Veterans Rights Attorney

Leading Veterans Rights Attorney Blasts New Appeals Legislation

Veterans Rights Attorney

Leading veterans rights attorney John Wells, through his organization Military-Veterans Advocacy, spoke out against new legislation that outstrips certain due process rights from the veterans appeals.

Wells reached out to me yesterday after reading my post citing him in The Hill to provide an update on his organization’s position.

Military-Veterans Advocacy Position

Statement of Military-Veterans Advocacy express strong disapproval of the Enactment of the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act Signed by the President on August 23, 2017

Although there has been a flurry of positive veterans legislation, the past few months. the bill signed by the President at the American Legion convention on August 23, 2017 is a sad exception to the many positive laws that have been passed. Military-Veterans Advocacy does not support the so called appellate reform bill outlined below. Many of the Veterans Service Organizations, especially the American Legion, sold out veterans in pushing for this bill that was written by the VA for the VA. Last minute changes to the bill in the Senate removed some of the more egregious provisions and as a result, Military-Veterans Advocacy dropped our plan to file suit to prevent the bill from being implemented. Still it is a legislative example of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It will not solve the appellate problem. The VA needs to adopt the process used by every other federal adjudication system. We will be working with out allies in Congress to enact true reforms. Military-Veterans Advocacy urges Congress, the VA and the Veterans Service Organizations to support common sense reforms to help the veterans, not the VA bureaucrats. 

For more information on the reforms supported by Military-Veterans Advocacy see:

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  1. Do y’all remember when I put on here an article about the two most hated groups in America, Christians and Veterans!
    Well, here’s another leftist article claiming the same crap!
    From: “”

    “Huff Po asks if serving our country turns you into a racist”

    Dated: Aug. 27, 2017
    By: Samantha Chang

    The left leaning radical liberal democrats are really going all out to discredit everyone in the military! Maybe it’s time those asswipes join the military! Let them get a taste of fighting for liberty!

    [I’m being nice again!]

  2. I’m very upset here and feel like we’re being played for fools. Since Trump became president, IMO, none of the laws he has passed involving the VA benefits veterans and/or whistleblowers.

    The VA Accountability Act of 2017 just makes it easier to fire whistleblowers. Do a Google search for VA whistleblowers and you will see retaliation is in full effect.

    And this latest piece of legislation? It isn’t gonna do a thing except for playing musical chairs with the claims. I worked at the Atlanta Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), and IMO, all they’re gonna do is rush these appeals through like they do with the initial claims and this will put a burden on the veterans to take this to the courts.

    Quite frankly, and based on my observations/experience at the VA, their “points” system – which results in rushing of the cases is why the appeals queue is so high because VA employees are forced to make decision just to make their points.

    Also, the union and VA keep on complaining about needing more employees. That is a flat out lie. I and other new hires sat around for over five months with NOTHING to do. The training is ineffective, the ojt is also bad because you have to kiss up to tenured employees who don’t wanna waste time with you because they won’t make their points.

    Again, I’m upset and disappointed. Looks like even with President Trump, another four years of talk and no change.

    1. this is why I keep saying we need to organize and take the fight to the VA, outside of the system until the system is forced to acknowledge their in a fight for their very survival.

      All I keep getting here are crickets. No response, not really anything. I have some ideas in mind perhaps I’ll go start my own thing.

      1. WyldeChylde: You may not be getting a response, but there are many more people reading this blog then you may realize. For instance, you present to the people, your going to engage in a march, post the date, time, and location, you’ll find people asking questions, and wanting to join in.

        That was just an example, of course you can apply it to whatever you have in mind.

        You may also want to install the “wire” app, some here use it, and it’s gaining speed.

        Back to work, gone for the rest of the day.
        Later Gators -!¡¡!-

    2. TaB,
      In my opinion, the union needs to be dismantled – completely! It’s their “strategy” to ensure VA employees are the way they are – crooked, lying pieces of filth! [I’m being nice tonight!]
      In my opinion, IF the union was denutted, half our war would be won!

      1. @Crazy elf: elf, I agree, the best first step in fixing the VA is to completely dismantle the AFGE On point as usual.

  3. Today is Saturday. Wonder what the Veterans Administration have/has in store for us?
    What bullshit are they going to try to cover-up?

    Have a great weekend!

    For those who live in eastern texas, around Corpus Christi, be careful!

    1. the only thing the VA had better have in store for me is my goddamned benefits. Else, War.

  4. @ANutterVet, I know that I irritate ya, occasionally. We are organizing as we speak. Not just unlikable Veterans, but unlikable Christians alike. Don’t lose hope 5 minutes before the miracle. God knows we can use one. As the VHA is what it is, I will not support. Dr. Shulkin has plans…? No longer about Veterans. It’s about the AFGE EMPLOYEES AND MANAGEMENT. Like everywhere in our thieving Government elected or not, 80%, at least, need to go. Bye bye. Start at the bottom? Trump won’t touch the Swamp. The 80% cannot let Trump succeed. Both/all parties. Hope he wakes up. Can’t do things without him.

  5. From Dr. Meyrl Nass

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    I hope to see patients with challenging disorders, those who wish to reduce their medications and/or use diet and lifestyle changes to improve health (especially diabetes and hypertension), and those with illnesses occurring after tick bites, fibromyalgia-related, or a consequence of military service or anthrax vaccine. I will also treat the range of illnesses seen in primary care internal medicine, and I love to work with patients to achieve optimal wellness.

    Throughout my career, I have had patients referred to me who were not helped by standard western medicine. While I cannot help everyone, I often take a unique look at the illness, and have a broader palette of measures to use than most doctors. My use of supplements and vitamins also informs my approach to wellness.

    I believe everyone deserves great healthcare, so have made my charges considerably lower than standard rates. I also offer sliding scale fees for low income patients. However, in order to make this practice work, I cannot accept any insurance plans, and patients must pay for my services when services are rendered.

    Appointments may be made at (207) 522-5229.
    The office phone number will be (207) 610-5885.

    The office address is 210 Main Street, Ellsworth, Maine. 04605. My office is Suite 13, which is on the 2nd floor, in the back.

    Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 2:31 PM


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    And, eating an enormous amount of ONLY EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), and minced Garlic (as much as you can tolerate), Hummus (watch the salt amounts), and Guacamole (I usually get mild or medium in heat). Usually the hotter the Guacamole, the more likely that you’ll eat less.

    And, I’ve increased my intake of foods that contain inulin (soluble fiber = food for probiotics), like eggplant, carrots, onions, mostly vegetables, plus I’m also mixing the inulin powdered product into my guacamole, coffee, tea, and sometime eating a teaspoonful at a time. When Googling to find inulin, see the source from Mexican Agave Plant (what Tequila is made from). And, I also take a COMBO of supplements in which I will not mention in this post. I’m still refining what supplements and nootropic work as a hack to stimulate peristalsis (movement in the digestive tract).

    Making Progress – – – When taking Opiates, one major side effect is constipation. After being interrupted multiple times by the VA, I’ve had to readjust my personal experiment on myself. I can gladly report, that as of this posting, I’ve had a bowel movement once a day for the past 6 days now. I’ve never had this many days in a row before, the most has been 2 maybe 3 days, but not 6.

    And, I’ve stopped taking any stimulant laxatives for quite a while. Enough time that any residuals of Sennosides (laxative), is out of my bodily system. So, I’ll pat myself on the butt, and say, good going ANutterVet, now you can goo poo at the Moo Goo Gai Pan.

    Anyway, its less chemicals going into me system. Then POTUS Trump no like fund EPA for stuffs happenin in our land. Need a hell of a lot more pressure put on China’s fucking ass. Damn, cheap labor, but there’re actually paying a HUGE price to keep their GNP up so high. It depends how a Country’s GDP is maintained and manipulated. What this means is that, sometimes growth isn’t growth. Its a liability. Go figure that one out you damn econ-people.

    @cj – – – I finally got Wire straightened out. I’m on now. See ur in-box. I’ll have to fool around with this app to see wtf it does after all this damn effort and shit. Nah, I’m just bitchy tired, wife’s turn last week, damn dog is next week. l8r – – – Nutter.

    1. Nutter………manufactured weather


  7. Appreciate John Wells most welcome input. Few of us talking about what, “swamp “, means. If I don’t name the swamp, how can I drain the swamp? I believe 80% up in our Congress are sneaky, stealing,lying, and traitorous bastards. Anyone in politics isn’t because of, “public service “, it’s the free taxpayers money. I’m for Trump today more than ever. Somehow, that reckless ego just can’t get out of his way.How can Trump drain what he isn’t seeing?

  8. This deal was supported by the VSOs because they fail to accomplish most of their agenda. Legislators introduce bills because that’s what they do. VSOs’ have to support bills that can pass, showing they are truly working for the benefit of the Veteran. That’s what they do.
    Neither have to be right, they just do what they do, regardless.

  9. FFS did yall take too much Geritol and pass the fuck out? Like a damned ghost town around here…

  10. My wife was and had been seeing a va doctor. For 20 years. For blood pressure. After complainng to the advercy three times about the wait time. ( like 5 to 6 hours) that €£€€# #*€€₩¥° doctor stopped her meds. And she had a stroke. 3 mounths in ICU TWO SHUNTS LATER 2.EVICTIONS. HOMELESS WITH TWO TEENAGERS. NOBODY CARES. NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

    1. Richard P twiddy – – – There are those that care, Vets don’t want to group together to make an impact. I’m game, help find more. – – – Nutter.

  11. Quoted from John Wells, “The VA needs to adopt the process used by every other federal adjudication system. We will be working with out allies in Congress to enact true reforms. Military-Veterans Advocacy urges Congress, the VA and the Veterans Service Organizations to support common sense reforms to help the veterans, not the VA bureaucrats.”

    Am I interrupting this correctly, is that the VA and the VSO’s seem to work in tandem, and that this current bill of VA legal reform, benefits the VA bureaucrats?”

    If my statement is true, ths is total bullshit. Both the VA and VSO’s promote themselves, their monetary suppliers, the VA Employee Relocation Coordinators for the reprobates, PR Marketing Agents experienced in creating pseudo profiles to create heavy sooty smokescreens, the VA AFGE Bonus Allocation Group (multiple positions, see all postings on the Lifetime Career Board) paying off those that don’t do shit but for themselves, their family, good friends, and pets, and the all the makers of heavily creamed ice cream, and the attendee’s and chaperones to watch the little kiddies during the VA’s, “teach them how to scam the system.”

    Let me ask, what the hell are we doing? You’ve heard this before, that there is power in numbers. This is so true. But I want to tell you a couple of factors that the VA heavily relies on, that why Veterans aren’t a threat because they aren’t effective in; (1.) put all individual issues aside, and to stand for one purpose; to reform the VA for the better treatment and assistance for Veterans, and (2.) stop talking about everything, and pick out the a few important things that need changing (no focus, no plan, no action, and the VA stays the same).

    No offense to anyone that does their damn best by posting articles, hyperlinks, or writes about their particular experiences or about others, and I say this graciously, . . . “there has got to be a more effective way to put the spotlight on the VA, to embarrass the VA for their behavior, so that she has to change her ways, and to better serve Veterans, their spouses, care-takers, service animals, and Veteran’s Service Animals, and no one else.

    Of coarse, we’ll add the exception clause.

    About the message from John Wells. I’m thankful for Mr. Wells response, but maybe I missed it. I was hoping that Mr. Wells would have stated the EXACT REASONS why his Organization doesn’t support this current Act that President Trump so proudly signed. I’d like to know if my assumptions are correct or not. – – – Nutter.

    1. beats me why veterans don’t organize. time and time again we bring it up to no avail. we see vet groups/clubs do things to help other causes, which is great, but little to none on organizing to fix va/vba. makes the world wonder just where is that, ‘team work” the mil drills into new boots heads & soul.

      i too would like the EXACT REASONS itemized.

      1. The reason is ingrained loyalty. Service to country. Organizing would look like flag burning, which is one of the first things that would, and should happen in order to get national media. That ultimate act of defiance is innately anathema to a soldier. There’s another reason. It’s easier and safer to sit around and piss and moan and wait to be given what was promised.

  12. Wait so I just had a fucking BRAINSTORM!!!!!

    We don’t call them VSO’s anymore

    We rebrand them as VASSHOLES!!!! sounds very similar so the transition should be seamless.

      1. I’m not sure what the thumbs up or down actually does but I’mma give you a thumbs up bro “dont worry I aint the VA” 😉 we all know where THOSE thumbs go.

      2. Vasoline Saves Orifice (VSO) – helping vets find relief (cool and soothing, for topical use only)

      1. no I mean like V-ass-hole kinda sounds very similar and more accurately describes these fuckwad organizations that are currently shoulder deep in veterans assholes daily searching for that almighty buck. I seriously doubt anybody keeps their cash behind their tonsils…just sayin.

  13. VSO’s are prima facia evidence that corruption is rampant within VA. Think about it. If veterans were served by those paid to serve them (from tax money), then just where on Earth would any VSO even be created in the first place?

    VSO’s are seperate and apart from society’s sanctioned legal representatives; lawyers like our host Ben and the lawyer excersizing his First Ammendment rights in his letter to Ben, are officers of the court and it is the court that can and WILL hold each these gentlemen accountable when their conduct becomes contrary to the common good. What I speak of are “standards” and “accountability” which are indeed practiced within our court system. (author note to my Idaho cousins – DO NOT SHOOT ME at the next reunion for saying nice things about lawyers – it’s for veterans dudes!)

    VSO’s may or may not have lawyers on staff but the only “standards” of conduct are those they define themselves and the only real accountability is NEVER to those they “serve”, their veteran membership. Unlike lawyers who can be held accountable directly for malpractice, VSO’s generally are never held accountable unless greedy fingers run afoul of the IRS. Even then, the IRS NEVER concerns itself with unfulfilled promises, conflict of interest, or any other matter generally entrusted to them (for one small fee…) IRS is correctly focused on the task it is auhtorized to focus on (ducking now).

    My point is this. In looking at the animal called “VSO”, it is clear that this animal was born from the corruption at VA, and can only grow and thrive if the corruption from which it was born remains in fertile state and keeps feeding them new veterans. Ben’s low down dirty yellow belly lieing cheating lawyer buddy who just screws over Idaho poor folk, points out that the behavior of VSO the animal seems inconsistent with the message it carries to veterans of aid and relief from the tyranny of VA (for one small fee…). I would point out that in a sense the message is simply the bait the animal uses to attract what it needs to thrive rather than a display of its intentions.

    Can we fault the VSO’s really for instinctually protecting that which allows them to thrive? Seems like normal behavior, but the mistake is in letting this animal help craft the laws which can only help sustain their existance. It is an enormous “conflict of interest” when a hyper-exclusive “special interest” like the VSO’s are given the keys to the kingdom. This is based on my belief that the only way Democracy survives is to continuously defuse the buildup of personal authorities granted by removing those authorities on a regular and consistent basis through the mechanisms spelled out in our Constitution.

    VSO’s are not a part of our Constitutional framework and just ask yourself this; if VSO’s really did what they claim (if they claim to champion justice for veterans) then why are they still here? Does it really take generations to do that which you claim you can do? Presidents come and go. Congressmen too. Yet the AFGE brotherhood has been here from VA’s very beginning, and from the very beginning VA has been corrupt. VSO’s only augment that coruption because corruption creates a mindset of how things get done and the VSO’s that survive get things done in a way that pertetuates that mindset. Then after one generation of workers the mindset is exhonerated as inevitable and it becomes justification all by itself.

    I am gonna go smoke some Oregon reefer now and eat some damn fine french fried Idaho potatoes.

    1. Clarification for historical accuracy; Clean upstanding Idaho folk DO NOT smoke reefer like the stinky tye-dye Oregon hippies do.

      1. I want my stanky Thai bamboo bong back. Beautifully hand carved with Thai elephants and traditional Erawan. Used to hang with a bunch of old guys in a small ville north of Udorn/Udon called Ban Na Kha- about half way to the Lao border. I’d be the only white guy with a bunch of old Thai guys. They’d judge how I handled the cutting board (slab of Teak round) and knife, how I’d chop a stick, how I’d dry it in place (a little pile of ganshia in a peaked mound, drape a quarter page of glossy magazine paper over it, light it, and flick the ash off in one piece with the knife), how I’d mix a wee bit of tobacco in the dry and mix it, how I’d load the bowl, how I’d single-hand the match box and match, and how I’d light it, how I’d inhale, and how I’d exhale). Exhaling was major points. Spend a couple of hours sipping water, eating tiny mandarin oranges, and smoking. Then they’d drag my ass out and we’d flail numchuks at each other. Spend the whole day – good days.

    2. Exactly, Dennis! The very existence these very long years of the VSO’s shows they are part of the problem because if there was no problem, there would be no need for the piggies with funny hats. I find the American Legion red hats the most offensive.

  14. Arguably, the bigger & more dysfunctional VA is, the more “bullet proof” it is against reform.

    Congress should stop playing VA’s cynical game (there’s no such thing as, “too big to fail”), “bite the bullet,” figure out how to simultaneously legislate VA, as it currently exists, OUT of existence, and VA2, INTO existence.

    Nothing less will do!

    1. I would absolutely take the other side of that argument Frank. I would propose the bigger the VA is the more easily it can be picked apart. What keeps this rogue agency together? Contractors. Whats good against federal contractors, an industry so rife with corruption and overbilling and downright fraud that you could throw a dart at a board and hit a payday? Qui-Tam law 😀 😀

      It’s simple you get enough people to file simultaneous qui-tam lawsuits against as many VA contractors as you can. I say simultaneously because once the VA figures out whats going on then you can bet your ass that Qui-Tam gets watered down or just eliminated. Once you blow out the base the rest of the organization comes crashing down.

      Almost like how you demolish a building.

  15. Benjamin:Don’t the Veteran Organizations,like ” The American Legion,” do all the Claims-Research, when “they file a claim, on behalf of us Veterans ?? *

    1. Lol VSO’s doing claims research? VSO’s doing ANYTHING after you sign power of attorney.

    2. Pete,
      No VSO does research for the veteran. That’s left completely up to you, the veteran! The veteran must do as much leg-work as possible to help the VSO’s do their jobs!

    3. Pete-

      Nah, you sign power of attorney and then if you are lucky after several months to a year or two, whomever retired that you firstly spoke to with a funny hat that left your file on same spot on same desk, will have picked it up and looked at it, that is, if it was not fed into an industrial shredder.
      This is ALL dependent how chummy you are with said VSO, and how chummy that VSO is with the rating person and how chummy that rating person is with….connected to the backbone….the circle jerk never stops, while your hear may indeed cease to beat before your claim is ever researched properly, if at all by the funny hat crews.
      Now, if you had your entire claim laser burned into a large flat of donuts, you may have a better chance.

    1. WyldeChylde,
      I’m not sure about ALL the VSO’s, you can find the DAV’s salaries at “”!
      Get ready to be stunned!

      1. oh I’m aware just how far into the cookie jar they are I just wanted to know if there was a central repository for all VSO salaries. If we want to break the stranglehold these fucks have over veterans and their power in Washington we need to start attacking them morally. I mean gosh I’m so glad I get cheap beer at some shit hole run down bar. It helps me drown my sorrows and forget the ass fucking I’m getting from the VA but hey pass me another fucking budweiser right?

  16. So, the Senate strikes again, against the veteran in favor of the Veterans Administration! (In which parts would have helped benefit veterans in the appeals process!) This really does seem to be a recurring theme in Washington D.C.!

    Besides the VSO’s, did the union have anything to do with it?

    Is there any way veterans can find out WHO, in the Senate, stripped the teeth out of it?

    Did anyone, in the Senate, receive “kick backs” for helping screw over the veterans?

    Has anyone, who is “vet centric”, actually gone to Washington D.C. and talked directly to President Trump over the many issues plaguing veterans within the Veterans Administration?
    For example, did President Trump realize the bill he was signing into law would do more harm than good to veterans?

    Did Secretary of VA, Dr. [“LYING SHITHEAD”] Shulkin have anything to do with this bullshit?

      1. Leatherneck,
        Yet, unless someone starts sticking up FOR veterans, we will continue to get screwed!
        In my opinion, attorneys who are vet-centric need to go to Washington D.C. and have a “serious sit-down conversation” with POTUS.
        If the laws passed by potus are NOT vet-centric. Then he should be informed of it!

        This is also my opinion. I believe “Secretary of VA, Shulkin”, is constantly Lying to POTUS over issues plaguing veterans within the Veterans Administration!
        He’s already been caught lying over what occurred at the Manchester VHA!
        Did he lie to POTUS over the “rehiring” of that Washington D.C. VHA director? I ask that question because, on Wednesday night in Reno, POTUS said; quote: “When they’re fired, [at VA], they stay fired!” unquote!!!!! That is NOT what’s happening at VA!

        There’s MANY other examples, hope you get the idea!

      2. @Crazy elf- I agree! Benjamin needs to garner some of the POTUS’s and ALL of Congress’ time and let Benjamin point where the madness needs castrated from…without…the VSO piggies. They are only out for “SAVE THE VA” (from any reform) and Self Preservation…Benjamin and we Vets have an actual vested and earned interest in reforming the VA to be best it can be…like that recruitment line that got us ALL. 🙂
        Go get ’em Benjamin. If it requires a week fundraiser to fund your trip, so be it. I’m down for some $.

      3. namnibor,
        If that’s what it takes, I’ll be glad to send Ben some $$$$$$!
        Only, I’d like to see numerous “Vet-Centric Attorneys” converge on Washington D.C. and raise a ruckus in Congress AND with POTUS!
        You remember a few years ago the DAV was trying their best to stop regular, everyday attorneys from helping veterans? Well, what better way for them to get even with all the VSO’s, than to stand in front of Congress and tell everyone, especially the VSO’s, how veterans are being screwed!

      4. Of course, additional Vet-centric attorneys such as Mr. John Wells in today’s article and all else. Just NO traditional VSO groups…they have proven they venture not far from the teat they suckle named VA.

  17. Nice “Bad VA Art” today, Benjamin. If only the blinded lady justice could see that each of our Veteran’s testicles are in those scales of justice and the piggy VSO’s are making rocky mountain oysters for piggy dinner with a grin.

    1. Lady Justice had her middle finger broken off, as otherwise she would be giving the VSO Piggy’s the Angry Birds. 🙂

      1. And sadly, people don’t/aren’t reading the fine print and realizing that the VSOs are in the pockets of the VA.

        I mean, people are donating to an organization (VSOs) who are blatantly screwing them over…

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