RimaAnn Nelson

BREAKING – Rima Nelson, New Phoenix VA Director, Has Skeletons In Closet

Rima Nelson

VA selected a new Phoenix VA director, Rima Nelson, the former director of St. Louis VA where 1,800 vets were potentially exposed to HIV.

Under the watchful eye of Rima Nelson, St. Louis VA closed twice due to serious medical safety issues. The facility also ranked dead last in patient satisfaction. Negligent medical practices also resulted in 1,800 veterans being potentially exposed to HIV.

I called the facility to verify her ascension to control at Phoenix. The email went out to workers at the facility yesterday. And below is what veterans and the workers at the facility get to look forward to after stress at the facility chewed up and spit out Deborah Amdur last month.

From: Coupaud, Paul On Behalf Of PHXVAHCS/DIR

Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 4:13 PM

To: VHAPHOAllEmployees

Subject: Medical Center Director & Chief of Staff Appointment

Importance: High

Good afternoon,  

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. RimaAnn Nelson as the new Medical Center Director and Dr. Maureen McCarthy as the new Chief of Staff for the Phoenix VA Health Care System. These appointments are effective Oct. 2, 2016.

Ms. Nelson and Dr. McCarthy bring sound leadership qualities and many years of proven experience. I am certain they will be valuable assets to the organization, the PVAHCS staff and volunteers, the community, our health care partners, and most importantly, to the Veterans we are honored to serve. 

I want to thank you all for your support during my detail. I value the time I spent here and the relationships I’ve built. I have been impressed by the hard working staff and the focus on providing the highest quality care to our Veterans.

Many thanks,

Barbara Fallen

Acting Medical Center Director

At the end of August, Deborah Amdur announced her retirement for health complications that reportedly started only after she was transferred to Phoenix VA. But word on the street suggests the was busted for nepotism by brining her boyfriend to work at Phoenix VA as her office assistant… I’m not even going to go there.

RELATED: Phoenix VA Made Deborah Amdur Sick Enough To Retire

It is noteworthy to point out that Amdur announced her retirement days after another scandal was exposed at the facility where Phoenix was cited for understaffing its medical doctors and not answering its phones for medical appointments with primary care doctors.

RELATED: VA Cancer Patient Records Doctor Admit To Understaffing

For those of you late to the game, Phoenix VA is the location that kicked off the infamous wait list scandal in 2014 that resulted in a nationwide audit. VA employees were found committed numerous acts of fraud to ramp up performance numbers.

RELATED: Phoenix VA Director Fired, Veterans Elated

The downside of the fraud for veterans was that they were unable to access care within a reasonable amount of time. Many veterans died as a result of the fraudulent scheme that VA then tried to cover-up by disbanding its Office of Medical Inspector prior to the investigation.

RELATED: VA Shuts Down Medical Inspector During Wait List Investigation

Here, Nelson’s selection is certainly interesting given her linkage to previous problems at St. Louis.


In 2010, the dental clinic failed to sanitize its dental equipment, which resulted in at least 1,800 veterans and countless family members being potentially exposed to HIV and hepatitis. An inspection found that dental equipment was “visibly dirty post-sterilization… Staff was not familiar with relevant VHA guidance.”

Six months later, the staff was still engaged in the same practice.

In 2011, the facility also stopped performing surgeries once it was discovered surgical trays were rusted. VA did not provide a clear explanation of how that happened. Surgical booties were left dirty and the cleaning log reflected numerous errors.

By 2012, another inspection found the facility’s nurses were not documenting their competency. There was also a “lack of effective nursing leadership” where one nurse committed “egregious acts resulting in death or near-death of patients.”


Instead of firing Nelson, VA moved her to a foreign facility in Manila, Philippines. While there, she earned $160,000 and lived like a queen since the average yearly salary there was $2,500 per year.

The Daily Caller came up the “bad bosses merry-go-round” terminology while tracking how VA shuffles bad managers while refusing to fire them.

In her position at Manilla, she managed only 100 people.

Now, she will be leading the most scandal-plagued facility within VA that is a black eye for Secretary McDonald’s legacy once he is replaced. His inability to stabilize and clean up that facility will be known as one of his largest failures.

It is always possible that the press has Nelson totally wrong. Who knows? Maybe she was trying to clean up St. Louis when all the problems existed where its clincians used dirty equipment for years.

Either way, we will find out.

Source: https://dailycaller.com/2016/02/24/failed-st-louis-va-chief-got-plush-job-free-house-in-philippines/


VA Desert Pacific Healthcare Network Announces New Phoenix VA Health Care System Director and Chief of Staff

Long Beach, Calif. – The Department of Veterans Affairs announced the appointment of two senior health care leaders to key roles with the Phoenix VA Health Care System, effective October 2, 2016.

Ms. RimaAnn O. Nelson is appointed as the Director of the Phoenix VA Health Care System and Dr. Maureen McCarthy is appointed as the Chief of Staff. Both will oversee the delivery of health care to some 85,000 Veterans who live in the metropolitan Phoenix area and in Show Low, Payson and Globe, Ariz.

They will continue to build on the significant accomplishments of the past two years. In May 2016, PVAHCS completed 95% of appointments within 30 days of a Veteran’s preferred date, and 81% within seven days of the Veteran’s preferred date. Since December 2015, eight key permanent Service Chiefs were hired as well as 758 new full time employees out of the goal of 800 additional positions that were identified as critical.

“Over the past 2 years, in large part due to the leadership of Deb Amdur and Barbara Fallen, the Phoenix VA Health Care System (PVAHCS) has made irrefutable progress in increasing access to quality care that our Veterans have earned and deserve,” said VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson, “Improving services at PVAHCS remains a top priority for VA and I have full confidence Ms. Nelson will provide the sound leadership required to continue to build upon the progress we have made.”

Ms. Nelson was previously the Director of the VA Regional Office in Manila, Philippines. She also served as the Medical Center Director for the St. Louis VA Health Care System, which delivered health care to some 55,000 Veterans in Missouri and parts of Illinois. She also served in leadership roles at the Salt Lake City VA Health Care System and had been a VA employee for 14 years.

Ms. Nelson graduated from the University of Utah with undergraduate degrees in Nursing and Community Health Education and a graduate degree in Public Health/Health Services Administration. She has also completed the Senior Executive Fellows Program through Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Leadership VA.

Dr. Maureen McCarthy comes to Phoenix from the Veterans Health Administration in Central Office serving as the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Health — Patient Care Services, where she had a key role in the development of clinical care guidelines and policies. She has 25 years of experience as a VA clinician, and brings her prior experiences as a Chief of Staff, and former Associate Chief of Staff for Education at the Salem, Virginia VA Medical Center.

Dr. McCarthy graduated from the University of Massachusetts Medical School and completed her residency in psychiatry. She is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

The Phoenix VA Health Care System (PVAHCS) is a Joint Commission Accredited, complexity level 1b tertiary care facility serving Veterans in Phoenix, Arizona. PVAHCS maintains outpatient clinics located in: Gilbert, Central Phoenix, Scottsdale, Payson (Contract), Show Low, Globe and Surprise, Ariz. PVAHCS is a teaching hospital, providing a full range of patient care services with state-of-the-art technology and research. Comprehensive health care is provided through primary care, long-term care, and tertiary care in areas of medicine, surgery, psychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology, oncology, dentistry, nutrition, geriatrics and extended care.


Source: va-desert-pacific-healthcare-network-announces-new-phoenix-va-health-care-system-director-and-chief-of-staff

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  1. The clean out needs to be in the upper echelon GS in the central office. Too many are in the pockets of the lobbyists and keeping “their team”.

    Try investigating that angle, Ben. How long have these people been connected with and to whom are they connected in the upper bureau.

  2. Here’s the VA’s statement on the Hines VAMC ongoing scandal and attempt to dismiss it:

    “The spokesman for the hospital, Rick Fox, disputed the allegations: “We take whistle-blower allegations very seriously and absolutely agree that all of our veterans deserve dignity and respect, in life and in death. While our investigation into this matter is still ongoing, we have found allegations related to consistent problems with dignified and timely burials to be unsubstantiated. However, we have taken this opportunity to review our policies and procedures and are currently working to improve them.”

    Pretty sure The Rand Corporation concurs but IBM Watson says, “I QUIT”!! 🙂

    1. Notice the word used **consistent**, so….as long as the VA has problems with corpses on an inconsistent basis it’s okay? What that sentence actually says is they VA KNOWS it has many problems with respecting the living and the dead, BUT not on any **consistent** basis, so no problem, right? Rat Bastards!

  3. Hey Elf,

    You mention how the Un was taking control of the internet after mid-night last night.

    Note as the new un controls and censorship kick in the following is occurring:

    1. RT news is now becoming inaccessible to US Citizens with internet explore popping up warnings claiming invalid site registration.

    2. Netflix globally has now become in accessible including in the United States.

    “Netflix goes down. Twitter blows up.”; by Jackie Wattles, CNN,10/01/2016


    3. Next will be U-Tube and all new archives.

    1. Like I said Seymore, our Constitution IS under attack!
      The United Nations is taking away our God given right to be a “Sovereign Nation!”

      People better wake up. The internet first, then what’s next?!
      Of course, most of America is so fuckin “dumbed down” they really have no clue as to what’s going on!

      Have you heard how the United States has taken over Puerto Rico’s financial sector? What’s next? Are they the 51st state? I surely hope not!

  4. Here’s a Utube video every American should watch. It’s kind of long, 1:29:56 minutes. Published Sept 29, 2016.

    “Judicial Watch Panel: Clinton Scandal Update – Emails and the Clinton Foundation”

    Give special attention to the author of “Partners in Crime”, Mr. Jerome Corsi. At around the 32 minute mark, he discuses 501-C (3) & (4) non-profit organization(s). His specific hypothesis could be used concerning many VSO’s.
    Many VSO’s spend “pennies on the dollar”. Especially when it comes to helping veterans. Case in point, the Thomas Burke “VSO” recently caught committing fraud against the “donators” to his foundation.
    We also see the “lavish lifestyles” many in the upper crust, and some at state level, like to live! These individuals have found a “cash flow” to their liking.

    After watching the video. How many VSO organizations can you find fitting this description?

    The last five (5) minutes are also, in my opinion, interesting. In that Mr. Tom Fitton, head of Judicial Watch, explains how, under a Trump administration, he must be aware “lobbyists”, “Special Interest Groups”, and “PAC’s” will try to pressure him into “deals” NOT helpful to/for America, and/or Americans!

  5. Here’s a YT video of Muslims caught using Food Stamps to buy soda/food to turn around and resale it in their Arab Store: **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PVB1lCnMps&app=desktop**

    They learn rather quickly how to scam the system. Thanks Lutheran Social Services. Thanks Obama.

    1. namnibor, I hope that “Lawyer” turns those asswipes in to law enforcement.
      Of course, the way things are going, I doubt anything will happen!

      1. namnibor, have you seen the article on that Muslim father who shot his daughter in the head – TWICE?
        It happened in Ohio about a week ago, give or take a few days.

        The article said “…law enforcement and the main stream media…” isn’t touching it with a ten foot pole.

        The brother of the “murdered” young female called 911 and told what had occurred.

        The young girl was a graduate of pharmacy school. She even taught at a nearby college. I think the article said she was around 23 or so years old.

        Some believe the “reason” the Muslim Father killed her was because she had “assimilated” into our culture completely. And her father didn’t like it!

      2. That story has been completely buried.

        Now, why is it I am not seeing on the mainstream media the widespread coverage of this travesty ongoing at the Hines VAMC? Would it spoil Saturday Football Kneeling? (starting to hate sports now)


  6. Hey, question to y’all.

    Will our Constitution be attacked at midnight tonight? Why do I ask this? Simple——— because —–

    “US to relinquish internet control at midnight”

    From “Fox news Business”
    30 Sept 2016!

    There’s a lot at stake here. Especially our “First Amendment”!

    !!!!Watch this video. It’s very important to get this message out to everyone!!!!

  7. namnibor

    There’s another Fox News, Utube video out, 30 Sept 2016, titled;

    “Donald Trump Slames Hillary for Miss Universe”

    The ‘title’ is a little misleading. Lt. Gen. Flynn talks mostly about the military and VA! He basically comes out and explains why our military personnel don’t have a high regard for serving this country. And it’s about the VA.

    My wife, “Katterkat”, has sent both of these articles, the one about Illinois and this one, off to Ben!

    I surely hope these asswipes in Illinois have criminal charges brought against them!
    Of course, I seriously doubt it. Because it’s the responsibility of the DOJ to do that. And we all know the DOJ IS FUCKING WORTHLESS! Especially, when it comes to prosecuting anyone except the “LITTLE PEOPLE”, as Hillary Clinton, (aka: “The Butcher of Benghazi”), likes to call most Americans!

  8. I usually make my appointments at the VA, a month and 1/2 to 2 months in advance. So, if I tried to make my appointment for a date month and 1/2 early , and they were seven days late , they never made it in 30 days . This recycling of garbage is not making it . Veterans don’t deserve this . The VA sucks. We need doctors and nurses not these idiots they keep shoving down our throats. Veterans have stopped believing in the VA . There is no reason for the VA to exist anymore. It kills us, it injures us, and it frustrates hell out of us . And you wonder why, so many of us give up .

  9. It’s Friday, 30 Sept 2016!
    And just out from “The Horn”

    “Obama’s VA desecrating veterans corpse’s”

    This is about as disgusting as it can be! There are no words I can think of to say!

      1. “I’ve read a lot of outrageous stories in my day. But this latest from an Illinois Veterans Affairs whistleblower is one of the most shameful things I’ve ever seen.

        As a veteran, I care deeply about how our current and former military members and their families are treated by the government. Unfortunately, under President Barack Obama’s leadership, the VA has somehow managed to get worse and worse.

        Now, reports out of Illinois say that one veteran’s hospital is so poorly run, they’re leaving the discarded corpses of my fellow brothers-in-arms to rot and decompose over months.

        Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk has said that the Hines VA hospital “has been overrun with cockroaches and mold and left vets waiting for care for months on secret wait lists, has reached a new low in the treatment of our veterans. We now have reports of bodies being left to decompose in the morgue for months on end,” according to Fox News.

        The problem is so out of control, “Some veteran’s remains have been left in our hospital morgue for 45 days or more until they are stacked to capacity at times,” and at least one had been left so long that the remains liquefied and the body bag burst open when finally moved.

        Let that imagery sink in. Now, imagine if it were the remains of someone you know that served.

        The mere thought that this could happen is enough to get the blood boiling. The fact that it IS happening is beyond reproach.

        The failures of the VA under the Obama administration’s poor leadership has been well noted. It’s gone too far now.

        These are the men and women that fought, bled, and sacrificed for our nation. To thank these honored dead, staff left them in discarded piles.

        It makes me ashamed to be an American – something I’ve never once said before.

        This isn’t the first time we’ve disgraced our veterans with broken promises. But this disrespectful final insult is a step too far.

        It’s time for the president to step in. It’s time for Obama to use the executive powers he so readily used in the past for some good.

        As a nation, we have a duty to protect our veteran’s dignity, in both life and death. We’ve failed.

        That’s unacceptable. And it starts at the top.

        — Stephen Dietrich is the Managing Editor of The Horn News”

      2. Thank You namnibor.
        I let my wife read the article. (BTW, I really shouldn’t have, after reflection!) She started crying!

        I have never really been at a lose for words, until I read this article.
        I’m with you 110% on this one! I’m completely ASHAMED of every person, from Obama & McDuck, the VA asswipes involved in this, and every single person in our government!!!!!!!!

        I truly love this country, but right now, every one of these ingrates need to be in prison!

    1. VA DC HQ V SAME OLF DOG @ PONY CON GAMES NOTING WILL CHANGE AFIN VETS YO GET SCRWEWED BY VA DEATHCARE FROM AFGE UNION CONTRACTS HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. THE DC HQ @ VA IS THE TITANIC IT HIT THE ICEBERG @ WE A TALKING ABOUT THE COLOR OF THE CARPETS ON THE VA TITANIC VA BUDGET FOR 2017 WILLL BE 182 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ VA WILL GO INSANE ON THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BUT NOTHING WILL CHANGE THE AFGE UNION CONTRACTS @ CFR 38 ARE THE INASANE LAW AT VA . VETS ARE SCREWED AGIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. From “Infowars.com”. Published 30 Sept 2016.
    Title to Google;

    “Response To Obama Town Hall”

    “Owen Shroyer’s latest ‘let’s roll to the next one’ featuring the Commander in Chief Town Hall. Owen lays into Obama’s latest hypocritical rhetoric!”
    The first response by Obama is about the VA!


    Here’s a question I have for anyone coming on today wanting to praise the VA.

    “In your experience, how many good to great employees are in the VA system?” You may answer by giving a percentage!

    Please, answer truthfully! Once someone answers, I have one more question I’d like answered!

    1. <0% Every one I come into contact with is less useful than the accepted usefulness of the genitalia of Catholic clergy

      1. Hey, GuyFawkes24601,
        I wanted responses from VA employees who will “praise” other VA employees!

        I have something waiting for them!

  12. Shuffling chairs.
    If Nelson does such a great job, why was she shuffled to Manila, then to Phoenix after such short terms?

    Are there any IG reports from Manila or St Louis showing she concurred with findings but failed to take any action?

    My own VA director came from St Louis. It doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy.

    I don’t recall the reason, but why was the Chief of Staff slot vacant? It would seem to me going from an Undersecretary slot to a Chief of Staff would be a demotion. Unless someone in the VACO wants a closer eye on Phoenix to squash any potential scandals.

    If Amdur resigned because she had to have her boyfriend at work, it shows how damn stupid she is, or shows how bad the corruption is thinking she could get away with it.

    She had to know she would be under a microscope until Phoenix was cleaned up, yet she did it anyway.

  13. How come there are 3 of her in the same picture? They look like the same Dr. I just shit canned for being a moron. I could only understand about half of what he saying and that didn’t make sense either.

      1. Moochers rarely pass-up second helpings of performance bonuses to squirrel away for a long hard winter. However, that same Moocher M.D. will be the first to say, “You have nothing wrong with your pancreas, you just need to lose a lot of weight”, while the Vet actually has pancreatic cancer all along.

  14. Unless your name happens to be McCain in which you were born without them, but hey you grew a really big goiter

    1. It is the goiter moochers cloggging up congress that is holding up progress. And for the record, congressman do not have their balls cut off! They are coaxed off gently. For example, that lady in the photo could well be a transgendered Congressional cross-over from a male and you would never know it because coaxing the nuts off leaves no trace at the Congressional level – they have better insurance.

      1. Ben, please find some flying monkey artwork to tie into VA healthcare. pleeeeeeease. I think namnibor has a brilliant insight here!

      2. And Halloween goes with Haunted VA Asylum @ flying monkey management like cake and ice cream. The Phoenix VAMX has a flying monkey management revolving door in it’s highest towers. Monkey in, monkey out.

  15. I see a train wreck in the making!

    I wonder how long before we see another BIG scandal out of Phoenix, Arizona’s VHA? It definitely didn’t take long for this last one!

    Until the Congressional Committees get balls, nothing will change! When all the VHA & VBA employees, (from top to bottom aka: asswipes), are held accountable, (as in multiple firings), things will continue to erode and veterans will receive less than stellar care!

    Maybe a reduction in pay is in order? Or, how about when someone is caught doing something against a veteran, their pay is docked? Or, how about time off without pay?
    I bet the union, AFGE, would have a “hissy fit” over something like these suggestions!

    I also wonder how much the taxpayers spent on these transfers!? Bet it wasn’t cheap! Did she rip off taxpayers like Graves and Rubins?

    I also wonder who’s bright idea, and why, it was to transfer her from the Philippines to Phoenix, Arizona? Would it have been McDuck & Shulkin? Couldn’t they have found someone with a better resume, to fulfill that position?
    Oh, wait, I forgot. It’s the VA we’re talking about here! Corruption extraordinar!

    We all know they’re a few fries away from being a complete happy meal!!!!

    1. Transfering from out of country to in country is indeed paid for by The People and an overseas transfer of an executive likely netted her more in discretionary spending than the Average Oregonian makes in five years gross.

      A FOIA to them to find out how much it cost all of us to put her fat butt in Phoenix would likely weaken your knees.


    2. Didn’t you know they turn the balls in at the door at congress. Most probably Castrated upon election.

    3. If you recall a report of when Rubens and Graves were ripping off moving expenses, the cost of their move was $400,000.
      In a report that I think was posted here, there was a PDF showing the cost of moving other directors around that same time period. The cost for the move for the Director those two forced to move to LA was roughly $47000, which seems low.
      If you recall, Rubens or Graves spent about 90 days in a hotel, so there was hotel costs and per diem paid for those 90 days.

      Typically a move in the US like for Rubens or Graves can easily add up to $100,000 per move when housing, hotels, travel, food, etc., are added up.

      Moving someone to Manila would be hugely expensive based on what was allowed, or what Nelson wanted and was authorized. Moving her household things, housing, hotels, food, travel there, shipping a car, storage, all would add up to a huge amount.

      Then double it since the VA could not find anyone more qualified than Nelson, and they moved her back to the US…about 4 years later.

      Then tack on whatever amount it will cost to move some flunky to Manila to replace her.

      A FOIA for the total cost of moving VA employees around the country would be absolutely shocking, and I suspect the VA would fight like hell to keep from releasing that data.

      1. VETSFORJUSTICE INC DONE MANY FIOA.S VA IS A TOTAL FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET VETS DONT YO SMELL THE VA CRAP IN YOUR FACE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Certainly appears the established pattern is the Phoenix VAMC is the VA’s “Island of Lost Toys”. Would it not make much more logical sense for the VA to appoint/hire a very stellar, leather necked hard ass for a clean-up at such a national/visible scandal? No, they keep dumping their “Broken Toys” in hot zones. It would be akin to attempting to treat a MRSA or Legionnaires Outbreak with more MRSA or Legionnaires & healthy portion of nepotism.

    Sec. McDonald’s ‘legacy’ is one long train or ship wreck off the coast of the VA’s Island of Lost Toys.

    1. Simple question; will that staff in the photo take care of veterans health concerns in the same way they take care of their own? What do you suppose the combined blood pressure medicine consumption is for just for the three most prominent broken toys in the photo?

      We consistently see photo after photo of heart attack victims dressed in Kmart clothes (to look poor) smiling with warm chubby heart diseased faces proudly claiming to be the purveyors of quality health care, and hear story after story of Doctorate level chub muffins who can’t figure out how to turn on a tv from Staples, get rust off of surgical gear, or figure out how to turn $1.3 billion into a single structure on free government land that is worthy of serving the local humane society needs let alone human habitatiion.

      I learned from a Doctorate level VA type right here on this website that VA employment practices are less than stellar. I am still on the fence on that one – my telescope is in the shop for repair.

      You be the judge…

      1. Well, the President will be the Butcher of Benghazi and now the Killah from Manilla comes home. Who’s surprised?

    2. I posted a comment on yesterday’s post about news articles about McDonald in favorable areas. It was an article about McDonal bragging about being confirmed by the Senate 97-0, and how Congress is at fault for slowing reforms at the VA.

      He thinks 97-0 is a badge of honor rather than Congress quickly acting to replace a Secretary after a scandal, or that Congress likely accepted his West Point and Ranger credentials as someone who could do a credible job in cleaning up the VA.

      I’m just a dumb veteran, but I would think if the VA has any true reforms, they would be citing specifics so veterans would be clamoring for Congress to pass them.

      I can’t name a single reform the VA wants Congress to pass.

      I CAN name a reform that Congress HAS passed twice now, accountability, and McDonald complains about it in the article using the generic term, “staff”, rather than the specific term Congress wants addressed, “management”.
      McDonald whines about reforms of accountability that Congress wants passed and acted on, yet he pulls stunts like this transfer of Nelson.

      1. 91Veteran,
        If Congress had checked McDuck’s record at “P&G”, they might not have put him in this position of power!
        Oh, wait, it’s Congress. They’d have put a monkey in charge of VA. Oh, wait, it’s Congress. They DID put a fucking monkey in charge of VA!

  17. Fat botttom girls make he rocking world go ’round.

    The people in that photo are definately VHA. At VHA nothing is wasted, and the day old Little Debbie cakes are no exception. Those tiny nuggets of VHA caring are recycled through their less than stellar but loving and roundly jolly medical staff who is clearly a well rounded crew. Not a chiselled and unsightly healthy body in the croud Just look at the intelligence behind those cute cellulite framed smiles freah out of a jolly good feeeding.

    Those people look to me like they really know how to chew the fat and get to the bottom of things. The bottom of things can be huge and it is refreshing to see the huge bottoms tasked with caring for our precious vets. Those cheeky smiles that say to me, “At VHA We care about our steak holders.”

    The new apppointee clearly has experience with steak so the precious veteran stakeholders should be well served by the woman who is an expert at handling large servings. She just migjt be able to really sink her teeth into this challenge ser ed up to her and help the others in the photo really take a bite out of the impression that all VHA employees are fat, lazy, and incompetent. The photo proves at least one of those items is just wrong!

    Thanks for finally including authhentic VHA artwork into your shining example of Free Speech. Just looking at those jolly faces makes me hungry for an authentic Pizza Hut Bacon Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza with extra Salami, cheese, and VHA sauce drizzle. Does the VA IT system have the new iOS 10 Pizza Hut app? If it doesn’t now, I am certain this crew can fix even that problem.

    Does she do a cool air guitar too? I do a cool air guitar tune I call “Liposuction Rocks!” Can you send a. FOIA and request the total tonage of the senior staff at that facility? Requests that take an unusual effort to fulfill can be charged at 25 cents per page, and they have a lot of counting to do so it might be spendy but it could be fu pn to see the size of the redaction squares to hide the staffs identity.

    Maybe she will implement circular redaction squares?

    1. I went to the St. Louis V.A. in 2009 to get a tooth pulled. I was eligible for dental services as I was enrolled in the VR&E program at the time. The fat headed suit dummy who was in charge of Dental said I was not eligible for services and sent me on my merry way. Being in too much pain to fight, I sucked it up and paid a private dentist to extract the tooth. So there was a silver lining on their Fecal matter sandwich that they served me. A few months later I had to have a cast removed from my wrist. The 95 year old Medical assistant could not figure out the saw to cut my cast off. I took the tool out of their hand and cut my own cast off. I can attest that this V.A. facility is one of the worst I have ever encountered. Staff was completely rude, disrespectful and plain lazy. The majority of the staff look like Gang Bangers or Meth Heads. From top to bottom that place is jacked up beyond repair. It looked like the V.A. hospital from “Born on the fourth of July”. So it is no surprise that the Fat headed suit dummy Rima Wilson got transferred and can now mismanage another large facility. Does the V.A get their ideas from the Catholic Priest Child Molester Playbook? No accountability, just a transfer to another place, more money and more lives that will be ruined as an effect. That union that represents the V.A. needs to be smashed. You can kill patients and keep your job. People need to occupy the V.A. and peacefully take it over. Demand changes and accountability. Don’t leave until we get what we deserve. Veterans have become political pawns. Time to take back what is ours and get these Fat headed Suit dummys to kick rocks and go to G.F.Y. land and get lost.

      1. I agree,I went to VA ST.Louis before GOD Smiled on me and my new Job had excellent medical benefits and that most likely saved my life because I qualified for dental.It was just before I got that job I wrote a letter to Claire MC Caskill who at the time toured the ST. Louis,John Cochran VA Hospital and She was on TV saying how much she cared for Veterans Rights(Election Time of course)I was there the day she toured and in the Lobby where they had 2 over priced Coffee shops,we got free coffee from a cart that morning for the only time I ever knew and everyone walked around smiling and asking if we needed anything,I said,”Yes I have been waiting 2 hours for my medication from the Pharmacy” and since MCCaskill was standing near me they asked me to go with them so they could help,they did not help they just didn’t want her to hear me,because they sat me in a closed room for 20 minutes and then told me to go back to the lobby and wait,without my medication I might ad!!
        I wrote MCCaskill a letter and told her if she wanted to know the truth to visit sometime without warning wearing a disguise and listen to the Veterans and watch the Staff,she never replied and never has and that was 11 years ago,so much for her claim of being an advocate of Veterans benefits.
        There are good people at VA i have 2 relatives that work at 2 different VA Hospitals in IL. that have good records,but in ST. Louis these people are paid a better than average wage and benefits,but just are not doing their Jobs because no one makes them and they are Lazy!!!

        GOD Help us all,Semper Fi

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