Is VA doing a Good Job Adjudicating Complex Disability Claims?

Is VA doing a Good Job Adjudicating Complex Disability Claims

Yesterday, the House Committee on Veterans Affairs held a hearing on complicated disabilities like TBI. Did Congress hold VA accountable?

The hearing was called, “Adjudicating VA’s Most Complex Disability Claims: Ensuring Quality, Accuracy and Consistency on Complicated Issues.”

I plan on reviewing and reporting back next week, but I thought I’d post a link here so all of you could take a closer look and give me feedback.

The purpose of the committee hearing was to get at the root of problems VA is having when adjudicating disability claims that are complicated.

This would include traumatic brain injury and similarly difficult conditions.

Watch the House Committee Hearing here and comment below with what you think.

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  1. Mine was considered “complex”. It was so complex, I had no choice to file a Congressional Inquiry. I didn’t think there was anything complex about my case. For the most part, a majority of my claim is considered “PRESUMPTIVE”, meaning they should presume it to be Gulf War related.
    Sad to say they ruled on most of my case, but not all. The way they ruled will now show its been ruled on. Realistically, it wasn’t ruled on 100%. I will probably wait a full year before my case is closed completely.

  2. Ben,
    I testified yesterday on behalf of VeteranWarriors. We were honored to not only be invited to testify on behalf of Veterans whose complex claims are being denied or ignored, but the HVAC-DAMA staff reorganized the hearing to allow us to speak first. We will be posting our Statement for the Record later today. From the comments and feedback we received at the recess and after the hearing, we believe we were successful in enlightening the panel on the breadth and depth of the issue as it relates to the veterans.

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