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Behind VA’s Walls: The Tanya Bradsher Nomination and Data Breach Revelations – Live Analysis

Veterans rights attorney, Benjamin Krause, alongside prominent whistleblowers Kristen Ruell, Ken Crandal, and Peter Rizzo, are coming together to discuss a pressing issue: the growing scandal surrounding the upcoming vote for the Tanya Bradsher nomination to VA Deputy Secretary on Monday.

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Accusations have arisen that Bradsher, a key player in the Department of Veterans Affairs, might have “misled” the Senate about an IT data breach. Not just any breach, but one involving the VA Integrated Enterprise Workflow Solution (VIEWS), tasked with managing agency correspondence.

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Peter Rizzo, an insider and certified fraud examiner, took the brave step of releasing a draft of the VIEWS-VA OIT report, illuminating concerns that might have otherwise remained buried. With Bradsher’s potential ascension to a more influential position at VA, concerns are mounting about the handling of sensitive veteran information and a possible disregard for veterans’ privacy.

READ ABOUT SCANDAL: VA Nominee Tanya Bradsher In Hot Water

Senator Chuck Grassley has been vocal, demanding transparency, and challenging Bradsher’s narratives. Yet, with the Senate seemingly fast-tracking her confirmation, questions are rising: Do they genuinely appreciate the gravity of this situation? And isn’t the truth owed to our veterans before casting a vote?

This is not just about policy; it’s about trust, integrity, and the responsibility leaders owe to those they serve.

Join us for a comprehensive discussion on this matter, delve into the heart of the controversy, and stand with us in safeguarding our veterans’ rights. Don’t miss this riveting conversation. Your voice matters, as does the truth. #VetRightsMatter

And if you feel really ambitious, send a tweet to your Senator about the upcoming vote.

FAQ for the We The People Radio Show on Tanya Bradsher Nomination and VA’s VIEWS Scandal

1. When and where can I tune into the show? Answer: The show will air live on September 10, 2023, at 12 PM PDT on We The People Radio.

2. Who will be speaking on the show? Answer: Benjamin Krause, a veterans’ rights advocate, will be joined by whistleblowers Kristen Ruell, Ken Crandal, and Peter Rizzo.

3. What is the main topic of discussion? Answer: The main topic revolves around the growing scandal concerning VA Deputy Secretary nominee, Tanya Bradsher, and allegations of her misleading the Senate about an IT data breach at the VA.

4. Why is the VIEWS-VA OIT report important? Answer: This report unveils crucial insights into potential data breaches and how they’ve been handled. It’s a direct indicator of the protection (or lack thereof) of sensitive veterans’ data.

5. How can I participate or ask questions during the show? Answer: Listeners can call into the radio show or send in their questions via the We The People Radio website or social media channels. Specific call-in details will be provided during the show.

6. Will there be a recording available after the show? Answer: Yes, a recording of the show will be available on the We The People Radio website and podcast platforms for those who miss the live broadcast.

7. Why should I be concerned about this scandal? Answer: This issue touches on the integrity of leadership, the privacy rights of veterans, and the transparency of governmental actions. It’s about the trust veterans place in institutions meant to serve them.

8. Where can I find more information on this topic before the show? Answer: Visit DisabledVeterans.org for detailed articles and insights on this topic, or refer to the links provided in the blog post summary.

9. How can I support the cause? Answer: Stay informed, share the information with friends and family, contact your local representatives to express your concerns, and actively participate in discussions like this radio show.

10. Can I suggest topics for future shows? Answer: Absolutely! We The People Radio always welcomes suggestions. Reach out to us through our website or social media channels.

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  1. We veterans need very much to pay close attention to these bureaucratic cabals! Both parties (Ds & Rs) follow their elites. Their elites, no matter what they say in public, are all in cahoots to create more forever wars so they can also create more billionaire$$$, and each of them anticipates s/he will become one soon. Notice what they most squabble about. It is always about spending our tax money! It is also now increasingly about destroying the very administrative structures designed to help us see into those shenanigans, and to help us actually get good quality health care (instead of designer hooey from wherever/whomever).

    I can tell stories about the rotten ignorant “doctors” VA has too often on offer. Mostly males. Most of the females have and present a sense of decency and caring for what needs to be done, when, and for whom.

    That newly voted on VA Administrator is there for a purpose: milk the VA for select contractors/clients. She will “do her job” and if it comes to a judicial matter, she will be whining the same way today’s former senior advisors were: I was doing what I was told to do.

    Remember Eichmann in Jerusalem? Remember Nuremberg? The US is now poised to deliver itself into such a mess as Germany was then in because of all those ‘doing what they were told’ instead of paying attention to their oaths of office.

    Hello, somebody.

  2. Get her out of the position., This administration is holding up the health and welfare of veterans within the Community Care. I know because they are doing it to me, a 100% DAV.
    It is people like this lady and the others that have yet to learn about Veterans Affairs.
    Thank You, Mr. Krause, for standing up!!
    Ken Hatley

    1. “Mike Pence” huh?
      Couldn’t even come up with something original?
      Why blame it on Trump – because everyone else blames him for EVERYTHING? Yeah I think so, especially you.

      The Biden Administration has done absolutely zero for Vets and if you saw Sleeoy Joe walk out of the room during the MOH ceremony youd know he’s not only senile but a total fool and embarrassment to our Country! He deserves everything that’s coming to him with impeachment as does that POS VP – Not the author Pence of course. Harris is as useless as a 3rd tit.


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