Gary Hodge

Accountability Fail: Why Is Known Liar Gary Hodge Still Working At VA?

Gary Hodge

Cases like that of Gary Hodge make me wonder if any American president could be capable of bringing accountability to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Hodge lost his bid to overturn a demotion following being caught lying to investigators about his psychic medium wife’s earnings.

Before an investigation in 2015, Hodge was the manager of the Pension Management Center at Philadelphia VA – – there are only three such locations in the country. After IG slammed his job as manager and the result of his supervision, he was removed and reassigned.

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Three years later, Hodge lost his Merit System Protection Board (MSPB) case trying to overturn a demotion after knowingly giving false information about his wife’s earnings with the intent to deceive investigators.

Are you getting ready to break out your tiny fiddle, folks, to play your tune of sympathy for this tragic VA manager turned worker bee?

This story may seem insignificant, but it gets deeper when you realize his “medium” wife was hired by another Philadelphia VA supervisor to provide psychic readings at an unauthorized party in her home.

What you notice from all these cases is VA OIG singles out personal screw-ups it has known about for years but that have little to do with the massive fraud going on under their leadership.

This way, the bad apples get pushed out while keeping quiet without VA’s massive frauds being exposed nationwide.

How convenient is that for senior leadership and each presidential administration? None of the problems really get exposed, and no one is responsible?

Gary Hodge Case

The Hodge case was decided August 27, 2017, by the MSPB, where the Board upheld two of three charges against him resulting in his demotion from running Pension at Philadelphia VA (GS-15) to being a mere management analyst (GS-13), whatever that means.

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What does a management analyst do, anyway?

Some of you may recall a deeply troubling party held by Lucy Filipov where she pressured agency subordinates into paying around $30 to have their fortunes told by a medium.

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That medium was none other than the wife of Gary Hodge.

When asked, Hodge gave knowingly false information to investigators initially claiming he lacked knowledge of her earnings only later to admit very specific numbers.

An insider forwarded a copy of the unpublished MSPB decision my way for publication for my readers with the hope the Trump Administration will crack down on leadership keeping around known liars.

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But really, after this kind of example, are we really going to see any accountability in situations like this?

My contact said many agency insiders are really upset about Hodge keeping any kind of job within VA – – and I quote (well, a paraphrase really) – – given that he is a “known liar” who retaliated against countless veterans while a supervisor at Philadelphia VA.

Conduct Unbecoming Charge

The Board substantiated the charge that Hodge’s conduct was unbecoming that of a federal employee. The charge is aimed at ensuring the agency’s employees are transparent to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

He failed to be transparent or avoid potential conflicts of interest.

I am personally unclear how on earth anyone at the psychic party failed to contemplate the potential conflict of interest in pressuring employees to partake in a fortune telling by Hodge’s wife.

Lack Of Candor Charge

Basically, Hodge then went on to deceive investigators by repeatedly and falsely asserting he lacked knowledge of how much his wife made as a medium.

So, the lack of candor charge was also substantiated.

His shifty story was worth noting by the Board and seems amusing on the surface. I can picture him sweating while weaseling his way out of termination.

Here is the twisted road of that questioning, explained by the Board:

“Evidently, the appellant advised investigators that he had no knowledge of his wife’s activities or income from the business and suggested it was just a hobby for her with minimal income. As the questioning progressed, however, the appellant stated that “we paid for a vacation.” He also admitted it was “the first year she’s been consistent with it and so we will declare all that this year.” During subsequent questioning, he admitted that his wife earned $6,960 in 2012; $12,850 in 2013; and $13,955 in 2014 for her services as a Medium. To establish that the appellant made the statements attributed to him in the charge, the agency provided a verbatim transcript of the appellant’s interview. See IAF, Tab 3, Subtab 4M. Based on the transcript, it is clear to me that initially the appellant failed to disclose to the investigators certain information that under the circumstances should have been disclosed, i.e., that he had paid for a family vacation using his wife’s earnings and then he disclosed the exact amount of his wife’s earnings over a three-year period which completely undercut his initial statements that he had no knowledge of his wife’s activities or income from the Median business and his suggestion that it was just a hobby for his wife with minimal income.”

Concerning knowledge, the Board found Hodge intended to deceive investigators when he asserted he had no knowledge that his wife earned money as a medium when she purchased a family trip with that money:

“I simply find it hard to believe that the appellant would certify information on an official government document without even verifying with his wife that she had no income. Nevertheless, during the hearing, the appellant testified that he did not even inquire of his wife about her income before completing the forms. He simply assumed that she was not making any money being a Medium. Next, the appellant testified that he has a special needs child as well as his mother-in-law living with him which can undoubtedly be very expensive. Yet, the appellant never even asked his wife what, if any, money she was making. Finally, and perhaps most telling, the appellant ultimately admitted to investigators that he had paid for a vacation using money his wife had provided.”

Cannot Read Fast Letters?

When it came to management, VA failed to substantiate its case that Hodge failed to oversee that employees properly implemented a fast letter.

Fast Letter (FL) 13-10 informs the agency in “establishing dates of claim including guidance for previously unadjudicated claims that are found or ‘discovered’ in the claims folder.”

Former Eastern Area Director Kim Graves testified that Philadelphia VA staff appeared the most confused amongst her regional offices when following the guidance. But, she also testified other regional offices were confused, too.

Filipov and another employee both testified that the guidance “was extremely confusing” and that Hodge never told them to disregard its provisions.

For some background, it was around this time that Philadelphia VA made numerous boxes of improperly processed veterans claims disappear which later became the subject of many House Committee on Veterans Affairs hearings and IG investigations.

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Whistleblower after whistleblower came forward about the missing files. Filipov proceeded to then initiate surveillance on House Committee staffers sent to the location to investigate the missing files.

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Now remember, Fast Letter 13-10 basically addressed how to process claims documents linked to unadjudicated claims in instances, for example, where documents might be found in a claims folder or even in boxes elsewhere in the RO.

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About Gary Hodge And His Penalties

The curious part of the discussion ended with discussion about misconduct and what Hodge deserves for being dishonest about his medium wife’s income:

“She believed that the appellant still has something to offer the agency but she also believed that he could not remain a supervisor because of the loss of trust due to his misconduct. That’s why she mitigated the proposed penalty of removal to a reduction in grade and placed the appellant in the highest vacant nonsupervisory position.”

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Instead of being terminated for dishonesty, Hodge will analyze management and get paid as a GS-13.

Here is what I cannot figure out.

How did the Board fail to substantiate that Hodge did a poor job supervising his employees to not screw vets out of benefits cooking the books?

How is it that known liars like Hodge stay employed while whistleblowers get the ax?

Keep in mind, folks like Filipov and Hodge generally still retire at their highest pay, so the job the score after getting burned by IG is basically a cake walk until they retire, as if nothing really happened.

Leading me to my last question, if Hodge’s wife was so good at fortune telling as a medium, how did she not see this one coming?


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  1. The IG always says no proof veterans were hurt or harmed.

    Maybe we veterans should go sit and record these employees or volunteer at the VA and gather the proof needed record the carp out of them and send it to the Senate committee on veterans affairs.

    Some how these people must be exposed for what they really are. Worthless and dangerous to veterans.

  2. This guy did not loose any money, they uped his step in grade. So he was demoted to gs 13 step 12, in fact he is making more money now. !
    This guy is still in a position to screw over veterans.

    1. Not saying he didn’t get a GS 13 with many steps….BUT there are only 10 steps so it’s impossible for him to be a GS13 Step 12. The highest GS 13 pays 120k and lowest GS15 is 128k so he can’t be making more. Let’s try to be accurate with our criticism.

      1. Believe me, he was getting a much bigger bonus as a GS15 manager. I’m not supporting him at all, but this demotion didn’t give him an increase in income.

  3. What I notice in all these personal screw-ups are 2 things. 1. You can neglect, harm physically, screw with mentally, maim, injure or kill veterans and nothing will happen to a VA employee. 2. Blow the whistle on #1 or steal money from the AFGE and you will be fired in a heartbeat.

    There is nothing about the bullshit VA line about veterans being their top priority that enters into 1 & 2.

    Its not clear who said in the article about not being able to clear him of the 2 charges allowing him to stay in the current grade. Rather than finding ways to excuse his crimes, they should have been finding out how to remove him from his job and prosecuting him. Conduct unbecoming should be enough for firing. Lying to investigators as they clearly found should be more than enough for firing and prosecution.

    If I lied to an investigator about receiving an extra $5 bucks in travel pay, you can bet your ass I would be prosecuted.

    The comment about his declaring money his wife scammed is interesting. Does that mean declaring to the investigators? Declaring it as outside income on some disclosure to the VA? Or declaring it on his income taxes? Any bets on whether he and the little wifey declare that on their taxes?

    It’s interesting she essentially doubled her income in a year. I wonder if that lines up with him pressuring employees to attend these scam parties. It must be nice to make so damn much money screwing vets that almost $14,000 in income is unnoticeable.

    $13,955 in one year at $30 a pop is 465 people. Did some attend more than once? Was she doing this full time while ignoring her VA job?

    I’ve worked with a couple people who had special needs kids. His using his kid as an excuse is easily recognized and is horseshit. Every time the employees I worked with screwed up, needed time off for a bullshit reason or wanted special accomodations, they used their kids as an excuse.

    This guy as a GS15 makes roughly $145,000 per year. Who knows what his wife makes in addition to her scam. You are also right Ben in that even though he was demoted, his retirement will likely be based off of GS15 pay.

    Cry me a fuckin river over your special needs kid or any other expense when you deliberately fuck veterans out of earned benefits that even if fully provided, still put that veteran AND THEIR FAMILY at a little above poverty level.

  4. “Veterans who drank poison in Oscoda are getting a second look”
    September 20, 2017

    “OSCODA, MI — The federal government is reopening a 16-year-old health report on the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Oscoda at the urging of legislators and veterans seeking coverage for illnesses they contend were caused by exposure to toxic chemicals.

    The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) says it will update the 2001 public health assessment for Wurtsmith, a Strategic Air Command nuclear B-52 bomber base in northeast Michigan which closed in 1993 at the end of the Cold War.

    The ATSDR, an independent agency under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services which operates jointly with the Centers for Disease Control, will reassess past exposure in base drinking water to trichloroethylene (TCE), a cancer-causing industrial solvent found at astonishing levels in base drinking water in the late 1970s.”

  5. “Life sentence for barber who killed urologist”
    “Jury sentences retired California barber to life in prison for killing urologist he blamed for botched surgery.” 09/20/2017

    “Elkus shot Dr. Ronald Gilbert, 52.” Two decades earlier, Gilbert, then a medical resident at the Veterans Administration hospital in Long Beach, California, advised Elkus to have simple urethra-widening surgery to deal with frequent urination due to a narrowing of the urethra.

  6. “Missing VA laptop may affect health privacy of of 3,275 Spokane veterans”
    Sept. 19, 2017

    “Veterans Affairs officials in Spokane are notifying 3,275 veterans that their health information may be compromised because of a missing laptop computer.
    An equipment inventory failed to find a vendor-issued laptop from the Mann-Grandstaff VAMC Lab. It was used to interface with a hematology analyzer between April 2013 and May 2016. An extensive search of the VA grounds did not locate the laptop.”

    1. Well, it wasn’t sitting on their plate of donuts, so they didn’t find it.

      This makes me wonder if it really was a vendor issued laptop, or is the VA trying to dodge some responsibility for failing to follow policy of encrypting a drive containing information like that.

      Even if it truly is a vendor issued laptop, and even if it were connected to their friggin Cappuccino machine, it still should have been encrypted.


    I’ve decided that the VA is not going to change, because all the other Federal Agencies, the House of Representatives and the Senate, the Lobsters of Washington, DC, and the rest of the pack, their leadership isn’t wanting change.

  8. Since the passing of the VA Accountability Act of 2017, the only ones I see benefiting from “protection” are mangers, directors, SES – who aren’t punished or held accountable. They are either allowed to retire with full benefits, reinstated, and/or simply reassigned within the VA. I’m surprised to see this Hodge guy demoted – but then again, it wasn’t a demotion, it was the MSPB saving this piece of garbage from being fired…as if he’s suffering as a GS-13. In the VA, GS-13s are as useless, shiftless, and/or lazy as a GS-15 or higher.

    Do an online search and you only see articles of whistleblowers still being persecuted.

    In my case, I just finished final briefs on my case(s) in front of the MSPB, and sadly am not holding my breath. I’m sure the MSPB will rubberstamp what the VA did to me regardless of how the facts and law clearly show otherwise. Maybe I can publish my decision online too? I mean, I sit here and think some times on how the VA humiliated me, persecuted me, and reduced me to nothing – and, how my fears of the entities that ares supposed to right these wrongs, are just just sitting back and letting it happen. I’m sad and upset.

    Oh, and the kicker…

    I, about a week ago simply asked the VA’s Accountability Office two simple questions – which were ‘Which investigator is assigned to my claim/complaint of whistleblower retaliation and how long is the investigation going to take?’ Well, no response and it’s going on two weeks with no response. That’s “accountability” for ya!!! So, of course the VA’s Accountability Office is probably working diligently to whitewash it’s inquiry into my claims and cover up the creeps of the swamp.

    At this point I don’t know if President Trump is naive or he’s playing the same “good cop/bad cop” game congress has been playing for years – which is to pass some law/legislation (the “good cop”) and just leave it unchecked to see if it’s being implemented by the agencies (agencies are the “bad cop”)…because at the end of the day no one wants things to change at the VA and we are being played for fools.

    1. TaB, what recourse do you have if the MSPB rules against you?

      If that is actually the case, it would be interesting to see what would happen if you called Trump’s VA hotline and ask why there is still no accountability.

      What amazes me about the VA still firing Whistle Blowers after the Accountability act was passed is that the media is not ripping on Trump for any failures. I fully expected the media would start attacking him and any others in his administration over that. I can only guess the media is still pre-occupied with Russian ghosts to pay much attention to anything else. The only other reason I can think of that the media is not doing so is because they are too lazy to do the work needed to dig into the story.

  9. What is troubling to me is that the problems the VA have are self inflicted because the people involved want to do what ‘they’ want to do regardless of the policies in place already.

    This country, the VA and other government institutions and some of its leaders are showing the world why we rank so low in education worldwide. This country is becommung a shell of itself and so is the VA. We are, rather some are, in denial concerning the VA.

    Maybe the VA should be Bob Muller next investigation?

    1. They do what ever they want to veterans and get away with it why.?

      Veteran’s do not know the regulations, so a lazy employee can bull shit the veterans and then laugh saying. Dumb Ass veterans.

  10. Good ridden, are there any VA Physicians that have been demoted due to royally screwing up? If so, who and what type of medicine are they practicing? VA gets weirder all the time.

    Hey you fat pocketed Politician, where the fuck are you at? Hey, elected official, when you going to stop listening to Hotshot Johnnie McCaney, and start fixing the VA system?

    Please, in the eyes of Veterans, and their love ones, do something substantial. Stir the pot up, collect that scum on top of the swampy water, throw them out, and replenish with good stock to turn the sick swamp, into a healthy thriving swamp. Damn, do something. – – – Nutter. 7:29pm, Tuesday

  11. One last remark. It has already been talk talk talk to them by politicians. Too deep in chaos for that to work. Action or your cowards. Sniveling I can’t do. We are US of Cowards scared of organizational corruption. Just imagine them having security clearance any of our country’s secrets. Sell us out for a buck and a thrill. Example long overdue. Flag upside down.

  12. Swamp hmmmn more than a swamp. Disgusting. Is this USA? No parade is going to wash this away. Thank you for your service. Now see quality you get for enlisting. Parade junkies. Simple resolution find politicians in bed with this. Expose then start from top replace. I’m certain there isn’t one at top who isn’t involved or aware. Politicians either be all in for veterans or all in for VA corruption can’t have it both ways. That simple. We are not #1 country, we are a disgrace, weak and broken.

  13. “Why is known liar (fill in the blank) still working at VA?”

    Well first off Ben, are you sure you use the word “working” in the same context generally attributed to folks being productive? Even if we take literary priveldge and label what vA folks do behond closed doors as “work” we really come down to the issue of employing liars.

    I sort of look at it as a “tree falling in the woods” sort of deal. If we removed all the liars from VA facilities and nobody is there to hear it, do the facilities still make noise? Be careful here. This one is tricky…

    1. I can just hear an actual honest conversation between an OIG investigator and a facility manager;

      OIG: “How many folks work here?”
      VA manager: “About half.”

  14. Ben, the land scandal is conspicuously out of frame from every edition of DVA scandals that you report. Does the West Side progressive machine own you too?

  15. Oh what a surprise, news is speaking of on next 4th of July military going to have parade. Wow I’m so ex cited. Failure after failure, so sad politicians to watch over all of this, time after time fail. Can’t fix VA I can’t expect managing national security. Phily is known by private sector as being the one to go to for………. wish all luck. By the way who afraid of and why.

  16. The VA is known for this protection of their buddies. It the hardworking staff with clean records that try to help advocate for Veterans and keep costs down that are punished and sought out for constant OIG audits and disclipline. This will continue until the swamp, which for VA purposes is Central Office and the VISNs, are abolished. Keep in mind there are decent VA employees at every station trying to help the Veterans but they are also looked at as threats by most of leadership.

    1. I gotta agree with you somewhat. The problem I see is, those “good employees” are FAR and FEW in numbers to do anything good for veterans!
      And, when they do stand up for anyone, they’re usually FIRED! (Like you’ve pointed out!)

    2. You are correct, the VA has had many decade’s to hire their family and friend’s and they will attack anyone employee or veterans.

      We all know there are good employees, but it seems they are few and far between. Unless you are a stong no nonsense type of person, they will walk all over you.

      Once they find out you will not take any Gump and will fight back they will back off you and go to the next person they can bully.

      Hell shut down the VA, when medical student’s say the VA is broken! Someone should listen.

      They can see the non urgency VA employees have !

      Don’t worry, no one will ever know and if they do, we will fix them.

  17. It pains me to say it but the events that should have triggered more than a few VA rats to be hung has not and will not. Nobody gives a fuck about us anymore. We are cut off behind enemy lines with no food, water, ammo and our knife broke a long time ago. Now we collectively have to dig deep and push through. Survive. Its going to get nasty for us one and all. Remember, the green weenie is like a private with his first liberty pass and paycheck. Why fuck one like the good Lord intended when like pokeymon the VA thinks it’s gotta fuck em all.

  18. Insider info says this guy hired an assistant whose only job was to feed him twinkies throughout the day.

    1. I think they used a Nerf air gun to shoot the twinkies directly into his lying big mouth. ~ ~~*Phffft*~~ ~

  19. Follow the philly/va chain of command sewer (sorry if I insult sewers). Leftover management dregs report to symbol of corruption Rubens who reports to head of ofo willie Clark implicated in scandals who reports to va good old boy va managers Beth and Tom Murphy who reports to secretary shulkin who might be eyeing a cushy corporate job as long as he doesn’t rock the boat. Ship of fools.

  20. That Marcus Graham and that Michael Rudisill are two if the most untruthful attorneys. I filed a complaint at the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board and they did absolutely nothing, despite having direct evidence.
    The government protects itself along with the attorney frat club.
    The best thing to do when exposing liars, just voluntary offer evidence to all the law firms that take them to court.
    All disclosures are protected.

  21. Why is Gary Hodge still working at the.VA Regional Office? If an employee hasn’t properly done the task of overseeing care if our nation’s most precious treasure our Veterans and engAged in bad behavior he should be fired. It’s time the Trump Administration step in to drain the swamp!

  22. Hundreds of people in the building related by blood hired and promoted to the highest positions in the building at other offices and at VACO. When someone says that place is a genetic sespool they’re not being metaphorical! Over the course of their careers that’s multigenerational defrauding of the taxpayers of hundreds of millions especially when counting benefits and pensions. Civil and criminal RICO anyone?

  23. Did you get my email on embezzlement, Ben? Looks like an audit will happen. Keep an eye out for the audit of Denver Varo back payment department and the IP department.

  24. I’d say the “swamp” is much deeper and reaches out in all directions of the Government

  25. Question to all,
    “When was the last time y’all went into a VA building and NEVER met a liar?

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.
    Until something so horrendous occurs within the Veterans Administration, nothing will change!

    Even our “neutered DOJ” refuses to convene a grand jury to indict anyone. So, what makes anyone believe the VA’s “watchdog groups”, ie; VAOIG, etc., will be any better! They stop short of telling the truth about what’s actually occurring within the Veterans Administration. Even as veterans “DIE” waiting for appointments!
    Maybe it’s time for those “billboards” to start reappearing –

    1. It pains me to say it but the events that should have triggered more than a few VA rats to be hung has not and will not. Nobody gives a fuck about us anymore. We are cut off behind enemy lines with no food, water, ammo and our knife broke a long time ago. Now we collectively have to dig deep and push through. Survive. Its going to get nasty for us one and all. Remember, the green weenie is like a private with his first liberty pass and paycheck. Why fuck one like the good Lord intended when like pokeymon the VA thinks it’s gotta fuck em all.

  26. You can easily tell by his employee photo, Gary Hodge has those indifferent, empty dead-stare eyes, and by his grimace, he’s a complete dick to work for which maybe just means his witchy-poo wife may just be a bitchy witch. Gary Hodge is a long-term floater in the VA Swamp, along with best turds like Helman and Graves. Gurgle.

  27. RAND Corp. has determined the entire VA is currently in use of magic eight balls…both the fortune-telling sham ball and the street drug varieties.

  28. As per usual, were just going to kick and scream, and do nothing. The VA knows we aint going to do anything so same-o-same-o.

  29. The ultimate numbers game is liability by the govt. The board, as well as the IG will only say so much implicating liability. It is like when they looked into the scandals that they could not link anything because they don’t make determination s on medical malpractice. Just like what they done in Mr.Thomas Baers case. The VA and the IG should be brought before the world crime tribunal under the Geneva Convention.

  30. Google “management analyst opm.” The job code is 0343, this and 0301 are catch all jobs. In the VHA they usually use it to make up a job for a Director’s loyal underling/s. Sometimes when a Director has a “special project.” They also use it a lot when the VA/VHA/NCA loses a lawsuit and they need to park someone somewhere, and justify the high pay grade, while they wait for them to retire or negotiate a retirement. Due to the way the VA plans budgeting and hiring, they have to use these job codes because they can just make something up, and put the budget money there (of course instead of hiring staff to care for Veterans).

    I know a lot of you here like/love the VA, your VA Hospital, etc., but they are really beyond all hope. It is really scary what goes on inside of the VA Hospitals, its straight up dangerous, and they really just can’t seem to do anything about it.

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