Former VA Appeals Head Tried To Steer Contract For Hubby, Allowed Racist Hostility


A Daily Caller piece that exposed the racist “Forum of Hate” between VA attorneys also revealed the key reason the former head of the VA Board of Appeals stepped down.

In an investigation, then Board head Laura Eskenazi reportedly lied to investigators about the attempt to steer a major VA contract to her husband’s employer, CACI.

Rather than be terminated, Eskenazi was allowed to move to a different part of the agency, Human Resources.

Curiously, under her watch, she not only tried to steer a contract to the company that employed her husband, but she also presided over the subordinates who created the racist Forum of Hate (FOH).

In that forum, federal attorneys badmouthed VA supervision and employees hired through affirmative action.

According to the Daily Caller, some of the excerpts from the FOH were:

Posters on the FOH compared Board of Veterans Affairs (BVA) compared “leadership sexual organs to a food product,” and said “ni–ers just gotta nig,” according to the same report. They called an obese black female VA supervisor “G-POT”— G is a prefix used by status-obsessed rappers, and POT because they said she looked like a hippopotamus.

“G-POT probably takes notes of who usually stays late before leaving at 3pm and then tips off some thug cousin that some prospective rape ‘n’ rob victims are to be had that evening,” wrote a poster. 

“Want G-POT to work her whole tour? Staple gun some chicken wings to the walls of her office. Make them high up so she needs to work for them,” another responded.

They altered a picture of an employee receiving an award to say “certificate good for one big bag of weed and an eight ball of coke.”

The emails from the FOH is how Eskinazi was caught in an unethical bind. However, in an effort to cover up wrongdoing, VA OIG released a 10-page whitewash instead of the 49-page draft version that exposed Eskinazi for what she did.

According to the Daily Caller:

One week after promising to keep Congress and the public “fully and currently” informed, the Inspector General (IG) of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) rewrote a report to remove evidence that a senior VA executive tried to steer a massive government contract to her husband’s employer.

Laura Eskenazi, then-vice chairman of the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA), “misused her public office” by plotting with her husband Jonathan to develop a plan that could lead to a major financial “opportunity” for CACI, a government contractor that employed him. Eskenazi then sought to cover it up with “dubious” claims, according to a 49-page draft version of the IG report that was obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group (TheDCNF).

But the version given Congress and the public was only 10 pages discussing an unrelated and less serious rumor about Eskenazi, which the IG said it “did not substantiate.” Nothing was said in the final version about the contracting issue.

How well do you suppose she did in VA Human Resources? I have heard she is no longer employed at the agency.

Laura Eskenazi Departure Letter

After Eskenazi stepped down as head of the Board, Carol DiBattiste joined the Board as a replacement for the few months before President Donald Trump was elected.

Last August, Eskenazi wrote the following email to her staff about her departure:

Board Team –

“Three years and one month ago, I was appointed as your Vice Chairman and Executive in Charge by Secretary Shinseki. To mirror the words of President Obama last week, I am ready to pass the baton. This will be my last week at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. Carol DeBattiste will head the Board.

The past three years as Vice Chairman / Executive in Charge were phenomenal in so many ways. The challenges we faced as organization, and the resilience we demonstrated could not have happened without a great team by my side – a team that I will miss. I was so proud to represent you all before other great leaders in the Department, stakeholders, members of Congress, and even a few brief handshakes with the President himself. As I move on, others will rise to the occasion with new energy, and the Board’s journey will continue to evolve into an exciting new future. The new President, whichever candidate is elected, will successfully name a Board Chairman. Having served for three years in the shoes of the Chairman (or Chairwoman!) while simultaneously serving as Vice Chairman, I think I can safely recommend picking a separate person for each of those big roles! (By the way, I am fairly certain that I am the first woman to have served in either of those roles … we have sure come a long way!!

Thank you for the opportunity to learn with you. As I have said to many of you over the years, leadership is a humbling experience – and if you do not feel humility, you have not truly led. I leave behind some fond memories. I wish you the best, and hope that the tenets of integrity, commitment, advocacy, respect, and excellence always shine brightly as you strive to carry out the mission of giving back to those who gave themselves in the name of freedom for our great country!

Laura Eskenazi

Am I the only one who finds it interesting how all these scandals are being leaked via the press or IG all the sudden?

I literally cannot keep up.

Source; https://dailycaller.com/2017/03/20/exclusive-federal-attorneys-created-a-secret-va-forum-of-hate/

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  1. Give a quick listen and watch to this MD.
    The info coming out makes health issues and corruption run deeper and deeper and more disgusting.
    Google or DuckDuckGo …..

    On YouTube..
    Government & Healthcare – No Money in Prevention! – With Dr. David Janda
    John B. Wells
    John B. Wells

  2. recently on a Maria Bartiromo segment, i didn’t hear her ask Shulkin about cleaning up the internal corruption so widespread at VA/VBA.

    i did hear Shulkin repeat the neverending mantra that VA needs mo money so they can hire mo doctors, windowdressings, etc., so they can put veterans first (paraphrasing). veterans first, really? in what capacity Shulkin?

    VA will never put veterans first over VA and its union and the D.C. ppl that are bought and owned.

    why hire mo doctor’s Shulkin? you will only indoctrinate them to the corrupt VA ways. you know it and we all know it.

    For 30+ years i’ve heard nothing from VA, VSO’s & some Congress ppl except, mo money, mo money, VA needs mo money to do its job, NEVER have i heard or seen VA clean up its own infested swamp of corruption.

    with all that mo money over the decades, i ask why is the veteran community, whistleblowers, etc., still bringing up the same issues that have been brought up over the decades? VA & Congress has fixed nothing at VA, that is why.

    ask yourself this President Trump, would Shulkin run a private company like he runs the VA and has witnessed at VA? we already know the answer to that. he would not!

    President Trump, do America & her Veteran’s a favor and fire Shulkin and replace with someone(s) who will actually begin swamp cleanup. if internal corruption shows signs of fading, then give VA mo money to hire more doctor’s, but not before.

  3. On-Topic this morning after taking some time to digest Laura Eskenazi’s insane racists posts on that “Forum Of Hate” (FOH), because when coupled with her being slid over to the deck chair of head of VA Human Resources makes her racists comments even more scathing in that’s exactly the type of individual you NEVER WANT in ANY part of a Human Resource Dept., let alone a huge Federal Agency, where the very Veterans they are supposedly there to ‘serve’ is collectively the most brilliant kaleidoscope of racial/ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, a true melting pot of USA can be found amongst the enlisted and officer rank of each branch…and the VA thought it was okay to place this bitch in charge of Human Resources after saying things on a public forum that easily could find her with a few thousand Black Lives Matter protesters around her letting her know exactly how they feel about her comments.

    Befitting punishment for Laura Eskenazi: Have her do like “John McCain” from second “Die Hard” movie had to do, and have Laura Eskenazi wear a large placard sign with what she wrote about African-Americans on it boldly, and made to walk in a tour of a few major cities in middle of the hoods of Harlem, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, and St. Louis for starters on her ‘Rainbow Tour’…might make a great Michael Moore film once he’s melted his snowflake entirely and needs some work.

    (even if there ARE tons of tonnage of hungry hippos at the VA, it sounds like Laura Eskenazi is a sociopath)

    1. @Namnibor – Good idea for Eskenazi [third paragraph]. I reread my post, and totally missed the point that this so called leader [Eskenazi] was on the FOH forum spewing this demeaning bull shit. Stupid prejudice bull shit is no longer accepted in our society.

      I’ll tell you, there is just so much stuff going on with the VA. It overwhelms us because of the scheming and corruption that continually goes on in this agency. McCain too. He should have been gone long ago. No offense Arizonians, but why do you elect this man all the time as Senator of your state? New blood is needed. Vote against McCain next election. And, implementation of term limits should have been done long ago.

    1. @Jo3n: Hey, Jo3n, really no need to apologize for a typo. I wish I made that typo. The folks tonight really needed to release some long pent up frustrations, and you provided that trigger. I don’t think you realize how much help you provided tonight, and you couldn’t have done it at a better time. I hope you didn’t feel that we were laughing at you because we wern’t. Thank you for tonight. God Bless you, and sleep well.

      P.S. Sometimes it’s the silly things in life, that provide the best of medicines.

    2. @Jo3n, thank you for your typos. Sorry you had a rough day. We all make typos. Your typos helped us laugh at things and it was not you just a little silliness. Your sincerity i appreciate. I hope that things go better for you and your living arrangements. Thank you.

  4. @y’all, appreciate comments, and @Ben, I don’t always do the right thing, and sorry for typo… These days I am always up. Quickly saying, I’ve rented where I been living forced 15years. A month ago, my elderly landlord brought her 48year old granddaughter, who’s been out there for years. I was manipulated by this sweet old lady. I am now on guard 24/7. I have company over so I can shower. She’s not violent, just a tweaker. Thanks

    1. @Jo3n – Why do you need company over when you take a shower? Does the landlord’s granddaughter go through your personal things? If so, you may need to get explosive die packs to tag this woman. You shouldn’t have to put up with someone that you don’t trust when your paying rent. You home is for refuge. That’s your spot, no one else should intimidate or manipulate you. For me, I totally despise manipulation. I see it as a form of witchcraft. The workings of the evilly wicked.

  5. @Jo3n,@Disgruntled Veteran,@ANutterVet,@Ex va: Fantastic night, but I do have an appointment tomorrow early, so I must say goodnight to all. Goodnigh, and God Bless you all. See you on the flip side.

    1. @cj, God Bless you and yours. I hope it is the appointment you like. Goodnight and good rest!

  6. One of these days we are all going to need to do a road trip, I am sure we will break all records of being booted out of the most places.

    1. Yeah, once they see the gun rack on the back window, and your artwork that’s on the table. They’ll throw us all out. LMAO

      1. Shootz @cj , @Ex va , @Disgruntled Veteran , @Jo3n – the first thing we gotta do is to make sure we get medicine that works for us. Wow time flies, its almost 2:30am Thursday morning. I gotta hit the hey. God bless you Brothers, and your families as well. What a rally tonight. Get some rest and try stay pain free, and don’t stray from home.

      2. @ANutterVet, should make those stickers for the back window for our trucks and cars. LOL!!!

      3. @ANutterVet, God Bless you and your family. I hope you get some good rest and pain is down on the scale for you. Take care. Good to see you here tonight.

      4. @Ex va – Same here Brother. Get some rest. I hope you didn’t wet yourself from laughing too much tonight. Call the VA for depends. LMAO God bless you and your family as well. @Disgruntled Veteran, chew your steak up well. Good night.

  7. @ANutterVet; set the mortar due west, and I’ll run out to the back yard with a catchers mit.

    1. @cj – I’m not lobbing poo balls, plus I don’t think you want to go to Hollywood. Hint: lefty, righty. New territory for you. You’ll have to load up some extra shot.@cj, @Ex va, @Disgruntled Veteran, did @Jo3n drop off?

      1. @cj – I’ve got both. You don’t want to get the artillery group mixed up. Especially if they’ve already been drinking sake. LOL

      2. @ANutterVet: uh oh…..wait…………no…….it’s ok to dink saki and drive howitzers, I see nothing in the owners manual that says otherwise.

        ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃

      3. @cj – If it was in the manual, one of us had it removed in the first place. Earlier wife was munching on arare [Japanese rice crackers]. She eats that stuff almost every night. Even stashes it away from me. The dog gets to eat as much as he wants. Where do I fit in? VA gives me a bunch of BS, wife hides the treats from me, spends all our money, flushes my weed down the toilet [only joking]. What to do . . .

        I hope POTUS leaves Medical Marijuana alone. This is where I disagree with him if he does.

      4. @cj, i think missle looks right. I dunno sometimes my words don’t look right either when i am typing them.

      5. Plus, kow kow time on your end. You one lucky. Nice weather, nice beaches, good food, etc. Boy do I remember, crying my heart out. Hey DV, I really felt homesick when I came back here. Broke down too brah.

      6. Grind em brah, too late and too far from my end. Enjoy! No choke if steak from one tough bull with da kine nuts still attached. Mountain steaks. Hey brah, come on, eat up, no waste a ting.

      7. @ANutterVet, maybe someday you could go back to the islands. I don’t say never about anything anymore. Things can get better. I hope to be doing the RVing thing in the states in a few years. i will have more bills paid down. As long i don’t need anymore surgeries or hospital visits i might be able to take a vacation. I have to make a positive plan about things.

      8. @Ex va – I sure hope that you’re able to get RVing. That would be great for you and your family. You could use some time to enjoy life. I feel it on my end. It pisses me off when the VA is not on your team. They only want to control your life. I want them out of my life. And, when that day arrives, I’ll personally let them know. @cj – post one of them fingers for me please.

      9. Hey………Veterans Admin………..This is from ANutterVet:

        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…\………. _.·´

      10. @ANutterVet, i hope you can get away from va healthcare, somehow, someway, i have insurance, otherwise i would be stuck and there was a time i was stuck using the va. And they didn’t want to help me either. Same kinda stories that Veterans repeat on here. I will be glad when the day that you can get your healthcare somewhere else.

      11. @Ex va – Me too. Keep my family in your prayers Brother. I appreciate it very much. Good night to you. I hope you got a little pain relief tonight. Now where do we send the bill. cj needs seed money for his garden? LOL Good night my Brothers. @cj, hope you have a good appointment. Drive safely.

    1. Sake? Warm it to 45 C for me. I like it on the upper temp scale. I’ll bring some fugu . . .

      1. @Disgruntled Veteran – I never ate fugu, but if you can clean it, I’ll eat it. Wait, let me put down some more sake. I agree, warm is better. A nice clean buzz.

      1. @Ex va – Did you ever try it? If not, it’s really smooth. And it’s available [I’m not using the phrase “and it comes”] in different tastes from sweet to a little sour or tart. You can’t compare it with 3-2 beer. A big difference, believe me.

      2. You said: “it’s really smooth, and it’s available, and it comes LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…

      3. You described the characteristics of a younger one. Are you getting a second childhood? The next thing cj, you’re going to purchase a new muscle car. LMMFAO

      4. @ANutterVet: AAhahahahahahahaaaa Well played…. “Muscle car” LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

      5. @cj – I thought you’d like that one. It was the right time, so you know me, had to bring it up. What type of car are you getting?

        When we get together, we’re going to need clearance to get in.

      6. @ANutterVet: What kind of “muscle car?” hmmmm definately not an MG Midget. Gotta be a Charger Lmaooooooooooo Okay I mean it this time….Goodnight.

      7. @cj – Go on, get out of here. You did it now, were putting your dam ass on the Disruptive Behavior and the EPERS list. What’s your last 4 again? Stand back from the counter some, I don’t trust you, and I want to see your hands. cj, I forgot to ask you, what . . . LOL

      8. @Disgruntled Veteran – Drink 3, pee twice. Or, drink 2, pee thrice. Depending on how you want to express cheap beer. Remember Ballentine beer? Now that’s cheap. ]I’d use the second phrase for that one.

      9. Briefly lost my connection. Ballentine? That’s what I give my Pilipino Honey Feb 14. A Ballentine.

      10. @Disgruntled Veteran – Kidding right? One of my uncles use to drink Ballentine back when I was a kid. I believe its an East Coast beer. It was a cheap drunk back in the day Polish beer scale where X marks the spot for Ballentine.

      11. (Chuckle) Ballentine Day Berry serious. Keep da’ plower and choclate shop in biznesss . . . Keep DV’s head on his shoulder. He wun fogett, den dey find DV head in Waipahu gutta . . . and honeyko crying “why you make me do dat? I lub you” while da cops take the hatchet from her hand . . . (Chuckle).

        Frank Delima and Mel “Bully” Cabang always sound better with the voice. I can see it does not translate too well into typing . . .

        East Coast Beer. Will have to google that. Never heard of it. Never seen it. Surely never drank it. In your opinion – – – is it any good?

      12. @Disgruntled Veteran – My mistake, its a Milwaukee beer. Although when I was a kid, many drank this beer where I lived. Low cost more mojo. I haven’t heard Frank Delima in years. Wow, such memories. Keep your love ones away from hatchets, and chocolates. Today, dey one crazy.

  8. @ANutterVet, I am also glad you’re back. I use much of what you put out here. Thanks. That farewell speech brought up a question. How can these despicable people, who have some intelligence, possibly believe what cums out of their mouths? They are missing a heart.

    1. @Jo3n: I about spit my coffee out at your use of the words “cums out of their mouths” Lmaoooooooooooooooo that was the best laugh I had in a longggggggggggggggg time. Thank you.

      1. @Jo3n – You sicko, I didn’t catch that. My dirty mind is in a stage of slippage. Bens gonna monitor you for now on. LOL

        Hold on folks, I’m trying to keep up with the posts. They are a zooming in faster than I can zoom em out.

    2. @Jo3n – No accountability. Without it, these scumbags will do what ever they want.

    3. @Jo3n, you are right they have no heart or conscience. It will come back to them, this life or the next i know they will have to reap what they have sowed.

    4. “Cums out of their Mouth”!!! Your last name Abbott? Thought I saw Costello wandering around here somewhere . . .

      Too FUNNY !!!

      1. @Disgruntled Veteran: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA, Just when I thought I regained my composure, you had to set me off again lollllllllllllllllll

  9. @ANutterVet: That is why I try to stay away from the news. I don’t know how much more I can take. It is worse than military phsy opps, it really is. We are pelted on a daily bassis around the clock for as long as I can remember. The human brain was not meant to withstand this amount of BS.

    1. @cj, i agree with you i can’t read this news all day it get my anxiety up and can give me nightmares too. This place gives me some hope because you guys endure. It does feel like some kinda psychological torture at times. Cj, you will get your garden going soon you will feel better. This time of year is tough on everyone with the irratic weather changes. When the weather becomes stable it will feel normal again.

    2. @cj – I hear what you’re saying, but I still want to know about these crooked people. They use anyway that they can to justify their wicked actions. I want you to shoot them, put them in a state of being still. Thanx. Hey bitches, you better run now, cj has a bead on you. LOL, I’m really not laughing, are you?

      1. They were obviously on the way to the local sperm band when they dropped a load hahahahahahahaaaaaa

      2. @cj – You’re another sick one. I’m passing out fake gold plated sicko badges tonight. Ben gave me permission.

      3. @Ex va – Yeah, were doing an experiment on you called pain diversion. Now all you gotta do is take a pill for the laughing pains. Don’t get them from the VA theirs don’t work.

      4. @ANutterVet, i will take that kinda pain anytime. It really helps diverting the pain sometimes. I need that!! Only wished that it lasted longer. I think you can ignore a lot of pain at times, but sometimes it is difficult to ignore it.

      5. @Ex va – You don’t need a script for this type of pain relief. You may have to wait a bit, but sooner or later you’ll get some, pain relief that is.

  10. @cj – dang nam, its always something. Good thing you know a lot about OSes. @Ex va, yeah, good to be back for a bit. I have a lot to do. Sometimes it seems like there isn’t enough hours in the day.

    1. @Ex va – No meds. VA won’t prescribe benzo’s anymore if they already prescribe pain meds to you. Now, they’ve taken 2 scripts away from me. And, I still feel like poo.

  11. The corruption is all over in our country. Didn’t know if you seen it or not, but the DA of Philadelphia just got indicted for extortion, fraud, bribery, etc. 23 counts all together. Even ripped off a home for the disabled as well. Democratic politicians are quickly distancing themselves from Rufus Seth Williams.

      1. @Ex va – He diverted the monies to his own pocket. That creep. And, he requested that the system go easy on him for what he did.

      2. @Ex va – Today Rufus Seth Williams was doing the soul strutting as he walked while he was being recorded. No class, arrogant.

  12. @ANutterVet: I saw that, weapons out of metal chopsticks, how about mini choco sticks/ eyeball ice pics? I need to upgrade my bios, just can’t get motivated enough to do it yet. It’s a windows exe. that I need to convert, and make a usb bootable drive to make it happen. Soon enoug, just not right away.

      1. Yep. Got a few things to do myself, in the area of O/S maintenance. Going back to LINUX myself. NOT super-happy with the WIN10 “forced” upgrade.

      2. @Disgruntled Veteran: I love linux, will never go back to windows. MS preferes illegals to homeless veterans anyway.

      3. Back when I used to build my own computers – – – all I ever ran was Linux. But the wifey found it a bit hard to master. So, Windoze has been it for a few years. Got a new laptop coming into the house soon. So, Wife gets Windoze and I will wipe the drive on the new laptop, then install Linux.

        Shall be nice to once again have a machine that does not fight me at every turn. Windoze 10 is an O/S that was VA designed.

      4. @Disgruntled Veteran: I agree, it is exactly what the VA would prefer. I like Arch linux, rolling distro so always up to date. Agree very user friendly.

      5. Yes. You are certainly correct about the VA preferring it. There exists some serious security flaws that will be minimized/eliminated with the usage of Linux and (as the VA would say) “observing strict adherence to proper protocols”.

        Funny that! With Linux I can always observe those protocols. Windoze is named that for a reason.

  13. I’m running on anxiety. Been up and down all day today. Didn’t get too much done though. CJ, did you get your system up and running? Ex, you doing ok tonight?

  14. @ANutterVet: Hey Nutter, how are you?………I know…….stupid question, I couldn’t help myself lol.

    1. @ANutterVet, doing good. I am glad to see you around here today. Not the same without you. LOL!

  15. Below is a paragraph from Laura Eskenazi’s departure letter;

    “Thank you for the opportunity to learn with you. As I have said to many of you over the years, leadership is a humbling experience – and if you do not feel humility, you have not truly led. I leave behind some fond memories. I wish you the best, and hope that the tenets of integrity, commitment, advocacy, respect, and excellence always shine brightly as you strive to carry out the mission of giving back to those who gave themselves in the name of freedom for our great country!” signed, Laura Eskenazi

    [1.] Yes, Lurking Laura you did learn. You learned how to abuse the power of your positions authority.

    [2.] Humbling? Leaders that are humble, don’t cover up their wrong doings. They sincerely apologize, change their ways, move on, and do the right thing.

    [3.] That’s right Laura, you surely did lead. You taught those rated in lower ranks in your department how to manipulate the VA system, and to break the law by concealing evidence. Hiding evidence is a crime.

    [4.] Yeah Laura, real good memories that you left behind. The first woman to simultaneously hold the titles of Chairman, and Vice Chairman of the Board of Veterans Appeals. Then when you got busted for abusing the power of those positions, you still weren’t satisfied. You then rewrote a 49 page draft into a 10 page paper that was then presented to Congress. Power with no accountability absolutely corrupts. Laura, you set a real good example, to create real good memory. Many most likely will follow in your Hungry, Hungry, Hippo footsteps.

    [5.] What? Wow Laura, you’re really milking it now by stating, “Tenets of integrity, commitment, advocacy, respect, and excellence always shine brightly as you strive to carry out the mission of giving back to those who gave themselves in the name of freedom for our great country.”

    What a crock of shit. Laura Eskenazi, you’re a piss poor example of a VA employee that sets and shows the bar of being a well trusted individual. You shouldn’t have been relocated into another position, you should’ve been fired. Period. No pass go, no bonuses, no vacation time, no sick leave time, nothing. You should’ve been stripped of everything. Finally, you should’ve been used as an example of the type of employee that the VA doesn’t want on its staff.

    Corruption of all types is running rampant through the ranks of the VA. Where in the hell are the true overseers of this Federal Agency? If the VA was reformed and reorganized into a manageable organization, think of all the monies that taxpayers can be saved, and better yet, the proper care of our dear Veterans.

    What a dam disgrace. Congress and VA Overseers, wake the hell up. I’m done with this bull shit. I call it as I see it, or as I read it. A spade is a spade [no offense to anyone, only to the corrupt dirt bags]. You know who you are !!!

      1. Shootz DV, I forgot what I said. Pin the sicko badge onto your T-shirt, there you Kaimaaina.

      2. Shootz Bumbai! K Brah We Chance Um. Your analysis of a departure letter paragraph. Brilliant work.

      3. @Disgruntled Veteran – Tanks Brah, I try. I no like da kine shit in dere dat agency. I found out that the longer I’ve been on the E Coast, I lost a lot of the pigeon.

      4. Remember the old expression “Either shit or get off the pot?” Was the VA’s shit that put me on the pot innah first place. No joke.

      5. I know. Feel the same way. Didn’t even know that I had residuals from active duty. I thought I had it all under control. Then it came back a creeping like Columbian sleep smoke.

  16. Before I read Dennis, I am sure I had a thought that pertained. Oh well… I’m quite sure that we understood that Carol D., said, “the time to give back”, when talking about the pay difference. I’m looking forward to keep up with what she does. She’s is either what she says she is, which is, for the Veterans. Or she won’t. We shall know soon.

    1. Why when I heard Carol say “Give back” was I thinking the next three words should have been “more VA Bullshit”?

  17. Gosh, if this person is corrupt as it seems, we will have to add her to the list of known liars, armed robbers, thieves, child molesters, drug felons, drug pushers, drug users, officials engaged in malfeasance, misconduct, coercion, felony neglect, and employees that otherwise cover up for those listed above, right?

    Assuming we start counting at number one and progress down the list, I wonder what line number her name would be on? I wonder if we should group them by the names of crimes that rhyme? Hell, we could even fill up loads of categories for Jeopardy! It is as good as any other idea I have witnessed about VA (and Jeopardy) since childhood, and YES, MRS. COOPER (babysitter) MADE US ALL SHUT UP when Jeopardy came on. Of course things have changed in all this madness – Alex is now host….

    Alex, may I have “Rotting Vets” for $200 please? What was that?….

    Darn! Alex told me to shut up!

  18. While employed at Education Management Corp Carol DiBattiste, received $2.2 million in compensation, including a $484,000 bonus for the fiscal year 2014. The bonuses were guaranteed by her employment contracts & not tied to performance & now she works for the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. Big Money earner in her past now working for the VA for $182,396. LoL

  19. You all know that IBM and their WATSON Supercomputer has a megatron contract with the VA, right?! I just heard on my local news a quick quip that IBM is planning a massive hiring of Veterans and the huge difference is IBM is **not** requiring “degrees” for these positions (?), where any “non-Vet” would need a degree; IBM plans to do some sort of on the job apprenticeships or something.

    This may well be all and good but step through the tulips of my mind and ponder:

    I wonder what kind of tax exemption a huge co. gets additionally that already has Uncle Sam by the balls and at same time producing soon to be weapons used against us for IRAN?

    Again, just putting it out there if you know any Vets looking for a potential new career…and do not mind having bolts sticking out of your neck and occasionally be chased by angry villagers with torches and pitch forks…

    Then again, they just might be great entry level jobs where the VA obviously is not letting that door open any further than janitorial PT jobs at the VA. Kudos to IBM, as long as we are not non-human test subjects. 🙂
    Maybe WATSON’s hungry? The # was rather specific, like 1000 Veterans. FYI. Question E-v-e-r-e-y-t-h-I-n-g

    1. Bolt sticking out of a veteran’s neck – – – while not ideal – – – is still WAY less intrusive than some of the crap the VA would like/try to do to us. Kolohe Pilikia loves it. Her sister not so much yet.

      Just home from getting my Girlies a new bed for the living room. Lots of messages to read from my favorite forum. And of course, TZ’s work against me.

      1. My comment posted Helter Skelter. Should have read:

        Bolts sticking out of a veteran’s neck – – – while not ideal – – – is still WAY less intrusive than some of the crap the VA would like/try to do to us.

        Just home from getting my Girlies a new bed for the living room. Kolohe Pilikia loves it. Her sister not so much yet.

        Lots of messages to read from my favorite forum. And of course, TZ’s work against me.

      2. STOP that right now, CJ. You are NOT an idiot. Sometimes my wife finds me staring at the screen, then when she asks me what time I think it is – – – I am usually between 30 min to 2 hrs off the real time.

        Happens to a lot of us. Goes with the territory of getting to be an old combat vet.

        How you feeling tonight?

      3. @Disgruntled Veteran: After that last laugh I kinda feel like a kid again….cheapest facelift ever. Hows you?

      4. Still alive. Positive sign. More Admin Crapola with the State Gov in AM. Thought computers supposed to reduce amount of paperwork. Only thing I can see they have done is to increase the rate at which the forests are being cut down to make printer paper.

    2. ….NAMNIBOR i think you nailed on this one………I wonder what kind of tax exemption a huge co. gets additionally that already has Uncle Sam by the balls and at same time producing soon to be weapons used against us for IRAN?……………when I got out of the jarhead group in the 70’s worked at TRW in euclid OHIO we made jet engine fan blades ,sidewinder missiles and torpedoes casings. the place was loaded with vet’s working there bet they had a nice tax exemption too…..used to have the old slogan back then …..best bet hire a vet…..

  20. This just out from;
    “The Alex Jones Show” – David Knight reporting.

    “RyanO-Care Rejects Vets, Keeps Alien Coverage!”

    dated 22 Mar 2017 (12:23 min. long)

    It looks like, according to Rep. Rand Paul, that it “… won’t pass!” Seems many are against the bill. They’re 7+ members shy of it passing! Possibly more by tomorrow!

    Also, a Quote from the article; “…Last minute changes removes coverage for up to 7 million veterans, while keeping coverage for foreign citizens!”
    This one “change”, and other changes, is in my opinion why it will fail when brought to a vote!

    1. @Crazy elf – And, it is very misleading to think that Roll-Over Ryan has the backs of Veterans. I sure hope that the “Donald” don’t listen to ROR’s nincompoop suggestions of screwing Veterans over even more.

    2. I read an article about that earlier Crazy Elf.

      Seems the language covering vets was in a bill, but they’ve been pushing it through so fast it got changed at some point, and the language got left out. Or at least that was the excuse given.

      I don’t know what the hell they are thinking pushing it through so fast.

      …and NO language should include illegal aliens. If that is included in the final version, it will piss off a lot of people for nothing more than RINOs supporting cheap labor.

  21. I finally got enough brain power together to be able to fill out the eForm to possibly get a lawyer involved in my case against the VA. Since the ‘care’ provided keeps getting worse the longer and harder I fight back.
    One Infantryman is a hell of a force, but damn it, sometimes ya have to call in air support and arty. If that fails, fall back and get more fucking guys…

    1. “I love the smell of napalm early in the morning!” Air strikes put the fear of GOD in our enemy!

      1. @LP- Before you turn the light on, cockroaches feel the wind even before you see them. Therefore they scatter all over the place to seek cover. This is how these dirt bag VA employees act. Guide the semi-fluid gel like material into the middle of the pact [more effective], and don’t forget the impact exploding dye packs to mark those who are able to get away. Oh, and make sure that you thoroughly check out your new counselor. There are RATS in this profession as well. Good luck LP.

  22. I would like to say that the interviews Ben Krause has done these few weeks have been excellent. The interviewers referred to Ben many times because Ben is on top of these issues and can see the patterns of abuse among the so called normal business operations of the department of veterans affairs. Thank you Ben for all your work and the exposure to this corruption within the va agency. I do thank God for you and the other bloggers for consistently looking for the truth behind all these lies, deceptions and corrupted activities. I am holding on to hope that this exposure will push for justice in the va. I hope people become more educated and actions will be taken against this corruption.

  23. At your VA in your city and state start asking higher-ups and employees at the VA what they actually do there

    like i do, i have become a spy because they have refused to pay me since applying for benefits in Oct. 2008 and

    they have verbally acknowledged what is in my Service Treatment Medical Records and even the new guy David

    Shulkin acknowledged the same in writing to me so what’s taking sooooo long? I need to start a petition

    claiming that all Veterans need a 60 day “Benefit of the Doubt” claim and appeal process to win his or her

    disability case against them. Millions of Veterans let’s get ready to sign your name or your last four because of

    their incompetence towards us! This is going to go international to let the world know what this organization

    is all about. None of them probably ever even thought about protecting this country with their life and i have

    to say if there is ever a war here i won’t protect 1 individual because of the way people and the VA have

    treated me. The VA reminds me of a Satanic occult.

  24. Off Topic – Dallas Green 1934-2017 of Philadelphia Phillies died today. My uncle went to school with him. Although, we never got free home game baseball tickets. Condolences to your family Dallas.

  25. “[Rather than be terminated, Eskenazi was allowed to move to a different part of the agency, Human Resources.]”

    ^THAT is akin to a Brinks Truck Security Detail getting caught with stolen $$$ in their pockets at end of shift and instead of firing them, promoting them to count the $$$ before it gets loaded into the Brinks Trucks.

    Human Resources *should be* for individuals with proven ethics and judgment and character; all of which, Eskenazi had little or none of.
    And to think these hacks have our very lives in grasps of their ratty hands.

    1. Human Resources at one time used to be considered a sensitive position because of the personal data they had access to.

      Imagine what this clown could do having access to the personal data of others in management at the VA.

      Perhaps that’s why she dodged getting fired. Having access to a little dirt before getting access to all the dirt.

      1. @Namnibor – Shootz Nam, that’s lower than pre-biotics. Were getting close to the elementals here. Soon, and very soon, . . .

  26. @ANutterVet, you are right on. I’m positive that I have no clue how to fix this wreck, the VA. Last time I went to VA, I asked around and found one in six, of the Veterans waiting, had access to a computer. Of the twenty I spoke with, fourteen had been waiting for over an hour. Six had appointments with the same nurse at the same time. All six of them had been there over an hour. The VA has all these big comfortable chairs for Veterans to fall asleep in, and miss their appointments. The VA is a place for scam artists, and worse. I haven’t heard POTUS at all. Honestly looks like the VA is imploding.

  27. I dunno Ben. These scandals being leaked seem like more scandals that are coming out now because they are no longer successfully covered up by a worthless IG, Griffin, and an equally worthless and willfully ignorant SecVA, McDonald.

    I can only imagine those employees leaking the details had to sit by for a long time trying to ignore the corruption all around them, not doing anything about it as they watched whistle blowers being targeted, fired and their life ruined…while nothing at all happened to the thieves.

    The current IG may not have improved things much, similar to Shulkin not changing things much, but perhaps it has given some encouragement to leak some of these things.

    …and you can bet any emails from the FOH were leaked. That isn’t something discovered by accident like something left in the copy machine.

    I think the IG not releasing the full report is absolutely disgraceful and shows how thorough the corruption was, and how little congress cared for oversight.

    When was that IG report released? Under Griffin? Or under the current IG? Regardless, if congress weren’t so pathetic they would be doing what they could to restore IGs power to what it once was, or demanding to know why the hell they are not doing their jobs.

    The contract business makes me wonder who else was employed at that company, what other contracts they may have and with whom, and why they have not been barred from further government contracts.

    Conspiring to rig government contracts used to mean serious offenses and prison time.

    Final question, is anyone investigating these attorneys and taking action against them to insure they never work in government again and are disbarred or sanctioned for their racism?

    Or will that too be more corruption ignored?

    FFS the entire VA upper management had a free-for-all at stealing whatever the hell they wanted.

    …and to think McDonald might have been in the running to stay.

  28. Have y’all noticed these “incomplete/incrimenating/damning OIG reports” are/were all done during Obama’s Administration!

    And, since President Trump was inaugurated, they are ever so slowly seeing the light of day!
    I’ll bet Issakson, and some others in Congress, are sh!ttin’ big brown turds right about now! Hopefully, he’ll fall flat on his face, while on that stairmaster!

    Of course, it’s not just the Daily Caller receiving damaging information.
    The Washington (COM)Post & New York Times are/were being discussed on Capitol Hill, Monday and Tuesday of this week, over “…publishing classified information”! And, “…outting…” names of persons named in the “… classified…” documents!
    A criminal offense “…punishable by up to 10 years in prison!”, according to the statute, read off by Rep. Gowdy yesterday!
    The video, (about 15+ min. long), of Rep. Gowdy’s exchange between him and Comey, has been circulating around all over Utube since late yesterday.

    Too bad these VA articles aren’t videos. We on here, and other “vet-centic sites”, would be howling mad and could show all the dimwitted DemoRATS and Liberturds what could happen to them IF they had joined the military!

  29. Ben, I have been over-loaded with issues on a daily basis here in Indiana for years. Yep, I too cannot keep up with the news or reports coming out plus the stuff I and others go through that the media, politicians, and the majority here don’t care about, or don’t want to be involved with due to politics, some religion, retaliation, or all the knee-jerk reactions from all the social engineering if someone dares mention a Jewish name, complain about a Black or Paki MD that simply doesn’t give a damn about us, or point a finger towards their great parts in our vast corrupt culture here in Indiana. So all I do is to tell others, or the activist, so label me a anti-Semite or hater…. I don’t care and far beyond name calling activist/government tactics to silence how I think or to divert me from reality or my own experiences I am supposed to just “eat it and shut up.” So yes “racism” as well as the unions/professionals that can NOT divide their activism/corruption or personal agendas to do their jobs needs to be discussed rather than labelled “hate” and buried rather than just being labeled about hate and dealing with. That is why so many websites and so called ‘Freedom or Truth movements/radio’ always have those disclaimers about if you don’t fully agree with them, then move on cause we may be haters and evil for not agreeing with them and for not jumping on their bandwagon full of agendas. If they are like that then they are not about truth, freedom, or information reality just to protect themselves and their own beliefs or agendas.

    Political Correctness and the want for all these hate speech crimes or thought crimes need to end. With all the censoring going on with social media and on MSM then what is there to hide and keep from people? Truth? And I don’t care what the subject is, there is no reason to censor, stop selling books like Amazon and others have, or not to allow a wide variety of books and information in school or public libraries, or to tell us not to offend others especially Israel if we attend their colleges or class-rooms. Or to be told ‘truth does not matter’ is really sick.

    If you want more and to see how prevalent the “Eskenazi” problem is here do a search of Indiana about Eskenazi Health care. Their tribe and the Mid-Easterner all, rule over my state and is why there is so much evil and corruption since all academia and professionals are with them all and why our courts and state’s high offices turn their heads at our problem here. “Professional Courtesy”. Gotta protect the mafias, country clubbers, and all their agents of evils. To fight evil here is like living in the old Soviet Union or in Red China, or the Gaza Strip. It’s crazier than I can even find words and storied to relay to others.

    They built a new “Eskenazi Hospital” right next to the Indy VA, and that took major money to do since the old hospital was full of asbestos and other contaminants. Now guess who gets the business from the VA? Between the clowns and kiddies at the IU Med school groups, IU med center, and now right next door. Great profiteering move huh? And talk about some nasty incompetence to deal with there too.

    I had a life long friend get killed in town by a Mid-Eastern mafia family here who partly rules my town. It was kept out of the news too. I tried to get it reported but the local media and state media, Faux News too all denied it. Or refused to call me back or to report the killing, / vehicular homicide.

    He was sent to Eskenazi in Indy and stayed for nearly a week before the hospital called me about 5 days after they had my number. What losers. I had time enough to notify his family the day before he died. Later about a week I started getting calls about paying his bills since I was his only contact number and listed as family….and a friend. His bill for under a week in the ICU at Eskenripoff was over ONE MILLION DOLLARS. That is just being in ICU kept as stable since he was too messed up for any surgery or to repair all his broken bones and stuff. One million for less than a week? Well I better stop here since I think the point is made, or points. But guess who catches hell for wanting some truth and reality reported and information known about? Two years later and it’s being swept under the carpet to protect the professional thugs and mafia here.

    1. @T: T, I am sorry for your loss and the utter non-sence you have been put through. You have a right to say whatever you like, It is a shame when true stories get burried in the name of pc. I agree it’s time to end all this pc BS.

    2. Forgot to mention. His fifteen minute life-line helicopter tide to Indy was near thirty thousand dollars as well. He was too old to find a job which he hunted for daily with no success. Losing his home due to being unemployed for years, and then to end up with these kinds of bills for medical care? Well, Elaina George MD was correct. Today’s medicine and professionals are about nothing much but profiteering as much as big government is and then protecting it’s self from any ridicule or being exposed for being the evil that it all is, And with zero hope for any change in or out of the VA system. They don’t are who they ruin in any manner, or bankrupt, or attack for wanting some truth to leak out or to be challenged.

      Try to have a good day all. I need a trudge in the sunshine to do some more weeping for us all.

  30. *OFF TOPIC* – Just A Thought [originally posted March 21, 2017] – The VA takes advantage of Veterans when they’re weak and helpless. Sound discouraging? Well you’re right, it is discouraging. The VA will promote itself as being an agency recognized [in their own eyes], as one that is proud of taking care of the Veterans of the United States. But yet, when a Veteran trusts the VA and opens up their heart by telling the VA everything, and then when its time for the VA to really help the Veteran, the VA uses the information against them.

    The VA’s motto is, “To care for him who shall have borne the battle.” But the Veterans current battle is against the VA, because the Veteran can’t depend on the VA to help them when they are in need. And, the VA will most always give a Veteran a fight when the Veteran seeks proper care, or when the current care isn’t working and needs to be changed.

    Because of this unjustified conflict by the VA, Veterans don’t trust this agency. Therefore, the Veteran sees the VA as the enemy. And, for things to change so that the VA completely stands by their motto, “To care for him who shall have borne the battle,” the VA needs to make the necessary changes to support the Veteran. This means that every Veteran is different, and that the VA should adapt to a continual influx of changes to be enabled to serve all Veterans.

    Without the VA having the ability to change, the Veteran will not be properly helped or served, and this will cause frustration on both sides. The Veteran will be the one that suffers more, due to the lack of the VA’s ability in making changes.

    Until these internal changes are made within the VA, Veterans will continually view the VA as their number one enemy that hinders them from getting proper care. And, until these internal changes are implemented and accounted for, the VA’s motto means nothing more to the Veteran than a bunch of words. Words, nothing but words. Sort of like, “Hurry up, and wait.”

    1. @ANutterVet: Welcome back. Once again your right on point.Been having some trouble with my computer so I may not answer. Eventually I will, when I can.

    2. So true, ANutterVet. Some of us have hurried up, now we have been waiting for over twenty years. How much longer? Delay, Deny, Hope the Veteran Dies. SOP for the VA.

      Good to talk with you on the phone yesterday. As you may have guessed, I’m having a bit of a hard time with things. If I sounded rude on the phone, I did not mean to. I have had less than twenty hours sleep over the last week.

      I hope you are feeling better.

    3. @cj , @Disgruntled Veteran , @Jo3n – Thanks for the posts. I’m not upset with anyone, except the incompetent asinine VA employees that I’m forced to deal with. Like you folks, I have so much to share pertaining to what I’ve been going through on a continual basis for the past 4 years. I’ve deducted that our elected politicians[includes Republicans] and authorized officers that oversees the VA, still think that the lives of Veterans are nothing but numbers. Mere numbers. You know the drill, 1, 2, 3, 4, . . . [add your own lyrics here].

      My health has been bouncing all over the place, and I’m still struggling. Vital signs are on the boarder line of being stable. Extended family is just that, extended. They could care less about my issues with the VA, or my health. Wow, that’s a good feeling. Enough of this, I got to call my real family, “Come here Boy, come to Daddy. Good Boy buddy.” As he licks my face with utter enjoyment. I’ll take this any day.

      By the way, you can call me anytime. The wife has been informed, and she completely understands. I think that I’ll make some hand weapons from her metal chop sticks.

  31. Look I am in charge, so I would like to give a nice contract to my loser husbands company. WTF is that? Company says, have your wife give us a contract or your fired.
    Or, my wife can get that contract for you if?
    Or, I am an Obozo appointee and if he can thieve millions so can I.
    Or, just follow the law and put her ass in prison where it belongs, not move, promote, and give a bonus to.
    Or, just do what you have always done, and turn a blind eye, and to hell with what anyone else thinks.
    What was her name? Liar, ask a nazi? Oh, I see, Laura Eskenazi…..Miy bad.

    1. Her current LinkedIn profile shows she’s now the Executive Director at the VA. Her tenure at BVA assured us she was an outstanding steward of public trust. She also declares a success for negotiating a new telework agreement and performance award system.

      Oh, and she more than doubled her budget between 2013 ($78 million) and 2017 ($156 million).

      She’s been occupying space at the VA since 1996 when she started as a staff attorney.

      Somehow all that bullshit doesn’t translate into timely decisions on claims for vets.

      Another site lists 4 upper management flunkies at VA as her colleagues…one of them McDonald.

      1. I wonder!
        How many people did she sleep with on her way up the “ladder of corruption”?
        I could have been really crude in my question.

      2. There is another LinkedIn profile for a Laura Eskenazi showing she’s an admin assistant at Walt Disney.

        Daughter maybe?

        What connection did McDimwit have to Disney?

      3. @Crazy elf-

        I’m thinking the VA has an entire network of “ladders of corruption” in some huge space like a giant set of monkey bars….where of course, the “monkey business” takes place in creative, gravity-defying ways. 🙂

        That space may be in a large open underground cavern because they are all certainly bat-shit crazy at the VA.

      4. @Elf – – – How many people did she sleep with? Gotta number in the thousands. She sure “sleeped over” thousands of veterans.

        When is one – – – JUST ONE – – – of these incompetent, lying, thieving, assholes either going to be fired without still be able to collect financial reward, or see the inside of a jail cell??? Just ONE.

        Damn our useless “Justice” system! Not much justice anywhere in this country.

      5. @91Veteran: Truly amazing isn’t it? How we can see this trail of corruption but her handlers can’t. Protected by the entire government, the courts, and the unions. I am just sick of all this crap, everyone knows what is happening and what is going on, but it’s business as usual. Like,,, so what, good for me, and fuck you. It is time to let out the pot smokers and make room for the gov criminals, we will need all the cells we can get our hands on. I can go on for hours, but why? You all know everything I would post, it would be nothing new. It is why I see all the frustration in everyones comments, I hate that everyone is feeling how they are, I hate how everything is stacked against us all. The connected get it all, even protection while the rest get nothing at all. I bet 5Lbs. of Duck butter, there are more emplyoees at the VA then there are Veterans, and that those employees are making 10 times what any veteran gets as compensation. I will throw in a couple of chocolate covered moose balls if anyone can show me just one employee that had to work harder than any veteran for their compensation.

      6. That sure loss bet is one I would never be foolish enough to take. I believe you are correct on all counts. And I am quite sure we all HATE feeling like this.

        Heard the bill was screwed up language-wise. Aliens to get covered while veterans are not. Somebody best slow the get shit done fast train down a bit. More better they buy tickets on the get shit done right the first time train . . .

      7. @Disgruntled Veteran – Good to see you at late night. I despise rework to the max. Oh shootz, you can have a sicko badge too. Here ya go, catch . . .

      8. @cj, there is more Veterans than there is va employees. Unfortunately the number of Veterans keeps growing with this current war. I do not believe that the public knows how bad the corruption is within the va system. It is frustration because we see the truth and the justice for va crime is not being delivered.

  32. How is Daily Caller getting this info? FOIA? I have never seen a more corrupt organization. Why would you even take the chance of putting bad people in a different position within the same organization?? SMH!

    1. A few guesses. Either those in a position to fire her were as corrupt and she had dirt on them, they were lazy, or they knew nothing would be done anyway.

      1. 91Veteran,
        I think it’s more on the lines of, they “…were as corrupt and she had dirt on them…”!
        Because, the whole damn system, in the upper management, is corrupt.
        Therefore, I think anyone who is involved in anything illegal;
        1.) Will be allowed to transfer to another position at the same pay scale, even though the work is less.
        Or, 2.) They can retire with full benefits. Where no charges will be brought against them!

        These two scenarios seems to be the “Standard Operating Procedures”, (SOP), of VA!

      2. @91Veteran, i would say you would be correct on all of them. @Crazy elf, you are correct too. The vaoig does not even want to correct small acts of corruption by supervisors or the average employee. The vaoig is the prosecuting arm of the va. Well, they do not do anything except help cover the crimes up. And harass whistleblowers.

      3. @Ex va- Don’t forget about the last head of the VA OIG and his all glass masturbation menagerie conference room antics. They certainly have the pencil whip down pat. 🙂

        It’s almost as if the VA goes way out of its way to hire the most loathsome examples of humanity to serve veterans. That place must be called ‘Island of Lost Toys’, hence the hungry, hungry hippos infatuation.

  33. “[Am I the only one who finds it interesting how all these scandals are being leaked via the press or IG all the sudden?]”

    The VA is a regular “Peyton Place”. Someone is losing a huge opportunity to make serious $$$$$ on making the VA an entire Lifetime Movie Network Series.
    The VA has murderers, thieves, habitual masturbators, sexual assault, rape, hungry, hungry hippos, and more…and that’s just on any given day, not counting anything above the constant hum or VA fraud & corruption. All the components of American Fat TV.
    And to think this now ex-VA employee with absolutely no ethics was more than likely responsible for removing many Veterans Rights and more, and let’s not forget about how many potential poorly evaluated Veteran Claims and Appeals this hack has screwed-up?
    Sad times.

    1. I know it’s hard to mention all of them, but you forgot the zombies, sadistic freaks and grim reapers preying on veterans throughout the VA.

      1. Oh, and let’s not forget (possible) “Pedophiles”!
        The slime/sludge/slush on the bottom of the barrel of Mankind!

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