VSOs The Big 6

Rumors are circulating Capitol Hill that The Big 6 veteran service organizations (VSOs) and VA negotiated a massive and covert budget cut coming soon.

According to a reliable source, Secretary David Shulkin, MD, recently met behind closed doors with what are known as The Big 6 VSOs. None of the smaller advocacy groups were said to be invited.

In the meeting, Secretary Shulkin allegedly discussed certain upcoming policy changes. These changes will be painful for the veteran community.

To help get the policy changes through, VA allegedly extended concessions as an olive branch to The Big 6 so long as they do not obstruct upcoming budget cuts.

My source indicates those budget cuts may be as high as 20 percent, or $34 billion, off the VA’s existing $170 billion budget.

If true, veterans will lose big but our trusty VSOs will not feel the hurt, at least as much.

“The Big 6” VSOs consists of Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion, Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), AMVETS and Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA).

Concerned Veterans of America (CVA) was not reportedly invited and is not considered one of The Big 6, which are generally thought to support more left-leaning policies. Meanwhile, CVA is considered conservative-leaning.

Some Background On Budget Cut Games

Social welfare cuts are not new, and they are not always a Republican thing, though that political party tends to take them on more frequently than Democrats.

When Democrats cut budgets for social welfare systems, the cuts tend to be more covert, behind the scenes, to avoid the optics.

We have known for years that former President Obama and Republicans (Paul Ryan specifically) eyeballed massive budget cuts at VA well into the billions.

In the past, former President Obama and Republicans supported VA’s use of a lower cost of living index that would effectively shave $23 billion from disability compensation payrolls over the course of 10 years.

RELATED: Obama, Republicans Seek $23 Billion Disability Cut (2011)

Each year, veterans and Social Security recipients receive a cost of living increase.

The increase could be higher or lower than real inflation, depending on which measure a government uses. When the increase is lower than real inflation, the value of each subsequent increase is outstripped by inflation.

The recipient of the payout loses because they can buy less with the slight increase as in the past. Through fancy banking, the government wins by paying out less.

The new cuts will likely be more immediate in nature than this scheme I illustrated above.

Based on a reliable source on the Hill, the new cuts will also target disability compensation payments as in the past. Only here, VA bloated the appeals process to justify modifying appeals language, which will effectively reduce real benefits received by veterans along with the payout scheme using the lower inflation metric.

This makes sense given what we have seen in the past. Benefits payments are reduced slowly over a few years using various insurance adjudication schemes so no one notices any abrupt changes other than the bean counters in VA finance.

Funding for benefits is reduced slowly over a few years using various insurance adjudication schemes so no one notices any abrupt changes other than the bean counters in VA finance. Less overtime reduces the number of claims processed.

Less overtime reduces the number of claims processed.

Bad quota policies force employees to adjudicate more claims in less time resulting in an uptick in bad initial agency decisions.

The newly proposed appeals language will restrict a veterans rights, and ultimately the monetary and health benefits they receive while promising quicker adjudication to the masses.

Those unaware of the insurance scheme being perpetrated will see the new legislation as a win.

Should we expect anything less from the same agency formerly called The Bureau of War Risk Insurance? VA is an insurance scheme, plain and simple.

Today, we see regional offices rushing off bad decisions because VA policy mandates quick processing of claims rather than accurate processing of claims.

Executive bonuses and accolades are dependent on rushing out claims decisions, even bad claims decisions.

The five-year appeals backlog virtually guarantees that no present adjudicator or executive will get reamed for faulty decisions.

Instead, only veterans and their families harmed by the economic injury of a faulty decision are left to bear the burden of the bad policy.

VA Backlog Brief History

VA created a backlog in the initial claims process that justified immediate implementation of an electronic claims processing system to fix that backlog. This was the silver bullet fix former Under Secretary Allison Hickey lauded to Congress over and over from 2011-2014.

During that time, VA regional office started fast tracking claims which resulted in the backlog of initial claims going down. However, poor quality adjudications then resulted in more appeals and more initial claims to fix the fast track errors of claims missed by the adjudicator.

VA now asserts these increases are the fault of greedy veterans AND greedy lawyers trying to suck more money out of the agency. Its poor union workers cannot keep up.

[I am not kidding; this is the gist of VA’s present position.]

Now, we are stuck with both a rising initial claims backlog and a huge appeals backlog where the Board of Veterans Appeals is now forced to resolve a new backlog of appeals.

It would be important to note that President Obama and now President Trump have failed to nominate a Chairperson to run the Board since 2011. That is six years.

Why such a delay?

Some speculate the refusal to appoint anyone is all about politics.

As long as no political appointee sits over the problem, VA is able to push more deficient processes and bad claims decisions onto the Board’s plate without an appropriate backlash.

This means the regional offices can push through erroneous adjudications prematurely into the appeals process with premature certifications to the Board with little or no ramification for the regional office executive or her superiors.

It will now take five years for a remand, so the regional office workload is smaller in real time and the backlog at the Board is someone else’s problem.

This means Under Secretary of Benefits Thomas Murphy (an Obama nominee and holdover) wins because his numbers look good and veterans lose because no one is accountable for the glut of unadjudicated appeals shoveled onto the doorstep of the Board.

Make sense?

It only makes sense to someone who lacks ethics and the ability to know the difference between right or wrong.

Phase 2 – VSOs Support Legislative Fix For Backlog VA Created On Purpose

Now, enter phase 2.

VA worked with The Big 6 and some other stakeholders to create new appeals regulations that will significantly expand the statutory proposals we see from Congress.

On the surface, the appeals reform language is being sold as a normal modernization, but it will functionally result in veterans receiving fewer benefits as a whole.

Veterans of future wars and those still planning to file benefits claims will largely take it in the shorts. While this should concern VSOs, those in power right now will probably not take the same heat as those in the future, a VSO kicking of the can, so to speak.

The newly proposed language will also revoke certain rights to later develop claims after VA initially screws with the evidence gathering process and VA’s duty to assist.

Some of that language is contained in various appeals modernization bills floating around the Hill since at least 2016. These are embodied in the present legislation coming out of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs.

READ: HR 611 VA Accountability First and Appeals Modernization Act of 2017

As you may recall, Congress pushed through an Accountability law in 2014 that many in Congress used as a basis for reelection. The White House signed the bill into law but then refused to follow the law.

This sent Congress back to the table.

During that same period, The Big 6 was working with Congress and VA to create new statutes to reform (ie remove rights) from veterans during the appeals process due to the appeals glut VA created on purpose.

Those reforms were embodied in S. 3328 Department of Veterans Affairs Appeals Modernization Act of 2016, which was put forth by the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs and its Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) last year.

VA is now waiting anxiously in the wings with its regulatory interpretations of those same statutes this year, which makes sense since VA basically wrote the Bill’s language for Congress both times.

Initially, the election of President Trump left all vested interests wondering if appeals reform would be possible, but a backroom deal to keep Obama’s team at the help in VA has resulted in a glorious opportunity for all.

You may recall Senator Johnny Isakson’s insistence that Bob McDonald be held over following the election? While McDonald and Trump did not see eye to eye, Trump instead selected David Shulkin, MD, to lead the agency.

What was the trade-off behind the scenes? Trump’s cabinet nominees would get green-lighted (not to be confused with gas-lighted) and not obstructed by the Republican establishment or Democratic establishment.

Now, not only will the union get screwed with the new Accountability Act but veterans will also get screwed with the added language of Appeals Modernization.

And what we are seeing is the Genesis of legislation driven by Democrats and Republicans under a Democrat president to be implemented under a Republican administration.

See how this works? They work for themselves. We pay them tax dollars. They hold onto those tax dollars for the next war.

All this equals the HR 611 VA Accountability First and Appeals Modernization Act of 2017 linked to above.

Special interests who have eyeballed benefits reductions and union reductions now win should this get through Congress and onto President Trump’s desk.

How do we know? Well, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) drafted a similar Bill last year, and he is a Democrat. Both parties are pushing for this reform.

Look At Section 8

I remember Sesame Street as a kid. “One of these things isn’t like the others; one of these things just isn’t the same.”

You will want to pay special attention to Section 8, which appears to have nothing to do with the rest of the other sections.

On the surface, Section 8’s language modernization appears to be what the reform is about.

However, as previously mentioned, VA has already created the regulations interpreting the statutory changes in the Act, which are more restrictive than what the statutes let on.

The big take away is that many claims will no longer receive earlier effective dates in the same way and a veteran’s ability to develop the claim later in the appeals cycle is limited.

This will effectively force veterans to accept the due process they receive from VA the first time around. Sadly, you cannot hire a lawyer at that stage and are instead dependent on your own legal knowledge or that of a veteran service officer.

Criminals and illegal immigrants can hire a lawyer whenever. A veteran cannot.

Passage of the Act, or something like it at a later stage, will result in less disability compensation payouts and less health care benefits.

Let’s not forget that veterans only qualify for certain benefits dependent on what disability rating they receive or what condition is diagnosed.

Veterans without a rating for traumatic brain injury from the agency will have a tough time receiving health care to rehabilitate from their traumatic brain injury (TBI).

RELATED: VA Caught Using Unqualified Doctors To Diagnose TBI, 25,000 Vets Affected

Even after VA was caught using unqualified doctors, the agency apparently hired contractors that use inappropriate exam metrics to still deny TBI claims.

Pesky Lawyers

This is where lawyers enter the picture.

Yes, we are the ones who kick VA in the pants whenever its employees get out of line, at least that is what we are supposed to do.

Normally, lawyers would fight to push back this position, but the only lawyer organization able to do so has been sidelined on the matter.

Apparently, the National Organization for Veterans Advocates (NOVA) left the negotiating table once the deal was queered, leaving The Big 6 to hammer away a deal with VA largely unimpeded.

The bad news is, both veterans and lawyers can guarantee any such deal will include some erosion of a veteran’s ability to hire a lawyer when the veteran wants because The Big 6 and VA both think lawyers should get out of the game.

VSOs are still pissy about lawyer involvement in their sweet monopoly despite 8 decades of veterans receiving generally poor help and poor reforms of VA. On the other hand, VA, of course, does not like attorneys ruining their Splendid Isolation from court induced reforms since 1989.

Only since 2007 have veterans been able to hire attorneys for compensation at reasonable rates, but illegal immigrants can hire an attorney whenever they choose.

And while some veterans still think the best help is free help, until law school is also free for lawyers, we will still need some form of compensation from someone.

Major VSOs pay their employees via dues from veterans, grants, and in-kind donations from VA. VA helps fund VSOs and pay its employees through taxpayer dollars. Few individuals are really working for free here.

The last nail in this catastrophic conspiracy coffin will allegedly include covert messaging against lawyers representing veterans. I am not clear how this will work, but the end result will be VA paying out substantially less money to veterans in the appeals process.

Not only will disabled veterans be hammered for greedily filing appeals and new claims, but lawyers, who help veterans as a profession, will also get hit as profiteers.

Veterans lose, The Big 6 and VA wins.

Let’s not forget DOD also wins because it will be cheaper for ‘Merica to go to war when veterans are unable to get the benefits they were promised.

That same “winning” includes government contractors who will revamp the IT systems VA says it needs to implement the scheme. And like Charlie Sheen, our VA is very, very sick.

Meanwhile, if the scheme is successful to flush some lawyers like myself out of the system, lawyers who dedicate their practice to helping veterans, disenfranchised veterans will be stuck having to go to law school to fight their own claims, like I did.

We will call this, “Not-Winning”.

So Why The Sudden Push?

There seems to be a trend.

Remember when former President Bill Clinton cut the military and gutted VA spending in favor of private industry solutions right before a Republican took office following an upset election?

Remember when we went to war in Afghanistan, Iraq and later Egypt, Lybia, and now Syria under Republican and Democratic presidents?

At the time those first wars started, VA and our military were tremendously understaffed and outdated. President Cheney, er, I mean Vice President Dick Cheney told Congress the war in Iraq would be over quickly and cost $60 billion because we would get to sell Iraq’s oil to pay for the war.

President Cheney, er, I mean Vice President Dick Cheney, told Congress and the NY Times the war in Iraq would be over quickly and cost $60 billion because we would get to sell Iraq’s oil to pay for the war.

Remember that? Remember who was actually selling that Iraq oil? ISIS.

Yes, ISIS was/is selling the Iraq oil.

Remember who will actually pay for that war?

Your grand children’s children’s children.

Make American Great, Again?

Great for whom?

Now those wars, which are still not over, are estimated to cost taxpayers around $4-5 trillion and counting. Much of that money went into the coffers of big banks and the defense industry.

The bill for these wars is basically a can being kicked down the road, too.

Oh, and wouldn’t you know a major war is just over the horizon?

Whether with North Korea, Syria, Russia or China, things are looking bleak for veterans who are harmed while serving the special interests con-trolling (typo on purpose) our country?

Is this merely serendipitous timing by the establishment for VA to ramp down benefits while ramping up reforms or do they know something we do not about upcoming military struggles?

Either way, we need to take a second look at the appeals reform being pushed forward in HR 611 before we count THAT Accountability Act as a win.

I am all for holding bad employees and executives accountable. I am just not clear we will ever see real accountability within our federal government in my lifetime.

It would make too much sense.

Ron Nesler

Great article, I just sent it to my US Senator’s office

One leg Ron

Every veteran should be doing the same, Ron. If the VA gets away with taking away our IU and throwing us 70 year old disabled vets out on the street, who knows what they will be going after next. It’s time for all Veterans to come together as one and fight this all the way.

One leg Ron, I called Congressman Bob Brady (Philadelphia, Pa.) yesterday when I found this out…Why is this NOT on CNN (except for one reporter, Julian Zezily, who said..”This is NOT the way to Honor our vets” I am 70 also and WE NEED TO Fight THIS!! Congressman/women, Senators, ANYONE that cares and respects us Veterans….and not just for show! we need to show our will to bond together as we should and gather ourselves together to fight this anti-American… Read more »

We have to get together and go to Washington, DC.

Vassilis Margaris

You are right Brother! I agree with you 100%!

Don Karg


Dear Benjamin Krause,

After throwing Billions of Dollars at the VA and getting no responses back that corrective changes had been implemented—almost all Management teams would dismantle the supervision ASAP.

Since this is the “Government” and it has its own way of corrective actions; now it will cut back on the Dollars and Feed on its self.

It’s a slow death.


Don Karg

Seymore Klearly

Great Article Ben.

To me, essentially anyone who is a member of any of the big Six are supporting a fight against Veterans. That goes for anyone who purchase beer from their fair beer gardens at all the state fairs, their lottery tickets where the proceeds go to any of the big six or goes to any of their bars.

There is none of this band together bullshit. This is Veterans screwing veterans behind their backs.

Seymore Klearly

To anyone paying dues to any of the big Six, Fuck Off and die.


@Seymore Klearly – Since I haven’t and never will pay any such dues, they can still fuck off. Many have missed you. Welcome back to the crew of misfits [according to the VA]. LOL


@ANutterVet: There you are, hows you? I am in a foggy state of mind lol. Remember Cool Hand Luke? Boss Paul: You got your mind right, Luke? um no. lol.

Ex va

@Seymore Klearly, welcome back! We haven’t seen you in a while. ?!!


I agree Seymore. Good to see you back.

Totally agree and really great to see you back here Seymore Klearly. I bet the VSO’s also received a nice extra fat deal on a certain brand of ‘craft beer’ in these backroom dealings as well for their lodges/bars scattered across USA. Not a member of any of them. If I were, I would go to the local zoo’s primate section, hand my membership card to one of the primates so they can wipe their ass with it, then place… Read more »




@cj– Nice.

Disgruntled Veteran


GREAT to see you back. Your comment spot on as usual. The dues you pay to the Big 6 VSO’s go into their war chest – – – and veterans are the Enemy.

I belong to none of them, because teats on a boar hawg are more useful than their organizations.


Grass roots movement. Demonstrations in front of recruiters offices. I know – I’m a broken record.

“Don’t Do It Kid – Your Country Doesn’t Honor It’s Commitments.”

Maybe Veterans can get some help from the women who staged the million gal whatever March during the inauguration. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. It’s not like we’d have to hear any more pissing and moaning and whining than what we read here every day … oooooooo that hurt.


GEORGE SOROS paid for that march WINDGUY

If true – so what – it worked. Everybody has their favorite New World Order Globalist JewLuminaziburg boogey man. None of them give a rats ass about Veterans being fucked over by the same cuntry that wants to flag wave the next generation of suckers into the next war so they can get fucked over by the VA too. jus sayin. Pick your poison brother – mmmm tasty. I like mine with a little cinnamon.

LOL…mine taste like hydrocodone’s

Great article Ben. “[Is this merely serendipitous timing by the establishment for VA to ramp down benefits while ramping up reforms or do they know something we do not about upcoming military struggles?]” With all you wrote, I am steaming mad that those 6 major VSO’s seem to think THEY represent MY interests or ANY Veteran’s interest but their own. I also am pissed that VA Sec. Shulkin is obviously more than bedfellows with the 6 big piggy VSO’s and… Read more »
If Insane McCain and that other sorry excuse for a Veteran congress critter joined to his hip…Lindsey Graham, if wither of those blowhards had ENLISTED sons & daughters fighting for their earned benefits after serving, those blowhards would THEN make dramatic changes because…their silver spoons that left the nest are having a poor time dealing with the VA…*alarm* *Alarm* *ALARM* …Congress Critter is personally affected….*alarm*….see how it works with the self-absorbed anuses representing us? Six big piggies went to the… Read more »
?Ex va

??????, ?




Roger Waters – PigsHey you, White House
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You house proud town mouse
Ha, ha, charade you are
You’re trying to keep our feelings off the street
You’re nearly a real treat
All tight lips and cold feet
And do you feel abused?
You got to stem the evil tide
And keep it all on the inside
Mary you’re nearly a treat
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But you’re really a cry

Read more: Pink Floyd – Pigs (three Different Ones) Lyrics | MetroLyrics

The punks wore ‘I hate Pink Floyd’ t-shirts! Those punks have now sold out and do TV commercials for big business. Waters IS the original punk! At 72 he stands alone with the balls to tell it how it is. With the charade that is Trump, with BDS, he is fearless. Where is Dylan, Bono, Geldof, Springsteen, Young, let alone the so called next generation of activists? Where are they?………and I voted for no one. killary would just have us… Read more »
I would think that AFGE Performance Bonuses would be the very first thing cut. Then how about new building projects or old ongoing projects vastly over budget? VA Art and Interior Decorating? VA Public Affairs Budget? Could go on and on…but it’s ALWAYS Veterans that take it in the shorts. Oh, on that subject of COLAS (Cost Of Living Adjustments), the last few years have been dismal and 2017 was actually .003% or something insanely insignificant…I know with 100% Svc.… Read more »

I’m curious, maybe Ben could answer…can a veteran sue for negligence of incompetence by a VSO?

What else would get their attention?

A complaint against their non-profit status would go nowhere since I assume congress would see nothing wrong with how they do business.

What would the VSOs do if veterans started a media campaign of posting videos showing them cutting up their membership cards?

Would they even care?

Wouldn’t that be oxymoronic since they were incompetent, as standard operating procedure? I just saw on my local news some coverage from today in D.C., specifically about the VA, and Spicer as well as some VSO’s were there, and all they said is, “We are looking at some established business models to make the VA more efficient…”, (paraphrased) My FEAR is Trump and Kushner and Shulkin all have been bamboozled into believing they can use the VSO’s to drain the… Read more »

Mt. Trump

Please remember who put you in the White House, not the big six. It was blue collar and Vetetans including myself.

Do not bite the hand that feeds you. If this legislation please remembet the promises you nade. Dont screw the pooch


It’s OK Bill. The other pig in the sty wouldn’t have done us any favors either.


What happened to the Trump promises? Bannon? Ryan? Goldman Sachs?


@Seymour Klearly, good to see you back. I’ve read and read, I don’t get why POTUS is doing this. None of what’s going on now, was on my mind, before today’s post. I feel like one of Dennis’s Veteran’s with prostate cancer. I can even hear the banjos.


Well, were are all the Trumpetista’s extolling the virtue’s of Trump on the blog? If I said it once, I said it twice, you are going to get screwed by Trump just as fast and hard as the next veteran-baiting politician What’s with the man-crush on the Trumpster ?
And the 6% Veterans Administration budget increase ? is a a wash in the final analysis ? What the Trumpster givieth, he takeith away…..

There’s absolutely no error in having *some* hope. I tried that thing called hope 8 years ago and I still have a bitter taste in mouth, it’s no different with either Party and Hillary would have had refugees in line at the VA above and before Vets…a trade-off for another flavor of critter and evil…it never ends, but never will my “HOPE” for change, because that’s all we really have and if we give-up ALL hope, guess whom has won?… Read more »
Seymore Klearly
In the article Ben States “Remember that? Remember who was actually selling that Iraq oil? ISIS. Yes, ISIS was/is selling the Iraq oil.” It is also important to note that it is big oil companies buying that ISIS supplied discounted oil through Turkey. Making sure that ISIS is well funded. Also let us not forget that it is the US government that is not stopping the oil flow. As soon as Russia cut the supply lines of stolen oil out… Read more »
But of course, these wars have never been about oil. R-r-r-r-r-right!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 “Mission Accomplished” simply was poor Pres. Bush thinking since we had the oil all was victory…how many more years later do we find ourselves NOW with more than the second time Syria launched chemical and biological weapons on their own people, with Russia just turning blind eye? Yeah, I hate to say this but my religious upbringing tells me things are incredibly ripe for that thing called ‘Armageddon”.… Read more »
Sherman Gillums
I guess I understand the meaning of “fake news” after reading this article. Under no circumstance did Paralyzed Veterans of America — nor would we — negotiate budget cuts in VA. In fact, we’ve staunchly advocated for an increase in clinical staff, infrastructure repairs at spinal cord injury centers, expansion of benefits for caregivers, and accessible travel options for our members, all of which require more money, not less. To cite rumors that are circulating around Capitol Hill as the… Read more »

Cookie Jar protection mode…is ON! 🙂 ~~~~Gurgle~~~~

Six big piggies went to D.C. market,

Little pig, little pig, let me come in.”
“No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.”
“Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in…~~~~Gurgle~~~~

?Ex va







?ex va

@cj, ROFL!!!


@Sherman Gillums: You think we believe you? After getting fucked year after year? After being lied to by every single VSO? You think veterans think the VA is on their side, or the VSO’s for that matter? I got something for you……….come closer……….closer now……………a little closer……………come on I won’t bite…….this is for you:

..\…………….. /……..\………………/


Ouch! The VA’s double prostate exam where the examiner claps his hands once inside or knits a scarf.


@namnibor: They think everyone is an idiot. First place, if the damn va was actually doing it’s fucking job, Paralyzed Veterans of America, wouldn’t even exsits now would it? So right off the damn bat your beholding to the va, for your very exsitence…………….Righttttt? Same goes for every single other damn group out there as a “so called veterans charity” Your parasites all.


@Namnibor , @cj – And, the last time I was measuring extensions, those fingers where the longest. Oh, it goes deeper. To some, that we be an Ooo, or an Ouch. He, he, he, . . .

Ex va

@ANutterVet, good to see you!

Seymore Klearly

Message to Sherman Gillums. Fuck off you anti-veteran troll.

Ex va
@Sherman Gillums, this is not tabloid journalism! These are facts not fiction discussed. This is real journalism with real problems that no one in the va or va affiliates want to deal with. The government has been throwing money at the va to fix it and then they turn around and mismanage it at the medical centers and other va agencies. I know this for fact. I witnessed it firsthand in clinics and within the medical center operations. The corruption,… Read more »
Crazy elf

I better stop now.
After reading Ben’s Blog today, my blood pressure can’t take much more!
Fuckin’ TROLL!


After seeing so many instances of VSOs pissing down the necks of veterans the past few years and telling us it’s raining, I trust Ben and his sources more than I do you or a VSO.




Sherm, you’ve been around the VA long enough…as an official with the PVA, perhaps you can answer this question.

Why do you believe veterans access to an attorney should be barred such that a veteran has less representation than an illegal alien or prisoner?

Given your position within the PVA, certainly you should be able to answer why we should enjoy less access to legal representation than others.

So lets take a count; Ben says the VSO’s are screwing vets in general over in favor of coddling by the United States Government. Shermin says Ben is lying and denies it all. So one man is a liar and one man is not. How do we determine this? Well lets look at what truths they claim; Ben has a history of obtaining priveledged information through a virtual network of self appointed operatives who work behind the scenes alongside VSO’s… Read more »


Here is what Shermin Gillums of the VA has posted anout him on linkedin; “A widely respected writer and commentator on veterans’ issues, Sherman has written opinion editorials for the NY Times, The Hill, Task & Purpose, Liberty Nation, and Buffalo News publications, and his manuscript on veterans’ unemployment is now published in the Spring 2016 issue of the Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling. He is quoted regularly in Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and Military Times on veterans healthcare… Read more »

@Dennis: Most excellent, no running from that.

Disgruntled Veteran
@Sherman Gillums – – – “BA – DONG, BA – DONG, BA – DONG, BA – DONG. This is not a Drill. This is not a Drill. B – U – L – L – S – H – I – T Alert on the Quarterdeck. I say again B – U – L – L – S – H – I – T Alert on the Quarterdeck. All hands standby to repel BIG 6 VSO’s. B – O –… Read more »

@Disgruntled Veteran – LMAO 🙂 If I had coffee in my mouth at time of reading that it surely would have been all over my screen and the cat would have been attached to the ceiling! 🙂 BA – DONG…VSO Repellant… BA – DONG.


@namnibor: And we just launched an attack against syria……..


This might get really ugly fast.

Disgruntled Veteran
@Nam @cj – – – Foolish, Feel-Good, Empty Gesture. Why is our government now using our military to strike yet another country – – – naively believing that a “limited” strike will solve the problem, while not putting U.S. citizen’s here at home at risk from retaliation? For those who are in need of some review of American Military History, here are the results of some limited strikes over the last thirty years: Lebanon, 1983: U.S. warships in the Mediterranean… Read more »
@Disgruntled Veteran: I hear you DV. My take ont the wmd,s in Iraq, unlike Obama, they made GW wait almost a year for aproval to go to war, in that time the wdm’s were moved to Syria. Who knows for shure who gassed those people? was it Asad? Was it rebels that took over a gas dump? How the hell do we know so fast as who did what? I agree we should no be there at all, We had… Read more »
Disgruntled Veteran
@cj – – – You make plenty good sense to me. And you are ALWAYS yourself. Hell, we wouldn’t have you any other way. Love you just as you are, fellow patriot. (808) 483-0591 if you need to talk. I never answer calls if I do not know who is calling, so show your number, then leave voicemail. Will call back. I have had to wean myself off of controlled substance before. Not fun. Can’t say I liked it much.… Read more »

@Disgruntled Veteran: Thank you for the kind words DV. Your a special kind of awesome. 🙂

Disgruntled Veteran

@cj – – – with regards to retaliation, I am thinking more of the SPLENDID opportunity this presents to Russia and Iran. Time tight today, will get back with details later. But for now – – – Putin and the Ayatollahs are sitting in the Catbird seat.

That Tomahawk strike just put them there . . .



I find this so disgusting and hard to put into words. Yes, I understand the need to control spending in DC, but not on the backs of those maimed after being sent into battle by the very fucks who refuse to nut up and reign in spending elsewhere. Its disgusting to me to see what our feral goobermint spends money on, when one of their Constitutional duties is to provide for the defense of this nation. They will find that… Read more »

Poop Canons and raccoons, Desperate times require desperate measures.

The problem with poop canons now is just exactly how does a walking piece of shit even know when more shit is falling upon it? They lap it up and fill the hallways.

Let’s try raccoons first. Sufficiently rabid raccoons on tons of steroids. 🙂

Crazy elf
Hey Seymore, glad you’re back! What a hell-of-a-lot of B/S huh! Why the Hell did I even come on here today?! My blood pressure is at “maximum overdrive”! Every day we see where the VA fucks veterans. Today’s blog is one of the worst yet. The VA wasn’t supposed to dole out bonuses since 2014-5! But they have – each year. Those slimy little AFGE turds keep getting the best of everything. And veterans keep getting the short hairs! A… Read more »
Crazy elf
Oh, and by the way, Ben Carson had an audit done at HUD. You’ll be pleased to know, HUD had “misplaced $539.8 BILLION DOLLARS!” He’s calling it “FRAUD”! That’s over a half TRILLION DOLLARS, brothers and sisters! It’s coming out from MANY news sources since the first article broke on Tuesday! And Rep. Chaffetz, in his committee on Tuesday, used Amazon as a guideline on how our government spends money to help people after a Natural Disaster! Example; FEMA! He… Read more »
Yeah, that HUD thing is but only a drop in the bucket when they hit the other Federal Agencies, namely the VA and DoD…but I have yet to hear Shulkin utter the word ‘audit’ yet, and whomever ben Carson used for HUD audit, they should use for the VA. I do recall Obama increased the ceiling where Section 8 housing pays per month for any given apartment based on family size or individual, which was also Obama’s agenda of bringing… Read more »

@Crazy elf: I agree 100%


Later gators.

Charles, dysfunctional , pissed , ex-medic , ex- nurse , service connected and nursing career ended fed up Vet
Charles, dysfunctional , pissed , ex-medic , ex- nurse , service connected and nursing career ended fed up Vet

Veterans Screwed Yet Again ! At Least Kiss Me You Perverts ! Twenty emails a day from these so called VSO’s asking for donations ! Made DAV take down a glowing , fake Reveiw from this life time member .Time for pain med and Nerve pill . Murderous bastards !

My regional VA has VSO workers under their employees. I thought VSO officers were suppose to help veterans…My county VSO is quite helpful but economic downfall lead me to request my most recent claim to be expedited. I emailed my VSO at the regional level and was told no. I absolutely let my sailor mouth roll out the red carpet on that. I was passed to a VSO who is new and I’ve never dealt with and she was the… Read more »

@PK: Good to see you back PK.

Holy Crap! Pres. Trump is considering military action against Syria. Lots of hipsters better get that shit shaved off their face and ready to eat sand. 🙂 By the way: nuclear is not ideal anytime, but it’s a particularly bad can of worms for the fact that the sand that would not get instantly fused into glass or vaporized, a significant amount of silica would be cesium & more goodies loaded and the very silica thrown about all over the… Read more »
Crazy elf

Methinks it’s going to be time for the “DRAFT” to come back into the lives of many young people!
Oh, what a day that will be for all those “Candy Ass Millennials” who believed in Hillary Clinton’s Amerika!
I’m going to laugh my ass off when I see all these asswipes trying to escape from it!
Oh, and being a “LGBTQ” ain’t gonna help them one bit. They “bleed red” just like everyone else!

Crazy elf

I forgot.
Back in 1976, while I was in the Navy, we used to say –
“Drop a couple nukes about 100 feet off the ground. Turn all of the Middle East into a Sheet of Glass. Then, go in and take the oil!


So does this mean more reduction letters to Vets? I was given compensation for PTSD and I wouldn’t be surprised if they try and target me to save money. It kind of sick because I can’t depend on that extra money to improve the quality of my life. If I could I would move into a nice apartment from the room I currently rent next to a garage.

Seymore Klearly
Has anybody seen the chart on Dr. Nass’s Blog about the relationships and connections between the Obama administration and the Media? Seems like the spouses of personal at the fake news networks all worked in the Obama administration. Guess he employed the spouses to get the bias news coverage. So wee as tax payers were paying these spouses what a half million apiece per year to provide Obama with Biased news coverage. “http://anthraxvaccine.blogspot.com/2017/04/pesonal-relationships-between-media-and.html” If you click on the image it… Read more »
Seymore Klearly

A quick example: Susan Rice, who is all over the news lately is married to Ian Cameron, who was an executive producer of the new over at CBS.

Rice is the one who was spying on Trump all during the election and then his transition team after he won.

Seymore Klearly

My bad, Susan Rice’s husband, Ian Cameron, was and executive producer at ABC news not CBS.

Debra Stringfellow
Hey howdy ya’ll!! Yep I’m a newbie to your post. Yes I am a woman.wife of Vietnam Veteran. Boy did I have my work cut out for me when we went to Regional Office in person with evidence to support his claim. Ok I did all the work. No brag just fact. Had what they did not expect lying in my lap through it all. Husband asked permission for wife to speak, oh hell yeah I loved it go to… Read more »

@Debra Stringfellow: No need to apologize for language here 🙂 Speak your mind.

Debra Stringfellow

Well sounds like more money going into VA pockets not the Veterans that put their life on the line. I am very disappointed in the “big Six”.
WE all know who the liar is.
Oh crap here we go again…..Trump bombing Syria !!

By the way , Thanks cj


)@Debra Stringfellow: No need to thank me, I have a tendency lose it every now and then, not the nicest words come out lol. It is a good stress reliever.:

Seymore Klearly

I see that it is now for firkin real in Syria. We just launched 50 Cruise Missiles their.


Russians are arming nukes in Baltic sea.

Seymore Klearly
“The U.S. military launched approximately 50 cruise missiles at a Syrian military airfield late on Thursday, in the first direct American assault on the government of President Bashar al-Assad since that country’s civil war began six years ago. The operation, which the Trump administration authorized in retaliation for a chemical attack killing scores of civilians this week, dramatically expands U.S. military involvement in Syria and exposes the United States to heightened risk of direct confrontation with Russia and Iran, both… Read more »
Seymore Klearly
Now for something really scary. Prior reports on the air base that was hit by the cruise missiles. Dec. 2015 “Report: Russia is building a second military airbase in Syria” “Russia is planning on expanding an Assad regime air base in central Syria into a second base of operations for Moscow’s air assets in the war-torn country, various sources report. The new base will be located southeast of Homs at the current Syrian military base of Shaayrat, AFP reports citing… Read more »
Seymore Klearly

In other words, it is likely we just bombed Russian assets in Syria.


But this False Flag “sarin gas attack” in Syria was poorly staged by CIA and Israel — since emergency personnel handled victims of the fake sarin attack using bare hands (no protective gloves). That would never happen in a real chemical weapons attack — since the paramedics would get contaminated with neurological toxins.


Grrrrr Black sea and Baltics.


My comments on Syria have no bassis in fact…