VocRehab Facebook Group

Biggest VocRehab Facebook Group Hits 20,000 Members

VocRehab Facebook Group

I am proud to announce our VocRehab Facebook group focusing on breaking through bureaucratic roadblocks has his 20,000 members.

I created the group, Disabled Veterans – Chapter 31 Voc Rehab, back in 2009 to expose agency lies and problems veterans face when seeking VocRehab benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

You see, at the time, no one publicly talked about VocRehab from the perspective of the veterans being lied to by agency employees. No veteran organization wanted to talk about it. Even Disabled American Veterans shied away from exposing problems veterans faced from using the benefits – – only instead seeking positive stories while suppressing anything negative.

To hell with that, I thought, and thus was created that Facebook group and this website, DisabledVeterans.org. If no one else wanted to publish the truth about VA benefits and problems veterans experience as a journalist and disabled veteran, I would do it.

Since then, a lot has changed but a lot has also stayed the same.

The program, Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment, changed its nickname from Voc Rehab (two words) to VocRehab (one word that really is no word, at all). Agency funding for VocRehab has expanded a great deal. Meanwhile, the agency began fine-tuning entitlement determinations to make the program more restrictive than before.

Despite these typical bureaucratic games, I do want to take the opportunity to brag up the past eight years leading to this point. Now, I realize 20,000 members is not a big deal for some groups with corporate sponsorship and related monies, but our group addressing VocRehab with a budget of zero has accomplished a lot.

Let me explain.

My Personal Experience

Personally, VocRehab agreed to pay for my law school and law firm start-up after I passed the Minnesota State Bar. During that time, through VA funding, I also fought and won my own disability compensation claims, going from 10% to 100% PT over 15 years.

During that time, I wrote the VocRehab Survival Guide to help veterans achieve my successes while self-funding my website, DisabledVeterans.org. Sales from that eBook help me keep the lights on for our journalistic work.

Major Scandals Exposed

My work as an attorney and journalist led to the exposure of massive agency scandals including the absurdity of the Veterans Choice 40-mile crow flies rule; the TBI scandal where unqualified VA clinicians examined injured veterans; and, unlawful denials of coverage for non-VA emergency room bills.

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But none of that could be possible without veterans sharing their stories in our Facebook group to inform research and grassroots solutions VA often fails to take note of. Those stories and experiences, as shared on Facebook and here, help dispel myths spread by agency employees and national veteran organizations.

Work With Reporters

In working with intrepid reporters like AJ Lagoe at KARE 11 News, we have exposed billions in agency scandals while helping thousands of veterans earning millions in benefits to becoming doctors, lawyers, and educators (I am most proud of this outcome – – educating veterans to maximize their benefits).

All in, it turned out to be a great ride and we are still charging forward to expose agency fraud, waste and abuse wherever it is.

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VA Is Big Insurance For DOD

For readers who do not know, the Department of Veterans Affairs used to be called the Bureau of War Risk Insurance for the former War Department. Even though the two agencies changed their names, their relationship and its effect on soldiers and veterans have not changed.

RELATED: Veteran Takes On VA Over Emergency Room Billing Denials

Veterans get screwed while money gets diverted to special interest projects and off-books programs. It is kind of like money laundering from the show Ozarks but perpetrated by the federal government.

Whenever I want to break open a scandal, I ask myself, “What would a massive and dishonest insurance company do to screw their customers?” That basic question has exposed countless insights into VA operations and decisionmaking.

A Thank You To Invaluable Members

That aside, I am so thankful to have the opportunity to help guide and instruct veterans in VocRehab benefits and others while also teaching attorneys and VSOs about veterans benefits law. Like I said, it has been a great road.

Now that the group is 20,000 members strong, I have to say the collaborative nature of the present membership is better than ever. It has truly become a veterans to veterans peer network that sheds light into the darkness by exposing problems and strategies all veterans can benefit from.

I encourage all veterans to check it out.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/VocRehab/

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  1. “Army Opens Investigation Into West Point Grad For Promoting Communism”
    Jonah Bennett Daily Caller 09/26/2017

    The changes they made at West Point under Obama has some real freaks coming out of West Point.

    Check a few of the photos of this freak’s twitter posts.



  2. Forgot to mention besides stalking your address they have pulled up to bedroom window and masturbated. More they show up the more I write. One just left. Shit get over all the previous firings and the major new ones. Got to puke again, choking the chicken im done.

  3. I wish I could but VA employees are so far up my ass including where I live, electronics etc. Already been hacked out of Voc rehab with proof I sent to college. Apartments they don’t care if harassed or vandalized. Money is more important than safety or well being. What’s sad is how many ppl they get to help and smile in your face. Money is only thing that matters in USA.

  4. damn.i was washed out from ch 31 . 2008, PIMA medical school. i had no choice from the test they gave me. it was horrible. And when i couldn’t pass it from internship ,due from being on a cane; they just lied to me about giving me supplies for my secondary work and decided to put me in school.

    during the program had an accident went to the ward due from my disabilities and was washed out from the program(CH31). 9 years later no job collecting service 80% doc refers me to chapter 6 program after my service dog dies and homeless in Las Vegas , my original home . the CWT(chapter 6) manager didn’t even label all my disabilities and told me that the doctor violated policy by not asking my permission to be in ch6 program(i still didn’t sign off on her screening as she fabricated the screening). now today i have schedule an appointment with the VA’s social worker and she is probably going to give me a load of shit to.

    due vice didnt know:
    i though the doctor can just put u in as a prescription am young i dont know all the policies a doctor can and cant do with a patient its a 13 inch policy folder .

    doc wont even touch my DBQ, he doesn’t know what happened the depression or the TBI after knowing depression was diagnosis first in my military medical record.(Go figure) i have attorneys for T.D.U.I waited 7 years for it still awaiting on it as it is remand also. i mean when the VA hates u they appoint u a fiduciary and a proposal to reduce benefits. boy what a fight. well i have to go i got DBV class at court in the morning.

    if ch 31 one doesn’t get u ch 6 will.

  5. I thank you, Mr. Krause, and everyone who comments/contributes here because no one cares – not the piggy VSOs, VA employees with padded paycheck; and, whatever an administration and/or congress does isn’t changing a thing.

    I wish they would just stop with the lies and scheming and be truthful about what benefits they don’t want us to have so we can get on with our lives and people would think twice before signing up to serve.

  6. Yes, sir, Benjamin, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! I am back briefly to comment to say, “You are still doing an outstanding job.”

  7. All of the links to the Facebook page come up with “The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.”

  8. I have been asking facebook readers to join us, every time I get a chance. Also told the readers that you guys know how to pick out phony VA employee’s coming on this site or trolls.

    Some of the posts on different news’s reports have many unknown people who belittle veterans and have no idea what they are speaking about or have never had any experience as a soldier or dealing with the VA.

    Guess they don’t know how to do research or are VA employees, doing their best to discredit you !

  9. ‘Racist’ social media post about kneeling football players creates controversy


    Tuesday, September 26th 2017

    If you read the post there is nothing racist about it. But there is a Veterans Administration Employee going to get fired for speaking out on Facebook about the lame assed, rich spoiled players who are disrespecting our country’s National Anthem and our Flag.


    1. Hey MK,

      See you are back. Quick question MK if you don’t mind.

      Does Bill know that running a sham charity is illegal? Also he seems to have forgotten to filed as a sex offender in Nevada. You might want to remind him before he is picked up on the Warrants.

  10. “DAV Execs Not Changing Their Ways“
    By Dave Gahary, September 26, 2017

    “News that top dog at disabled veterans group makes $600,000 has vets angry”

    “When this reporter was summarily tossed out of the veterans’ charity, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), in February 2014 for shining a light on the ungodly sums the officers of that 501(c)(4) organization were paying themselves, it seemed beyond reason that their incomes could climb much higher. Last month, however, when the DAV’s Internal Revenue Service Form 990 for 2016 was released on the organization’s website, the quaint belief that somehow greed could be contained was shown the door. In five short years, since this newspaper first analyzed DAV’s 2011 Form 990, the “leader” of that organization saw his income more than double, from $263,185 to $527,292.

    Incredibly, a portion of his income, $225,450—over 40%—was classified as “retirement and other deferred compensation,” and is not taxed. In other words, while most Americans— especially disabled veterans—are living paycheck to paycheck, DAV’s head is paid so much that almost half of that income can be set aside for retirement and is not needed today.”

    ***** With all the big rasies they have been giving themselves the gambling profits must be way up and that contract where they rent their 501(c)(4) organization to Savers Thrift Stores is also really pay off.*****

    Full article at: “https://americanfreepress.net/dav-execs-not-changing-their-ways/”

  11. “‘Something has to change:’ Facing high denial rates for VA claims, 3 Gulf War vets intervene”


  12. using facebook as marketing tool shuts out those of us who don’t believe in being tracked, etc. when you promote facebook, you’re promoting more control of the people. why?

    1. I am not a member of FB either for exact same privacy reasons. From a business and media perspective; simply way too many people use FB to not promote Ben’s FB side of things. Does not mean anyone is forced to join FB, as I have no intentions.

    2. If you carry a device enabled to connect with any internet service and you power on the device there is no possible way to avoid being tracked by authorities intent on doing so. There is even less likelihood of avoiding the tracking of your movements by those not in a position of authority but otherwise intent upon doing wrong. Each and every device you power up does FAR MORE damage to your individual privacy than anyone could ever have dreamed who read “1984”.

      In that novel of horrific consequences they had a camera in every room and on every corner to monitor citizens. Fast forward to today and we one-upped the author of 1984; we put two cameras that are always on in the hands of every man, woman, and child. We put a device in front of the faces of every school kid in class, in front of them to pacify, and we use the devices as our babysitters. Our families power them up and use them at most family mealtimes, walks in the park, and in fact many sleep with them powered up under their own pillows. Each and every device faithfully reports your location each and every minute it is turned on through either triangulation or direct GPS reporting and here is no icon you can push to stop this.

      When you log onto the internet you send up an electronic message like a flare every few minutes saying, “Here I am!”. When you hit the return button after typing something you are telling the world, “Here is what I am doing.” The author of 1984 never dreamed that part up.
      it just seemed too far fetched to him that anyone would so easily toss away their privacy in return for…..what???

  13. “Employees worried VA used veterans as ‘cash cows’ to boost funding”

    by Eric Hannel, Washington Examiner, Sep 26, 2017, 9:00 AM

    Full article at: “https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/employees-worried-va-used-veterans-as-cash-cows-to-boost-funding/article/2635594”

    “Internal VA documents show the VA clinic in Northport, N.Y., was trying last year to reconnect with at least 2,100 veterans who had not visited the facility since 2015. Funding for clinics is distributed based in part on the number of patients they see, and the treatments those patients seek, and the VA calculated that reconnecting with that many patients would mean a $9.7 million increase in revenue for the facility in Northport, N.Y”

    1. From the article:

      “”It’s not at all about veteran centric care … This is strictly about the cheddar, the bling, the dough,” one employee commented in the emails”

      “”The veterans are being viewed as ‘cash cows’ to milk for $9M which equals $4,285.71,” an employee added in a separate email, noting the plan had to be completed by the end of the fiscal year to “get that pot of gold.””

      “An email from August 2016 from one employee tried to describe the situation, although the employee acknowledged that their understanding may not have been correct.

      “Since we connected with them via phone and encountered it, it’s a billable ‘visit’ VA absorbs..(correct me here if Im wrong…),” one email said.”

      “Another encouraged calls to “get some minimal reimbursement.” “Even if the patient is vested, you get no money if you do not encounter them every year,” it said.

      Full article at: “https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/employees-worried-va-used-veterans-as-cash-cows-to-boost-funding/article/2635594”

    2. Additional article on VA using us as cash cows.

      “VA Whistleblowers: NY Outreach to Vets Was to Boost Funding by $9M”
      By Newsmax – September 26, 2017


      The VA will do anything to pump up its numbers for those dollars.

    3. Seymore, this is like the public schools in Wisconsin some years ago, particularly in Milwaukee. Schools advertising first day pizza parties and one principal bragging about a limo picking up students.

      Their funding was set by the number of asses in seats on that first day. For the rest of the year, the schools didn’t give a damn whether those students ever showed up again, or if they could even read at the end of the year.

  14. Let me offer congrats. I think a big asset you bring to the table here is in how you describe things in a politically savy way that communicates the message but without undue embellishments. As a child I was raised in a harsh environment in which embellishment in story telling often (nearly always in fact) was employed when historical accuracy was insufficient to communicate the facts in a way directly proportionate to whom could kick somebody elses ass and whom could not. I think this is why I have such a unique perspective on VA – they seem like family to me… I like the way you tone it down.

    For instance, yesterday you exposed MASSIVE fraud (again) and said something about it akin to; my previous exposure of fraud by VA against TBI victims seems like a drop in the bucket compared to this…

    I might have embellished that to say, “Compared to this my work exposing previous fraud seems like just a corn chunk in the outhouse pit when you peer deep into it.” (or something that lent more specific context than a bucket of water).

    Today is another fine example of tour restrained intellect when you revealled your protocol anout deciding how to investigate VA; “What would a massive and dishonest insurance company do to screw their customers?” That is genius.

    I might have embellished the thought thusly, “What would organized crime do?” and proceed that way, but I think I like your way better. It doesn’t sound so icky. Nicely done.

      1. Looks like some facebook trolls want to play games with the ratings. Ignore the negative ratings Dennis just trolls playing games with the new commenting system.

      2. Those numbers are ratings??? That explains a lot.

        I thought it was the public school teachers grading my grammar again! They ALWAYS graded me pretty low in light of my obvious genius. It just never pays off to show a teacher you are smarter than them… I figured those ratings were from my old english teacher who had finally tracked me down for that horribly embarrassing 9th grade incident? (for the record she did get her slippers back)

        I guess once you get used to the public school system it just hangs on for a while, right? Decades in fact. Thanks for the info SK! I invoke my rights to golfing criteria! I have less score than anyone else – so I win.

    1. Thanks, Dennis. I always appreciate the kudos. I’ve been picked on by other vets for not embellishing, believe it or not, but that’s just not my style. Just the facts with slight embellishment from time to time.

  15. How can I put some smoke under the CHOICE programs ass. I got on it, had a few treatments and now Im back to square one and the pain is back

    1. I preferred large unsplit oak rounds, started on a bed of douglas fir kindling. Diesel fuel optional.

      1. Oh, and personally I prefer split dried seasoned birch. Burns very hot and get a great fire going in an instant.

        Although oak is still a good choice.

    2. Peter,

      Have you tried the White House Veterans phone line?

      I know that some people have had success with it, although others have a negative opinion of it.

      “The White House’s promised veterans complaint line goes live today”
      By: Leo Shane III, Military Times News, June 1 2017


      White House Veterans phone line number: (855) 948-2311

    3. No offense, but I’ve come up with another perspective besides trolls using the rating scale. Dennis’s reply,

      People could of possibly taken Dennis’s comment as being insensitive. No slack my way. Just saying. – – – Nutter.

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