VA Sabotage

Benjamin Krause On Stand For Truth Radio Tonight – March 20, 2017


VA Sabotage

Listen to “STAND FOR TRUTH RADIO with guest BENJAMIN KRAUSE” on Spreaker.

I will be on Stand For Truth Radio tonight at 6pm PST / 9pm EST.

For those who have missed my previous interviews with Susan Knowles, the show’s host, we take a deep dive into problems within VA. We have even gone as far as to cover CIA sabotage and how the AFGE union closely mirrors the tactics used by the covert agency to bring down the Axis of Evil during World War II.

OLD SHOW: CIA ‘Timeless Tips’ For Sabotage Inside VA?

Tonight, I am not sure what Knowles intends to ask, but be sure to tune in to hear it for yourself.

LISTEN: Stand For Truth RADIO with guest Benjamin Krause, March 20, 2017

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  2. Ben, Once again I am so proud of you. The Truth really hurts and is very deadly and facts are being ignored right out in the open. I know that we veterans still have a battle, but we can not give up hope and must write to whom ever and keep writing until Action is taken by our elected officials and our Judiciary to bring Bad employee’s to justice.

    I am hopeful that Real Action is taken by someone from the outside and stop the VA from Policing themselves. Accountability must be performed and in a public way. Our country must see for themselves what has been going on with regards to Veterans care or lack of.

    Veterans must receive their deserved disabilities. Billions are being spent on VA employee’s, when those funds should be paid to the Veterans. Diana Rubin’s made the statement we will see who has the last laugh to her employee’s and to the Veterans. Well Rubin’s it’s not over ! I don’t want to be the last to laugh, I want Justice !

    Now I know why the Denver VA Regional told me to send my appeal to Her regional office ! Denial Capitol of the VA ! You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  3. Just a comment.

    There are a great many of us Veterans who are not as right-winged as you are. We served, many of us hold combat histories, Purple Hearts, and limited disability ratings. Just so you know, when you speak of “people on the left” there’s a very good chance you are limiting your audience. Veterans are Veterans, no matter what their political leanings.

    Personally, I’m aligned with neither party; both are a disaster “in my opinion”; but from time to time, do propose some beneficial ideas.

    You might consider, given your goal is to further the rights of ALL Veterans, leaving the political comments aside. It serves no good purpose.

  4. You did a great job in the interview & I admire your ability to hold on to common courtesy & remain calm while speaking & being fully aware of substandard treatment dispensed by the VA overlords highly corrosive behaviors

  5. @Ex va: Things are acting up again on the blog. If you get this, sleep well and God Bless you and your family, and everyone on Ben’s blog. Goodnight.

  6. @Ex va: For some reason my comments were being marked with “awaiting moderation” I didn’t put any links or make any threats, so I am posting on this new blog page to see if it makes a differnce.

  7. GREAT JOB, BENJAMIN!!!!!!! You sounded confident, clear, to the point, and entertaining as well as informative. I hope some rats choked on their morsels on the V.A. Titanic tonight while listening to the program, because you just know their ratty claws were clicking to other rats warning them of the Fearless Mighty Krause, J.D., dauntlessly defending the valiant veterans and survivors. (cape optional)

    (really, was a great hour)

  8. Best wishes on interview. thank you for standing up for Veterans rights. Remember our fallen heros and the issues they struggle with to just get substandard care from the the department of veterans affairs. Wait lists are created because the va doesn’t care enough to make doctors or providers delivery efficient and effective care.

  9. Thank you Ben I sent blog to @realdonaldtrump @erictrump. I find if I include Eric in my tweets POTUS gets them faster. Thank you Ben for helping all Veterans.

  10. Given the legislation affirming veterans Second Amendment rights and judicial review is percolating through Congress and causing lots of leftist panty-wetting, I would assume she would at least mention that.

    If she does, Ben, I would hope you would mention it in simple terms so as to educate people who continue to blatantly lie about this, particularly politicians.

    Politicians opposed to this are talking as if veterans have been formally declared incompetent, with some talking about it as if veterans are out of control crazies that will commit mass slaughter at any moment.

    They refuse to acknowledge the VA declaring a veteran financially incompetent is based on a simple question asked by an intake nurse.

    How many Americans rely on an accountant to do their taxes? Should they be declared incompetent?

    Al Sharpton and many others at MSNBC have back taxes they owe. Should they be declared financially incompetent?

    These politicians also are the ones quick to claim they stand for people’s rights regarding mental illness and wanting to remove the stigma, yet they act much different on this issue.

    Why is that? Because they don’t care about veterans, mental illness or needing help financially?

    It would also be a great opportunity to mention the huge problems in the VAs fiduciary program where vets are being ripped off right and left and the VA ignoring that problem. There are many caught up in that bureaucracy, even when the veteran has a spouse that could help the veteran.

    If these politicians are so concerned over this legislation, where was their concern while vets were waiting for care and dying?

    Where was their concern for the lack of veterans access to mental health care resulting in suicide?

    One would think these politicians with their new found concern for veterans would be demanding an audit of the VAs fiduciary program. Or asking whether VA incompetence at adjudicating claims leads to financial hardship for veterans…and the appearance of needing a fiduciary.

    I think if a veterans rights are going to be infringed, it should be a judge doing so rather than a VA nurse.

    Like every other American.

    Good luck Ben.

  11. Thanks Ben!
    I too will try to listen in!

    My wife is going to send this blog to President Trump and Eric via Twitter!
    Hopefully, one of his team will listen in!

  12. Thanks for the link on radio show. Will try to listen at that time or hopefully archived to listen.

  13. 03/20/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    A lot is happening today, found an article that may interest you–

    The Show will be great—thanks


    Don Karg

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