, we goin to fantasy Island……de plane, de plane….

      1. And the only accupunture I would like to see is to pop…their damn bobleing baloon heads.

    2. How the VA and the AFGE would bypass that very quickly is to simply prescribe opiates for all VA employees, whether they need them or not, place, “Take As Needed For Being A Pain In The Ass”, and there you go…best to test them also routinely for Meth and Crack because Lord Knows they have been doing some harsh crap. 🙂

      1. @Namnibor- They test me. And, in light of the published articles about the criminal actions and drug use of VA employees, I’m seriously considering in asking my providers to be tested. I know this will set the off, and most likely, get me flagged if I’m not already. Geesh . . . Hmmm . . . Grrr . . .

      2. @ ANutterVet, i do not see it as being aggressive by asking them if they passed a random drug screening.

      3. Just before drug screening : [ ]–[“””””|”””””|”””””|”””””|]>———-

    3. ANutterVet, I agree.

      Years ago before my wife’s Grandmother passed away, medicine then was dealing with people abusing Oxycontin. At some point they realized for older people to continue to have some kind of quality of life, those taking Oxycontin could have their doses increased beyond what their guidelines suggested in order to give them that quality.

      With the prescription and dosage, she was able to live on her own for some years, and even more years when she eventually moved to an assisted living facility. The dosage she was taking likely would have OD’d a person who did not have a history of taking that amount.

      She was given years of a better quality of life as opposed to being bedridden.

      The VA ignores any quality of life for a veteran.

      It doesn’t need to be this way. Veterans are essentially being punished now for a pill theft scandal that has been going on for years, with the VA being fully aware of the root of the problem.

      The VA could easily implement steps to insure veterans that need proper medication get it. They choose not to.

      When my wife’s Grandmother was in that facility, the nurses that provided medication to the residents required 2 nurses to be present when she was given the pills, and they both had to sign off on records of that.

      Compare that to the grab-ass policy of the VA of handing out excessive amounts of medication on the one hand, or completely cutting off a veteran on the other.

      There is often no medical basis for decisions made by the VA. And veterans suffer for it.

      1. @91Veteran – Sorry about your wife’s grandmother. I agree with everything that you wrote, and have nothing else to add. I know that many Veterans are suffering even more due to being cut off from their medications. Fucking ruthless assholes. Grrr . . .

        For me, if they cut me off, I will have 5 things that will cause me pain. [1.] Pain from my original injury, [2.] Due to muscle loss and tone, extra pain and muscle spasms when building up my musculoskeletal system, [3.] Pain and suffering due to being addicted to the pain medication, [4.] The stress on my body from the first 3 that I listed, and [5.] The anxiety from not trusting the VA in the first place.

        A tapering down was put on the table during my last visit. And, the atmosphere during my visit was intense. Do you think my PCP brought up any of the 5 things that I listed above. Heck no. They don’t even value your input.

        When I bring something up, it seems that what I say surprises them. During my appointment, I was so loud that another VA employee knocked on the door and asked if the other two VA employees were ok. They didn’t ask me. Who cares about me, the Veteran. Dam, they don’t even care what types of degree(s) you have, let a lone your education level. Dealing with these individuals is tough, and very stressful.

        You never know where they are coming from until the last minute, or what things they will bring up to you. They always side blind you. And, this type of behavior gets under my skin, and really pisses my the fuck off.

      2. I agree ANutterVet. There isn’t much that sets me off faster than a condescending VA employee who believes I am completely incapable of thinking beyond the 3rd grade.

      3. Correction – should be me instead of my in last sentence. Look how far the e key is away from the y key. How did I do that?

      4. @ANutterVet– Next time your are face to face with your PCP or Specialists that are dishing-out the serious mind f^ckery, how about going out of your way and staring at their forehead, right in the center of their head, well-above their eyes, even when talking to them as well as listening…trust me, it will be like a giant mirror was placed in front of you to deflect the VA’s Mind F^ckery right back at him or her. It’s fun. Will drive just about any human crazy after a little while. Be very persistent and repeat, for best results. 🙂

    4. I would certainly agree with that. The “one size fits all” veteran drug abuse box. Rat Bastards! Because of the actions of a few, many veterans suffer. Easier to just not have to do their damn jobs – – – Whoops! What was I thinking? Not doing their damn jobs is “normal operation” for these folks at the VA.

      Hail, Hail, The VA’s here . . .
      Vets, We’re gonna’ Kill Ya’
      Vets, We’re gonna Kill Ya’
      Hail, Hail, The VA’s here . . .
      Our Bonus at the End of Year.

      Coffee Time!

  9. I’ve never associated the word safe with anything VA. Retaliation, personally, I’ve not begun to retaliate. Reporting their crimes and scandalous behavior should be welcomed by VA executives. It’s all wrong. How does one quit ranting when there’s so much ammo? Neck…

  10. “I feel very, very good because those veterans received high quality care,” Seekins said.

    I got your high quality care right here.
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

    1. @cj – Hey cj, is this the middle finga that was surgically repaired at your VA Medical Facility?

      1. @ANutterVet: Shhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone I’m skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeered of retaliation…….got me shulkin in me booots cause they seekins me out now.

      2. @ANutterVet: It sounds like a new failed law firm fromt the three stooges…..Shulkin Seekins Simpson and Stonewall. You can’t make this shit up people.

      3. Cj, I hear they often partner with that other law firm, Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.

  11. Here’s a great article from;
    “Trump Breaking News Network”
    Mar. 1, 2017

    “Trump Met With A Group Of Soldiers Yesterday, And Gave Them Something They’ll Never Forget!”

    I thought y’all might like to watch something NO President, especially Obama, has ever done FOR our soldiers.
    It was a real surprise for these “Green Berets”!

  12. I have only lately, come to realize, the VA is a big part of why I am taking so long to heal. Because of the VA treatment of Veterans, over many years and the lack of a thread of respect, here I am, 67, and I don’t feel like I’m home yet. The VA is keeping me at war. They attack at night. They intentionally screw with my medical records and conditions. Seems like if they can make it harder, they will. Why are all these VA executives use the same sentences? And what in the hell does, “reasonably timely” mean? If that nurse isn’t fired, then the one who should have fired her should be fired, and on up.. Sad story today Ben, God Bless the Veterans

    1. Jo3n, if you look at the statement put out by Seekins, then compare it to the statement put out by the Asheville VA after they killed that veteran along with other statements on their scandals…they are all basically the same statement.

      And all are easily recognized as full of lies.

      Yet Shulkin said he wants to restore trust in the VA.

      That will not work too well when one of his directors blatantly lies to the public.

      1. The VA’s Public Affairs Statements are one size fits all, just like Isaacson’s Depends.

    2. Keen observation on why we are taking so long to heal. Never quite thought of it that way before, but I do believe you are right on the mark.

      Thanks for sharing that.

  13. Here’s two articles of concern;
    “Patriots of America”
    via: “The Associated Press”
    Feb. 28, 2017
    “Facebook Post On VA Treatment of Veteran Causes UPROAR!”

    “The Daily Caller
    1 Mar. 2017
    “Spineless Liberals Attack Widow of Slain Navy Seal!”

    Both show me the “healthcare treatment” at VHA’s will only happen if many people take action!

  14. The public does not know the truth behind waiting times in scheduling and c & P exams and times for waiting for services in any clinic in any va medical center. The doctors/providers, scheduling supervisors and administrators are in it together to delay care. Why? Because it benefits them. They do not have to do their jobs when they make Veterans wait. Wait times are not an issue if you can manipulate the system. This problem angers me to no end.

    These people hope a Veteran will be disruptive while waiting, then they can deny a Veteran services. I watched a psychologist make a Veteran wait for 4 hours for a c & p exam. You would ask was the psychologist busy? Emergency? Working?… The answer is NO! To all three questions. The psychologist was talking to security just for the fun of it. This Veteran was in his 70’s and was made deliberately to wait. I talked to the Veteran and told him i would wait for him so he could go to the bathroom or take a break. He would not leave his chair too afraid he would miss his exam. That is how a lot of providers want the Veteran, beaten down and being too afraid to say anything. This behavior was the normal standard for this psychologist of making Veterans wait for long periods. Again no accountability.

    I reported many abuses working in an specialized outpatient clinic and i was consistently harassed, discriminated and threaten. I went and talked to the director, associate director and vaoig and the acts against me continued. With the adage that they told parties what i was saying against them. You are either are a participant of abuses towards the Veterans or you become a victim yourself. I will never forget what was done to Veterans. Never. I will continue to write my letters and try to get someone that has authority to help, but i am beginning to believe that individual is non existent.

    Believe me the va can make your life a living hell and they do get alot of enjoyment out of it. The time i was employed i learned their scheduling schemes and tricks how they make workload and performance. Appearances and what they say is everything. Excuses are lies but are acceptable for the va administration. It does not matter the ridiculousness of the excuse it is always accepted as truth even though it is a created lie.

    VAOIG did not even want to listen to my allegations because that would require work they didn’t want to do and have people accountable and charged with crimes such as negligence, death and gross misconduct and gross mismanagement. Now if my allegations were false i would have been charged, but because it involved the truth they just did nothing with the exception that i believe i was under their surveillance for some time.

    The vaoig doesn’t seem to care that it costs the government in the millions and billions over time in wasted funding and with wrongful deaths of Veterans because all va clinics use the same scheduling software and there is evidence to support these same abuses occur across the nation.

    I believed that in the beginning someone somewhere would say no we are not going to do these wrongful practices or allowed these acts to continue. No, it didn’t happen and will not happen because to stop these acts does not benefit their ultimate goals and that is to deny care to Veterans.

    1. “These people hope a Veteran will be disruptive while waiting, then they can deny a Veteran services.”

      I have had that feeling only about a million times – – – since I began using the VA back in late 94 – early 95. And all this time, I would tell myself there is probably more going on than I am aware of behind those doors. Yet when called from the waiting room – – – it became abundantly clear that nada was happening at all. Psy Warfare. Thanks for filling in a few gaps for me. Clarifies a few “misty cobwebs” on my side of the pond.

  15. I took my father to the Durham VA many many times and each time it was many hours past his appt. Time before he was seen. I remember about 6 months before my father pasted away he had a 8am appt and was not seen until around 5pm this happens daily at the Durham VA

  16. BTDT at James Haley ER a few years ago. My wife got so fed up after 3+ hours of ignoring us in the otherwise empty waiting room that she rolled me in the wheelchair right on back to the car at 1 in the morning and had me seen at a non-VA ER.

    That behavior wouldn’t fly in the private sector, why in the **** is it acceptable at VA facilities?

    When my wife filed a complaint via the patient advocates office, the reply was “we were doing shift change and having the floors cleaned”. For over 3 hours…sure.

  17. As a member of inland empire veterans united I can tell these people that they have are support. We have problems like this to often. The problems start with the administration, both local and at the regional administration. Dr Shulkin has an opportunity to correct these problems or go public about the problems. The director and his administrative staff here in Spokane need to be fired, not moved to other facilities. Musical chairs in the va system,is not the way to solve problems. Here in Spokane they believe the answer is to hire more administrative staff, instead of healthcare workers

    1. You got it right on. Musical chairs.

      And Seekins has been playing for a long time.

      Ben has a post here from May 2014 about her being involved with the wait time scandal. She managed to keep her chair when the music stopped.

      There is an article I found about her at the Hampton, Virginia VA as director. Its at the link below.

      Seems the IG investigated after a doctor whistle blower said administration was pressuring doctors to over prescribe narcotics.

      The whistle blower was of course fired before her probationary period was up.

      But Seekins makes the statement about concern for veterans and providing the best care.

      4 of 15 doctors said they were pressured to write narcotics prescriptions.

      There were also allegations of patient records being altered to cover it up.

      This would have been during the time when Griffin was IG and whitewashing everything.

      The music stopped, but Seekins found a chair.

      Unlike that veteran lying on the floor.


  18. As I commented here when this picture was first posted, I fully expect that Marine to have all kinds of things happen to his records now, among other pleasant VA experiences.

    He would do well to request a record in one month of how many various Durham VA employees accessed his medical record to see what they can find to further smear him.

  19. Thank you for posting the link to the WNCN story Ben.

    This story went viral for ONE reason.

    The picture of that veteran lying on the floor.

    Without the picture, it would have been a Facebook post with maybe a hundred comments and nothing more.

    You are spot on Ben about recording and documenting these incidents. Think back over the past year of your postings here. How many would have gone viral causing public outrage if there were pictures of liquefying corpses? Or maggots in a wound?

    There were no pictures, so there was no widespread public outrage.

    There is another Facebook post just today of a video by a young veteran whose leg was amputated below the knee. He cannot get proper care from the VA, so he cannot wear the prothesis, his leg looks infected, he lost his job because of that and was almost kicked out of school.

    To that liar Seekins. Security video is bullshit and does not show treatment. If it showed how quickly those vets got treatment, why not release it? It should be time stamped and show how long they waited.

    It would also show how that rude bitch nurse reacted.

    If they got excellent care in a timely manner, why did the vet have to lie on the floor?

    I cannot believe that Marine or his wife are lying about how long they went untreated.

    The security video and BS claims of excellent care does not excuse a nurse that refuses to do her job with compassion.

    Seekins then claims there were 23 veterans being treated, with 26 in the waiting room.

    Were those 23 more severe than the vet lying on the floor? Does that excuse the staff ignoring those waiting? If they were that busy, what action did the ER doc take to call in extra staff, if any action were taken?

    This should be easy for the OIG to sort out. Review the records of how many were on staff at that time. Review the records of how many veterans were being treated. Review the actions the staff took to handle the load.

    I bet the OIG would look at more than just grainy security video.

    Please brother veterans. If you are on Twitter and/or Facebook, share these issues. Clearly it gets attention when pictures or video are involved.

    I cannot see the VA changing without doing so.

    Twitter addresses:

    Share these posts on Facebook.

    Don’t let these bastards continue lying, harming and smearing other veterans.

  20. Right on, Veterans. Keep the heat on the VA, and go after DeAnne Sekins for her ignorant response. She is the only VA employee that CAN be fired, because she is a political appointee. All the rest (including that anti-nurse) have iron clad job security as “Federal Employees” and that’s where the REAL problem lies, and it is Nation and Government wide. Your situation is a perfect opportunity to address a much bigger problem all across America.

    So go after Trump and the Congress about built in Federal Employee arrogance as such. We all pay for it. I am an 87 year old non-veteran but your problem is my problem because it is also my country and my government. And there are millions more just like me who will back you>

    1. Thank you for your support Donald. You should also realize and be upset about your taxes having to pay for this kind of BS.

      As for Seekins being fired, it is more difficult than that, but it can be done. She is not a political appointee, but a career employee at the Senior Executive Service (SES) level.

      That means she is exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act and cannot be a part of the union, but it is still not easy to fire her…but it can be done.

      It just takes a willingness to do so and leadership. Unfortunately, both are non existent in the VA.

      As an SES, she can be given a directed reassignment by Shulkin to VA HQ and assigned menial tasks. Her life can be made a living hell to where she quits or is fired.

      The others involved at the ER can also have their lives made into a living hell if the VA wanted, or even fire them, but there is no willingness to do so.
      The nurse at a minimum should be put on a Performance Improvement Plan called a PIP at a minimum. This is a strict training plan that she must complete within a certain timeframe, or further action can be taken, including firing.

      Again, there must be willingness to do so, and leadership.

      But this is the VA.

    2. Thank you for your support, Mr. Creamer. My father is an 89 y/o veteran, and I am a 62 y/o veteran who served nearly twenty years of active duty. When I see civilians reading Ben’s articles (and our comments) it helps to give me just a wee bit more hope, in order to keep fighting.

  21. Lip service floods from The White House, flows through Congress, and eddies around local VA facilities. Only the finest for our heroes. Right? It’s the only “Trickle Down” policy from Washington that seems to work. Bend over boys, there’s no shortage of flag poles.

  22. Been there and done that. DC 1999 (Lay on the floor to relieve pain in the ER because being made to wait for PC clinic to open)

  23. Anyone else take specific notice that in that photo of that NC VA ER Waiting area and intake area where the wooden chair is just sitting in front of counter, there’s absolutely NO PRIVACY or ATTEMPT to provide HIPPA Medical Private by at least a privacy booth or curtain? Perhaps I’m reading too much into this but if the VA is screaming PRIVACY VIOLATION OF VETS perhaps the VA should think about the PRIVACY at the ER Desk…you think?
    Hippocratic Hippo Hypocrites

    1. The only attempt at privacy at the ER Desk/Intake is actually only for the benefit of the ER Hack that’s sitting at the desk as you can see what looks like white foam core covering lover windows and more than likely to block the public’s view of the VA hack playing video games or watching porn while ignoring Veterans in pain on floors in lobby.

    2. Every intake desk at my VA is the same.

      Except ortho. It has a window, but they do intake questions in the waiting room. A chair is moved a few inches from others and a free standing curtain is around the chair.

      I had one appointment recently where the doctor did her entire exam in a room with the door open, within 6 feet of the vets sitting in the waiting room.

      1. Well, there lies the “rub” in that the VA always claims “World Class Medical, setting the pace for the civilian medical world”, or very similarly heavily whipped happy horseshit with rotten cherries on top…YET…it’s in the civilian/private medical where you see REAL HIPPA being adhered to, at least in all the private medical settings I have spent much time in since leaving the VA medical, where that kind of privacy in an intake or ER setting is NOTHING like the VA.
        It would have to be some massive natural disaster or event in which FEMA and Red Cross are dispatched and something along the lines of M.A.S.H. Units, in order to blatantly ignore patient privacy and dignity…not in the regular medical setting like the VA does…Third World Medicine with color changing walls but no where to sit…perfect. I guess most of the VA hacks are accustomed to sitting on their mud hut floors and figure Veterans can do the same, right?

  24. I believe it to be totally true as I worked as a RN in the Detroit VAMC when I first became a nurse almost 20yrs ago. I saw things that made me sick. Grown men crying because the soiled themselves waiting for call lights to be answered. Men begging for pain meds. I could only stand it a few months before leaving. While I saw there were many GREAT staff that worked hard caring for our nations finest. There were far too many dirt-bags that were flat out abusing our veterans. Management was well aware of the goings on as I had ran the chain of command on several occasions, but with the Union, and the fact it’s a G-job; there was nothing to be done. I simply went to the public setting to work where this behavior is NOT tolerated. I wish they would simply issue our Veterans a “VA card” like in Medicare, or Medicaid; and allow them to choose a Hospital of their choice. I know it was a long time ago, but I still have friends work there, or go there for care, that speak of the “same old s*%#” going on.

  25. Sad but true, my brother was a Viet Nam vet in a VA hospital in Atlanta some 25 yrs ago. The day before he passed away he was in the hospital. They told him he could go home and no one would make a phone call to me to come and pick him up (before cell phones). I didn’t know he would be released that day. He asked all day for one of the nurses to please make a phone call, he wanted to go home and die in his own bed. Finally, after 7 hrs, another patient’s family member called me to tell me he was ready and waiting. I live with his last day on earth being one of pain and frustration. So many more stories I could tell of his experience with the VA. Shame, shame.

  26. If that VA facility follows the lead of Roseburg VA when getting outed in the press, they will issue either a Cat One Violent and Disruptive PRF against the vet who took the photos, or as Roseburg did with me, they issed a Cat Two (no typo) Violent and Disruptive PRF. The Cat One PRF in theory can be appealled. My Cat Two Violent and Disruptive PRF cannot be appealled and requires ALL communications between myself and ANY VA employee to be reported to the DBC. Furthermore, the Disruptive Behavior Committee has informed my sole point of contact that Roseburg VA simply refuses to allow any appointment between myself and any VA psychiatrist to be scheduled.

    Yep. This vet no longer qualifies for psuchiatric care by a VA professional at VISN-20, a priveledge enjoyed up until the newpaper posted photos of myself that I allowed to be taken covertly by the newspaper while I was a guest on the mental ward. It turns out that a Cat Two PRF can be isssued for ANY reason under the Sun that the Choef Of Staff can dream up and there is simply no appealling this. One hospital administartor lamented to me (like a pig), “It breaks my heart when a patient makes it impossible for us to provide care on our terms, but…”, and then the letter from the pig called Chief Of Staff over the matter said, “…Please inform your friends in the media that in the future they need to fill out the appropriate forms to take photos in a patient care area.”

    My respinse to that was, “When I notice any area within VA walls that resembles a place patients get care, I will be sure to so inform the media.” Then (full disclosure here) I included in my response via secure message, “Please thank the Chief Of Staff for his advice regarding the press, and pass along a hearty ‘Nenda kajitombe’ to the Chief from me.”

    Our Chief of Staff in Roseburg is a dentist that hails from Kenya. Swahili is the native language of Kenya. You can look up on youswear dot com under “Swahili curses” what it was that I told him to go do with himself lolz.

    Whichever vet is associated with that photo is now and forever tagged. The VA will indeed attack the vet Ben, but it is not simply insults or condemnation they will hurl. I lost all access to psych meds over this and whatever treatment they seek in the future will likely only be worthy of a posting on apetube as well.

    1. Dennis, you should get one of those hidden cameras, then call the VA to tell them you are coming to visit. Dont tell them why.

      Go there, then just walk down to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee, and see if you make it that far.

      Then post that video to Facebook.

      I suspect that video would get some serious attention.

      Ps. Anyone wanna bet that part of the legislation Shulkin will be pushing is some kind of law making it criminal to post a picture of the inside of a VA facility? Regardless of whether a veteran is in the picture?

      1. It is all ready criminal if prosecuted. Patients have a right to privacy. be careful of the pictures you take and make sure it is O K the patient or that the patient can’t be identified in the picture. Notice Ben’s care in his posting. Of course if you are destitute like me one can’t get blood out of a turnip. So I don’t have to worry. My VA compensation and SS are not attachable. In jail I’d probably get better care, especially if in the “minimum security institution” a half mile out of town.

      2. But they would take my VA comp away if I were charged with a felony. So it is risky after all for me. But if you are just a veteran who is being abused and nothing to lose have at it.

      3. lolz, the last time I visited was my last psychiatric exam. When I walked into the office the doctor was followed by two (not just one) extra VA employees. They said a “new program” was in place to offer me the very best care. I told each one in turn that neither had my consent and this is documented, but both said they did not need consent.

        When the newspaper reported that extra person(s) were in the exam room without my consent they also reported that a quote from me about treatment. They quoted me as saying, “They still have me escorted everywhere.”

        The Chief Of Staff responded to me personally with a letter stating, “…the VA defines ‘escort’ as an armed federal agent. You were not escorted. The doctor is entitled to one extra clinician present.” hmmmmm. Two extra were present against my will so VA must define “one” as being of the same union?

        My point is they entered into my med record that ALL coms from me must be routed to the Disruptive Behavior Committee deapite ni cat one flag (they implemented a cat two flag to do this!). Since I am not being escorted by the two extra people (as VA defines it) I have to assume they are not armed so that is good, but I am betting donuts to dollars on two things I am reasonably sure of;
        1) those two extra AFGE employees are there to set me up
        2) the Sun will rise tommorow.

        VA likely does not have a definition of sunrise handy but my history with them proves categorically that they can fabricate a real whopping big lie (as reported) in order to set a veteran up (me). I have no need of a camera to document this because after 23 interviews and three years of talking to the reporters and posing for pictures and seeing all of it in print has documented it ad nauseum. This webiste documents just the scratches on the surface of the depths of corruption at VA.

        There is not one single VA facility that does not harbor “treachery” and “deceit”. VA defines those words differently of course. They just call it “Standard Operating Procedure”.

      4. Dennis, every time you describe what is happening to you it just thoroughly reinforces the fact that the VA has no accountability at any level.

        That Chief of Staff is as much a thug as any AFGE goon.

      5. Chicago NBC news just reported on this case and said the va “Thanked the couple for informing them of this matter? WTF? That sure is a funny way of thanking them.

  27. I posted this to my facebook page as well! Lying POS they keep saying everything is fine, here is proof that the public needs to see! The responses I received were that of shock and disbelief! This really needs to get to Trump!!

    1. I have sent it to Pres. Trump’s team and encourage ALL Vets and Survivors and Spouses of Vets to send this story to : “”””

      Also sent it to everyone of my State of Ohio’s Congress Critters and encourage all to do same. Let’s play the long-run shame game on the VA.

    2. Donna,
      My wife, the computer expert, sends everything off to President Trump, his son “ERIC” and other great people, ie; Reps. Chaffetz, Gowdy, Jordan and more, everyday I or she finds on the “net”!
      Before she sends anything, she “Fact Checks” it.

  28. From;
    “ News” (two articles of concern)
    28 Feb. 2017
    Title #1;
    “VA to Get Funding Boost from Trump Budget Proposals, Shulkin says!”
    by: Richard Sisk

    Shulkin really didn’t think this through before making that statement! A must read!

    title #2:
    “VA Offers Pre-Determination of Burial Eligibility!”

    Now veterans must do (more) paperwork to see *IF* they are eligible to be buried in a “Veterans Cemetery”!!!!!!!!!
    What a crock of shit!

    1. @Crazy elf —
      “VA Offers Pre-Determination of Burial Eligibility!”

      Now veterans must do (more) paperwork to see *IF* they are eligible to be buried in a “Veterans Cemetery”!!!!!!!!!
      What a crock of shit!]”

      The VA spared no expense. Each Veteran will receive a $320. Black Sharpie Marker to fill-in all pertinent Veteran info on VA provided toe tags, so it’s yet another thing the VA does not have to do. Like housemaids that absolutely refuse to do windows, the VA does not do toe tags and bodies may now be identified by family/friends by taking a tour of the VA shower rooms. Spared no expense.

  29. What’s the reality here is, that photo could be ANY regular VA patient waiting room in NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS, never mind after hours at an ER at any VA. Truth.

  30. “[VA is attacking a couple that posted photos of neglected veterans at Durham VA Hospital emergency room claiming the photos misrepresent what happened.]”

    No, the VA is scared shitless of that VA Kryptonite called Accountability.

    “[“I feel very, very good because those veterans received high quality care,” Seekins said.]”

    Well, Ms. Seekins, of course YOU feel *very good* because you are high on VA Kool-Aid. Would that be a Dr. Houlihan Candyman Kool-Aid Cocktail from all those missing controlled medications at the VA in USA? Just what I thought!

    “[Seekins reportedly asked the couple to pull the photos down claiming they violated the privacy of the veterans whose images were captured by VA surveillance footage]”

    Notice how the VA always pulls violation of privacy out of their ass whenever it could possibly benefit the VA but when it’s the other way around, and the VA gets caught with it’s pants down pissing on Veterans then shitting in their mouths for good measure, well Ms. Seekins, perhaps you and your ilk should start “SEEKIN” a new job at a North Carolina Federal Prison where you surely belong!!!

    Rat Bastards!
    Great article Benjamin. Hold these rat bastards to the flames of accountability and pray it burns their retinas.

  31. Y’all did notice, the VA “asked twice” to have the pictures removed! Well, I would have said, “Come-on VA, let’s go to court!” – “And, you make damn sure that nurse is there!” – “Those pictures, and our statement(s) will continue to be on the internet, until VA admits to those egregious acts committed by those responsible, PERIOD!”

    Evidently, VA doesn’t have the legal authority, or rights, to get the McMenamin family to take down those pictures.

    That “$25 million dollar/year Public Relations Firm” is probably trying to figure out how they will proceed at this point!

    Yes, Ben, “A picture “IS” worth a thousand words!” And those pictures say volumes of how some VHA employees actually think about veterans healthcare!

    It’s now time for everyone to be vigilant, take pictures, post those pictures, EVERYTIME VHA employees screw up!

    Question: How soon do y’all think it will be, before VA will NOT allow veterans, or their spouses, to bring camera phones into the VA’s nationwide?

    1. @Crazy elf– “[Question: How soon do y’all think it will be, before VA will NOT allow veterans, or their spouses, to bring camera phones into the VA’s nationwide?]”

      I was thinking along the exact same wavelength, elf. Veterans, do not let the VA intimidate you. About time WE intimidated the meat grinder.

      “Won’t get fooled again”– The Who

      1. They tried that a year or so ago. It was ruled that they can NOT stop you from recording on the facilities. Plenty of us Vets. have memory issues. WE must record so we can have proof of doctors directions and such. My only recommendation would be to Watch Your Back! If you piss them off. Been many cases of employees found to be planting “stuff” and calling the law. Keep cars locked and storage buildings locked. Just watch your back. Just a word to the wise, and careing people that care about our nations Veterans!!

    2. Even if ,”they”ask u to keep all phones in your vehicle etc,,,LIE,,,,,, they do,,allllllll the time,,,just hide it in your pocket,,jmo

      1. Yes, and the audio alone is remarkably clear on today’s smartphones and if one gets creative, you can fashion an opening in a pocket where your phone will be at a VA appointment as so the camera video lens is only thing that hole is around and screw the one/two party recording laws the VA likes to pull as well…what’s good for the gander is certainly good for a VA crow.
        If they were doing their jobs properly, they would have absolutely nothing to worry their little ratty selves about, would they?

    3. They have had signs at my local VAMC that say photography is not allowed for several years now. I had a similar experience as the one depicted in those photo’s. Staffing wasn’t the problem. There were 3 to four in front desk and at least 6 in the back area that were doing nothing. I was there for 6 hours in agony because of out patient surgery I had that morning.

      1. Simple, inexpensive devices can be purchased on Amazon for around $25 that record video in hi resolution 1080, and audio.

        A device I have records to a 16G micro SD memory card.

    4. Crazy Elf, if you recall an earlier post here, some VAs already tried that.

      I suspect VA printers are burning up right now printing up temporary signs saying any pictures or video is prohibited.

      Those temporary signs will be up until a VA flunkies uncle can get the official, contracted for signs designed and made up and delivered for this one day sale price of only $439000 for each hospital.

      Then the next VA flunky who replaced Burch, in his capacity as VA DHS security Barney Fife will be letting a contract for signal detection equipment for each hospital to track down and weed out those scofflaw veterans who insist on carrying their phones with them.

    5. @elf – – – I do not imagine that too much time will elapse before the VA tries to institute a camera-phone and total electronic device ban upon veterans while they are on VA property. Similar to the sign that is placed at the entrance to the Honolulu facility that basically states ‘Firearms and all other unauthorized weapons prohibited on this property.” Then goes on to threaten the reader within an inch of his life with very severe penalties for non-compliance.

      Seriously? Not only is it an insult to the vast majority of veterans who use the facility – – – but I have yet to see where a sign actually deterred someone whose intent was to target any facility anywhere in the world with the intent of causing carnage and destruction.

      However, you can bet your bottom-dollar – – – the contract for sign design is being drafted as I type this.

  32. jmo,,with Dr.Government bullying their way into our PRIVATE HEALTH CARE DECISION as adults,,,todays technology is our only defense against abuse by our own government..I have personally recorded 40 phone calls ,,w/this terribly nurse of my Doctors,,and it brought out the truth,,that the nurse was lieing to the doctors a lot,,soo keep those phone on,,,it may just save your life or someone elses,,jmo,,maryw

  33. Nothing if anything will be done to discipline these trough feeders from AFGE. Not until POTUS lays the smack down and crushes this virus that’s infected all branches federal government.

  34. “I feel very, very good because those veterans received high quality care,” Seekins said…..ARE THESE PEOPLE DELUSIONAL ….I think she needs to go to the psycho ward….and she thinks we are supposed to believe her statement, nothing here move along folks says the QUEEN OF PAIN

    1. Clearly their triage is non existent if they cannot at least provide some kind of pain relief in such a timely manner so as to prevent a veteran from having to lie down to get relief.

      There is nothing about this that says they got excellent care no matter what that liar Seekins says.

  35. That is the VA’s normal response to anyone who drops the dime on them with the truth,People who work at VA Hospitals enjoy better than average wages and Benefits,but after a few years they learn how to collect with less work,I personally saw this kind of abuse at the John Cochran Hospital in ST.Louis,MO. and reported it around 2007 and I was told there would be an investigation,Guess what! No investigation because I asked and then a few years later several more scares about Surgical instruments not being Sterilised Properly and an Aids scare because of it and again after the announcement no more news about it so I ask who you going to believe,an organization known for covering up the truth or a Veteran who served his Country and his Wife??
    I know who I believe!

    I am not saying all VA Employees are not doing their Jobs,I know of at least 2,my Son a Security Chief and my Sister in Law.

    GOD Help us all,Hopefully President Trump will fix this like he promised!!

    USMC Ret. Vietnam 1968/1969 Semper Fi until Agent Orange Kills Me.

    1. @Bob – – – You sir, were RIMA’d. As in Rima Nelson who was the Director of that facility at the time. As punishment for her part in that tragic scandal, she was moved to the Manila, ROP clinic for a few years to keep her “below the radar”. Some punishment!

      She of course, should have been fired and prosecuted – – – but NOOOOOOOOO.

      Since last September, she has been the Director of the Phoenix VA. Now that the national uproar over how we as veterans are treated has died down – – – the VA has returned to their old games. What could possibly go wrong at Phoenix with a person of her caliber in charge?

      Semper Fi, Brother.

  36. I knew the VA WAS going to attack this couple once I seen the post. The Phoenix VA did the same to me when I not only went viral with the photos I took of the horrible conditions of the patient rooms straight to the House Comm on VA Affairs. The Phoenix VA got down right pissed at me! My phone rang off the hook for weeks. Also gave two incidents of what two nurses did to my husband while he stayed there after surgery. No excuse for what they did…no excuse at all. I still have those pictures and the VA knows it. Blood, urine, feces on medical equipment, patient beds and patient tables. Dirt and months of grime. Never cleaned or sterilized.

    1. A veteran friend of mine who is now gone faced the same thing when he was in the Houston VA back in the 1990s for testing.

      His family picked him up on a Friday evening to take him to a hotel for the weekend.

      When they returned Sunday afternoon, the beds had not been made, bloody bandages were still in the room and the food tray they brought on Friday was still in the room. Rotting and moldy.

      When I was in for surgery a couple years ago, there was trash in the room on the floor wherever it was dropped, including my urinal. I tried to make it to the bathroom at one point, but couldn’t get around the bed to the toilet because the nurse put a PT machine at the end on the floor and I couldn’t get my walker around it.

      The nurses ignored the call button.

    2. They did it to me last year in Durham kicked me out actually becauae my wife was voice recording them, they dont care

  37. Attaboy Ben! Keep after ’em.

    A truly occurrence that is played out at many VA facilities on a several times weekly basis. This time, the VA facility happened to get caught in the act. Hopefully, America will begin to wake up as to just how the VA is living up to the promise of “caring for him who has borne the battle”. Good words, when Abraham Lincoln spoke them.


    A sincere THANK YOU to the McMenamin family for posting those photos. That small act once again shows that Patriotism runs deep in many of us who served in the military. And when DUTY calls, whether in or out of uniform – – – we answer.

    Not surprised at all that the VA would be going after that family, or any other veteran and their family. After all, WE pose the biggest threat to the VA and AFGE because some of us still have HONOR.

    HONOR can never be tolerated by the likes of VA and AFGE employees as a whole. How dare we say “TIME TO OVERTURN THE PIGGY TROUGH!!!” Bad Veteran, Bad Veteran.


    An old Marine buddy of mine shared those pics on his Facebook timeline. When I saw them in my feed, I just naturally had to share them publicly on my Facebook feed.

    I would not be surprised at all if more incidents such as the “Listen to me” one that occurred in Florida recently became much more commonplace.

    1. Please insert word Tragic between “truly” and “occurrence” in the first sentence of my posting.


      1. Right-on. One thing, you are definitely consistent with your statement. I like that.

      2. I second that statement!

        Very consistent and true!

        Along with the Fat PIg, buffalo belly OIG
        Fat ass tuna beast nurses that don’t do shit! And don’t forget that Johnny Isackson, the man girdle wearing, aardvark with a limp looking edematous eyelid having bitch , who highly approves of the fuckery.

      3. C’mon Doc, Don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel . . .

        I was rollin’ when I read about the “Fat ass beast tuna nurses”. Sounded like one of my less than stellar date from the eighties.

        Semper Fi. And thanks for lookin’ after me and my bros.

      4. @CorpsmanUP!– “[And don’t forget that Johnny Isackson, the man girdle wearing, aardvark with a limp looking edematous eyelid having bitch , who highly approves of the fuckery.]”

        Aardvark. That fits Isaacson perfectly. While on his stairmaster he can wrap his snout around the bundle of $$$ hanging above him as he steps on ants. (the ants are Vets)

      5. @Disgruntled Veteran,@namnibor,:
        A swayed back, knock kneed, yellow belly,and a furry wandering snuffaluffguss trunk to be exact!
        The disturbing part is the appointment of a pregnant “Greg Brady” looking Secretary to head the VA! This shit is straight out an Alfred Hitchcock movie, no butter, no 3d glasses, nothing!
        Semper Fi! The Corpsmen will always speak up!

    3. Deanne Seekins was the Director at the HAMPTON VETERANS AFFAIRS MEDICAL CENTER: she was total closed door,I watched as her reps. Collected the “Tell the Director” forms that were thrown into the garbage,UNREAD. I went to her for help with a doctor who ripped up my scripts,throwing them in my face. She Did NOTHING to help the Veterans. I had to acquire help through my Congressman. The only good thing she did for the HAMPTON VA was Leave. It would be to veterans advantage not to be practiced on by residents from the med school and some staff doctors who aren’t board certified,once assigned,a veteran has to stay with same PC,for one year,minimum..Many PC’s who have biased opinion about psych patient,dismiss any complaints thus psych patient who vetted cleared to be admitted can’t get proper treatment. Several, have died in the HAMPTON VA. Triage nurses have zero to less than compassionate attitude if they have a full house,but the AOD is as guilty sometimes ,because you check with them first. Maybe instead of service organizations bellyaching over veterans having a choice,why don’t they start listening to to the veterans who complain that some staff are marking time for retirement,refusing even to take vitals if patient doesn’t have an appointment,changing appointment without telling either pt/dr because they don’t want appointment during their lunch hour. Durham isn’t the only abusive hospital,during recovery from fx hip,rather than put an old confused lady ( who had wet herself),in wheelchair,I watched a female staff member drag her down to her room by one arm,while others watched. Nursing staff regularly cursed dementia pts for URINATING their beds,my door closed,tv on ,I was asleep;loud noises,nurse across hall cursing male pt because he was wet,man was demented,amputee,our rooms at far end of hall. medication nurse idea of PRN,as she put “you get it when I get ready”,most of which she withheld until after midnight. I was terminated from the CLC for being difficult,yeah they were deliberately abusing the old people who couldn’t help themselves Hampton Clc. I couldn’t watch the constant abuse,ANYMORE and I went to patient advocate about it. Recently,a lab tech threatened me with calling security,stating I stole VA property because I tore an inch piece of tape,that only stick to self so I tried to put a piece of tape over a one inch stain. I was repeatedly threatened to be arrested,upon calling the lab supervisor,she didn’t listen but laughed as though the threat was funny. Staff can behave any way they want,nothing is corrected but if the veteran reacts or were to behave the same way,security can give a federal fine and can federally arrest the veteran. How is this justifiable?? Maybe the Service Organizations should refocus their attention to acquiring better quality of care and take the VA back. There used to be a VETERANS HALL,to socialize in between appointment for R&R ,long distance from NC our building was given to staff for a training building,yet veterans have NOTHING that belongs to outpts. Everything at the HAMPTON VA is for the staff yet it’s a VETERANS HOSPITAL. What happened at Durham is happening in many places. THINK OF THIS: PUBLIC HUMILIATION WITH PICTORIAL REPRESENTATION CANNOT BE DENIED,SO BEING THE POLITICAL POLICE ,the only way DURHAM can attempt to save face is to discredit the whistleblowers; which if we want and expect better care need to stand up and be willing to call a duck a duck.

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