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Here We Go – Congress Demands Investigation Into Marvel Comics CEO Leadership Of VA

Democrats in the House Committee on Veterans Affairs are now demanding an investigation into improper influence by Trump Mar-a-Lago insiders including Marvel Comic CEO Ike Purlmutter and associates.

The report first surfaced this week from ProPublica and is being repeated by practically all major news organizations in the main stream media. Frankly, if President Trump cannot sort out VA without resorting to potentially unlawful crony involvement, he deserves the backlash he gets.

When it comes to basketball, you expect your star athletes to be able to make a layup during a break away. These are what we call a “gimme”. President Trump, the star athlete for reforms praying VA would become pro-veteran, again, had a “gimme” in fixing VA. He had a massive mandate from voters who upended Hillary Clinton. He had both the House and Senate. Even the Supreme Court was more or less conservative.

Why resort to these backyard brawls using cronies or other seemingly corrupt practices when you have a lay-up? To screw up this opportunity, you have to either be totally dumb or so blind to common sense solutions that you cut off your nose to spite your face.

Idiotically, we have a perjury investigation facing Peter O’Rourke, the former Acting Secretary, Trump loyalist and Calibre vendor insider, for making false statements to Congress during hearing.

Do not lie to Congress. Duh?

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And now, we have reports that Ike from Marvel Comics is directing policy at an agency over which he knows next to nothing about resulting in yet another call for an investigation coming into the election cycle.

Do not kiss rings unless you know where that hand has been. Right?

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These moves come on the back of House Republicans pushing for cuts to the GI Bill for veterans seeking to become pilots, again, during an election cycle, falsely asserting the GI Bill cuts are not controversial.

Who in their right mind would ever classify GI Bill cuts as noncontroversial?

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Normal every day folks know that if you want to put out a fire, you should not put it out with lighter fluid. That is what Smokey the Bear would advise against. But where there is smoke, there is fire, and nothing fires up a base more, Democrat or Republican, than blatant corruption and harm befalling veterans. The bigger the fire, the bigger the turn out of your opposition when you are in power.

If Republicans want to win this midterm, it stands to reason they should stop throwing kindling and lighter fluid on the fire. But instead, not to be outdone by idiocy, Republicans working under Trump are trying to put the fire out using jet fuel. Genius.

Lie to Congress. Ring kissing. Fire prevention with gasoline.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Republicans hired the writing staff from Dumb and Dumber to create their midterm strategy? Since when does Trump thumb his nose at lay-ups, anyway? He seems like a lay-up kind of guy, no?

Below is a copy of House Democrats’ call for the VA OIG investigation call to arms, so to speak:

Letter From House Democrats


August 10, 2018 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Veterans’ Affairs Health Subcommittee Ranking Member Julia Brownley (D-CA) and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Ranking Member Annie Kuster (D-NH) requested that the VA Inspector General investigate recent reports of undue influence by unaccountable outside individuals on the operations of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Brownley and Kuster also called for the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee to hold a hearing on whether these “advisors” to President Trump have violated any laws.

These requests follow a recent report from ProPublica that personal friends of President Trump — who have no official role within the VA, whose qualifications to advise on veterans’ policy are unclear, and who may have undisclosed conflicts of interest — are issuing directives to VA staff and otherwise exerting influence over VA operations without any accountability. In May, Brownley and Kuster called for an investigation into earlier reports of interference at the VA by personal friends of the President and now are asking for the scope of that inquiry to be expanded.

“Taxpayers want to know that their tax dollars are going to high-quality care for our nation’s heroes, not to line the pockets or egos of President Trump’s billionaire boys club,” said Brownley. “Sadly, these reports are just one more example of this administration’s inability to operate in an open and transparent manner, threatening the very bedrock of our democracy at the expense of those who made great sacrifice to protect our country.”

“I am deeply disturbed by reports that friends of President Trump, who are not government officials and have no military experience, are having significant influence over the Department of Veterans Affairs,” said Kuster. “Our brave men and women in uniform have sacrificed so much to protect the freedoms we cherish, and they deserve to have people who are knowledgeable and committed to their best interests fighting for them every day. I urge Secretary Wilkie to do what is right and seek counsel from people who have expertise and appreciation of veterans’ needs, instead of yielding to wealthy outsiders who should have no say in VA policies that impact millions of people.”

The full text of the letters and PDF copies are available below.

The Honorable Michael J. Missal
Inspector General
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20420

Dear Inspector General Missal:

On May 2, 2018, we led a letter requesting your office investigate attempts by outside, non-governmental individuals to influence the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) transition to a commercial, off-the-shelf electronic health record system. Unfortunately, a ProPublica article published August 7, 2018,[1] suggests that the attempts by unofficial advisors to influence the activities of the VA extends far beyond undermining the largest Information Technology modernization program undertaken by the VA in decades.

ProPublica reported that over the last year and a half, a group of three individuals, all members of the President’s private resort of Mar-A-Lago, daily talked with VA officials and reviewed “all manner of policy and personnel decisions.”[2] Mr. Ike Perlmutter, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Marvel Entertainment, LLC, Dr. Bruce Moskowitz, an Internal Medicine specialist, and Mr. Marc Sherman, an attorney without healthcare industry experience, have reportedly instructed VA to begin new programs and have apparently and egregiously demanded fealty by VA employees by travelling to Mar-a-Lago to “kiss [their] ring”[3]using taxpayer funded travel. Not only are these individuals making policy decisions without nomination by the President or Senate confirmation, they have reportedly made personnel decisions that adversely affected the careers of numerous VA employees who felt their counsel was contrary to the delivery of quality care to our nation’s veterans.

The instances uncovered by ProPublica’s investigative team require immediate attention. Together with previous concerns regarding undue influence over the multibillion-dollar EHR modernization effort, we respectfully request that the Inspector General investigate any and all VA officials that removed, demoted, or otherwise levied adverse action against any VA employee or official due to the counsel, advise, influence, or instruction of Mr. Perlmutter, Dr. Moskowitz, Mr. Sherman, and any other individuals unofficially advising the President, the Secretary, or other officials on VA matters.

Additionally, we request that the Inspector General seek an accurate accounting of alleged personnel actions by reviewing the emails, memoranda, meeting minutes, issue briefs, and any other material of VA officials like then-Acting Secretary Peter O’Rourke and other recent political appointees that may have related to the alleged personnel actions. Ensuring VA officials are not improperly using authorities and offices, such as the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection, or violating equal employment opportunity rights is crucial for a well-functioning VA.

Veterans deserve and demand a transparent and accountable VA, yet these actions do nothing to satisfy those needs. Rather, this episode sows further distrust in the institutions designed to serve the needs of those who “borne the battle.” Veterans, Congress, taxpayers, and all Americans deserve answers.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.


[1] Isaac Arnsdorf, “The Shadow Rulers of the VA,” ProPublica, August 7, 2018, https://www.propublica.org/article/ike-perlmutter-bruce-moskowitz-marc-sherman-shadow-rulers-of-the-va (accessed August 9, 2018).

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ibid.

PDF available here.

The Honorable Phil Roe
Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
United States House of Representatives
335 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Chairman Roe:

We write today to share our serious concerns about recent reports of undue influence by unaccountable outside individuals on the operations of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). As Members of this Committee dedicated to effective oversight of the VA and full transparency of taxpayer resources, we have been extremely alarmed by reports of inappropriate interference into the actions of the VA by personal friends of the President, whose qualifications and conflicts of interest are completely unknown.

On August 7, 2018, ProPublica reported that over the last year and a half a group of three individuals, all members of the President’s private resort, “spoke with VA officials daily” and reviewed “all manner of policy and personnel decisions.”[1] These conversations were private and hidden from Congressional oversight, these individuals have not disclosed any potential conflicts of interest, and their actions are not subject to the ethics guidelines that are essential to the strength of our democracy. Most concerning of all is the potential that these conversations and undue influence were used to financially benefit those involved, at taxpayer expense, or that their lack of qualifications and undue influence harmed the delivery of quality care to our nation’s veterans.

As such, we respectfully request a full committee oversight hearing into whether these non-governmental and unaccountable individuals have improperly attempted to impact the work of the VA. We believe the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee would benefit from testimony from the individuals named in the recent reports, as well as federal employees named in these reports who continue to work at the VA, especially former Acting Secretary Peter O’Rourke.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

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  1. Joe Biden Sucking Ass, But I think he will also get a rude awakening when he get’s tossed out with the Bathwater along with the rest of those Suckasses .

  2. I WON’T Shut up until that Guillotine blade Hit’s my neck ……FUCK IT…At least all my pain will be gone

    1. Indiana is a lost cause due to all this. Why we are a “hands off” or “club state.” Why locally or state-wide VSO to media will not openly report on many issues… including mine. I am fully aware and been told about stepping on the wrong toes and told that in a judges chambers before as well, with Masonic witnesses present spinning their code rings. It’s why some very bad things and more censoring is coming. We will be worse in America than the controlled and boot lickers in the UK, Canada, or Europe are. But we are supposed to worry about Russia and their crap here, not the true and worse enemies already in control.

      Straight up? Is another big reason why I am getting “the treatment” over health care. Same with all health care for many including the VA. “Those at the top,” the deep state, shadow government, can’t call out the military or CIA and the likes with to do harm to us “domestic terrorist” or shut some of us up, or to stop the ridicule of the mighty VA and ALL those connected to it. People, the activist, traitors, can label me all they want. Do the community banning/shunning, play the VA to civvy health care retaliation game probably over this very issue while protecting “the VA team.” I don’t care. Truth hurts. Past time for truth not censoring or allowing communist global villages to destroy all those with their agendas or allowing them to scam and ruin people. USS Liberty was a big time sign of things to come but and how some things are. They don’t get much support either do they? Dare inquire or discuss such thinks in Hooter-ville here and be put on the shit list by vets, civvies, to New Yorkers and on around full circle. Again, I don’t care, list me, and attack more all they want.

      1. Noticed more signs going up too in the other hospital where I was going to help people. “Prohibited, No recorders, no cameras, no cell phones, no recordings on this campus.”
        Errr…”No smoking on this campus.” “No smoking on hospital property.” ?

        Had my cell in it’s pouch a cop walked by and didn’t seem bothered by it and didn’t confiscate or anything. Yet. Staff noticed wasn’t wearing ear buds or on their cell phones either. Guess we can be covered constantly but some places now like hospitals, court houses, schools, some parking lots, cop stations, jails, etc. They can do as the please and not get caught or recorded?

  3. T…Numbers with politics tossed in, A must watch in my opinion.

    1. OM interesting. More-so since around the 40: mark he mentions ‘OZ.’ Right up there with things or issues like “Mockingbird” and many others that have helped ruin things…. from “the top” and is totally intentional like VA care, the medical industry as a whole, create the perpetual war machine to us losing our rights and freedoms.

      People better wake up.
      Like him hate him, hate information, some info about where our problems and loss of rights or to grieve our government and it’s agencies is clear. With more international freedom haters wanting to control us, or kill us off more. As more alternative news sites are getting dumped, banned and censored, us too.

      I don’t see those things like the “Savants” do. Way over my head and more research to do I can’t get done, or do. Far from being a numbers person or mathematician. Had a friend having one in the family I got to meet once while they were in town. Amazing individuals. This one could break codes, do formulas, things like calculus in his head, associated emblems, colors with numbers. Was being studied by their local college cliques. Back then he couldn’t go to a normal school and could not do simple tasks like tie his own shoes. Conversations with him was 50/50 at best for strangers. Interesting stuff but health to dealing with corruption eats my time and brain matter time up.

  4. All of them including Trump are crass, immoral, opportunistic sociopathic puppets for others, and Putin is no different. But try telling that to the proletariat who cannot wait to toss away the American constitution and allow the wolf into the door – same old system different name with high tech shackles – Communitarianism – the final synthesis of the capitalism communism dialectic – “Smart Gulags/Cities”

    1. Exactly OM.

      There is a very long line of “most corrupt admins in history.” Clowns and activist are still playing the two party paradigm, set of rules and phony engagements. Those at the top locally, federally, and beyond still profit and benefit from all of it. We pay all the costs one way or the other.

      All of them aided in ushering in what we deal with today. The censoring is still un-checked and allowed. They have all been “globalist,” control freaks, psychos, puppets, Communitarians, Marxist, propagandist, Trilaterialist that has worked well with flooding us with far left Canadians to the Mex and beyond. Supporters and using the commies in Hollywood or sports, entertainment, phony media, etc. They have allowed for revised historical ‘events.’ Allowed for ‘social engineering from grade one and up. Kissed Israel and the United Nations/League of Nation’s butts. It’s endless. Not many care to admit the damage ‘their picks,’ man, woman, their bandwagon, cliques, party, or beast has done to us all and the entire nation. With the U.S. Communist Party and others just loving the Dem party and those playing the globalist to Marxist games and take-over.

  5. You Could Not Have Justified Your Ignorance Any Better. And take it from a 10 grade dropout.
    They are all crooks , Your brainwashing is showing…LOL
    And don’t forget to take your Med’s


    1. MK, a.k.a. Mark Swagerty pedophile pimp. Part of a team of con artists making money off of Veterans suicide through a bogus charity in Las Vegas named the 22 Warriors Foundation. Their about us page can be viewed at: “https://web.archive.org/web/20170829164715/https://22warriors.org/about-us/”

      The Board President and Executive Director is Bill Emmel another Pediphile who was convicted of raping a 12 and a 14 year girl in Japan. He was charged under UCMJ ARTICLE 134 and served 8 years in Leavenworth for the crimes.
      See: “https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/SexOffenderRegistry/Search/Rapsheet/Index?sid=08775352&x=f7abe63a-c2c9-4513-b1ce-2685b251be47”

    2. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

      Fuck off MK, your nothing but a political hack, always was, and always will be, YOUR kind should be banned from this site permanently.

      In case you didn’t catch it, this is a VETERAN-CENTRIC blog, POLITICS has no place here ASSHOLE. YOU and any other politically tainted asswipe, on either side, can PISS OFF. We get enough of your political crap all day long from fake news, including fox, and we sure as fuck don’t need to come to this blog and get it from ASSHOLES LIKE YOU.

      Like I said a few time before, this blog is tuning into the National Inquire of the Veteran community. Is that what you want to be seen as Ben? Inquiring minds wanna know.

  7. March Hate,
    Watched the video you talked about.
    I also couldn’t come up with an argument either!

    1. I think your right, unless we get some kinda “real justice system” in place nothing changes, a real justice system with real equity and real morality. The system at the VA has neither, therefore it has no justice.

  8. This came out yesterday.
    “Man Awarded $289M: Monsanto Verdict”
    From: “The Daily Caller”
    via: “Martin Brodel” on utube.

    From the article: “Round Up gave me cancer!”
    Of course, “Monsanto will appeal!”

    I’ll leave it up to you all on how this will turn out!

  9. During the Obama administration, I supported GOP legislators who were hammering the corruption at VA. I am not a moron, I knew they did not give a crap about vets, they just hammered VA, because it was part of the Obama admin. Now, I support Dem law makers who want to hammer VA. I am still not a moron and fully understand, they are hammering VA, because it is part of the Trump admin. If vets supported ONLY politicians who sincerely gave a crap about us, we would never support anyone. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Piss on party labels.

    1. Sorry Ron but have to disagree with your statement “If vets supported ONLY politicians who sincerely gave a crap about us, we would never support anyone.”.

      The truth is if Veterans only supported politicians who sincerely gave a crap about us, we would have a lot more Veterans in political office. Instead of the fake ass pieces of shit that are there now.

      Although you seem to be into Trump bashing I would like to point out that he has extremely limited the power of the AFGE. Most of us believe that the AFGE is a major part of the problem at the VA.

  10. To go with the news of the new Dem which hunt for votes by failing Dems in office grandstanding for votes on the backs of Veterans. Their has been some Ground breaking news.

    “Bad news everybody I hear Ted Turner, backed by the Democrates, is now demanding equal time and access at the VA and is sending his team of professionals to help straiten out the VA. Turner will be sending his team named the Little Rascals, a.k.a. Our Gang.

    Although all positions that will be occupied by the change in administration some changes are known. Alfalfa will be taking over as the new Secretary of Veterans affairs, Spanky as Deputy Secretary, Darla as Chief of Staff and BuckWheat will be taking over as the VA’s new undersecretary for health.

    Although little is known on what actions they will implement to straiten out the VA some policies will surly be addressed. With Darla appointment as chief of staff you can bet that she will ensure that Women are allowed in the He Man Woman Haters Club. Also with BuckWheats know aversion for cat litter sandwiches it is likely they will be taken off the menu at the VA.”

  11. In 1987 Trump was denied a casino license in Australia, because of his alleged Mafia connections. You can Google that, there are hundreds of articles about it all over the legitimate media. (legitimate media– ie those sources Trump tells you to ignore) Since 1987, Trump has become more morally corrupt, not less. Trump views the VA as just one more juicy source from which to milk a crooked dollar.

  12. To ask a successful business people for opinions is showing the VA is on his mind and nothing wrong with it. Do people actually believe that their own intelligence is the same as successful business people? Half of Congress is made up of stupid people with no idea how to solve problems, another’s opinion is welcomed by most.

  13. VA DC HQ ONE BIG BIF BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET VA TOTAL SEWAGE TRASSH WE TAX PAYERS WILL SHUT VWILL SHUT ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. From now on the VA will be known as The Fake News Factory or FNF whichever sounds better!

  15. VA leadership has access to the best false news team in America, all they need to do is leak information out to get people taking about what hey want. It is ike what Christains use to call the prayer chain, which was the Gossip chain actually. This is propanganda and the real issue’s at VA get quietlt tucked away. Like TCE and PCE, contamination of milions of Veterans for decades. That should be all over the news today but people don’t hear it, because VA don’t want them to hear it. Best way to keep secrets is yell about something else so load that the listener only hears what your saying. Built in false news factory that they use all the time. What they don’t say, or push, or et out is the real news.

    1. “Best way to keep secrets is yell about something else” Your right it’s #1 on the list in the chaos manual
      also known as a diversion …
      And as for windguy and his rant your spot on old boy, You might like this one.
      It’s the Russians, No it’s the Chinese, No It’s Shhhhhhh

      1. Yep, true. Not too people have read up or experienced activist tactics or our own governments tactics used against us. Wait until the 5G and other crap comes out with the “Voice to Skull” and other mind numbing tech crap comes out. Like high tech hasn’t already Zombie-fied the nation, sheep, and kiddies. They all, most, want to claim all is well in their neighborhoods and claim no corruption to be found… or is real. barf.

        Psy-ops, bait n switch, psych warfare, commie rules for radicals and commies, Saul Alinsky lovers like Marxist, doing things that are beyond belief and difficult to believe by those with normal minds or thinking. But we don’t fight against those with normal minds or normal feeling or else the VA and health care and lump sum of this country would not be having the multitude of issues it has today… and coming to its apex or zenith or ….. final clamp-down.

        Indiana isn’t corrupt or full of foreigners and traitors running the show. While both parties have buried scientific destruction here to our farm ground, aquafers, crops, Franken food, GMO crap, etc., for many years along with all the nepotism, deep state, to our ‘shadow government’ that is in totalitarian control here.

        Reports been out for years why foreigners don’t want our crops or GMO… or anything to do with the Federal Reserve or banking systems…or money. Dr. Mercola and others have been warning people of up-coming Franken-fish, artificial sweetners, aluminum chemicals, weed and bug killers, phony honey, and artificial food stuffs. Same with the warnings out for years of the dangers of Franken-fish, called “aqua culture” and GMO, DNA spliced goodies. No labeling of awareness needed claims the FDA and top trash. Well here it is again….. another first for good ole Indiana.

        Our shadow government doesn’t want this stuff in their own country so do it all here for foolish ‘ring kissing’ and boot licking Americans to deal with and eat, and study. Of course like city water, vaccines, etc., those at the “top” and connected won’t eat or drink from the wells of Kool-Aid meant for us test rats and no right having serfs. Oh those secret exemptions and cover-ups. Like we don’t have enough on our plates to deal with, there is much more to come. Why all the distractions, more hard censoring is coming into play. And why more anti-Americans and foreigners are coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches to enhance the destruction and try to throw us off course or silence us… or protect DC, both parties, scum controlled media, VA shit-birds and the rest of them. And some tell me Indiana is great, “level above.” Numba 1. No corruption here! Totally occupied, ruined, corrupted, foreign controlled, we are. Gaza.. Indiana… open air prison camps with about zero rights left….depending on your DNA and tribal affiliations.

      2. If at first you don’t deceive, whine about the other guy…. What about Obushclintrumpma?? The FOX/MSNBC formula. Goebbels be giggling.

  16. Again…you use ProPublica as a source? Thats like saying you are going to use the Nazi’s as a source for Judaism. ProPublica is the most far left NPR group out there and no one in their right mind would accept them as anything but biased. Now I am not saying that the VA does not need a complete make over from the ground up, but to use a clearly biased anti Trump group as ProPublica as a source is an utter disgrace, just like it would be to use the Washington Times to do an “expose” on the DNC as its just as biased to the right.

    Sorry Ben, but by your using the biased terms of “Trump Mar-a-Lago insiders” is starting to show people that maybe just maybe you are not as unbiased as you try and seem to be, which casts doubt on your reporting. You have done good things in most of your reporting, please dont damage your credibility now by using this ource and posting these clearly biased terms as like it or not I would bet a good portion of your readers back Trump and by doing this you are alienating them.

    1. I think you might be correct.
      Seymore put a great video of how “Disney”, “Marvel” and “Johnson and Johnson” have been linked to the VA. One, “Johnson and Johnson”, could have been linked since the early 1920’s! My Source; “The Library of Congress!”
      Disney has been linked since McDonald’s time as Secretary of VA! Remember his comment on being in the line at a Disney ride!?
      Now we have had “Marvel”, since “Shithead Shulkin” was Secretary of VA, invading the VA.

      When will the VA be out of “comic book land” is the question most vets would want to know?

    2. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿'̿̿̿̿̿̿̿'̿̿'̿̿̿̿̿'̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ '̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/'̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

      I caught that as will Dan, witch is exactly why I don’t comment as much as I use to, and I know it is true of others, and also with new readers.

    3. Well said.
      I read this entire article looking for allegations that might have come from anyone other than ProPublica or grandstanding Democrats. Sadly, there was none to be found.

      One tip-off that you’re reading partisan talking points is that everyone is using identical language. This is especially true of the left. You saw this repetition in both letters as well as the sources they linked to. It’s more than a little suspicious in today’s world, where Democrats piggybacked an unverified dossier with a news story leaked by the author of the dossier to make it appear to the FISA court that a warrant request was based on two sources, rather than a single, questionable one.

      Everyone who’s paying attention knows that the long knives are out for President Trump. That’s not to say that he’s perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m going to need a little more than allegations from one HIGHLY partisan source to jump to same conclusions Ben has here. Consider the source. If Ben has quit doing that, then I’m going to have to take a hard look at his objectivity.

    4. Pro Publica has a distinguished history of investigative reporting that is anything but suspect. I invite you to go to their website and look at the credentials of their board members and investigative journalists. They are not afraid of taking on issues regarding controversial subjects and investigating popular misconceptions. If Ben has cited them, then he has been well advised and congress understandably views their research equally credible. Please do your research before condemning a highly awarded source for their history in searching out the basis for malfeasance and corruption in government.

      1. @ D maybe if It came from Fox and Frauds it would seem more Credible or Bias is more like it? Maybe if Alex Jones said it would make the Dumber and Very Dumb Trumpbots seem more Credible? Remember the Fake One said this is Fake Nooos Because he said it to a Room Full of 8th Grade Vet Grads at the VFW conference a few weeks ago. Only an ILLiterate (Dmumph) would get NON-VETS TO MAKE DECISIONS FOR REAL VETS THE TRUMPS 10 Deferments he got back in the day, maybe he thinks he actually served via Deferments.

  17. I received a Clerk’s Order from the 10th Circuit accepting my “Petitions for Appeal” of VA decisions on CUE basis and “arbitrary and capricious acts” basis. From the order: “The petition is referred to the panel who will decide this appeal on merit.”

    Forward to my opening brief: Note: This brief is exceptionally long because the Record Before the Agency of the Department of Veterans Affairs is 4,529 pages long excluding many missing pages (probably removed deliberately) and somewhat reduced by duplicate pages. It covers 43 years of arbitrary and capricious acts, often believed to be mostly from the same root as whistle blower retaliation: the petty vindictive protection of the Agency’s reputation and coworker’s reputations and employment. The Record Before the Agency (RBA) speaks for itself.
    I have been an activist for veterans with organic brain syndromes since 1987, filing and appealing, with other veterans 8/2/1988 Bray V Brown 09cae Docket 88-6276.
    I have been proven right on my 1987 assessment of mild, moderate and moderately severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), walking, talking veteran victims with mild to severe diminished capacity, finally, in 2008 with recognition by Congress and thus, the VA despite the 1998 arbitrary and capricious testimony of the VA’s Chief of Neurology at the Sub Committee on Benefits Hearing.
    I have been proven right by an NIH study published in December of 2016 with the pathology of brain damage from p. falciparum Malaria being determined.
    I have been proven right about the brain damaging effects of proximity blasts, including incoming and outgoing artillery, mortar bombs, and booby traps (now known as IUD) in recent NIH studies published. (2017-2018.)
    I no longer have to say, “and I’ll be proven right on any element claimed in my initial court filings on the subject of veterans with organic brain syndromes arbitrarily and capriciously diagnosed as adjustment disorders.

    (post script: in reading over this brief it seems a little drifty and much too long at times and I ask the Courts indulgence because I’m unable to make it more concise as quickly as it needs to be done because of my traumatic brain injury limitations despite my residual verbal IQ of 126.)

    96 pages and by far incomplete. 16 days left on the Clerks order to file my Pro Se Form Brief by August 27.

  18. Seymore and others,
    Looks like “Shithead (Democrip) Shulkin” started with “Marvel Comics” – not President Trump! As is pointed out by Seymore earlier this morning!
    Leave it up to the democrips to switch the blame away from their “party of criminals”!

  19. Just wondering. If someone knows differently please let me know.
    In the last couple of days since this MLC corruption came to light in print, I haven’t heard word one about it on the three network news outlets, or on any version of their programming. In fact, they are all over the White House story claiming falsehoods in Omarosa’s book. I’m guessing that must be more real news.

  20. Rich people don’t get rich by doing their own work, or using their own money. They delagate and borrow.

    However, McBonespure’s delagating talents seem to be , um , questionable, at beest. He has had how many bnkruptcies now? $ at last coung I thiunk.

    Seems like his best talent is borrowing russian moneyt and peddling iWhite house access.

    As for the oig, They are never going to be effective as long s they remin under the VA’s umbrella. Talk about letting the fox investigate himself when he hs chicken bblood on his face ! ! !

    What’s clearly needed here is a comletely independant investigative arm with subpoena power and the ability to force compliance.

    Congress? Well, hows that worked out so far ?

    The definition of insanity is doin the same thing and expecting a different result.

    1. Please stop with your Bullshit! Obama never registered for the draft as is required by federal law, and while Trump may not have served, at least he did the ROTC route. Clinton actually ran away to England to not have to register for the Draft. And both of these are documented facts. So hows about you stick to the story and keep your bullshit politics out of it? Ok?

      1. Dan,
        Not only did Clinton run off to England. He went further! His traitorous ?’s ass went on to Russia!
        That’s documented as well!

      2. Robert McDonald was the head cartoon ring leader+he should’ve been leader of Goof Troop!
        We have to sit back and laugh at them while being patient because one of us might snap on them
        but i haven’t claim PTSD yet and waiting 9 years for benefits will definitely cause some symptoms!

      3. Barry Soetero from Kenya was creating false documents so he was to busy to join.

  21. “[…Below is a copy of House Democrats’ call for the VA OIG investigation call to arms, so to speak:…]”

    Remember, the VA OIG is REALLY GOOD at anything calling for arms in an up and down motion in all glass conference rooms. Not that long ago…up and down, up and down, where it goes, nobody knows….

  22. “[…Below is a copy of House Democrats’ call for the VA OIG investigation call to arms, so to speak:…]”

    Call ME crazy, but it seems they ALSO need to investigate the Congress Critter Veteran Committees of both House/Senate because THEY…(staring at your Industrial Cattle Stairmaster, Isaacson)…


    Because they ENABLE ALL CORRUPTION and since the VA OIG seem rather lackadaisical, as well as the DOJ in past in actually prosecuting cronyism, and those same Congress Critters turn a blind eye as long as their contractor chums keep kissing their ‘O-Rings’ with kickbacks in form of profitable mutual fund investments.

    The VA is totally in Superman’s Bizarro Universe and predict nothing will come of this other than more shoveled $$$ at the problem by Disney’s Uncle Scrooge and his Money Bin and everyone at the VA is fucking Goofy these days.

  23. Maybe it’s time for Marvel to part ways with CEO Ike Perlmutter. Before their fake superheros run into a bunch of real heros…

    1. We need to organize a march on Washington for super fast claims & appeals and for fallen soldiers who have to fight the VA, ’cause if the very very intelligent Neo-Nazis can organize a march then us dumb vets should organize one 2 Oops i mean too!

  24. Elf,

    Notice the names of Congress people who are behind this Marvel Comic book witch-hunt. Congressman Julia Brownley and Congressman Ann McLane Kuster. Both running for re-election this year and not really doing so well in the poles.

    Kuster a former lobbyist whose Wikipedia photo show her with her 5 o’clock shadow, predominate Adams apple and wig covered receding hairline may help explain her lobbying efforts for Hoffman-LaRoche against HB 1553. The bill would have reclassified three drugs, including Rohypnol, linked to date rapes, assaults, robberies, and driving offenses, as Schedule 1 Controlled Substances, making them illegal to possess.

    She has many years of experience lobbying on behalf of clients such as Merck Vaccines; the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), Fidelity Investments, Dartmouth College and Medical School, Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center and the New Hampshire College & University Council.

    Kuster background makes it very clear that she is only in office and on the VA committee to represent those in big Pharma, medical research and medical education and not there to represent Veterans. Guess that is why she was so able to turn a blind eye towards Veterans who were suffering and dying at the Manchester VAMC who she was supposed to be representing.

    Seriously you have to check out her photo to fully understand how she could fight to keep the date rape drug Rohypnol legal. That is if it is a she?


    1. Although I must admit that they have been able to provide some damming evidence of comic book collusion at the VA. Much more solid than any Russian Collusion that has been in the news.

      Here is a link to one of the most damming pieces of evidence offered by the author of the propublica story which proves that comic book collusion did take place as stated in his Propublica story.


      1. Yep, “Marvel”, “Disney” (a hold over from McDonald’s time) and “Johnson and Johnson” (a hold over from about 100 years ago)!
        If y’all have forgotten, in the early 1920’s, a “…floor wax company received a 99 year contract with VA!”
        It was all due to “a poker buddy” of the sitting President then! My Source: “The Library of Congress”!

    2. Seymore,
      As I said yesterday, get ready for all the people running for anything to use veterans as the stepping stone!
      On “WDBO” 96.5 FM, a “veteran/politician” was claiming the VA was broken. He then went on a tirade over how VAOIG wasn’t doing their job. How VA continually receives taxpayers monies without oversight. How the unions, afge in particular, protects illegal acts by employees. He just went on and on about how broken VA is!
      The problem is, until law enforcement/DOJ come in and clean house, nothing will change! We have been discussing this for how long now!
      I think State Law Enforcement should be able to make arrests. State Courts should be able to try VA Crimes. State (“for profit”) Prisons should be able to house the VA CRIMINALS!
      This crap we veterans have been dealt by VA has got to stop!
      Until there is some kind of a real justice system out there, nothing will change!

      1. I’m still up for tactical neutron bombs over each troubled facility from high orbit, then use the surviving structures to house the rest of the petulant employees and let them know as a crow flies, another plane loaded with tactical neutron bombs is circling just waiting for the orders.

        Bet a HUGE change in attitudes would take place then…

      2. I agree with you Elf. I was at the State Convention of the AmVets in Columbus this Summer and shockingly they claimed to be non-political (AmVets) yet they invited the Democrat Candidate for Gov. and instead of letting him speak on Veterans issues, they allowed him to give the “Vote for me and I will set you free” crap speech. And we were promised that he would not use this for political reasons, that lasted about as long as it took him to leave the Convention. Just had to turn him into the National as what is on his facebook page? The exact same pictures of him speaking at the convention giving the impression that an apolitical group somehow endorses him. So yea this does not surprise me that a politician would stoop to using us for political brownie points.

      3. Elf – yup. Every two years, veterans get a promise of a hand job. Every four years, there’s a promise of a blow job. Every year – there’s anal sex, veterans being on the receiving end.

        Don’t look for Democrats or Congress to fix anything in healthcare. The fix is already in, and they’re all on the receiving end of Pig Pharma largess. Bush’s era of GOP gave Pig Pharma Part D and Medi-gap crap. The trade was that Medicare was not allowed to negotiate or otherwise use their volume muscle to lower prices. Pay list price – period. Of course the Dems whined about it. Obama’s crew came to town and …. crickets. They did nothing to overturn that little provision. Instead, we got Obamacare – aka the No Insurance Company Left Behind Act. Naturally, the GOP’s turn at misdirection was the ubiquitous FOX cry of boogie man socialism. Worked like a charm. Dangle faux fear and keep the sheeple focused on bullshit instead of the reality that parties do not matter. Your vote is bullshit. Your heroes are bullshit, whichever fantasy color or stripe you wear. We’ve been bought, sold, fucked, re-fucked, and tipped upside down for our last dime. But hey, let’s keep our eyes on collusion and Marvel and kneeling and Benjizzy, and Uranium Juan, a border wall that needs a 32 foot ladder instead of a 20 footer, and don’t forget the Kardashians.

        We have an opportunity in 2020 to demand a return to paper ballots. A process that requires people who call themselves Republicans and Democrats to sit together and count votes – like the old days. Then, and only then things might have a chance of changing. My kids could hack Diebold with their Mac II. We don’t need no stinking Russians to fuck us. We’re too busy fucking ourselves.

      4. Let’s all get these urgent messages to Trey Gowdy but you know what the real problem is? We don’t stick together like brothers, remember the drill instructors drilling
        DAT SCHITT into our heads? trust me i know how to spell! Let’s not only get these messages to Trey but get them to all veterans so that we will march on Washington to end even the 30 days for claims and 125 or less for appeals if DAT SCHITT is in your STMR what are all the phuking denials about? A VSO in Miami knew that i was supposed to sign a release of information form and she was supposed to fax it to the BVA i had to find that out months later at the very end of my appeals and DAT BIOTCH did it to me pretending she was helping-she’ll do it to another vet! So Like Craig said on the movie FRIDAY “Bye Phylicia” & that’s her real name, fire her for that so called little mistake. You may see my motto & logo in the near future+
        $$ WE SERVED WE DESERVE $$(c)

      5. I have too agree with Crazy Elf and everyone else that replied. I’m not a big fan or member of either party or of any third party, but I have to say that the ill’s we have at the VA or even in the country today are just symptoms of a much bigger nature. Is the Pres. going to fix the VA, no he’s not. Would Hilary have fixed the VA, no she would not have. I do believe the Pres would like to fix the VA, sure, it would be a big plus politically for him, and so the Dems won’t allow that to happen. Bigthink.com has a good article called Trump is not the problem, He’s a symbol of 4 bigger issues, by Ian Bremmer. I do think the video was Koch funded, but I can’t disputed the facts in the video. To view the Pres as America’s scapegoat, to be loaded with all our ills and driven into the wilderness, is in my opinion not right, and very short sighted.

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