VA Whistleblower Retaliation

‘Two-Faced’ – VA Whistleblower Retaliation Still A National Embarrassment

Health care professionals coming forward to protect veteran patients are still experiencing whistleblower retaliation despite promises to protect both.

Three health care professionals are the subject of a new USA TODAY story exposing continued problems at key facilities at Phoenix area, Baltimore, and Iowa City, Iowa. Whistleblowers coming forward to protect veterans are still facing the same retaliation exposed following the 2014 wait list debacle.

-> Whistleblowers report conditions or failures in patient care.

-> -> VA executives strip the whistleblowers of patient care duties ruining their careers as clinicians.

What is the lesson?

Do not speak up to protect veterans or you will lose the career you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and a decade of training and education.

Meanwhile, out of the other side of its mouth, VA supposedly encourages whistleblowing to fight fraud, waste, and abuse.

Despite the creation of laws supposedly designed to protect whistleblowers, the Department of Veterans Affairs has yet to fully reverse course to protect whistleblowers.

What happened after the VA Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection (OAWP) was created in 2017?

Two-Faced VA Whistleblower Retaliation

“The VA is two-faced: What it says it does and what it actually does are two entirely different things,” said Katherine Mitchell, a physician who was one of the original Phoenix VA whistleblowers in 2014. She earned the federal “Public Servant of the Year Award” for coming forward but agency leaders made her pay through various schemes of retaliation later.

Mitchell will testify this coming week about agency treatment of whistleblowers to Congress.

CT Scan Wait List Fraud

Jeffrey Dettbarn, a CT technologist from Iowa City will be at the hearing. Dettbarn blew the whistle on mass-cancellations of diagnostic test orders. He reported the fraudulent cancellation scheme after noticing veterans were showing up for CT scans despite their appointments being canceled in the scheduling system.

Agency leadership confirmed the mass-cancellation not only occurred but was part of a national deletion of backlogged CT scan orders. Dettbarn reported concerns that impacted veterans were not contacted nor was a review conducted to see if the scans were still needed.

After reporting the program, VA leaders removed Dettbarn from his job and investigated him – -not the problem of veterans not receiving timely CT scans.

“There’s nobody there to watch out for the veterans,” he said. “They’ve got everybody else scared to say anything. Who’s taking care of those patients?”

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Opioid Wait List Fraud

Minu Aghevli, a Baltimore VA psychologist, reported veterans were improperly removed from wait lists for opioid addiction treatment. She will also testify at the hearing.

Aghevli was coordinator at VA Maryland Health Care System for its opioid-addiction treatment program.

The psychologist reported being pressured to remove veterans from a wait list for opioid addiction treatment. Her supervisors wanted to instead schedule veterans into an “imaginary clinic” to make the wait list look shorter. Again, supervision wanted her to commit fraud while putting veterans lives at risk who needed opioid addiction treatment.

“Suddenly our wait list went from being well over 100 to being minimal, I mean, well under 20,” she said.

IG investigated her allegations and confirmed veteran patients were removed from the list and put into “non-count” status. However, those same veterans still wanted treatment.

In April, agency leadership moved Aghevli out of her clinical position and into a data entry position pending an investigation.

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Retaliation Puts Veterans’ Lives At Risk

VA’s failure to fully correct whistleblower retaliation puts veterans’ lives at risk every day, and it will be a blemish on his record in the 2020 election if unresolved in the next year.

“Whistleblowers who are brave enough to report problems serve as a vital safety net for veterans,” Mitchell said. “If people can’t identify problems, veterans will suffer and die. That’s what it boils down to.”

“As a physician, nurse, and basically as a human being, I will not back down if someone’s health or safety is being threatened,” she said.

America must take a firm stand on whistleblower retaliation. The Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection has failed to stop retaliation.

Basically, the office took an artificially narrow view of its duties when investigating reports of wrongdoing and failed to fairly consider reports from employees who had secondary issues underlying their reports.

For example, let’s say an employee has an underlying performance problem. While the agency was attempting to remove or discipline that employee, the person reported wrongdoing that may be implicated in the performance problem.

I have reason to believe reports from employees under the above scenario were not fairly considered and investigated.

Making matters worse, OAWP reportedly failed to protect the anonymity of some complainants but instead would leak information back to Regional Office or Medical Center leadership so the local officials – – you know, the ones who retaliate – – could resolve, ie silence, the dissenting employee(s).

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The agency also engages in smear campaigns against dissenters who become whistleblowers. This scheme involves targeting otherwise benign behavior that most of the cool-kids get away with while a whistleblower may get disciplined or fired.


The state of affairs inside VA related to whistleblower protection is an embarrassment. The Executive Branch can and should get directly involved to end the dastardly behavior, or he will face a backlash impacting his veteran record.

Will he protect veterans by taking a hard stand against this behavior?

The hearing on Tuesday should be worth seeing, especially to see how the new mix within the House Committee on Veterans Affairs asks questions of agency employees.

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  1. Veterans who complain are retaliated against as well. Patient advocates, VAOIG, etal, are masters at damage control to suppress any dissent keeping the American people in the dark.

  2. Went to Walmart today, was rudley greeted by the pharm, tech, what do you need? I told her I need nothing, I’m just standing here.Heard this at the Federal level, the Civialin level, know at the local Walmart, The Medical Feild is a diaster,sorry for serving.

  3. Happy to see attention raised in the matter. I don’t want to ascribe blame to any particular party, RINOs akin to establishment DNCs afaic. Of course, if there is a proxy party for ALL employees federal, of course it is the DNC when you factually can refer to overwhelming donors/supporters on the Mueller team, of various agencies and even the DoD donating to Dems at nearly a 10:1 ratio. But establishment GOPers are no better when it comes to sweeping VHA scandals under the rug.

  4. Here’s a perfect example of the “politics” President Trump is up against. Read this January 2019 article carefully;


    To Lem and others, read the damn article!!!!!!!!

    1. Elf, good article but for me it raises more questions because of what told by cocky VA staff and some civilian sources of power positions too.

      1. “The VA’s bureaucracy is the chief impediment to delivering quality care and services to our veterans. Asking that same bureaucracy to fix itself is folly. ”
      – That is across the board with any institution, agency, professionals, etc.

      2. “Even the leaders of the VA’s regional divisions are civil servants. Regional and state administrators at the Departments of Homeland Security, Agriculture, and Health and Human Services, by contrast, are all appointed by the president.”
      – Okay, “contrast?” If so then when I asked about those at the VA about who is at “the top’ sanctioning abuse, life ruining special contracts, telling us to never use civilian care for any thing including ER services, there to ‘protect us from ourselves,’ spouting “orders, and “demand” etc. We were given the short list as the jack-ass was smiling ear to ear of being POTUS (commander and chief), DoD, Pentagon, especially DHS who is over and above ‘everything.’ DHS has come up several times over many issues and of being in every part of our lives. So we are to try and tackle or oppose them all plus the bankers, AMA, SJWs, etc? Damn. Who could ever stand against all the beasts with so much power and above the laws, free of prosecution.

      Health and Human services were for me just more tax payer funded liars contacted that claimed they could do nothing about health care issues over the VA or civilian. Not there about corruption, could do nothing about anyone withholding medical files but was perfectly legal, malpractice, to give advice, fraud, retaliation games, threats, etc. Just as bad as those Human Relations offices we pay for locally or state wide with tax dollars.

      Seems to me with all the corruption those in DC if serious about WB laws or our care or the nation they could over-step the bs and fire a bunch up there full circle. Go after the rest for violations of public trust, treason- media too, breech of contracts, monopolies, union/mafia thuggery, violations of their many kinds of oaths taken like with attorneys to Congress critters, a host of violations per Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civil Rights, etc. But, little is being done against fake news, propaganda, loss of free speech and assembly for some, to legal discrimination and black balling, shunning for some of us targeted citizens and vets speaking up. Then to think some added legislation to protect WBs will work? Oops lost my mind for a second thinking of the old USA with some rights and reps. Called a “grumpy ol’ polar bear” to my back at the VA P team. Hmm gotcha. On the shit list hung out to dry and die, do without or to toy with. I am old, white – P bears are fat, big, white, furry, I ask too many questions, not supposed to expect common decency, professionalism and truth from others or from the VA or community. Or any rights and protections to be upheld. I think I’ve got all their messages subtle or not well ingrained into my memory.

      1. “T”,
        The whole damn government, starting in a majority of cities and working their way up to the feds, is a corrupt bunch of assholes!

      2. I had to chuckle a bit, shake my head, over the newer upcoming WB protections and laws. Knowing full well they would not work in my state just like other laws/rights are totally ignored.

        Not rocket science even when growing up listening to adults and others about ‘not rocking any boats,’ let the bullies and connected ones run over us or face consequences. Or the fave “can’t fight city hall” and the like which has been told straight up with smiles to my face more than once and recently. That one statement about city hall includes all the corrupt connections thought of or is. The public or mob majority wants this kind of community and government, strived and lied for generations to get it… they got it. Sadly.

  5. *”*”
    Nope. There is no Politics in the VA. AOC says its not broken. In fact she says everyone deserves healthcare like the VA. How brilliant is this person?
    Yes I love how the VA can strip our Veterans from their boots on ground activities. Strip their Marriges out from them. Move Veterans and or their spouse so that they can say “We mailed it to you. Didn’t you get it?”
    The VA also has a clause that if you and your spouse separate from each other, don’t matter which one leaves. And if you get back together and when the Veteran dies the spouse can and will be cut off. Yes that’s if they think she was at fault.
    Yes they can manipulate your files and do this.
    My husband and I went through all of that in the course of our marriage in the first 3 years. I never left him and he never left me. But they did move me out. Gave me our old address. Then moved my husband out.
    And they had removed his service from the Army 4 times. They had him single after we were married for almost 3 years. Then divorced. Its all called clerical error.
    You have to put your badge in to operate the computer. You have to manually type in info or delete info. Then save your corrections twice. So how could this be an error?

  6. To ALL who believe “politics” doesn’t enter into the veterans administration’s employees vocabulary! Maybe a “refresher course in American History” will make you understand: This article is from 2018. It’s what occurred inside the upper echelon and other employees of the “most corrupt government agency in America”! Plus, the most corrupt union, AFGE, in America!


    All one has to google is “three little words”! And the VA’s world of corruption opens up:
    *”Veterans Administration Corruption”*!
    As a matter of fact, “three OR four little words” can be used in other areas as well. For example: “disabled american veterans corruption”, “department of defense corruption”, “department of social services corruption”, “IRS corruption”, etc., etc.! And “the beat goes on!”

  7. The political fact is that veterans are on the short end when it comes to lobbyist politics. We are the “entitled” the bankers scream about when it comes to entitlements while they are greasing the wheels for corporate entitlements to keep the money flowing in from investment banking which is from hardware and big insurance (medical). Vets are a drag on the public bucks without the bankers getting a cut. So their lobbyists try to keep services and compensation to veterans down. And the whistle-blowers feel the brunt.

    1. So, your entering into the politics of an issue – right Lem!
      You are such a hypocrite!
      Like “T” said;
      Quote: *”With just whose facts Lem? In my four college town filled with “Union Pride,” the censoring, one of the worse public libraries I have ever walked in, plenty of propaganda, covering-up, plenty of anti-American activist with the corrupt in charge of everything. “Don’t need to read…?” Is that like ‘having to pass the bill into law before we read it” crap? Like historical facts are re-written into fables and war time propaganda even post wars? Think everyone should be censored except the ones you and others approve of? C’mon.”*
      Oh, and BTW, my “major” at the University of Hawaii (4 years) was in “Asian History” with a minor in “American Political Science”!
      So, stop your “pandering” and get off those drugs which are scrambling your brains!

    2. @Lem – – – That’s about the size of it, Doc! I read your SCOTUS material. Awesome for Pro Se!!! Wishing you a good outcome on your case.

  8. I rather go to the dollar store for care. They also should make doctor’s history available, real places and not princess wilkie land. I have had some great jobs until they ruined my life and would be able to change. The first thing you is you can not fix anything sitting at a desk in Washington. The need to report the doctors who have had cases filed against them like the outside “professionals”. They must immediately get rid of the doctors with licenses pulled and then have Human Resources from every hospital the doctors hired knowingly with too many claims, send to wilkie so he knows what’s going on. I would quietly put a team together with expertise in each medical field and would show up with wilkie and then go through the place and report back to him in DC with the report. After talking to team wilkie must go back there and have meeting with the director explaining what is wrong and support them unless they are the problem. They also must be ready to ship out and say goodbye to problems immediately. I have never in my life seen anything run as bad and backing the whistle blowers must be implemented immediately. Next would be to either hire or send back all the doctors who are outside doctors since adding up pay, benefits, food and housing plus paying the staffing company. Adding up is a ridiculous amount of money which then is used to hire real doctors. One of the most ridiculous things seen is that the VA can’t see veterans because they say overwhelming and can’t possibly see them all. This is a problem, but who negotiated a 40hr work for doctors? It’s stupidity. Once done send veterans out through the choice program while fixing all the problems and bring back as each department is corrected. I would also hire a top corporate lawyer with a background dealing with unions and start taking most of the crap out. People scream, but once start canning people and see not coming back, solves a lot of the problems. There is no way you can run anything when employees. Wilkie should never been hired, it’s impossible to run anything when you know nothing about and a federal employee who’s resume says at the top, lazy but my daddy knows people. You can’t fix anything overnight. They are banking that will fix by itself since over half of veterans are over 65. I’m a intelligent person and I have no idea how I let them ruin my life. I can’t wait till they throw me in the oven.

  9. Veterans’ issues are not political issues. How readers get the idea they can spew political oral diarrhea when commenting on an article here is beyond rationale and logic.This site is in existence to help the plights Veterans face every day when trying to deal with the Bureaucracy charged with taking care of them. If all you want to accomplish in the “comments” section is making a political statement, perhaps you would be better served on another site. I would strongly suggest you shut your pie-holes and respect the men and women actually served this Country.

    1. I agree with you Hutch to the point that when someone post political opinions as facts that are refuted by facts they have to be challenged with the facts. It is not the parties. It is the lobbyists and their power through money in politics. Works on both parties.

      1. With just whose facts Lem? In my four college town filled with “Union Pride,” the censoring, one of the worse public libraries I have ever walked in, plenty of propaganda, covering-up, plenty of anti-American activist with the corrupt in charge of everything. “Don’t need to read…?” Is that like ‘having to pass the bill into law before we read it” crap? Like historical facts are re-written into fables and war time propaganda even post wars? Think everyone should be censored except the ones you and others approve of? C’mon.

        There is no escaping the politics of anything, nothing. Like there is no escaping any groups, the baiters, dividers, hate and retaliation or to silence those others they don’t like or their info or message, or story. Hmmm left corporations good, righties bad, symbiotic relations, protective, self-serving.. and very corrupt…berry berry good and acceptable. Games people play.

        Our group especially one of the last trips of mine to the VA, like mentioned before, were told openly, and supposedly when questioned, all said is orders and sanctioned from ‘the top.” All of it including the parts about “vote Democrat for better care” etc. Yeah, say what? Circa 2010 the politics and social activist came out of the woodwork at the VA, but as usual and expected in my town. The newsletters from the hospital didn’t openly say enough or stop the politicking, it was written and asked that staff refrain from discussing shop talk or union business and affairs in front of the public/vets. They should included a smiley face along side of it all. They should have openly wrote in that newsletter… threaten, abuse, intentionally toy with vets, lie, physically harm, push politics, talk politics, treat vets like at a union shop meeting, tell them to ‘follow orders from the top”… your asses are fired.

        Wanna take my challenge too and show some real hate and places ruled by “identity politics” and protecting all the “professionals” and the corrupt? Piss on playing the legal game and most, many, can’t do the legal gaming, foot work, have the dollars to throw away as you do or seem to enjoy. That is a pure waste of time for many out here as time limits and statutory times passed. The “facts” are there is NO defending any of them or their protective associates or “friends” in Congress. And in some locations there in no playing by the rules, using the court system, getting legal aid, etc. None.

        Most seem to be forgetting there is a hell of a lot of suffering and criminal activity going on, retaliations, fear tactics to suicides people tend to back-shelf and forget or dismiss easily.

        People, vets alike don’t care about free speech forums either it seems. No networking or forming groups wanted. No real stories or complaints cause it might offend some or cause a family member to be fired or something. Don’t want to expose the nepotism or fascist leaders or mob media do we? Most just want total control and only their politics and agendas are to be heard and supported. You think the unions, the AMA, American Bar, Cops, judges, Pig Pharma, religions, college pukes, censors, banners of books, are not about politics, completely void of politics?? Puulease.

  10. Dear Christopher, I’d tell yo u to write to your Congressman but we know they’re circling the DC in bullte proof limousines with lobbyists in the back seat making back porch deals . Too busy for us Vets who have to deal with the Crony Capitalists that run the VA. This is not about Parties. The retaliation is against those who discover and sound the alarm about the Crony Capitalist Crimes. In general the Republic is still a good place and worth defending but the VA is an example of how bad the Cronies can make it. It’s worse than organized crime…WAY WORSE. I don;t need to hear the pedantry about progressives, democrats or republicans. I know what it is. TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE CRONY CAPITALISM. The VA wants people who want to play that game, they recruit them for that purpose , some work out and some get out( I was one who got out). They are dangerous people and want their monies.

  11. I have been saying for years now, that the VA is more valuable to the veteran than a 3 dollar bill. I have more respect for my islamic enemies than I do the VA. Islam is cowardly, lethargic, deviant, anti American and dysfunctional, but at least they stay on course and not appease anybody for a bonus. The Gambino crime family were choirboys compared to the VA. The VA is a criminal organization, dedicated to greed, distortion, lies, manipulation, murder, and contempt.
    Stop posting theater!! The only way the VA will function proper, is when it is shut down, purged of every single employee, or thief and liar, from janitor to secretary of the VA. The VA at some point is going to face the wrath of the American Soldier. VA police brutally abusing and murdering veterans. The Voc Rehab is as useful as AIDS and the Voc Rehab department is operated by pathetic individuals without a clue and who are corrupt.
    Shut the VA down…..
    The VA secretary and its freakshow, down to the individual facilities nationwide love sites like this. Laughing giggling and saying that is all they got, a website to bitch and moan….

  12. The “whistle blower” retaliation is a national embarrassment as is the veterans administration itself. It is more than that. It is deadly.
    I have been retaliated against many times and continued to be retaliated against. The v.a. now refuses to give me any appointments. It has been 90 days since I heard from my primary provider. On March 28th my new provider, a Dr. Rivera promised new cardiologist (the previous 6 providers quit without notice as did they entire cardiologist staff), promised to obtain vascular surgeon, general surgeon, and neurosurgeon. Not a word since mar 28th.
    When I questioned the staff they informed me, “he forgot”.

  13. The biggest problem I see is the Vets have no recourse when they are not receiving medical care or are just ignored. Patients Advocate work for the VA and will not fight for the Vets nor would I ask one to risk his or her job. So what’s left. Sending a letter to ones political representative during an election off season is useless. That leaves just the option of joining the 22 a day

  14. This article and highlighting of the issue comes at the right time for me. I just filed a Motion for Relief from “whistle blower retaliation” in my appeal at the CAVC. I realized my activism since 1987 for veterans with organic brain syndromes had resulted in retaliation including, the most egregious, a mistreatment with Tegretol for a type of seizures it was known to make worse and then no trial of any other medication before changing the diagnosis to “pseudo seizures” resulting in a demented state that I was unable to complete appeals, denied evidence for 25 years. Retaliation includes denial of the correction of the RBA and collaboration of the Clerk (AF) with the DVA GC counsel in a hearing on the subject.

    Links: To the motion: “”

    To the Docket Report: “”

  15. You do the hokey pokey and turn yourself inside-out,that’s what these assholes are all about. And one more time…You do the hokey pokey and turn yourself inside-out….

    1. My point is, tossing $ at VA nor establishing new policies that force these assholes to do their jobs and treat veterans with respect earned and deserved is the definition of insanity, all tried and all fall every time.
      Time for something entirely different.

      A while back I suggested the va opening a whistleblower office was only to keep better tabs on whistleblowers not protect vets….and the va came through w fling colors of shit….

  16. As stated many times ! The only thing that these type of employees will understand is it is illegal to intentionally harm veterans.

    The only way to ensure this stops is to make it clear that it is illegal and punishable by the United States legal system.

    Make it when allegations are made about wrongdoing affecting veterans, should be reported directly to the local police department.

    Veterans abuse and take it out of the hands of the department of veterans affairs. Period.

    Make a police report and force the employees to go in front of a judge and explain themselves.

    What they are doing by covering up the situation and retaliation should be grounds for removing the employees involved.

    VA, has proven over and over they refuse to hold anyone accountable. Especially when they are the one’s doing the harm.

    Remember the va has had decades to fill positions with friends and relatives who will lie through their teeth to protect each other.

    You could even classify them as Gangs.

    Family members and friends have filled the ranks and in rural settings they will harm anyone who tries to disruptive their authority.

    I say have these type of employees Arrested and treated like the criminals they are.

    Our elected officials have the authority to make these types of decisions to harm another person including veterans punishable by law.

    Veterans should be able to file complaints through our police department when they are harmed.

    The patient representative is not worth the chair they sit on.

    Veterans and employees will never get justice, until our justice department gives it to us by having to go to court.

    I know the va act’s as if they are part of our justice department. Which they are not.

    Show the employees will be held accountable by our legal system and see a few being arrested at work for harming another person.

    They will get the message.

    1. @James Gallegos – Outstanding post. I agree completely. It is neither political parties fault that the VA is so screwed up. Rather it is the fault of BOTH. They are ALL EQUALLY GUILTY.

      @Rosie – Thanks! You know what for. Busy, Busy, Busy. Thanks twice, I guess. Caught me the second time while I am typing this up waiting for the fire inspector. Then off to the hospital.

      @All – – – Here is how the VA gets fixed:

      1. Immediately recognize the problems inherent in the Veterans Administration are system-wide, not just limited to a few discrete locations.

      2. Fire all the incompetent and corrupt Workers. Fire every single AFGE/SES employee. The VA prides itself on service to the veteran. However, the American Federation of Government Employees Union makes it nearly impossible to rid the VA of corrupt, incompetent employees.

      3. Convert 50% of the VA facilities into military barracks-style housing for homeless veterans. These will be run with military-style rules to promote good order and discipline.

      4. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can trust.

      5. The United States Government will pay those doctors promptly (Within 45 days) for the care they provide veterans.

      6. Eliminate the ‘Federal Protection’ clause in the United States Code for incompetent medical personnel that the VA sends to other states where they are not licensed to practice. Going to practice medicine in each state? You need to be properly medically licensed in that state.

      7. Rapidly reduce the years long backlog of Veterans Disability Claims. Any claim a veteran submits to the Veterans Benefit Administration that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran.

      Should a veteran file a false claim to defraud the system, the Veterans Administration will be required to prove in civil court that the claim was falsely submitted. For filing a false claim, the veteran will be mandatorily subject to all the following:

      (A). The claim shall be denied. If the veteran has received any form of benefits due to filing of a false claim, they will be required to fully repay those benefits with interest.

      (B). The veteran will be banned from all VA facilities for the remainder of their life.
      (C). The veteran will lose any benefits they have and will not be allowed to file for further benefits.

      8. All veterans shall be allowed to seek/retain the services of a Veterans Rights Attorney from their first initial contact with the VA. This will help to protect the legal rights of veterans against corrupt, incompetent VA employees.

      9. No AFGE, or any other labor union business will be allowed to take place in any federal workplace. Conducting union business during working hours will be strictly prohibited and enforced. Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in immediate lifetime dismissal from all federal, state, city and county government employment.

      10. Attorneys for appeal for cases of ‘wrongful termination’ will be retained at the former VA employee’s personal expense. U. S. Taxpayer’s will not be subject to payment of legal bills for incompetent or dishonest personnel with regards to governmental employment.

      It is my belief that were the above ten measures placed into rigorous ethical practice, these would over the next few years ensure major performance improvements within the Department of Veteran Affairs.

      Jim “Clem” Clement
      1973 – 1976 USMC
      1978 – 1993 USN

    1. The blossoms of pseudo partisan thought control are everywhere today. The awestruck middle is shrinking faster than an iceberg in the desert. One thing remains constant, the money changers are still in control, agnostic in their politics. Their concern over veterans and whistle blowers is but an occasional nuisance in their unimpeded quest for every last dollar in the public coffer. They own the media, they own Congress, they own Pig Pharma, they own the military industrial complex, and the just love the fact that we allow ourselves to be …stay divided.

      1. In reality, the international banks and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is our government.

  17. Hey Ben,

    See what you get when you allow left-bashing morons to go political on your site???


    This just tells the rest of us to go somewhere else.

    1. To: Progressive Veteran,
      “Progressivism”, like “socialism” or “communism” or “fascism” has absolutely no linkage to a country built on a “Constitutional Republic” ideology!
      The articles I posted are direct links to one political party only. They have been, for decades, been trying to destroy the main fabric which holds this Republic together.
      The other political party either needs to grow a pair OR get the hell outta Dodge!
      Nothing in any government agency will change UNTIL the ones committing these attacks are dealt with severely. Meaning, the arrest, trial, conviction and prison for these reprobates!
      Have you a better solution?

      1. So says the idiot in the corner. Seek help. You don’t even know what ‘Progressivism’ is; beyond yet another target of ignorance. Love it when morons believe fascism is the same as socialism. Ignorance is bliss; especially for the uneducated.
        But that’s okay with you and the other pin-heads who think ‘other-than-right-wing’ Veterans are not of the same stature as yourself. Pathetic; and that’s why this site has lost support. You can’t stay on topic. You always have to make it political. Self-defeating.

        BTW do some reading on the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the personal writings of the Founders. It might save you some embarrassment.

      2. Fascism is more likely rooted in conservatism as is totalitarianism. That is not to say dictators like Stalin didn’t personally identify themselves as progressive while being ultra conservative dictators.

        We see that a lot in U S politics today. Be sure to check the actions not the words. The debates won’t be enough. Past actions speak louder than words. Long past can change but it can also be a fake to get elected.

      3. Lem ol’ Prog, etc. Odd, I live in one of the most corrupt Prog, lefty ran towns in this country complete with total censoring, tons of propaganda, SJWs who are the real bullies and hate groups. Can’t attend meetings unless you are with the left all the way. Corrupt courts, etc. Yeah, actions and proofs speak louder than words especially one sitting in elected positions and appointed of are the same caliber, claims of higher the rest education, got the powers and billionaires backing along with the corrupt gov and agencies. You two clowns don’t know what fascism, oppression, black-balled by the left with the cowardly middle grounders and the right fearing the oligarchs and cliques in charge or the bunch showing just how two or three faced the entire community is. Guess you two also side with the lefties and corrupt at the VA and civilians health care units protecting the scum there, playing the same games, refusing to give me copies of my med files to refusing the X-ray ordeal. Easy to blow and try to pass along crap online, pretend to be for all vets while trashing others that don’t tow-the-same-line or bow. Noticed neither took up my challenge, what ya got to hide boys?

        I think this issue and some being two-faced is revealing some things and people.

    2. Progressive, First time poster and total activist? Then warning Ben or giving threats of leaving or losing readership? Hope he’s street wise enough to see through certain comments, tactics, training, AstroTurf. Phony clown, move on to MoveOn dot Org or post something of interest along with your shit and about yourself or maybe use your real name. Progs locally just about hate Ben and his site as bad as I am hated by the entire community, state and then some. So stifle it. Lets go real name to real name and show some truth and realities. How about it? Want a fancy invitation from Hall Mark and flowers.. made in a sissy voice? Forget it.

      1. I live in a town totally ruled by so-called ‘socialist,’ broadly self proclaimed “Progressives,’ haters of all but their own, and boast of it… and show it. Corrupt, censoring, thuggery, and evil as hell. No slightly conservative types allowed to speak in any local college or to attend town meetings, etc. I live in a shit town. Been reading my stories and reports, factual incidents along with the attacks to inability to get my damn med files from a “Progressive” and R wingers take care of their own and have that fine symbiotic relationship to destroy others, while pushing their facade while the masters, bankers, predatory medical cliques ruin and kill us off too.. Where are all the comments, offers of help (YOURS), media, journalist, freedom or oath keeping groups, or VSOs, “progressives” at??? Oh not a peep much from that bunch or YOU, like you. Nothing much from any side actually in real life or off line. But sure thing to get clowns like you while slinging your subtle Prog crap.

      Doesn’t matter which politics or who will win in 20 farking 20. Nothing will change, can change, too much corruption everywhere, too much covering-up in high places, to the greed in our totalitarian culture of complete corruption. Think not “PROG!” I am calling you and those like you out. FB, Freak Book, GAB, what-ever, high noon, real names, real issues, real proofs. Want USA or media present or a confirms watch and national spreading, C-Span, RT, too. Ready to slap leather pardner, bring it. Progs, frogs, neocons, greenies, indeps, libertar, et al. (slap of the gauntlet) (challenged openly in public view.)
      Copy? Off.

      Ben, nice to see the hot topics not being flushed yet and in some faces, somewhat exposed. Also the connecting articles at USA are interesting reads too. I still can’t believe or trust in polls or stats from any MSM, government, med association clowns. I think they lie or misrepresent Indiana too since the oligarchs and tyrants are evil, totally corrupt, and sociopaths top to bottom.

      Many things still go un-reported, black-out, censored, banned. More suicides with claims of censoring to protect privacy or the family. Nice cop-out and excuse instead of some truth and reality. Heard of a couple more yesterday…. zip no more info. Fear, police state, censoring fascist pigs and beyond that for sure. The establishments, the entrenched machines sure has a lot to hide don’t they?

      Katherine Mitchell, more cojones than most men today, among the VSOs, those in my state, town, to the VA. Period. Oh, but I think I love her, a real hero. Platonically. Pity I can’t tag along as an actual kicker to her report to the suits and clowns that don’t give a crap about us off camera or real life. She and others will again be sitting in front of the clowns that practice the ‘no investigation investigating game.’ Some may fall on the sword or play musical chairs but will have comfy connected lives with benefits.

      All branches of government are guilty, as guilty as the ‘angels of death,’ media trash, as is all political parties, medical associations allowing for the retaliation games and abuse, local corrupt scum-bags, the activist, unions, the whole shebang. Don’t people GET IT yet? None of them want heads to roll in their cliques, clubs, associations, SJWs, or those in Congress to the SES with all their “friends and colleagues.” WE are dealing with corrupt courts, corrupt lawyers, judges, all of it. Name it it’s an enemy truth be told. Hence no change to come soon enough if at all. Mood, pissy and ragging.

  18. Just because a judge demands something from VA employees, does that really matter?
    How many times have we heard that song and dance?!

  19. Here’s another article for your amusement;
    Brought to you by our wonderful democrats. Who love to waste taxpayers dollars and time to do something NOT in the best interest of veterans!
    Was it not a “Rule of Law”, to join the military one MUST have a rudimentary knowledge of the English Language?! Therefore, why spend taxpayers dollars on something that’s unnecessary!?

    1. P.S.
      This article is, in my opinion, a continuation of the previous article:
      At least some “dreamers” see a way of becoming an American Citizen!

    2. It’s not any political party. It’s the va itself. Put the blame where it belongs.

      What happen is all parties dropped the ball. The committees on veterans affairs is both Democrats and Republicans on the board.

      We should leave our political views out of the conversation.

      Again the va is the culprit of all of the problems. Yes all of our elected officials must pass laws to protect veterans and make these types of problems punishable through our justice department.

      1. It is both parties and every administration and every U S Court since the Revolutionary War responding to Bankers’ lobbyists. The DVA is politically reactive and executives get their cut of the lobbyists’ freebees.

      2. It has been proven that the VA is Runned by Democrats. The Choice Program was made with Obama. Obama took funding from the Choice Program to give to the Muslim Refugees and the Trespassers on our Border. So what Party let Obama take the funds from our Veterans? Republicans would not unless they are RINO’s.

      3. Correct, it is not just one political party. The blame belongs to both political parties for continuing to allow the VA to function as such. Even though, the Congress has power, this could be counteracted by the Deep State which goes against the government officials who are elected into office by the American people. This is why there is such an uproar in Washington DC to get rid of President Trump. Trump is a threat to the government officials who are permanently hidden within the government and who are not elected by the American people. So ultimately some can view the elected officials are the problem; but, in reality, there are many more deeply treaded into the government who are even blocking what the elected officials are either doing or not doing. There is a Deep State group within the Deep State itself. Corruption galore. Adminstrative portion of VHA should be eliminated and put under the Tricare Umbrella with Humana or Aetna or Anthem or Blue Cross and Blue Shield or another company to manage VHA while keeping the hospitals and clinics and law abiding VA Medical physicians, nurses and all. Benjamin, these government officials believe they can do whatever they want to regardless. This is why I have mentioned about the Extreme Injustice that is happening. Maybe VHA should be stripped of funds and stripped of its authority to treat veterans. Or maybe all Veterans should walk out the door of the VA and head to Capitol Hill in protest to line up before the Washington DC lawmakers in protest that something be done. Maybe millions of Veterans should line up and permanently place themselves at the residences of all the VA leadership employees with protesting against VA healthcare and while demanding quality and decent care that ultimately respects Veterans’ rights.

    3. Elf, you are off base. It is the GOP cutting taxes and spending that is the drag on social programs like the DVA. The GOP talks but doesn’t act.

      1. That may be changing a little. Trump may actually act before November of 2020 in order to get vets on board with his re-election. If he doesn’t he loses.

      2. To: James and Lem,
        The articles are self explanatory – these are issues only the democrats are raising!
        I put the blame where the blame lies – directly at the feet of the democrats.
        Read the articles!

      3. You are citing opinion articles, elf. We are citing Code changes, CFR changes and a Court decision upholding both. Opinions are opinions not facts. Facts are facts.

      4. Lem,
        The articles are not opinion, they’re FACT! When a bill is introduced-it becomes factual. When a dreamer takes an oath to the service – it becomes FACT!
        Read the damn articles!
        They were out from “military dot com” TODAY!

        The first article was about a patient in the psych ward who escaped wearing a hospital gown when the employees called him a cab!

        The second and third articles I posted, are bills being introduced or renewed by only democrats! That makes them FACT! NOT “opinion”!

        The last article is about a judge telling VA employees to speed up adjudicating claims for veterans.
        How many times do we have to hear where a judge is telling the VA employees to do their JOBS!

        You evidently didn’t read the articles!

      5. Don’t need to read them. They support your opinion not the facts. The previous Benjamin article about the Class Action Order gives the VA 120 days. Let’s see what the DVA does within that 120 days and if the DVA does nothing then what the CAVC will do with my motion for relief.

      6. Lem,
        You just admitted to NOT reading the articles I posted.
        Therefore, bullshitting everyone!
        The judge gave the VA a certain time frame. How many times have we heard that? Too many times to count.

        I blame ALL political parties for failing to abide by their oaths! I’ve constantly said that.
        Only, when one party wants something that could harm America, I call them out!

        Starting tomorrow, the courageous whistleblowers will be terrifying. Will this be another CIRCUS. In my opinion – “YES!”
        Until those who commit the crimes are imprisoned – nothing will change!

  20. Well, once you read this article, you’ll probably ask yourself; “How stupid can VA employees actually get?”

    1. P.S.
      This article is about what occurred at the VHA in Washington. I do believe the inmates ARE running the asylum! This proves my point!

    2. Yes the situation is of such embarrassment that this agency should be moved to a third world country. Because this is no hope for this agency. Might as well be located in Iran.

    3. Benjamin, honestly, instead of the VA leadership attacking other VA employees who are trying to do their jobs, the VA leadership should actually praise their committed efforts in trying to do what is legal, humane, and ethical. In my opinion, the embarrassment belongs to the Department of Veterans Affairs not President Trump. This is how and why. Because their actions actually portray them as not knowing how to lead the agency. Also, their actions show that they do not exhibit any personal responsibility and do not possess an ounce of pride in the agency or in their employment positions or even in themselves. Very sad to me. Also, shows they lack initiative. Benjamin, for people to be employed in such Senior Positions one would think they would have enough common sense to be able to take the lead to improve the agency without the President having to enact executive orders to force disciplinary action upon them. Or even the Trump administration to have to force legal action upon them to do their jobs. Benjamin, many of the VA leadership who have engaged in such actions seem very immature, seem to reject life, and seem totally irresponsible. Benjamin, if the VA leadership cannot handle the agency, then they need to speak up to ask for help. Yes Benjamin, if the VA really cared, the Trump administration might could put together a Task Force to go into the VA routinely to assist the VA leadership to unleash the backlogs or assist to facilitate the VA forward in whatever the tasks are. The task force could work with the VA leadership by applying teamwork to help agency continue it’s mission to reach positive results for the agency and the veterans. Though, Benjamin, I do not think like the VA leadership at all. I am a person who problem solves to deliver positive results. Benjamin, one point do they even care? Or they do not know how to get a handle on the Agency? Or do they just stand for death? Benjamin, this is why I do not believe that I could have held any employment in this agency because I see things differently than they do. Honestly. Benjamin, they could be innovative to change the VA for the positive if they really wanted to. But, to destroy their employees for doing their jobs is flat out WRONG.

    4. One would say blame not to a political party but the blame is to the VA, well, actually if you further look at it, the politics in the VA are actually the source for all the dysfunction. People say they do not care for politics. Well many times one’s political affiliation can be determined from how they conduct themselves and how they perform at their employment or on their jobs. Many who support the Socialist and Communist ideologies are not people who do not stand for LIFE. They are people who do not believe in success and prosperity for others only themselves. And too those in this country who support this growing trend of Socialism, I would say to them that they have been brainwashed and lied to. There is nothing free on this Earth. We even have borders at every turn even with the oxygen that we breathe. For example, one breathes oxygen while here on Earth but then commences to travel outside the earth realm into our universe and beyond with soon encountering that they can no longer breathe the oxygen. The oxygen border no longer exists. The universe is now another composition of gases or whatever the universe contains in it’s composition. But, getting back to the VA, many VA leadership types more than likely are Communists and Socialists. I say this based on how they lead the agency and how they do their jobs. This is not a personal judgment. The judgement is in direct correlation to my being aware of the differences in the economic systems and the social and political ideologies. So the bottom line is Communism and Socialism are not ideologies that ultimately set the stage for life as in bringing forth successes with resolve and results. This has alot to do with the problems and issues that are going on in the VA. Because what one believes in will ultimately determine how they lead and how they do their jobs. So it is the combination of the employment in the VA mixed with politics or political affiliation. Going back to the borders issue, Democrats claim they do not like Borders and like open Borders, well, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are totally uninformed. Because they are surrounded by Borders at every turn even in the oxygen that they breathe. The geophysical limits of the oxygen that we breathe are what we call natural borders. So the Socialists and Communists in the VA should set aside the “ME” focus and step up to do what is humane, ethical, and accountable. Capitalism does stand for LIFE with successes. Capitalism does not align with sustainabilty and the one way ticket to hospice. This is why the VA has such problems right here. A moderate Socialist agency functioning in a Capitalist country. As in government controlled vs free market system. Medicare For All would collapse the country. The bigger the government gets the less free markets that will exist which will ultimately reduce the profits and revenues of the companies that deliver tax revenues to the government officials. So this is why big government is disastrous in my opinion. Not only does big government eliminate sources of profits and revenues but it eliminates freedoms and people’s God given rights via power and more power and greed. Best. And most American Veterans are informed about all of my comments here. Everyone Have a great day.

    5. The Whistleblowers are going to be interviewed on the FOX News channel from what I was told. “Fox and Friends.” I do not have cable so this interview is not accessible for me. I only know what was shared with me from other Americans.

    6. What could happen in regards to the Task Force is the Trump administration could hire the VA Whistleblowers to fill some of the positions as employees within the Task Force. Because they already have the existing eyes of some VA situations. But, who knows what is going to happen? Nothing probably except increased corruption.

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