PROPAGANDA: VA Misleads Public, Says It Fixed Veterans Crisis Line Already

In a fit of propaganda, VA asserted it fixed the Veterans Crisis Line problem while in reality only fixing one of a myriad of problems.

Immediately after VA OIG released a scathing report about its Veterans Crisis Line last week, the agency released a press release saying it fixed the problem.

This assertion that the agency fixed the problem is pure propaganda because it actually resolved only one problem of many to grab headlines.

For the past three years, VA has repeatedly had numerous problems highlighted both in the press and by VA OIG.

VA asserts it fixed the problem by resolving call rollover to non-VA call centers, but this was only one of many problems that likely still persist. But, by stating that it fixed the Veterans Crisis Line in the headline, headline readers will believe VA resolved all problems when it likely did not.

So, the title of the press release only serves to deceive the public similar to former President George W Bush announcing that the Iraq war was over in 2005.

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Background Of Press Release

The IG previously investigated whether VA had implemented the changes agreed to that were necessary for the Veterans Crisis Line (VCL). Those changes were agreed to February 2016. By November 2016, those changes were not implemented and included within an IG report issued this month. This was the final month of the audit released 3 months later.

VA issued a crafty press release asserting the agency fixed the call center issue one month after the field audit concluded, December 2016. But the assertion is deceptive.

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VA Press Release – Veterans Crisis Line

In a press release issued immediately after the IG report, VA asserts it fixed the VCL December 2016, but the supposed fix only addressed one of a myriad of problems. The press release is titled, “VA fixes Veterans Crisis Line”:

In response to the recently released VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) report that reviewed processes from June 6 through Dec. 15, 2016, of the Veterans Crisis Line (VCL), the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) released the following statement: “The Department of Veterans Affairs is proud to announce that the challenges with the Veterans Crisis Line have been resolved. Prior to the opening of our new Atlanta call center, our call rollover rate often exceeded 30 percent. Our current call rollover rate is less than 1 percent, with over 99 percent of all calls being answered by the VCL.

However, incoming call rollover to the VCL was only one of numerous problems previously addressed in the February 2016 audit report not to mention the March 2017 audit report.

I highlighted these last week and wanted to separately write about the press release to highlight the propaganda nature of how VA misuses titles and its public affairs office to deceive the public about veteran suicide prevention services.

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According to the IG report, present deficiencies include:

  • VCL failed to collect data regarding attempted or completed suicides following contact with VCL
  • VCL staff and supervisors failed to respond adequately to veterans’ urgent needs resulting in missed opportunities to help.
  • Mandatory documentation of calls was insufficient to allow retrospective assessment of services provided by the responder to the caller.
  • Clinical decision makers were largely excluded from decisions made by VCL governance resulting in a failure to appropriately consider clinical perspectives.
  • No permanent director has been appointed to oversee the program.
  • VCL still lacked enough staff to answer calls resulting in calls rolling over to backup call centers contracted by an external vendor who were not properly trained.

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In addition, let’s not forget the recommendations IG made in February 2016 that VHA agreed to but failed to implement. These were:

Recommendation 1.

We recommended that the OMHO (now VHA Member Services) Executive Director ensure that issues regarding response hold times when callers are routed to backup crisis centers are addressed and that data is collected, analyzed, tracked, and trended on an ongoing basis to identify system issues. 

Appropriate VHA leaders did not demonstrate the use of the Link2Health data to improve performance. Although we found evidence that VCL staff reviewed

Link2Health data, we did not find that they used the data systematically to provide feedback to backup centers regarding performance parameters such as queue times, abandonment rate, and call answer rate. At the time of this report, VHA had not completed the necessary actions to close this recommendation.

Recommendation 2.

We recommended that the Member Services Executive Director ensure that orientation and ongoing training for all VCL staff is completed and documented.

We found that VHA did not ensure that orientation and ongoing training for all VCL staff was completed and documented. At the time of this report, VHA had not completed the necessary actions to close this recommendation.

Recommendation 3.

We recommended that the Member Services Executive Director ensure that silent monitoring frequency meets the VCL and American Association of Suicidology requirements and that compliance is monitored.

We found that VHA had not yet ensured that the VCL establish a requirement for silent monitoring frequency of VCL calls and therefore could not have monitored compliance with such a requirement. VHA requested an extension until March 2017, and this recommendation remains open.

Recommendation 4.

We recommended that the Member Services Executive Director establish a formal quality assurance process, as required by VHA, to identify system issues by collecting, analyzing, tracking, and trending data from the VCL routing system and backup centers, and that subsequent actions are implemented and tracked to resolution.

The VCL lacked key components of a formal quality assurance process necessary to comply with VHA requirements. Specifically, the VCL had not designated individuals with appropriate background and skills to provide leadership to promote quality and safety of care. VCL policies did not incorporate relevant existing VHA directives outlining the key elements of a successful QM program. The VCL also lacked a committee that regularly reviewed data, information, or risk intelligence, and that ensured that key quality, safety, and value functions were discussed and integrated into VCL processes. VHA requested a deadline extension of March 2017 to implement this recommendation.

Recommendation 5.

We recommended that the Member Services Executive Director consider the development of a VHA directive or handbook for the VCL.

VHA concurred in the original response to this recommendation and stated it would establish a VHA directive for the VCL. We found that while VHA had made significant progress, it had not completed a VHA directive for operating the VCL (such as outlining the VCL purpose, roles and responsibilities). VHA requested a deadline extension of March 2017 to complete the VHA directive for the VCL.

Recommendation 6.

We recommended that the Member Services Executive Director ensure that contractual arrangements concerning the VCL include specific language regarding training compliance, supervision, comprehensiveness of information provided in contact and disposition emails, and quality assurance tasks.

We found that while VHA established a new contract in April 2016 with a goal of improved quality assurance monitoring, VHA did not ensure compliance with the quality assurance surveillance plan for VCL backup center performance. VHA planned to extend the current contract for 6 months and requested an extension for implementation of this recommendation until September 2017.

Recommendation 7.

We recommended that the Member Services Executive Director consider the development of algorithms or progressive situation-specific stepwise processes to provide guidance in the rescue process.

VHA stated that they were developing standard work processes for all caller types including SSA responsibilities during emergency dispatch. We found that VCL managers developed standard situation-specific progressive stepwise processes to provide guidance in the rescue processes. However, VHA needs to demonstrate the training and competence of SSAs on the current protocol to achieve closure. VHA requested a deadline extension of March 2017 to implement this recommendation.

So who do we believe? IG said the problems were massive. VA says it fixed the VCL one month later, but only highlights one of many problems yet unaddressed.


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  5. Hey folks, I’m nodding out, and I have home PT tomorrow morning. Have a good night sleep. And God bless you and your families.

    1. cj, The “stuff” we get today is far superior than what we used to get. We used to get a 4 finger lid (aprox 1 ounce) for a 10 dollar bill for Mexican stuff. My first use was in 69. The stuff I get today is 125 bucks for a very measured half ounce and is far better than the old Mexican stuff. And if you used the stuff years ago be prepared to have the top of your head blown off by the current stuff. That’s good shit Maynard! Unfotunately cj, this stuff (in my humble opinion) does nothing to block pain. The anti stuff doctors will tell you that all day long and they are correct. The real point however is that this stuff may not control pain, You WILL have a few precious hours when you just don’t give a shit. And sometimes that’s enough to keep you alive. Now I’m going to break out the bong and smoke MARIJUANA, I’m hurtin’ like a bad tooth!

      1. @Ralph D Carmona Sr – May be try pure CBD crystals. For me, it gave relieve for muscle spasms and some symptoms of PTSD. For chronic pain, ??? Although, there are others who are convinced, in their own thinking, that the active compounds THC and CBD in the hooch, are a cure all for everything that man may suffer from. Really. Not. Mostly hype for a cure all.

        If I recall correctly, I thought a lid was about 3/4 of an ounce [3 finga bag], ounce [4 finga bag]. If not, shootz brah, that means I got ripped in the past. Dam. All that money, that didn’t go in treating my honey.

  6. @ANutterVet, does it help with pain? I would consider it and it is suppose to be legal here in illinois. The pain gets me down.

      1. @cj, they started a cannabis manufacturing facility and people were in line to get their scripts filled. I just wanted to know if it stopped pain and how long where the effects.

      2. @Ex va: I seamed to remember seeing some kind of poster online somewhere that showed what kind of cannibis was used for what kind of purpose. I bet it isn’t too hard to find it again. I think Dennis, namnibor, ANutterVet, and lawyerlynn, and DisgruntledVeteran know much more about all this. Probably others as well.

      3. @cj, some people it works good if they are suffering from cancer pain. Some tried it and it didn’t’ do anything. I would like to research it more.

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  8. @Ex va – Yeah, my symptoms have been off the charts the past couple of months. I use to go to group therapy when I was able to move around a lot more. Another hindrance, was some Vets go off too easy, and can’t compose themselves. Don’t need the drama when I can’t control my own.

    1. @ANutterVet: I don’t know how I would like that kind of environment. What works for me is one on one with someone that just listens, They don’t judge, are pleasant to be around, and they “really” listen.

      1. @cj – I prefer one on one. Even when I was going to a study group when attending college, there were a couple of peeps that would come in late, be behind in there studies, then try to take the whole study time and manipulate the group. At that time, I use to get up and tell them, not ask, to leave. Got on my nerves really easy. The Hawaiian locals thought this white boy was nuts. Could be.

    2. @ANutterVet, i was going to individual for therapy it helped some. I understand with the way you have been treated i can understand why you symptoms are flaring up.

      1. @Ex va – OK, tell me what’s wrong with me, everyone else puts their 2 cents in. Only choking right now. This shit is potent, strong, and loud.

      2. @ANutterVet, i do not have a license to diagnose you. I would need one. LOL!! I do have a degree not at the level your at. I can’t tell you what is wrong because i think you are acting normal given the circumstances that you have been going thru. If anything i think you have kept your composure very well and better than what most Veterans can do for themselves. I sincerely admire that. Sometimes i can take a lot too. But sometimes i do go on a rant and that is not good. When i get angry a lot comes out and i am glad i don’t do that too often. I do not feel good about hurting anyone, even if they truly deserve it. I try to be Christian like but i fail at that too. I feel like s*** most of the time about myself because i have failed at some serious things that i went thru with the va. I am trying to change that.

      3. @Ex va,@ANutterVet: Oh hell, I’ll tell you what’s wrong, Nutter needs the means to get mobile again and to be able to work with his k-9, instead of dealing with the constant VA BS…………He needs…………to…….be:


      4. @cj – You’re right on with that. I get a great pleasure teaching and training my K9. Most likely the second best thing that I like to do. I miss those days. And, I let the VA know every time how they didn’t support me with my dog. I can’t find the forgiveness. Its too easy for them when they already knew what they were doing ahead of time. Why? I let them know what was happening. And again, no care from them. Yes, Rat Bastards. I hope they get a piece of hard, dried, poop, stuck in their anus, and have to have one of their fellow employees extract it from their butt. On company time! Here we go.

      5. @Ex va – I’m ok, its everyone else that is out of whacky weed. That’s why their upset. No more da kine smoke to toke on. Joking. No I’m not, I’m the one that’s out. The VA busted me about 2 months ago. I tested positive for cannabis. I told them it was a false-positive. And, if they forgot what that was, to go and look it up. I’m still waiting for the final results. They sent my sample to another facility. Then 2 weeks later I was informed that I tested positive for another type of opiate in my urine. I told them, “that can’t be, it’s supposed to cocaine. And, your testing methods are all messed up. You better get your system checked out.”

        And, I’m still waiting for the test result for the other opiate. That’s been about a month ago. So I wonder what I will test for next time?

      6. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: Nutter, you and lawyerlynn must be smoking different stuff than I remember. Last time I smoked it did nothing. The last time my nieghbor brought some kinda vape over, it made all my meds usless and gave my a damn headache. What’s the secret?

      7. @cj – Sorry, you’ve been exposed to skunk weed, cheap shit. Joking. The stuff nowadays, is strong. You’ll be able to tell from the dense semi-translucent color of crystals, stickiness, and may have a deep pine smell. These are good indicators before you torch it. In Hawaii, no shake, all buds floating around. Oh well, me not in da islands now.

        For those who that are snooping; Statements are for joking only [he, he, he]. Get your own.

      8. @cj
        There’s basically 2 types of cannabis sativa: cannabis sativa indica (indica) and cannabis sativa sativa (sativa).

        Indica grows smaller, like a bush. Comes from all over the world, Nepal, India, Paki, Afghan, Lebanon, etc. It has high THC and high CBD. This ratio makes it medicinal in that it stops pain, inflammation, blockages, stress. Relieves anxiety. Stops insomnia (lol, you can’t help but sleep if you take enough). Brings down blood pressure. Adjusts mood. REgenerates nerves. Kills gout, gum disease, toothaches, migraines.

        Sativa grows tall and lanky, more tree-like. Comes from tropical places like Thailand, Viet Nam, Congo, S. Africa, S. America. Contains more THC than CBD, making it more “psychoactive” and less sedative/medical. It can help with inflammation, etc., but indica is the workhorse medical cannabis. Sativa will give the “head” high of more euphoria than sedation/sleepiness. Giggles, munchies, slight hallucination for really strong weeds, uplifting and upbeat livity brought in with sativa. Can give anxiety, paranoia, restlessness, headache, so you have to watch out for that. Although none of those things are dangerous or damaging, they just fade away, but it does make people uncomfortable.

        If you have nerve damage or heavy scar tissue, sativa can irritate that. Like if you have neuropathy, too much sativa can make the pain more noticable; the indica takes the pain away.

        Nowadays they hybridize to get new varieties, smell good, smoke good, whatever.
        I like landrace varieties. Not hybrids, but more like the old time versions of kush (indica), thai sticks (sativa). The ones that tribes and people grew because they worked good; now they grow because that variety sells good. Big diff, eh?

        It seems best for everyone to know what their main problem is and then find the type/variety that works for them. If you’ve down & depressed & unmotivated & grouchy, then sativa may work best. If you can’t sleep, have chronic pain, racing thought, flashbacks, high blood pressure, circulatory inflammation, scar tissue, gout, arthritis, … any “itis” or “osis” – indica is better for these.

        Of course they can be mixed; and use one during day, one at night, there’s alot of options.

        The problems with it:
        1. hard to find pure, clean buds where you know for sure if it’s indica or sativa
        2. hard to do it all yourself if you are alone, experiementing, etc., better with 2 or more
        3. trying different kinds can be time consuming and expensive
        4. cannabis does not work as well if you are taking drugs of any kind: prescription, otc, illegal, whatever. plants and drugs do not mix. the cannabis will spend all its energy fixing the damage of the drugs and then not get to fix the problem you took it for.

        There it is, volks. The Daily Kush.
        Have a blessed and wonderful day everyone.

      9. @lawerlynn – 4. cannabis does not work as well if you are taking drugs of any kind: prescription, otc, illegal, whatever. plants and drugs do not mix. the cannabis will spend all its energy fixing the damage of the drugs and then not get to fix the problem you took it for.

        This includes alcohol and caffeine [drugs and or poison too].

      10. Why do you allow them to drug test you?
        I don’t understand that.
        Isn’t it humiliating to be treated like a criminal that has to be tested?
        Isn’t cannabis legal as medical in Hawaii?
        Also, if you use cannabis while you have ptsd, and tell them it’s your med, it can be added as disability: cannabis dependence.
        That’s what I have. Finally. They got one thing right.

      11. I applaud doing drug tests on veterans routinely with examinations. Needed to keep from prescribing conflicting medications. Needed to diagnose and treat appropriately. Needed to know if the patient has an “active liver” when anesthetization is needed. Needed to prevent veterans who only take prescribed medications from being lumped in with druggies and denied compensation without evidence just innuendo because they happen to be homeless. And it is appropriately kept confidential. Only your doctors know and they need to know.

        Happened to me twice before the routine substance abuse screens were started.

      12. @lawyerlynn – Until my situation changes, I need the services from the VA. Federal statues are different compared to State statues. I don’t need to feel any more upset than I need to be when dealing with these people. Long story to explain. Some people have all the resources they need to separate themselves from the VA. I understand this. Not every one is in the same boat. The same problem that the VA does, putting all in the same boat when they are different. I’m not in Hawaii at this time. A little more sensitivity from your part would be acceptable. Other than this, don’t need the drama, although, I do know where your coming from. Show the same.

      13. @ANutterVet.@lawyerlynn,@Ralph D Carmona Sr: Thank you, for the explanations. If you could, could you send some of this information my way. I would be willing to try this for neuropathy, and also severe nerve damage through-out the back. The nerve dammage causes the muscles to tense, wich pinches the nerves even more, and so on, and so on. You can send it to me at “[email protected]” Thank you in advance.

        ANutterVet: after you left lastnight, it got real quiet, like everyone left with you. So, I thought maybe “the STFU truck” drove through. By the way, do you like “Ben’s world”? the little village?

        Okay, I won’t see anyones replies till later, so I will thank you all again in advance, and bid you a great day.
        Many things to do today, a double dose of Morph will be needed for sure. Also, Mr. Carmona Sr. if you don’t mind me asking, what state do you live in? Besides perpetual buzziiness/just kidding 🙂

      14. @cj – Nice house village ascii pic. Did you create this yourself? I noticed some upside down “u” ‘s. Drop a post on what is the STFU Truck means. I lost it somewhere. Didn’t mean for everyone to leave with me last night. We all had to dibby up on our last purchase of genetically modified laughing our butts off cannabis sativa. @lawyerlynn was offering some good deals in the back alley on Drag [not the drag that some may be thinking about] and Puff Street. Do you remember when people use to say, “let me have a drag.” Cig smoke back then, now, getting dressed differently. Morphing at night. Oh my, our nation needs help. It so confusing nowadays, I don’t know what bathroom is acceptable to use anymore. Any suggestions?

      15. @ANutterVet: That is what I was worried about. The plant canceling the med. I can’t afford to have that happen. No didn’t make the village, found it on an art site. STFU=Shut the fuck up. So when it got real quiet, someone must have drove “the STFU truck” through the blog.

        Re-tilled the garden, put up the chicken wire fence, got too tired too soon, so made an appointment with cardiologist, was time anyway. Will plant when the ground dries out just a bit.

      16. @cj – OK, got it. Now me going, STFU. And the train pulled away with everyone on it. No one was left at the station. Dam. Where’d day go? May be chat later. Hope you planted some good herb? Na, I’m only not joiking Hehehehehe

      17. @cj, and he deserves it too. He needs to be away from that va bs. They try to keep a good man down. As namnibor would say RAT BASTARDS!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

      18. @ANutterVet, i don’t trust any of their testing results. I do not trust the va so i don’t believe you failed any of their testing. They just don’t have the competency as other institutions so i don’t trust them. I have experience with the va and they would do anything criminal and try to hurt someone if they wanted to.

      19. Group Therapy was never a good match for me. Plus, I do NOT like to share my crayons. I like the scent of an entire package of crayons. One crayon just will not do. When an entire package of crayons is set ablaze it burns forever and with bright colors. If the crayon box it sitting upright, the crayons spray flames like little colored missiles up in the air.
        I may or may not have burned down one or two Group Therapy sessions.

        Group Therapy is not a good match for me.

        Not a pyro at ALL.

      20. @namnibor, good to see you. LOL!!! It may or may not have happened the way you remember it. LOL!!!

      21. Namnibor makes me want to burn some crayons just to see the effects of it!!! LOL!!! Just for entertainment purposes only.

  9. @Ex va: I can try and rewrite it, my short term memory sux. I will try to piece it together when I am alone.

      1. @Ex va , @cj – My wife and I are planting sensimilla tomorrow too. I can’t wait until they’re ready. Sensimilla is fast growing too.

      2. @ANutterVet,@Ex va: LOL I had to google that. I was like…… kinda vegetable is that? hahaha

  10. @cj @Ex va – I’ll be jumping from Ben’s blog and another site. Looking at CBD vaporizers and pipes.

  11. @cj – Was this a woman about a week ago or more? She poured her heart out a lot. If this is the same lady.

    @Ex va – Sometimes I get a little numb from all of this, and then at times I get super pissed off. Then I start thinking of illegal things to do [no threat assholes]. But when I say don’t touch me, don’t touch me.

      1. @ANutterVet, touching can be a trigger. I know a lot of Veterans that cannot be touched. The dissociation is a protection tool. Your ptsd sounds like it is flaring up. Mine does and it is hard to be around people sometimes. Don’t trust anyone in public. That sounds bad i know.

      2. @Ex va – I’ve lost it quite a few times in public when someone touched me when they had no right too. And yes, I’ve been escorted out of the VA as well. Oh well, put me on the list.

      3. @ANutterVet.@Ex va: LOL I feel like it’s a badge of honor getting escorted out. Means we are not the blind ones.

      4. @cj @Ex va – When in a heated discussion, I’ll take them for a little emotional ride. I act calm, then get a little upset, then calm, upset. After a while, they get super sensitive and will not say anything that is offensive. The wife afterwards, will laugh, then tell me to behave, then throw me in the dog house, and cut me right off. I thought she was supposed to be for me? That’s what da paper say.

      5. @cj, @ANutterVet, the ones i saw being escorted out had legitimate complaints and they didn’t want to deal with it. I don’t use the va services anymore i can’t handle it and i have people there who have threaten me and hated me and wanted to harm me because of their damn corruption. Can’t go thru that anymore. Too disabled.

      6. @Ex va – I know what you mean. I’ll tell you, it came close a couple of times when I told them not to touch me. I used the phrase, “I’m in fear for my life, so don’t touch in no way shape or form, and I’m not threatening you, but just don’t touch me.” My wife knows how I get when I say this. She usually gets in the middle.

        @cj – Your right, that’s what it is. As for loud, a younger peep informed me that it means, “smells strong.” When he first mentioned that he had some loud stuff, I said how can it be loud. I thought to myself, what the heck is he talking about? I don’t understand these youngins anymore. In my mind, I thought, flake.

    1. @cj, @ANutterVet, this article did bother me a lot. Their compulsive lying is hard to take. The va gets caught makes no difference.

  12. @cj – After you post, fire a round off. Then I’ll check to see what you posted. LMAO, ouche, that hurts. Getting another tab of p _ _ n k _ _ _ _ _ s.

  13. @cj – After posting, the sections for your Handle and email address stay filled in. A convenience when posting. Does this happen on your end after you post?

    1. @ANutterVet: It isn’t that of a single post, I am sorry I am not good with names any longer. There were probably more posts earlier than when I started viewing Ben’s blog. This started with a single post by a heartbroken woman, who lost her veteran husband at the hands of the VA. After that post there were more and more. I remember them all. They are starting weigh on my mind, more than the topic of the day.

  14. @cj – Trying to be well. Had extreme tension headache around 6pm. All of a sudden, boom. Took generic meds from [well you know who]. Second round dosage, plus Magnesium, GABA, Melatonin, Omega 3, and a 1/2 cup of Java Joe from Mary’s Place. I don’t know how long I can post tonight. Expect abrupt escape at anytime. I see you’re doing some artwork tonight. How did your appointment go today? And, how is your sick mind, or what every is left of it, doing? LOL

    1. @ANutterVet; Appointmet went well than you. Sorry your having headaches, those suck, especially while looking at a computer screen. My sick mind hasn’t been right in a few days. There is a post from a member that has really been bothering me. I can’t get it out of my mind. I was infact writing a statement to everyone on the blog, when I saw your comment post.

      1. @cj, what post is bothering you? Hope it wasn’t one of mine. If you don’t want to say you don’t have to. I think some of the articles really bother me at times, but i think it is something i need to work thru because i never did get any resolution from the va. I think when Veterans win their claims it does help some of them sometimes. Some never get resolution and that angers me to no end.

      2. @Ex va,@ANutterVet: I am not trying to confuse anyone, Remember Lisa. a? She was the first post I remember. then another, and another, and then Amie, and others. This is what I am talking about.

      3. @cj, yes, i remember. Death is a subject no one really wants to talk about. The widows who lost their beloved Veteran husband is hard to take when the va is responsible for their loss. It is heartbreaking to read. That bothers me a lot too.

  15. Goodtime to have a marshmallow fight:

    —–===(_() —-===(_() —–===(_() —-===(_()
    MARSHMALLOW FIGHT!!!!! —–===(_() —-===(_() —–===(_() —-===(_()
    —–===(_() —-===(_() —–===(_() —-===(_()

    1. @cj, @ANutterVet, how are you guys doing tonight? Doing ok, really tired, didn’t sleep well last night. Kept waking up every couple of hours. sucks. This article today really angered me. So sick of the lies.

      1. @Ex va: Good your doing ok, not good your tired. Maybe an injection will help? |==|iiii|>————————-
        Sorry, it’s the shortest needle I have.

      2. @cj, i probably would take it if it helped. LOL!!!! Yeah, they say they give you the shortest needle. Lol!!!!!

      3. @Ex va: That is the problem with veterans, nobody ever seems to have a short needle. hahahahahaha.

  16. Personally, I am getting all kinds of mixed up. The entire Government Swamp needs draining. This is just the beginning. God Bless, ant all posts are right on. How come we the only ones who can see it? I already know many answers to that…. Still, don’t get it. I think I have an ancestor who was Roman…

  17. Over the years, I’ve seen the VA come up with some lame, grab-ass excuses, but this one is at the top of their attempts at being pathetic, sneaky, underhanded and outright lying.

    The whole VA attitude towards the crisis hotline is one of, “well, we gave a contractor a contract, what more do you want us to do”?

    If Shulkin knowingly allowed this blatant pack of lies they call a press release to be issued then it shows exactly what he and his PR people think of the office of the IG in the face of the IG report showing so many open problems without any evidence whatsoever from the VA showing they even tried to address them.

    How can they claim any problem with the hotline has been fixed when they requested an extension on so many findings of problems?

    They have so many problems with the contract they let, it looks as if the contract could just as well have been given to anyone with a phone number willing to answer a call.

    Given how bad the VA is at overseeing the contract, does anyone believe they have any language in place for HIPAA violations or privacy protection?

    Finally, does anyone else get the sense that this hotline is a distraction from the bigger problem of the VA still not providing adequate mental health care or crisis care years after veteran suicide started skyrocketing? Is there a problem with their pampered shrinks not being able to staff a crisis team?

    I get the sense the VA doesn’t give a damn about how well this hotline does because they have to pay a contractor for it.

    Like the Choice program. They don’t give a damn about whether a vet gets care once they are referred.

  18. AG Sessions just gave a press briefing specifically telling the Sanctuary Cities are breaking not only the law, but the just printed law last Summer under Obama and that Obama was not enforcing the law…as of NOW..any city that remains a Sanctuary City or ANY FLAVOR of it, will immediately LOSE ALL FEDERAL FUNDING…supporting the POTUS’s stance on simply following the freaking law. Obama was willfully breaking it by ignoring it.
    With this said, I would not be surprised if also the recreational weed states may face the same thing…but it seems like POTUS and AG are okay with Medical Cannabis…wait for it….

      1. Nam, let em violently protest, authorities will then have an opportunity to practice their skills.

    1. Should be interesting to see our states “political big-wigs” stance on this. Honolulu is (unfortunately) a sanctuary city. We are the second most expensive city in the United States, and the 26th most expensive city to live in for the world.

      Political Big-Wigs from Hawaii cannot substantively help veterans who make up 10.7% of the states population – – – but just listen to them wail over the loss of that money . . .

      Will be interesting to see.

      1. And, it depends on what and how it is measured against. Statsters love to play with those numbers.

      2. To manipulate the outcome into their favor. We see it all the time with the current Veteran friendly operations of the VA.

      3. What we need for the VA is a form of the UCMJ but since they only took an oath to kinda sorta save lives and have no real allegiance to the Flag, we could call it ‘Uncaring Code of Meathead Justice’, UCMJ, where upon any scandal, the appropriate hacks must pay “Meathead Justice” and be locked in a VA lab with running loose lab test experiment dogs unleashing some “Meathead Justice”. If all goes as I think it may, those dogs will be very well-fed.

      4. Nam, if were sell them by the pound, we can supplement our income. Dogs happy, we make money, the House of the VA gets cleaned up. Everybody a winner.

      5. The dogs may not like the indigestion inflicted. That would only surely mean to give the poor doggy a thin wafer after dinner mint, then dog barfs-up and eats them again.
        They say hell is repetition.

      6. Nam, I forgot to mention, if we feed the dogs these pieces of scrap, we may be charged with animal abuse. Another sicko option, is to grind them flesh through the VA’s own meat grinder, add some natural binders, then form the meat into small meatballs, thoroughly cook the humanoid to kill residual pathogens, rent a deep sea boat, and then troll for some Charlie Tuna.

  19. This is normal for the VA to say things that they have done, but yet report after report later down the road you seem to always see Failed to do this or that.

    The VA is so use to doing as little as possible. I mean Management, after all they are in charge and are responsible for everything. All of us have to wait and see if the new Law to fire Bad employee’s will be followed.

    The only way these people will get the message is to see droves of Bad employee’s Fired and or arrested.

    They have to see for themselves that they will be held accountable. Those veterans whom live in small towns are at high risk of retaliation by VA staff members as many VA employee’s hire their friends to work under them.

    This has happened to me where a manager and former co worker slandered my name and published it, so the slander is now considered Libel, A class 6 felony. The Manager knows they passed the law and has been meeting with former employee’s who use to work for her to brain storm on how they are going to get out of their misdeeds.

    It’s ok, they can meet everyday, But once they are called to be questioned by themselves and told of the punishment of covering up a crime. They will not want to take the fall, for someone else. They can say that I did something disruptive at least twice a month.

    Once they are questioned, it will be discovered that the Manager falsely accused me and if they try to cover up for her, they will be held accountable just like her. Most people when confronted and told that any statement under oath and they Lie is a crime and they could loose their pensions or their job, I believe they will come clean.
    Since they were unable to furnish not one piece of evidence of me ever being disruptive and the regulations state there must be documented evidence, the truth will come out. They said the disruptive behavior had been collaborated. They refused to advise me who did the Collaboration.

    I know they are afraid this is going to catch up to them and its ok if they want to keep lying, but the truth will come out and anyone thinking they will get away with it will be held in contempt and they will loose everything they worked for. and for what so one person, could get their kicks by falsely accusing me.

    If they are smart, they will spill the Beans or find themselves in some big trouble.

    1. Good post, but in terms of waiting to see if they follow a new law to fire bad VA employees……

      ….hmmmm. When I left home for my morning coffee and Bagel this morn, I explicetly told EACH of my Italian Grayhounds not to piss on the floor while I was away. I really laid down the law on this one! In similar vein to your post I am gonna have to wait and see when I get home if they followed the law…. They each have the best of intentions so I see no reason they won’t obey.

      1. If it were the VA, the VA would somehow find a way to shit on the ceiling and make it stick…and that’s without flinging the shit, no, we’re talking ass up against the ceiling making a Dairy Queen soft serve swirl…might even be a peanut buster parfait, in that case, the dog is not even safe when the shit finally falls from the ceiling.

  20. Hey, namnibor,
    I’m glad you brought up the phrase, “The dog ate my homework!”
    Well, here’s an article, I couldn’t even finish it, out today from;
    “ News”
    It looks like the VA refuses to treat dogs any better than veterans! I’m not kidding, brothers and sisters!
    Read this fuckin’ article!

    “Animal Rights Group Calls for Investigation of VA Research Facility!”

    25 Mar. 2017 | by Nikki Wentling

    As I stated. I couldn’t even finish the article. Because it pissed me off severely.
    The VA can’t/refuses to tell the fuckin’ truth on how it treats dogs!!!
    “Man’s Best Friend Even Gets Fucked by the VA!”
    Because of this bullshit, Why the fuck should anyone ever believe anything coming out of anyone working at VA nationwide!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK OFF VA! Y’all don’t even treat dogs with respect. What makes you think we believe anything you say about treating veterans with respect!

    1. That’s really messed-up, not even animals are safe from the inmates running the VA asylum. I wonder if dogs get labeled as “Other Than Non-Human Test Subjects” by the VA, to distinguish we Vets from the animals or if it’s just one lump-sum group classification?

  21. OFF TOPIC – Medical Clinical Trials Databases – Listed below are some clinical trial databases. I used the search phrase, “database of medical clinical trials in United States.” And then the phrase, “database of clinical trials for pain.” There are hundreds of websites online. Try using different search phrases for additional results.














    1. They are devoted to finding something other than cannabis to treat pain.
      lol. It’s not poison enough for them, and people can grow their own.
      So it must remain totally unacceptable. Need to find patent-ready pharmaceuticals.

      To treat nonexistent “mental illness”. Or whatever other lie.

    2. See medicalmarijuana[.]procon[.]org for some interesting information. As you know, at the current time, medical trials for cannabis is extremely limited in the US.

    3. And, review all aspects that pertains to Medical Marijuana. Visit safeaccessnow[.]org

  22. I had to resort to my friend Google and ask “what to believe at veterans affairs”

    Here is from the VA site recruiting mental health professionals;
    “People, Not Paperwork
    I don’t have to deal with insurance companies. My first duty is getting our Veterans the care they need.”

    Hmmmm. The VA mental health folks claim they have no,paperwork to do. Nice.

    This next one, also from a VA recuitment site about inclusiveness features above the caption a guy dressed up in muslim headgear and doctors clothes, presumably a VA doc telling his story in a sentence;

    “I’m proud of where I work.
    Inclusive environment. Exceptional careers.”

    hmmmmm. God is Great, right? I guess Imbelieve that one…

    How about AFGE’s take on belief? From Federal News Radio’s website;

    “Shulkin seems to really believe that VA does the best job for veterans and that it provides the best quality of care,” said Marilyn Park, legislative representative for AFGE.”

    Gosh, what a blistering endorsement “…seems to really believe….” by AFGE. Still he does “seem to really believe” in something, but wondering out loud here about the difference between “belief” and “seems to really believe”… Perhapsthe AFGE seems to really believe they are helping vets too.

    What about the Democrats? Let us get their take on this from their website;

    “‘Democrats believe America must continue to have the strongest military in the world…Our country has a sacred, moral responsibility to keep faith with all our veterans and wounded warriors. We must take care of those who have put their lives on the line to defend us.’
    – Democratic Party Platform
    Our commitment to America’s servicemembers and veterans is equal to the full measure of devotion that they have committed to us. ”

    I am not exactly sure what a “full measure of devotion” is precisely but I think I flush some of that full measure down the toilet earlier this morning.

    I guess though that what I believe about the VA this morning is best summed up in the concluding paragraph from Judicial Watch dot org website about a 74 year old vet that now must defend his actions to avoid jail time for posting the American Flag on the OUTSIDE of a fence to property deeded to help veterans which instead hosts a litany of other highly profitable non veteran activities-

    ‘Rosebrock faces up to six months’ imprisonment if found guilty on any of the three charges.

    “The federal government’s pursuit of these vindictive charges against Mr. Rosebrock is mind-blowing,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Why in the world would the feds prosecute a 74-year-old veteran over the placement of two small American Flags at the entrance to a park honoring veterans on Memorial Day? Frankly, President Trump should ask why the VA and his Justice Department are trying to jail this American patriot.”’

    Who do I believe?
    I have PTSD. I trust and believe nobody, so thr question boils down for me into what I believe;

    I believe that if I shit into one hand and I trust and hope into another, that one of my hands will fill up and the other will be empty – both of which represent VA promises. Want to know what I think about it?

    Talk to the hand, because the head ain’t listening anymore.

    1. Then why am I still waiting for PTSD in-home services that was promised to me last year? And, now the VA is saying that I’ve already been approved for in-facility treatments. Someone isn’t telling the truth. Hold on, let me again check with the VA Appointment Verifier . . . Ringing . . . Recorded message; All lines are currently busy, please hold, thank you . . . Music plays . . . Recorded message again; All lines are currently busy, please hold, thank you . . . Music plays again . . . Recorded message again; All lines are busy now, please hold, thank you . . . Music plays again . . . Recorded message again; All lines are busy now, please hold, thank you . . . the Veteran turns to his spouse, and tells her that he’s been in que for the longest time, he’s cussing up a storm, frustrated, blood pressure is up . . . Veteran listens again to the phone . . . Music plays . . . Recorded message; All lines are currently busy, please hold, thank you . . .

      Are you getting irritated about my comment yet? Think how Veterans feel when they can’t get their regular calls promptly answered by the so-called properly trained professional staff of the Veterans Administration’s Call Centers or their PCP’s office. When I worked for a major analytical equipment company, it was mandatory of that phone calls be answered in 30 seconds or less. It didn’t matter what type of call, emergency or a regular call.

      Answering phone calls promptly is a problem no matter who your calling at the VA. If the VA were a for profit making organization, they’d be bankrupt in a short period of time. Shame on you VA for your disservice to Veterans. Veterans served, now why can’t you?

      1. If the VA was a civilian for profit corporation they would go the way of Bernard Lawrence “Bernie” Madoff. This is how we normally treat Americans that run their business the way VA does, which Madoff had simply duplicated and applied to non-veterans. Bankruptcy proceedings no longer concern Madoff. He is pretty lucky in light of the way other countries deal with the likes of him. I have heard that China has really interesting end of life care provided to folks that behave like he did, right?

      2. They sure do have some interesting methods for “End of Life” care for folks like that in China. My Sister-In-Law was a Christian Missionary living in Beijing from 1998 to 2015. As you can imagine, they had to be very careful not to run afoul of the State.

        She has quite a few stories about their “End of Life” care.

        Too bad we can not “import” those methods and apply them to AFGE/VA “Leadership”. Would drain the swamp and send a loud message simultaneously.

      3. In between that reassuring voice & music & recorded messages is IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY PLEASE HANG UP & DIAL 911

      4. With a subliminal message making sure you have your location services turned-on your phone for better triangulation of the likely incoming swat team. Then an infomercial warning about travel pay fraud, because the VA cares.

      5. @Namnibor , @Dennis – I called the VA today and there was a change in the recorded message from my local VA. For the suicide line, options were mentioned to either push a direct number or to dial the toll free number. In the past, the message only stated to call the toll free number. This new option most likely didn’t help the process any.

    2. You know the final, sorry part about that veteran being prosecuted for putting a flag on a fence is that if he is convicted and has to serve time, he likely will get much better medical care than he ever could at the VA.

      Or he could sue for violation of his rights.

      Makes one think many more flags should be planted on fences.

      1. Another similar analogy is a local cop told me that quite often in the Winter, particularly if really bitter cold, but not necessary, as it happens throughout the year as well: He said that someone that’s homeless or just really down and out but not suicidal, will call 911 on their obamaphone while waiting with a brick in hand in front of a vacant home waiting for the cops to come by and toss the rock in building’s window…just to get the guaranteed pick-up, out of the elements of weather or gangs chasing, a bed, food and hey, even a toilet…now, it may be in a jail cell or if overcrowded, at a homeless shelter…but it took extreme measures to get the specific help that person needed.
        Flags on fences seems more sensible.

  23. And the VA pays a Public Relations Firm $25 million a year for this Spin????? (a little sarcasm intended here!)

    I’m not sure how old the video was, which examined another government agency, on how millions of taxpayers monies were spent on a frivolous conference. It was Trey Gowdy who asked the question to a OIG representative “IF criminal charges were recommended!” The rep said “YES!”
    Yet, the agency had not complied with the OIG recommendation.
    The perpetrators were counciled and/or allowed to retire. JUST AS VA PERSONNEL ARE ALLOWED TO DO!
    Our government is completely over run with corruption.
    Until it’s purged, I see little change.

    1. @Crazy elf- I think after this healthcare debacle in D.C. Swamp, President Trump now sees how murky those swamp waters are and do you recall what Pres. Trump even said in so many words about it? “I learned the importance of loyalty” (paraphrased, maybe)
      So, you are spot-on that the entire system is overrun with greed. We need to get back to only sending farmers to D.C. that are *not* attorneys. (sorry, Benjamin, no offense, but Shakespeare had a point or two…), and get back to basics in USA.
      It’s going to be very hard to do anything as long as the lobbyists fill that swamp…the lobbyists feed the swamp beasts…cut-off the food source and swamp beasts go extinct…in theory.

  24. Remember that cliché saying that every instructor loathes, “The dog ate my homework?”

    The VA does this in reverse and pulls the homework out of their ass and ~**~-PRESTO!!!-~**~, here’s our homework, we already did it while being processed in the bowels of the VA Meat Grinder!

    This is nothing more than ensuring Isaacson is not upset by bad VA news and flying off the stairmaster first thing Monday morning. This is what we get when the VA is allowed to police/audit itself and the VAOIG is so limp that a dump truck full of Viagra would not help one bit.

    Does anyone really think then VA Sec. McDonald actually had a life-changing moment in December when an x-ray at the VA showed that McDonald’s heart was 12 times smaller or was that The Grinch? Easily confused.

    I’m thinking this was yet another “last minute iced-over fix” for McDonald’s overconfidence that HE was going to STAY-ON as VA Sec….”See what I did…I fixed it…duuuh…now keep me!” 🙂

    1. ‘[“…The Department of Veterans Affairs is proud to announce that the challenges with the Veterans Crisis Line have been resolved. Prior to the opening of our new Atlanta call center, our call rollover rate often exceeded 30 percent…”]’??

      Notice the VA did not actually qualify *how* they *resolved* problems? They implied they HIRED the problem away. What exactly were the qualifications of this Atlanta call center of massive proportions? Training time? How about this pretty important consideration: Is each Veteran Crisis Line operator able to enunciate clearly for such an intervention call center or were the newly hired simply shown how to press the big red button that activated the local SWAT to surround the Veteran in their home while the Crisis Line operator continued doing her nails and eating Cheetos?
      I’m thinking it’s the big red button, and may even be equipped as a footswitch as to not mess-up those fingernails or intake cadence of Cheetos.

      Yeah, I’m being a tad flip, but I cannot imagine these being highly qualified Licensed Social Workers, at best. I’m thinking the Atlanta VAMC’s employees just had a bunch of relatives hired to answer Veteran Crisis Lines. Nepotism keeps the AFGE orifice puckered and smiling. 🙂

  25. Have we been removed from the Obummer Veteran’s Terrorist Watch list yet? I don’t know. Not much recently about it but I found this; Louder with Crowder website. Googled Obama Admin Put Veterans on ‘Terror Watch List’

    It really seems like the VA and a lot of others are doing their very best at pushing veteran’s buttons to get a reaction, argument, to lose it, or to hear some cussing so they can take some kind of action towards us. It’s obvious they want to fill the prison system with us, or to agree to enough stupid laws that everyone is breaking some law, somehow, at any given time.

    It’s so obvious to what is happening since simple things, or felonies, for doctoring, misleading, lying or destroying vets records would be a hell-of-a-start at cleaning up the VA and staff. Following up reports on staff about threats, intimidation, out-burst, etc., would also be easily investigated and dealt with. But no, nothing is easy, and no-one cares to take any kind of action. Unless it’s about stuff like the Pentagon losing billions of dollars again but that too is just okay seemingly. I agree, total BS. No one is better at lies, propaganda to torture than the VA and all connected with it.

    1. Two more years of this nonsense – – – and a living, breathing veteran will be a criminal just because they are living and breathing.

      Or to quote Nancy Pelosi: “We have to pass a Bill into Law in order to find out what is in it . . . ”

      Not a good way to run a railroad.

      1. @Disgruntled Veteran – Who is this Nancy Pelosi? Does she work for the VA? Nah, only choking from the thick stanky swampy smelling air.

      2. @ANutterVet – – – Pelosi.(Pee-Loose-EE)

        1. Futless former Democrap Sneaker in Your House.
        2. Ugly Woman no make da las 5 seconds to da loo.
        3. Spokeswoman? Depends?

      3. “Pee-Loose-EE” also has the female version of the “Joker’s Smile” permanently on her face or better mental imagery: “Botox The Clown”.

        Yep, when she’s not wearing her clown makeup, that “Botox The Clown” smile is ALWAYS there!! 🙂

      4. Botox the Clown, or Buttocks the Clown. I am confused. Not sure whether her smile is a medically-implemented one, or just a naturally groan “Ass Face”. Heard somewhere that beauty starts on the inside, then works its’ way out . . .

        Could it be that Ms. Pee-Loose-ee’s brain finally worked its’ way out to her face? That would explain how her intelligence is ALWAYS on display for the world to see.

        I hear she’ll be available for social functions within the next few months. Want me to hook you up? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      5. @Disgruntled Veteran: Hook me up? That is so disturbing to me…..all I can think of is:
        ─────────────────────Hell nooooooo!

      6. @CJ – – – Damn! Posted by e-mail. Sorry no personal identifier! Have to start using those on every post from now on. It’s Nam I want to hook up. Not you. Figured with his dark humor, he would understand.

        Nice ASCII art though. Where did you get it? Or do you make your own?

        @Lawyerlynn – – – Thanks for the tip about the Nitey Night Tea with Valerian. Tasted a little funny, but seemed to work much better than the Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea I had been using. And pricing not so bad for me here in Hawaii if order through Amazon in bulk. VA sleep meds never did any good, while doing who knows what in other areas of my body.

        Got to go to court a few times in April. None VA related. Charges quite serious. Fortunately, witness in one.

      7. @DisgruntledVeteran: Thank God, I was still cowering in the corner thinking about that face. Poor namnibor.
        I just collect the ascii from various places. Long time ago was a 3d chat site where you could walk up to people and talk lol, the used all kinds of ascii in that place. It is still there buy you need xp to access it.

      8. @91Veteran – – – While I hear what you are saying, I am not sure either of us is qualified to render a medical opinion. We need a doc to do that.

        Where’s Corpsmanup! or Lem on this?

        I mean, we want to do the best we can for our bud. A long-haired vajayjay might be a major selling point. Especially combined with that one in a million Buttocks smile!

    2. Have we been removed from the Obummer Veteran’s Terrorist Watch list yet?….I DON’T THINK WE EVER WILL BE T

    3. You know T, the VA can’t manage to do simple things right before they get to the seemingly harder stuff that you mention.

      Hell they can’t even manage to answer their phones let alone do what you mention.

      Take appointments for example. I’m surprised at how many comments I read from veterans who show up for appointments only to find they have been canceled, or find out they suposedly missed one when they were never notified they had an appointment.

      I mention this because I just got an automated call from a private doctor for a Choice appointment wanting me to confirm it by pressing 1. All very easy taking about 3 minutes.

      Again, an easy system to set up if the VA wanted to, but they can’t even manage to answer a phone when it rings, never mind an automated system.

      Then again, an automated system would generate records making it harder to scam wait times for bonuses.

      1. You have to remember that the VA’s Technology level in-use and application is just shy of being 80’s analog party line system, but be sure to only use empty cans tied together with string.
        The only thing that’s surprising is you do not see many a typewriter, nor do you see the old missile silo size ‘floppy discs’ that were as large as your great grandmother’s festive serving platter…no, the VA remains as near-mid-1980’s tech while surrounding itself with shiny new buildings or old buildings with color changing walls and million $ artwork…but guess what?
        Just like a chocolate covered turd, it’s still only a turd in the middle.
        Rant out.
        (Used to raise rabbits growing-up, so on my last thought, I’m going to second guess my dark chocolate covered blueberries am eating this evening)

  26. Hallelujah! The VA has fixed the broken Crisis Line System.

    B – U – L – L – S – H – I – T I say again B – U – L – L – S – H – I – T

    Next they will offer to sell us the art work they wasted millions on for a quarter per piece.

    Easy to understand with their Actionless-Based Propaganda and Evidence-Based Medicine why certain vets might not shed a tear were someone to go McVeigh on them.

    Evidence and Action. Something the VA neither understands, nor can implement if it is found to be in the Veterans Best Interest,

  27. The crisis lines are not fixed and they have no intention of following vaoig recommendations. The suicide prevention teams are a failure in the va system. The American psychiatric association would not recommend treating a suicidal Veteran on an outpatient basis if they are in crisis. This is how the va wants to treat Veterans with failed attempts and who are suicidal.
    These Veterans are not stable and have no chance unless they get inpatient treatment to get stable on medications and therapy. Then they have a better chance of survival. Mental illness is a real disease and can be treatable. Suicide can be preventable and a life is worth trying to save. These are our heros they are our Veterans and they are worth saving.

    1. Precisely, Ex va. Your post cut as cleanly as a sharp scalpel wielded by a world-class surgeon. Perfect.

    2. @Ex va – I can’t add anything to your post. Couldn’t have been better stated. One thing, why can’t the VA see what you posted? Never mind, I know the answer. The same to every other question.

      1. @ANutterVet: “same as every other answer” is that as in all even nubers or all odd numbers? One time I went fishing with a dotted line, I caught every other fish. >

      2. @cj – Hold on here. Let my mind try to catch up with your trick postal remarks. Where did you purchase this unique fishing line?

      3. @ANutterVet: They use to sell it at the Kikapoo summer camp every other Wednesday. I use to work there during the sumer of 82, 84, and 86. I was the guy in the gator costume. I ran the kikapoo school of fish. We would teach all the fish how to turn at the same time. The guy that wrote the text book, was the same guy that invented headlights for airplanes. Later I heard, he ended up in DC, giving cheap face lifts to John Kerry and Nahn-SEE Pee-Loose-EE.

      4. @CJ – Thanks for the Abbott Report. I can see all is well today. Dotted Line, LOL.

      5. @CJ – – – I think we have met. You were the guy in the gator costume? I was the guy who walked by and always said to you – – – “Later, Gator”. Costello says Hi(gh).

  28. Once again, the blonde in the above picture and the bubbleized caption says it all. Who but the unkowing public would believe a fucking thing the VA has to say?

    1. @cj

      It is not so much a matter of the publi not understanding that VA lies. I have seen poll after poll that shows the vast majority of the public understands that the VA lies and has failed veterans and America.

      It is not a matter of an “unknowing” public – it is a matter of an “uncaring” public and make no mistake about it. I have read Roman military history and as an officer candidate in the Oregon Army National Guard was compelled to become familiar with military history of a variety of sorts and of a number of conflicts.

      The Romans learned that the only way they could retain a force willing to march into the lances and spears of the enemy was to promise generous benefits. These included a huge lump sum payment for completing 25 years of service or 16 campaigns, which was pretty much a miracle if you could pull that off given the life expectancy at the time. They also promised payment if you became injured too severely to return to duty or make a living.

      The problem arose of just how to pay for all this and the defacto First Citizen decided to impose an inheretance tax and a sales tax to care for them that bore the brunt of battle. The wealthy folks despised the taxes and pooled their influence to gradually decrease benefits, increase time of service required, and then began to outsource for their military needs because hired mercenary soldiers were seen as a better value owing to the fact that they were not promised retirement or benefits.

      The rich elite of Rome knew they were screwing over the soldiers benefits, they just didn’t give a shit if it was going to cost them one dime.

      So they invited The Huns into the front door and embraced the idea of an inexpensive military….This revealled MANY things to the Roman elite, not the least of which was the certain knowledge they subsequently gained about the consequnces of letting The Huns in through the front gate.

      The American public does not care about you, me, or any other vet until the Muslims blow up a bunch of people in my experience. Then they care (God Almighty do they care) so long as “The Huns” are chucking spears at their own children but honestly by that time it is too late to really matter much.

      1. Dennis,
        I’ve also been saying “something horrendous is going to have to happen”, BEFORE America(n’s) start understanding about their safety. “9/11” was a small, albeit significant, wake-up call for most people.
        Yet, even after THOUSANDS of Americans DIED on that fateful day, only a small percentage of civilians signed up to protect their homeland.
        As time moved forward, we are finding out Obama, McCain, Hillary and a ‘host of traitors’ were, in fact, supplying arms, ammunitions and monies to our enemies.
        Has it changed throughout history? NO! It’s the same old story.
        You’ve brought up great points on how Rome worked. It’s interesting to know many cultures did the same!

      2. @Dennis: I would like to think you are wrong, I bet though, you are indeed correct. A sad state of affairs.

    2. THE VA CRISISI LINES ARE TOTAL JOKE ON US TAX PAYERS @ VETS POTOUS TRUMP GET SOME BALLS @ DEFUNFD @ CLOSSE THESE VA FRAUD FAKE CRISIS LINES ASAP ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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