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WaPo: White House Politicized Selection Of Veterans Law Judges

Washington Post and a host of other media publishers allege the White House politicized the selection process of Veterans Law Judges when it rejected 50 percent of the applicants based on political criteria.

Ten hours after I published an article complaining that the press was largely silent about the selection of 4 Veterans Law Judges to the Board of Veterans Appeals, a new narrative surfaced. Yesterday, Washington Post and Stars & Stripes both published that the White House engaged in partisan politics when rejecting 50 percent of the 8 applicants to serve as VLJs.

According to WaPo:

But this summer, the White House rejected half of the candidates selected by the board chairwoman to serve as administrative judges, who make rulings on the disability claims. The rejections came after the White House required them to disclose their party affiliation and other details of their political leanings, according to documents viewed by The Washington Post.

Such questions had not been asked of judge candidates in the past, according to former judges and board staff.

As part of the process, the candidates were asked to provide links to their social media profiles and disclose whether they had ever given a speech to Congress, spoken at a political convention, appeared on talk radio, or published an opinion piece in a conservative forum such as Breitbart News or a liberal one such as Mother Jones, according to one candidate, who requested anonymity because the person is not authorized to speak to the media.

The rejected applicants are three Democrats and an independent. Of the four accepted by the White House and sworn in last week, three are Republicans, and one has no party affiliation but has voted in GOP primaries, according to documents and interviews.

Based on what we know now, if true, President Donald Trump should be embarrassed about letting politics interfere with his selection of VLJs who will decide veterans’ appeals. There is a growing backlog of appeals that is projected to triple according to attorney and policy expert James Ridgway.

As a veterans rights attorney, I can tell you bad decisions by adjudicators happen regardless of political affiliation, but more often than not, Democrats will tend to be more friendly toward disabled individuals than Republicans.

Another observation is that veterans tend to make less veteran-friendly decisions than non-veterans. Former West Point profession Dan Gade covered this topic in a journal article years ago citing multiple surveys revealing the trend.

One of my DC contacts indicates the move by the White House is likely a pattern to sway the decisionmaking at the Board in a less veteran-friendly direction using political affiliations as a sort of litmus test during the selection process rather than legal knowledge, training, or qualifications.

Current Board Issue

Currently, the Board is working to expand its capacity while VLJs decide 900 appeals per year with 200 one hour hearings. For a comparison, comparably trained Administrative Law Judges decide around 500 cases following a trial – – those trials can take a couple of days along with a load of pleadings.

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So, while the White House is playing politics, it seems clear more VLJs are needed.

Meanwhile, VA disputes the allegations about the partisanship of the White House’s selection of the VLJs.

“Vetting failures of past administrations allowed judges who held racist and sexist views to be appointed to the Board,” VA press secretary Curt Cashour said in an email. “This administration refuses to be a rubber stamp and is committed to doing a much better job of vetting.”

Cashour is great at throwing up cheap displays of smoke and mirrors without much thought or consideration for the thinking audience.

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Now, based on what happened before with the Forum of Hate with Board VJLs in the past, it seems highly unlikely racist or sexist applicants would have made it through the rigorous selection process and years of training to the point of being selected by VA to then pass up to the White House.

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“During my tenure, the White House approval was considered pro forma,” said Anthony Principi, who led the agency during George W. Bush’s first term.

“I certainly remember the chairman [of the appeals board] being political,” Principi said, “but the judges were career civil servants. They’re adjudicators.”

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Former VA Secretary Robert McDonald, a Republican, hired 26 VLJs in just two years. “I never thought of this as a politically appointed position, just because they’re sent through the White House,” he said.

“Our priority was serving veterans,” McDonald said. “The only way to get appeals down was to hire more judges, and the best available regardless of political affiliation.”

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  4. Did I read you correct Ben?? You said “Trump should be embarrased”. People like Trump don’t get embarrased. I, for one, am glad to see that Finally SOME of the truth about this admin. is being shown for what it is. Bull.

  5. Well said, Ben.

    While I understand the comments of others, Veterans Issues and Social Security should both be above any “politics” whatsoever. They are earned entitlements that no one in either the White House, or either house of Congress should be allowed to diminish in order to “pay” for other things.

    You served your country honorably and are now permanently disabled as a result? You earned the benefit with your service, and are therefore entitled to receive it. Or to keep it simple – – – YOU PAID FOR IT UP FRONT.

    Any veteran who thinks another veteran receiving their just due benefits should be based upon the whims of those who have never served ought to unfuck their Brain Housing Group.

    All the crap talk about all the Political Parties is just that. CRAP! They ALL are equally guilty. Bad people exist across the entire spectrum of American society. So do good folks.

    I belong to no political party except for the one whose mantra is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

    The Founding Fathers of this once great nation warned us in their writings about the dangers inherent in political partisanship. Too damn bad that we as a nation did not heed that.

    Our country is In Extremis. Are we going to continue our downward spiral while arguing and blaming other folk? Or are we going to find practical solutions that address our problems, and make it a better nation for all citizens?


    1. JC asks, “Are we going to continue our downward spiral…” Yes, very very likely IMO. I expect that the rebound to some semblance of a functional democracy will come at a very high price. The divide in this nation has been brilliantly engineered and executed. Goebbels be gigglin.

      1. Well, as you know, I have written in the past that “the United States second ‘Civil War’ was on the way. I just never thought that I would live to see it in my lifetime.

        With the acceleration of internal events that have occurred on a daily basis since the beginning of the last Presidential campaign, plus the external events that are occurring and receive little media attention – – – I must acknowledge that I was most probably wrong about that.

        With great freedom comes great responsibility. While everyone has the right to free speech – – – that right MUST be tempered by responsibility for one’s words AND their effect on the nation as a whole.

        While I do not condone censorship as a general principle, after watching countless hours of POTUS Trump talking on FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc. – – – I will state this for the record.

        Were I the HMFIC at Twitter – – – I would cut off the ability of POTUS Trump to Tweet.

        Worst, most divisive President in my lifetime. I voted for him. Shame on me. Won’t make that mistake again.

  6. I don’t agree with Trump or any administration hiring, selecting, firing, etc. based on political affiliation, but it is the Dems and Libs that have made it clear that under the Trump administration, they have no respect for the Presidency and will do what they can to undermine Trump…

    I am going through something similar. I work in a predominantly Democrat/Lib workplace. They (leaders, subordinates, etc.) send out nasty remarks about Republicans and no one tells them to keep their politics out of the office.

    The sad, illegal and scary thing about what they are doing is denying employment, harrassing and even going so far as making false EAP referrals of employees they find out are conservative and that is wrong!!!

    So, I’m with Trump because it’s the Dems/Libs who can’t keep their politics out of the workplace and no one has time to hire someone who is constantly seeking opportunities to undermine a Presidency/Administration they don’t vote for.

  7. Ben, what abiut when asking oertinent wuestions? I value the experience that other seasoned Vets have in dealing with VA, and other relating offices.

    There’s no other way for me to contact Vets. And I’m sure I’m not the only ine that needs particular answers.

    I also believe that yoy shouldn’t folliw everything that other sites are doing; by remiving comments. I believe this would be a disservice.

    And I always share your daily articles on my sicial media page. And I refer my readers to go to your site if they have confusing issues with VA, and tonask questions. Resiurces are far and in between for Vets as is.

    Therefore if wuestions are off limits, I’ll have no choice but to not promote your site. To me, it doesn’t make sense to cut out Vets from a source of assistance. I surely personally know this.

    Also, its the damn Policymakers that has their heads in other perps buttster. Abd you know as well as U and others, that their sandbagging Vets. I’d not join their ranks.

    I say this cause they can fix the crippled VA, but choose not too. There’s too much Politics ibside their end instead of properly not seving Vets. And you’re well aware thatvthis bullhickey has veen going on fir decades.

    Let me know the your policy on adding questions, so that I can adjust on my end if need be.

    I’m a Vet that is shrinking away (atrophy) due to VA not keeping their promise of In-Home PT and enrolling me into the Home Based Primary Care Program (HBPCP).


    1. Sorry for the misspelling and gramnar mistakes. My vision is now going blurry.

      And for me to get out if my residence to see a Optomitrist, I’d have to take more pain meds. And nowadays, due to VA and others, they don’t account for such, or even the cold and damp months of winter.

      Therefore not prescrbing extra meds, even though I’ve had no side effects complaints, and not misusing meds from my perspective.

      Its hard for me to see the jeys on my phones keyboard. They sre blurry snd to small, and I miss hit.

      Thankfully, I’ve still have my logic and reasining skills. Maybe I should send VA a thank you card for not persuing this area of my kife, and screwing that up as well.


      Maybe the ruthless anal cave dwellers will read my statements. They, like VA crooked PCP’s can kiss my white ass. That’s not racial cuz my ass is white. Well OK, off white. Then that must maje ne a oerson of colir too. Umm hmm.

  8. I agree, this post should be for the purpose of informing each other about our experiences or viewpoint without any derogatory or demeaning language.

    Now concerning the issue at hand. As a result of this type of manipulation regarding the hiring of Veteran’s attorneys, we have mediocracy, a dominant class consisting of mediocre people, or a system in which mediocrity is rewarded. This isn’t derogatory or demeaning language, is it? Oooooops


  9. “I will defend my race”? We’re American and we defend Americans. It’s as simple as that. The military reinforces that principal.

    I think you should close the comment section. I feel like some individuals seem to think they can post their cuckoo conspiracy theories and divisive comments because this chat is unmonitored. They get exposure from the hard work you do breaking these stories to us.

    1. Nicho, another new name popping up or an old agent provocateur wanting censoring? While throwing out the grand American slogans or those like the ever boring and lying…”Will die to defend your right to free speech” while being like town leaders to the media, VA, DC, journalist, VSOs, LEOS, etc., actually supporting all the censoring. Lying in our faces constantly like medical staff can do as well as ALL the politicians? Like attending town meetings and expected at times to stand with them and say “The Pledge” and those same ones laughing, including veterans, about the censoring or repeating the previous or saying they moderate the MSMedia and news that “they” feel we all need to know and calling all else “not for public consumption” like many posts and news on Ben’s site and banned on all other social media platforms. What’s that called? Or when hundred thousand or so refuse to get involved in anything due to the benefits or fear from it all? American? You blew your cover just by using the word “conspiracy.” I can show you and any others what “conspiracy” really is. Plus wanting to shut down more free speech? Doesn’t seem to me that Ben’s contacts in DC, you, or around half of veterans attacking others due to politics or agendas forgot some “Military principals” and oaths. Or having each other’s “back or six.” Ha.

      Using racial slurs. What bunk. What are the agendas, United Nation’s styled actions/activist lawyers/judges or SES or SERCO or etc., hire? All any haters to the incompetent, insider activist have to do is do.. NOTHING. Just lie, act, ignore, spread their joy, celebrate getting by with whatever they do. That is what insulating secretaries all do for CEOs, those “professionals” and politicians. Knowing full well they are immune from it all or anything they pull from censoring, suffering to causing deaths in many ways. They don’t have to act. Nurses, PAs, VSOs, real hate groups, associations, unions, etc. don’t have to do much let alone say anything to be caught.

      Odd how every race or special group of vets or civy’s can have their spokes people, groups, meetings, except for Caucasian or us labeled European and claimed to be the only ones capable of hate and racism. Not hard to see who is safely allowed to speak on college campuses today or just who will help who or why the majority won’t help at all but jump in with the thugs and attack dogs. Demanding we all be silenced except for the censors and those demanding more of it, or hating truth. Or who threats are directed at, who Hollywood hates, media hates, or what flag is burned, or we are an enemy if not supporting open borders or the censoring or total lacks of free speech and challenging the official narratives and BS from the VA and the American warring empire. Why the hell do people think the great divide began more with the hyphenation of Americans??!! That too was obvious on college sites when the home computer came out if one cared to research the issues and who the targets of being silenced were and are.

      Those calling others names and demanding censoring are the ones that should be using their real names instead of playing keyboard commandos. I should think Ben knows me and about my FB page, I am not hiding much at all. I am not two faced like others in my state or town and tell it like it is whether or not the NAACP, Antifa, LaRaza, Azteca, NOW, PINK, Masons, “Progressive” Chambers of Commerce, colleges, churches, media, vet groups here whose “hands are tied” due to politics, “conflict of interests,” all the unions or professional association, et al. And my far left family including the vets don’t like me either cause I don’t play into their partisan politics or just watch CNN or “The View.” Also why the powers that be here have made sure I know I am not welcome at meetings nor can I go downtown and do usual business like other citizens or vets can do. Hell, I can’t get my trash picked up in front of my house any more. Conspiracies? The VA, the gubbermint, media, SES types, those “at the top” are the true liars and conspirators.

  10. I am going to assume that Ben and this Gallegos fella are responding to my post.

    To be clear and if intellectual values are present, the very beginning of my post, in a brief one liner, identified the content of the post regarding the manner in which attornrys are or were to be hired by the VA.

    In this WAPO post by, race IS mentioned with references to the KKK and as usual, racist chat and rants are off limits when a white veteran stands up and calls out the current wave of racism which is black racism and yes, coming out of the VA as well as general population. In recent months we have heard of blacks VA employees calling out a non-existant White Priviledge and from what I have gathered, remains employed.

    Do not talk to me about all races and nationalities being represented as veterans. You just validated my reason for responding as well as my content. I do not adhere to a racist agenda, at the same time I do not coddle politically correct and working racism charges.

    The last half of the WAPO post here and content opened the racist component here, not I…..

    I am a proud white veteran of war and peace, who was not a racist as a Soldier, who is very intellectually proficient, and who does not align with ignorance and lethergic thought and theory . I will however, defend my race as appropriate especially from those who coddle racism. Hint….

    “He, who validates cowardice onto others, is he, who challenges the intent of family and patriotic values”…..

  11. Thank you Ben. I was about ready to leave, veterans are of all nationalities and race comments are not a good thing.

    Anyone afraid to use their real name and make racial remarks are cowards and show their true colors.

  12. Hi readers – I am going to start adhering to my old comment policy, which is the same as the one I use on Facebook.

    Veterans issues are not a partisan game. About 40 percent of veterans are Democrats or more Liberal leaning. About 60 percent of veterans are Republicans or more Conservative leaning. This website is independent of a political party and I maintain that independence for a reason. Both parties have screwed veterans at one time or another, and people like me need to hold them accountable.

    I want this comment section to be inclusive where readers debate in a professional manner vs name-calling against fellow readers. The latter does no one any good at all, and it devalues this website in the eyes of policymakers in DC. The more policymakers that read this the better, and I have decided to adhere to the old policy. This also means I will not allow off topic comments as such comments devalue each blog post for SEO purposes by diluting the keyword SEO work I do each and every night.

    If I am unable to reign in the name-calling and off-topic comments, I will simply shut off comments – like virtually every other media website today. I plan to post a notice to everyone in a few days.

    1. I see Lisa Rein’s opinion piece on the VA and the KKK has now made it into the Chicago tribune. Imagine that.

      Publishing such propaganda in a chiraq newspaper.

    2. “….Veterans issues are not a partisan game…” Au contraire mon frere. Veterans affairs have long been a game of partisan politics. Both “sides” have, and continue to puke platitudes at every opportunity, especially when an election is near. And both “sides” are more than happy to sell out veteran interests to the favor of special interests. That said, I see your point. The greater good would have us debate details and facts.

      People – good people – tend to cling to their beliefs. In the case of politics, one side has to be better than the other. The alternative is acquiescence to a concept that the democratic process in our republic has been co-opted, and no longer considers “we the people”. That may be too much for some folks to tolerate.

      The mid-terms are upon us. Rest assured, two years from now, we’ll still be bitching about veterans being thrown under the bus, and it will be “the other guys” fault.

      1. Though it comes as a real jolt to most people, political parties were never part of our lawful government and still aren’t. The so-called “Democratic Party” and “Republican Party” are professional lobbying organizations no different than the Tobacco Lobby, and just as corrupt.

      2. “The mid-terms are upon us. Rest assured, two years from now, we’ll still be bitching about veterans being thrown under the bus, and it will be “the other guys” fault.”

        And that’s the truth.

    3. Thanks, Ben for the amount of research you do to keep us up to date, btw before I read this I had gone in on the Returds Party Nut holders, my apologies…

    4. Well Ben. One side being more friendly towards vets is debatable. None of us out here should think, although some do, that we all live like they do or deal with the same things in life or have the same experiences. If sorely attacked and community wide black-balled by all sides we are supposed to be silent and not report the wrongs anywhere including the VA which is horrible but protected locally. I live in a very very far left multiple college town and I can assure you, and if you read my FB site what I deal with in living in such a place. Most worker and official positions are filled with the left. It’s corruption, nepotism deep, mafia and mob rule through the roof and absolutely nothing to be done about it. Like I’ve written before out here about how bad it is and why I posted some experiences out here thinking maybe some one will take notice or maybe reach out to me to offer some honest aid, truth, and professional ethics. Nada, nothing. Who to vote for here? Ahh this Democrat or that one. No opposing party listed except for senators, congress critters or nepotism reps, fact. Both so-called parties do nothing about the lack of professional ethics, censoring, attacks on people like me, or care about our rights, etc. I guess posts like mine are mostly taken with a grain of salt and like the community here locally, simply don’t care, or wish to suppress major issues so as not to offend some position or agenda. Why? Because I am just an old white dude and not a 100% “progressive” they call themselves here now. No middle of the road or logic, or debates allowed or wanted. Just play door-mat and silenced for whatever reason or excuse. Just after my being hacked, and oddly enough all communications I have ceased or malfunctioning. LOL Yeah right.

      We aren’t to mention sexist or racist like issues when told by some threatening jerk, a white man, in a group of white vets male and female, to “vote Democrat for better VA care” while trashing, threatening us and more??? I wrote about that too. I’d like to see that fool and some others talk like that to a group of black vets or whatever. Crap would have hit the fan and riots would occur with every SJW group out there in attendance. Not over those like me. Like some can easily get help here or from the cities Human Relations tax payer wasted office…. not me, which is obvious why. Same reason why the ACLU and others won’t come here for ‘all people.’ Not against their own.

      Or, when my files/communications that would have proven my gripes about the lying nasty games the PAs, new MD, a black female MD leaving (after admitting not reading my file but then changing everything, etc.), and others were playing or got caught in misconduct, playing activist, union games, or severe job description failures merely deleted. Then told by female IT staff (race unknown) outright and nasty fashion that I had “no business or rights to question a highly educated and VA trained woman???” How’s that for some “Marx-Feminism” or man hate? Oh but I am the enemy and unruly one??? Not supposed to report or share such things in our contemporary screwed up culture and politics?

      Who do you think works in a local civy hospital, spouses on the locally Democrat filled councils work at or teach in the colleges, have power positions, can openly refuse my medical files and harass and threaten on a daily basis for months and get by with it??? That just barely scratches the surface of the ice-berg of corruption by both parties and the community I’ve made enemies with just over corrupt two party rule then have to deal with the VA crap and their networks of corrupt filth and unions the state and both parties top to bottom obviously support and protect. Then use union utility people to try and burn me out??? Can’t get straight answers out of anyone or support from anywhere including the VSOs. This is a town where a white man can get killed and it not make the news but dare question it and by who… all hell breaks loose but the puppy and kitty hit and runs are more important. Right. So I have to agree with “oifmack” on this.

      Not supposed to mention wrongs, games, lies, against vets or me from a female Paki MD from “a very prominent elite family of physicians from the East coast” or else I am the racist and problem maker???

      Of course I could go on and on but I digress. I seen and endured the hate and change under Obama. The divisions have been intentionally created for years now. The two party system is a joke, most past POTUSs a joke, like thinking we are going to vote out the real criminals and corrupt..or those “at the very top.” The movement and acceptance of white guilt and whatever white privileged is is rampant and mob, two party ruled, a academic requirement seemingly and protected. And why I dropped out of formal learn-n’ cause I wasn’t about to denounce my heritage or hate myself like the college crowds and politicians/activist wanted. Put up with “racist” hate and being dismissed, etc. While the mainstream keeps playing the KKK cards to us being the enemy for wanting borders to quality health care minus the politics and the countless activist we must endure today in every damn thing we do. Everything has been corrupted and weaponized today, every thing. We never know who or what we are dealing with, never. Vetting processes? Hogwash. Meeting “quotas” because of race, sex, religion, visas….even if they are incapable of any ethics, hidden secretive activism or agendas or professionalism…. hogwash. Or those supported and protected by the powers that be because of politics, sex, race, who ya know or blow and can easily get by with abusing or killing us off even in health care situations to the judical, LEOs, VSOs…. hogwash. Hey! Vet those nurses, admin, MD staff, and others that played the same game at not entering info into my new MD files for the next visit, or doing the phone calls, spreading my med info around town for the politicians and activist to toy with or mention just to let me know the powers and info they easily attain. Both party affiliates, activist, medical associations, etc., send out their lame female ‘warriors’ to do their dirty deeds while the men sit at their council tables or court house, city admin and have some good laughs while attacking those who don’t bow or assimilate into their global village and college living standards and vast corruption?

      Trust who? Hire regardless of party affiliation or what is claimed to be? No flip-floppers in this regime or society huh? Masses of so-called “professionals” of every stripe just turning their heads to some of our issues or personal evil attacks going on? Nothing like living in a state or town and having at least a hundred and a half or so enemies that wouldn’t piss on a vet or person like me on fire at the side of the road just due to race, sex, activism, mob rule called ‘tolerant communities’ or all the dirty politics. Still no MD or decent health care to be found…. months later, years later since 2015 after the VA. Changing the top will not change the bottom half and vice versa. Two vets told me a couple days ago they just gave up and just getting what they can from the VA even after negative results from them and shotty care. Push their pills and claim they don’t know what’s wrong with some vets. Just waiting for the death hammer to drop in silence, peace and not having to fear or face retaliation. Not the way I want to go…. as a door mat.

      PS. I am and went public out here and all over. Little support plenty of hate and mostly from the hard left. From both sides and the in between so-called third party folks. So be it. Hell, Art Bell, others who have been under hard attacks by many and all said the best thing to do when you’re hated and threatened so bad is to go public with your story and why. I did. The more good you try to do, more to expose, evil tends to keep up and attack more like using a water level but the evil seems to be winning. Seems all I’ve contacted fear the machine and various forms of retaliation or job loss.

  13. While I am following the VA’s cycle of constant “anti-veteran” agenda, I am also not one to avoid being a “gullible” American.
    The media and it’s special interest crowd are ever so blatant, however misleading, when it comes to racism. They want you, no, they need you, to believe that racism is a cycle of white on black racism. In fact, racism is abound in America, but it is black on white and anything non-black in America.
    The KKK have been choirboys compared to the black racist clubs, groups, and fraternities.
    Racists in America are black, not white. Sure, prejudices exist, but blacks have surpassed racism by honing their skill as being Anti-American Racists.
    Listen to the black employees of the VA and their media sidekicks, you’ll know truth to be based upon fact.
    So, while the VA is covertly, yet overtly, denying veterans health and VocRehab benefits, it also manipulates gullible America with fraudulent racism rants.
    White priviledge my ass!!!!

  14. Don’t expect anything from the IG. They act on a number of complaints only. It must of taken a thousand complaints to get the Research Credential pulled from VARMRC West LA and UCLA team between 1990 and late 1996.


  15. Anyone have success when filing a complaaint with IG?

    Any upsides or downsides dealing with IG?

    Any advice, tips, or what to be aware of, or to look out for with IG?

    Your help can save me from getting wrapped up with any uptick, of the rollercoasting effects of anxiety/ depression because I’ve not received relieve from symptoms, under VA care for a couple of years. So my grateful and appreciative thanks ahead of time.

  16. I love it when people with Trump Derangement Syndrome start quoting other people with the same affliction as legitimate sources. Then the so-called legitimate source, say Lisa Rein, the author of the opinion piece smearing the Trump administration in the Washington Post article mentioned in Ben’s article.

    Of course, her Opinion piece, Article, is based on the sour grapes of her source which is someone who applied but did not get the job. And of course, the freak who didn’t pass the mustard to get the job shows just how ethically challenged they are by requesting anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

    Personally, I feel Veterans dodged a bullet with the un-ethical freak not getting hired. As for the crock of Bullshit they are spreading no one can believe a word of it. Clearly anyone who is running to press because they did not get the job has issues especially when they did so improperly violating the terms for their being considered for the job.

    Regarding Lisa Rein and her case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. She has the tag line of being a “Reporter covering federal agencies and the management of government in the Trump administration”.

    Looking back at some of the articles she has written about the Trump administration are hilarious. One I found was an interview she did for PBS fighting to support Shulkin against the big bully Trump. Claiming he had every right to accept those Tickets to Wimbledon.

    Or another one of her greatly facetious Opinion/Articles published today. Of course, if you check it out it is not what is described in the title. It is just one of those attacks on art, statues and anything to do with our history

    “‘I thought it was very nice’: VA official showcased portrait of KKK’s first grand wizard”
    by Lisa Rein, Washington Post, October 23 at 4:44 PM



    Clearly Elmer Fudd has issues. You didn’t get the job because you are an unethical slime ball Elmer.

    1. So Elmer you work at the board!

      Does that have anything to do with how you got your 100 percent schedular disabled Veteran rating?

      Or did you get for your undying support of the AFGE?

      Fucking Scumbag!



      1. Guess now, we all know, who the unethical whiner is that didn’t get the job. So they ran to someone in the press with a full-on case of Trump Derangement Syndrome to create some fake news.

    1. No Matter How Much You Tell the IGNORANT AT THE END OF THE DAY ITS STILL A IGNORANT ASSHOLE RIGHT??? Lets Clean tha Swamp, while the Obvious shit we will just bury our heads in the Sand and Did I mention were Still Looking for more important things like those Clinton Emails???? SMFH

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