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VA Lied To CNN, McDonald Gave Award To Denounced Foundation Head

VA Lied To CNN McDonald Burch

Leaked photos show VA likely lied to CNN when it claimed the agency was “unaware” that VA employee J Thomas Burch was also head of a “worst” rated foundation.

I just received photos of Secretary Bob McDonald pinning a commemoration pin on the former foundation president and current VA attorney J Thomas Burch in his capacity as president of National Vietnam Veterans Foundation (NVVF). The photos were likely used or intended to be used to increase the appearance of legitimacy of the now closed down foundation for fundraising purposes.

The photo notation reads, “Secretary of the VA, Bob McDonald, pins a 50th Commemoration pin on Foundation President, Tom Burch, after the wreath laying ceremony at the Wall.

Burch McDonald Pic One

They are likely at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. The individual who provided the photos indicated the pinning ceremony was “fake” and done “to help boost [Burch’s] organization.” I am unclear where the photos are from, be it a VA magazine or elsewhere, but what is reflected in the photos is enough to refute the lack of awareness claim from VA.

VA clearly lied to CNN about the agency’s awareness of what J Thomas Burch was doing.

In fact, the photos seem to indicate the Department of Veterans Affairs right up to the top VA official were aware of that J Thomas Burch was president of NVVF, the “worst” rated foundation for veterans while he also worked as a VA attorney. The award was apparently for Burch’s work at NVVF based on the photo’s caption, which I did not alter. That is generally the uniform Burch wore at other events at his foundation, at it does not appear to be normal dress for a VA staff attorney, so I can only conclude Burch is there in his capacity as president of NVVF.

These images were leaked to me following publication earlier today where I speculate VA was misleading CNN due to Burch’s high profile within the public and inside the agency at NVVF. The organization was previously named National Vietnam Veterans Coalition prior to a lawsuit involving a telemarketing scheme shortly after 9/11.

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To play catch-up, CNN exposed J Thomas Burch earlier this year for running the “worst rating” veteran foundation. The foundation raised millions but only provided a few thousand to veterans each year. CNN further confirmed that J Thomas Burch is an attorney working inside the Office of General Counsel. He is a FOIA officer and reportedly works in coordination with Department of Homeland Security.

Earlier this week, CNN received news that Burch resigned from his post at NVVF and that the organization was shutting down. CNN also reported that OIG was investigating the matter but that Burch was still working as a “staff attorney.”

Burch McDoanld Pic TwoActing Assistant Secretary James Hutton falsely stated the Department of Veterans Affairs was unaware of Burch’s job as president of NVVF. CNN reported that Hutton stated:

“The VA, through a spokesman, said it had been unaware of Burch’s job as the president of the charity. In an email, VA spokesman James Hutton said Burch was still employed as a staff attorney but that an internal investigation, conducted by the agency’s Office of Inspector General, was still in progress.”

If what Hutton said was true, it would mean Burch failed to submit any notice to VA of his other activities to ensure there existed no conflict of interest. However, we now know that statement from Hutton was apparently false based on these photos and the fake ceremony.

After the allegations surfaced earlier this year, J Thomas Burch was called out by the website This Ain’t Hell for being a “phony special forces” veteran.

J Thomas Burch Jr


After publishing this Friday, I received emails from a very ‘sluethy’ reader who directed me to the Wayback Machine for more photos of Burch with other VA officials.

We found the following photo of Burch presenting NVVF personal hygiene kits to various VA medical center directors. The photo does not indicate which facilities these individuals were in charge of at the time of the photo:

“NVVF President J. Thomas Burch presents that NVVF personal hygiene kits to (L) Paula Gorman, Assit. Medical Center Director for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs Medical Center; (C) Michael H. Dunfee, Assoc. Medical Center Director of the V.A. Medical Center; J. Thomas Burch and (R) Dr. Fernando O. Rivera, V.A. Medical Center Director.”

The paragraph below the photo reads:

“[Since] 2009 [the] National Vietnam Veteran’s Foundation, Inc. has been devoting it’s entergies to our nation’s hospitalized Vietnam veterans. We take pride in personally delivering items to the various Veterans Administration Medical Centers across the states.”

What does this signify?

Even if Secretary McDonald was “unaware” of what Burch was doing on the side, it cannot be said that VA was “unaware” that Burch was president of NVVF.

Burch And VA Photo

Where are they now?

PAULA GORMAN – VISN 5, Office of Rural Health

“Ms. Gorman began her Federal career in 1987 as a Recreation Therapist for the Washington DC VA Medical Center. She has since held positions of Voluntary Service Specialist, Chief, Voluntary Service and Recreation Therapy and the Assistant Director overseeing multiple services to include Prosthetic Service, Canteen Service, Chaplain Service, Voluntary and Recreation Therapy Service, Patient Advocacy and Patient Centered Care. She continuously managed many of the Medical Center’s large-scale, high-profile special events including the Winterhaven Homeless Stand Down and the Welcome Home Celebration for Veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn (OEF/OIF/OND).

“Ms. Gorman joined the VA Capitol Health Care Network- V05 in 2011 as the VISN Rural Health Consultant and Lead Women Veterans Program Manager. She received her BS degree in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Maryland. In her twenty-six years with the Department of Veterans Affairs she continues to serve our nation’s Veterans with compassion, commitment and professionalism.”

MICHAEL DUNFEE – Hampton VA Director

“Mr. Michael H. Dunfee was appointed as the Director of the Hampton VA Medical Center (VAMC) on December 30, 2012. Mr. Dunfee joined the Hampton VA from the Washington, D.C. VAMC where he served as the Associate Director from November 28, 2007 – December 2012.

“Mr. Dunfee graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Cloud State University and Masters of Arts in Health Management and Policy from the University of Iowa. He began his VA career as an administrative resident at the Tomah VAMC in Tomah, Wisconsin in 1998.

“Mr. Dunfee’s other positions include Acting Associate Director, South Texas Veterans Health Care System (HCS), and Assistant Director, South Texas Veterans HCS. Additionally, he has served as the Strategic Planner for VA’s Heart of Texas Health Care Network (VISN 17), overseeing the development and implementation of the network’s Capital Assets Realignment Plan. He has also completed two tours in the Veterans Affairs Central Office.

“Mr. Dunfee has served on and led a number of critical Veterans Health Administration boards and committees including those focused on Information Technology, Capital Assets and Logistics, and he led the development of the Associate Directors Guide.”

DR. FERNANDO RIVERA – former VISN 5 Director, now SLVHC Director

“The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Fernando O. Rivera, MBA, FACHE, as the new Director of the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System (SLVHCS), effective January 11, 2015. Mr. Rivera will oversee the delivery of health care to more than 66,000 enrolled Veterans in 23 parishes of Southeast Louisiana.

Mr. Rivera is also responsible for the opening of a $1 billion replacement VA Medical Center in New Orleans that will serve as a model for health care of the future and set the standards for patient-centered care, flexibility and sustainability. The state-of-the-art facility will authentically reflect the culture of the region and be the cornerstone for the emerging biosciences industry in Louisiana. It includes a 200-bed tertiary care regional referral center that is projected to serve 70,000 enrolled Veterans and is designed to meet the full array of VA missions: health care to America’s Veterans, medical education, medical research and national emergency preparedness & response.

“SLVHCS employs approximately 1,300 employees and provides primary and mental health care at all sites and specialty care at selected sites including eight community based outpatient clinics in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Slidell, Hammond, Bogalusa, Franklin, Houma and St. John Parish. SLVHCS is affiliated with Tulane and LSU medical schools and is designated as one of nine VA Emerging Centers of Innovation for patient-centered care. SLVHCS is a recognized leader in several unique clinical programs and nationally recognized programs, including Home Based Primary Care, Hospital at Home, Health Care for the Homeless, and the Community Resource and Referral Center, which is the first in the country to integrate federal, city and private sector resources to serve both homeless Veterans and non-Veterans. SLVHCS was also recognized by the National Alliance for Ending Homelessness for being a leader in ending Veteran homelessness.

“’We are excited to bring Mr. Rivera on board as the new director of the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System. His sound leadership qualities and proven experience will be valuable assets for the facility, the employees, volunteers and, most importantly, for the Veterans we are honored to serve,’ said Gregg Parker, MD, MHA, Acting Director for the South Central VA Health Care Network.

“Prior to his appointment as SLVHCS Director, Mr. Rivera was Director of the VA Capitol Health Care Network (VISN 5) in the national capital region. He has also served as the Medical Center Director at the Washington, D.C. VA Medical Center, Martinsburg VA Medical Center (W.Va.), and Acting Director at Overton Brooks VA Medical Center in Shreveport, La. From 1984 to 2004, he served in various positions at the VA Medical Center in New Orleans, including Associate Director.

“Mr. Rivera earned his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a master’s in Business Administration from the University of New Orleans. He is committed to community service on many levels. He is an honorary member of the Vietnam Memorial Wall Washing Crew and has received the Military Order of the Purple Heart Distinguished Service Award, the Marine Corps League Distinguished Service Award, and the AMVETS Leadership in Service Award. He also served as Assistant Scout Master in Troop 1444 of the National Capital Region Council of the Boy Scouts of America.”



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  1. Been collecting intel on hampton VA doctors and Admin for a long time. Nothing but a bunch of government sanctioned criminals. If you want information on any of them please send a request. I could put 20 of them in prison tomorrow with the information collected. There are 127 of us and we have members from selected ratings and mos. We have 7 tier 1 assets providing training in a wide variet of skills. There is a reason Michael H Dunfee left the VA after 4 years and it isn’t the 154,000 paycheck. I have evidence of outright lies, false medical record entries, oh boy its too long a list, but we have been collecting the hard copies of medical records and the changes they make when you leave for years. They can go into the computer and change things in your record so get a disk, copy your record them compare it to one a year later and see what pops up. If you need any information about your doctor or anyone working at the VA send a request and an address to send your info and we can tell you anything ANYTHING you need. We can tell you how many time they wet the bed as a kid right up to how many times they cheated on their wives. Believe it or not the VA has employees who have some interesting and highly questionable backgrounds. We have also hired an attorney who was one of the senior corporate attorney for Nabisco who is going through the medical records. This guy is a very close personal friend of mine and have known him for 27 years and worked both with and for him. It doesn’t get anymore legit than this. I’m just waiting for them to fuck with me and give me a reason to dump all these records into a news organization. I hope they do, it will not only put people in jail, it would completely shut down the hampton VA. In light of the information available the Govt would have no choice. The information is there folk you just have to know how to get it.

  2. First of all, VA deathcare is way too broke to fix. If Trump wins and we can use our ID cards to get REAL medical care in the private sector, I’ll never see the inside of a VA hospital again! Should the TOTALITARIAN, COMMUNIST, BITCH win, you can kiss your rights and any hope of competent medical care goodbye. I’ve already given up getting care from these assholes. And if she wins, it’s only going to get worse. More lies, more corruption, more threats, more unconstitutional home intrusions by the VA rent-a-pigs (I’ve given instructions to my wife. “If you see a VA cop car outside, hit the floor. The shits fixing to hit the fan.) And you can take that any way you want VA. More GAF (Give A Fuck) attitudes, more 1960s tech, more medical care by the lowest bidder, more medication rather than treatment, more refusal to provide care. more theft, more AFGE, more, more. more! We are already in a revolution by ballot. Lets hope that this doesn’t go to revolution by bullet. Prepare!

  3. Mr. Krause can you find out what the percentages of active duty veterans, Reserve/NG veterans, and non-veterans are employed at the VA? I know Sec. McDonald is a veterans but it seems to me the leadership is non-veteran heavy when it should be the other way around.

  4. Hey Carzy Elf and all,

    A great article by Representative Jeff Miller in the Military times.
    “Only one choice to fix the Department of Veterans Affairs”, By: Rep. Jeff Miller, Military Times, September 3, 2016


    He is saying Trump is the only real option at this time. He does make some very strong points.

    Also the comment section is being trolled very had by Hillary piss ants, VA trolls, stating all kinds of BS. Like McD is doing an excellent job he just needs more money and more time.

    More time for what to kill off a few thousand more veterans?

    An excert from the article:

    “As someone who’s seen firsthand the Obama administration block, undermine and botch attempt after attempt to reform the organization charged with serving America’s veterans, it’s clear nothing will change until our nation has a new leader.

    Don’t believe me? Consider the facts. After Congress passed a law that gave VA nearly $15 billion to help decrease insufferable wait times for veterans’ medical care, the Obama administration threatened to shut down hospitals if Congress didn’t allow VA to take an early $3 billion from the fund to solve a self-inflicted budget crisis. Now, waits for VA primary care are longer than they were nearly two years ago, and more than 500,000 veterans are waiting more than 30 days for a VA appointment.

    After Congress gave the department the ability to swiftly fire corrupt VA executives involved with manipulating wait times, President Obama’s VA announced it would refuse to use the fast-track firing authority. To date, VA has fired less than 10 people for a systemic wait-time manipulation scheme that involved 40 VA medical facilities.”

    Another excert:

    “It will take a strong, engaged president to right the department’s ship. Donald Trump is the right person for the job. He built a fantastic company that is synonymous with success. He is precisely the right person to turn around VA, which has become infamous for its failures. His 10-point VA reform plan is full of the type of practical, proactive ideas that have been missing from the department for far too long.

    To most people, hallmarks of Trump’s VA reform plan — like firing bad employees, protecting good ones and setting up a White House hotline to field veterans’ concerns — are basic common sense. Not at VA, where suicide-hotline calls go to voicemail and blatant dishonesty, corruption and whistle- blower retaliation among employees is routinely tolerated.

    And while supporters of the failing status quo are desperately trying to keep veterans inside a VA health care system that often times is falling short, Trump’s plan will put veterans first by giving them more choices over their health care decisions. This includes a proposal that would ensure every veteran can seek health care at the VA or private-sector provider of their choice — a concept similar to one recently put forth by the bipartisan VA Commission on Care.”

    Have a safe holiday!

    1. Hey Seymore, like I’ve stated, Mr. Trump has the abilities to straighten out the corrupt VA.
      As he has stated many times now, the “VA is totally corrupt!”

    2. Hey Seymore,
      Yes, lots of TROLLS, in the ‘comments sections’, on the article you gave.
      IMHO,Their either Union members, VA employees or Democrats who have selective memories or a poor education in politics. I think it’s a combination of all!

      They really do want to keep their jobs. With the “plan” Mr. Trump has laid out, I believe many will be looking for “HMS TITANIC” life vests. Trouble is, there’s only a few left. And they are promised to the upper echelon!

      Here’s something else. Mr. Trump’s (alleged) scandals are minor compared to all the scandals coming out on Hillary. Have you seen the MANY Utube videos coming out against “the Hildabeast” over her shit? Which was released on Friday, by the way!

      Now, the DNC is saying Hillary won’t be doing press conferences until AFTER she’s elected POTUS. Right now I think she hasn’t done one in over 270 days.

      There’s a report, from FOX news, out saying IF a person under age 16 wants Hillary to answer a question. A contribution of $2,600 must be made. IF you want dinner with the Hildabeast, it’s going to cost you $100,000!
      There’s so much sneaky shit going on with the Dumbocrats it’s ridiculous. And yet there’s plenty of idiots out there falling for it!

    3. That’s the enigma about Rep. Miller in that he always says the “right things” but HE HAS NO BALLS, or he would have ordered deeper congressional inquiries or whatever red tape the path to accountability takes….seriously, I have to wonder since (as far as I last read), Miller was not seeking re-election and so it makes me wonder if Miller is trying to get a Trump Palace PR Position or something. Yes, the words and phrases all make sense in what Miller states, but if you look back in time he has ALWAYS had excellent 20/20 vision but not so much vision with balls to take action when it’s on his doorstep. I no longer have any faith in Miller’s words…it smells of fairy dust and dust at this point.

      Have a safe Labor Day Holiday and do note it’s not advisable to use turpentine to try to light the grill. It works but it imparts the taste of 10,000 pine tree’s gum on the chicken. Not happy. Smelled great at the time. 🙂

      1. Maybe Rep. Miller is far up Trump’s ass because he is vying for being appointed to new VA Sec. ? Just a thought??? Weasels, the entire lot.

      2. namnibor,
        “The Hildabeast” is charging the “wealthy” citizens of America—–
        1) To have her answer any “written question” from a 16 year old or younger is $2,700!
        2) To have a “Family Photo” taken with her is $10,000!
        3) To have a “sit down dinner” with her is $100,000!

        This is according to a Fox news report this morning.
        They also said Hillary “…is out of touch…” with the ‘common US citizen’! So true!
        (It’s on Utube today.)

        It does look as though some of the MSM is turning against her! Trouble is, there’s too many people who actually believe the crap she puts out.

        As far as Miller goes. I think you may be on to something. I agree he needs to grow a pair! Until that happens, it’s business as usual at VA!


        Here’s something else to ponder. When Bill and Hillary entered the White House, it started to be widely reported, they “…took control of over 900 files of political figures in office!”
        What these “files” contained is still questionable.
        Yet, since this has occurred, all of their “questionable/illegal actions” have led to no indictments! (Except one in New York City, I believe. Yet, no charges were ever filed!)

        Even AFTER Comey laid out a strong case of her breaking federal regulations/laws, he recommended no indictment.
        Here’s the interesting part on that, “the FBI only investigates!” They don’t recommend a conclusion, ie: whether to indict or not.
        That part is totally up to the DOJ! Who, BTW, is run by the Obama Administration.

        So, all we can do as Americans is wait and see how this sham of an election plays out.

        My opinion is –
        Mr. Trump will win the “popular vote”!
        Hildabeast will win the “electoral vote”!
        As has happened approximately 4 or 5 times in American History!

        What happens next is anyone’s guess!

      3. I already foresee a grand spectacle of a series of recounts. Not just Ohio and Florida. The real circus worth popping popcorn for is the coming debates.

      4. Namnibor,

        I do agree with what you have to say about Miller, but in the article his words do ring true.

        The debates are another thing I also am looking forward to. I guess I am not going to watch to hear the BS but more will be watching like a nascar watcher there to see the crashes.

        Cant wait to see what happens when her teleprompter freezes up and she stands there not knowing the lines she is suppose to say. Also to see how they try to hide the super absorbent depends they try to hide under her pantsuit.

        I would be willing to bet those pantsuits are all rubber lined to prevent wet spots from showing.

        Given she will be facing trump and it will not be like facing “sick of hearing about her emails” Bernie. I am sure there are going to be quite a few extra long bathroom breaks for Hillary if she doesn’t trip and fall trying to get up on to the stage from the git go.

        Ya, I have to admit it, I will only be watching just to see her screwing up and making a bigger ass out of herself.

        But there is always the chance she could be save by another false flag event that interrupts the schedule for the debate.

  5. as a self appointed spokesman for the gazelle lined up at the VA waterhole at noon, I vehemently protest the behavior of the crocs.

    I want a transfer to the Tiger Team ASAP! Do you suppose Bob washed his hand after that handshake? ewwwwww.

  6. Here’s some scary shit folks.
    This came out yesterday, because the MSM is refusing to air this part of Hildabeast’s speech to the American Legion/DAV members on Aug 31, 2016!
    Look it up. You can’t make this shit up.
    Whether this is her “puffing up her feathers” to seem she can defend America. Or, if she’s just wanting to act like she can be “Presidential”! Or, if she believes she can be a real “Commander in Chief”!
    It’s up to y’all to figure it out.

    “Video: Hillary Says She Will Attack Russia and Iran”

    From: “” Sept. 2, 2016. (13:42 minutes)

    Y’all have to remember, there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE whatsoever Russia or any other “friend-enemy” is behind any “hacking”!
    For Hildabeast to say she will treat this as an act of war, and will “respond” likewise, is ludicrous!

  7. Like I said earlier today, on Ben’s (earlier) Blog,
    There’s going to be more shit coming out – WHY? BECAUSE IT’S FRIDAY!
    No one, except vets, will remember anything about this crap on Monday! Most on here know how our government operates. Most civilians are too “dumbed down”, and have “short term memory lose”!

    While the wife and I were out and about today. We listened to our favorite ‘Conservative Radio Station’, 96.5 fm. Not one word by anyone on this issue.
    Yet, there was plenty being said about “WHAT” Mr. Trump will be doing to help veterans!

    Not one word from “The Hildabeast”! Even when she spoke at the American Legion/DAV on Wednesday, there was NO discussion on “HOW” she would “Change VA”! Only more rhetoric!
    As 91Veteran said, she couldn’t even “pack the house”!

    When Mr. Trump spoke Thursday, he laid out his “ten point plan” – AGAIN!

    There’s absolutely NO word from the other two ‘posers’ running for POTUS! So, one can only “presume” they won’t do shit!

    The “Dumbing Down of America” is in full swing, and has been for at least 40 years! Hell, most people in America can’t even point to a world map and point to America. There’s a large % of Americans who can’t name the first President. Or, how about naming the United States Capital and where it’s located!
    There’s a Utube video out now. Where some guy from “Infowars” goes out and gets people to “sign a petition to amend, (abolish), the First and Second Amendments”! He had many people sign it.

    I hope all of us can change people’s minds about the shit VA has been doing for a long time!

    1. The VA Meat Grinder’s South Side is seriously impacted. The Rand Corporation is here to state that the usual load of explosive Friday VA poo will be let-out gradually, but rest assured, steadily, over the course of the Labor Day Weekend and to possibly expect aftershocks from South Exit through Tuesday, as Monday is best day to REALLY bury the truth spotlights in VA poo this time around.
      Again, we at The Rand Corporation are happy to see all Vets through this VA Zombie Apocalypse. The VA OIG concur.

  8. Interesting. If you search for images using “Robert McDonald Burch”, you find more images of Burch than McDonald.

    The images you posted are not one of them.

    That suggest some internal VA blog like VAntage Point or some such.

  9. So, why doesn’t this POS get investigated by the FBI? I am sure there is something this asshole did that was illegal? Fraud? Racketeering? IRS regulations? Conflict of interest? – something – but, alas nothing will happen to him or to the VA brass who have covered this scam up for years.

    I just hope there is a special place in Hell for him and the others.

    1. Hey Reuben,

      I translate that to be “EVERYTHING IS PURE Merdia IN VA DC HQ”.

      Not sure of what “Merdia” means.

      Por favor explique

  10. Oh, Ben. Oh, Ben. Burch is just one in a long line of charlatans, Unfortunately, being gagged by judicial imprimatur, I cannot invoke the alphabet name of the worst. CBS knows who Randy and I are.

    In the 2010 census, a question was posed to identify true Vietnam Veterans with boots on the ground. VA and the military adhere to a strict number of around 2.9 million. The census revealed that, contrary to popular VA belief, that number was actually 10.1 million in-country. This explains the phenomenon in VFW and AmVets bars of Veterans, often after three or more adult libations, revealing they were actually there at Beee-in Ho-ah. in 68 during Tet. They were SF and the fifty year moratorium on the nondisclosure agreement was getting ready to expire in 2018 anyway so why not spill them beans now?

    Remember, of every 100 troops on the ground in RVN or another country that rhymes with mouse,, 88 were mostly rear echelon. Those twelve others of us actually saw an average of 240 days of combat. I didn’t see that much personally but I know many who did. Most are not alive any moreand certainly wouldn’t be seen dead at a VFW or any other VSO bar. They refused us membership in the 70s because Vietnam wasn’t considered a “War”. Try to explain that to the 58,498 folks whose husbands and dads won the Golden BB award They died somewhere, Ben.

    Ronald McDonald has an affinity for all things Ranger. Remember, he wears the tabs. Everyone is a wanna be if they aren’t. Burch is merely a legend in his own mind-a rumor in his own room- apparently with a fan club of one now.

    1. asknod, if you’ll remember, ol Bagdad Bobbie McDuck also “claimed” to be Special Forces.
      These two asswipes deserve every ounce of distain and disgust by all “Combat Veterans”!
      Both are nothing more than “habitual liars”!

      1. Bird’s of a feather. Flock togather. !

        They CAN swap old war stories. Hell by the time their done. We won’t need Rambo or any super hero’s

        We. Have these two. They would not even need to use knives of guns

        Just puff up their chests and say do you know who I am

        I’m mcduck. !!! Super hero

      1. The earliest info I found so far was a UPI news article from 1985 mentioning Burch and a National Vietnam Veterans Coalition group.

        I also found a 1988 Vietnam Veterans of America board meeting minutes showing Burch’s NVVF causing problems for VVA.

        There is also a Virginia document showing Burch listed as an Aide de Camp for Governor McDonnell. Burch’s rank was shown as Brigadier General with the national guard.

        Pictures show he was grab assing with Jim Nicholson years ago.

        His grand daughter Halle Powell sure got around as well working as an intern in the OGC office in 2014 while as recently as June 2016 still representing the NVVC as Executive Director. Her name is also tied with various veteran groups or activities.

        Some of this was pointed out by Seymore Klearly in May.

        Interesting to see her listed as the registrar of several domain names of veteran charity web sites. Some defunct and with complaints against them.

        The American Veterans Support Foundation named Burch as chairman, and there is a Better Business Bureau complaint against them for hard sell fundraising practices.

        Interesting that in a news article somewhere, Griffin, the former VA IG was quoted as saying they had an open invitation for Burch to come talk to them.

        So much for any credible IG investigation into what a top VA management employee is involved in…not to mention the nepotism with his grand daughter.

        Given the number of supposed veterans help groups and foundations Burch is tied to, I’m shocked there hasn’t been a state attorney General that hasnt investigated or sued him yet.

        One news site says he was a Marine Major…but they likely got his service wrong. There is an SF site that is not happy with him given his “fishy bio”.

        I do so friggin despise those who rip people off supposedly claiming to help veterans.

        Yet McDonald and his IG seem to be dragging their feet.

  11. National Vietnam Veterans Foundation’s 2013 IRS form 990 filing, they took in $7 million in donations, they spent $568,000 helping veterans That left 92% of the proceeds they took in for salary and expenses. What did they do, give the telemarketers 80% commission?

    1. Well, they obviously did not spend any of it on spiffy outfits with clever hats. 🙂 Burch looks so incredibly disheveled and unkempt–polar opposite of a true military-proud organization. Instead, Burch looks like the stereotypical WAR PROFITEER! Yep, I said it.

      Maybe Burch has en entire fleet of Rolls Royce’s or maybe even is having all those 30+ missing VA vehicles turned into Rolls? 🙂


    1. @Terry Wilson,
      “VA is Lying, Veterans are Dying” site by Ron Nesler HAS a “Pro Bono” attorney getting ready to file a “Class Action Suit” against VA.
      Go to his website to learn more!

      1. Hey Elf,

        Just wanted to add a little more info to your last post.

        Ron Nesler is the man behind the “VA IS LYING VETERANS ARE DYING” billboard campaign. Although my information comes from and email and a post on the GoFundMe page I believe the Attorney’s name is Roger Taylor. Here is part of a post from another comment on the subject.

        The group VA is lying through Ronald Nesler is filing a Class action lawsuit against the VA. The attorney involved is Roger Tayloe Esq. Roger is financially independent and is freely donating his work.
        For those of you who wish to help. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with the cost of bringing the suit. A recent update from the page is copied and pasted below.

        “We are going to do a CLASS ACTION law suit against the US DEPARTMENT of VETERANS AFFAIRS. The broad goal being to stop VA corruption and LYING. Not one single penny of your donation will go for legal fees to an attorney. Our lawyer Roger Tayloe Esq is financially independent and is freely donating his work. Money we collect will be spent on incurred expences ONLY. Expenses such as court filing fees, research, press releases, expert opinions and travel to appear in courts. If we win, and it is possible to force VA to pay for our law suit, Roger MAY recoup some payment for some of his work from VA. But, ONLY from VA. Veterans in this class action and contributors will NOT pay Roger one thin dime for his work, it is all pro bono, unless VA can be forced to pay. We are plowing new ground here, and I have NO idea, what expences this will involve. I picked $7,500 out of the air as a working number. It will likely cost more, before we are done, so I will update that goal later, if need be. I am yours in solidarity with all military veterans, American patriots and lovers of truth and justice. The VA is LYING.”

        If anyone would like to contribute the GoFundMe page is at the following link.


  13. This guy, a so called lawyer, is one of the reasons there is that joke :

    The Devil’s Offer ::

    “The devil visited a lawyer’s office and made him an offer. “I can arrange some things for you, ” the devil said. “I’ll increase your income five-fold. Your partners will love you; your clients will respect you; you’ll have four months of vacation each year and live to be a hundred. All I require in return is that your wife’s soul, your children’s souls, and their children’s souls rot in hell for eternity.”

    The lawyer thought for a moment. “What’s the catch?” he asked.

    thankfully we veteran’s do know a few good hardworking attorney’s that actually help out veterans. the guy in this article isn’t one of them.

    no comment on Bob today, doesn’t deserve the space, like most of Congress and WH.

  14. Proves. Bob has turned his back on veteran’s and will reward misdeeds

    After all he may need this guy to defend him someday

    One veteran at a time. He must of ment we will assist one veteran at a time in killing themselves

    I knew that VA management got to Bob and all he can do is put pins on someone who’s hurting veterans.

    If Bob had any in the1st place. He lost them or the FFA. Took them away.?

    Thanks Bob

    What’s next an award to see who can harm veterans more. There’s a lot of candidates. Hell the U.S. would have a shortage of metal and would have to start using plastic metals

  15. I think the VA is full of phonies and will take veterans for everything they have and don’t have

    They will do everything to make a veteran shut up. When they speak about the VA

    Hell some veterans don’t have to say anything about the VA. Employees that don’t like a veteran

    Can and do falsely accuse veterans of disruptive behavior and do not require the employees to provide any written proof.

    Now can anyone punish anyone and no proof is required

    They. Say well those were the facts at the time. How can their be facts without proof. !

    You can’t. But they do it anyway. !

    Your not in the military and you still get attacked. With no way to defend yourself.

    Thanks Bob McDonald for letting your employees to falsely accuse veterans and letting employees falsely accuse them of disruptive behavior and not have to furnish any I mean 0 proof. !

    It’s not my job. The Hell it is not. !

    Do you damb job and quit lieing BOB. !

    1. I know, first hand, this happens. After I spoke up and complained, at our first “Town Hall”‘ meeting with the media. Two months later I got a letter from Chief of Staff notifying me of a ‘Flag” in my file for ‘disruptive and possibly violent behavior” They let me know I must report to VA Police whenever I come for medical treatment. Was told they did not appreciate me saying things in front of Media”. I sent a rebuttal , but have heard nothing. But I damn sure don’t “check in” with rent a cops!

      1. Hey R. Michael Maddox,

        I believe you, but have to ask, How can you trust the VA Healthcare system after what they did to you?

        I mean really If they flagged you for speaking out why do you think they are going to provide you with proper healthcare?

        Death wish?

      2. If you still have that letter you should scan it and post it to VA is Lying.

        Then you should send a copy to your congressman asking for an official inquiry on whether that Chief of Staff truly intends on making your access to an earned federal benefit difficult for you for speaking to the media.

        There may have been congressional aides in the audience.

      3. Unfortunately, not every Veteran has other options for a variety of reasons and even if still working part time and with requirements of Obamacare, the VA is the cheapest but not the best option, just the only pragmatic option.
        I have full Medicare for instance, but it’s certainly not cheaper economically to use Medicare over VA but I do because it more than makes-up for the secured feeling of safety or at least better safety using private medical over trusting the VA.
        And it’s another ball of wax using Medicare at the VA because the *if* the VA decides to pay their portion it’s often late to point of being sent to collections…it’s just not worth it. Plus, the VA parses between covered with Medicare and what is non-service-connected and the VA only then paying for service connected and when the area is fuzzy gray, nobody pays because the Vet just leaves.

        The medical part of the VA needs shut down. What to do with a bunch of corrupt sheep after shutting it down? Send them out to pasture in Afghanistan poppy fields. Like Wizard Of Oz but different… 🙂

      4. Veterans benefits office needs to be closed down also. People like Graves and Rubins running the show. Have proven they would never tell the truth. !

        Millions if veterans have been denied their benefits and without s service connected disability in writing veterans are told they can’t be treated unless They have a disability adjudicated by VBA. !

        Remember. Shreading. Lost record’s. Back logs being cleared by sending out letters denying veterans claims. As an avenue to clear the back log.

        VA. Has gone dark and is a menace to society and a death warrent to many veterans. Because They want their bonous !

        Or call it want it really is. Blood ? !

      5. This flagging of veterans at will or any other way reason is illegal

        The VA does not care. Whom they hurt and as you indicated you used your legal right’s
        And they punished you. !

        They did the same thing to me. When I requested. Any and all evidence they used

        They admitted they had no evidence of me ever being disruptive

        And they said that I would come in at least twice a month to the outpatient clinic and become disruptive

        As a former VA employee. Administrative Assistant 17 year’s

        I know for s fact that employees are required to complete a report of contact on anything that may effect the VA

        And if they did not. Then the matter occured. It’s hearsay and you can’t use hearsay. !

        They. Keep using those we the facts at the time

        Facts. How can you have facts that you can’t verify.

        Yes. I wrote to Bennett’s office in Colorado. They made a request to the Denver vamc. ( now former director )

        The director lied to Bennett’s office in writing. ” do to the disruptive behavior reporting Mr. Gallegos official medical record’s

        ” were never coded for disruptive behavior. Nor were his official medical record’s Red Flagged.”

        Hal. Out of Bennett’s office told me that a senator congressmen office can only make inquires and can not make the VA change anything.

        So. Even with evidence proving I had been falsely accused and they had no proof. They can and do falsely accuse veterans at will

        The disruptive committee is acting as part of our judiciary system

        And act as accuser. Judge. Prosicuter. Jury and punisher

        They offer the veterans nothing in anyway to defend themselves

        Which violates every civil. Constitution and human rights afforded to ALL Americans. Except veterans. !

        Why have senator’s. Congressman if they have no authority to fight for it’s citizens

        Especially. Someone who volunteered to serve this nation.

        They must disband this illegal committee. Now many veterans have been reported and the VA harassing them and the veterans take their own life. !

        Anyone. Should be able to see right through this injustice !

        And stop it. !!!

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