VA Surgeon Alan Koslow

$950k Settlement: Veteran ‘Gutted Like A Fish’ By Incompetent VA Surgeon

One veteran will receive $950,000 after he was “gutted like a fish” by a VA surgeon who was on probation and fined by the Iowa Board of Medicine.

Navy veteran Kevin Langager was the victim of malpractice at the hands of a surgeon hired to work at his VA just months after being publicly reprimanded in another state for alleged misconduct.

The botched surgery occurred in December 2015 at the hands of surgeon Alan Koslow. The doctor was on probation and publicly fined by the Board of Medicine in Iowa following an investigation into allegations of incompetence and disruptive behavior in October 2015.

VA is prohibited from hiring doctors whose licenses were revoked or suspended, but not doctors whose licenses are on probation.

The legal documents say Langager “was left to be a guinea pig at the behest of the VA, which is supposed to advocate for the veterans of this country.”

Koslow, now retired, denied wrongdoing in both Iowa and in the Langager surgery. He claims the allegations in Iowa were false but that he was unable to properly fight the allegations due to an inability to keep paying an attorney.

The doctor moved back to Iowa and has since renewed his license, which is still on probation. His license in California was revoked citing the Iowa allegations. New York regulators barred Koslow from providing direct patient care in that state.

Langager is not finished with Koslow. He filed a complaint in Iowa about the surgery. “Hopefully, he’ll lose his license completely and not be qualified to ever change a bedpan,” Langager said.

Earlier this week, I covered the growing story about VA’s continued negligent hiring of medical doctors and other clinicians with tarnished reputations. How long will it take for VA to get the picture?

Many VA insiders frequently complain about the agency’s difficulty hiring qualified professionals due to the press publishing stories like this one. Should the press stop reporting on VA’s penchant for negligently hiring unqualified or incompetent doctors?

If we stopped reporting, would VA correct course?

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  1. Off Topic but Now Relevant – Prez Trump’s actions on VA has been nothing but planned symbolics. Its all on paper with no teeth to make a bite (difference).

    Like a newborn suckler, nothing but soft gums. Tingling isn’t it?

  2. It’s great to see so many veterans speaking out. Bens site has helped so many veterans, at least have a small voice.

    Some of your fellow veterans, are not able to find this site or know what we really think.

    You may have or not seen the Facebook option on many reports.

    I do respond to this site and many other news reports and say my peace about what I have been trough, by the hands of the department of veterans Affairs.

    Hell, if you have something to say, say it to the World. Facebook gets seen all over the world.

    Veterans from all Countries need to know America Veterans will not put up with the Bull shit, that is going on.

    Let’s use every tool we can to bring justice to those who have been harmed by the very people who entrusted to care for them after they defended their Country !

    God bless all of you and God help this Land we Love and call home.

    1. I’ve been public and out here for years now and all I’ve seen or experienced is more hate, divisions, those who won’t or can not get involved. I haven’t seen many people really concerned or sharing stories, asking why some vets are totally ignored or being attacked openly and oddly or behind the scenes… from the top down and full circle in some towns or areas. Seen more action about the fluff stories on puppies and kitties which is sad and to see in such a pathetic nation as ours. And about what kind of media, government, officials, department heads, unions, VSOs to the censors and foreigners we may deal with. Seems most are excellent at wallowing, eating, and putting up with all the BS the enemies, traitors, unions, liars, the corrupt, professional classes, any authority or agency thought of, et al, can dish out and get by with in the new America. Stop and think about all the people, gossip, connections, attack dogs, traitors, incompetent, professionals, etc., it takes to attack some vet or person wanting simple rights to health care or to expose some very serious issues … but to get attacked, dismissed, to being black-balled or a home burnt down over politics, leaving a stupid CBOC with revolving door PCPS, full of activist Marx-fems we aren’t supposed to talk to or question, then thrown to other wolves with secret notes for further sick attentions and attacks. All funny and dismissed all around. Seems the enemies have us blocked in, targeted by countless types, and surrounded with people fearing to even spread our stories around. Fearing. Nearly to total communication break-downs and all that cool fascism and tyranny people are enjoying while playing politics and activist of hate.

      1. Ha. Another fifteen message notifications just on FB alone. Open it up…. all gone. Thanks commies! You too in DC and Indiana state house…. down. Slime bags. lol I’m supposed to be respectful or follow rules of order and such. more LOL.

  3. Through the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), eligible HRSA-supported health centers may be granted medical malpractice liability protection with the Federal government acting as their primary insurer. To receive coverage, grantees must submit an initial deeming application to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Primary Health Care and meet the requirements to attain deemed status. Renewal applications for redeeming must be submitted on an annual basis to continue coverage.

    A deemed health center, its employees, and eligible contractors working within the approved scope of project are considered federal employees and are immune from lawsuits for medical malpractice. A patient who alleges acts of medical malpractice by a deemed health center cannot sue the health center or the provider(s) directly, but must file the claim against the United States Government.

    1. Remove VA from under Tort Laws & then law suits will be filed & won, then and only then will VA’s sensitivity be challenged & changed. Until then Vets die and the rest goes around in circles.

  4. VA insiders complain about the press reporting on VA incompetence.

    So its the fault of the press that a VA flunky decided to take a chance and hire someone who had known infractions for incompetence and that incompetence was shown in that VA?

    Hey VA insiders, start hiring competent doctors and other medical professionals, and you won’t have to whine about press coverage. Pretty fucking simple.

    Hey VA insiders, veterans are maimed and killed by your hiring actions, and you sole fucking concern is bad press?

  5. I filed a WH Hot line complaint on the enormous Fayetteville AR malpractice situation , last year- and was contacted by OAWB.
    I had extensive evidence of how the VA hides their malpractice stats- one way being failure to report doctors who cause these settlements under FTCA to the National Practitioners Data Bank. The NPDB in turn advises every state data bank of disciplined doctors ( VA or otherwise),so anyone in the public can know of their past.
    Also there is the elusive “area 1151″- not where the aliens are, but where the hidden stats on how much cash is paid to veterans/ or their survivors due to VA malpractice. 38 USC ,Section 1151.
    There has never been any accounting to the NPDB on the multiple doctors who malpracticed on my husband at two NY VAMCs. I was awarded DIC 1151 at the regional level.

    Those 1151 payments are absorbed into the total compensation payments in the BVA’s annual reports- if the 1151 claim was denied at the RO and then awarded at the BVA.I checked with the BVA ombudsman on that.

    I am a FTCA /1151er. After the VA caused my husband’s death, I was able to prove he also had died of 2 AO presumptives, AO IHD and AO DMII.

    Senator Gardner has proposed a Bill (S 221) called the Department of Veterans Affairs Provider Accountability Act” calling for all major adverse personnel actions “involving certain health care employees ” be reported to the NPDB, as well as to state licensing boards.

    I am trying to find out if this resulted from my OAWB evidence. I am preparing a letter to Senator Gardner, to include all payments of compensation made under Section 1151 awards, as well as to define
    “Certain health care employees.”

    I believe that means the fact that your VA doctor might not even be a VA doctor, but contracted instead by many contracting firms.
    I believe Ben was one of the first advocates to reveal the Tally Case.

    Mr Tally had been malpracticed on with resulting disability by his “doctor”.

    His VA “doctor” had an office at the VA, wore a VA lanyard, and a white doctor’s coat and treated him to the point of severe malpractice.

    VA OGC claimed it took them 8 months after FTCA had been filed , to find that the doctor was not a VA employee but hired through a contractor. California, unlike most states where this happened has only a year SOL. I told Tally’s lawyer the VA BSed him- the VA publishes a list of their contractors, but changes it

    all the time- as they move these doctors around. The Cal. SOL had run out by time Mr Tally’s lawyer learned this ‘doctor’ did not work for the VA at all and was not subject to FTCA.

    If your VA medical provider is NOT a VA employee-MANY of them aren’t any more, you have no 1151 or FTCA recourse and must sue them in a federal court, if they malpractice on you.

    When I say “them” I dont know if you have to sue the individual and/or the contracting firm, usually these are the same C & P firm contractors and we all know how that goes.
    I sure hope some lawyer out there will consider a class action case against VA, due to the fact that MANY veterans and their survivors have to obtain costly IMO/IMEs these days, to succeed in their claims, all because they got a lousy C & P exam that denied a valid claim. The cost of Independent medical exams and opinions can be thousands of dollars, and involves the first time anyone really looked over a veteran medical records and SMRs.

    I feel the cost of these non VA opinions are “damages” the veteran incurred due to faulty C & P exams.

    I had to call the WH again to get a copy of a posthumous examination,been waiting since August, that overlooked my evidence, a 4 page report from the VACO Top Cardiologist. I filed CUE immediately and the denial became an award in 3 weeks. But that is not the point-
    I do not believe anyone with any medical knowledge did the C & P exam.
    What I have is in the SOC, yet I do not know who did it. I think a VA VSO wrote it for his boss, the director.

    Sorry for this long post. My husband, a decorated Vietnam Combat vet, died at age 47 due to VA health care. I have fought about the NPDB issue for 2 decades. Maybe now something might be done.
    The Bill does state ‘Providers’ and that sounds like any medical professional who works for the VA- but
    nowadays those ‘providers’ might be from contracting firms like QTC, VES, and LHI, and are not VA providers at all.

    …..Points I will make to the Senators who are listed on the bill.

    1. The ever so lovely and wonderful Ms. Berta!!! You are a true hero to Veterans and their families alike!

    2. Ms Berta you are wonderful to express your knowledge and experience in this forum. I can tell you the VAMC in Albuquerque uses “Freeway Doctors” in the MH programs because they can’t get anyone to stay on with them. The environment is so bad with a bunch of old hacks running the place and it was common when I was a patient that the shrink would try to slip in eligibility questions that would affect your claim. Its not real care, it’s more about how they can get rid of you. Most staffers just want to show up for a paycheck and the Daily Donut. You will see Vets in the parking lot leaving the hospital mad as hell, every day. I stopped going there and moved out of state for my own health and well being.
      Thinking that I would be fine here in my new Arkansas home I had to report a change of address so I did that only to get a VA employee on the phone trying to poach my Bank Account number presumably to effect a robbery later on. I dissented aginst her demands, she did not file my address change as she said she would her and then I filed a WH complaint. The complaint was followed up by the same person’s supervisor who did apologize and indicated the employee would be counseled. So far its been OK but my wife and I are still on guard because the abuse never seems to end. I ave not seen a VA Doctor in months and I am not well– I’m afarid to approach the VA in Fayetteville. A medical resident lives across the stree from me and regails it as being great- I look at him incredulously. Yeah right, great for zombiefied morons who don’t mind being poked and kicked around by alcoholics.
      I hope that whatever you got from the government is locked down and secured , that our words will be a warning to all those who have served. They are still trying to victimize us, the VA is a Culture of Control and Abuse. The VA does not provide a culture of care and compassion. The new program being launched under Trump’s E.O. is nothing more than a mass surveillance program targeting Veterans and gives license to any vindictive citizen social justice schmuck to persecute us for who and what we are. Watch your backs , everyone.

    3. Please tell us who is OAWB. I tried looking that up and cannot find it. As I am really afraid of VA Providers I need to know as much as I can. If anyone knows what this meas please post the 411. Thanks so much.

  6. i live in the Philippines , there are very good doctors here, in Cebu ,there easy to see and there cheap 10,00 dollars to 20 dollars i have had surgery here no problem ,i have picked my doctors to know the ones that have really good training ,they go to siminars in America and other countries to keep up on new things, had a friend had heart attack,it cost him around 20,000 dollars to repair his heart, it would of been close to 80,000 in America are more,i just had endo and clonen done up my as$ and down my throat, it cost me ,600,00 dollars i paid for it, try that in America !! i wanted it checked ,if i want to check my blood,i go to lab ,do not see a doctor tell them what i want and pay for it, i can get my colesterol and other test done for around 20,00 dollars so the Philippines has good doctors,you have to look at how many people they have coming to see them ,if they only have a few,maybe not so good, cebu doctors hospital,Preptual hospital and chawang wa are good hospitals, compared to America,i had nomonia,i was really sick was in the hospital for like 5 days cost me around 400,00 dollars i had good doctor i would be dead i was so sick, i have my own condo now cost me 60,000 for 2 bedroom almost 80 s m i spent another 5 ,000 fixing it the way i wanted its cheap hear i am looking at the water about 3 miles away form the 23 floor with door open, its not hot are cold, never even wear a jacket,i hate cold ,been hear for 19 years, i pay for all my bills around 250,00 dollars a month, not counting food they have a VA in Manila get my medicine from and i buy the better medicine for my health do not count on the V A ,try to get your own doctors,if your a smoker are drinker stop,stop eating getting over weight,i am 68 my blood pressure and sugar ,colesterol is ok,i do not est fat food ,try it !!!!!!! the V A needs to be closed !!!!!!

  7. The best Doctor I ever had at the VA was forced to resign because she fought for Veterans from getting their pain meds cut off cold turkey. Since then I have had one incompetent Foreign doctor after another. Lack of English, lack of concern and lack of care because in their respective country life is cheap. Are we all just going to die off without a fight. No one is stronger than a group of pissed off Vets.

  8. Is anyone else getting blocked on the daily e-mails?
    I’m on yahoo and the mail stopped coming in after March 1, 2019. I wrote to Ben tonight abiut this. Looks like Yahoo is trying to interfere with the e-mail notifications. All my folders and block list have been checked and I do not see any action there so its happening upstream and may be evidence of Yahoo messing with veterans and it may involve … you guessed it–the VA. Now why would the VA want us to stop getting our mail from Ben? Lets see: would that be something like controlling the semantic interface CIA style? It had to take a gymnasium full of mind-F**k psychiatrists to come up with that ( you know they are working on DSM-5, 300 new pathologies all computerized with push button screens. ” Lets see if we can get a synaptic twitch when we stop the e-mail” we can put the veteran into e-mail coma this way. Don’t you all just love the way things are now… Especially the 1-800 tel# for anyone to report us to Homeland Sec for maybe being a little pissed off. ” Gee I don’t want him to off himself on my block”.
    Big Brother has come upon us via E.O., and it smells like communism with detention camps coming soon.

    1. Russ, you may try to check all three notification blocks here on Ben’s site for starters. Check them all and that will change too at times leaving them un-checked. Then check for any updates for a browser, e-mail service, net providers, etc. Some services are up-dating and screwing things up even though you may have something checked like NOT wanting auto loads or updates which they DO on their own anyway. Get something like Malware Bites and CCleaner, etc. That still doesn’t block thousands of tracking cookies and such on my pc. While I am thinking to go other routes for using a pc. Lynex I think it’s called. No way to stop the blocking and censoring like with FB, it comes and goes. Stuff is being blocked or not allowed to spread around or forward either like in ‘messenger.’

      My major bitch is all the censoring going on and with attitudes like with the VA and other anti-American issues… ‘no negatives allowed or wanted.’ We out here are considered ‘too negative for community peace of mind or prosperity.” People laugh when I claim we are living in one, one, of the worlds worst open air prison camps with the way things are. Social engineering, lack of truths, news, info, totally ignored, no access for due process to those that will attack us or try to burn our homes down, not being able to trust a soul in the state or city. Sad shit but people think it’s funny, far from it when we there are things, people, issues, professions, ethics issues, groups, associations, cliques, etc., that we are not supposed to even mention or question… or else. But the propaganda continues on non-stop about us being free or our troops fighting for our freedom or others while we are oppressed and screwed at every turn… for those with the eyes and ears to see it. And why I am hated so much in my lefty three college college town full lefties and the state in total ruined, occupied, controlled, corrupt to the core.

  9. A Horror scenario for this poor Veteran, the SOB should of have had been denied any hospital privileges, I’m lost for words, I hope he never retains his license in any state the VA is ignorant in the way it hired this incompetent, arogant buffoon

  10. Why can’t the VA be held to the same standard as the rest of the clinics and hospitals operating in the U.S.?

    1. Why, because the US Congress lets them do what they want. This is hell for most Vietnam Veterans. 8 million of them. Seems like a guy named John Kerry had something to do with selling us all out. Sold down the Trabong River a long time ago.

    2. Standards, laws like HIPPA are worthless in some areas. What the “same’ stuff they are really good at is collaborating with the VA retaliations, screwing with our med filies just as bad, covering up for each, not wanting involved in veteran’s or patient’s issues over wrong doing or chronic malpractice. It’s all about more censoring, not allowing the public to know what is really happening behind closed doors or in some clinic whatever. If we, some, can’t get anyone involved for some truth or investigations or concerns “from the top” then are are just totally screwed full circle. Corruption like intentional suffering, all the blocking and censoring the protecting of “their own” is beyond fixing. Civvy care for me locally is just as bad if not worse now than the VA. Same illegal crap, covering-up, keeping files from me, threats to harassment, etc. Standards??? From a so-called health care community and state’s medical boards, HHS, etc? We are not in America any longer.

  11. Before accepting a surgical procedure – MAKE THEM SIGN!

    To whom it may concern.

    I Doctor ………………………………………………………………..
    Licence Number …………………………………………………..
    Who, about to do a surgical procedure,
    On Veteran …………………………………………………………..
    Do hereby solemnly declare,
    That my medical qualifications are intact and have not been revoked, suspended or otherwise been impaired in any of The United States of America.


    1. Now, there you go assuming English may be at very least a third adopted language;better have that in every dialect from India (there’s a hell of a lot), and every hut language National Geographic is still working on deciphering.
      (Witch drs likely don’t even have to have writing skills, just good zombie dust cornhole tosses)?

  12. Damn,
    $950,000 could have saved a lot of vets from committing suicide.
    Could have housed lots of homeless veterans.
    Could have been spent hiring experienced healthcare professionals!

    1. Or could have been spent in HR getting better surgeons. Maybe a little on Surgeons salaries.

    2. Have you even been in the service or used VA medical care? Sounds like no. So he should have not sued? F that.

      1. Not how I read these posts. I read them that CE and Lem are writing about the VA’s priorities, and how the self-serving moves the VA makes so often end up being self-defeating.

        Had the VA done the right thing to begin with, ALL outcomes would have been better, instead of a Veteran being maltreated and then being paid money for irrecoverable bodily injury.

        I don’t think either CE or Lem meant that the original Veteran should not have sued. Just my reading, though.

      2. Steven is absolutely right as far as I’m concerned. Doing the right thing is always the best economics. By hiring the cheap doctor they paid him, what, $475,000 per year extra for 2 years when the could have gotten a good surgeon for half that. And that doesn’t count the botches that go unknown by this quack.

    3. Just how much did this vet actually get from the awarded amount?
      Will he continue on taking chances at some VA for care? Rolling the dice?

      Anyway that seemingly big amount is nothing compared to today’s medical and pharmacy costs. A five day stay in an Eskenazi hospital and the like is the ICU just to be stabilized, none of the many required surgeries needed later for any possibility of life and putting Humpty Dumpty together again was over, over, a million bucks, more bills flooding is swiftly, a thirty thousand 15 min chopper ride to them, plus VA styled treatments and lack of communications or notifications. With clowns like them joined at the hip with the VA and the med colleges, and being over others in the state in some manner, training, billing, audits, etc.

      On with the idiocy of med care pros demanding we sign contracts to not sue for any malpractice, mistakes, etc. But they can sue us for non-compliance to failing drug test in some way or whatever they want to claim? Plus some for non-disclosure or gag like orders? Everything is on their side plus the ability to jack with our info and files.

      And boy is FB and others having some fun with me again today. LOL

      1. It was a settlement. May count future dollars in an otherwise non SC disability. (at least from a court award that I read) It had both the cash award and the future benefits totaling. I’ll look it up later and post it. It was more for the non treatment of PTSD

      2. Thanks Lem. Just curious cause of what others and myself have dealt with. And other got more than I did in some non-VA cases.

  13. In December 2016 I had a sentinel lobe biopsy for malignant melanoma. This was my second cancer surgery. They performed a lymphadecty but failed to perform the second operation that is performed concurrently. This resulted in me having numbness pain and lymphedema. In addition when they had performed the first cancer surgery and removed the original tumor that surgeon had nicked the tumor and that had resulted in the infected malignant lymph nodes which were removed in the second surgery Because the minute bit of tumor had traveled through my lymph node system to the nearest lymph nodes and infected them. Them failing to provide the second surgery that is normally performed concurrently when a limb for deck to me is performed is not the normal standard of care at any hospital in the United States. Clearly that’s malpractice. When I went and confronted my doctor he said he simply didn’t know how To do the second surgery. He also had told me I needed six surgeries and would die in 12 months prior to performing a pet scan. He told me he didn’t have time to schedule a pet scan they were too backed up. And I would light up like a Christmas tree anyway so why bother. He also told me not to bother with cancer chemotherapy because it was $110,000 around took 10 months to administer and I wouldn’t live long enough to finish a round of chemo. That’s the way doctors Treat patients here in Gainesville Florida at the VA. They also had one drug for stage III and one drug for stage four for chemotherapy. In desperation I sought a second and third opinion after my two botched surgeries and found that after having a pet scan I needed no further surgeries and that there were multiple immunotherapy drugs one block away at the hospital across the street where I am now seeing and have pets Guinns annually. The VA shares residence with this hospital and was fully aware that the surgeon at the civilian hospital knew how to perform the lymph a deck to me and the other surgery that is performed concurrently and could’ve avoided lymphedema with me but they choose not to send me across the street. I have insurance which paid for everything. So sending me to the civilian hospital would have caused the VA nothing except Making the effort. They thought I was going to die on 12 mos, they didn’t care about my quality-of-life so they didn’t even bother with pet scans or with doing the surgeries properly as they should’ve been done. I had complications from the second surgery and had to go to the emergency room twice, had to be re-hospitalized and bled out of my arm for over three weeks. After my third trip to the emergency room they sent me up to surgery and when I demanded to see a surgeon because I was bleeding on the floor tech called the VA police on me. Thankfully the VA Police got me a surgeon and took me to the patient advocate and bought me a cuppa coffee. Kudos to the Gainesville VAMC police Who stated I had exhausted every route possible in seeking to have my problem resolved over 3 1/2 weeks to no avail. Several weeks later the chief of staff sent me a certified letter chastising me for throwing a fit and demanding medical treatment. Clearly he wasn’t in touch with what’s going on in his hospital nor did he bother to contact me personally. Instead he made me out to be the bad guy when the medical records clearly leave a long trail indicating the failings of his medical staff. I should have sued them but frankly the stage four cancer diagnosis was so overwhelming a lawsuit was the last thing on my mind. Just trying to live was all I could think about. We serve our country for this kind of treatment. My father served (in Vietnam) but he didn’t return he was KIA. I’ll bet he’s rolling over in his grave knowing the treatment that I received when I was facing a cancer death sentence. Shame on the Gainesville VA!

  14. Can’t even get a pair of usable eyeglasses from VA. I had colon surgery, doctor said he fouind a little cancer in my biopsy. No chemo. or rad. treatments. I’ve always wonder if this surgery was even necessary. Afterward, the doctor was transferred somewhere else. Needless to say I don’t use VA-VHA, but am trusting in and waiting on God. I really don’t want to die in a VAMC and be left in a shower to decompose. I writing down my experiences at VA, if it turns into a book I might be able to afford some real health care.

  15. Yep hmmh that’s right, I wrote a research paper in graduate school “The culture of War” on the premise that war has been historically cultivated by the aristocratic/plutocratic society to their greedy advantage. My point is that the troglodyte mentality of the VA is deeply ingrained and takes a lot of time and a lot of work to eradicate and evolve. Unfortunately at the expense of the veteran’s health, livelihood and life. Again, my point is that the current mentality of the VA, and government in general, is that the public is uneducated and unaware of their dastardly deeds and that the modern-day veteran, and society in general, is going to be intimidated by this outdated bullying behavior. But keep the faith this battle for justice is part of the process! It gives me great hope and comfort when I read about people speaking their truth as that is what will set us free.

    Peace Out

  16. There are some good providers in the VA system, but the VA’so penchant for hiring foreign physicians that can’t barely speak English can’t be ignored. My husband saw one after his previous provider was forced to retire(she was fantastic, by the way), his exam was cursory at best. Did not even touch him, a patient with NASH, a liver issue, copd, emphysema, diabetes (the cause of all his health issues) and refused to print his labs and give them to us prior to leaving the office, citing privacy issues, uhhhh, the patient was asking directly, privacy does not enter the pictue. As a result of this refusal, my husband walked out of that office with an undiagnosed urinary tract infection that with his NASH could have resulted in death if it had continued. I went online 3 days later, saw the bacteria count and called the VA director in Tuscaloosa and after speaking to several other providers, got the necessary antibiotics to treat the infection. I filed a formal complaint against thus provider, he is still there. But, I demanded another provider and got one. Veterans and their caregivers have GOT TO START FIGHTING BACK! File complaints and don’t take no for an answer. At least with the VA in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham a lot of specialist are affiliated with UAB.

    1. Anita….this actually mirrors my experiences. I run into lousy providers, who are known to be lousy by “everyone” at the clinic, so that when I raise an issue, I am re-assigned to a better Dr., but the “lousy” one keeps working.

      This is the kind of issue I really feel we could have an impact on. This almost certainly goes on at nearly every clinic, because quality of care is not defined by reliable metrics—it’s just a slogan. So when it happens, no one cares, and when it doesn’t, no one cares. Both result in our loss, because the solid Drs. are overwhelmed, and the lousy ones don’t care.

    2. Sorry for the double-post, unrecoverable typo!

      Anita….not ALL Drs. educated in foreign countries are useless or unable to speak English (at all, or well enough to be understood). And not all US-educated Drs. are great (see the guy who’s surgery initiated this thread—White, Older, Male).

      My current Primary Care is a Teaching Physician and originally from India. Her English is excellent, although she has a distinct accent which can trip some veterans up. She is very brusque. But she is also an absolutely solid Dr. Her residents are better than some of the ancient white guys who are creaking out their retirement at the VA, but not all.

      It isn’t about ethnicity or birthplace. It is about competence, professionalism, and dedication. A Dr. must communicate with their patients, and that communications is vital to the relationship between them. Thus no matter what one’s native language, one must be able to communicate with one’s patients.

  17. Listening to President Trump speech before he signed the executive order National Call to Action to Empower Veterans and End the National Tragedy of Veteran Suicide he said we have great doctors in the VA so convinced is the President he said it twice we have great doctors, they’re as good as anybody in the world. Mr President I can’t thank you enough for creating another task force that will that will seek to develop new budget appropriations.

  18. Quote: “His license in California was revoked…! Therefore, he should never have been hired by VA.
    Just thought I’d throw that into the conversation!

    1. CE….AFTER, not before. He was “only” on Probation when the VA saved $$$ by hiring him instead of an actual surgeon.

      Because that…matters…a…lot?

      Let’s just go back to “he should never have been hired…”.

  19. At what point will we veterans, we brothers, we Americans defend ourselves against a corrupt, dishonest self serving government, as did our fore fathers? Before or after we die? Personally, I would rather go down swinging than roll over and die with an I.d. number tatooted on the inside of my arm by the “talking heads”!

  20. Who’s the President that will in fact take charge ? Sounds like the next Presidential campaign speech. Scotty, I’ve got to have more time captain, it won’t fix itself then ! Oh, did anyone see the cancelled check for the wall, from Mexico yet ? You see ladies and gentlemen, without oversight you can be out front just like the last acting A.G. who when the moment was right stepped the hell down, so the new face Mr. Barr, could then be acknowledged as the new A.G. THE WHOLE TIME HE’S IN THE PROCEEDINGS THAT MATTER ! We all see, but if those in power don’t have to acknowledge our existence, then are you really there ? Someone got the idea to change the world that they can control, but nobody lives forever,
    {They will die}the old boys worked it out at the state level then they perfected it as they understand it, at the nation level, but the county is now suffering nationwide, seems the reverse is taking place, how many of these boys will continue to play, before the proverbial uncle is decried among the players, and they go after one another ?

  21. Ben, this was by settlement? “,_The” The Court dismissed the case on Feb 5?

    I’m looking for citations to use in my case.

  22. “Many VA insiders frequently complain about the agency’s difficulty hiring qualified professionals due to the press publishing stories like this one. Should the press stop reporting on VA’s penchant for negligently hiring unqualified or incompetent doctors?
    If we stopped reporting, would VA correct course?”

    Ben, I would suggest that those “VA insiders” opining blame on honestly reported stories about VHA’s tarnished reputation get better educated on the subject, before showing more of their ignorance by professing gossip emanating from the rotten fish heads they must answer to for a paycheck.

    Collectively, we have hashed out many varied stories for discussion on your blog, and in full view for the entire world to digest its contents. I think, rather than hiding behind the excuse of blame held adverse stories, it would behoove those “VA insiders” to opine ways of actually getting VHA facilities and staff en masse, to treat all VA patients as living, breathing human beings possessing aspirations for an as healthy as can be had life, in spite of their presenting illnesses or infirmities.

    The patient maltreatments VHA staff are teaching of how to cover-up all HIPAA violations when in private practice, is surely contributing to the poor care more patients are forced to endure from civilian facilities and insurance providers. The family MD model of healthcare we grew up knowing as our trusted provider, is rapidly going the way of the Dodo Bird and being replaced by independent/autonomous NP’s. Are these private practice NP’s granted hospital privileges as a genuine HIPAA abiding family MD would have? Did these private practice NP’s get their “sweat equity” training from VHA’s stellar NON-diagnosis model for NON-treatment training of ill patients to keep practice costs down?

    Again, this goes to STRATEGY.
    It would be financially advantageous, to “treat” a practice filled with healthy patients only coming in for annual check-ups and vaccinations and churn them through every 10 or 15 minutes, all day and every day. Making the Big Bucks and giving great healthcare to the healthy! The sick ones? Well, if it can’t be fixed or cured in less than three visits, then do as VHA teaches and never do any tests that would reveal their illness. Then order the staff to set appointments for that patient months down the line and reschedule when that appointment time is near. When the patient gets sick enough, or fed up enough, they will leave the practice, allowing to more fully concentrate efforts on the over-booked healthy patients that desperately seek attention! Just like Uncle taught through VHA!

    1. VA insiders need to get better educated on the outcome of their hiring decisions by meeting the veterans crippled by the incompetent fucks they hire, or the surviving family members of those killed.

      Iowa. The same place where another VA quack with a bad history in 2 other states was hired. Then proceeded to do brain surgery on a veteran 4 times in a month before he succeeded in killing him.

      Did VA insiders whine about how they looked in the press when Congress asked a couple questions about that?

      Clearly VA insiders in Iowa have a serious fucking problem hiring quacks since this has happened twice in just 3 years.

      1. Nice to see you, I’ve been scant as well due to a move that’s tried to kill me.

  23. “Guinea pigs.” Lab rats. How many stressors and psych testing can be tolerated. How much tolerance of pain those in DC don’t have to suffer or deal with. That is exactly what we are. Our names are ‘pulled out of the hat’ for this or that or chosen to end pain meds while others are still getting theirs mailed to them, which our group was informed has totally ceased. Then some claim from the VA and AMA stress or un-due stress is a killer? One big lie after another and no-one, no media, no investigations or VA heads to medical boards supporting this stuff will answer any questions, but go on the attack. One groups meds the same, others changed a little, some totally ceased, others report more of? Heart meds working changed to others causing death yet is continued for some? Same with BP to seizure meds? Intentional killing off? Seems so. Then we aren’t supposed to discuss such issues or why between the haves and have-nots, why one group is treated maliciously or differently, or the attack on some specific lab rats? Then to hear all over we are supposed to be ignored cause of too much negativity and negative news is bad joo joo for their voodoo, for the New Age, the PC, college kiddies, all other’s health concerns, and mainstream public? This country like the VA is irreparable in it’s present climate of controls and supports.

    1. “Guinea Pig-In-A-Blanket”- also on Canteen Cafeteria’s daily special with a cloud of operating room flies, and freshly procured bile to wash it all down.

  24. This again,is the VA’s deadly Whack-A-Mole (WHAM) boardgame in-action and who ends-up paying sweat and tears or a death to a family, for VA choosing to relocate any asshole to a new set of buttocks in USA?
    Veterans do! The very ticket to the VA cookie jar. Seems that payout needs another coma to accommodate a few more digits and VA Fuckery (VAF).

  25. The media should never be restricted, by restricting the media the VA only gets cover, and their not going to change course. The VA needs to clean up it’s act first, then you get the good quality professionals, it’s not the other way around.
    ” was left as a guinea pig at the behest of the VA” Insidious.

  26. Will VA EVER correct course? I doubt that the most corrupt department in the fed will ever be corrected.

    1. At this point, the V.A.Titanic May just rollover if attempting to turn it around because it’s poop decks are overflowing to point a loadmaster is pointless.

  27. What reporting? Most I get is from this site which in reality is just a drop in the bucket of needed VA news and info. Locally it’s all fairy dust and perfection. Such news about the VA and other realities is in and has been total local down mode, “not for public consumption.” MSM and a wide collection of others are NOT our friends or allies in this country over anything. In Indiana the sheep don’t, cannot, will not realize just how ignorant they are kept from real news and info. The majority believe and want to remain in that ‘bliss of ignorance.’ But then I am the target and enemy of the majority of cliques, associations, professional types, etc., here. How cool is that?

    Guess I lucked out years back getting surgeries at the VA. One in hospital the other a student just shy of graduating from the attached school of medicine to do some VA projects like me. Did a decent job but just lacking on some info like they wouldn’t stop cutting out tissue till the cancer was gone and that meant anything in the way, nose, eyes, ears, face, etc. LOL I’d been pissed waking up to find half my body and head was removed instead of a slight incision, cosmetic sutures an easy fix. Plus a little bit of contradictions of my care or of their personal opinions and other issues. Then fast forward to today with inability to even find a GP or PCP let alone the need for surgeries… I can’t trust anyone, nada, no-one. Nice. And the “millions of the public are behind us?” Horse feathers and BS.

    In my pursuits of justice or being heard I’ve had the pleasure of discussing issues with town and media type insiders. Oh, their “hands are tied” to help but freely to mention things like “you wouldn’t believe the news that is kept from you and the public.” Oh yes I would. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck or blind to reality. I don’t put anything past the media, why they refuse to report truth or issues of VA being demoted then moved on to head some clinic elsewhere or some position they have absolutely no business in any kind of patient or vet care. Or, if they ‘reported or investigated’ any of the many issues I have and kinds of people dealing with…. “I’d never be able to work in Indiana media again or accepted elsewhere in MSM.” Groovy with that same sentiment across the board with all professions, fears, or “courtesies.”

    Then on to the crap storm of horror stories and such about the state, officials, VA screw-ups, corruption, all covered up or the people too damn afraid to go public with their stories and issues? Too afraid to come out anonymously on Ben’s site to make reports because of fear of tracking or found out? Not a one I’ve talked to has yet to come out using this forum and using the code words so we’d know each other. Others blocked on FB and on it goes? The kickers being big news reports on our medical electronic based files not being secure and full of dangers and leaks. To our fearless leaders and cohorts and SJWs reporting they want illegals made legal and all those ‘refugees” given free education with directions for employment in government including the VA and our health care systems. Wow, just what we need on top of the many other problems we face. Man, not much of that news is easily found or reported on. Not a peep from the VSOs or a wide collection of others in silent mode too. Gee let’s all have a great day. Body count and level of intentional oppression, attacks and suffering today is? Let’s not lose focus on Kardashian’s butt the real important stuff.

  28. This jerk off makes Frank Burns look like Dr. Welby M.D. Lets lock him in a room with a bunch of chimps on acid with knives.

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