DisabledVeterans.org Wishes You A Happy Memorial Day


DisabledVeterans.org Memorial DayBenjamin KrauseI’d like to extend a “Happy Memorial Day” from DisabledVeterans.org. What is on your mind this Memorial Day? I know some of us think about our fallen brothers and sisters. Others think about why it is we fight abroad. And still others fall somewhere in the grey between the two. I hope you are spending the day with family or friends. Thank you for your continued readership and be sure to tune in tomorrow.

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  1. Memorial Day is always a bad time for me. So is Veterans Day Nov.11th. It was on Veterans Day in 1966 in Kontum Province RVN that I lost so many buddies in combat. Both days are bad for me. Thank God I still like Christmas so much!

  2. I worry about the VAMC Directors and other VAMC executives on Memorial Day, I just hope the greedy parasite bastards received enough pay and bonuses to assuage their guilt feelings for the harm done to vets by their cynical money grubbing.

  3. My brother back alive in 1970 and still suffers. I just salute \ all that here and those that are gone.? All are heroes.

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