Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown: What Do I Need To Know About My VA Benefits?

One thing is for sure, when it comes to a government shutdown, VA is still crappy at keeping veterans informed of our rights and benefits.

A lot of veterans are wondering in our Facebook group what will happen with benefits during a government shutdown, and there is not a ton of info out there, so I thought I’d add to the conversation about this shutdown.

The most recent government shutdown I remember is 2013, when some veterans missed some of their benefits payments and were thrown into financial hardship. It’s difficult to pay for baby formula or your nursing care when your only income is from Uncle Sam.

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What was scary that time was the agency had well enough information in advance that a shutdown was coming but failed to keep veterans informed. Most of us did not know what to expect, and it led to avoidable panic and hardship.

And, here we go again.

Luckily, after that hardship, the agency scored additional advanced funding from Congress to help it keep moving. But the agency has not learned how to aptly inform veterans what to expect in the event of a government shutdown.

Instead of creating a common sense infographic or article spelling it out in plain English, VA published a detailed article loaded with jargon and acronyms that’s does not clearly state what do to or expect.

Basics Of This Government Shutdown

So let me cut to the chase of what most veterans reading this are probably wondering. Odds are, veterans will keep getting health care and will also keep receiving benefits.

Veterans Health Administration

The vast majority of all services related to health care will continue without suspension of activities.

Veterans Benefits Administration

All outreach about claims will likely shut down including all public contact teams. I assume veterans adjudications might slow down.

Board Of Veterans Appeals

All adjudications of Board appeals will cease.


Processing of burials will likely cease.

Office of General Counsel

Representations before the courts and related legal services will cease.


So, veterans with appeals should not expect much action. Veterans with new claims might see some progress. Veterans needing medical appointments will be okay. Anything dealing with torts will not proceed.


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  1. Maybe someone at VA can tell me,
    Why did VA Take away travel Reimbursement for Veterans in The Philippines,I fought in the same war as Veterans in the US and now rated 100% for 4 conditions and below are your qualifications that also apply to me,it seems very unfair you took away my travel Reimbursement,but did not increase my Disability payments to compensate it causes me a Hardship because I am required to travel 800 miles round trip and at least one night in a hotel because of no return flight available same day all at my expense at least once every 18 months or be flushed from the Manila Clinic System,this rule needs to change.

    I fought in Vietnam for my Country so I should be able to live where I want and since there is a VA Clinic here I should get full benefits.
    With the FMP I should be able to get care locally and then VA accept the findings of local Doctors and send me the medications they prescribe,I am already paying about $400.00 a month for prescriptions that VA will not fill,WHY?
    USMC Ret.
    Semper FI

  2. Not a lot has changed. The, “fix”, a three week fix, for a Country Trump wants to make gr8 again. At least we have a budget. It’s only 2 weeks before I get paid, so next month will most likely be ok. Adjudication never stopped. My lawyer called this morning and was dealing with the hearing judge today. I have no clue as to what to believe about anything.

    1. And the entire Congressional House is now taking an entire WEEK OFF between now and the next deadline…WHY?!

  3. Seymore,
    Got a serious question.

    Ok, when we on here, and other sites, talk about the “spending habits” throughout our government, we always end up saying “Follow the money!” Right!

    Well, I’ve been trying to figure out HOW our government, after the second Bush administration, went from around $9.5 TRILLION in debt to almost $19.7 TRILLION in debt! (I rounded it up. And btw, we’re still at approximately $19.7 TRILLION AFTER a year into President Trump’s administration! Something must be working!)

    Between the time of Bush Sr., Clinton, then Bush Jr, was in office, our deficit rose from approximately $2 TRILLION to $9.7 TRILLION. That would account for approximately a little less than a half TRILLION each year for those three administrations!
    THEN, when Obama took office, 2009 to 2017, he raised the deficit to almost $20 TRILLION.
    How did he manage to spend almost $10 TRILLION in 8 years, when Bush, Clinton and Bush, together, only managed to raise the deficit $7 TRILLION in 20 years!? Thinking on these lines, IF Obama had followed suit, our deficit should have only risen to about $13 or $14 TRILLION.
    Can someone answer WHY there’s a $6 to $7 TRILLION over-budgeting during his administration? Where did all the money go? Plus, Obama “Financially broke the DNC!” That’s when Hillary had to take over and financially supported the DNC! What happened to all that money? That’s how, according to Donna Brazile, Hillary took control of the DNC!

    Plus, it’s reported NOT all of the monies spent cannot be accounted for!

    Something really isn’t passing the sniff test here! And, lastly, can the average American comprehend what a trillion dollars is?

    1. Have you ever seen how they create those numbers? Lolz it will blow your mind. Here is an example. Lets say the average male lives to 80. The budget uses life span of an individual to compute the lifetime cost of keeping this guy fed, clothed, and housed at such an old age.

      Add up all the guys that are now 75 and compute the hideous cost of healthcare for those last five years (on average) and then you have a budgetary figure, right? ?….. then along comes somebody with the last name of Clinton. This person uses their office to legislate a new formula which then determines that the average guy will die at 75 instead of 80. It is a vote taken and not necessarily accurate at all.

      Do you see what happened by passing a new avg age of death? The budget will show MUCH less money needed because those last five very expensive years are no longer factored in. It makes it look like the guy who did this is a genius and saved huge. The numbers are great!!! ….but… It is all faiery dust.

      Fast forwad then to the years when those guys that should have been dead on average according to the computer model and all of sudden there is a huge deficit because in essence the note came due – time to pay the piper so to speak for passing a bogus law and those 75 year olds did not die after all and since they are not budgetted we have a deficit. In fact it was just a sham.

      I never ever put stock in numbers that proclaim either way how good or bad things are because we just cannot know who is manipulating what? The tiniest manipulation of the formula that calculates such a monstrous federal budget can skew numbers in huge ways. Sometimes when you see an innocent and odd line item in a big bill it is there to do just that and it takes keen inside knowledge to see just why it impacts things the way it will. Clinton for example passed the tiniest innocent law that eliminated a mandatory wait period in place when trading optiojs and futures and such. He deemed it to be streamlining old rules that hampered the economy. Nobody saw it coming.

      This relaxing of the rules made it possible to earn HUGE money off of whacky ass options and future contracts based on real eatate mortgages for instance. So lo and behold the nightmare of these huge mortgage packages being sold and bought evolved and when it collapsed it nearly took out our entire economy. Too big to fail banks were sent BILLIONS so the country would still float.

      By the way, they put the law back the way it was….

  4. From: “The Horn News”
    Dated: 22 Jan 2018
    Title #1.
    “BREAKING: Gov’t ShutDown Ends (Dems Cave)

    Title #2.
    “CNN Blames WHO for the gov’t shutdown?”

    Title #3.
    “Chuck Schumer BUSTED in shocking “illegal” video!”

    Google all three! Good reads!

  5. Good news on at least one front. The VA Whitehouse Hotline workers are working today. I just got off the line with them. They told me that they have opened a second case for me. The first one is investigating how to get care reestablished. I was told that as of today they are opening the second case to investigate the matter as overt retaliation against myself.

    So I guess the VA Hotline is “working” today but before I eat crow about VA workers not doing anything I am pretty sure the chick at the hotline does not work at VA. She kept saying, Oh my God, as I explained what the newspaper explained two years ago. Do I have faith that anything at all will change? Nope.

    But it did feel good to hear them call it retaliation and as “retaliation” some VA person will have to explain it to the Whitehouse now and I do not think its gonna be a press release that will suffice as an explanation this time…

    I’m hoping to see arrests but likely if any punitive action is taken against Roseburg it would be something like suspended snack machine priveledges for a week or something else typical of VA corrective action lolz. Let us hope they get to work soon, right?

    1. Good news Dennis. I suspect you might be hearing some formal conversation soon. Tough to say it will be factual.

      1. I hope it isn’t too formal. I never know which fork to use or which shirt sleeve to wipe it on when I am done.

      2. I bet there will be lots of, what can we help you with Mr. Dennis, yes we can Mr. Dennis, we want to help Mr Dennis…from those acting as sweet as a preachers daughter on Sunday.

        While holding a rusty straight edge for the right time.

  6. The VA. So prepared for contingencies like a shutdown that they post a plan dated August 31, 2017.

    It should make anyone wonder about the accuracy if any other word in their plan.

    But hey! They have a 47 page guide for their employees on the shutdown.

    Which makes me ask, since VA employees have such a problem in ignoring the law and VA policy, why would this be any different?

    I do find it interesting they have 24 employees in their Office of Employment Discrimination Complaint Adjudication. And 40 in their Whistle Blower office.

  7. helium tank and nembutal . ill be in the closet . wondering how to get this objects. don’t bother knocking unless u have a 240 bravo and back pack of 1300 rounds of ammunition for me .i am fucked…..

  8. All this finger pointing reminds me of something I use to tell people who work for me. “If you are pointing a finger at someone else, three more are pointing back at you.”

    But, let’s face one thing. A lot of this crap is just that, crap. Oh, the military isn’t being paid. Well, unless the shutdown were to last until the first, that isn’t true. They already received pay and allowances on the 15th.

    Are my VA disability payments going to be suspended? Nope, they already said that they would be paid on the 1st, as well as SS benefits.

    Administrative functions of VBA will be shut down. Yea, but that means for whatever days the government was shutdown will delay the report, processing or notification by that many days. Since, they don’t work at light speed anyway, who cares?

    Finally, they just voted to end the shutdown. This was all a big distraction to the real issues which face the nation and our own individual lives.

  9. Guess with the Government Shutdown the VA will have to wait on advancing any added security for their employees. Given some of the VA’s employees prior, and current, criminal records of murders, muggers, rapist, drug dealers, child molesters, armed robbers, burglars, thieves, …

    I can understand why people feel unsafe working for the VA.

    One example of recent concerns for just prior to the start of the VA starting their talks of the need for greater security is what happened at West Haven VAMC.

    “Former VA Hospital Employee Accused of Threatening Staff”

    “A former employee of a VA Hospital is accused of making threats against staff and has been arrested.

    William Donnelly, 49, of West Haven, is accused of making several threats against VA staff and claiming he had explosives and was going to use them.”

    Of course they should have known that William wasn’t quite right in the head given his prior convictions for Indecent assault and battery on a child under 14.

    But hey it is the VA way.


    “Former VA Hospital Employee Accused of Threatening Staff”
    NBC News Connecticut



  10. Seymore,
    Check this out from “The Horn News”
    Dated: 22 Jan 2018

    “Chuck Schumer BUSTED in shocking “illegal” video”

    Chucky Schumer and Hillary Clinton will say and do whatever it takes to get reelected! The videos in this article proves it! These dems are corruption at its finest!
    It also proves, without a shadow of a doubt, the dems and rino’s don’t give a rats ass about its veterans, taxpayers, active duty military or anything else except for wanting to regain power in Washington D.C.!
    The damn Senate, which is almost evenly spread with dems and repubs, shutdown the government, PERIOD! All those reprobates need to be voted out of office asap!

  11. baby formula? you’re promoting baby formula here now Ben? Nestle? I hope in these times women are NOT buying and feeding poison to their babies. maybe those who you run with think it’s ok and worry about buying “formula” for their children.

    1. Can you just imagine the insanity of promoting the feeding of babies with baby formula? I am gonna get stoned it upsets me so bad. Mom never gave me the organic nipple and now I know why I turned out the way I did.

      Curse you Mom!

      1. According to my own mother, I DID get the organic nips and reportedly, I developed a few mental character enhancements over the years, which is debatable whether those are beneficial or a detriment to human kind, but just letting you see the other side of the nip…from a Midwestern organic nipple perspective. (realizing there’s a chasm of space between the two nips)

    2. Sepp It’s like the baby water they sell with Fluoride in it, When the baby doesn’t even have teeth yet, I guess they need to poison them early……

  12. From:
    “UPDATED: How a Government Shutdown Impacts Pay, Benefits”

    20 Jan. 2018
    By: Amy Bushatz

    Basically, Shulkin is stating a short shutdown will not effect our pay. Because it comes from different allocations or funds within the VA!
    On the other hand, IF it continues for a long period, there could dire consequences!

  13. The shutdown should have the following effect on all primary program at the Veterans Administration. According to the VA 2015 Contingency Plan. Given there doesn’t seem to be an updated plan under the highly incompetent leadership of Shulkin and prior leadership of McDonald when it was always said they would have to stop providing Health Care to Veterans if they ran out of bucks.


    Organization: Functions to be Suspended

    VHA: None

    VBA: Overseas Military Coordinator; All Outreach; Education Call Center; All Public Contact Activities; Appeals Teams; Transition Assistance/Predischarge Activities; Chapter 36 Counseling; Vet Success on Campus; Education Compliance; Quality Review/Assurance Programs

    NCA: Processing applications for Presidential Memorial Certificates; Activities at NCA Training Center; NCA will bring in contractors to accomplish interments at those national cemeteries already under contract. NCA will also restrict the number of interments at mid- range cemeteries to 8 per day.

    OSVA: Special program activities; Executive correspondence and communication; Strategic planning and communications; protocol

    OALC: Development of design standards, criteria, and guides; Technical architectural and engineering (A/E) consulting support; Technical real property/architectural and engineering design support; Cost estimating and A/E Selection; Administrative support functions for IT, space, human resources and financial administration

    BVA: Claims appeals will be discontinued.

    OCLA: All functions including: Congressional relations; Responding to congressional requests for information; Processing testimony and questions for the record; Congressional correspondence; Constituent casework; Advisory Committee Management; GAO coordination; Office administrative functions

    OGC: Represent the Secretary before courts, including the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, and other tribunals; Routine legal services for VHA, VBA, NCA and Staff Offices regarding personnel law, ethics, torts, and other legal matters

    HR&A: HR Policy; Recruiting; Hiring; Staffing; Training; Labor-Management Relations; ADR; Diversity; Classification; VACO building maintenance support; Veteran Employment Outreach

    OI&T: Oversight and compliance; Policy functions; Planning functions; Correspondence management; Congressional, GAO, IG, OMB inquires about VA Directives, FOIA, Records Mgmt., and System of Records Management

    IG: Audits and Evaluations; Administrative Investigations; OIG Hotline; Healthcare Inspections; OIG Legal and Release of Information

    OM: Performance Management; Asset Enterprise Management; Green/Energy programs ; Financial policy; Budget Formulation and analysis

    OPIA: All functions including: National programs and special events; Tribal Government Relations; National Veterans Awareness Campaign; Interaction with state and local government and international visitors

    OSP: National Security Planning and Operations; Policy Program Inspections; HSPD-12; Personnel Security and Suitability; Resource Management

    OPP: All functions including: Strategic Planning; Policy Analysis and Development; VA Governance; Data and Statistical Analysis; Predictive Modeling; Data Governance; VA/DoD Collaboration; Interagency Integration and Collaboration; Multi-year Programming; Program Analysis and Evaluation; and Program Management and Oversight of Major Initiatives

    Source: VA 2015 Contingency Plan Operations in the absence of appropriations


    1. Seymore,
      Can you imagine having a VHA appointment during this shutdown.
      Many, IF not a majority, of healthcare providers are already pissed at veterans for receiving free medical care. Now that they have to “work”, and NOT get paid, it will cause MORE problems for vets!
      I’ll bet there’s will be lots of vets turned into the disruptive behavior committees in the following days OR weeks! All because the providers don’t/won’t like working for free!

      1. I believe that all VA Health Care Facilities are still fully operational. But it is likely the Veterans Choice approval personal will likely be furloughed. So it seems likely there will be no new Veterans Choice appointments until the Shutdown ends.

      2. Seymore,
        My wife has a question for you.
        It’s been reported the compensation payments will continue, as long as the shutdown doesn’t last for a long time, since the monies come from a separate fund. [That’s what Shulkin is stating!]
        Ok, what would occur IF we find out VA executives have been plundering this fund for other purposes?
        Could this shutdown expose other illegal activities by many in Washington D.C.?
        We found out, after the FACT, Obama raided the Choice Program, of billions of taxpayers monies, and gave the monies to the illegal immigrants! Remember that!

        That is, in my opinion, why Obama and the rest of the reprobates in Washington D.C. need to be arrested, tried and convicted for these multitude of criminal activities!
        It’s being reported, by multiple reputable news sources, this “shutdown” is going to expose LOTS of crimes on both sides of the aisles!

        Lastly, is it true, WHILE a person is serving as an elected or appointed official in government, they cannot be held accountable for crimes against America?
        I’d really like to know!

  14. To ALL,
    As Ben has pointed out, We “should” continue to receive our monthly payments.
    Over the weekend, only FOX NEWS discussed the veterans issue and the government shutdown.
    All “unnecessary personnel would be furloughed.”
    Meaning, “claims would NOT be adjudicated!”
    “Healthcare WILL continue!” That was about ALL they said.

    Here’s my opinion on the government shutdown!
    There’s two main reasons why the government shutdown!
    One, was because the dems and rino’s want to continue the “DACA”, “Chain Migration” and the “lottery” programs.
    And, two, because there’s going to be an extremely volatile, possibly showing multiple illegal activities by dems and rino’s before, during and after the 2016 Presidential campaign, “Memo” being released. Possibly by the end of January.

    The first “reason” shows, in my opinion, what dems and rino’s think about the military and veterans. Especially our issues. They don’t give a rats ass about us, while on active duty or after!
    Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi and especially Chuck Schumer, these past few days, have made it perfectly clear. Their “agenda” is to insure citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants! Why? For votes! They’re losing control of their power in Washington D.C.. And, they want it back!

    The second issue concerning the government shutdown is: That explosive MEMO!
    It’s been slowly revealed, over the past six months to a year, HOW the dems and rino’s sought to get Hillary Clinton elected POTUS. And they didn’t care what laws had to be broken to accomplish it!
    Over the past few days, a few patriotic Congresspersons have come foreward and explained, without giving away top secret information, things “We the People” should be aware of! IF you haven’t been following these individuals, well ———–!!!!! It’s about time y’all did!
    Even CNN, and other left leaning news outlets, are having to admit, live – on air, their “Russia”, “Russia”, “Russia” narrative is falling apart, completely!

    Be advised, in the coming days OR possibly a few weeks, America and the World will see just how corrupt MANY in our government had/has/have become!

    1. Hey Elf,

      Let’s see.

      GOP White House administration. Check

      GOP Senate majority. Check

      GOP House majority. Check.

      So we have Republicans in power for 1 year and the FedGov shutdown is a democrat problem?

      How about more like it’s a “Idiots in power that can’t govern to the point members of their own party walk away from the bill” shutdown?

      Here are a couple of pearls of wisdom from the lecher in chief.

      “A FedGov shutdown is a failure of leadership by the president.”


      “I will run this country like I run my business'”


      Now for some bullshit.

      You do realize that the Dems where going to give Trump what he wanted in exchange for DACA TWICE right? You know…that useless wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for? The Dems where going to give him funding for it. So don’t sit there and piss and moan about the shutdown when it’s the WH that owns it.

      You must be talking about the republican authored memo? Nuff said on that.

      As for any bills concerning vets. Fake outrage is fake. It’s all part of the FedGov circus. You should know this by now.

      I don’t follow “patriotic” scumbags who are willing to spew lies and hatred in support of their “agenda”. I’m sorry you do.

      You sound like those Doomsday people that pop up every year. “OMG THE WORLD’S GOING TO END!!!!!!!”

      I’m sorry but the only thing I’m going to stay tuned for is watching you tighten your tinfoil hat.

      1. You are right, that wall is a waste of billions , that really would serve no purpose by symbolism. Donald Trump is just repeating history of the world by building structures, for which the world can be reminded of him like most dictators have done in the past. This is self loathing dictatorship 101.
        The Smithsonian will record in its history; an out of shape, narcissitic, 3 burger in one sitting eating, bow legged, big fat belly aardvark , with no scruples.
        Fuck that Asshat! and any other politician that is full of shit!

      2. CorpsmanUp,
        I’ve no comment for your rant!
        I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on that issue!

      3. I was just ranting about the unnecessary spending being held hostage by military and veterans being the ransom, old Donny has no meaning because he is a civilian exalted to the highest power. The politics of it is unbearing because it is divisive.
        This corpsman here has bandaids for everyone in the aftermath! LOL!

      4. CorpsmanUp,
        I do understand your anger, on the other hand, here’s something you might want to google! The article’s are from “The Horn News” and “The Political Insider” out today. Lots of information about the shutdown NOT being said, altogether, on the MSM’s!
        My favorite one is:
        “CNN Blames WHO for the gov’t shutdown?”
        Maybe this will peak your interest —
        “Chuck Schumer BUSTED in shocking “illegal” video”
        Both dated 22 Jan 2018
        It shows exactly how perverted the dems and rino’s truly are!

        “The Political Insider” has a number of articles showing how the dems are taking advantage of the shutdown. Pelosi gave an Italian dinner costing lots of money over the weekend.
        There’s MORE out there showing just how perverted these reprobates truly are! She, and other dems – like Schumer – were ingratiating themselves and putting down the military.

        Lastly, in my opinion, we need some kind of barrier on our southern border!
        In essence, even some dems have admitted that Mexico, in taxes and other revenues, will end up paying for the wall! Only, to get it started is the first step in securing the Independence of our Republic!
        Once you’ve seen videos, and read articles, where Schumer, Hillary, Obama and many others have called for the barrier, you’ll understand this isn’t just a NEW Republican or President Trump issue! It’s been discussed, mainly by democrats, for OVER a decade!

      5. I love the wall – a monument to stupidity. “Gee lets build a 40 footer”. Like 42′ ladders don’t exist”. “We’ll bury the foundation deeper to prevent tunneling…” Ahhh, if you go eight feet deeper, Hose A and Hose B only have to dig an additional four feet deep on either side. If you really want to stop overland crossings – use mines. They are simple. Very cost effective. And very, very effective (if you forget that Treaty thing). Fucking Reaguns amnesty plan came along with jail for “managers” who hired illegals. My little subsidiary had 50 guys. My CEO got in my face and sent all of us to seminars to make sure how to manage un-docs. I had to lose two really good men, but jail was threatened. Not one person has been jailed under LAW. Hell no – who wants to raise greens fees and the cost of cleaning hotels and landscaping? Rich motherfuckers. That’s who. Lock up a few of those cocksuckers and game over – no illegals. Same thing for Kushner’s Cunt sister. Buy piece of a high-rise – get a green card. Same for the Chinese anchor baby hotel. Bring in a fatty at seven months, squirt out a ready made visa. Little spinners only need a doula or midwife to sign off on a birth certificate after they squat-spit a critter onto a pillow.

        God Bless Amerika. And thank you for your service ….. booooohahahaha

      6. “WyldeCylde”,

        Better go back and do some research. Your comment makes no sense and IS full of inaccuracies!

        The Senate shut down the government! Not the “House”! The “House passed the budget!” The dems walked out of the meeting with POTUS because the dems want to skirt the immigration laws and give all illegal immigrants citizenship! They’ve already stated, IF you understand English, their “agenda” is to continue “DACA”, “Chain Migration” and the “Lottery” which has/will cost the taxpayers billions of dollars each year! Oh, and by the way, these illegals have a tendency to vote Democratic!
        If your unaware, videos are surfacing showing illegal immigrants secretly being transported throughout America – WHY?

        With ALL of the dems and rino’s voting against the budget in the Senate – “50 to 49” total, the “Bill needed a 60 vote to pass”! Also, McCain is nowhere to be found! In any case, he would have voted along with the dems! And IF your unaware, before the President signs any bill, the Senate has to pass it – after the “House”!
        Basically, the Senate is STILL part of the swamp!

        As far as the memo IS concerned. Top legal minds, including Alan Dershewitz, claimed that. Quote: “…the FISA warrant was illegally obtained!” Unquote! If your unaware, Dershewitz is a staunch supporter of democrats! He even voted for Hillary Clinton! He’s stated there were many illegal acts committed by top officials in the FBI and DOJ concerning the FISA warrant! Which IS what the memo IS all about!

        Therefore, stop with your insults on this website your showing your ignorance!
        Learn more about the government BEFORE spreading insults!

      7. Crazy person.

        We can sit here and split each others hairs all we want but the bottom line is this. A republican led government cannot actually govern. If they could govern we wouldn’t be where we are today. Because the republicans know they can’t actually govern they use diversionary tactics. Such timeless classics as “But…HILLARY” and “BENGHAZI” and “BUILD A WALL”. Look it’s really really simple. We are a year into an accidental Republican Trifecta and nobody has a fucking clue what to do with it. The GOP is the party of opposition. They don’t have a fucking single clue as to what they oppose but they oppose it most vigorously. If you could distill the essence of the GOP party down into a single drop of something, that something would be called opposition. It sucks when your own oppositional tactics get used on you. There’s talk of using the nuclear option to end the FedGov shutdown I pray they do it. If the Dems take over in Nov. it just sets precedent.

        Hopefully McCain is busy getting on with getting in the fucking ground. One more dead republican is never a bad thing.

        The memo bullshit is just more smoke and mirrors designed to chip away at any chance of getting to the bottom of things. I imagine that if there’s nothing to Russian collusion then things would be playing out very differently. Regardless, if tax payers are to fund anything, then I think an independent investigation into foreign influence of our election system is an acceptable use of those funds.

        DACA. Look the number of people I hate I can count on one hand and have fingers left over. I don’t hate people who are brought here as children and I don’t hate people who see our country as a means to ensure their own survival or the survival of their family. It’s human nature. I am uncomfortable with the idea of uprooting somebody who was brought to our country as an infant and knows only American culture. Somebody who works hard and pays taxes and goes to college perhaps even starts a business or hell maybe even joins the military because they want to defend the American way of life. These are people who are essentially “citizens” in all but name that are being forcibly dumped on foreign soil and left to fend for themselves in unfamiliar situations and unfamiliar territory. I like to think that we’re better than that hell as an “enlightened” society we’re SUPPOSED to be better than that

        I tell you what. When you stop acting like a republican cock holster. I’ll stop treating you like one. As for how the government works?

        “Therefore, stop with your insults on this website your showing your ignorance!”


        lack of knowledge or information.
        “he acted in ignorance of basic procedures”
        synonyms: incomprehension of, unawareness of, unconsciousness of, unfamiliarity with, inexperience with, lack of knowledge about, lack of information about; informalcluelessness about
        “a statement that shows a complete ignorance of the regulations”
        lack of knowledge, lack of education, unenlightenment, illiteracy;
        lack of intelligence, stupidity, foolishness, idiocy
        “both ignorance and poverty contribute to the growing problem of forced child labor”

        “Oh, and by the way, these illegals have a tendency to vote Democratic!”


        “Learn more about the government BEFORE spreading insults!”


        the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.
        ““Don’t go overboard with the gratitude,” he rejoined with heavy irony”
        synonyms: sarcasm, causticity, cynicism, mockery, satire, sardonicism
        “that note of irony in her voice”
        a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.
        plural noun: ironies
        “the irony is that I thought he could help me”
        synonyms: paradox, incongruity, incongruousness
        “the irony of the situation”
        a literary technique, originally used in Greek tragedy, by which the full significance of a character’s words or actions are clear to the audience or reader although unknown to the character.
        noun: dramatic irony.

        Stop being an asshole. Asshole.

      8. I agree that those brought here that qualify under DACA should not be uprooted and sent back, but that is not what this shut down was about. Those people should have been dealt with legally, but Obama did not do that when he issued his executive order creating DACA. Now that it is being dealt with legally, Democrats want to put caveats in the law. The biggest caveat they want is to allow all of the DACA recipients to bring their relatives into the country. Not only do they want amnesty from breaking the law in the first place, they want to be rewarded for it by being able to bring in millions more.

        If I brought my daughter along when I broke into your house, would that get me amnesty from the law? Can I then demand you allow my daughter to stay in your house? Feed her? Clothe her? Pay for her medical bills? Can I then demand politicians ignore citizens in this country, including veterans, and have them shut down government until a law is passed allowing me to stay in your house with my daughter?

      9. 91Veteran,
        Don’t forget that our Supreme Court deemed Obama’s executive order on DACA unconstitutional.
        I’m kinda torn over the DACA issue. I believe the kids, brought here illegally by their parents, shouldn’t be punished for “sins of the parents!” On the other hand, why should “law breakers” be allowed to stay!
        Your correct on the anology you use!
        Here’s something else. WHY haven’t these illegals apply for citizenship? They’ve been here long enough! Why haven’t the “dreamers” applied for citizenship? Many have been here long enough as well!
        Is it because, the ones old enough, know they’ll have to earn a living and not spunge off the taxpayers?
        If there’s any doubt, then why hasn’t more joined the military? Oh, could it be some of these young people who’ve gone through our educational system, know about some of the wars we’re involved in is bullshit!

        There’s lots of questions needing answered!

      10. What’s frustrating about it being unconstitutional is that any number of judges on the bench are more than willing to ignore the law, and bar any action from being taken. It doesn’t matter if they lose on appeal. They know full well how long such a ruling will delay action from being taken. They can delay finalizing their order, and appeals courts can delay taking up the case.
        Judges will rule on a whim with flimsy cases and cite tweets.

        Contrast that with legal action taken during Obamas terms. There were a number of cases that were thrown out because some judge ruled those suing did not have standing to sue, or claimed the person suing was not harmed.

        Its why we have cake bakers being destroyed because they chose not to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Suddenly, there was no right to choose. There is no right to have beliefs. We have seen plenty of instances since where the right to choose is allowed.

        In my opinion, we have judges in this country as corrupt as a couple of FBI agents.

      11. 91Veteran,
        I believe we’re going to find out there’s MORE than just a few corrupt FBI agents involved in the illegal activities committed against America! I believe, we’re going to see the whole truth come out sooner than later!

      12. I believe you are right, and I believe the illegal unmasking will show that.

        To date, Susan Rice and Samantha Powers have both admitted to unmasking names of those intercepted by US Intel agencies. I believe many more will be shown.

        Why would 2 state department hacks have the authority to unmask? What did they do after the unmasking?

        Do a search for video on Evelyn Farkas.

        That video, after Obama greatly increased how many agencies could access US Intel explains a lot.

      13. 91Veteran,
        I remember some time ago, around 10 years give or take a few, when a young lady, from Atlanta, Ga., came out and told about how the NSA or some Intel agency were spying on the U.S. citizens.
        She told how agents would hear “key words”, then “…start listening to conversations.”
        Her statement about; “…the guys would talk about how couples who would be talking about sex!” So, The agents would laugh and talk among themselves about what these “couples would do to each other!” Have you heard about this?

        I believe this “spying” has been going on for FAR longer than what Americans know!

      14. The NSA Is a Blackmail Agency

        By Paul Craig Roberts


        The main function of the National Security Administration is to collect the dirt on members of the house and senate, the staffs, principal contributors, and federal judges. The dirt is used to enforce silence about the crimes of the security agencies.

      15. Seymore,

        Bonus points for actually managing to get my name right.

        I’m not the one with a hardon for Hillary. I didn’t vote for either of the two shitbags. I just find it funny that every time Trump screws it up like a soup sandwich it’s always “SMOKEBOMB QUICK LOOK OVER THERE!!!!”

        I mean we’re at the point that a guy can’t invite Obama to a fucking wedding because he doesn’t want to start an international row!!!! Holy jesus christ on cruches has it really come to this? It’s sad that we have the threat of WW3 more real today than it has been in a long long time and people are concerned that a wedding guest list will cause the man baby in chief to throw a tantrum? Fuck that bullshit and fuck anybody who carries water for it.

        I will say this. We are a tolerant society. We tolerate all manner of folks. Even republicans and retards.

      16. Dennis if that day ever arrives the Nation is done. I will expect no quarter and will plan accordingly. You should as well.

      17. WC, you talk of being prepared.
        I am rated at 100% PTSD because they simply have no bigger number and they had to stop there my friend. Do not presume for one moment that I EVER expect any quarter or mercy from ANY human at all.

        It is nice when it happens and it happens thanfully all the time now where I exist on this planet. With respect do not be fooled into thinking us PTSD types are not ready in an INSTANT to feel the full flood into our bodies of adrenaline, testosterone, and about forty other hormones that help us get really mean and fully prepared to deal with those who would otherwise gives us no quarter.

        I do respect how you feel even if I do not feel the same, but trust me I am always prepared for disaster. It is part of the diagnosis. It turns out that this is not a blessing or a good way to be living at all.

      18. WC – I highly advise some late 90s Carlin. It ain’t dems and it ain’t repubs. It’s us. It’s wee the sheeple. If we don’t have the stones to join forces and stop electing beggars and thieves, too fucking bad. To quote Pope George I, “It’s a club, and you ain’t in it”. Or, “That’s why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.

      19. I love Carlin so much I would have voted that guy for President. In fact I would have paid good money for a Carlin/Trump presidential debate on national TV. If we could elect dead comedians to the WH I would vote for Carlin/Kinnison in a heart beat.

      20. I voted for Carlin in 16. Why not? Better than the dimwit or the beast. I certainly don’t have any voters’ remorse.

      21. Two things WC….

        The Dems wanted amnesty for “dreamers”, which the Reps would have given and were prepared to do so. The Dems refused to ban chain migration, so they withheld the necessary 60 votes needed to pass a spending bill. Reuters is reporting this.

        As for the memo, if there was no substance to it, the Dems would have denounced it as having no substance, and it is nothing but a political game. The reason they are not doing that is because the memo is a summary of other classified evidence. They know what evidence is there in support of the memo. This is also why some are calling on Trump to just declassify the memo. He cannot declassify it because it is a House memo. It is not his to declassify. If he does that anyway, the Dems will then scream that he is interfering in an investigation, and is obstructing justice.

        The nemo will be declassified. Once that is done, it opens the door to declassifying the evidence that supports it.

        For a group that has been demanding transparency for months, it sure is interesting to see how they act on this memo.

        Right or left, if there were small groups of hacks in the FBI and DOJ using unmasking and illegal spying to affect an election or remove a duly elected POTUS, that is treason, and needs to be dealt with as such. I am damn tired of seeing our government used as a weapon against political enemies.

  15. As History records what the VA has done in the past during the Government shutdown in 2013.

    During the 2013 Shutdown the following occurred:

    Office of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs: all employees stopped working

    VAOIG: 95.4% of employees stopped working

    Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA): All employees stopped working

    Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA): 98.55% of employees stopped working

    Office of Public and Inter-Governmental Affairs (OPIA): All Employees stopped working

    Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs (OCLA): All Employees stopped working

    Source: VA Contingency Plan* Agency Operations in the Absence of Appropriations October 7, 2013



    Given the VA has just announced it’s opening of a non-profit Big Pharma Operation. It would seem no one will be able to ask any questions.

    More on the Drug company the Veterans Administration is creating as a so called Veterans Non-profit Organization.

    “Hospital groups creating company to make cheap generic drugs”
    By LINDA A. JOHNSON, AP Medical Writer |
    Updated: Fri 11:23 AM, Jan 19, 2018

    “TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Several major not-for-profit hospital groups are trying their own solution to drug shortages and high prices: creating a company to make cheaper generic drugs.

    The plan, announced Thursday, follows years of shortages of generic injected medicines that are the workhorses of hospitals, along with some huge price increases for once-cheap generic drugs. Those problems drive up costs for hospitals, require staff time to find scarce drugs or devise alternatives, and sometimes mean patients don’t get the best choice.

    The not-for-profit drug company initially will be backed by four hospital groups — Intermountain Health, Ascension and two Catholic health systems, Trinity Health and SSM Health — plus the VA health system.

    Together, the five groups include more than 450 hospitals, nearly one-tenth of U.S. hospitals. They also run numerous clinics, nursing homes, doctors’ offices and other medical facilities, along with hospice and home care programs and an insurance plan. More health systems are expected to join soon.”

    Full article at:

    1. @SK

      You of ALL people are missing a KEY point here my friend!

      When the figures showed that from 95-98% of the VA force you mention “stopped” working it could not possibly have factored in those employees that don’t do shit anyway, right? I mean the form they fill out to determine stats has only two answers and are either “are they working today?” or “did they go home?” The words “stopped working” is only technically accurate if they factored into the number those VA employees that never worked to begin with. A more plausible number to judge the impact of a shutdown would be snack vending machine sales in the VA break room. How bad did the sales numbers get for the Ho-Hos and Twinkees? Photographic evidence shown right here on Ben’s blog indicates snack sales at VA have NEVER slowed down irregardless of a shutdown and growth at VA seems almost bloated judging by the photos Ben has obtained of VA employees.

      With VA and adjusted numbers to account for the ones who never worked to begin with, then the numbers of folks who “stopped working” is but a handfull – the canteen workers who fill the snack machines stopped working.

      1. I must admit Dennis that the Stopped Working is a questionable term since it incorrectly leads one to assume that they at some time did start working. But it is the term they choose to use in their VA Publication.

        And Yes with the percentages up around 95-98% it is reasonable to assume the 5-2% they claim to keep working are general the very best at not working. So it just didn’t make any sense to stop them from doing nothing.

        No doubt there will be some major bonuses for best of the best at not working.

        Not sure about the Canteen workers. But would assume that should the snack machines not be filled there are contingency plans for snack buffets sponsored by The Hungry Hippos Twinkie brigand and Zagnuts unlimited.

      2. Don’t forget the Ho-Ho’s Brigade my favorite, the Snoball Brigades. However, the only contingency plan is the crates of melba toast crackers left unsold in all the Veteran Stakeholder vending machines…when in a pinch, even rats will go ghetto…

      3. Don’t forget Knockwurst Nancy and her fat ass. The Buffalo Belly Brigade has to have their crunch session accounted for in the Canteen.
        Those fat asses have been known to pass gas , just reaching to tie their shoe strings.
        Just goes to show you their operational readiness.

      4. Namnibor,

        Not Crunch Berries, but dried up dingle berries and cling-ons freshly hand painted by Curt Cashour in the office of VA propaganda.

    2. The VA – and Catholic Health Systems? Talk about your Illuminazis.

      Fifteen years ago, my pop’s ticker blew out at 88. The Catholic hospital he was sent to violated his iron-clad DNR TWICE. The second time after I forced them into extubating him. After exactly 30 days of being in ICU, and absolutely no chance of living, they tried to fob him off on a hospice in sub zero weather wearing nothing but the cotton bed-gown. The hospice wouldn’t take him and he threw in the towel during re-admission to the hospital. The VA aren’t the only assholes.

      As always – follow the money boys –

    3. Their own pharmacy? I wonder would it be like them ordering meds from Canada because it’s claimed to be cheaper for purchase there, then shipped back in to the states?

      I wrote about this happening to me through the VA. Can’t remember the drugs or the reason for the shortages here, but I got that box with Canadian shipping labels, stamps by customs, via a VA out of Minnesota, I think MN, then shipped to me. It was a long wait for the shipment since the VA pharm said it would be on the way. Then the pharm tech thought I was nuts when I inquired about meds coming in here from Canada going to be a new thing, and that I must be mistaken.

      This was about the time they were telling senior citizens not to order the cheaper drugs from Canada, or the drugs could be tainted, or illegal by the U.S. gov.

  16. Go ahead and pause for a moment and forgive my good morning wake and bake stoned attitude, but brothers and sister we ain’t got much to worry about if you, like I, depend soley on VBA and Social Security. We are the warrior class and that is just a teensy bit different than an elderly home maker on SSA.

    Open a textbook and take a quick read about precisely what happened to Rome when Caesar and his folk stopped paying the mlitary pensions then wages, then even stopped the main benefit of granting spoils of war in the form of arable land to its veterans….. Don’t open a book about the Rome today that survives as a single city. I am talking about the Rome that spanned the entire mediterranian part of the world. It aint there no more…

    The current bunch of idiots in charge are not the brightest canldes on the cake, just the most crooked. However there is also a widepsread belief among politicians and the public that past a certain point when a vet loses his home, his pension, and any way to survive because of broken promises that the man may well take his pound of flesh out himself and carve it from the chest of those in the path of his storm.

    One vet screwed out of home and finances destroyed over broken promises poses a bit of a problem security wise. Millions of vets so screwed over presents a very Rome like consideration for our nation. Our nation already discharges 10% of all Marines as unworthy of the title “veteran” with so called bad paper discharges. Notably those most in need of treatment for homicidal or violent ideation and PTSD make up this 10% of highly trained and seasoned combat vets. Irregardless of reason we are creating a full ten percent of generally men fully capable of great harm just out of our Marine Corps.

    My stoned mind says that if we add the rest of the servicemen to that pool left homeless and financially stranded and without care… Rome will fall.

    1. Dennis, even half baked, you make sense. Recently I moved to Roseburg Oregon. Prior I lived in Alabama for 18 years. I’ve been reading everything you have written since coming to this site. Of interest to me is your, “love ” for this VA. I’m not well equipped to deal with the VA, but, I have to. Let me know what you can, if life permits.

  17. All well and good Benjamin but my main beef with the media is all this weekend the various media outlets had TV breakdowns of *what to expect* but GUESS WHAT?
    In EVERY “what to expect” I viewed and read over weekend, NOT ONE even mentioned the VA and only the military was remotely mentioned and NOW your article here today Ben, THE ONE BIG QUESTION *most* Vets are asking remains unanswered….will disabled veterans continue to receive our monthly benefits?
    Why is THAT such a HARD question to answer and obviously the easiest to avoid these days?
    Why do Vets ONLY FUCKING MATTER when it’s reelection time?

    Why should military continue fighting without pay while fat cat congress critters continue their whisky & rye & stogies? I would consider that a HUGE morale killer while knowing we are now in year 18 of continuous war?

    Fuck you VA Shulkin and Team…you have the info and yet again, you only served your dues-paying pigs. How about those things called….Veterans? Fuck Off!

    1. Plenty of infomercials instructing your little Johnny and his planned fieldtrip to see the Lincoln Memorial or Susie’s fieldtrip to climb inside Statue of Liberty…BUT…NOTHING about that little Johnny and Susie that went to serve their country, you know, that “onward Christian soldiers” bullshit, AFTER their fieldtrips inspired them to go serve their country but when their country shuts down….~~crickets~~ but plenty of info on swamp tickets.

      I’m betting that not one AFGE employee is left in any doubt whom to immediately call about any issues regarding their regular paychecks and probably even have a FEMA contingency plan to continue to be paid upon nuclear war upon USA. But the Veterans they supposedly ‘serve’? ~~crickets~~

      Maybe it’s time for we crickets to be quite a bit more noisy and maybe grow some venom in our squeak?

      All for the Vets….another fine cup of foaming bulllshit! Yeah, in a mood this a.m.

      1. The VA never mentioned the anniversary of the battle of Khe Sanh , or anything. Goes to show you the severe disconnect. My opinion is that it is to negate any claims that may disrupt their denials schemes should more evidence is being unearthed by a lot of documentaries being released that could put veterans in those places that VA says there are no records of their service there.
        You have to really tune in to these freelance writers that are uncovering soldiers and sailors records before google scrubs information.
        Some information can be found on Ancestry dot com from family members uploading old military photos and letters.

      2. CorpsmanUp,
        Last Veterans Day, my buddy up in Illinois showed pictures of our time in Vietnam to local and national news outlets.
        He explained how the VA refused to admit I was there for 23 years!
        I’ve yet to be contacted by anyone. Yet, at least my “tour of duty” was covered by the news medias!
        It’s been a long time trying to get over the corruption within our government, especially the VA! I still want people to understand how it feels to be called a liar by VA employees! Yet, not once in those 23 years, did any VA employee ask me for proof.
        When I spoke about “specific incidents”, someone should have been honorable enough to ask me something! But they kept quiet!
        That being said, shows me exactly how corrupt and perverted the VA truly is!

      3. That is why I have no problem that I saw their fat ass doing nothing , in the Canteen, getting fatter and fatter!
        They call me a liar, I will call them lazy and inept in a heartbeat. A protruding gut before a court of law would be admissible under section II of the Lazy Fuck Legislation of 1892, paragraph 5 subsection 3 e dot Com forward slash Fuck the VA! …….and shit! ?

    1. “”

      ‘Should’ still get it.

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