VA Employee Records

Practice Of Scrubbing Bad VA Employee Records May End

VA Employee RecordsThe practice of scrubbing black marks from VA employee records to evade long-term accountability for bad conduct may become a thing of the past.

The 115th Congress opened with unanimous support to end the scrubbing of black marks from employee files. The move is aimed at increasing accountability by ensuring bad employees are no longer unwitting passed around VA once negative marks are removed from their file.

VA Employee Records Legislation

Rep. Ryan Castello (R-Pa), a lawmaker who sponsored the legislation, said, “Part of the systemic problems with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs stem from the fact that current policy prevents the keeping of complete employee files and does not allow the at-fault employees to be tracked or held accountable.”

Under present law, any admonished worker has their record scrubbed after two years. Should the employee receive a more serious reprimand, that black mark would be removed after just three years. Once removed, no hiring manager would be aware of the negative history.

GOP’s fixation on VA reforms focused on increasing employee accountability and improving patient care were center stage in passing the legislation.

The new head of House Committee on Veterans Affairs, Rep. David Roe, MD (R-Tn), said the new legislative push should give any new VA secretary another tool to improve accountability.

“No one is saying employees can’t improve their performance,” Roe said. “But managers should know the complete history of their staff when they are determining who is best qualified for any given position. This is a common sense reform.”

House Committee On Veterans Affairs

The following paragraphs are straight from the House Committee’s website. Click here to read the one-pager on the act:

Ensuring VA Employee Accountability Act

Background: Under current VA policy, an admonishment and reprimand can only stay in an employee’s record for two and three years, respectively. These limitations make it difficult for VA managers to properly review an employee’s performance or grasp an accurate picture of their work history, as there is no record of their poor performance or acts regardless of how many different jobs they have held within the VA. The Ensuring VA Employee Accountability Act, introduced by Rep. Ryan Costello (RPA), would require all reprimands and admonishments given to VA employees to remain in their file for as long as they are employed by the department. This bill is identical to H.R. 1038, which passed the House during the 114th Congress.

The Message:

  1. The VA’s protection of misbehaving employees permits a culture at the Department of Veterans Affairs that allows the failures of a few to overshadow the good work done by the vast majority of VA employees.
  2. The VA can never truly serve veterans until it ensures that only the most ethical and qualified employees advance and retain VA positions.
  3. VA managers should know the complete history of their staff or potential hires when determining who is best qualified for any given position.
  4. If a VA employee fails in their duties to provide services to our veterans, the VA should document these failures, and the employee should be held accountable.

Possible Problems With Act

Let’s hope this is a good first step with the new Congress in pushing for elusive reform measures that previously evaded former Rep. Jeff Miller and VA executives.

RELATED: VA Boss Paid $85k To Quit, Then Rehired

At least according to coverage of the legislation, the report makes no mention of the bad practice of VA forcing employees out through resignation or termination while allowing that same employee to later to apply for new jobs at different locations.

Who will track their employment performance history?

RELATED: VA Rehires Known Liar Fired For Making False Allegations

An apparent lack of centralization of VA personnel files supposedly allows bad employees to jump ship only to show up at a new location. Hiring managers as of late have failed to follow up on references including discussing possible problems with previous managers before being rehired.

For example, in Phoenix, Deloris Judd was fired in March 2016 from VA in North Chicago but then rehired at Phoenix VA to run its derelict Veterans Choice Program.

In October, I previously reported:

Deloris Judd was fired in March 2016 for abuse of patients a lying to arbitrators during her termination appeal. Three months after her termination, she was hired by Phoenix VA to administer the Veterans Choice program.

Shortly after her negligent hire, the Choice Program at Phoenix VA went down the tubes.

Is it too much to ask that this legislation address mot only present employees but also prevent negligent hiring of known liars previously forced out of the agency?

Source: Washington Examiner – House Vote On Record Scrubbing

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  1. “We interupt this regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this STUNNING breaking news from Washington DC;

    In an unprecedented congressional vote, Congress has voted that a historical record of events maintained for the benefit of The People should not be altered!!! My God, this reporter is down on the streets with the throng of people and the crowds are nervous… a hushed silence has fallen on the swamp. As a shocked America waits to see if records held for the public’s benefit will or will not continue to be destroyed, an eerie silence has fallen across the land – VA shredding machine buildings grind slowly to a halt. Workers seem confused.

    This reporter has learned of several burn incidents internal to VA headquarters with senior staff caught off guard and resorting to trash can fires to update employee records as well as their own records. Injured Staff have been moved to non VA facilities for treatment.

    This story is still breaking, so stay tuned here…
    We now return you to the still running episode of Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Jim is having a hell of a time with that pregnant rhino while Marlin hovers above.”

    1. Jim has just brought out those Oregonian Poop Canons, the swamp beasts are very nervous.

  2. “…..The move is aimed at increasing accountability by ensuring bad employees are no longer unwitting passed around VA ….”

    Kinda like the Catholic church and priests.

    1. @Windguy – Does your comment mean that hopefully in time, that when and if I visit a VA facility, that I will be able to stop holding my manly and covering my butt up? I hope its soon Brother.

      1. Oh no! Even if you are in to see an Ear & Throat Specialist at the VA, a rectal probing is in tall order. Hell, even a stubbed toe because they do not know their heads from asses.

      2. @Namnibor – So true, so true! I’m hoping for a good laxativity = the removal of shitty employees [sorry, I made this word up] of ALL incompetent VA Administrators, Medical, Clerical, and Toilet staff. Clean the swamp.

        Bugsy, Shooter, Blood Drawer, and RICO, we got dose orders. Roger that. Move in, and take ’em out. Leave nothing unsearched. And, take no prisoners. Get a move on. Lets clean that swamp, NOW!!!

  3. The lack of scheduling is like any other government agency, they want to make sure work will always be available for their lifelong career. I knew a government technician who was required to repair 1.7 medical devices per day. Guess what, he met his quota, everyday, within the first 45 minutes of starting. He then proceeded to play cards until the end of his shift. Again his response, “I don’t want to do more, I don’t want to ever run out of work. Maybe most federal agencies should be run with a business acumen. Additionally, make sure people have had a minimum of five years in the private sector before getting a government job. I have worked alongside people who have no idea what it is to actually work evenings, weekends, holidays, be denied vacation time because it conflicts with job requirements. Maybe start with firing the top 200 SES’s in each agency and replacing them with GS 14/15s, and if they can’t make it work, do the same, but replace with 12/13s, maybe by the time they hit younger 11s with a work ethic and desire to make a change something will come about.

    1. I like your method of thought with this. Would be like a self-weeding garden because they would start to devour their own out of job preservation and after the dust clears, start using the VA as a direct transition from active military to civilian life and careers by utilizing the inherent training and qualifications the gov’t has invested…win/win.
      The VA requires an injection of good ol’ fashioned UCMJ, light edition, but still full dose of whoop ass.

      (I know I am making way too much sense with that suggestion but it’s a no-brainer to me and eventually it would be primarily Vets treating Vets)

  4. “Scrubbing Bad VA Employee Records May End”? When did this practice start? Who are the numb nuts that approved this kind of bull shit?

    I know in the real world you screw up on the job it doesn’t get erased from your record after a few years.

    Personally I don’t think the bill goes far enough. I feel that if you screw up on the job at one federal agency it should be on your record permanently. Those records should also be used when considering any other federal employment at any federal agency.

    I know that if you screw up in one branch of the military you can’t just say screw it and go to another branch of the military.

    This bill is bull and really doesn’t help a whole lot. If you screw up at any federal job it should remain on your record permantely and that record should be used when you are considered for any other federal employment period.

    1. Seymore, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Just as we have today.
      Going to be a (possible long) wait to see what’s going to happen.

  5. @Disgruntled Veteran , @Crazy elf , Thanks for the encouragement. It’s hard because I’m in for my life.

  6. Here’s an article from “The Alex Jones Show”, dated: Jan. 5, 2017 (5:08 minutes long)
    “Known Liars and ISIS Collaborators Attack Trump”

    “…Rob Dew breaks down a clip from James Clapper and John McCain concerning Julian Assange!”
    Looks like “Songbird McCain” is acting up again to make himself look bigger than he really is!
    I informed y’all we’ve not heard the last of “SONGBIRD MCCAIN!”

    1. I absolutely HATE to hear McCain’s voice drone on about rubbish. He always sounds like a little kid tattle tale when he talks…at least McCain is consistent in his “Songbird”. 🙂

        namnibor, that’s an even better nickname for that “POSER”!
        Thanks, brother.

      2. @namnibor,
        The Democrats must have a lot of shit on “TATTLE TALE SONGBIRD MCCAIN”, for him to turn against his own party!!!!!!
        Must be more than just his “Collusion with the enemy” or, “Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy During Times of War”, during the Vietnam War!

  7. In response to “ANutterVet”, get ready for VHA employees to try everything possible to screw over you. At least for the next few weeks, or even a few more months. Until President Elect Trump finds someone who will not be afraid to take on the VA’s, and union, corruption!
    In my opinion, they’re hunkering down for a fight to continue on with “Business as Usual!”
    We’ve got to be patient. I know it’s hard.
    I just had a run-in with a VHA employee, front room scheduler, this morning. I need to be seen more than once a year. They don’t agree!
    Not fun at all.

    1. @Crazy elf- Did you get anything resolved with that thing a few months back where they had sent you a letter stating they were going to reduce your % or something? Hope so. Just wondering what the story was with that one. Peace.

      I also agree that regardless of whatever new regulation is passed, until Pres. Elect Trump starts wrangling swamp creatures in the swamp (AFGE and Friends), the VA may very-well be hunkering-down for a teething fight for their cookie jar. We must remain patient and on our guards.

      On another note, I was considering moving back out to the Black Hills, South Dakota but I have since learned that the VA has exactly -1- Infectious Disease Dr. and he specifically under no circumstance will accept Medicare even as a partial payment. WTF? Another State crossed off my list. May just sit tight where I am in Ohio.

      1. @namnibor,
        Yes, that was resolved. VA wanted the “Unemployable Paperwork” turned in.
        I went to the county VSO, he helped me fill it out, and faxed it to the region office.
        I believe it was done in retaliation because I turned in (to my Congressman) VHA (mental health employees) violating ‘HIPPA’ regulations. Kinda funny because I’ve never turned in this thing in for over 12 YEARS! All of a sudden, after a VA employee was turned in, they want it!?!?!!?
        There was an employee listening in, or reading on the computer, everything being said during my appointment. A complete violation. Because, I gave no permission to allow anyone to do so!
        I’ve got paperwork, from VHA via my Congressman, showing they DID COMMIT a crime.
        As a matter of fact, the VA individual investigating this, said I wasn’t supposed to receive that paperwork from the Congressman’s office. How’s that for luck! And, in the second Congressman’s letter, VA admits the individual was reprimanded, yet VA won’t tell me how!
        Now I’m waiting until Trump’s promise of having a “phone number to call” to turn the rat bastards in!
        I would suggest every veteran keep any and all paperwork which is detrimental to their non-healthcare by VA!

        I wonder just how far VA employees will take it against veterans. Especially, since they know their time is close to being “possibly privatized”!
        If they dig in too deep, they just show their STUPIDITY. We veterans always leave a path for “strategic orderly withdrawal”- evidently VA employees aren’t that intelligent!

  8. Ben, from the “message” just an observation. 1. Most of the VA employees are spoiled. What they have is going to be hard to give up. 2. How would anyone know who to advance with black marks erased? Do I believe a supervisor would erase the black marks for a friend? 3. Same thing as Same as 2.. 4. I have no idea what employees at the VA’s jobs are. I just don’t get much change here. Nothing to back it up..

  9. I have really enjoyed reading ALL the comments thus far. Very clear that my six is covered very well by ALL of my Brothers and Sisters comments. Keep passing around the 411.

    As I had previously stated: “It is too soon to tell, BUT it looks like we may finally have a REAL Commander-In-Chief”. I think it is still too soon to tell, however, all the signs i have seen thus far are very encouraging.

    Stay Vigilant. Stay in the fight.

  10. To All – I called in a refill for my pain medication, which I’ve been on for some time. The receptionist told me that my PCP received the request for a refill, but the Pharmacy does not have the medication ready to be picked up at the window. I explained to the receptionist, that I need the medication because I’ve been on them for some time. Plus, in 2006, I had a 100% fully blocked LAD artery [the widow maker myocardial infarction], and that I was really concerned about the additional pressure on my heart if I went into with drawls.

    This was the receptionist’s response, “well what do you want me to do?” I shared with the receptionist, I don’t know all of the guidelines in this type of situation. Can you get a supervisor or some one with authority for an unusual circumstance?

    She told me no! And, that I need to contact my Senators and Congressman to help me in order to make any changes. Why do the VA employees put the problems that are occurring in the VA system, straight in the lap of Veterans? This is totally absurd. I’m the one in a needy situation.

    Not only this, but the receptionist informed me that I need to visit the VA for bloodwork, and to sign the patient – doctor agreement because of the type of medication that is being prescribed to me. I told the receptionist that I understand this, but can you have my PCP read my charts. Why? Because, the VA has me receiving home based Physical Therapy [PT] and Occupational Therapy [OC], due to me not being able to physically get to the VA facility. So why does my PCP want to put unnecessary pressure on me to visit the VA when I’m not able to do so? This is totally contradictive.

    So now, I wait. I don’t know when I’m going to get my medication. It’s very frustrating, and truthfully, I’m in fear of my life due to the way the VA acts towards me. They could care less what happens to me. I feel less than a human being. They treat animals better than this.

    I truly hope, that the process of “draining the swamp” comes swiftly. Veterans need to be treated better. By the way, the medical personnel that I receive home based PT and OT from, they agree that Veterans should be treated better as well.

    I believe that the VA is violating my health by inflicting me with unnecessary stress. I’m ready to snap! But wait sir, we have the Disruptive Behavior List and the EPER list, which we will add your name too. This process really sucks. What about the Hippocratic Oath that these people should be adhering too?

    What do you think? Any suggestions? What is a Veteran supposed to do?

    1. @NutterVet, call back to PCP and tell them you cannot get the meds. Do not let time pass on this issue. This is your life. My brother in law has same kind of problem with his heart medications. They have to order it thru another pharmaceutical company because it is not standard meds. The va wants to give him a hard time too. He had a triple bypass and a lot of problems and cannot afford it except thru va system. Don’t get discourage call patient advocate or service rep if your primary care doctor cannot get this thru system. God speed.

      1. @ANutterVet – Do what Ex va suggests. First priority is to get those meds. Then, see if there is a local “action line” at a radio or TV station you can call. Sometimes they can help.

        Frankly, the way we are treated by the VA is disgusting. But it is really simple in the end. You want to live as long as you can. They want you tie as quick as you can. Saves time. Saves money that they could use in their “bonuses”.


        FIGHT! Since you have read my letter, shoot me an e-mail. Then after I do a few things, will provide you with better contact information.

      2. Correction to my last: They want you to die as quick as you can.

        Dreaded auto-correct. Posting from someone else s computer.

  11. I’m very encouraged to see this passed and hope it is signed into law.

    With that said, and not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this presumed bad behavior will be documented properly.

    I haven’t read the legislation so I hope this pertains to anyone employed by the VA, not just non medical provider employees. I want it to apply to quack medical providers as well that get shuffled around to various VAs, even with marks against their license to practice.
    They sure as hell should not be getting bonuses. One VA doctor at Grand Junction has been sued twice for malpractice and still received a bonus. A nurse there was involved in a death in Phoenix in 2011, and was still hired at Grand Junction.

    Good to see this. I hope it’s a start of holding all VA employees accountable.

    1. Notes, Notes, Notes, How many strikes before your out, what is a firing offence. Is Retaliation against a whistle or retaliation against a veteran a fire able offence.

      Is falsifying a wait list grounds for firing an employee, If so who gets fired the employee or the manager ?
      Is hitting or yelling or falsely accusing a veteran of disruptive behavior a fire able offence ?


      They VA has Lawyers who will skirt the law, Loop hole. How many managers will not write up their friends or relative’s.

      How about someone making more Laws to protect the Veterans, why is it always about the employees.

      Employees can fight back through a number of places, where do the veterans go ?

      Why does a Congressman or Senator with evidence about wrongdoings not able to do anything to assist the veterans when they have been wronged. What I have seen is you write to them, they make an inquiry and the VA admits wrongdoings or lies and what ever they say, That’s it !

      The veterans are still in the same boat as before, But know the VA is even madder and will continue to retaliate against the Veterans.

      I Guess I am asking who is protecting the Veterans, We cant speak our minds about or treatment or lack of treatment, Who is going to speak for the Veterans that kill themselves because the VBA, even with evidence denies veterans claims.

      Where are our rights, The VA employees falsely accuse veterans of some sort of disruptive behavior and ACTION is taken RIGHT NOW, No 3 strikes and your out,

      I think here we go again, All talk and no action to clean the swamp !

      I agree this does not go far enough to ensure veterans are treated properly, we are the ones needing protection against bad employees, where are they, who is looking after US !

      NO ONE< They have left us out in the cold again.

  12. I am still confused about the VA employee murdering the Vet. I am sure the U.S. has laws against murder. There’s no time limits on charging one for murder. Is it up to the family of the Veteran? Why didn’t the State pick it up? I believe that the real issue for Veterans is decent medical care and proper handling of records. In the VA, that’s not going to happen. Close the VA Health care DOWN.

    1. If you read star’s and stripes and read the comments. You will see someone is repling to the story and one is telling other veterans don’t not to use choice and other veterans should stop complaining about the VA.

      I believe that the VA is having VA employees to respond in an get veterans from speaking out.

      You can tell that those people have not done any research. If they had they would not be so harsh on the veterans.

      The person does not want any veterans to have a choice and make it sound like the veterans that choose. Choice are the one’s causing the problems.

      These employees will stop at nothing to try and stop veterans from having a choice.

  13. Laws are being broken everyday by VA management and whistle blowers are still attacked. These Managers will skirt this law, al they have to do is not report it and keep it in house. Don’t do it again !

    Remember, that whistle blowers will be accused of something and that placed into their file, have provisions been made to cleanse those records.

    Will those whistle blowers once they win, will the Manager be fired or will they just have a black mark on their record.

    How many strikes before someone is fired.

  14. Y’all are going to love the crap outta this.
    From; “The Alex Jones Show”
    Jan. 5, 2017. (8:24 minutes long)
    “The Coming Fight: Trump Goes on Offense”

    We on here have been calling for the government to be audited. Rand Paul introduced “Audit the Fed” AGAIN!
    TRUMP’S behind him on this, and, Obama CANNOT veto it!
    There’s plenty of promises which are going to be kept by the Republicans. As VPOTUS Elect, Mike Pence, stated yesterday in front of Congress!
    Plus, right now the Republicans are pounding the Democrats over OBAMACARE, or “The Unaffordable Healthcare Act” – as well they should be! It was a disaster from the beginning.

    1. P.S.
      Did y’all know the IRS employs 17,000 workers? They need to be fired as well as employees of the VA!

  15. Ben,

    It looks as though you investigative reporting has paid off. The OIG even has been slow to release reports lately too in the wake that you have reported that they have been secretly dumping reports. Their last publication was 12/20. It is easy to cross reference their lies, but I think that they may have some controls over what shows up firts in the search engines, either by altering search criteria and relevance when any user types in certain keywords. The OIG needs a wikileak exposure.seriously!

  16. “Ilhan Omar emerged victorious from her primary as a media darling, but a look into her past reveals possible marriage and immigration fraud

    Minneapolis, MN- Ilhan Omar became the biggest story of Tuesday’s Minnesota Primary election. Omar defeated 21 term incumbent Phyllis Kahn for the DFL nomination for state representative in House District 60B. It is historic because Kahn is the longest serving member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, having held her seat since 1974. Omar will make history, if elected in November, as the first Somali-American elected to the Minnesota House.

    On Friday, Powerlineblog ran a story that could severely damage Omar’s chances of making history. A reader tipped Powerlineblog to a post from a Somali community forum website post that suggests Omar may be directly involved in marriage and immigration fraud. A Somali Spot user posted information last week alleging Omar married her brother in order for him to immigrate to the US, despite the fact she’s been married to the father of her three children for over a decade.

    Thanks again, Obama!

  17. This video comes from “Fox News 32” out of Chicago, Il.
    Yesterday, or the day before, a “live video was posted on Utube” of a “special needs” kid being tortured by four individuals. Two young girls and two boys.
    The news title is;
    “Trump Supporter tied up, tortured for two days on Facebook Live!”
    Jan. 4, 2017. (3:03 minutes long)
    This video went viral in a short time frame.
    A “community organizer” in Chicago called it a “Hate Crime!” Yet, a high ranking police officer said it was just “stupidity”! WTF OVER!
    This is, in my opinion, why Obama is winning the game on divisiveness around the country. His ‘legacy’ will be that of the “Worse President Ever!” Even worse than President Carter, if one could believe that!

    On a brighter side, the “115 Congress” just passed, unanimously, to commit more sanctions on Iran. The Iranian government ain’t too happy right now.

    Also, it looks as though the criminal elements, GANGS, of Chicago are “literally shooting at drivers on the interstate, and intrastate, roadways.
    It’s actually doubled from last year. The state police are swamped with the rising crime rate. Why? Because, many law enforcement officers are leaving, (for greener pastures, maybe?)
    President Elect Trump has told Rahm Emanuel he’d better take care of it, or he will, (paraphrasing)!

  18. ‘[Is it too much to ask that this legislation address not only present employees but also prevent negligent hiring of known liars previously forced out of the agency?]”

    I think this does not begin to go far enough. This should be retroactive going BACK at least 3 years from today to root-out the fraudsters that have been covered-up effectively under McDonald. DONE! This is yet another regulation that come-a year or so from now, yet another regulation will be needed to attempt to get the VA to comply…repeat.

    As it is, this will only force the VA to be even more creative in their love of bureaucratic paperwork covering-ups. Hell, the VA will go as far as simply not placing ANY marks on ANY employee’s file and will create SUPER SECRET employee files. These weasels simply require one large flush. Add salvo of draino and repeat. Plunger used copiously, then repeat sequence. FLUSH!!!!!!!!!

    1. @namnibor,
      Well said, brother!

      VA, so far, has shown no accountability on hardly any employee. Start at the top, work down!
      Get rid of the damn union!

      1. Let me use this analogy using recent acts of gov’t accountability, done sloppily, but if the DoD can go after all those past in-wartime reenlistment bonuses and make it stick for at least 1000 Veterans, then WHY THE HELL can’t this “Practice of scrubbing on path of accountability” have added teeth to be able to go back at *least* 7 years and connect the dots and fire the lot and make them payback gains, if any????!!!!

        We need freaking laws/regulations with teeth…not a built-in loophole of a counting clock they will figure out how to circumnavigate…rats are very good at figuring-out mazes and there’s a lot of rats at the VA.

        Why did I say that?

        Because the VA will figure out a way to stall all legal proceedings until they can pass go and repeat. What comes to mind is the VA Medical assistant down in Louisiana VAMC that over a year ago through blunt force killed an inpatient 73 year old Veteran through blunt force trauma, the VA employee was only given time off with pay to “recover emotionally”, and as far as we know, is still working at that same VAMC because the VA in-fact rehired him.
        Is the VA just waiting until a magical number of days/years go by where all can be sponged and scrubbed from records?
        More questions than answers but one thing for sure, some VA rat has already figured out how to circumnavigate or completely ignore this….wait for it….

        Now, where’s my reptile tranquilizers? 🙂

    2. I agree tee-totally and completely. Won’t happen though. I guess I am in deep shit for letting state boards, locally elected, the censors, media, Vet groups, know what I have gone through and seen others go through and sick of it. I can’t even get my trash can in front of my house and have to go down the block to put my trash out. Trash company won’t allow their workers to walk down or us pick-up trucks to pick my garbage up. City built a bike path down the main road making my road to small for trash trucks to travel down and they refuse to pick it up at the home site. And they made my once city road into a ‘easement’ for me to take care of, and removing my once road sign making deliveries a nonsensical mess too. But the elected and over-lords here think it’s funny. If I were anyone else, a sheep, or in some clique it would be a totally different story. That is the kind of petty crap some of us have to deal with. Plus, the harassing blocked phone calls, burglary attempts, prowlers, and other goodies that just spring up for merely wanting to see some good things happen instead of total corruption and cover-up going on in the state and town. “They” say it’s all not political, but it is. Especially when I can’t find a decent doctor here and have tried ads on Craig’s List too! Local media says we are all good and all is good and perfect in town and in the great state of perfection and utopian bliss called Indiana. Yeah, I am fed up and pissed. So like everything else here nothing can be done, will be done, or is all my fault for being disabled, white, not in any local cliques or mafias, etc. I am just supposed to sit back and shut up, be happy.

      I knew corruption, the lacking of responsibility to accountability ran deep here and clear to Washington DC but this VA crap and some stuff I have gone through, and seen other go through until they died shows me … there is no hope for change.

      Elaina George, MD. I was channel surfing while on crutches again and couldn’t get up to do much and ran across this MD on a religious channel. Swaggert channel it was. It can be found online too. She has a U tube presence too and a book that I just ordered. She smashes the current trends in medical care, the why, and damages done. Maybe the info in her book can help me out but I doubt it living in my town and state. Besides, a group of us were already told who runs Indiana health care…. the “VA who is the best and knows everything,” IU and Indiana schools of medicine,” DoD, and others. “The VA, the state, VA employees, Homeland Security, etc. must save us from ourselves.” Yeah right. I am so sick of all this BS

      Listening to her, and having gone through what I have and seen others go through until their deaths, I see no change or hope in Indiana. Some things she mentions or aids can’t be found in Indiana we are so different than other states and under a bunch of Draconian tyrant rulers who don’t lisen to anybody or do they care. They just want money, gambling joints, more laws, more taxation on drinks, eats, gas, another road tax, and to support local colleges and the down town cliques. To hell with the rest of us, we are old, white, evil males, and expendable. We complain or question we are just deplorable, need to vote Democrat for changes, evil for daring to discuss anything with any member or kind of special interest group. We are there just to be test subjects, play dumb, let them kill us, or else…. leave. Oh happy day.

      So listening to her is what I am totally encountering in Indiana. The new health care system of they don’t give a damn and let people suffer, profits over people. That corruption, profiteering, medical predatory practices is fully accepted by all the elite top to bottom, civil service unions, and academics to Washington DC. Thank God that Congress, POTUS, Senate, etc., all have their golden health care systems.

      Since I can’t find help from local MDs, get away from pain for a while, health care people here have the bed side manner of pet rocks and totally, really, don’t’ give a damn, I am preparing for the end. Only to find out there again we, I, have limited freedoms. I wanted to put some nastiness and curses on my newly ordered tombstone but the laws and rules forbid me from doing so. Cemeteries won’t even allow me to put a simple F Terre Haute, F the VA and F corruption on my stone. So even at our end we can’t have the final say or show some individual expressions. To have more engraved would be very costly and then have to be censored so as not to draw negative attention to this corrupt evil area.

      Damn sad we have to cover our six for being honest, speaking out, just for being a white man and veteran who are all nuts and eats human babies, cute bunny rabbits, I reckon. Colleges and libtards want “safe spaces” when we can’t even have that out shopping or at home. God forbid we go to public town hall meetings or some vet group to air our concerns else the activist or corrupt want to teach us some lessons.

  19. you want to talk about ethical and accountable, that is all well and good, I would just be happy if one of the employees that I have to deal with were LITERATE. My VR&E counselor seems to have forgotten that she is a civilian working at the VA and still thinks that our meetings are one way conversations like she would have with some snot nosed private. It is really bad that I know their regs better than she does (THANKS BEN) and she and the VREO hate that.

    1. A bunch of civilians hate the fact that veterans can adapt to any environment you give them, especially if you are citing SOP. Tell that big fat and nasty to get a grip. There is always 1 sta puff fatback in every VA , I swear!

  20. This is about one one-hundredth of the accountability we are speaking of. By erasing the(crime, mistake, accidental damage, death), you start a cover-up, and you become part of the issues. New management would never know. The issue is, “accountability”. All inclusive. Let’s don’t pick one thing at a time. These people were already caught, most likely the black marks may just be probation. 2 weeks, we wipe it clean. Nite y’all.

    1. Agreed. What is required is a full-on frontal assault by the new POTUS, the Congress, and the incoming SecVA. If the VA is ever to change for the better – – – the ass-kicking to their worthless “leadership at all levels” needs to begin very soon.

  21. Try reporting negligence and unethical, immoral behaviors of providers. VAOIG will dump it. Try following their reporting procedures such as “duty to report”. You will be unethically harassed, threaten and have numerous enemies that will make your life a living hell…..

    1. You are absolutely right. I’m in that situation now. There are plenty of ways that whistle blowers can complain about harassment and get help. But try being a Veteran that illegal actions where taken against, and find a place to go complain when your Patient Advocates know what is happening, but the problem was with the ex COS now MD of course. Their is nowhere. I filed an appeal on them not getting me a medical item I have 3 letters of Medical Necessity for and 2 outstanding trials with medical equipment being requested. The now aMD lied to congressman Gozar and Senator McCain, to which I have the documentation to prove it and have provided Laws being broken and still can’t get a response from someone to help. Other than filing a Claim For Damages, and having to wait leaghnthy amount of time in a court system. When I contacted the counselor for the VA, after she denied my Claim for Damages, and told her I was going to file at the courthouse, I was told about a secondary opinion in Washington on my case. Meanwhile our representatives at the PVA said they can’t assist with things when they are in this type of complaint. So I’ve been struggling for over 1 1/2 years do to their illegal actions here. My VA Neurologist even wrote a letter stating that by not supplying me with this FDA Approved Class II Device the VA has made my home life and disability to worsen. The device is like a tens unit except with 100 volts which I max out on. They don’t care that this is the only device that has helped me reduce my extremely high mg’s of Opiates and Benzodiazepines (valuim), that they complain about because of the DEA Waiver I have to be on the 240mg”s of Oxycodine 3 times daily. This system sucks for Veterans with issues with it, as far as options on how to get heard.

      1. I hope my friend, that the coming year you will get everything you need. The VA has done much to harm veterans. That is why Ben and many other veterans have spoken out and are trying to change the system for the better.

        They have passed a rule., where the employees can be relieved of duty for their misdeeds. So we are hoping this new year will bring relief to those who really need it. So many veterans have not filed for anything, until they felt they needed to and that’s when reality hits them square in the mouth.

        Time for those employees to get a taste of their own medicine. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Keep your head up, we are with you.

      2. I maxed out on a “TENS unit” years ago. Tried capsaicin cream low dose 0.25% and quickly maxed out on it but when I went to the pharmacy where I was buying it before the VA put it on the formulary they had run out of the low dose and the pharmacist after asking me how well it was working gave me a different brand with 0.75%. You can now get up to 1%.

        It broke the cycle of pain that is like the pain a person feels in an amputated limb by putting so much on that I had to use the antidote of cooking oil to take it off a couple of times. Now I rarely have to take Tylenol #3 and much less frequently have to use the capsaicin cream. If you haven’t tried it give a try.

        If you are maxed out on a TENS unit insist on the higher dose from your neurologist. Even then you have to check the package you receive. The pharmacist often make a mistake and give those who need the higher dose the low dose package.

  22. Who is to judge what is ethical and accountable? An unethical service chief, associate director and/or director? When they talk of ethics and employees whom are they talking about really???? A clerk is allegedly rude or can be blamed for a scheduling error. I saw these kind of setups because the providers cause diversions and dramas to hide their poor clinical performance. These employees are the ones treated like garbage. They know the behaviors of the providers and if they think they know too much this is who they will go after.
    The va medical center outpatient performance in the service line doctors where i worked saw an average of two Veterans a week. This is a true statement, i couldn’t believe it myself at first because i couldn’t believe they would really do this. The waitlists are created and manipulated and that is the truth. It is not only in one va medical center such as phoenix. The raw data can show this but no one wants to deal with that. Making doctors, providers and managers is not the employees they will make accountable. It will take a miracle to change this organizational culture issue.

  23. I got the pleasure if spending the day with an ethical and accountable VA employee, whom is treated like garbage in my opinion.

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