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All Rise: Class-Action Lawsuits Against VA Are Now On The Table

Remember Monk v. Wilkie. This is a gamechanger.

Based on this federal court decision, in which an eight-judge panel reexamined the fairness of VA precedent barring larger lawsuits, class action is now deemed appropriate in some cases.

VA now joins the fold of federal entities that we can sue in large numbers. This could be huge for veterans who have suffered for widespread reasons. Agent Orange, Gulf War illness, Camp Lejeune. It seems like this may be a watershed moment.

Maybe there is even a possible class-action case for military sexual assault. After all, military service is a form of employment, and American employers are tasked with providing a tolerant work environment to their employees, insofar as that might be possible.

Well, the Armed Forces are American employers. Arguably the most American of American employers.

Basically, the “hostile work environment” rhetoric shakes out like this: if anyone hurts you, it should be the other guy. Your wartime enemy, not your comrades in arms. Your unit has the same duty of honor and trust toward you as you have to them.

But the real question is… now what? Which cases will come together in true class-action form? Which cases are still better fought as a single person or a small group?

Catherine McCarthy, a law student at Yale who handled the Monk case, is excited about the possibilities. “It’s still trial and error at this point to see what will work,” she said. “But it’s a great opportunity, because so much of what we hear wrong about VA are systemic problems, not just one veteran dealing with a single issue.”

Systemic problems. Widespread dissatisfaction, unsafe living conditions at inpatient facilities, appeals lost in the bureaucracy for a year or more. Sound familiar?

John Rowan, President of Vietnam Veterans of America, immediately recognized the potential for a knock-down and drag-out fight over Agent Orange exposure, including the “Blue Water” veterans who served on ships within twelve miles of shore.

“The good thing is once there is a court ruling, it’s a done deal,” he said. “If the court orders them to make a change, there’s no budget aspect to it like there is with legislative fixes.”

Veterans dealing with burn pit exposure illnesses (tune in this week for an article on that!) and other toxic chemical exposure could use this new opportunity to force VA’s hand.

Of course, the major downside to the class-action lawsuit has not changed: It takes forever to complete the discovery process for so many people. So many pages of documents, so many combined years of service… there is always a lot of information to uncover in class action.

For big VA battles, class action just might be law done right… but it would never be law done fast.

Agent Orange veterans, for example, have this annoying tendency to develop rare cancers at elevated rates from the norm. But if you have a rare cancer and may die from it, how much of your remaining life do you want to spend in court? Asking the big questions here.

These kinds of cases are high-maintenance, high-profile… and high-cost. Even a law firm dedicated to VA cases, like Krause Law, will likely not be accepting these types of complaints unless it is large enough to shoulder the caseload.

That said, this is still a major step forward for veterans, offering a major new avenue to legal victory that VA had always jammed shut… until now.


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  1. NOT ONE LAWYER i spoke with would accept my claim that my father was on the die list at the Carl T Hayden VAMC. I put all my eggs in your communal basket and was notified that someone just threw the basket in the trash a couple years ago. I’ve lost hope, CHANGE MY MIND!!!

  2. @ W2 Team Leader,
    Keep in mind, some things might change!
    As of a few decades ago, I called VA D.C. and was instructed to contact the branch of service in St. Louis. They wanted as much verifiable service info as recalled on the person(s) to be contacted and sending my service/contact info to get approval for contact. In my case it worked out in a timely manner. Hope this helps!

    1. Rosie thank you for your words of hope. I thank everyone on here for your service no matter what branch we have all put our bodies through so much and I wish you all blessings. I am proud to call you all my brothers and sisters. I dont get along with non veteran folk might be nice people and all but I feel disasociated with anyone who hasnt been there because they dont understand. My only friends I have left are a small group of 4 of us who I was in combat with. The outside world I do not get along with for reasons that only veterans would understand

  3. sir. i and my fellow battle buddies from our jss in saab albor iraq are very interested in

    (Veterans dealing with burn pit exposure illnesses (tune in this week for an article on that!) and other toxic chemical exposure could use this new opportunity to force VA’s hand.)

    we were exposed to nearly constant burning of a pit we shared with our iraqi army and police counterparts. only God knows what all was burning in those flames on a daily basis. many of us myself included were duagnosed with lung conditions sleep apnea and aggrivated heart/stomach conditions (stomach surgery for me a few years back) from what we strongly believe to be this exposure and that our furst 3 months unknowingly were showering and brushing teeth in water that was being pumped from the locals canal. the same canal animals and people bathed in. almost everyone got the same stomach symptoms which caused the medics to come out to our outpost from camp taji and test our water and the results.. feces ect all kinds of nasty stuff we’d ingested. how do you ralley guys you deployed with that you lost touch with over 10 years ago during the war to sue for benefits. looking forward to your burn pit article for advice!

  4. The illegal tribunal or “Star Chamber” is real. The VA is setup to do harm to veterans, and the VA loves it. Even Patient Advocates are set up to do harm, it is more fun than helping, they will vote against the veteran every chance they get. Ask Bradley Hogue of the Tucson VA, he should be fired or resign from his position. Veterans should get a vote for those who represent them, otherwise, it is business as usual, FUBAR.

  5. My husband died recently because I couldn’t find an attorney to take his missing records issue to court. Now I find that there may be thousands of you guys out there who need benefits but can’t get anything because you can’t prove where you were because Somebody has either Spokiated your records or are sitting on them. I think it’s time this seen the light of a court room so it takes 10 years it will be worth the wait and worth the fuss. My gut tells me though it won’t take that long. this is a fight that is worth fighting for all those with missing records.

    1. Sorry for your loss, and yes you’re so right about missing records, the DVA was sent additional medical records feom the National Personnel Record Center by my request to prove my stressor and they destroyed thoses records and denied my claim. Looking for a attorney now. This happen in 1989 and the DVA still haven’t found my additional medical records

  6. I agree that all that glitters is not gold. They get everyone all excited about this and then they dont tell them that this can be delayed over and over and over again and by the time it actually gets to court the people who filed it are already dead and it gets dismissed. Now if I was to read that they cannot extend this more then once, then I would have some hope…but as it stands now..I dont think so.

    I have worn braces on my legs for well over 20 years, and the doctor the VA sent me to today wants to try and strengthen my legs so “we can get rid of the braces” Well sorry for your stupidity but after 20 years of wearing them and not being able to walk without them, its going to be impossible to get rid of them. Especially since my legs have shrunk so much that my left leg is only 9 inches in all the way round and my right one is only 10 or 11 inches. A normal leg is usually about 20 inches round the thigh. Mine has not been that way for over 15 years and NOW the VA doctor wants to try and use PT to strengthen my legs to get rid of the braces?? Where were these idiots when it might have helped??? And then he tells me that no matter what the plastic cushion in the replaced knee needs replaced so no matter what I am going to have to have a 2nd knee replacement. So can anyone tell me just how trying to make my muscle stronger is going to fix the worn out plastic pad in my fake knee??

    THIS is why Vets get so damn upset, I mean just tell us whats going on..dont piss down our legs and say its raining

  7. P. S. Its me again. Forgot to mention. I am the first vet to get cancer from AO, I was one of the plaintiffs in that CLass Action. Treated with experimental Chemo in 1976, at Roswell Park Memorial Institute for Cancer research, Buffalo, NY. 42 years ago!…???

  8. The VA is a fucking disgrace and nobody in this shithole country gives a Damn.

    Every single employee should be Rico acted, convicted of applicable harm and then, depending on the severity:

    1. Hung
    2. Drawn and quartered
    3. Fed to the lions in a circus maximus built from their own funds and liquidated assets

    As always if you read this and work for the VA I hope you choke or meet an Albert Wong personally.

  9. I am truly sick from what I have just read! My name is Charles W. Allman III., Navy combat vet. Served in vietnam 66 – 67. Also CEO of the Georgia Veterans Group, Inc. I have fought the VA. for 49 yrs. before winning across the board. 100% PTSD, 100% for Cancer from direct exposure to AO. Can prove AO was dumped in the ocean in 66-67 effecting every body, off shore ships, Brownwater & Bluewater vets. We can sue! Contact me at this number for information that will put a smile on ur faces.. even u puke ass lawyers and law firms are ” anti-rock the boat”, cowards! Just like back then. Some of us went to serve our country, the cowards left the country until it was over! America ain’t Shit!!! 716- 812 7707

  10. Don’t be deceived. All that glitters is not gold. This sounds great, but the class actions for FOIA requests are still somewhere in the clouds for OTH/PTSD veterans. Veterans are being encouraged to sue manufacturers and gpvernment contractors for agent orange, burn pits, Roundup, and baby powder use. Keep in mind that the money for Camp Lejuene Water Toxins (McDonald) and medical reimbursement (Staab v McDonald/Shulkin) to Medicaid, Medicare and third party insurers vanished or was diverted to COVER. The Court appears to have the option in determining which case is deemed as “class action”. This is a diversion tactic to create a distraction, so that VA will make it to 02/2019 and enforce RAMP claim processing procedures. Those who don’t choose RAMP are told a VARO decision will take three years and a BVA decision will take four years. What’s missing is the time tolled beginning date, meaning the 3-40yrs you’ve been waiting vanishes.

  11. I served for five years and suffered a broken pelvis, injured back and a TBI…all service connected.i originally opened my claim in 2009 and it took Texas VA a few years to give me a response for my.claim. they said we can’t find your records but it can be reopened when we find them. In 2015, I happened to be visiting Omaha and reopened it there. Two weeks later I was told, we found your records and I gave given 0% for my service connections. I later.moved to Houston and opened another claim for my TBI/visual field loss and given a combined 60…about a year later it was taken away..the TBI and here a few weeks ago told the other 30 would be reduced to 10.i read my doctor who did my cp exam and he lied about what he said he….I am tied.of the VA taking advantage of people. Sad… because I depend on the help…

  12. John Zumwalt
    Class Action lawsuits are expensive Yes, but what about multiple law firms coming together, and spreading out the cost, for the sake of “NOT” having to shoulder the entire cost of such a suit against the VA. Such a confederation of law firms could then lower their cost somewhat by spreading out the cost, and in the end, We Veterans would be able to get something instead of having to wait forty (40) Plus years for compensation justly deserved. As it is, the Veterans Administration is NOT forthright (honest) as we have seen in the news about Veterans health issues and sometimes waits for up to 40 years plus before acknowledging certain service connections for disabilities that are then considered, or assumed as being, connected to the veterans service. As we know many Veterans die before the VA Acknowledges presumptive Service Connections for sicknesses, diseases and some injuries.

    On September 03, 2015 The VA Inspector General: 307 Thousand veterans died waiting for health care. The Inspector General’s report is out (2015) on the failure of the Veterans Affairs Department and is NOT pretty. The report says 307 Thousand veterans with pending health care request died while waiting for care. That’s 35% of all health care request as of September 2014. You can still find the article on the internet.

    A very short script from the following below:

    Why the VA frustrates veterans – CBS News

    The following is a script from “‘Delay, Deny and Hope that I Die,'” which aired on Jan. 3, 2010. Byron Pitts is the correspondent. David Schneider, producer.
    This is also still on the internet.

  13. From what I understand is once a class action lawsuit is iniated. The attorneys publicly notify the people via media and other publications to advise anyone who has been harmed by the ilkegal practices may join the lawsuit.

    I will learn more as I am contacting attorneys in an effort to stop the VA from punishing veteran’s through the illegal VA Disruptive Committee.

    There are many other class action lawsuit against the VA. Example given: veteran’s can sue because the VA is not processing veteran’s disability claims in a timely manner. Example.

    All of us veteran’s, may want to help other veteran’s by doing research on this matter.

    Maybe call some of the attorneys who practice this type of law.

    Yes, it is to bad that no matter what happens the American people will pay one way or the other.

    The VA uses their money anyway. So why not spend it to help veteran’s. Think of it as an investment, to save veteran’s lives.

    We veteran’s pay taxes, so we are also paying the VA attorneys to protect, the undefenddiable.

    They are acting as private attorneys to protect employees who are breaking the law.

    So what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

    Fight fire with fire. The world and our justice department has heard and have their day in court seen with their own eye’s, how bad the VA is.

    Attorneys should have no problem finding evidence via news report’s. You tube. From VA regulations. Other veteran’s and VA employees.

    I am hoping many of these case’s, will be settled without a lengthy process. One way or another veteran’s must stand up for other veteran’s.

    I for one will never stop trying to get the VA to stop harming veteran’s through the VA Disruptive Committee.

    The disruptive committee if not stopped from stripping away all of those veteran’s civil rights and human and constitutional away.

    This illegal act (could), be used as presidence and could be extended to all American’s having all of their Civil, human and constitutional stripped away.

    Don’t think that could happen. Better think again. The VA is doing it ! Everyday !

    This is about the constitution !. Where in the world do you see it’s citizen’s being denied these right’s.

    Yes. Countries like Russia. Is something up. Are there force’s, stripping veteran’s constitutional rights to a fair trial and due process of law away, in an effort to justify Presidence to use this as presidence to take away all American’s Civil, human and constitutional rights away.

    Conspiracy theory ?!….. maybe but the evidence is there.

  14. Unending, unstoppable, rampant corruption and now VA healthcare just got so much more enormously expensive owing to this rule and all the other efforts to just stop the hemorrhaging of money and dead veterans. The most corrupt agency America has ever given birth to is sucking the public coffers dry, killing veterans before their time, and ravaging the medical care of those yet alive is now open to being sued by masses of vets who will NEVER see one iota of difference.

    The VA is a horrific tragedy we force upon vets and instead of dismantling it and putting up a wall commemorating all the dead from VA malfeasance and corruption we are gonna let the spouses sue… God Bless America. PT Barnum would have been proud.

    1. Amen to one of the most intelligent and prolific commentators to this site, who also has a gift for humor to drive home an important point, This man has also been the object of Defamation and other Torts by the VA.
      Time to rise up and be counted, Ladies and Gentlemen. ‘Horrific Tragedy” is an understatement. Time to march on the VA and commence millions of lawsuits, and recall those federal legislators who balk at doing the right thing. NOW, not later. Thank you to Namnibor, Dennis, Crazy Elf, Seymour Clearly, and many other veterans who have kept this site going with valid poignant comments and Thanks to Ben for all his hard work. Time to recruit millions of attorneys and start the protests at the D.C. level “Downtown”.

  15. I have MST and it has pretty much ruined my life. I have full disability, but I am one of the lucky ones. I fought for 10 years. I was
    Diagnosised in 2016. I attempted suicide a couple of times. I just live day to day, with my demons. If they decide to do a class action suit, how would the victims be notified?
    Also,asking for a friend, he has had toxic exposure from being stationed in Hermiston, Oregon guarding nerve gas. He has never filed a claim, and has tons of medical problems. It is closed now. What does he do?
    Thank you for any help.

    1. Namnibor & James Gallegos;

      I am very sorry that you have been treated in such a disrespectful way. nIt angers me that these baboons/VA moonbeams cannot be held responsible for disrespecting us Veterans.
      They tried this shit on me, one day & sent five VA Cops to arrest me for QUIETLY AND PEACEFULLY requesting from the VAMC Director an X-ray to take with me. When I asked the VA Cops if they were coming for me, and they said yes they were, I said “Great, cuz I could really use the money…” Fortunately, (for them) one of the cops recognized me as a lawyer and former Marine Captain who had just gotten a VA “Doctor” fired from the VA, and he stated: “I am not putting my hands on that guy”.
      Your records should be straightened out, you should be awarded damages for Defamation and other torts committed against you and the BOOBS who refused to correct your records should be thrown out on their bare asses skidding all the way on the concrete to their parking lot.
      It is time for us to test the Trump policy: “YOU’RE FIRED!” (“And don’t even ask for a recommendation after you get out of the clink!”) There is a power in numbers and if each licensed attorney took one case, the Judicial System would be over loaded to benefit the Veteran. Most of these cases should not even go to litigation but should be handled administratively on behalf of the Veteran. The VA does not exist for the benefit of the Veteran, It is a self sustaining bloated pimple on the face of humanity. Want a good medical opinion from your handy physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner? Come to the VA. Want a real doctor who practices medicine independently? Go somewhere else. n Most money is spent on VA salaries, and pretty buildings and bullshit, not on the salaries of great physicians but mostly has beens and those who can’t make it on the outside. Horseshit, and Bullshit, piled higher and higher.
      If the “Benefit of the Doubt” Doctrine is alive today, why do we have so many appellate cases wallowing around in the Board of Veterans Appeals, the Court of Veterans Appeals and in upper echelons of the “Judicial” system.
      If the “Benefit of the Doubt” Doctrine is really alive today, why do we have five or six government attorneys working on each appellate case to deny the benefits? Horseshit & Bullshit piled higher and higher.
      Most cases could be resolved with a hearing on the record where the Veteran is provided Counsel and the opportunity to present his case, based upon the evidence and the “Benefit of the Doubt” ..”doctrine”.
      The VA has besmirched so many Veterans’ names and reputations that it is disgusting, sickening that they should be allowed to get away with such acts.
      It is time to take apart the VA system and give Veterans real health care from real doctors competing based upon their expertise and let those bureaucrats go out and find real jobs.
      The VA is broken beyond repair, A WOUNDED PREDATOR. A new wolfpack needs to bring it down, NOW.

  16. Forgot the VA representative also stated that the Denver VA had determined that the Disruptive Committee back in 2004 had not been run properly and if my case would have come in front of the Disruptive Committee today you would have never been punished.

    I have been punished for five years and the Denver VA, wrote into my official medical records the following statement and I quote ” if we the Denver VA (ever), hear that you have been reported as being disruptive again?

    You will have Federal charges placed upon you and will be arrested and banished from all VA care.

    This is still in force. So I am still in real danger of being falsely accused and punished by the Denver VA (if), no one steps up and put an end to this injustice.

    We all know thousands of veteran’s have been punished by an illegal tribunal.

    1. Sue them under the EEO, under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

      It can address people who falsely perceive you of having a disability and prohibits them from discriminating against you because of an actual disability.

      In other words, the VA better have a reason that can be upheld by the law to show that it can place you on their disruptive list or whatever.

      I seen the same thing at the Atlanta VBA. The guards and staff are rude and provoke a veteran into lashing out and then run and laugh and call security or tell them to leave….evil pieces of garbage.

      Take it out of the VA Kangaroo court and put it into Federal courts and see how serious it’ll get.

  17. How about the thousands of veteran’s who have been falsely accused of disruptive behavior and then punish those veteran’s.

    All of their civil, human and constitutional rights to a fair trial and due process of law.

    There is no therapeutic value in punishing veteran’s. The VA is acting as part of our Justice department and these employees are not qualified to practice law in the United States.

    Veterans accused are being treated as criminals. Criminals have more right’s to a fair trial and due process of law, than veteran’s.

    All of the work has been completed by the inspector general’s office.

    I will try and find an attorney to help. All of these right’s are why veteran’s fought for.

    Yes, veteran’s are American citizens and deserve not to be railroaded by the VA.

    What or where in America can an American Citizen be accused and punished without due process.

    No where. Violation of all of their right’s. Veteran’s are committing suicide.

    Ben, has been reporting on this issue for a long time. Been quoted by numerous news report’s.

    Ben are you willing to take this case and let’s put a stop to this injustice.

    Remember the VA let a VA manager and former co-worker (falsely) accuse me of disruptive behavior back in 2004.

    Besides falsely acussing me of the manager went so far as to lie and tell the Denver VA. Mr. Gallegos wanted to Murder employees at the clinic !.

    I and my wife received a phone call from the Denver VA representative. The VA representative began the conversation with Mr Gallegos First of all I want to apologize to you for you being reported as being disruptive and then punished.

    If the VA could do something to make this right what would you like us to do to ?.

    I said how about having the Denver VA Director or the Chief write me an apology letter and cleanse my official medical records.

    The Denver VA representative became unglued with this request and became disruptive and became angry.

    Made the following statement and I quote ” WHY should we apologize to you for something that happened before we were in charge.

    Excuse me but YOU just confirmed that I was falsely accused and punished by the Denver VA.

    It’s never to late to correct an injustice.

    Asked the Denver VA representative, excuse me, but why did you call me anyway if your not going to help veteran’s.

    Answer: and I quote ” Because we had to the Secretary of veteran’s affairs office wrote an inquiry and we had to !.

    I have been collecting evidence since 2004 over 150 page’s of evidence. I am not an attorney. I am a veteran who was shot in the head while serving this country in 1972.

    Denied treatment for over forty years and only after finding an attorney to help did I win.

    Class Action lawsuits against the VA can take time. At the same time, many of these class action lawsuits, are settled before going to trial.

    Because the evidence is overwhelming against the agency.

    I case would be perfect to show the court how veteran’s are being falsely accused and punished.

    The VA can not even place me at the clinic at anytime. The VA can not produce any evidence of me ever being disruptive.

    The VA admitted they had no written documented evidence as required by VA regulations.

    I know if a former co-worker could lie, just to get revenge is against the law. This manager committed a criminal act of criminal libel a class 6 Felony.

    Most of the investigation has been completed. I want to stop the VA from punishing any veteran.

    They have no business practicing Law, none of them are qualified to practice criminal law.

    They have broken the law each time they accuse and punish those veteran’s who are to have certain right’s given to them by the constitution.

    Anyone have any suggestions on who may want to help veteran’s from this illegal fleecing of veteran’s right’s.

    1. I’m at the 10th Circuit without an attorney on Case No. 18-8051. Would like to know your attorney’s name since you are also having problems with the Denver VARO.

  18. the issue of you guys who served in Korea or in somewhere else in SE Asia and not having access to your military personnel files is something that must be taken to court if the VA doesn’t get off point center soon and start granting your claims based on presumption. It is illegal for a private sector employer to withhold a personnel file and it should be illegal for the military to hide your personnel files just because they are ashamed of what they ask you do do.

  19. In other words veterans are stIll up shit creek. The boat is full of holes, the paddles are long gone and the gators are closing in.

    I wonder how many if any VA suckheads names are in the sealed indictments?Sooner or later they are going to have to pay for their illegal and immoral conduct.

    What’s the death toll these days from suicides, malpractice and neglect? I’m sure those getting their shit and those busy stealing it will never bother to find out.

    As #Qanon has pointed out many patriots are paying with their lives to restore the Republic from this fraudulent communist democracy the deep state and Jew federal reserve bankers have created.

    Let’s be frank; is it any surprise after 8 years of barry sotero the commie queer traitor the democrat traitors that run the VA would pull out all the stops to murder and rob the only demographic they fear the most? We ruined their plans for a one world government and like good commie zealots they are going forward on inflicting as much damage as possible.

    God bless and God speed to all the veterans struggling right now. A day of their reckoning and demise is coming.

  20. As always, Ben, on top of breaking issues
    This, obviously, is a major step, but I am reminded of only one Federal Circuit as precedent in its jurisdiction, but only persuasive in others.
    Thank God for those of us who are in this for the long fight and are unwilling to give up because the VA can,t give up, it can only create administrative road blocks.

  21. I’m not holding my breath here because the losers are the taxpayers.

    More than likely the VA will stall any legal proceedings and “if” the class action suit is won, the “cookie jar” is taxpayer funded.

    So, no incentive for the VA to change because the taxpayers will foot the bil.

    Oh yea, another thing. Lots of class action suits may end up with out of court settlements where the VA has no requirement to change how they do business.

    So sorry, the only ones who may benefit from a class action suit are the attorneys who have the manpower and funds to take it on.

    1. This reminds me of the “class action suit” veterans put against the makers of agent orange. Remember how that turned out? $53 million – back around 1983(?) supposedly going to veterans, spouses of veterans and children of veterans.
      Yet, when all was said and done, it came out hardly any vet, spouse or child received crap.
      Yet, it was considered the largest settlement at that time!

      To this I say veterans, spouses of veterans and children of veterans are screwed AGAIN!

  22. Like yourself Benjamin, I don’t actually see too many, if any at all law firms, that would want to shoulder the $$$$ for Class Actions against the VA.
    My experience with CA’s is the 6 years I worked as an overly paid document clerk in a HUGE corporate law firm, and it was asbestos legislation class actions for just great lake ‘blue and brown water vessels’…with hundreds of thousands of plaintiffs.
    The huge law firm I was employed by KNEW these poor souls were wrongly exposed, so did the ship owners, BUT they spared NO EXPENSE in dragging out the process, deny, and guess what (like the VA)….wait for them to all die off…and write it all off as a tax loss….?

    The VA will also spare no expense at protecting their fiefdom or also known as their veteran cookie jar…wait for it.

    So, if Krause Law, a renown Veteran Advocate and Attorney **likely** will NOT be taking these class actions on for Vets against the VA, then JUST WHOM OUT THERE WILL? (am thinking the piggy VSO’s will come up with a plan to pad their jaws and slop troughs, but never benefiting Vets)


    1. namnibor,
      You’ve probably heard about the law firm of “Morgan and Morgan”, located here in Florida. Attached With other firms across the country. You might know there “catch phrase” of “For The People”!
      A couple of years ago, there was a few veterans wanting help with a class action suit. The “For The People” law firm actually said it wouldn’t financially benefit them to take on the case!
      Now that class action suits can (?) be brought, I’ll bet you they still won’t do anything to help veterans!

      1. Only if Morgan & Morgan change their catch-phrase to “For The Nonhuman Test Subjects”, will they likely ever take-on the VA, and since it doesn’t quite have the smooth alliteration of “For The People”, am thinking we Veterans will be left with the soiled toilet paper in one hand and the piss bucket in the other…

  23. As you so eloquently pointed out, Ben. It’s still up to the attorney(s). On whether or not they will take the case!

  24. Good way to start a monday with this news too for those of us with PTSD. “”

  25. I think the hearing issue is a big one. Most vets are turned down on there first filing. Inwas and my hearing records show a hearing loss from the flight deck.

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