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FREE: New Guide Helps Companies Hire And Retain Disabled Veterans

The veterans’ organization Disabled American Veterans (DAV) just published a guide to dispelling myths about disabled veteran hiring and retention for American employers.

In part of a large awareness drive for National Disability Employment Awareness Month, employers will have a new tool to help hire and retain veterans. DAV, in partnership with First Data and USAA, published a 36-page guide to help employers.

I am usually a critic of DAV’s cozy relationship with VA. However, here, the guide seems to be a good step in a different direction than the organization usually focus. This focus on economic opportunity is actually near and dear to my heart and focus, so I appreciate the effort.

The highlights of the guide include:

  • Up-to-date statistics about veterans with disabilities.
  • Explanations of financial incentives, tax credits and other support available to employers.
  • Informative resources available from the Department of Labor, Department of Veterans Affairs and the Society for Human Resource Management.
  • In-depth onboarding and retention strategies, with approaches to creating successful employee resource groups.
  • Powerful testimonials of veterans thriving in successful careers, and case studies from respected employers who are benefiting from disabled veterans in their workplace.
  • A comprehensive checklist tool for employers.

“Our nation’s veterans, particularly those who have been injured, are faced with unique challenges as they transition from serving our country to powering America’s economy,” said Jeff Hall, DAV’s national employment director. “This guide is intended to help employers navigate the often-unclear terrain of recruiting, hiring and retaining veterans with disabilities.”

Findings included in the guide come from internal human resources and hiring team records from industry leaders.

If you are interested in learning more, definitely check it out at the following and let me know your thoughts below: https://www.dav.org/veterans/employment-resources/hiring-guide/.

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  1. Tonight, 18 Oct. 2018, on “Jepardy” the answer to a question about the “…total amount of union members in the AFGE…” was “What is 700,000!”
    That’s, at least, 700,000 Assholes fucking over the rest of AMERICA!

  2. The VA has in the past, with help from me, began a training program to cover for employees who would call in sick or went on leave.

    I called it a Rover position. Employees were able to sign up for the training. Employees in this training program, would train in all clinical positions in medical administration service.

    These employees ensured there was someone to cover the clinic in their absence.

    I was the only person to apply. I was trained in every position in medical administration.

    I began as a gs-2 File clerk. With the training, I compiled everything told to me concerning the specific clinic.

    This was step by step Manuel of each position, this allowed anyone to accomplish the task at hand and do so, as the original clerk would do.

    I as many of you know I was shot in the head in while serving my country and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

    I had to write everything down, might say a step by step Manuel.

    I learned enough that I went from a file clerk to a Administrative Assistant in charge of the medical center after hour’s.

    This could be repeated all through the VA and other government agencies.

    Veterans are to have priority when seeking employment opportunities through the VA and other government agencies.

    I was told when I first applied for a position in medical administration. I was told I did not qualify to even be a file clerk.

    I had to go work for the internal revenue service as a gs-1 training position.

    Went back to the VA, as a gs-2 File clerk and with the training, I was able to be promoted to a gs-7 Medical Administrative Assistant in 5 year’s.

    I had to travel to another state and after I became an administrative assistant and wanted to return home.

    I applied and was hired as an administrative assistant at the same VA, where 5 years before, I was told, you don’t qualify.

    The look on some of those employees who told me this, was priceless !

    You said I was not qualified and now I hold a position higher than all of you.

    The VA if they wanted could began training positions all over the VA system.

    No one call tell me, when an employee is hired into positions, they are not able to sit down and start working.

    They must be trained ! What excuse does the VA have not to do this.

    The only thing, I can think of, is the VA, has certain people they want for certain positions.

    Their friend’s and relatives and that must be stopped. How do you think the VA is the way it is.!

    1. Yep, nepotism is the sticky glue that keeps them in industrial load-tested furniture through hell and dead Veterans to that retirement crow circling in the sky.

  3. I’ll be impressed with the DAV when it’s top brass take a pay cut from their over $100K salaries, operate without tax breaks from the IRS and/or federal financial aid from the VA….and, put that money towards veterans who need it.

    This publication is what the DAV does – pandering to the public to get more people to donate. It’s all a publicity stunt.

    Why don’t they send out brochures on stats/reports on how much their top brass make and how they live and all the racists they hire and retain at the DAV?

  4. Good job, DAV on this one. Really, awesome job on this!! (CAN YOU GET YOUR BEDFELLOW, THE VA, TO ABIDE BY THESE GUIDELINES AS WELL, you know, while you’re having that after sex mint with the VA perhaps slip this guidebook into the whore’s tip before you put your belt on and leave?

    Makes me wonder if this is *just enough* actual helping tools for Vets to retain their dwindling membership as more and more has been exposed with DAV’s and other VSO’s way-too-cozy relationship with the VA?

    Will the VA abide and HIRE more Disabled Vets for jobs OTHER THAN JANITOR or does this guide help a Vet aspire to full piss bucket boy/girl for third world hacks at the VA?

    It’s a start DAV, it’s a start….but really, whisper this guidebook as sweet nothings in the VA”s ear next time you do the wild thing with the VA….

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