VA Nepotism IG Report Robert Fleck

Award-Winning Former Army Attorneys Busted In VA ‘Nepotism’ Scheme

VA OIG just issued a report into its investigation of a former award-winning civilian team of Army attorneys Robert Fleck and Kristina Wiercinski who engaged in unlawful nepotism after moving to the Department of Veterans Affairs following a long stint at the US Army.

Robert R. Fleck, a senior VA executive and chief counsel within the agency’s contracting division recommended hiring his wife, Kristina S. Wiercinski, for an e-Discovery role within the agency to other senior executives. No one balked at the unethical recommendation and Wircinski was hired into the role.

For some reason, IG named Fleck but masked his wife’s name behind the initials “KW”, as if would be difficult to learn her identity with some digging.

Reality check IG – – it was not difficult. I pulled a Susan Rice and now we know who the real players were in this nepotism scheme.

It is believed her name is Kristina Wiercinski, an attorney still listed with the Department of the Army. She is also listed as a staff attorney at the Department of Veteran Affairs. What synched my research was an Army award announcement discussed below.

The duo has a history of working together both in the private sector and public sector, and apparently enjoyed a great deal of success prior to joining VA.

Most troubling about this case is the realization Fleck is an award-winning attorney, along with his wife, and handling some of the most sensitive contracts the military industrial complex gets tangled in prior to coming to VA.

What is it about VA that seemingly makes everyone forget about standard ethics rules and laws against lying to investigators?

As you will see, given the brazen flouting of ethics rules and subsequent lying to investigators, one has to wonder where the skeletons are in the closet and what other surprises might be lurking.

The recent sale of their $1.2 million beach home (June 2017) is possibly an indicator the two anticipate criminal litigation as fallout of the IG investigation. It’s now back on the market after a remodel for $1.8 million by the current owner.

Work History

Fleck and his wife previously worked together in The Law Office of Robert Fleck, but in 2006, the two began working for the US Army.

Fleck worked as an attorney with the U.S. Department of the Army. From 2006 to 2016, Fleck worked at the U.S. Army Communications Electronics Command (CECOM) and served in various positions including General Attorney, Contracts Attorney-Advisor, Supervisory Attorney, Deputy Chief Counsel, Special Assistant Chief Counsel, and Acting Chief Counsel AMC Legal Center.

Prior to her employment at VA, Wiercinski worked as an attorney with the U.S. Department of the Army CECOM from 2008 to 2017 and served as a General Attorney and a Contracts Attorney Advisor.

Fleck was hired in as a senior attorney in 2016 as an SES with a salary of $178,101. His wife started working at the agency January 8, 2017, working as a virtual employee, earning $141,555. Together they earned over $300,000.

US Army Awards Given To Wiercinski And Fleck

While working for the US Army, they won awards together for “leadership and legal advice resolving the largest contract claims filed against the Army,” related to “Logistics Modernization Program (LPM)” in 2013.

AWARD PAGE: Dots-n-Dashes September 2013

[Note: To read the scrambled award publication, you need to cut and paste the text off the Google cache page onto a text document.]

There, Fleck and Wiercinski “were instrumental in making almost all of the Army’s presentations to the judges during the Alternative Dispute Resolution process, reviewing and preparing over 7.5 million documents and spearheading the Army’s defense with regard to obtaining unlimited intellectual property rights,” said Maria Esparraguera, CECOM Chief Council.

According to the Army, “The Logistics Modernization Program is the cornerstone for the Army Materiel Command’s Single Army Logistics Enterprise and will modernize the Army’s national logistics business practice by better supporting technology to meet current and future military readiness requirements.”

RELATED: Logistics Modernization Program Transforms Army, Saves $6 Billion

The Army award press release said through the use of the Alternative Dispute Resolution process, the LMP Litigation team saved taxpayers approximately over $2B. In addition, the settlement was structured to minimize the fiscal impact to the Army and DoD.

The work the due performed on the LPM was a big deal. So, what happened in 2016 to make Fleck think it was wise to advocate for the hiring of his wife as a subordinate into the Office of General Counsel for contracting?

Given the enormity of the deal at the Army, what do you believe Fleck was brought into VA to actually facilitate? Was it the Cerner electronic health records deal for $10 billion? Or, was it in connection with Leidos and its $6.8 billion deal with VA? Or, is there something on the horizon?

Unlawful Nepotism At Office Of General Counsel

At the agency, Fleck joined senior leadership within Contract Operations.

Contract Operations attorneys work together on contracting related matters for VA. Contract Operations is made up of three law groups: the Procurement Law Group (PLG), managed by Chief Counsel Mr. Robert Fleck; The Real Property Group (RPLG), managed by Chief Counsel Mr. Cameron Gore (SES); and the District Contracting National Practice Group (DCNPG), managed by Chief Counsel Mr. Michael Hughes (SES). Contract Operations is under the authority of Mr. Richard Hipolit (SES), the Deputy General Counsel for Legal Policy (DGCLP). Mr. Hipolit is the senior SES in charge of all law groups, including Contract Operations.

Fleck, Hipolit and Gore received ethics training that included training about conflict of interest laws stating “As a Federal employee, you may not participate in official VA matters involving your spouse, children, member of your household, relatives with whom you have a close relationship.” The training also stated, “If you think you are facing an ethical dilemma related to Government ethics, do not participate in the matter and seek the advice of an ethics official in the Office of General Counsel (OGC).”

After recommending his wife, Fleck helped create the position and played a role in announcing the vacancy he pushed for his wife to fill. To help ensure his wife secured the slot, Fleck even sent her “sensitive data” within an email specifically marked “This message is not to be forwarded to anyone outside of the [VA] or to anyone within the VA that does not have direct involvement/interest with this matter.” His wife at that time was, of course, a person “outside the VA”.

During the investigation, when confronted by IG in the investigation, Fleck and his wife provided false statements to investigators trying to assert sensitive information given his wife was provided after she was selected for the position, but the evidence revealed the couple was being untruthful.

IG On False Statements Regarding Sharing VA Sensitive Data

As Gore originally intended to interview applicants who applied to the e-Discovery position on October 3, 2016, and Fleck shared VA sensitive data with Wiercinski on September 30, 2016, the OIG asked Fleck and Wiercinski if the data was shared to help Wiercinski for her upcoming interview. They both said that VA data was not shared to help Wiercinski on her interview, and the data was not shared until after she was selected for the position by Gore via a telephone call in “mid-September.”

  • Fleck said, “What I did send her, after she got selected, she got a call from Cam Gore, it was mid-September, I think, and he said you got the job, this is your interview, you got the job. After that, on September 30th, I sent her what [the General Attorney] had sent me.” (Emphasis added.)

Wiercinski had similar statements:

  • When asked if Fleck had provided anything to help her prepare for her potential interview, Wiercinski said, “No. After I was hired, I mean after I was told I had the job, but nothing ever before.” (Emphasis added.)
  • When asked what was provided, Wiercinski said, “I think it was summations about the problems, but nothing – like after I got on I think he gave me something, but not before.” (Emphasis added.)

According to IG, these statements by Fleck and Wiercinski raised a serious question, as the hiring panel did not recommend Wiercinski to Gore until October 4, 2016, yet Fleck and his wife claimed that Wiercinski was already selected for the position when Wiercinski shared the VA sensitive data with her on September 30, 2016.

What is quite disturbing is not just Fleck’s actions but also the responses from other senior attorneys Gore and Hipolit.

Wiercinski began her employment at VA on January 8, 2017. Wiercinski is the e-Discovery attorney for the Contract Litigation Team. Her husband, Fleck, is the senior member of OGC’s Contract Litigation Team, and has the ability to direct and assign his wife to litigation matters, as well as the ability to provide feedback and reports regarding her performance.

Gore was questioned regarding Fleck’s ability to influence Wiercinski’s performance. Gore agreed that Wiercinski was hired for the Contract Litigation Team; that she works on the Contract Litigation Team; and that Fleck provided reports and recommendations regarding attorneys assigned to the Contract Litigation Team. When investigators stated that it looked like Fleck could have direct influence on Wiercinski’s performance, Gore said, “Okay. Well, I guess we’ll leave it there.”

What does that mean, “leave it there”? Maybe his comments explain why VA OIG has largely been impotent in reforming the agency through the years vis a vis its investigation. Was Gore telling the investigators what to do?

Additionally, Hipolit was questioned on the potential problem regarding Fleck’s and Wiercinski’s positions on the team and Fleck’s ability to influence Wiercinski performance, Hipolit said,

“Yeah, I mean, there is potential, I think, there for that…I don’t know that that would be an issue because I, uh, for one, I think Mr. Fleck, as I said, is a man of integrity. I don’t think he would do something to influence or — or give any inaccurate information.”

Fleck is a “man of integrity” who misled investigators and engaged in unlawful nepotism with education and training as an attorney who knew or should have known his actions were unlawful… That is a “man of integrity” for Hipolit?

What is Hipolit’s job at VA, again? He is probably some young, low-level attorney, right?

Oh, Hipolit is the Deputy General Counsel for Legal Policy and SES in charge of all law groups at the agency, including Fleck’s contracting group.

Maybe he is confused about what “integrity” means related to ethics and nepotism despite his advanced training in ethics including nepotism?

Is it any wonder, with attorneys giving advice like this, that VA contracting leaks money like a fire hydrant spewing water at full blast?

Conclusion Of IG Investigation Report

The following is taken straight from the report and cut-and-pasted below in italics to give you an idea of the naming function “KW” and the conclusion of the allegations:

The OIG concluded that Mr. Fleck engaged in nepotism and acts affecting his personal financial interest when he used his position to advocate for the employment of his wife and participated in establishing for her a GS-14 e-Discovery attorney position on a team that he would ultimately lead. Mr. Fleck shared VA sensitive data with his wife before she was a VA employee and then made false statements when questioned about it. The OIG also concluded that the hiring process within OGC was exclusive in regards to the hiring of Ms. KW.

Advocating for the Employment of Ms. KW

Mr. Fleck, by recommending his wife for the position of e-Discovery Coordinator, advocated for his wife’s employment. Additionally, Mr. Fleck, as a Chief Counsel in Contract Operations, referred her to Mr. Gore, who ultimately hired his wife, and who, at the time, was a GS-15 Deputy Chief Counsel. There is a direct connection between Mr. Fleck referring his wife to Mr. Gore, and Mr. Gore being influenced by that referral. Mr. Gore reported that he trusted Mr. Fleck to refer someone who was very good for the position. 

Acts Affecting His Personal Financial Interest

Mr. Fleck, as the Chief Counsel in charge of bringing the Contract Litigation Team together, participated personally and substantially in a particular matter in which he and his spouse had a financial interest. Mr. Fleck and Ms. KW both had a financial interest in the matter, as the position was a virtual GS-14 earning $141,555 per year. Mr. Fleck participated in the following ways:

  • Being involved in the conversation regarding the team having an e-Discovery Coordinator
  • Advocating for his wife’s employment as the e-Discovery Coordinator Participating in a discussion regarding pay
  • Participating in announcing the position
  • Sending his wife VA sensitive data regarding e-Discovery matters that were not available to other candidates.

Contract Operations Ethics Training

Mr. Fleck, Mr. Hipolit, and Mr. Gore all received ethics training which explained the conflict of interest statute by stating, “As a Federal employee, you may not participate in official VA matters involving: Your spouse, children, member of your household, relatives with whom you have a close relationship.” The training also stated, “If you think you are facing an ethical dilemma related to Government ethics, do not participate in the matter and seek the advice of an ethics official in the Office of General Counsel (OGC).” 

Despite receiving this training, no evidence was found indicating that Mr. Fleck, Mr. Gore, or Mr. Hipolit sought ethics advice related to the hiring of Ms. KW. Sharing VA Sensitive Data and False Statements by Ms. KW and Mr. Fleck OIG’s investigation determined that Mr. Fleck and Ms. KW made false statements when questioned about sharing VA sensitive data. Mr. Fleck and Ms. KW stated that nothing was shared before she was selected for the position. Investigators subpoenaed phone records associated with the alleged “mid-September” call and found no record of Mr. Gore calling Ms. KW prior to October 4. Additionally, Mr. Gore denied calling her about the position until October 4, 2016. The statements from Mr. Fleck and Ms. KW are not simple lapses in memory or confusion regarding dates, as they both repeatedly testified that nothing was shared with Ms. KW until after she was selected for the position. Mr. Fleck shared VA sensitive data with Ms. KW before she was selected. The investigation determined that Mr. Fleck and Ms. KW made false statements about when

Ms. KW was selected for the e-Discovery position to lessen the potential consequences of Mr. Fleck having shared VA sensitive data with a non-VA employee.

OGC Hiring Process

The OGC hiring process was exclusive in regards to the hiring of Ms. KW. When Contract Operations first mentioned having an e-Discovery Coordinator, Ms. KW’s name was brought up. When Mr. Hipolit discussed the position’s salary with Mr. Fleck, Ms. KW was the one being referenced as “our e-Discovery expert.” An RPLG General Attorney shared documents with Mr. Fleck that were ultimately used to determine the best qualified candidate. When Mr. Fleck made the recommendation regarding announcing the position, his wife was the only candidate. Further, Mr. Fleck was repeatedly included in conversations regarding the e-Discovery position while his wife was the only candidate. In the announcement of the position, Mr. Gore said they were making progress on completing an announcement for his wife to compete; however, the position was announced internally, with an exception made for outside candidates who contacted Mr. Gore directly.

My Conclusion

Veterans and taxpayers should be terrified that these senior attorneys allowed this level of obvious nepotism to occur in such a sensitive position managing billions in contracts with government contractors.

In my mind, the report does not go far enough in its allegations since numerous other attorneys were aware of the nepotism and ethics violation but agreed to hire Fleck’s wife, anyway. Why are those senior attorneys and human resources officials not on the hook for failing to catch this problem before the hiring.

Nonetheless, IG reportedly referred the matter to DOJ for review.


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  1. Friends and Brothers; I hate to tell you, but whining and swear words are NOT going to propel us toward our objectives ! ! ! Of course we’re frustrated; of course we’re boiling over in a state of righteous indignation. We could spend all of today and all of tonight pointing out all of the things that are legitimately wrong with the VA, and we’d still be going. Unless we UNITE ( think of the trade unions in this country) and TAKE ON THESE ISSUES, ONE AT A TIME, UNTIL WE REACH A SATISFACTORY CLOSURE, we’ll meet here NEXT YEAR & NOTHING WILL HAVE CHANGED, DESPITE OUR GOOD INTENTIONS. C.H.

    1. Sailors Wife,

      Hi mom!!!

      I hate to tell you being courteous, respectful, using proper salutations, ahem… showing respect none returned just common facade, playing their games on or off their turf give little to no results either. No I for one will not bow and kiss butt constantly or conform to their demands or ways, or be totally silent like the majority. If there is a sounding board with some free speech attached I will use it the best I can for info, sharing, and showing some righteous indignation.

      It’s a woman’s world. Give us some ideas about herding cats since women seem to form mobs about every issue out there but for us vets or male vets. PETA, PINK, Animal rights, Vegan issues, Anti-Males, lefty Marches with the pink hats with vertical smiles with or without fur. For Antifa, communism, Marx-feminism, for Israel, Bon Bon eating Oprah, for Hillary, for activism all over against people like me from every place imaginable and then some. Where are all those whiners at? Hey, ‘if momma ain’t happy then nobodies happy,’ right? We are in a nation today where it’s cool to emasculate males and raise boys minus testicular fortitude and voice. So give us some hints. I know locally a male or vet dare not question or do some imaginary damage for not agreeing with some local females or Marx-fems who demand we all shut up and let them run over us all. Oh and state, county, media, city approved and supported.

      I personally when dealing with unions or playing union officer did I see much GOOD or well meaning unity for themselves or others in a so-called community. It was all about back-stabbing, greed, corruption, politics, later – globalism – and control. I have seen mob rule, civil unrest, protests, college activism, and on over everything out there but for veterans and change at any level.

      I have tried to form groups and sought unity for forty years, and longer over our White butts getting kicked around in school over…. race, corruption, the cliques which was all swept under the carpet … no unity. Just more demanded lies, forget about it, never happened, don’t create more problems or make our schools and community look bad. Barf.

      I played volunteer for over twenty years and tried to see some unity somewhere and for vet issues/suicide to no avail. Women could sure mob up over abuse and breast cancer or to support the local Humane Shelter… not for us or a male. Do what I am doing now or expecting some help from a Fem group or female journalist then I am labeled a misogynist, anti something, or non-conformist, game player, team player, or something like chauvinist pig. To asking them to risk their positions on my or other veterans behalf or issues. How dare I ask a female for some aid or support. Oh my, weep weep.

      I have attempted every angle out there. Over many issues or others issues. One issue at a time or more at once which one normally causes more issues to happen. Then finding out again that ‘One is the loneliness number’ la la la. Then going into defense mode. I have given my private info out here, all over, and totally exposed my self for open assault, death threats, retaliation, black-balled from every angle too, and much more. I am not a TV talking head, no radio personality, no security details, no country clubber or Masonite, etc. What are YOU doing my dear? And I don’t mind your input, insights or thoughts at all, really, I don’t. But consider this: not all of us out here are just playing keyboard commandos and haven’t before the computer age. Not hiding in the turtle shell of some imaginary hopes of anonymity that does not exist. I can tell urbanite (sp) stories that will spin your head around that the sheep just pass by or allow, and not a link to be found about it. No video to show.

      So. What’s the difference on Ben’s blog, a sounding board for some, a release for others, some needed venting, a bit of unity – at least online, some goofyness, and what I have endured contracting work around hair salons or beauty shops, or many kinds of meetings I’ve attended or had the many opportunities to listen in on being some kind of manager or position? Or in the past coffee shop meets that we don’t have locally anymore either. Many others can have minus hassles or labeling. Hell, it’s easy for them (females) veteran or not to assemble and form ‘groups’ and have tea and crumpets or whatever. Excluding whatever or whomever they desire or don’t care to be involved in for various reasoning. Many of them are not being censored, banned, strikes, like we are, or many of us are everywhere else and have been for many years.

      Currently thinking on starting a Zeta board so some can go do their private messaging to others for deeper concerns and sharing. Not to clog Ben’s blog up or take away from. Just one real free speech area with zero banning as long as no real aganst the law threats or spamming is involved. I think someone in better condition and dealing with less issues could do but if I have to try it I will. Doing, saying something is better than the total of …. nothing at all.

      Not to mention some of the great ideas for some change that’s been listed here among other info. WE know the scum at the top and our ENEMIES read this board. So why appease them with total silence, no exchange of ideas or sharing of local issues and how bad they are? We know the VSOs to media don’t give a hoot about us. I can’t attend public meetings due to many reasons, so what to do? Stuff it till our heads explode? Personally this non-conformist and one pissed off veteran and citizen is going to, The Poem… ‘Rage Rage Rage’ like others before me until I kick the happy land bucket and give up the ghost. I ain’t gonna do what lame asses, cowards, sheep, and the complacent of past generations did kicking the cans of poop down to us and beyond. I am totally up to my gills with all the crap going on and the commie locals here would just love to see me… silenced. The spies, VA trash, all kinds of ‘professionals, and Homeland Security too probably.

      Open for solutions and fast ones. All others out their have their ‘think tanks,’ college groups, MoveOn meetings, behind the door crap and discussion boards. I am open for any and all ideas.

      Death count for this … another fast week gone by is?….. Makes my blood boil.
      While the war machine marches on, media silent, more distractions, wants of war with Russia, and Israel gets more tributes, illegals and phony immigrants get it all…we get ignored.

    2. @Sailor’sWife – – – “Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.”

      – – Mark Twain – –

      If getting the VA straightened out (as it IS a NATIONAL SECURITY issue) is not an urgent and desperate circumstance in our modern times – – – I do not know what is.

  2. I just found my PTSD anthem.


    Hear the Devil callin
    Hear the Devil callin
    Well I hear the Devil callin, gotta pay him what he’s due

    I can’t stop the dogs of war
    I can’t stop the dogs of war

    See the fields burnin
    See the fields burnin
    Well I see the fields burnin, cuz hell is comin through

    I can’t stop the dogs of war
    I can’t stop the dogs of war

    Feel the river risin
    Feel the river risin
    Well I feel the river risin, Devils comin up for you

    I can’t stop the dogs of war
    I can’t stop the dogs of war
    I can’t stop the dogs of war
    I can’t stop the dogs of war

    -Blues Saraceno

    Fear it bitches.

  3. As we’ve been informed many times by VA employees, from top to bottom;

    *”We’ll still be here after the President, and many other representatives, is/are gone!”*

    No matter how one slices it. We are f**ked!

  4. where a fucking target most of us where there right to bear arms taking away from mental dignosis from the war. cant even protect ourselves. we either have a choice

    *become private US mercenaries and rely on gorilla warfare tactics to a now and up and coming 3rd world country such as united states that is asking for a civil war with there former militia .

    *become concentration camp men.

    * or (hope it never happens) revoke our citizenship to bureaucratic leaders and become refuges

    we are dead meat coming back to our homeland we are going to get fucked hard after trumps is gone.

    1. Nathaniel,
      Try googling this;
      “72 dead and over 200 wounded when the National Guard tried to confiscate weapons in Boston, Massachusetts!”

      It occurred between 2013 to 2015.
      In the article, the “… national guard had to retreat!”
      It was an attempt at “gun confiscation of the citizens of Boston!” It didn’t work!

      1. Commies want total control over Amerika bad.


  5. no offense ben your just picking grapes off the grape vine and feeding your veterans truly. seemingly trying to get to the root of this article is like pouring children’s cereal into a cracked oatmeal bowl of the VA .

    meanwhile liberal bureaucrats are desperately trying to put a workforce camp program for us to live in .like shipping containers(look at the VA’s logistics this month i did .do u know how many shipping containers they bought and put on military’s allotment expenditure sheet for allocated reserves for urban develop plan for the national guards agenda .)do need proof?

    while some nazi gestapo FEMA guard tells us we failed America because to much money going into foreign wars.

    liberals crying about old news milk in a dirty crack oatmeal bowl such as the VA’s political system about a scumbag lawyer and dittsey wife that they hired anyways. it really isnt news at all matter a fact probably going to see alot of that shit so congress can create a smoke curtain on how to fuck there vets out of there benefits .

    when there is better fish to fry in the afternoon, theres a deer to hunt for at night says the soviet farmer that hunts for the American government .

    like why the OIG is not getting rid of the union to put corrupted contractors that work with bureaucratic lobbyist behind bars . there powers are not that limited if there netting lawyers in .lol

    the American bureaucrat are turn coat monsters for a job and do eat there own kind in action they are a threat to American capitalist that offer small business to vets that really want to make a difference in there nation. if u really put down the news and watch what they do rather than what they say from deceptive or speculative influence….

    well its going to be the liberal burrowing Rats nest that will sink deep into the federal reserve system to jock national treasure around, congress will be so pissed at that point they will hire the most fucked up men ever existed on this planet. and the new wave of young law enforcement will usher them in because shoot to kill is a higher pension for them and as vets getting life time pensions where on that fucking list buddy.

    yet i wonder this OIG always being the hero in your article is a bit of a side track.i mean media evidence is joshing OIG yet there is no special investigation whether if or if not this investigations are a conflict of interest departed by democrats and resentful va employees to make a scene more than it really is.

    get a Military lawyer jail time but when a VA employee is offered a lawyers job while bureaucrats hire them that want contract but cant get them have to make scape goat with federal employee , where the fuck the OIG on that one. huh? why cant u investigate that shit for illegal conflict of interest .

    A politician or bureaucrat directing public funds to an organization in which they or a relative have an executive position or ownership stake to make VA lawyers so congress can have a scape goat. that shit happens all the time at the VA HEY OIG WHAT THE FUCK GOING TO TELL THE VICTIM TO GO TO PATIENT ADVOCATE AT THAT TIME>

    1. True Steve. But depending on the issue some can be drawn out. Others can possibly be made or paid well enough to fall on the sword for others or to appease plaintiffs over someone getting their tit caught in the wringer for doing naughty stuff. The “fall guys,” “sacrifices, collateral damage,” or escape goats so they can carry on with any BS, agendas and games. Those at the very tip top have their dogs and thugs do everything for them including corporate heads, politicians, etc. Like with corrupt judges and such if they call you in their chambers or behind closed corporate doors, or local scum commies for a beer or coffee in a secluded quiet spot…. for a discussion or some friendly intimidation etc., the picture is made clearer. Then some have their little street activist and front pawns for the games. Some you will know all about by their silence (like two faced union people playing corporate rat) or how they react when needed or the shit hits the fan or some support is needed. Especially if the support was there then they platy the ‘bait n switch.’ or the falling out or away. Or can see it at a VA when non-union creeps support the union team mates and vice versa while wagon circling. That is partly why we hardly ever make it to the top, past their secretaries/team, to talk to the top dogs themselves. Like the chain of command…pecking order….don’t break it you bad dogs now go lay down and shush.

      Since most or them are psychos or sociopaths piss them off enough or hit a sore spot like bruising their super ego or hubris hard telling what will come out. Like with Hollywood types, country clubbers, the elite, those who think all should bow before them and they know what’s best for all or know it all. MDs included, academia types as well.

      Then you have to watch for the sick asses that will do anything to fit in and prove themselves that they are worthy to rub shoulders with the ilk links in the chain or be good little clique and club members or mafia like wise ass players. Lap dogs and yes people. In a state like Indiana the above is about all you can find above the lower layers of the pyramid scheme. That is why nothing can be done locally and not much can be done in DC.

  6. Sorry old boy, but guillotines don’t make for very dramatic crucifixions. It certainly won’t matter of the blade is rusty or polished stainless. Likewise, if it’s a slow painful demise you seek – I’d go with sanitary hardware. No sense in an infection speeding things up.

    1. Heck Windguy. I used to be handy and quick with a nail gun. Would love to volunteer for some tree work. No regrets, no worries. Just like how we are treated with no mercy, no compassion, no lost sleep. I am damn serious too.

      1. 91. Oh my, greater than my thinking of nail guns or while in the yard… not pissing on them if they were on fire…all of them, any gender, any profession. Save for Ben. LOL Cheese grater! Tower of London shit.

      2. @91Veteran- Would you like a complimentary sample bag of “Salts Of The World” to use with that nice sanitary cheese grater?! 😀

  7. I just read an article about a former presidential Ethics Lawyer whining about possible Trump issues. Ignoring the whole Trump thing, I struggle mightily with Ethics and Lawyer as an occupational title. (Sorry Ben – you knew what you were getting into…)

    1. Writ before about my experiences with ethical lawyers or disciplinary commissions or da
      BAR, ACLU, or ABA.

      1. Had a long time info gathering, costly, federal brief with all original evidence/info simply lost by an attorney moving to a new office. An X state attorney general. Nothing to be done about it… excused… no professional misconduct to be found. File thirteen-ed never to be found or heard of again. Oops there goes that statute of limitations or loss of witnesses.

      2. Caught my divorce and child custody attorney at my to be X-wife’s apartment. Dropped me then became her lawyer. Same damn thing and I became the town’s enemy …. again. IN Supreme Court of Disciplinary Action like recently over VA disability and not being Bankruptcy exempt. No misconduct to be found. No name in the letters just from the “Commission”.

      Prosecutors failing to charge their cliques, concubines, mafia thug buds with crimes. SNAFU. Nothing new.

      I can list more.

      What are they as a professional group doing for our freedoms of speech, the censoring, or giving us aid against the VA, unions, political hacks and other thugs. Or against the special interest groups or activist.

      Had to deal with a few violations of improper/illegal court procedures, etc. Same thing, nothing to be done. State’s lawyers want nothing to do with corruption or “cleaning up others messes” or not covering their asses well enough. “Professional Courtesy.” So such is life in a totally corrupt system and mainly because of … Lawyers, bankers, politicians at the top of the list. Clear as day. Ben knows it, para legals know it and why their are laws like with the medical community to protect them and be sure they have very few ‘whistle-blowers’ or traitors to their professions. You don’t see any of them running to our rescue or to do some Pro Bono work, especially for a male. There is no self-policing with any of them, no overseers to watch over them. No transparency to them threatening to having the abilities and connection to sue and ruin our asses in every way possible… legally. Or illegally if need be by the thugs they know.

      Maybe Ben found out like others have. Got in to do some good things to find out he just joined into a swamp that can never be drained of swamp monsters like those in every state, town and in DC. Maybe he discovered he was neck deep in gators like Trump is in his lame attempts of….. ‘draining.’ But found out the swamp monsters are his overlords and demand many tributes and mucho ass kissing. So much so 24 Martinis will not get the nasty taste outta his mouth. Pure fact.

  8. How is this even possible. Are these people facing censure at the Bar – Has anyone made a Bar complaint?

    1. Ralph, I too would like to see a bar complaint made, but I doubt any would go forward unless these two were fired or convicted.

      I also think a good case good be made for an ethics complaint to the bar, but would it result in anything happening?

  9. This is one huge, the biggest problem we have. When every politicians, the majority of DC and the corrupt scum locally get the balls to stand up to sacred cows and foreigners… things might start to change. While monies continue to flood to the worlds wealthiest and most un-deserving terrorist and players out there.


    50:20 mark. teachers on food stamps then puke.

    Huge amounts of phony FED bucks being lost, stolen, hidden, and freely given away, our tax dollars, and small change for vets and this country or to help clean up corruption. We suffer while tyrant scum and others can obtain whatever their little hearts desire…including little kiddies that Podesta or Hillary can probably provide. We get…”wait” or your all criminal elements or will be, or told to suffer do without. How nice.

      1. Oldmarine. Yeah, he who spoke some truth called anti-Semite, anti-Federal Reserve anti-Holocaust …. oy vey… person targeted by all DC swamp creatures of every kind. How dare anyone not toe-the-line, speak truth or dare question the wanna-be writers of sick laws, the communist/Marxist, wanna-be (nearly) rulers of all mankind.

        Eustace Mullins: I stand by him rather than all the barf bags and perverts in DC and high places today. They can label me all they want F-em all. Truth is truth. Just don’t call me late for supper.

  10. Looks like the SWAMP within the VA is still largely occupied by people like this husband and wife attorneys who circumvented the system by ignoring the rules and guidelines in force in hiring and working in the same department or agency for financial gains, all involved should be prosecuted for their personal involvement and knowledge that these people broke the law and such law should be used to bring these people to Justice and fined accordingly and fired and should repay restitution

  11. The IG should be pushing hard for DOJ to prosecute these thieves, because its clear they devised a manner in which to steal from the taxpayers. Will DOJ attorneys go after some of their own? Or will they decline to prosecute because Fleck and these other hacks all belong to the right groups?

    Ho Lee Fuk! Now we see clearly why Burch was able to drive a Rolls Royce after running the worst charity scam in existence. Every damn one of them had their own scams taking place.

    As for Fleck and the little missus…both have been bouncing around federal agencies long enough to know their excuses are bullshit. Any attorney involved in this should have known any person hired has to agree IN WRITING that they accept the job before ANY official action is taken, including sharing any internal data.

    Phone calls don’t do it. Any HR official in any federal agency should know this, and they should have to answer for this entire scam as well. Who approved creation of the position? Who approved the description of what the job entailed? Who approved an internal announcement with an outside exception? How was this advertised outside the agency? How long was it advertised? Why was it done so poorly, only the little missus managed to know of it and apply? Were there any internal candidates? Did they only advertise this job for a few hours on Friday afternoon?

    Gore claimed outside candidates contacted him, including this hack. Why was he listed as a contact rather than someone in HR? How many candidates contacted him? What did he tell others that were interested? That it was already filled? How long was this job advertised? Does Gore have so much free time that he can act as an HR contact for federal jobs? Has he done this for any other job openings?

    Yeah its nice to see the IG find their balls and subpoena phone records, but all of the questions above should be easy to document. I suspect the IG only did this because they know the Office of Special Counsel is watching over their shoulder. Did the IG look at any of this documentation? Did the IG ask why HR did not handle all of this? Is the IG making a referral that all of these hacks be fired in addition to referring them to the DOJ? How is their lying to the IG any different than Shulkin lying to the IG?

    Until some of these scum lapping shitbags are stomped on, this corruption will continue.

    …but Shulkin was doing so well running this mess….

    1. Concerned Veteran Arnold Cabral listen get on website call Helping Veterans Helping Veterans express your belief on improving Veteran Health Care I am not come back on this website….Semper Fi Don’t Surrender.

    2. The recommendation (in the original IG report and not in Ben’s article) was this investigation was referred to the DOJ for prosecution. The DOJ declined, saying administrative remedies were available to the VA. In other words, no one is going to be prosecuted and, probably, no one will even lose their job.

      1. Thanks for the update Dan. I can imagine the DOJ is still as overrun with swamp rats as any other entity in DC, so I am not surprised they declined.

        At some point, it WILL catch up to them.

  12. I think this corrupt lawyer should be given all the rights and priveledges that corrupt citizens could expect in the great Roman Empire. They had a compassionate system that recognized citizenship entitled you to special protections under the law. Here is a copy and paste from a Roman history site we might use as a template for VA folks who lie….let us grant them Roman citizenship!

    “During the Republic and early Empire, being a Roman citizen was tremendously valuable for anyone accused of a crime. Citizens were tried in different courts than noncitizens, and much milder punishments were meted out for conviction of identical crimes. Beheading instead of crucifixion, exile instead of slavery in the mines or quarries until you were worked to death: being a citizen had tremendous advantages.”

    Of course a public servant is sort of a slave… right?

    1. Rusty guillotines or rusty nails for crucifixion!

      Get your rusty guillotine blades and rusty crucifixion nails here!

      (no worrying about tetanus when you are going to die horrifically anyway)

      Get your rusty blades and crucifixion nails here!

      1. Sorry old boy, but guillotines don’t make for very dramatic crucifixions. It certainly won’t matter of the blade is rusty or polished stainless. Likewise, if it’s a slow painful demise you seek – I’d go with sanitary hardware. No sense in an infection speeding things up.

      2. @Windguy- “Creative Crucifixions, L.L.C.” would like to inform you that we do just that, crucifixions outside the box and with flare and sometimes even flame. Order your gift basket @ hangnailz dot com.

  13. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:


  14. Off topic
    @Seymore Klearly
    I just watched the yt vid link you posted yesterday.
    I must say, his bearing is impressive and let’s just see what the future directives impart. I pray that this is not just “pretty talk” attempting to bolster the hopes of veteran patients. Additionally, now that fired SecVA Shulkin has finally seen that truth, we can say “whew!” on the issues related to that.

  15. Well, these criminal activities by VA employees, from top to bottom, has to be sent to the DOJ for prosecution. Will that happen? Doubtful!
    We’ve already seen where the DOJ has refused to indict anyone in the VA. Or, will they begin? Doubtful!

  16. Bwaa ha ha ha, oh my. Bottom up??? Bwaa ha ha ha ha.


    1. @T – – – Amvets is full of it! Real, Reasonable reform my arse!

      Real reasonable reform will occur when people who commit crimes in the VA system begin to receive minimum 3 year (no time off horseshit) jail terms AND are then barred from ANY federal or state government for the remainder of their lives . . .

      Get HONEST people in there who will NOT be corrupted – – – and real, reasonable reform will begin to occur at FLANK SPEED . . .

      1. James, would be great start along with other suggestions listed out here. Along with the salt and cheese graters. A good ‘black balling’ like some others would do to us would be a fine addition.

        I still have to order Congressman Buck’s book and what he found entering the grand corrupt halls of DC. At least he is trying to get the word out about how bad it really is. All of it ran ol’ Jesse Ventura off. lol

        Locally if your not a dyed in the wool Democrat with a proven track record, corrupt, a team player, you won’t succeed in much or get into politics or appointed positions/media/academic positions. That is why they brag about being a “Democrat Stronghold.” Also why in this state the majority run for cover when certain names or mentioned or some threat like me shines through or creates issues for them. Here R doesn’t mean R or Constitutionalist just as D means in reality.

        Flank speed is what I was hoping to see in Trump but I think he broke a prop, sheared a key, or got a swamp monster or several Obummer monster hold-overs stuck or wrapped around something or bent a rudder.

        No way I could run for anything here. I vowed many years ago I’d never work a union shop or job again ever, and didn’t. All I know deep in the shit allowed the systems that-be shape and change them just so they can make the history books, get a little power, wear some badge, or play circus maximus and make big money, get connections. Join the Masons. Sealed up tighter than a Gnat’s ass over a rain barrel here.

        Heck, I was hoping Trumpster would jump on our matters then maybe dump the lobbyist too. Ha ha.

      2. @T – – – I hear you! Congressman Buck’s book is next on my never ending book list. Had one of his relatives as a shipmate back in the early 1980’s. Young ladies was a fine QM that I (as the CIC Watch Sup) could always trust and depend on.

        Hawaii is also a democrat stronghold. The republicans will never carry this state. The last time Hawaii had a Republican in the U.S. Senate was 1977. Since becoming a state in 1959, it’s had just two GOP members in the U.S. House of Representatives, most recently in 2011.

        In the state Senate, all 25 members are now Democrats, since a lone Republican, Sam Slom, lost his reelection bid last November after 20 years in office.

        As I have stated before – – – I am an issue and solutions guy. I agree with democrats on some of their ideas, and with republicans on some of theirs. Depends on issue. I also see corruption on both sides of the aisle.

        I could never get elected or appointed for ANY office. NONE of them would want me because I would bust their balls hard, and equally. Political tact (as my wife calls it) it something I do not possess or want to. Wastes too much time.

        Were I SecVA – – – the first thing I would do is find a way to either reduce my salary to 50 or 25 percent of what it currently is. If I could not legally do that, then I would find a way to donate what I did not actually require for basic living expenses to veterans advocates that hold the VA’s feet to the fire.

        Why? Because websites that do that would be performing a valuable service to me as SecVA.

        I would also require a Presidential (Blank) Pardon – – – as some of my “teaching” methods would seem a bit harsh to some. As an example, Thomas Bowman would received a personally delivered bullet into his brain. For what that asshole has done, I would spare that taxpayers the delay and cost of a trial – – – and all that would entail. Swift. Simple. Decisive. Just.

        I would expect after the first one or two “teaching moments”, word would quickly get around that “the new Old Man (Skipper) ain’t one to bullshit because he will not stand for it”.

        As a combat veteran – – – it would not be the first time I had the experience of killing. And the message would get around.

        After that, I do not think that it would be to long before the upper echelon management within the organization got squared away, or got out. No more of this milking the taxpayers and fucking over veterans – – – then collecting a nice fat retirement for it.

      3. James
        Heck I gave up trying to write the perfect paper a long time ago. Typos, spell check screw-ups, people’s disability issues, educational levels, whatever doesn’t bother me a bit. I don’t have OCD or that stuck in academics or a control freak so I easily over-look it and bright enough still to figure things out. Plus the way things are now with some health and sight issues I don’t need to waste time trying to be perfect or edit something multiple times to catch screw-ups. That stuff is like trying to be social, get my points across, deal with scum-sucking politicians/activist, or have conversations and dealing with highly distractive, interrupting pain, brain farts, rest room finding, situational awareness, or cramping issues etc. Too much to deal with while most think I am all over the place and can’t think straight, or not get my stories straight or lose time-lines. It may take a while to drag some info or something out of me, or for me to remember something since the VA SSRI barrage, and etc.

        It’s also why I will openly inform some asshole or activist coming at me or breaking my private/personal space I will swiftly put them down and take them out even it costs me my own demise. I won’t travel alone across the river Styx/give up the ghost alone not caring a damn who I take with me in that situation. And I am no bad ass. Game time and allowing cute first punches went away a long time ago with the old bar-tending days and such. The above also includes the local scum young attorneys or upcoming filth that would stand in my way, push chairs in front of me while trying to make an exit, or emergency exit, from a room during a town hall meeting or the likes. No disagreements allowed. They think such actions are cute and a sure shoe-horn tactic to show they follow their daddies and fit in with the local commie herd for city or county positions. My oh my, who would smash the face of some little punk playing lawyer and able to sue easily? With a room full of witnesses more than willing to lie for these freaks.



        Oh shit, again. Banker’s wars…

        Scams? Like forcing people to use PCP isn’t a scam that actually causes more problems and more costs jumping from one MD to another for some thing the first MD should have, could have, easily taken care of in the first visit. Horse poop. Scams a plenty out there.

        Sounds like Hawaii is right up there with Indiana with the ‘strong-hold’ issue. Across the board never ending roots of corruption networked throughout and as deep as hell.

        With each vote I cast I hope someone will actually be a ‘issue and solutions’ type of person. Wrong. Never seems to happen, just more lip service. Then people say to ‘wait and see.” For how many damned generations?? I think people have become too acclimated and comfy living in a world of shit, fear tactics, corruption, inaction. People like us that don’t BS around is not wanted or feared. We would totally upset their little corrupt apple carts and the money changers. Put those like us if need be in the White House/governor’s bunker with pen, paper, Exec orders, compliment of security, go by the Constitution etc., watch heads roll and things change within a day. Fast/swift. And screw the ‘deep-state,’ lobbyist, commies, swamp creatures, activist, and shadow governance. That is all la la land thinking though. Why we are enemies of many.

      4. Damn “Spell Czech” !!! Should have read young laddie – – – not young ladies.

    2. F#@$$&%N Spelling!!!!! Just found 6 more errors in my post! Hate when what I typed gets changed by a #$@!&%^*)!! machine . . .

  17. Try opening your open your own website like I did called Veterans helping Veterans ,

  18. Something tells me that there’s still some VA OIG personnel remaining & fervently masturbating in all glass conference rooms at the VA or just an infectious case of cranium-up-asses syndrome. Likely both.

    Nepotism is rampant at the VA. Nepotism, coupled with the AFGE minions, you have a gene-pool only good for a traveling freak show of ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’, and a beta-testing crew for industrial weight-carrying office furniture.

    The spares no expense hiring hotshot attorneys but will go completely CHEAP and hire medical personnel that’s fresh from the hut, barely speaks nor reads English even as a third language, condescending assholes, shitty medical….but have freaky expensive attorneys in their glass orgy rooms.

    (fuck off, VA) (Dr. Shulkin, you WERE FIRED…please go away and suck ass somewhere else)

  19. Nice graphic. Great points and info.

    It shouldn’t be that difficult for people to see the depth of corruption deeply rooted in the entire USA. Some people can’t be convinced or shown how deeply connected it all is state to state, town to town. Yet excuses are given by the majority… they don’t want to get involved or known about. Or desire to stand back while some of us stick our necks out to show some reality of life. Countless numbers benefit from all the nepotism or corruption while playing the innocent not getting involved game or using some activist tactic/labeling to throw a wrench in the gears or machinery to prevent any groups to form or something to be exposed. Especially in towns like mine that are great for showing how generations of attorneys and cliques can completely rule or ruin our lives and phony communities the sheep think is so great.

    Another point. People, vets, think any of our information is secure and private or for some professional eyes only? False. It depends on the issues at hand and the toes that have been stepped on, or who or what has been questioned or challenged. That is akin to the masses thinking we are “free” when we are far from it. But then some claim we are just a nation of laws… which is total BS. Laws for us but not for ‘them.’ I don’t think examples are required.

    No. Reports, investigations, revelations don’t go far enough. Can’t and will not go far enough. No such thing as true transparency especially in government or dealing with secret society crap or the chains of nepotism and deceit. May blemish some sacred cows and expose the filth at the top and behind the scenes. Why do people think the VSOs and many others seem to be in stand down status or refuse to get involved like many others do. But sure great at facade and fluff little real action or change… for generations. WE are talking very big money here and the top of the power players in the games of life and government. Think we are going to change the SES, the black budget crowd, the insider clubs, those with permanent positions in any level of government or society? Ha. With all this censoring and distractions going on? With those ‘at the top’ being silent and showing great inaction towards it all. Just lip service and photo ops.

    The earlier days of personal computing showed a little truth about the major connections. Until they got wise and seen some of us were spreading the news about their Ivy League anti-Americanism and all the various groups showing their powers and names given openly for their letter writing campaigns or involvement in full support of DC corruption or to benefit some corporation or foreign interest. Big names, PHDs, MDs, Law groups, Med groups, etc. None seemed to give a damn about anything but for those at the top and to keep the corruption in and getting more corrupt involved. But too late to find that info today…it’s all scrubbed. Their agendas should be clear as glass while we suffer and ‘eat bread’ or cake.

  20. A major issue that you have pointed out, is getting the message through to any of the Joe and Jane Citizen’s, short of producing an entertaining reality program of the disasters from their lack of attention to government details!
    They do their 40 hour or so bit per week, become totally mesmerized watching others’ displays on some media after stuffing themselves on an advertised meal special and MOST IMPORTANTLY when it comes to anything to do with the government, they are going to vote, pay attention, etc. to the ONLY point that has an immediate/direct effect/affect on their own private world, …and the consequences of that choice do not matter one iota.

    1. Rose my belief as a Concerned Veteran all the Representatives and Senators to express your firm belief how to improve Veterans Healthcare you have to be in their State….Semper Fi ?,

    2. True. Some things have been lost over the generations. Like sacrifice, truth, communication to standing up to the bullies (tyrants) that claim to be fighting against ‘bullying.’ Hogwash. People don’t care about much until it hits too close to home then want to take action for ‘their’ own. It may be too late then like VA care or how censoring benefits them and their politics or agendas.

      The local historical society is working on my rail riding medal winner.

      I am also going out full blast on FB and again contacted local media types about all the shit going on. That they can’t seem to believe the VA or corruption is that bad here, or can be. But declared the talking heads probably wouldn’t want involved when some names and the VA was mentioned. Even talked to one gent that is going to the same pain MD I was, then had to stop, and sits for 4, four, hours for pain meds but seems to think that is okay or ethical. Sure is strange times in ‘murika.’

      Oh well, another day. We will see.

    3. @Arnold
      You are correct!
      Imagine for a second, our Founding Father’s, with today’s timewasters during their life span!
      If today’s citizens spent even one half of an hour each week apprising themselves on the larger picture of their governmental day-to-day operations, albeit local, state or federal, there would be a better overall operation of the business of government.

      1. Rosie,will do. I am hoping to get it to post on my FB page too, or while I have it. May have to get active on all the alternative sites too other than FB. Youtube, tweeter, is worthless.

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