VA Lawfare Vietnam Veterans

New Update In VA Lawfare Against Vietnam War Veterans

The Department of Justice decided not to continue VA’s lawfare against Vietnam War veterans called Blue Water Navy veterans who are now eligible for certain benefits based on herbicide exposure off the coast of Vietnam.

The herbicides in question are known to cause respiratory cancers, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and a garden variety of other terminal problems. Rather than fight the claim until all Blue Water veterans die, the government will now own up for the cost of war.

With the DOJ stepping aside, up to 90,000 veterans will be eligible to receive valuable VA benefits that could be worth thousands each month. While the new benefits will cost taxpayers an estimated $1.1 billion, perhaps taxpayers should think twice about supporting wars where we harm our troops using poisons.

This is great news for veterans, even though rumor has it the agency is in no position to give up its pattern and practice of using meritless claims to oppose these veterans.

January Decision

In January, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled 9-2 in favor of the Navy veterans affected by herbicide exposure but who did not set foot on Vietnam soil or travel in its inland waterways. The decision broadened what it means to have “served in the Republic of Vietnam.”

The underlying case, Procopio v. Wilkie, was that of a veteran named Alfred Procopio, Jr., who sought service-connection for his prostate cancer and diabetes.

The agency put forth an argument against Procopio that the court’s majority concluded had “no merit”. How about that? The agency fought Procopia, a 73-year-old veteran with terminal illnesses, for over ten years based on an argument that lacked merit.

Lawfare Against Vietnam War Veterans

How much money did taxpayers save by the agency fighting a claim with a meritless argument? Should VA be allowed to pocket the interest they earned on the money that otherwise should have gone to veterans including Procopia?

All Americans should look hard and long at the process of paying out disability backpay if they want to solve any backlog.

Presently, government finance gurus have an incentive to fight claims using meritless arguments because the agency does not pay interest on the money it wrongly withholds.

There is no penalty for this behavior other than possibly paying severely discounted attorney fees if the veteran is successful in an appeal at court.

After thirty years, the veteran may receive his backpay, if he lives long enough, but the backpay is paid out using yesterday’s dollars – – not today’s dollars – – and not today’s dollars plus interest.

Basically, the veteran may still win the benefits, but the benefits are literally worth a lot less the longer VA denies the benefits.

How It Works

If you were denied benefits at 100% in 1974, wrongly, that meant you missed out on $554 per month. That amount would have increased incrementally each year, and you would have the enjoyment and use of that money during that time.

If denied for 45 years, like a Blue Water veteran, you are now entitled to $3,057 per month. If you win the benefits now, you are NOT ENTITLED, the backpay at the current value of 100%. Oh no, but our court system has long held that such a decision is akin to charging VA interest.

Here is a quick breakdown of the difference:

  • Payment @ today’s dollars: $1,650,780
  • Payment @ yesterday’s dollars: a lot less

Okay, I am not going to calculate that because it would take forever to tally each year for 45 years, but just note that it is substantially less, perhaps less than half, what the veteran would receive at today’s dollars.

Meanwhile, any savvy finance guru could invest the money withheld from veterans in capital markets to earn revenue while veterans go without benefits for 45 years. The interest off the money withheld is essentially how large insurance companies earn revenue for shareholders each year literally using the “Delay, Deny, Defend” model of insurance claim adjudication.

Sounds a lot like “Delay, Deny, Hope that I die,” right?

Does that seem like an All-American approach to how we treat those we call on to protect our interests abroad and at home?

Where Are The Lawmakers?

Each year we hear lawmakers come up with the next big thing to help veterans, but they never address the underlying incentive that is truly creating the most perverse, anti-American incentive harming vets each and every day.

What do you think? Is it time to penalize the federal government when it acts in an anti-American way against veterans?

We focus a lot of attention on other matters, but it seems that disincentivizing the use of meritless litigation should be at the time of the list.

Oh, and in case you think VA will now do the right thing – – I have heard the agency is already developing a battle plan to block these claimants with yet another meritless argument even more nonsensical than the last.

But, since there exists an incentive to maintain this course of lawfare, why not?

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  1. 06/10/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Wow, what a turn out!

    Gregory: “We’ve seen VA break law after law after law for decades!
    The VA has for decades denied claims. Do you really think they’ll start now?
    Why do you think the phrase “DELAY, DENY UNTIL YOU DIE!” comes from!”

    Gregory Donetz: “About time Blue Water vets get what’s due. When do us Thailand/ Nam vets get ours. I spent the entire 1969 breathing Agent Orange and DDT at an Ammo Depot in Thailand.All I get from the VA is Deny Deny Die”

    It is obvious that no one is getting anything.

    Matter a fact you will get more of the same.

    Until the Veterans march on Washington and stay there with their lawyers—the Americans will be victims of embezzlement and Fraud [VA/ 1/3 of the National Budget], and the Veterans will be “Denied, Delayed, Deceived, Disrupted, and Destroyed.”

    Exposing the crime is one thing, stopping the crime is another, and getting the money back is entirely another set of circumstance.

    Back in 1988 Rabbi Cooper [Rabbi Abraham Cooper. Rabbi Abraham Cooper is the Associate Dean, Director Global Social Action Agenda of the Simon Wiesenthal Center] stated to Karlheinz Halter and I in Los Angeles—“Stop the bleeding;” Easier said then done. It took Congress until 1998 to admit to the Aerospace criminal Activity—1998 Cox Report. Halter nearly starved to death at an “American” Hospital in Torrance, transferred to a Medical Center and died a few days later [After Los. Angeles’ Rep. Hahn was called into play].

    Action is everything! Still no response from Sen. McSally or Sen. Sinema.


    Don Karg

  2. This weeks Mission Act is NOT choice. IF this many miles or IF this many days is not indicative to choice. Its painfully laughable.

    1. Angela Brown,
      You need to see this. Once watched then please pass it along:


  3. We are Years into waiting on appeals for my already 100% DCV for tricare and USAF records corrections, which has now been sent to “above the Med Board” people, whatever that means. my concern has shifted from his severe TBI with physically and mentally devastating consequences and lack of care from the VA that claims to want to serve him, to how am i going to handle my recent injury. A very serious one. Its created a huge burden. A shimmer of light in his eyes, absent for years, was seen the moment he realized how his service finally seemed to account for something, as his wife was afforded the best doctors and care without delay before our eyes this month as i entered Texoma Medical Center ER with my ChampVA insurance. I have 7 fractures from c1 to t4. I have no idea how the year of surgeries and recovery wil play out or how my husband will be able to handle and cope with yet another new journey.
    Im his only caregiver , since being denied caregiver program and aid and assist, our family just became even more vulnerable, as we modify and adjust to an even scarier unknown future. What i do know is this , for a moment a little dignity was restored within my precious vet to see his service is providing me with the ability to seek and choose optimal healthcare. I also know it broke my heart further seeing him realize the contrast of care. God Speed Benjamin, give em all hell.

  4. I’m posting this one again:


    This explains how ALL our corrupt government agencies are ripping off every taxpayer in America! Every American out here should be livid over our government’s corruption!

    1. Great article, Elf. Thanks for posting. It is indeed time for those who hold (or aspire to) leadership positions within our government to begin to talk about this subject openly. It is truly one of the ‘great crippling diseases’ of our society that prevents our nation from moving forward.

      As I have noted before, the government has the money to do most of the things that are necessary (infrastructure, security, etc.) to ensure our citizens have a higher Quality of Life. They just choose to spend what they have frivolously (and some on both sides of the aisle line their pockets) that keeps America stagnating.

      Country before Party. Principles before Personalities.

      1. “Country before Party. Principles before Personalities.” Needed badly but won’t happen in this present culture.

        And yes, great article.

        Got all the propaganda about the “Mission Act” too but that doesn’t help some of us who already know civvy care givers will protect the VA’s evil doers and destruction done. Or that today’s civvy care is or can be just as bad or worse than VA care. Once all the retaliation and retribution begins there is no ending to it all. And no “professional group” today will take a stand against the others including malpractice, zero professional ethics, medical record game playing by activist, or conflicts in treatments.

        Like with the Blue Water vet issues they need to back up and take care of some past issues that plague many of us but few seem to care about or want to ignore due to time limits, vast corruption, or play the wait games and hope ya die scenarios.

        Good day!

      2. @Elf – – – Thank you for posting that link. That was time well-spent watching that video.

    2. @T – – – I tend to agree with your first statement. Just like El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha, I may be ’tilting at windmills’, but I took an Oath to serve my country without fear or reservation. I’m not willing to quit just quite yet.

      You never know though. Stranger things have happened in the Universe. We both know that when it comes to critical thinking – – – the American public is (for the most part) among the most ill-equipped nations on earth. Too busy with their daily lives to truly give a rat’s ass about the fate of their nation (long term), and too damn selfish to pay any attention to anything outside their pathetic ‘sphere of social networking influence’.

      A basic public high school education in the 1950’s and 60’s was better at preparing people to go out into the world as young adults, than a 4 (and some 6) year college degrees are today. Why? Because most of us were taught to use a dictionary and thesaurus properly, we had a lot of good role models, and teachers back then need not fear dismissal or lawsuits for administering discipline in the classroom.

      I could not count the number of times that I received a crack on the knuckles for various rule infractions with a hard-wooden ruler before I reached the age of 12. Did not kill me, and I was not ‘special’. A modicum of corporal punishment used judiciously can be an effective teaching aid. Too sad that the modern ‘educational system’ has forgotten that lesson.

      Too bad that the citizenry of this country has allowed our ‘exalted leaders’ such as Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi to have ‘political careers’. That was NOT what our founding fathers envisioned when the drafted and ratified the Constitution of the United States. Rather, they envisioned a citizen becoming elected to public office for a specific term – – – then returning to their normal lives after their term of service to the nation was over.

      I think it is high time for the elimination of the electoral college. Strict term limits need to be imposed upon elected officials. And the revolving door from ‘Congressperson’ to ‘Lobbyist’ needs to be shut forever.

      That would be a good start to ‘draining the swamp’. Unfortunately, I do not expect to ever see that in my lifetime.

      1. Jim Clement,
        Watch this video. It’s from 1958 and the founder of the “John Birch Society” –


        Please pass it along. The more people who see where our corrupt government has led us, the better.
        Lastly, that society is still out there fighting for us.

  5. About time Blue Water vets get what’s due. When do us Thailand/ Nam vets get ours. I spent the entire 1969 breathing Agent Orange and DDT at an Ammo Depot in Thailand.All I get from theVA is Deny Deny Die

    1. Gregory,
      Just because the DOJ backed away. And the VA said their bullshit. Don’t expect miracles overnight.
      As a matter of fact. Don’t expect the VA to comply with anything Congress has approved. We’ve seen VA break law after law after law for decades!
      The VA has for decades denied claims. Do you really think they’ll start now?
      Why do you think the phrase “DELAY, DENY UNTIL YOU DIE!” comes from!

  6. I suspect more Government Subterfuge. What good can possibly come from such a corrupt organization? If you get anything from them that helps you , count your blessings.

    Thank you Ben Krause, you’re doing a great job and we need you .

  7. So does this mean they will be reopening those denied cases like the “Nemher” cases?

  8. As for what Benjamin does with the content on this website and this blog is entirely up to him. He developed it. He can delete it, share it, or whatever… He can help veterans or not help veterans. Up to him. I will say this, though, Benjamin is one of many resources available. He does what he can with however and with whomever he chooses. Benjamin provides credible information and serves as a great resource. Freedom of thought for all. Don’t let Benjamin be the only avenue. Research information elsewhere and in addition to, to become even more informed. Compare. Do the leg work. Fight for what is right. Be vigilant. Best, Patriot 215.

  9. Yeah, right..
    This Air Force “fag” is dying from Agent Orange.
    Take your multiple levels of hate and stick it into your miserable drawer of life.

  10. Mr. Barnett,

    Your rounds were 200% on target. Mr. Krause is in fact in air force veteran who got his bennies and could give a shit less about you. Witness all the baby boomer trash come out of the woodwork to defend him and offer him a hand job.

    Numerous prominent and repeat old timers (myself included) stopped posting because he would take our content for views and then delete our discussions.

    Pretty sad they give away benefits that soldiers and marines earned on the battlefield to ungrateful snakes, officers and all pogue piggies. Especially air force fags.

    1. DisabledForgottenOIFVeteran – – – Was your training so substandard that you cannot recognize a good ‘Point Man’ when you see one?

      Ben does that job pretty well. Having signaled the danger to the rest of us ‘in the platoon’ via his blog, it is then up to us to take that signal for action, and lay down either Cover, Harassment, or Clearing Fire as appropriate to our own unique, individual situations with the VA.

      As for ‘Baby Boomer Trash’, most of those veterans whom you disparage – – – had done their Tour of Duty (some in more than one war) while you were still wet nursing your mother’s nipple. You should give them their due respect.

      It is attitudes like yours that help to keep the veteran community divided, and thus contribute to the powerlessness that many feel when dealing with the VA.

      You are not the only veteran to have had a blog post censored, or to have been screwed over by the VA, or lied to by Uncle Sam. Grow Up. Don’t give up. FIGHT!

    2. Sucks when some of those “air force fags” who served in AFG oh and are still serving are exposed to burn pit toxins and other air borne contaminants, then suddenly get a strain of bacteria settled in their heart that doctors in the US said is virtually unheard-of in the US. Said “air force fag” almost dies (24 hrs more without treatment would have resulted in death) spends a month fighting the infection then has to have open heart surgery to repair the damage done to his mere 45 year old heart. Then said “air force fag” stays on active duty instead of attempting to medically retire and oh yeah deploys again. Keep you vitriol and hate in check. So sick of the “army and marines are the only real warriors bull shit”. If you have the guts to step up and serve you are entitled every protection and benefit regardless of what branch you served in. Men and women from every branch, active duty, guard, reserve, you name it deploy everday. Some come home sick some come home in body bags, so check your hatred for fellow servicemen and women.

      1. Bullets, bombs, arty and IEDs care not what branch of service you’re in. Disease and pestilence cares not, either. There are plently of “poo”bags in the Army and Marines too, so….the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard don’t have them all.

        Don’t forget the ones that never came home, still MIA.

        Semper Fi

    3. DisabledForgottenOIFVeteran

      You should check your fire and re-think things. First of all we are ALL on domestic terrorist watch lists, IE veterans, patriot groups, returning combat vets, etc. Regardless of branch of service or conflicts.

      Good for Blue Water Vets too. Now they just have to jump through all the government and VA red-tape and evaluations. Oh, and after so many have died and already committed suicide to escape their pain and issues.

      “Baby boomers?” Wish I had five bucks for each time I’ve heard that out in the streets in a multiple college college town. I could move. Oh yes all the worlds ills are due to us boomers. BS. But I do like seeing some realities and activist post some of their divisive crap for all to see. So it’s not just my embellishing some issues we deal with in real life. Oh yeah, everything was handed to us and we never had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet or take care of our family members who needed extra care or help. Or they made one dollar over the amount to get food stamps but illegals and others can get it all for free and then more. While most vets turn tail and run when corruption or VA issues are mentioned. Then on to some youth today not really knowing what the hell a POW/MIA hat stands for. They think its for full support of Trump, being a total right winger or some other stupid crap. God help those with kids growing up in today’s culture and attending public schools and colleges.

      WE need more Ben’s out here. He can’t take on the world alone and not licensed to operate in every state out there. Plus he is doing something right to continually be deleted or banned from some of us out here like on FB or on our sites along with many others. In Indiana alone we’d need a couple of brigades of lawyers and journalist like him to deal with the amounts of lack of ethics, corruption and cover-ups, seriously. It’s beyond corrupt here being totally supported and protected from the top – down. He posts articles and info that many of us would never hear of due to the censoring and banning going on especially in my town and Indiana. I know the amount of flak and retaliation I get and can only imagine what Ben may be dealing with while exposing some truths. Years back I could have used some info about VocReb too while playing the game with idiots and uncaring college staff or state workers. Like dealing with young punk college kiddies and student union activist weren’t enough to deal with hating on old non-traditional white dude students to be, or vets. Oh and I am not out here hiding or hard to find either for some debate. There’s a lot of sacred cows and things out there that need exposed for what they truly are including the VA along with their unions and cliques and affiliated attack dogs or associates.

      Not out of woodwork either, just a sick bed.

  11. Brett Barnett I have a saying for folks like you. Educated enough just to be dumb but not enough to be intelligent. When you read an article and you attack a person that is not only a journalist but also an attorney, you are looking at only the journalist side. He has to present the situation from that perspective. Of course, you would understand that if you were educated enough to have intelligence.

  12. This is great news! And way too long overdue.

    I’m not quite sure that you are fully accurate in your math computations for payouts on SC compensation.
    Unless things have been changed at some recent point, the retroactive award is to reflect the current payout for the percentage rate in effect at the time of the rating decision, whether appealed with or without a veteran hired attorney.
    Any SC percentage monies previously paid to that veteran for still current SC conditions, will be used in adjusting to decrease the new award payout total. And that is fair play. Of course, VA/VBA will use their special brand of VA math to make those adjustments, so good luck in any attempt to reconcile the data!
    I do know that if the veteran hires an attorney, they would pay thier own attorney fees if there is finally an SC award of any percentage and, that it is standard for that payment to be made, in full, within 30 days of the award deposit. Again, unless there has been a recent change, the veteran is not responsible for paying attorney fees that Uncle spends against the veteran on appeal.

    On another point, from a taxpayer standpoint, are the attorneys that practice for Uncle and against veteran appeals, paid by salary or per case? …and the myriad questions stemming from either answer.

  13. I maintain a list of EPA Contaminants for Superfund and National Priorities List sites which make dioxin contamination look like a walk in the park. For those Blue Water Navy Veterans not eligible for The Agent Orange Act of 1991 by having their ships operating in the South Vietnam Territorial Sea, we are pointing them back to their toxic contaminated homeports and naval shipyards. With success I might add. So in addition to thinking twice about using harmful chemical weapons, I would include burn pits, and unapproved FDA vaccines in this same phrase.

  14. This article this morning from the Bulletin discusses how the VA screwed vets out of being paid their proper benefits rate by using a wrong zip code.


    1. Jim, the article you posted is no longer online!
      Tried doing it another way. Still no article!

      1. Hey Elf,

        Just got home from the gym. Saw your comment in an e-mail. Then came here to grab that link info from my post. Copied/pasted it into my browser – – – and she opened right up on the page. No problem.

        Today a ‘fat finger’ day for you? I do hope you are able to read it. If not, let me know, and I will suck it into a format that I can share here – – minus the photos.

      2. Here is the substance of the article:

        Source: The Bulletin
        Published June 6, 2019 at 09:51PM
        Editorial: Veterans and Walden deserve answers from the VA

        Few people doubt this country’s verbal commitment to its veterans. But is it backed up with enough action?

        On Thursday, the 75th anniversary of D-Day, President Trump and other world leaders honored veterans in France with many fine words.

        Earlier this week, members of Congress were quick to demand answers after a Veteran’s Affairs director suggested there was a “secret” VA wait list with much longer wait times for treatment than is made public. There has also been action. The VA is launching a program passed by Congress last year to speed up health care by allowing veterans to seek private medical care at taxpayer expense.

        But there are still problems. On March 22, Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, sent a letter to Undersecretary Paul Lawrence at the Department of Veterans Affairs requesting answers about a problem with veterans benefits in Central Oregon. It’s months later and he still has not received a response.

        Walden wanted answers for veterans enrolled as students at Oregon State University-Cascades in Bend. They were receiving a lower monthly basic allowance for housing than they should have. Basically, the wrong ZIP code was being used for the campus. That meant veterans were getting payments based on a lower cost of living than Bend. The veterans were getting about $200 less a month than they should have, which adds up. OSU-Cascades had about 89 students who were veterans or in the service in the winter term.

        Veterans contacted Walden’s staff. Walden’s staff contacted the VA and the problem was apparently corrected — moving forward.

        Walden followed up in the letter. He wanted to know how the VA verified it was using the proper ZIP code. He wanted to know how long veterans at OSU-Cascades were receiving the incorrect benefits. And he wanted to know if the veterans could be made whole and receive the benefits that they should have.

        Lawrence has not responded. To be fair, Walden’s staff did get word from the VA that veterans would receive benefits back to August 2018. But veterans and Walden deserve complete answers to ensure they receive any benefits owed and that the problem does not repeat.

        End Article.

        Something ALL veterans currently using their educational benefits should be aware of. Certain of your benefits while in educational/vocational rehab programs can vary. Not every veteran will receive precisely the same amount of subsistence for taking the same courses, etc.

        So don’t get screwed by such a simple ‘mistake’ as the article alludes to.

    2. Jim,
      Thanks. Great read and info. On the “secret wait list”, from the Washington Post article, Cashour is being asked to appear in front of the Veterans Committee. Because his statement on that “wait list” was “vague”!
      In my opinion, after reading a few articles on it. I’m wondering why Cashour would admit to having two set of books for appointments! That was brought to the attention of higher ups by a national director in the VA.

      (I put the link on yesterday and the one before! Check it out!)

      1. Hey Elf,

        I saw the links you referenced. As to your question, I wonder if Curt “I’m Cashin’ In” Cashour might be under the eye of a bugger investigation that just hasn’t broke into the ‘public sphere of things’ yet?

        Just a thought.

  15. I know I was exposed to aircraft fuel, hydraulic fluid and cleansers…for 6 years. I’m surprised that there isn’t any registry for those things. I spent 3.3 years at MCAS Cherry Point, and 2 years at NAS JRB Willow Grove. I know there is well documented cancer clusters around Willow Grove. Not sure about Cherry Point.

    And if there are registries, can someone point me in the right direction?

    Keep up the good work Ben!!!

    Semper Fi!

    1. Andrew,

      Maybe you can use this as a starting point:


      My opinion is that you will have your work cut out for you. I was unable to locate any specific registries pertaining to your exposure – – – given what you shared with us. Have you scoured the EPA and HAZMAT sites for pertinent info or references?

      Wishing you well in your search, one MAW member to another.

      Semper Fi!

      1. Jim,

        Thanks for the link. I have looked into this, previously. And I did join a local registry from around Willow Grove area. But nothing super official like.

        A curious note, my high school had/has a work release program with ConEd, of “Erin Brockovich” the movie, fame. In fact, I lived in the same town for a while…Barstow, CA. Talk about surreal!

  16. In defense of Mr. Krause, I don’t think he’d really waste his time exploiting our governments obvious corrupt intentions! There are many of us who have finally obtained our 100% VA benefits. That doesn’t mean we don’t give two shits about our brothers & sisters, who have, and are still fighting the tainted bureaucratic system! We leave no Brother or Sister behind!! Period!! As Veterans, we need to support these issues so that we ourselves are not ambushed by corrupt politicians, seeking to line their pockets with 30 pieces of silver! At our expense!!!
    Thank you Mr. Krause for your continued effort to support our cause! I don’t think any of us are so self centered to think that, since we got ours, then screw the rest of you!! That’s just not right! We need to continue the fight up the hill, for as long as it takes, until every Veteran and their families, who have made some form of sacrifice ? Have rightfully assumed their benefits!
    Period! End of story!!
    Sua Sponte!

    1. “D.j.”
      Well said!
      One thing I do, which pisses off vha employees, is (when at a clinic or hospital) show Ben’s website to other vets.
      I explain, in detail, what Ben – with his supporters – do FOR all veterans.
      Like, yesterday – I showed some vets “Ben’s Blog” and some of the articles in his comment section. Especially the ones from Judicial Watch and the Washington Post articles! It really opened their minds to how corrupt the VA really is!!!!!
      I will continue doing that until I die!

    2. Hey D.J.,

      Seems to me that you & some others here are more in the know than I about benefits. I’ve done some searching online, but the info I’ve found seems convoluted & I tried sending a message directly to the VA to ask, no luck. What I mean to ask is, if a person files a claim and is then awarded a 100% rating, are you still allowed to work a government/federal job? If you or anyone could answer to that, I would appreciate it.

      I’ve been told that there are certain penalties, per se, for those with 100% ratings & if you’re rated 100%, that you’re not allowed to hold a job? How does that make any sense?

      Thank you.

      1. Micheal.
        There are differences in ratings of 100% disability criteria:
        If your rated 100% disabled (overall) such a permanent disability vs. 100% unemployable.
        You can find everything you need at the VA
        They can explain in detail what you can and cannot do ?
        Good hunting Micheal.
        God Bless Brother!

      2. Don’t risk it. If there is a way for the VA to screw you over THEY WILL! I’m a100% now for a year after fighting 42 years and am not risking shit. If you do anything do it under the table. Good luck.

    3. DJ Bennett could not agree more. I am the daughter of a Vietnam Vet., army 67-68 who was heavily exposed to AO in the 13 months he spent in the jungles of Vietnam. I am so thankful my Dad is still here and never suffered cancer. He has had numerous unexplained health issues for the last 50 years and I was born with fused digits. We have never pursued anything on the AO front, I respect his wishes and consider myself damn lucky he’s not suffered cancer and my birth defect was very mild in comparison to other children of Vietnam Vets. I am a surviving spouse and was medically retired at 10 years due to service connected, line of duty injury. Thank God I don’t have to fight with the VA for basic health care and rights. As you stated I still care about our brothers and sisters and am sending this article to me therapist.
      He did two tours in Vietnam and refers to himself as being a “River Rat” in Vietnam. He developed a heart issue very young and this information may benefit him or the vets he keeps in touch with. I agree with you 100% we should do our best to help fellow Veterans even if we are personally “squared away” in terms of finincial compensation for our service connected injuries.

  17. The last two small paragraphs explains it all! Of course the VBA side of the VA will block all claimants. They’ve been doing that for decades. They know how to stop anyone from receiving their benefits! Why stop now!
    They want that monies for this years “bonuses”! HELL, if the upper echelon could think of a way to pocket all of the monies Congress gives them, don’t you think all of that money would be gone already!
    I’ll bet y’all, within the next 3 months, Wilkie – or one of his lackys – will be in front of the committee begging for more finances! We’ve seen that occur numerous times in the past!

  18. About time they pay all of us who was contaminated on the Job instead of pretending that it never happen. Much more than Blue water. All the rest of the EPA Superfund people next? They don’t have that much money. All us Armorer’s, and Air Craft cleaners, etc. they like to divide us all up in sections for justice.

  19. Wow. Look who didn’t have their post toasties this morning. I’m not saying nothing. You’ve already made an ass out of yourself.

    1. Hey, Nexdeceptus,
      And, he had to be the first one on here slamming Ben for doing a great job putting out the news.

  20. Really Mr Krause who are you trying to help looks like to me you’ve got your benefits and could give two shits about the rest of us out here getting denied our benefits. All smoke and mirrors in my opinion.

    1. @Brett Barnett – – – Your ignorant statement indicates to me that you do not know whether you have been shot, fucked, powder-burnt, or snake-bit. Just like many throughout the VA.
      You know nothing of the character and moral fiber of young Benjamin. You sound like a ‘one hit wonder’. Perhaps you might educate yourself by going back and reading every single article (with associated comments) that Big Ben has published since 2016 or so. Doing that would give you a much clearer picture about Ben’s giving “two shits about the rest of us getting denied our benefits.”

      @Benjamin Krause – – – Keep up your good work.

      1. Yep, Jim I agree.
        Benjamin is doing his best to fight and share to the veterans on how to fight. FOIA, statutes, CFR, Voc Rehab guidance, current legislation, law practice…etc. List goes on…

    2. He is giving a sh*t Genius . He is extremely open about exposing this modern madness. I say this because look, he is doing something about it. If you didn’t notice. He has been passing along some good info here, sir.

    3. Benjamin, you said it in 2 words exactly what I was trying to explain to Steven and the why I was including the other information in your article about the VA healthcare expansion. He has me how is it relevant? Well, you answered his question for me. I was using the happenings and events to illustrate to answer him.
      Benjamin, you said, “Anti-American”.
      Yes, the lawmakers are against the veterans and this is the main reason. When I mention lawmakers, I am referring to the Democrat Socialist lawmakers, Never Trumpers, and RINO lawmakers. Big part of the VA leadership and attorneys fit in this group. The VA saying they will do this or that will only ever happen if they are actually held accountable. Because otherwise, they will find a way to get out of whatever the task at hand maybe. This is who most of them are. Benjamin, this aligns mostly with many of the younger generation lawmakers who think they know the law or what this country was founded on in which they do not. Our country was founded on foundational principles that are attributed to the older generations and held dearly to one’s heart. I mean Honoring Life, human Diginity, respect, hard work ethic, earning ones keep, quality learning, morals, value of people, etc. Our Military fighting in all of these wars to preserve our freedoms and our country. Current generational folks seem to not value what I am saying. Even, the Battle of Gettysburg was the most horrific battle ever fought on American soil. Benjamin, it comes with not being truthfully educated on the Constitution, American History, and Civics. Remember, the government started removing Civics in the schools in at least the last 15 years maybe more. Education has declined. Look at the Common Core Standard Scores- bad. Many of the current younger lawmakers and even younger VA employees are part of the younger generation who have not received in their education the truth. For the VA to totally refuse to award these veterans their benefits is truly Anti-American and a disgrace. Even the VA developing false narratives to prevent these veterans from receiving services is inhumane. See most of the VA employees take everything for granted and do not respect the why and how they even have employment in the VA.
      The VA exists because of the veterans; but, yet, the VA always seems to not recognize this fact. Best.

      1. You mean chicken shit trump who said he would have loved to have served but he was not a “fan” of the Vietnam War. Instead, he got four student deferments and a medical one his daddy brought for him.

      2. Benjamin and Veterans, all of you may be aware. In case you are not, AMVETS tagging the Inspector General to investigate the Department of Veterans Affairs Mental Health Care and the VA employees delivering Mental Health care. I am not sure when this was initiated. Benjamin, I could dive into this and say yes they should from what I have experienced and from what I have witnessed. Investigation going on to investigate the suicide epidemic. Ben, you may already know this…

      3. Hey Rosebud,
        How about your buddy Bill “the rapist” Clinton. Who said, and signed paperwork to enlist in the national guard, but took off to England. Then to ensure he wouldn’t be drafted went to Russia!
        Those are historical facts.
        Seems like the Clinton’s have been “fuck buddies” with Russian Oligarchs for decades!
        At least Trump had military doctors defer him (1-F) from military service!
        Clinton was 1-A! Meaning he had to go!
        Obama was/is a faggot. Therefore that stopped him from joining!
        Democraps are all pussies!

      4. Crazy Elf, you are something else. You are laying it all out there. TRUTH. If it fits, then wear it.

    4. Honestly, Benjamin, I would really like to engage with the VA types and lawmakers to communicate in discussion as to the WHY the VA always lines up to deny the veterans while engaging in meritless arguments and meritless litigation? Benjamin, many veterans have not been compensated and our American government particularly the VA tries to evade responsibilities and evades responsibilities from what has happened to these veterans while serving on active duty. If the lawmakers do not want to honor what they have caused from engaging in all these wars, then our American government should exercise discipline and restraint when it comes to getting our country into wars where we do not belong and where we should not be. As long as it is not them, then being involved in all these wars makes it okay. Just like when they spend money, as long as it is not their money then it is okay. Spend the hell out of it is their attitudes. No fiscal responsibility at all. But when it is spent, it is spent on them not whom the money is intended for.

      1. Federal Reserve is about to reverse policy. Lower interest rates soon which will help. It is Federal Reserve who controls all with the economy. Stock market, investments… becomes problem when the credit rate is put in with the rate goes up so there goes the interest rates. Just speaking on happenings to the financial.

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