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Physical Evaluation Boards

Benjamin KrauseStories of institutional incompetence are still circulating from around the web regarding military and veteran mistreatment at VA and DoD facilities. Lesser known problems involve military personnel and physical evaluation boards and military discharges.

This week’s Monday Morning Quarterback is shorter than normal due to an unplanned event. For that reason, I will cut short my commentary on some issues I think are important, but I would like you to evaluate the issues and provide feedback if you so choose.

Hi and welcome to another edition of Monday Morning Quarterback for Veterans. I am your host, Benjamin Krause, creator of, the leading online source for VA benefits tips and related news. This is where I pull in various stories from last week and the weekend to give you a broad understanding of where the benefits fight is going.

Here are some topics and discussion I found interesting over the weekend:

• Introducing the Physical Evaluation Board Forum
• Army fires docs after just two deaths
• DAV talks up expansion of transportation service, why not VA corruption

Physical Evaluation Board Forums

The physical evaluation board is generally the first ill stop for future veterans about to exit the military following some form of trauma while on active duty. TBird from passed along a great forum for veterans and newbies trying to figure out the mess that is the PEB.

Check it out:

Army fires commander after just 2 deaths

Check Hagel fired an Army commander in charge of a medical facility where two people died in their twenties. The untimely deaths not only rattled the institution but it led to the Army command being fired.

My only question here is this: why after 40 deaths has the head of Phoenix VA not been fired? Rumor has it Sharon Helman is threatened to roll over on all her colleagues frauds internally committed by VA executives, and for that reason she is still on paid vacation – I mean paid leave.

We will give more on this soon.

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DAV talks up expansion of transportation service

During probably one of the most outrageous scandals in veteran benefits history, the Disabled American Veterans is bragging up expansion of its transportation services. That is where a van that looks like a DAV vehicle with government plates picks up veterans to go to medical appointments at VA.

How about this? Why don’t these guys hire a bunch of attorneys to help represent veterans so they do not keep getting screwed by VA? Why are they not hiring investigators to evaluate frauds and malpractice that killed veterans?

DAV was at the helm of veterans benefits help for decades until attorneys were allowed to finally get paid a reasonable wage while helping vets get their disability against VA. Before that point, only DAV employees and similar non-attorney VSO’s could represent veterans and earn a living doing it.

Now, rumor on the street has it that veterans are working with veteran organization reps much less often due to a lack of confidence. That is right. Fewer veterans trust traditional VSO’s and would rather pay 20-30% of their final winnings against VA to an attorney.

At one regional office, the attorney liaison saw an attorney agreement regarding representation of a veteran a few times per month. All the rest were for veteran service officers and organizations. According to this source, attorneys now file representation agreements at least once a day. W

That is a huge increase.

Should DAV focus on increased transports or better representation for veterans?

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  1. There are many veterans that get lawyers for the 25-30% of what they can get the veteran. I did this and after 40 years I was so happy that someoe finely was able to get the v.a. to listen. Then I found out years later that the lawyer and the v.a. only went back to when I hired the lawyer for the back pay, they did not go back to my discharge date or back to when I first applied. So I lost all of those years of back pay and I missed all those years of being treated for my p.t.s.d. and my traumatic brain disorder. I was not told by my lawyer how he got the v.a. to approve my claim and I did not know until a month ago that the v.a. had in their possion medical evidence that I had been shot in the head all along, but lied to me that my records had been distroyed in the st louis fire. After I received my disability and a small back pay, I called the regional office and advised them that the v.a. back pay should have been about 2 million and the clerk your right but you did not keep fighting it and you applaction had expired due to fileing time lines. I know that I am not the only veteran this has happened to. I know a v.f.w. commander and advised him that it may be a good idea for all service orginations to get togather and seek donations from its members or the public and place these monies into a trust, where it is used solely to help veterans in legal matters, where the only was a veteran can seek justice is through the court system. Do not think he will head my two cents. I am hoping that Jeff Miller of the veterans house committee is our best bet for help, call his office 202-225-4136 and let then know how you fill. Remember he is there to help, so please treat him and his office with respect in doing so. Be calm, they are the to help all of us. Thanks


  3. Ben, I requested my “NAVY RESERVE MEDICAL RECORD IN JUNE,” I MEANT BUSNIESS, phone calls, post it nots , “I WANT IT ALL, I WANT IT ALL, AND I WANT IT NOW.” ( yes queen, gotta drive my car of happiness!” Now, I have all three letters, 1. They received it in June, 2014, July, 2014 their “Boss woman” stated another month, then in August, 2014, “I am sorry we do not have it anymore.” She will be sorry all right, I do intend to pass that along.
    My back, it is keeping me from activities, yes , states on Discharge Physical back Imjury 1982, I was told no date, that can be fixed too. When one does not run to get a disability rating on my back, I wonder, if I did then what were my chances for Reserve Duty?
    I also found a note for those who have PTSD & OR MST. I think POTUS MADE A HUGE MISTAKE, and right now I have disregarded anything he states. Independent I am, reach my weapons, but after what he did? Oh hell no!
    I do not see improvement, I find tons of mistakes,no I do not want it amended, I do however wish the lies stay, a
    And that’s called “appended.” In deed, too many inept doctors, and if they have done it to me? “THEN HOW MANY OTHERS During a simple “C&P” test? I tried to tell her, “do you know FIBROMYAGIA? Of course.” I had just come out of another boult. My brain doesn’t always work. Come to think of it, being slapped all over my face, I did end up with many sinus infections, fixed done deal. But why my head? Is this a result too? I hope the OIG takes the time and reads the disgusting lies!

    1. Just an additional note, the request for ACTIVE DUTY RECORDS-3-pieces of paper, discharged states injured back January 1981. ( I’ve made another request) when I asked “why denied?” Response; “because it does not have a date on it.” Gee, month, there, year there, if she needs exit exam-last week before I left on July 30, 1981.
      Sadly, I believe what I am facing, what they failed to do is “use contrast” as suggested. Please understand, I just know how things flow in a real hospital. Now if these damn “fools” would have read and comprehended anything like the x-ray (caught the lying ER doctor) the next ct-scan, “what the hell was the focus on my bladder and not my back? I was damn there for my back!” Seriously her diagnosis was “bladder retention times three months, and her karate chops, gee did she need to be that rough OR was there another agenda? What that showed, “bells and whistles” should have gone off when my outside surgery notes came in. Sad right? Because if they took note they could “see” the answer I seeked as well as them? IN YOUR FACES DUDE!
      Just and interesting question to all “the helpful people?” Um Texas-yes, corruption is at any and every level.

  4. Sadly I know there are a lot more like myself who hate registering with the va because of all the horror stories of not being able to get anything done I finally have had no choice but have initiated my paperwork to get enrolled into the VA medical system

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