Carolyn Clancy

Carolyn Clancy Reportedly Back To Run Veterans Health Administration

Carolyn Clancy
Photo from The Hill

Insiders say veteran favorite Carolyn Clancy, MD, will be back at the helm of Veterans Health Administration after departure of the present head.

During an SES event of senior executives inside VA, it was announced that Dr. Poonam Alaigh will likely depart the agency as acting under secretary for health. While VA attempts to select someone to propose to President Donald Trump as a permanent replacement, Clancy will mind the gap until that time.

Clancy was well liked by many veterans and known as a leader who would pick up the phone to help out, which was previously something no one in VA did. She presently works runs quality, safety and value for the agency.

According to her profile in ExecutiveGov:

Clancy currently leads more than 700 clinical and administrative professionals in the day-to-day operations of the VHA’s performance, quality, safety, risk management, systems engineering, auditing, oversight, ethics and accreditation programs.

She collaborates with department leaders and veterans service organizations as well as the Congress and its constituents to help address the immediate and long term needs of the country’s veterans.

The physician executive has contributed to the publication of eight academic text books as well as authored, co-authored and provided commentary on more than 225 scholarly journal articles.

She has also served on the National Quality Forum as a member of the board of directors, chair person of the AQA Alliance and as a member on the board of governors of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

Ironically, she was frequently helpful to veterans who are members of the VA Is Lying Facebook group and communicated somewhat regularly with its founder Ron Nesler.


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  1. Also maybe some nurses can handle physician jobs, best weed out all them VA u am the federal government and you are veteran low dog shit ones. Really now, they are not the federal government. They are employees for veterans. No more no less. To serve veterans. I know they hating that being said.

  2. Credentials impressive, out them to use going to need all of them, then some. As far as students working in me, they can be ambushed by really wanting to help. I heard doctor yell at one I’m the federal government no one tells me etc etc. Then I’ve seen them corrupt them immediately. Only work if professors running the show. Not the I am the federal government doctor employees. No wonder, nothing good stays there. Try anything cause nothing else has even slightly been appropriate.

  3. Her VA Bio is at “″.

    Note it says: ” In her current position she works closely with Department leaders as well as Veterans Service Organizations, Congress and their constituents addressing the immediate and long term needs of our Nation’s Veterans.”

    Oh and she will certainly be taking advantage of the proposed changes in the Conflict of Interest regulations regarding for profit schools.

    “She holds an academic appointment at George Washington University School of Medicine; serves as Senior Associate Editor, Health Services Research and is a member of the Institute of Medicine. Dr. Clancy has contributed to eight academic text books and authored, co-authored and provided invited commentary in more than 225 scholarly journal articles. She served as member of the National Quality Forum, Board of Directors, as the Chair of the AQA Alliance and served on the Board of Governors, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. An elected member of the National Academy of Medicine, Dr. Clancy was most recently presented with the 2014 Quality Champion Award, National Committee for Quality Assurance and was also named as Honorary Fellow, American Academy of Nursing.”

    1. She will certainly be in a position to pick and choose which of the text books, written by her, will be acceptable at the for profit schools she is going to connect to the VA National Education for Employees Program (VANEEP).

    2. Seymore, I’m conflicted with this. I can’t see her helping vets if her interest is in profits, but on the other hand, she has a damn sight more credentials than the usual buffoons in upper VA management.

      Conflicted, because even with such credentials, she thinks nurses can take the place of doctors. Doctors hired from overseas with questionable training.

      1. As far as I am concerned, her credentials are nothing but smoke up the butt. They are mostly honorary positions granted to someone that controls the purse strings for the VA. Also granted for being the person who allows researchers to use Veterans in their research.

        Where her Bio states “co-authored and provided invited commentary in more than 225 scholarly journal articles”. She is claims to be a co-author because she approved the research and use of Veterans in the research so she is listed as a co-author.

        Let us also not forget that she is paid between $25,000 and $75,000 for each time she is listed as a co-author in the VA Funded research. That is over and above her salary.

  4. I can only think that if she has been good for veterans that she will never make it through Senate confirmation.

    I assume an Undersecretary would require confirmation.

    1. James,
      I gotta sneaky suspicion she won’t be there long IF she bucks the union OR Shulkin’s idea of healthcare!

  5. Seymore,
    Have you seen this video?
    Although it’s from 2015, it’ll rock you! I suggest everyone google it and see how McCain became MORE of a traitorous pig. Which I thought could not happen, but it did!
    “For the People”
    Jan. 15, 2015 (8:44 minutes long)


    quote: “Gordon Duff Tells All! HANG ON TO YOUR HATS!”

    Mr. Duff exposes McCain’s TREASON to the American People!

    1. In hindsight, now McCain can blame the tumor. He has a bag full of get out of jail cards that could be used under rule of human compassion and respect for such a super duper American Veteran ‘hero’.
      (too soon?) 🙂

  6. We would like for Dr. Clancy to describe the mental health goals and treatment criteria necessary for DVA at WLA.
    It appears to us that non-medical personnel’s opinions of the behavior of several Veterans, rated 100%, led to their being profiled and eventually removed from staying at the WLA “HOME”.
    In light of land-use policy that is being manipulated there, it is convenient for DVA to not have to deal with aggressive Veterans.
    It is, however, the charge of the DVA Healthcare services to have the criteria, facilities, resources and doctors to treat and heal the most aggressive.
    Further, it is the over-arching task of DVA to genuinely steward the terms, conditions, spirit and intent of the property deed and that calls for keeping a closely maintained inventory of homeless and disabled Veterans. Those terms would prohibit the opinions of DVA personnel to run off Veterans and facilitate the long-term stay of the non-veteran special interests of Brentwood School and UCLA Baseball

  7. Woman hating Veterans on Vid.


    “Woman Caught on Video Going Wild On Disabled Vet And Service Dog”
    Jena Greene, Daily Caller 09/20/2017

    1. This video is why the draft needs to be instituted – to include women.

      If people had to serve, they’d have more compassion.

      Yes, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve seen an increase in people over the years with dogs on planes, supermarkets, etc. and yes, I roll my eyes…but IMO, unless you can prove legally that he/she has no right to a service dog, then you need to shut up.

      Making a scene in a restaurant is just rude and stupid. If you don’t like the laws on service dogs, write your congressman like a civilized adult.

      1. I just received an email from the NIH titled,” Federal Agencies Partner for Military and Veteran Pain Management Research”. $81 million. All thye Tai chi, yoga and THINK YOUR PAIN AWAY” But ALL PAIN MEDS WILL DISAPPEAR!! No matter what your issue. 7 of the 12 projects have been awarded. Remaining 5 will be announced by DoD and VA in coming months. 5 of these 7 are RUN BY WOMEN, that say NONE of us need pain medications. They can stop pain through Holistic BS. All I see is more suicides and street junkies in attempt to alleviate Severe, Chronic, Intractable Pain. If your spinal arthritis has crumbled your vertabrea to dust, Just Think The Pain Away. UGGGHHH

    2. Seymore, I watched that video this morning. It’s was pure stupidity on that woman. The vet really held it together.
      I was glad they locked the door on her!

  8. I would give three to one odds on her VS. AFGE Grand Pooba David Cox in a caged extreme fight match. Cox would go all Sumo on her but she looks like she could do a brazialian ju-jitsu dance all over somebody’s ass irregardless of size or power and when somebody dances that dance with any sort of prowess then bones go “pop”. Trust me.

    Come on guys, lets get this one set up. SHe looks game. Cox said he is game for this sort of thing… let us see whose elbow gets popped backwards first, eh?

    Changed my mind.

    I’m giving four to one on the chick… Mr. President, one dollar gets you four? Make a play….

  9. Off Topic: Am I missing something? I just picked up my new glasses, complements of Choice – TriWest. The tech that fit my glasses began to pratter on about how much our president has already done for veterans. I didn’t have to act surprised and she reinforced her position that “his team has done so much”. I bit. I asked, “such as”. She thought that my getting my glasses delivered in 12 days instead of 20 days was a miracle. True – nearly half the time. When I reminded her it still took my 90 days to get an appointment, she started waxing about our great leader. I very politely asked her if she could cite other Trump VA achievements. Her reply, “well, I guess we can’t satisfy any of the snowflakes”.

    Credit where credit is due, I owe my calmed reaction to some very fine counselling received via the local Vet Center, and a now stable and small dose of SSRIs. I smiled, and thanked her for her self service to our country. My usually wall-flower spouse of 38 years however, came un-fucking glued. When I finally dragged her out she was lecturing on the true origins of “snowflake” first being Nazi (ashes snowing from nearby ovens) and Soviet – (Russian Jewish dissidents).

    What is it with rabid partisan mania in this country? I just don’t get it. We the Sheeple have been sold out by everybody and people still cling to their favorite liars.

    Disclaimer. Not a Trump fan – nor voter. Not a Clinton fan either. My wifey still won’t tell me who she wrote in. I have already confessed casting my lot with George Carlin – dead since 2008. I continue to stand by my vote as being more reasonable than the two stains still soaking the fabric of Amerka. Gets me all flagy wavy ‘n shit.

    1. Agreed. Everyone is acting like Trump already made the VA do a 180 in a few months and I’m sorry, I don’t see that. And, I voted for him. Sadly, I’m seeing him as just another politician who lies and says whatever to get elected and never follow through.

      Same thing on the conservative radio/TVs. My local radio station? One guy said he has a relative who works in the VA and “she” says how everyone is so happy and that change is already happening.

      What bizarro world are they speaking of? Is there an alternate VA universe out there that we need to tap into?

      1. Try this for change: Local CBOC – brand spankin new building, was supposed to open four months ago. They couldn’t get furniture.

  10. When the VA’s Accountability Office conducts an objective and real (not white washing) of my whistleblower retaliation complaint/claim, I’ll be convinced that the VA is serious about changing.

    Going on two weeks and can’t even get an answer as to “who” is assigned to investigate my complaint/claim and how much time it is expected to take.

    IMO, the VA, like the Office of Special Counsel (“OSC”) is just addressing the issues that hit the media and if you’re not in the media, your claim will be toast.

    But even then, for the cases in the media the VA is alleging it’s taking action on – they’re still letting the perps retire with full benefits and/or reassign them to somewhere else in the VA…so essentially, nothing is changing, just a bunch of musical chairs for another four years….

    So sorry, I don’t know who this Carolyn Clancy is and don’t care until someone addresses my complants/claims; and, they can start with simply telling me who is assigned to my case and how long they need to investigate.

    1. Please keep us up to date, I guess it’s the VA way not to contact anyone with a compliant, no nothing.

      I know where ur coming from. I wrote Secretary Shulkin back in May and0 response after two letters sent to his office.

      It’s sicking when they will not even acknowledge you as a person.

  11. It’s nothing more than a wait and see [fubar] by VA!
    “Seymore Klearly” spelled it out pretty damn good! A “FUBAR” in the making for veterans!
    In my opinion, We are [again] “Lab Rats” for Universities and Colleges! Of course, when were we NOT lab rats for VHA!

  12. Combine her return, Ben’s Article published last Friday “VA Proposes Employees Can Profit From For-Profit Colleges”, and the money the VA is paying for AFGE members to hold all this bogus Rallies at VA Health Care Facilities across the country.

    Get ready for major decline in health care at the VA. Given Dr. Clancy’s view of the VA Health Care system as nothing more than an educational and research system. Also get ready to see a whole lot of new For-Profit-Medical schools getting opened by VA leadership who are going to get very rich very quickly off of the upcoming new hires at the VA. No doubt their first three years will be spent in the National Education for Employees Program (VANEEP).

    “Dr. Carolyn Clancy: VA academic affiliations key to team-based care Partnerships in Veterans’ care key to future”, February 6th, 2016, VA Blog “”.

    1. VA National Education for Employees Program (VANEEP)

      VANEEP provides scholarships to employees pursuing degrees or training in health care disciplines for which recruitment and retention of qualified personnel is difficult.

      VANEEP provides scholarship and replacement salary funding to VA facilities to allow certain scholarship participants who are enrolled full-time in an approved education program to accelerate their degree completion by attending school full time. VANEEP participants agree to work at their VA facility during academic breaks and, in return, receive full salary and payment for education costs, including tuition, books, and certain fees.

      (Note: VANEEP is a policy-derived program that stems from the legislative authority of EISP.)


      Also note that the new hires will be able to attend school fulltime and receive their future salary while going to school. That is without actually working at the VA except during any breaks in schooling they may take.

      The current rate of additional funding to cover school expenses is capped at about 49,000 per year, but that does not include the salary they will be paid while enrolled.

    2. Certainly makes it clear the research being done at For-Profit-Medical-School is just that. Research for profit. It will also help eliminate all those problematic state colleges IRBs decisions that prevent some of the more deadly research.

    3. “VA Deputy Under Secretary Dr. Carolyn Clancy on Academic Affiliations”
      Published to YouTube by U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs on Feb 11, 2016

      “Dr. Carolyn Clancy, who guided the Veterans Health Administration through a critical period in 2014 and 2015, believes VA’s Academic Affiliations program has everything to do with the department’s successes in health-care development and delivery.”

      1. Since she helped bring in the Nurses playing doctors at the VA maybe we will see plumbers brought in to play cardiologists at the VA.

      2. Seems to me that she has been an insider all this time and done NOTHING to better our healthcare. H;ow is it considered that she will change things now?? Any high level person that has been in VA Health IS part of the problem, In My Humble Opinion!

    4. I can see it now: VA Telemedicine Surgery University. Where the Vet is placed in a remote booth with a paper clip, a bottle cap and some kite string and will be directed by a VA Telemedicine Hack on how to proceed with self open heart surgery. 🙂

      1. Got that right! And if you are (un)fortunate (???) enough to survive, you will be billed for the cost of the “surgical items” eight months down the road. Of course, the billing statement will not be itemized – – – so you will spend hundreds of hours on the phone and computer tracking that information down . . .

    5. Incase there is any doubt about Dr. Carolyn Clancy true purpose at the VA. You can read about it from her congressional testimony over the last several years.

      Here is a link to her testimony before the JOINT HEARING before the SUBCOMMITTEE ON HEALTH joint with SUBCOMMITTEE ON ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY given on MARCH 16, 2016. All about the National Education for Employees Program (VANEEP) and Nurses for Doctors at the VA.


  13. Yet another wait and see opportunity…if it’s not good for the AFGE piggy’s and she’s liked by Veterans because she truly CARES, then I will only assume we are still fucked until further notice…

  14. Ya, she always read all my emails of complaint and forwarded them to my VISN and SVA leadership. I wonder if that explains why the VA top brass web page is currently down for maintenance right now: 7:30 am

      1. damn thing got rid of the email address so here it is in a different format: Carolyn.Clancy at

  15. Her return sounds like a good thing, but I’m not holding out anything that resembles hope that this administration would make her permanent.

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