So Long 2017 – A Short Revisit Of Biggest Scandal Exposed By

The biggest scandal ever exposed by founder Benjamin Krause (me) is the VA fraud of not paying emergency room bills for non-VA care with KARE 11.

Amounting to $2.5 billion per year, VA is required to pay non-VA emergency room bills of many veterans it wrongly denies creating fear and panic within the veteran community that puts our lives at risk.

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GAO Confirms VA Fraud Scheme

According to a recently aired interview with a GAO investigator, the agency is wrongly denying veterans requests for payment as part of a quota scheme. Agency adjudicators are not reviewing the claims but instead randomly denying those claims. As a result of the known fraud, known to exists since at least 2014, veterans bypass non-VA emergency rooms and put their lives at risk to seek VA care when not safe or practical.

“Pick And Click” Processing

VA senior leadership is responsible for the scheme. They are fully aware yet they maintain a quota system that rewards “pick and click” processing of claims without review.

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Victims of the fraud scheme have their bills sent to collections and wrongly denied, pushing the veterans into financial hardship when VA is ultimately responsible for the billing amount.

VA Bonuses And Quota System

This fraud scheme and those like it have their root in a VA bonus system that rewards processing claims quickly but not accurately. Congress is aware of the scheme and VA leaders benefit from the fraud financially.

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The bonus structure follows a private sector model made popular under the Clinton Administration where the Clintons tried to Reinvent Government. The reinvention merely created smarter bureaucrats capable of defrauding the system.

For many decades, senior government leaders engaging in the obvious fraud scheme, who also benefited professionally and personally, were not held accountable. We saw this fester in the nationwide wait time fraud first exposed at Phoenix VA.

No One Truly Accountable

No one was held accountable for that fraud, but instead, a few were held accountable for other schemes. DOJ did not prosecute anyone linked to the fraud since 2014. President Obama’s DOJ did not. Trump’s DOJ did not.

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It is believed this willful ignorance of prosecutors is due to complicity at the highest level of the government where the agencies engaging in the scheme know there is no way to reasonably provide the services promised.

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VA Propaganda Machine

To maintain the appearance of access and helping veterans, the agency pays tens of millions each year to propagandists to propagate the myth VA is doing a good job caring for veterans.

By propagating the myth, the Department of Defense is able to push troops into more battles without much outcry focused on how the soldiers will be treated if harmed while in combat.

This November, I exposed paid Google Adwords $24,000 per month to push its own information about VA over private sector publishers like me. VA paused its Adword program the day after I exposed it.

If you think $24,000 per month sounds like a lot. Under President Obama, VA paid over $300,000 per month for just Google Adwords after the wait times scandal was exposed.

And that amount is nothing compared to what VA paid other contractors for related propaganda campaigns costing taxpayers tens of millions. I passed on the information to Michelle Malkin, who wrote about the topic in 2014.

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Pause and repeat. Pause and repeat.

Neverending Wars

Ever two decades, America gets itself into a new war without fully resolving the past wars. We are now looking at North Korea, an ongoing conflict since the 1950’s that never resolved.

The reality is VA is not a paternalist organization. Instead, it is an insurance company formerly named Bureau of War Risk Insurance that privatized the profit to massive government contractors while forcing American taxpayers to cover the risk of all bad projects and care for the benefit of injured soldiers.

These companies profit from the positive sentiment for veterans and use that sentiment to evade real accountability.

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So long as taxpayers remain ignorant of the scheme and continue to fund failed contractor relationships, and failed programs administered by a chronically failed agency, veterans will continue to be victimized with substandard care and substandard benefits adjudications.

Contractors And Quotas The Achilles’ Heel

Back to our scandal.

Moving forward, I intend to focus my research on the root cause of these problems instead of the result of the frauds Congress remains fixated on like a child with a new toy.

VA, through its government contractors, is willfully engaging in bad faith insurance actions against veterans to save a buck. The veterans are entitled to payment, but the quota system and “pick and click” adjudication process forces low-level employees to wrongly deny claims. By boosting their performance numbers, they boost the performance numbers of their bosses and those in senior VA leadership roles.

The senior leaders are well aware of what the end result of the scheme and that it harms veterans. GAO has well addressed this years ago. Yet, VA has failed to implement the most vital reforms to protect veterans and taxpayer resources.

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This is an outright fraud scheme that senior leaders profit from directly.

However, it will continue so long as the government contractor engaging in the fraud in support of VA failing veterans needing emergency room care continue to get away with wrongful acts.

Congress, VA through its propaganda, and the mainstream media would have us focus on the final result, harmed veterans, or the low-level employees caught in the scheme, but not the high-level senior leaders pushing policies that create the environment that allows fraud to flourish.

Tune in Monday for my 2018 predictions.

What do you think they will be?

Here is a hint.

Do you remember the TBI Scandal I exposed through KARE 11 and AJ Lagoe in 2015? The investigation Congressman Tim Walz called for has yet to be published by VA OIG despite being completed and ready for publication this past summer.

There, we caught VA in a nationwide scheme fraudulently conducting TBI examinations with medical professionals unqualified to conduct the exams. VA knew they were not qualified.

As a result, VA gave veterans one year to receive an exam from a qualified medical examiner. However, the report on the scheme has not yet been published.

Six months later, after the initial publication date, we have no VA OIG report.

Where is the report Congressman Walz?

Congressman Walz also called on VA OIG to investigate the ER Bill Scandal discussed here.

The Butcher And The Hog

But Congressman Walz, the hog doesn’t butcher itself. Where is the independent investigation into the fraud and how long should we continue the same farce?

VA cannot be trusted to investigate itself. Period.

VA is an overbudget insurance company that also provides substandard healthcare while evading accountability by monkeying with the metrics that allow it to claim its healthcare is above board.

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  1. Here’s an interesting video from:
    via; “”
    Dated: 31 Dec 2017 [04:24 minutes long]

    “Happy Holidays: Report Cites Bloated Paychecks, Bonuses For Govt Employees Funded by Taxpayers”

    The VA IS mentioned in a not to favorable light!

  2. So apparently Trump is taking a “victory lap” of sorts on fixing the VA…perhaps one of you kind and upstanding republicans could reach out on twitter and let him know there’s a lot more work to be done before he pats himself on the back?

  3. Let me explain in hash oil logic a singular and unspoken fact that makes the concept of “VA” horribly skewed. Moreover, a fundamental societal change has taken place that irregardless of VA corruption has doomed the program and there is nothing we can do.

    My brother recently lamented that he was unable to get VA to comp him for hearing loss after 12 years on a strategic B-52 bomber as crew chief. I was puzzled because ever since he got out of the Airforce he is pretty fucking deaf. Have you EVER heard a loaded B-52 light the candles to get all that shit up in the air??? It takes big fire for the white man to loft so much weaponry into the sky for America. My God the waves of energy that wash through your body when they open up the throttles are called “sound” but it is the kind of sound that shakes the vision. I quizzed him a bit about how he presented his case. He told me.

    Then it hit me.

    Both him and I grew up in the John Wayne era and it is like pulling teeth to get one of us to admit we got hurt let alone need help. Real men don’t ask for help, right, we dispense it. Acknowledging a personal hardship just isn’t “Duke” enough for men of my generation and older who got called to military duty. Irregardless of sexual orientation every single one of us in boot camp sang about killing the women and raping the livestock, putting a hundred women up against the wall and betting a dollar you can *&*# them all, and so forth. Faggots were sought out like a witch hunt and a vow to destroy faggots was a given if you entered service. Military was the macho guys. When I was in boot camp, USMC, we sang as we ran. The songs always focused generally around three groups; women to be raped, communist to be buried, and faggots to kill.

    Witness that attitude now at VA with the firing of those judges. Remember – we hire from the military eatablishment as a preference…

    Those men busted for pecker jokes were highly educated and represent the cream of the crop at VA in terms of education and demeanor and both had positions of considerable power. Is it reasonable to believe it is an isolated incident? Nope. So the entire VA system is really modelled around a shame based model which has the effect of excluding those who are hurt, not otherwise manly enough, or frankly women who we all sang in boot camp served but one purpose on Earth for men.

    Now here is how it is unravelling – todays kids no longer give a shit about The Duke. I just read that for the first time in many decades of testing that the average 30 year old male hand grip strength no longer exceeds that of grown women – a first in our culture. Also for the first time EVER in America young men are statistically more likely to be living with mom and dad at age 30 than choose to get married and live with a spouse. The chickification of America is complete and one other stat JUMPS off the page – men under 30 for the first time in America are no longer looked down upon for being on the public dole. Asking for help and handout is the new “cool” and we have a new generation that retired the word “shame”. Just look at the pictures that this new crowd sends each other and posts for all to see. Self posted porn. In America the “new” man has no problem soaking off mom and dad, has no qualms about staying home from work to play video games, prefers self gratification sexually, seldom leaves his room as a kid now, and most certainly knows how to ask for more.

    So while VA decision makers, judges, and staff trade blowjob jokes online the fact is that the faces showing up at VA now don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about them and unlike my brother who walked away from compensation partly out of shame, this new generation will return again and again and again until they get what they can. It is the societal attitude that is overwhleming the system, not the corruption. This is the change that torpedoes VA. It is not set up for a generation of needy men and women who operate under a different sense of honor and this new generation will not walk away as my brother and countless other have from compensation owed.

    This alone is overwhelming VA, and is why we need to shift EVERYTHING to Social Security. Social security is set up, based on, and knows how to properly deal wih folks who have never been constrained from asking for more and have zero problem leveraging injury for compensation. Their processs evolved around this and therefor is fairly robust and just but only after a long process of trial and error. With VA they would have to start from scratch to figure out how to cope with this. It is not workable but of course, has VA ever worked as advertised?.

  4. Yesterday an article on Aliens spreading disease with their unsanitary conditions while they are preforming their Anal Probing caught my eye. After reading up on the subject and searching for more information on the topic I found an excellent website called “The Bad Doctors Database”.

    The Website is so up to date it even has the info on Dr. Charles Chesley Young. The VA Ophthalmologist just arrested in Orlando. It even had info on Dr. Sanjiv Patankar MD, the Pakistani Alien spreading diseases Via Anal Probing.

    It is a relatively new website that is clearly continuing to record bad Doctors as they are reported on. Also it is working it way backwards in time adding prior bad Doctors to its Data base. It is recording reported misconduct from multiple sources including State and federal Data bases on action taken against doctors.

    Also they are staying current with news reports of Bad Doctors and follow them through the system and document the actions that end up being taken against the physicians.

    For More Info on the Bad Doctors Data Base:

    The Bad Doctor Database – “”

    Or to search their Database at: “”

    Several Examples of their work are:

    Dr. Charles C Young “”

    The Alien Anal Probster a.k.a. (That Dirty Bugger)
    Dr. Sanjiv Patankar MD “”

    An Example of one of the more advanced cases of a bad doctor they have followed is:

    Dr. Mohammad Abdel-Hameed
    aka Mohammad Fathi Ahmad Abdel-Hameed


    It links to docs such as this: Mohammed F. Abdel-Hameed, M.D.; Revocation of Registration, A Notice by the Drug Enforcement Administration on 11/24/2009

    1. Happy New Year brothers and sisters. My resolution is no more “potty mouth” on this site.
      Oh well………

    2. Happy New Year as well! May an old seasoned leathernecked Marine with a serious bug up his ass about the VA becomes new acting VA Secretary when POTUS may or may not exclaim, “You’re FIRED!”….providing anyone is paying attention. They seem more concerned with the foliage trimming around the White House than Veteran issues…that historic tree they cut-down could have served quite a few nooses in a true swamp draining Mussolini style! 😀

    3. Happy New Year, back at ya Crazy elf. and Veterans everywhere. A Very Happy New Year to those deployed around the world, PLEASE return home quickly, and safely. God Bless you all.

  5. Hey Elf, Did you hear they created a new prescription for Snowflakes.


    1. Seymore,
      My wife is sending your comments on the Lake Nona ophthalmologist off to our representative to ask Why he wasn’t fired!?

      1. Might want to wait just a few days. After all he was just in the accident and arrested last Tuesday the 26th and by the 28th his privileges at the VA have been suspended, (no doubt they were suspended with full pay). So at this point it is nothing more than an extended Holiday with Pay for Dr. Young.

        Also no doubt Cashour will issue a press release sometime this week.

  6. “Christopher Blake arrested in veteran charity scam”
    Daytona Beach News-Journal
    Published on Dec 29, 2017

    UTube Report by Daytona Beach News – Journal at:


    *****Additional Reporting *****

    “Volusia man arrested, accused of running fake veterans charity, authorities say”
    By Michael Williams • Contact Reporter Orlando Sentinel, December 29, 2017, 1:50 PM

    “An Ormond Beach man was arrested Friday after authorities say he used a fake veterans charity as a front to scam people and businesses out of money, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

    Christopher Blake, 46, ran the Second Chance Veterans Foundation — an organization that claimed to help eradicate veteran homelessness, suicide and poverty, according to the foundation’s website. Instead, authorities say he used the foundation to defraud several businesses.

    Authorities began investigating the foundation Dec. 18, after a business owner told deputies that Blake had not paid him for signs and banners promoting a golf tournament fundraiser. The man agreed to make the advertisements in October and drop them off at a hotel. Despite numerous phone calls and attempts to contact Blake, the man said he was never paid for the banners, which were worth nearly $550, according to court documents.

    Authorities discovered that Blake didn’t pay DeBary Golf & Country Club for hosting the October tournament. The club manager told authorities that Blake wrote a $6,500 check the day after the tournament, but the check bounced, records show. The manager told authorities that Blake charged $100 per person for the tournament, which 40 people attended.

    The manager of an Orange City Holiday Inn also told authorities that Blake owed the hotel money. The manager said Blake asked for a donation to the foundation, and the hotel obliged, writing a $100 check in exchange for being named as a sponsor, documents show. The manager also said Blake did not pay for nearly $1,000 worth of hotel rooms.

    A retired NFL player also accused Blake of not paying him for his appearance during the tournament. Gerald Riggs told authorities that Blake asked him to appear in exchange for a $2,500 fee. Riggs attended the tournament, but the check bounced when he tried to cash it, according to documents.

    Blake was booked into the Volusia County Jail on felony fraud charges.”

    Full article at: “”

    1. I hope that jail in Volusia County Blake was booked into has a volcano erupt nearby, which scares a bunch of crocodiles to escape from a nearby zoo, taking shelter where Blake is behind bars and the crocodiles partially mauled Blake because now the crocodiles are running away from the now mauled Blake because now a huge amount of red hot lava from the volcano is heading towards Blake’s cell and open bars. (crocodiles will shed a tear and move-on to safety) Blake will now be ash flakes and scam no more. Done! (well-done) 😀 (recipe for flaming dick)

  7. “Orlando VA doctor charged with DUI after crash near medical center”
    By Julie Gargotta, Reporter
    Last Updated: Thursday, December 28, 2017

    “An Orlando VA Medical Center doctor was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of narcotics after he crashed a few miles away from the hospital Tuesday, records show.

    Orlando VA hospital doctor arrested on DUI charges
    Troopers say he was under the influence of narcotics before crash
    VA declined to say if he arrived or left work under the influence

    In an arrest report, Florida Highway Patrol troopers said that 66-year-old Dr. Charles Young seemed “lethargic” and “dazed.”

    He crashed his car into another vehicle before 9 a.m. at the corner of Narcoossee and Tyson roads in the Lake Nona area, shortly after a trooper said he spotted Young driving down Tavistock Lakes Boulevard, then hit a curb and keep driving.

    The accident happened a day after Young’s birthday 3 miles away from the medical center, where the Department of Veterans Affairs confirmed that Young has worked as an ophthalmologist there for almost a decade.

    According to the arrest report, the other driver involved in the collision said that, “[Young] just slammed into the back of me and I have two small children in the back seat,” adding, “He could’ve killed us.” The report said there were no injuries from the crash.

    Young performed “poorly” on field sobriety tests, according to troopers, but was not drunk, passing a Breathalyzer test.

    An FHP dashboard-camera video shows troopers administering the test to Young.

    “I want you to follow it with your eyes only and do not move your head,” a trooper is heard saying.

    Soon after, a trooper says, “Turn around. I’m going to place you under arrest.”

    The FHP determined that the doctor was under the influence of a depressant and narcotic pain medication and charged him with DUI and damaging property.

    The VA would not comment on whether Young reported to work under the influence or whether they made him leave after arriving.”

    Full article at:


    1. “Orlando VA Medical Center doctor accused of DUI suspended”
      “Report shows ophthalmologist was under influence of Rx drugs”
      By Emilee Speck – Digital journalist New 6, December 28, 2017

      “ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando Veteran Affairs Medical Center doctor has been suspended after Florida Highway Patrol troopers said he was involved in a crash and is accused of driving under the influence of prescription drugs.

      Charles Young, 66, was involved in a crash Tuesday morning on Narcoosse Road at Emerson Lake Boulevard with another vehicle, FHP troopers said.

      The other driver accused Young of slamming into the back of his car while he had two small children in the back seat, according to the report.

      Troopers spoke with Young after the crash and said he was “lethargic, and appeared to be in a daze,” according to the FHP arrest report.

      After Young performed poorly during a walk-and-turn test and a one-leg stand test, troopers placed him under arrest at 9:54 a.m., they said.”

      “A chemical analysis of Young’s urine sample revealed that he was under the influence of several prescription drugs, including a painkiller and a central nervous system depressant, also known as a sedative, according to the arrest report.

      CNS depressants are often used to treat anxiety or sleeping disorders, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

      Young has been employed as an ophthalmologist with the Orlando VA Medical Center since March 2008, a center spokeswoman confirmed.

      Orlando VA Medical Center public affairs officer Heather Frebe said Young’s employer was aware of the arrest and investigating the incident “to include determining if this was a medical, alcohol, or substance abuse issue.”

      Full Article at: “”

      1. Seymore,
        Looks like the VA is trying to spin the truth. He, Young, was already tested for, and was found to have “drugs” NOT “alcohol” in his system!
        He should be FIRED, PERIOD, end of story!
        The only other question needed answered is; “Where’d he get the fuckin drugs from?”
        We ALL know the VA is the “Pusher Man!”
        And, as the old song goes; “Goddamn the Pusher Man!”
        Well, “Goddamn the VHA [pharmacy] Pusher Man!”
        They’re both the same!

      2. Steppenwolf – The Pusher


      3. I had to take a closer look at Steppenwolf’s “The Pusher” and determined this had to be about the VA Mental Health & Pharmacy Hacks:

        “[“The Pusher”

        You know I’ve smoked a lot of grass
        O’ Lord, I’ve popped a lot of pills
        But I never touched nothin’
        That my spirit could kill
        You know, I’ve seen a lot of people walkin’ ’round
        With tombstones in their eyes
        But the pusher don’t care
        Ah, if you live or if you die

        God damn, The Pusher
        God damn, I say The Pusher
        I said God damn, God damn The Pusher man

        You know the dealer, the dealer is a man
        With the love grass in his hand
        Oh but the pusher is a monster
        Good God, he’s not a natural man
        The dealer for a nickel
        Lord, will sell you lots of sweet dreams
        Ah, but the pusher ruin your body
        Lord, he’ll leave your, he’ll leave your mind to scream

        God damn, The Pusher
        God damn, God damn the Pusher
        I said God damn, God, God damn The Pusher man

        Well, now if I were the president of this land
        You know, I’d declare total war on The Pusher man
        I’d cut him if he stands, and I’d shoot him if he’d run
        Yes I’d kill him with my Bible and my razor and my gun

        God damn The Pusher
        Gad damn The Pusher
        I said God damn, God damn The Pusher man]”

        – “The Pusher”, Steppenwolf

    2. Seymore,
      I’ll bet he’ll ain’t the only person at that VHA who’s been getting their hands on pharmacutical drugs!

      My optometrist, at the Lake Baldwin VHA, wants me to undergo eye [cataract] surgery at the Lake Nona, Orlando Fl. VHA.
      Wouldn’t it be a hoot IF I was scheduled to be seen by Young?!
      With this idiot being arrested for DUI, [under the influence of some kind of narcotic], I’ll bet you, someone could actually get his ass FIRED!
      I’d like to be able to have his ass tested for drugs BEFORE I see him!

      1. Chances are pretty good that is who you were going to see at Lake Nona.

        His license gives a work address of 13800 Veterans Way Orlando Fl. Which is Lake Nona.

    3. The article says “The VA would not comment on whether Young reported to work under the influence or whether they made him leave after arriving.”

      Someone should tell the reporter Julie Gargotta that this is the VA she is writing about. No doubt she should have asked if he left the VAMC’s Christmas party after the sharing of the acquired patient’s meds portion of the party.

      That occurs just before they start playing Hungary Hungary Hippos.

  8. And for so many Veterans, it’s all we have. Looks like what used to be corruption is now every day business to our patriotic leaders. Like POTUS said, ” the laws are broken.” The ones who can fix them, are the ones who made them. Good luck Ben with your apparent goal for 2018. God Bless the Veterans and their families..

  9. I thank you Mr. Krause, for this website. There is a wealth of information that I don’t know if/where/how I would be able to find elsewhere.

    I also ponder why more people aren’t outraged and are doing more. Well, I was watching the “War Dogs” movie last nite and right in the narration dude said pretty much people fall into two camps – ‘Those who are complicit and those who don’t want to know’.

    Lastly, there’s those people (like me) who it sorta becomes an issue when unfortunately it affected you. You become an advocate for change because yeah, reading about it and/or seeing it on TV is one thing, but seeing the VA’s evil in action is another.

    I never liked the VA and here/there may have signed a petition or wrote some one about the VA (and other agencies) but it took the VA ruining my life to put a burning desire to make others aware and fight back.

    I think sadly while there’s the complicit and “hear no evil/see no evil” people out there, there’s a lot of ignorance as to what’s going on in the VA and other agencies. Hopefully websites like this one are helping to educate and raise awareness.

  10. Some Highlights of the currently released notices of reports by the VAOIG that is only current up until October in their Monthly Highlights reports.

    Veterans Health Administration Investigations
    Tomah, Wisconsin, VAMC Peer Support Specialist Convicted of Sexual Exploitation
    A Tomah, WI, VA Medical Center (VAMC) peer support specialist pled no contest and was convicted of sexual exploitation by a therapist and misdemeanor charges of fourth degree sexual assault and lewd behavior-exposure. The former employee was sentenced to 24 months’ probation for the misdemeanor charges, while the felony charge will be dismissed pursuant to the successful completion of a three-year diversion agreement requiring the defendant to be engaged in therapy, have no contact with victims, comply with conditions of probation, and not work in any capacity in mental health or substance abuse treatment. An Office of Inspector General (OIG), VA Police Service, and Tomah Police Department investigation revealed that the defendant texted inappropriate pictures, groped, and had sexual relations in his office with female veteran patients.

    “Former VA peer counselor sentenced to probation for sex with patients”
    CHRIS HUBBUCH Sep 28, 2017


    “A former VA mental health worker was sentenced to probation Thursday after admitting to sexual abuse of two patients at the troubled Tomah VA Medical Center in 2015.

    Charles W. Davis of Tomah pleaded no contest in Monroe County Circuit Court to one count of sexual exploitation by a therapist, a felony, and misdemeanor charges of fourth degree sexual assault and lewd and lascivious behavior.

    According to a criminal complaint, Davis, a peer support specialist, made repeated sexual advances to two patients, including a 26-year-old veteran receiving treatment for past “military sexual trauma” who told VA police that Davis called her into his office and exposed himself. A 32-year-old patient said Davis sent her sexually explicit pictures of himself and that she gave him oral sex in his office.

    Davis, 49, was not convicted of the felony exploitation charge, which will be dismissed after two years if he meets the terms of a diversion agreement.

    Davis did not address the court, but attorney Robert Osborne said his client, a 24-year Army veteran who served two deployments, has had no formal training as a therapist or in the ethics of the field.

    “Basically he was given a job as a contact person for people in treatment at the VA,” Osborne told the judge.”

    1. This story right here should highlight just how fucked up things can get when the VA uses unqualified hacks who have no business acting in the capacity the VA puts them in.

      Any bets on whether this guy was acting as more of a counselor than as just a contact person?

      Why should ethics training prevent some people from acting like a sex crazed billy goat?

      Who was his immediate supervisor? And why are they not being held accountable?

    2. Here is an older article describing his arrest, along with a picture of the perp.

      According to the article, he was hired as a house keeper, then promoted several months later to “peer support specialist”.

      I very strongly suspect he was only arrested because of evidence showing he texted dick pictures.

      The article is from January 2016.


      1. 😀 **Tomah Sex Crazed Billy Goat Gruff** 😀
        “Sex-crazed billy goats”, “Tomah”, & “Tomah VA Mental Health”…already has all the ingredients of a textbook dick, no matter how many self-posted billy goat dick gruffs he made. He’s still a troll and what is it about Tomah attracting SO MANY dicks?

  11. I don’t care what *ANYONE* says, what they think about me, or how the fuck they feel towards me. And, if I didn’t say it before, I’m saying it now. “How’s all this working for us? A wittle bit yea, but as slow as the movement of thick stubborn snot.”

    No matter how determined we are, the way that the VA’s system is structured, it goes against us. There’s no teeth in what we’re doing. Hold your damn horses now by biting your tongue, and let me finish before you go off using your out of context thoughts.

    Sure, a little case is won here, and one there, but this is only slaps the VA a tad, but its not even close in slapping the VA A-round in circles, with their backs flown against the corner of the wall all the time. How to they get out of that?”

    Problem? Is this how we should go about this, with the least amount of energy, time, monies, and using a way that draws the attention of other Veterans to join in for the fight.

    Solution; I’ve said way back then, and so has some others, is to use Social Media. Just like the camp of Obama and the Woman’s movement used. Besides that, I’ve been getting HUGE callouses on the tips of my figures, and a thickness of my brain.

  12. Good report Ben. I looked at my credit report about a month ago and had an ER visit from Mar 2015 unpaid. I had worked to get it paid with VA after I was called by collections. She promised bill would be paid, I did not follow up because I did not receive anything else from hospital. But I verified it was not paid. So 2018 will began with pushing VA for payment

    1. I called the White House Veterans Hotline, to resolve unpaid doctor/treatments. They took all my information, gave me case #, the number is 855 948 2311.
      Good Luck.

      1. Bryce, you should be hearing from your local VA in a few days after calling the hotline. They should put you in touch with someone that will fix that problem.

      2. My local VA has been aware of the problem for several months. Will see how it goes, will post at some point if anything gets resolved.

      3. My local VA was aware also, but did nothing until I called the hotline. I then got a call from the person assigned just for Choice billing problems, and a call from the Facility Revenue Manager who wanted to make sure it was not some other billing problem.

  13. Malum In Se (whats the meaning and what does this name me). Vets deaths by suicide has been mentioned, again many times, per racism what type(s), do you racism from Vets not receiving care? Exactly what isn’t right. From my knowledge, you’re the only was with this on an agenda. Seriously though, pls answer the my question for a better file on this topic of Racism. We can’t try to change in things that we’re unaware of. A BIG warm holiday season to all of you across da the beeeg ponz.

  14. Another person sitting on their glutes bitching and complaining and not doing a damn thing. I bet they was free handouts at a certain location, they would be two hours early to receive them.

  15. Good column Ben. Whether its a GAO investigation or an OIG investigation, neither matter when the politicians requesting them refuse to follow up with them. Refuse to ask why they have not been published. Refuse to ask the investigators to follow up on recommendations. Refuse to demand agency heads to create a plan of action to fix problems, and refuse to demand they stick to the plan. Finally, neither matter when the politicians refuse to demand DOJ prosecute obvious fraud.

    Since politicians refuse to push for prosecution, it insures everything before that will continue.

    There really is no excuse for not issuing a report that has been completed…unless somebody in VA is asking for a delay so someone can retire first. Oh, who the hell am I kidding. Nobody would retire over encouraging blatant fraud since there is no history of it being punished anyway.

    1. They only retire early when it’s the chief of OIG caught umm, red-handed, masturbating in an all-glass conference room. 😀

  16. The root cause of the fundamental problem at VA is simple; It is funded with other people’s money (OPM). There is but a SINGLE cause for corruption, theft, official misconduct, and a litany of the very best behaviours in mankind – lust for OPM. I mean the lust we are born with and that which is in each human. Greed is survival in nature.

    In fact the lust for spending OPM is so overwhelming that even the ones we trust with the finger on the nuclear arsenal for America, POTUS, is only trusted for eight years tops with a big time checkup in between called an election. It is the ONLY fucking way we have figured out as a species to deal with our inborn nature. The election is not a test to see if the top leaders in American are on the take but rather a check to see how far along the corruption is. The disease is terminal and he treatment is called “term limits”.

    In other words “term limits” are society’s way of both acknowledging and trying to cope with the inevitable corruption of ANYONE exposed and in charge of such enormous sums of other people’s money. The system works so-so but then enter VA. There are no elections to remove those tainted, tempted, and corrupted by long term exposure to huge sums of OPM.

    So how do we limit this? Ben, the way I see it there are three options:

    1) We could meet over the course of decades and have multiple elections. Then we can debate to figure out a working framework of law within which eventually a well seasoned system of justice internal to VA evolves through trial and error that caps the corruption. We could then employ an extensive law enforcement establishment to implement these just ideals within VA and one day justice will see the light of day and the crows will be set free in joyous moment and all will dance about and rejoice.


    2) We can disband VA and instead just tack VBA shit onto whatever Social Security shit you deserve and let the existing Constitution, laws, law enforcement, and legislative assembly already set up now for 200 years handle any disputes that come up? People would still obscond with OPM but then they get put behind bars and stop doing it because they are in jail. It is a crude system sure but nations worldwide find it to be an effective method.


    3) We can ask China how they deal with a corrupt politicians, and then do that… They have been in the government business for a few thousand years so they are bound to know the right way to root out corruption, right? Anyone got the number for Bejing?

    1. I’ve been talking about #2 for awhile now. New claims go to SSA for adjudication and award. New healthcare apps go to Medicare. Once the system is up and running then vets in the VA “system” can start transitioning to one of the other two systems.

      Since there is no more VA there is no need to keep useless employees on the payroll. No need for the VA AFGE union. The VA budget gets divvied up between SSA and Medicare respectively and I’d be willing to bet you’d have a significant amount of money left over to put in other places.

      Now since there is no more VA. We should theoretically see a plummet in OIG investigations, lawsuits, and crimes. Also, no more DBC’s. Sounds like a win/win to me

  17. Maybe getting a running clock on the website that tallies waste, fraud,and abuse totals like the national debt clock. Doesn’t capture the human misery sadly but it’s something that’ll get people’s attention.

  18. Thank you for your biggest exposure on DVA’S failed service.
    We only wish that you had heeded our call to investigate the “land-grab” of the “HOME” gift-land at West Los Angeles, California, because, in terms of gravity, yours pales in comparison that.
    WLA is where decades of special interest planning has been invested, UCLA and Brentwood School and Salvation Army have colluded with big oil and self-serving bureaucrats to dismantle the principle of Veteran care by taking apart and portioning out land once known as the crown jewel of America’s moral obligation, land specifically and permanently deeded for “disabled” Veterans.
    They’ve been pissing on our heads and telling everyone it’s raining.
    We’ve clearly asked for your help. That begs the question, who, really, are you and who is your advocacy for?

    1. Here is one for you ” Charles Dorman”
      Shuffled Director “”

    2. Francisco, how long has the battle against that illegal land grab gone on? Any estimate of the number of vets involved in trying to get the land back? If I recall correctly, didn’t a judge rule against the VA in grabbing that land? If so, what is being done in that case to find out why the judge is not enforcing his order?

      I ask these questions because of your accusation of Ben (one veteran) not helping, and insinuation that this land grab continues because of him not helping the way you see fit.

      I for one am damn grateful for how much Ben (one veteran) does for every vet, every day of the year.

      Look over the articles posted here in just the last year. Ben has posted articles that truly affect veterans from any war or era, not just on one issue. I am not saying the land grab does not have merit, but Ben is one person who takes significant time away from his family for what he does, and I am grateful for it because his work has an impact on the health of many veterans.

      Getting land back from thieves would have an impact on your mental health and those vets helping you, but I believe what Ben is doing might have a bigger impact on how good the health can be of the vets enjoying that land.

      Something to think about.

      1. 91,
        Thank you for acknowledging that getting the land out of the hands of land-grabbers has merit.
        Pitting Veteran against Veteran was not my intention, never has been. Getting a real narrative started on Ben’s highly visible blog was.
        Only a few challenge land-grab because most who have heard of it, and there are many, (1) feel it’s a losing cause to fight the power and prestige of oil, UCLA and Brentwood School, or, (2) their personal Veteran agendas prohibit their going against the grain of repurposing land that was permanently and specifically intended to shelter disabled Veterans.
        Brother, if saving the land is not the best example of “Redeeming the Promise of a Square Deal” nothing is.
        The proverbial “baby” has been tossed with the water and the tool was the West Los Angeles Leasing Act of 2016.
        I wish you were Ben.

    3. Yo, Francisco,

      Pull your head out of your ass get some oxygen and wipe the BS out of your eyes and ears.

      Ben has covered what is going on in West Los Angles in a number of Articles as well as a number of us regular commenters continue to post about the problems in West LA. Your insult with no offer of any information about what is going on in West LA is just that nothing but an insult.

      From your whining, it is certainly clear you haven’t a fricken clue.

      Know what go ahead and just keep your head up your ass, no need wasting oxygen on you, since you are nothing but a bullshit poster.

  19. I received a letter yesterday telling me that my TBI examination would be in Denver, a 3.5 hour drive away. Impossible to follow the protocol for the neuropsychological assessment with a travel distance of more than 30 minutes. Drafter a letter saying I would challenge the examination which is being provided because of a BVA remand. Worthless expense.

    A PTSD CTP (Cognitive therapy program) travels from Iowa twice a month to hold a group therapy session in Scottsbluff, NE, 30 minutes away. The purpose of this is to get veterans who are being compensated for PTSD dropped from compensation. If they don’t attend they are dropped. If they do they are declared cured and dropped. It is another scam. A one shoe fits all approach that doesn’t take into consideration the differences in the PTSD events and doesn’t accommodate those with TBI complications.

    Check this one out, Ben.

    1. Lem, I’d like to be clear. Are you saying that the VA can order you to attend something even if your not using them for healthcare?

      1. I highly doubt Veterans are being ordered to attend whether using VA or not for healthcare under the threat of losing Disability Comp. if refusing. I call bull shit on that. True or false.

      2. I do as well but it’s good to know for sure either way when your compensation is on the line. Personally the VA would be no good as a service provider to me anyways as I am HIGHLY distrustful and suspicious of them.

      3. I think what Lem is saying is that the VA can claim a veteran is not compliant with their plan for care, giving them a lame excuse to cease that care.

        The entire decision process does not involve health care, but creating an ability to punish a veteran for whatever reason. That is made clear when the VA refuses to provide care for other obvious health conditions. They are non compliant in providing care, but who will hold them accountable?

      4. That’s what I thought he was saying. I guess the bigger question I was looking for answer to is. If you’re not using VA as a health provider do they have the authority to hold a veteran to a “plan” or even revoke his compensation for non participation if that veteran already receives healthcare somewhere else. I should probably pose the same question on hadit as well.

      5. WyldeChylde, you can get your health care any place you wish. Just because you chose to get your care outside of the VA does not have any effect on “where” or “when” you were injured.

        You have SC for a knee injury, you decide to go to the private sector to have your knee replacement surgery done. Cause your a very smart man. The VA cannot turn around and say either, that they are no longer responsible for that knee, or that you are no longer disabled.

        Once SC has been established they are responsible for that injury for life.

      6. The VA can’t require a veteran to comply with any health care action the VA deems necessary. If they could, we would have Frankenvets all over the damn place after their little experiments were deemed necessary.

        They can try cease providing other care for a specific problem if say, you refuse to take medication, but even with that, I think they would lose.

        I have commented here before about only wanting care for service connected conditions, and the VA threatened to stop ALL care if I refused to be seen for other things they deemed necessary. I told them to put it in writing if they were going to stop all care, and after some time to think on it, they decided I could magically be seen for only service connected problems.

        Many years ago, I was told I would have it entered in my record for not being compliant with medical orders if I didn’t take a prescribed medicine. After I explained why I wouldn’t take it, the provider decided it wouldn’t be worth losing a battle over her ego.

        Although I was never affected by her little tantrum, I am sure there are ways some vindictive provider could make life harder.

      7. Nail on the head. I see it over and over—even citing complaints about another medical issue and poor compliance (CPAP) machine to deny a combat veteran service connection for PTSD. Our private office provided a full psych eval w/diagnosis and nexus with rationale. The C&P Examiner interviewed the veteran and came up with the same rationale and diagnosis. When the information was returned to VARO the Rating Officer looked for any reason to deny service connection–citing information that was incorrect. i.e. He volunteered during deployment in Gulf with a youth program? Help!

    2. Lem, get an assessment done locally first, for your TBI, it is usually an 8 hour examination, by licensed professionals. Have that submitted before attending this c+p exam. The VA’s TBI examiner is going to be very reluctant to go against the findings of such a thorough examination and it’s findings.

      1. Yeah I see what I did in that last sentence, kinda redundant using findings twice. I do have a TBI after all.

  20. Here’s two articles y’all might want to see.
    From: The Associated Press
    Dated: 29 Dec. 2017
    “Bed Bugs Force Closure of Urgent Care at Veterans Center!”

    2. This was originally published on 2/17/11
    Republished: Dec. 28, 2017 by; “Media Buzz”
    “Trey Gowdy Pissed to find out 50 agencies are investigating Fraud BUT give NO punishment!”

    This video shows the ineptitude of, not only Congress. It’s also showing the ineptitude of those responsible for holding our government agencies accountable for fraud, waste and abuse against the American Taxpaying People!

    1. ~~~~shudder~~~~
      This big statured man absolutely loathes bed bugs. Columbus, OH has such an intense problem I have not been to an actual movie theater for 9 years ever since the OH Public Health came on air and said the three major places to pick-up hitch-hikers from other’s people’s problems were: 1)Movie Theaters, and 2) Any Medical Office waiting room, 3)any laundramat or apartment building laundry machines.

  21. I’ll bet that $2.1 billion Shulkin just received will be going to pay VA employees a nice fat bonus!
    As far as VA healthcare and adjudication of claims is concerned; Neither are working for veterans. Therefore,
    5. Kick the United Nations out of America! [They’re part of the problem of starting wars!]
    6. Stop the Pentagon, by auditing their books! They’re another reason why wars are NOT won!

    There’s so much corruption in our government, it’s unfathomable how it continues to run unabated! “We the People” are, in my opinion, the reason behind the corruption. Because “We the People” allowed it to get this way! “We the People” were “snookered” into, for decades, to believe everything our MSM’s, elected and appointed officials told us!

    “It’s NOW time for ALL good men, and women, to come to the aid of our Republic!” “We”, who served our Republic, took an oath. Don’t y’all think it’s time for “We the People” to do whatever “we” can, to help stop the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse?

    1. CrazyElf, well said! Feet to the fire has not worked. As one of my colleagues continues to rant, “men and women are asleep.”

  22. Pres. Trump and Team: AUDIT THE DAMN VA & do not ALLOW THE VA TO AUDIT OR POLICE ITSELF ANY LONGER…(it’s not working what’s been tried before…hint,hint, we require EXTERMINATORS for the AFGE extraction…Zero Dark Thirty type team would do…)

    1. That is what I am talking about , a direct action mission, where I get to slap a sandwich out of their hand , mid sentence, trying to explain themselves!

      1. It would be too easy. The vending machines would be like the watering hole the wild gazelles gather around while the lions stalk their prey as they decide on a vending machine selection. Reaches into bottom metal flap to retrieve prize and the guillotine modification takes over. Next…

  23. Idea: How about -1- independent AUDIT FIRM for each VA Interior Decorator and perform massive as well as random audits simultaneously and regularly and you will see the surface tension filled with scurrying rats jumping AFGE ship in no time. Repeat regularly while also requiring the VA to utilize these independent accounting and audit firms as appointed fiduciaries for the VA. <—accountability would surface and the floating turds would self-flush the system. Exterminate the AFGE, done!

    Thanks for the reporting you do, Ben.

  24. All of us here, no doubt has been wronged by the “trough feeding” scum that inhabits VA, AFGE and both Senate and Congress. Personally I’m tickled shitless that we have a man such as Ben Krause exposing the worthless fucks for what they are.

    That being said, it is up to US as Veterans to shake-up the system. I realize that many are home-bound or financially strapped. But you know what….. emails, phone calls and even venting on a site such as this does get noticed. Fuck, I wouldn’t know half the shit that goes on within the VA if Ben hadn’t brought it to light.

    The VA needs to be shut down, no more hand-outs, no more using Veterans as an excuse.

    1. We need to continue to post VA Fuckknocks of the Day on this site. VA likes to site privacy, I would like to see the consent forms for their PR spin ” Veteran of The Day” on their site. Shouldn’t be no problem producing it since VA has their picture and name posted.

    2. I hear you loud and clear Warhorse. I also noticed in the news, that once again, across the world, that women have no trouble at all banding together in a massive show of force in a world wide march against sexual harassment, and other womens issues.


      Why the FUCK CAN’T WE GET THIS DONE FOR OURSELVES????????????????

      Enough of this procrastinating, it is time we get something going. For those of us that are physically able, we have zero room to talk, or complain about jack shit. Time to get off our asses and do something. Enough of this non stop whinnying, like a bunch of fucking pussies.

      I don’t give a fuck about your financial situations or your jobs, or any other “excuse” not to get this accomplished.


      Wonder why I don’t post much anymore? Nobody gives a fuck about Veterans, not your do nothing politicians, not the DOD, VA, the VSO’s, nor the DOJ, or any judges for that matter, now do they? No they fucking do not!!!

      Yeah yeah, I know, how? where? when? what? I don’t have a fucking clue, either, but if all these other groups of people can do it….. then why the fuck can’t we? Comes a point we have to ask ourselves what is wrong with us that we can’t get our shit together and do this.

      I don’t believe for a second that 22 Veterans a day are committing suicide, NO FUCKING WAY!!!, when has the government ever given anyone the correct numbers? I believe it is actually, AT LEAST TWICE, if not THREE TIMES that amount.

      The Veterans that need us most are the ones that can’t speak for themselves, the ones with severe mental issues, they are also the single most group of Veterans neglected be the VA, nationwide, it is intentional, it is calculated, it is criminal, and the agency entrusted to take care of these poor souls should be held accountable for these murders.

      They are already killing us off one by one, denying care and benefits until we are a long time dead. Then they use our names to vote with when we are tits up, pushing daisy’s.

      No fucking compensation for you, we have other things like PR, vacations in Disney land, bloated union salaries, and bonus’s to spend YOUR compensation money on. Fuck you GI Joe/Jane, it’s our pot of gold and you ain’t gettin any.

      Go die in the parking lot, go fuck off, do us all a favor and vanish, your not wanted.

      To our politicians we are nothing but a nuisance, do you really think they respect anyone stupid enough to sign that dotted line? And believe me, that is exactly how they view us. They laugh at Veterans who are in crisis, they steal, lie, cheat, defraud, murder, and you think they give a damn about you?


      As long as the VA cash cow is shitting dollars,

      ——————————– ╱┃┃┃┃╱╱╱┃┃┃┃╱╱╱
      ——————————– ╱┗┛┗┛╱╱╱┗┛┗┛╱╱╱

      you my Veteran brothers and sisters, are the competition, know what I mean Irv and Irvesses?

      I hope all I posted above pisses you off, I hope it pisses you off reallllllllll good. Go ahead, thumbs down it to death. I wanna know you all read every word, I want to break the fucking record of the most thumbs down in history for all times. No thumbs up’s, I wanna see all thumbs downs.

      After your done thumbing your button to death. Let me know if your pissed off enough to git r done.

      I don’t have many idea’s but the ones I do have are dooooooooooooooozies.

      You net investigators, easy enough to find all sites that have to do with activist Veteran centric issues, others who are trying to get marches together etc.

      You net savvy IT guys and gals, how about our very own pirate radio station? complete with squawk box?

      How about you all start posting your ideas, and we all can copy and paste them to a file, and see if we can’t get this shit rolling. We can do this, we got what it takes to do all of this, we can brainstorm with the best of them.

      I have faith in us, do you?

      1. A-fuckingmen CJ. It sometimes amazes me that for Veterans, a group of people who at one time spoke an oath to give their limbs or lives for this country at times lack the intestinal fortitude and balls to stick together as a group and once again kick ass and take names. For Fucksake, is it that tough to see what is being done to us?


      2. I hear ya Warhorse, I don’t think Veterans lack the intestinal fortitude, most are fired up enough I think. The problem I see, is we don’t have the connections like these other groups do, or the knowledge of how to go about getting it all done.

        We need to start making those connections and if we don’t know how, start hounding the living shit out of groups that do know how, and learn.

        I tried contacting one of the founding members of the first world womans march, but never received an answer. This of course was around the time they were having an internal power struggle.I will continue to try and make connections, we all should.

        There was a Veteran who chimed in, in the past who had knowledge of the entire process of organizing a march, the permitting, transportation, what to expect, etc.

        I have also noticed quit a few web sources, of various Veterans, trying to do the same thing. I think we all need to start reaching out to all of these different entities, and form a bond between one another.

        Think BIG, and leave no stone unturned. Hell, reach out to syndicated radio hosts, as well, quite a few out there who say they stand with Veterans, and active duty soldiers, let’s see how much they stand with us. I bet there is at least a couple, who can help get the word out when we need it.

        Do like this womans group, and set up marches all across the country, with one huge one on DC proper, that way those who cannot, for whatever reason, get to DC, can get to one close by.

        There is a way for all to participate, who wish to. You can’t go to a march? I am sure you can send out emails, and make a few calls. Others can organize, we need some way to keep this all in a central location.

        I know there has to be some way for companies to keep a project open on the web. Team members need to update, as they move the project along, with members across the entire globe. We can set something like that up. Kinda hard to do on Bens, it was not meant to be that kind of deal.

        I know this may be foreign to some, but there is project management software out there, complete with gant charts etc. You construction guys out there know what I am talking about. Just throwing ideas out there. Some of you have better ideas, just trying to jog your mind. We can do this…..

      3. WoW! Well said tirade on the mistreatment and “spent brass” algothrithim. I continue to talk with veterans who are unable to have any satisfactory results-let’s get on a bus with signs and hit our VARO. Interested?

  25. Ben,

    I applaud you for exposing the wrongdoings of the VA.

    I would love to discuss exposing the nationwide problem in the Caregiver Support (CS) for 2018. I know earlier this year you wrote a piece on the revocations.

    What individuals involved in ‘looking’ into the issues didn’t uncover the actual issues because it’s coming from the national director through verbal directives that are support and enforced by the CS employees. Compare their directive to the regulation, 38 CFR 71, and it’s final rule/amendment 80 FR 1357 if the regulation you pull up hasn’t incorporated the amendments. The program claims its a ‘clinical’ program but by law its a support program to provide support services to family caregivers of both programs.

    The updated VHA Directive 1152 June 2017 and CS Roles, Duties and Responsibilities (RDR) intentionally omitted the RDRs of a Veteran’s Primary Care Team (PCT). The directive omits the words ‘Primary Care Team’, authorized by the individual’s Primary Care Team’ in most areas and replaces the words ‘Primary Care Team’ with Caregiver Support Coordinator (CSC) or CS clinical staff, etc. The CSC also has developed their own CS appeals board process instead of using the VHA Clinical Appeals process to include preparing the appeals packet. The CS has informed those medical/mental health providers who were aware of their RDRs that the program changed and they no longer have any RDRs, state it’s a clinical program and the Veteran participates in order to justify accessing Veteran’s medical records to act as the Veteran’s PCP to perform the clinical duties and make the medical determinations.

    The CS is telling VA they need funds to hire clinical staff in order to exclude the Veteran’s PCT in order for them to do it for total control of approvals, denials, revocations and appeal denials, etc. Just a few issues as to not make this post long.

    I really need your assistance to bring this injustice to thousands of Veteran’s and their family caregivers nationwide to prevent further harm.

    Please consider contacting me to discuss this matter to consider investigating this matter.

    1. It is all about control of $$$ Most of the caregivers are better providers that the filth of providers at VA. They military eccentric , attentive to detail, while VA id attentive to sandwiches and snacks.
      Caregivers are keeping up with the latest medical breakthroughs, treatment plans and so on. VA is intimidated by this, because you make them look stupid.
      Keep up the fight!

      1. Veterans- used to Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
        VA hacks- Uninformed Collusion of Massive Jackpot (the other UCMJ).

        Uniformed vs. UnInformed= Oil & Water, Fit/Unfit, Hip/Hungry, Hungry, Hippos.

    2. I’m curious about the language in the law, and why it was originally intended to have the vets primary care team make decisions. Would it be that those decisions would have to be somewhat grounded in medical opinion? If decisions made affect the veterans health, then it would suggest a primary care team would be the best place for that.

      Otherwise, you have little more than a titled clerk making healthcare decisions.

      Clerks playing doctor.

      Why would the VA want clerks playing doctor? For the same reason they want nurses playing doctor and telemedicine. They want the cost of any care to remain as cheap as possible.

    3. Thank you, Ben for the overview of propaganda, abuse and lack of any empathy or accountability for our veterans past and present and their families, It takes time, research, critical thinking, and a network with people like yourself to help so many professionals stay on top of the VA game system.
      Like the previous writer, I face an enormous caseload of veterans who are being taken advantage of “bottom up” and “top down”as we say in the clinical field I was so stoked about the roll out of the Caregiver Program and Caregiver-Aging Veterans toolkit. I had a veteran in need of caregiver help as his wife was in hospice stage. Our local VA CBOC called me at 8:00 am to let me know “we don’t roll that way here.” It doesn’t matter what has been explained to you, ma’am at the national level. Then the VA takes it off the table for 30 days and its back again Still broken.
      I need all the help that I can get these days and my Congressman cannot be counted on for anything except press and propaganda.
      Thank you all for being here

    4. va dc hq one big big ig fedeal rico crime racket va dc hq are dogs in heat fo the 186 billion $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ va 2018 budget wait fo it va sewagae rats will steal most of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  26. What “action” do you expect from a journalist beyond reporting and exposing scandals?

    Taking action is what the taxpayer is responsible for after learning the truth. What legal or voting actions will you take to counter evil deeds? Will you contribute to a cause?

    1. Ben,
      Don’t even respond to that nonsense. He did not even elaborate his issue with the site, yet alone what racism.
      I am assuming he is latin, using Malum in se, but you really are not really
      ( Nescit cedere )many qualities affiliated with the military. I call Bullshit on this troll!
      Bye Feliciano!

    2. Ben,

      Perhaps you could improve your site by careful innocent embellishment. This is more art form than action but it certainly could be actionable.

      For instance, you reported correctly that Sec. Shulkin went to Europe with his wife and attended Wimbledon while she went to see the Little Mermaid. This report inspired action by your viewership but did you go far enough? I think not…

      You could have easily added, “…it is unclear if alcohol was a factor when Sec. Shulkin pulled his weiner out after a bad call on the tennis court during set point.”

      Now, personally I find any public use of a hotdog offensive but talking about the Secretary’s weiner habits in public is at least one action you could have taken and arguably it could be an actionable thing, right? (They do call them “weiners” in the old country don’t they, or are they called “bangers”? Either way….good stuff journalistically Ben)

      Remember the fishing lore wisdom passed down to me from my Grandfather; “Never let a little history get in the way of a good story.”

    1. Malum In Se. I agree that death of Veteran’s is the ultimate wrongdoing out of all the issues within the VA. Ben, is doing the best he can to bring these issues to light so the appropriate officials can investigate or not. He cannot control what DOJ, Congress or any other department does or doesn’t do.

      It is extremely frustrating when an organization who is committing thousands of murders a year, committing fraud/waste/abuse, abusing Veterans, etc still is in operation.

      I’ve been extremely frustrated by trying to get someone to listen to me about ongoing issues affecting thousands of Veterans. I’ve been waiting almost 2 months to meet with my congressman over these issues. I’m extremely frustrated as every day that passes more Veterans are affected and I cannot get any support to get someone with the appropriate authority to listen and take action. Hang in there.

    2. Happy New Year Disable Veterans . Org. And bye to the old year!
      1. These three need to have an honorable mention as the year ends.
      In being cut loose from the service injured. Medical notes withheld. Denied treatment by the VA for years in the 1990s. Up until 2007-2008 denied VA treatment again. Up until April of 2014. I finally let in to the VA, but only after I had secured legal testimony from U.S. Army officers. In entering the VA April 2014, I was assigned these two below (And a third to come). I entered the VA with a fully developed claim in 2014-2015, a VA DBQ form filled out by two private providers. Good private providers, good ones, who explained to me based on medical lit, medical research and a DSMV how I was injured. How the injury effect my life. Destroyed my life. And the lack of care by the VA, only made the injury worse.
      *”Develope to Deny.” “Delay to Deny.” As attorney Chris Attig Veteran U.S. Army artillery explains Which this is illegal by the VA and VSC veteran service center.
      Over and over again in the face of a fully developed claim, 2014-2015 (Completed by 2 private providers). The Summit Co Ohio VSC veteran service Casework. Kept re-filing, re-filing, and re-filing my VA claims with out my permission. I am a disabled former soldier. And behind my back they kept re-filing my claims! Finally a private lawyer stepped in to asst with a NOD notice of disagreement to see a DRO Judge face to face. Also my MSR military service records were with held from me, and finally the attorney got those in June-July of 2016.

      2. In entering the VA April 2014, I was assigned to these two at the VA Akron OHio Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road Ohio
      These two, and actually three:
      1. Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic VA Akron Ohio Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road, stated and said,
      This is what Eric Canna stated to stated and said to me. His father never served either in the military. Interesting. Appears very Anti-Military to me.
      2. Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic VA Akron Ohio Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road, Who lied to the senator (s), Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio, and Senator Rob Portman Ohio. And lied to VA medical Director Susan M. Furher Wade Park VA CLeveland Ohio (Asst Jeff McPeaks Phone#216-791-3800 Ex.4070)

      3. Yes. Lied about the Religious Artifacts in her office. The position of where they were, and how many there were. First A Caste Iron Rote Iron Cross was hanging on her wall. A mosther statue with its arms up and blood coming out of her hands. And rosemary beads hanging off the cross. But she said to the Senator (s) and VA Director Susan M. Furher Wade Park Cleveland Ohio, that a religious artifact was found behind her computer. I had a witness. These “Religious Artifacts”, catholic mind you. Were hanging behind Pamela Sue Sherer head. 3 to 5 feet from where injured vets, and disabled former soldiers had to sit. She said to the Senator, and VA Director. That a vet gave her those (a) religious Artifact (s). While if that is true. Then that injured vet had to be catholic.

      4. Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic Akron VA Ohio Outpatient Clinic Waterloo rd.
      The point. If you going to lie about “Catholic” Religious Artifacts to Senator (s) of Ohio, and the VA director Susan M. Furher Wade Park Cleveland Ohio. The position of those “catholic” religious artifacts. How many there were. And who gave them to you! Then why wouldnt a VA provider lie about your disorders, diagnoses? Or lie (Jointly) in your VA Medical notes? And the plot thickens. Pamela Sue Sherer. OF all the medical evidence (Fully developed claim) only takes this one private provider. That I only seen for a very, very short time. The one out of three private providers diagnoses, Pamela Sue Sherer takes. Is a private provider I only seen for 6 to 7 months in Lancaster Pennsylvania. This private provider in a Non Veteran (Draft Dodger 1964-1973) Catholic Liberal Democrates in Lancaster Pennsylvania. In the face of, a fully developed claim. Strange.

      5. The cover up started as soon as walked into the VA Akron Ohio Outpatient Clinic in April 2014. SO. I quietly left in Feb-March 2016. Obtained a military doctor (aware of military injures). Of course licensed in Ohio. And on “The VA List of approved doctors” But that does NOT matter legally, if this private provider is VA approved or NOT VA approved. Without seeing anything from any other private providers. The private provider explained exactly what happened to me. Just like the other 2 private provider who submitted the original first fully developed claims. This 3rd private provider, explained, how the injury effect my life. Destroyed my life. Based on medical research, med lit, and a DSMV.
      This 3rd private provider created a second fully developed claim. A 2nd VA DBQ Form was filled out. MMPI 5 page social history. A origin of disease report 5 pages, based on med lit, med research, and a DSMV, and a NEXUS Letter.

      6. Then. I am sent to a C and P Exam in April 2017. I withheld the “Origin of Disease Report’. Because of copying, and lying.
      SO. I had to see this C and P Hatchet Man.
      PETER M BARACH Ohio NPI #1396773610 Ohio License No.3280 VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio Non Veteran (Draft Dodger 1970-1973) Possibly obtain a medical deferment for mentall illness from military, Jewish Democrat Leftist, liberal, Possibly Anti Military. That grew up across the street from the VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio in Shakers heights. So I have to go to a C and P Exam april 2017 with this FORENSIC FRAUD. “A FORENSIC WHORE!” PETER M. BARACH pre-writes a 20 page “FALSE NARRATIVE. For an hour I am harassed. Badgered. Lied to by Peter M. Barach. Information explained to Peter M. Barach omitted. The truth omitted. A false narrative. Peter M. Barach “CHERRY PICKED” and “CHECKERED” my tainted 20 page C adn P Exam corruptly. Attempting to mislead the DRO JUDGE, throw his lies in front of the DRO Judge May 2017. With NO DUE PROCESS!

      7. A corrupt bogus 20 page C and Exam, peter m. barach writes up. NOw He is only using the private provider from Lancaster Pennsylvania, who is a Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1964-1973, Catholic, Democrat Liberals Anti Military, that I only seen for 6 to 7 months, 7 months worth of medical notes. Disregarding the first fully developed claims.
      In addition, Peter M Barach spent his entire life in Shakers Height Cleveland Ohio, and spent the major of his time at THE WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE. Across the street from where Peter M. Barach grew up at. Still teaches at the WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE. Talke about “academic incest”…

      8. Peter M. Barach Wade Park VA Cleveland Ohio then lies often and a lot in this 20 page C and P Exam “Hatchet Job”. He quotes on my 20 page C and P hatchet job, I AM OBJECT. I HAVE NO TIES TO THE VA.” Yet family works at the VA Across the street from where Peter M. Barach grew up at. Yet he has family members working in the same dept at the VA in Wade Park Cleveland Ohio.

      9. Peter M. Barach. Who claims on my 20 page C and P exam Hatchet Job April 2017, “I HAVE NO TIES TO THE VA. I AM OBJECTIVE.” Peter M Barach has two supervisors at the VA. An office. And he is on the VA List with his own office telephone Number.
      1. Supervisor 1, Diana Johnso VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio
      2. Ellery Smith Parma VA Ohio Phone 216-739-7000 ex.2509
      Two supervisors, but PETER M BARACH claims, “I AM OBJECTIVE. I HAVE NO TIES TO THE VA!”
      1. This is misrepresentation of the VA Hospital. Peter M. Barach can immediately lose his license in Ohio for this lie.
      2. Also Peter M. Barach is misrepresenting the Injured vets, and disabled former soldiers, he serves at the VA.
      3. Peter M. Barach is misrepresenting the filed he is licensed in, in ohio.
      The VA in Ohio is paying Peter M. Barach over, and over and over again to do psych E-vals and C and P Hatchet jobs. Anytime an institution (Or court) pays a person over and over, and over again, It is well known in FORENSIC, the examiner will lean more and more towards his payee, or his PAYMASTER. Here you see this with PETER M BARACH taking advantage of a vulnerable vet, an injured vet, and a disabled former soldiers. Any courtroom, judge, state or federal, or Attorney would well know what PETER M. Barach had done unethically. Peter M Barach is the VAs LAP DOG, the VAs paid “FORENSIC WHORE”.

      10. SO much for MYVA.
      1. I am an injured vet.
      2. I am a disabled former soldier
      3. I am NOT of the same religion as these individuals
      4. I am NOT anti military. Our political affiliations differ vastly. I am pro-military, where my entire family served. Three generation back, all U.S. Army. All of us have honorable discharges, adn were all classified as A1s. My family served, and they were NOT draft dodgers.
      5. I am NOT a NON VETERAN! I am a Veteran!
      It apppears to be a bias.
      I appeared before a DRO Judge decision review officer face to face meeting May 2017. Case was presented with testimony. Senator sherrod Brown Ohio, and Senator Rob Portman Ohio sent typed objections to handed to the VA DRO JUDGE, and requests to have the VA C and P Hatched Job By Peter M. Barach thrown out of the DRO meeting, and the C and P Exam out of my VA Medical FILE, at both the benefit dept, and the VA Hospital side.
      Apology letters were sent from VA Medical Director SUSAN M FURHER VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio office to both senators, sherrod Brown Ohio, and Senator Rob Portman Ohio, and apology letters were issued to me. They expalined they were sorry for what Peter M. Barach had done. Based the misconduct, unethical behavior, and lying by PETER M. BARACH on the C and P Exam.
      VA Medical Director Susan M Furher, Asst Jeffery Mcpeaks phone 216-791-3800 ex4070 stated, “Peter M. Barach Re-victimized you, didnt he?” I responded, “YES. YES HE DID!”
      *Peter M Barach VA Wade Park Clevealnd Ohio Ohio NPI#1396773610 Ohio license no. 3280C and P Exam Hatchet Man, Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973 (Deferment for mental illness possibly from military) Jewish, Liberal Democrat Leftist Possibly Anti Military. Employed Western Reserve College Cleveland Ohio Shaker Height Aka “The Monster of Shaker Heights” cleveladn Ohio.

      11. I am U.S. Army, all artillery (88-90, 90-96 and against after 9/11 03-05).

      12. All material are in the hands of Ohio Senators, Senator Sherrod Brown Ohio (asst Amber Moore phone 216-522-7272), Senator Rob Portman Ohio (asst kristy remey phone 614-469-6774), and Congressman Tim Ryan Ohio (asst matt vadas phone 1-800-856-4152

      13. Tim Ryan’s asst Matt Vadas forwarded all materials (2nd fully developed claim) by FAXd to VAs TONY MILIONS VA DIRECTOR CLEVELAND OHIO summer 2017,
      Happy New Year Disabled Veterans . Org. And thanx for your support!

      1. Sorry about the grammar about. Read it for the content.
        MYVA? MYVA in OHIO???
        I was also explained. By a disabled vet employee within the VA Ohio
        1. That Peter M. Barach Ohio NPI #1396773610 Ohio License No.3280 VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio Non Veteran (Draft Dodger 1970-1973),Possibly military deferment for mental health issues, Jewish, Liberal Democrat, Leftist. Possibly Anti Military, Employed Western Reserve College Cleveland Ohio. C and P Exam Hatchet Man, Forensic Fraud. VA Forensic Whore, the VAs Forensic Prostitute VA hiring this klown, over, and over, and over again! well how do you think that is going to turn out?

        2. My understanding. That I. Was also retaliated against by Peter M. Barach for the past. An injured vets and disabled former sodlier stated that retaliated targeting of va patients does happen at the VA.` I was told this by a disabled veteran employee within the VA Hospital, that Peter M. Barach was retaliating against me for contacting my Ohio representatives,
        1. Senator Sherrod Brown (d) Ohio Asst Amber Moore Phone#202-522-7272
        2. Senator Rob Portman (R) Ohio Asst Kristy Remey Phone #614-469-6774
        3. Congressman Tim Ryan (D) Ohio Asst Matt Vadas Phone #1-800-856-4152

        3. In addition. Peter M. Barach Jewish Non Veteran (Draft Dodger 1970-1973), possible deferment from military for mental illness, Democrat, Liberal Leftist, Anti Military, Employed Western Reserve College Cleveland Ohio. Who did a 20 page C and P hatchet job filled with lies. A 20 page false narrative. Where He harassed me, badgered me, and lied to me in an ohio bull shit C and P exam interview. Peter M. Barach “CHERRY PICKED” and “CHECKERED” the 20 page C and P Exam. He only used another Non Veteran Catholic Draft Dodger 1964-1973 Liberal Democrat. Private provider Lancaster Pennsylvania 6 to 7 months worth of private medical notes.

        4. Peter M. Barach Non Veteran Jewish Draft Dodger 1970-1973, Deferment from military for mental illness, leftist Liberal democrate highly possible Anti Military Ohio NPI #1396773610 Ohio License No.3280
        In the face of having almost 2 fully developed claims submitted by 3 private providers to the VA. A first fully developed claim submitted 2014-2015, and half or 3/4 of a second fully developed claim submitted 2017. We withheld “The Origin of Disease Report” and thus handed in to the DRO Judge May 2017.
        In face of all this, PETER M. BARACH only used another Draft Dodgers 1964-1973, Non Veteran Catholic Democrate Leftist Anti Military, Private providers 7 months worth of medical notes from Lancaster Pennsylvania. Non Veteran Draft Dodger to Non Veteran Draft Dodger “Cherry Picking”. Think about that?

        5. Peter M. Barach, then tried to cover up for these individuals:
        1. Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic, who state and said to me,
        Eric Canna stated these quotes. Of course his father never served either. “Delay to deny”, “Development to Deny” in the face of a 1st fully developed claim VA DBQ Form submitted 2014-1015. Just building notes these two were to deny me VA benefits.
        2. Pamela Sue Sherer Catholic Non Veteran Akron Ohio VA Outpatient Clinic Waterloo Road. Lied to the Senator(s) of Ohio, and lied to VA Medical Director SUSAN M. FURHER VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio (Asst Jeff McPeaks Phone #216-791-3800 Ex.4070). Complaints were filed with VA Patient Advocate/Employee Rep Patricia Brown Sales Phone #330-724-7715 ex.1169 VA Akron Ohio Outpatient Clinic Wterloo Road.
        But the complaints and fully developed claim (medical notes) just sat on her desk. So I forward everything to the senators and congress summer 2017. Which they forwarded these complaints to VA Director Susan M. Furher Wade Park Cleveland Ohio, and VA Director TONY MILIONS Cleveland Ohio.

        6. MYVA? MYVA in OHIO???
        I am an injured veteran
        I am a disabled former soldier
        I am NOT of the same religion
        I am NOT of the same political affiliation, or ideaology of being Anti Military
        I am a veteran. I am a third generation U.S. Army veteran. In my family all of the males had served, earned honorable discharges, and were taken into the military as A1s.
        I am NOT a draft dodger, or at least my family, they were NOT draft dodger. We are warrior family. My family did what our country requested of them during our nations time of need. They all served.

        7. MYVA? MYVA in OHIO??? It just seems odd to me.
        I still do NOT have my benefits.
        Thanx again. Disabled Veterans . org
        U.S. Army, all artillery (88-90, 90-96, and after 9/11 03-05).

      2. With number six and affiliations you hit the main issues with the VA and the grand USA right on the nail head. We are expected to support everything the mainstream does, or some activist does, or some religion may require us to bow and worship even though they openly want to destroy us for not assimilating in to some particular group, sect, and on it goes. We all need to realize we have been brain-washed from birth and throughout our lives, in many ways. We all need to stop supporting our enemies..which would be impossible in today’s culture.

        That said. Our pain clinic group at Indy were told that “all vets are criminals.” When I asked good ol’ Steve the counselor about this and not having a criminal record and no issues with pain meds or no problems with me personally as a VA patient, as with others there, we were told “they must save us from ourselves.” And, “if you have no criminal records now or criminal thoughts, you will, you all will.” Then the rambling from this idiot went on to tell us it’s the VA way or nothing, or to go hit a street corner and buy some crack or heroin for our pain issues. With all their orders, training, to what was being said to us…”came from the top.” Then the list began.

        Try to expose this crap among a ton of other corrupt issues just make things and attacks worse. All this includes how bad it is when threats and attacks follows veterans into the civilian health care game and stuck dealing with two very corrupt political parties, religions, special interest groups, etc. No hope in the Trumpster any longer and he has turned out to be more of the same crap we’ve had in this country for years. More war/conflicts, more wasted time, more nepotism, more support for foreigners and special groups than we vets, and on it goes.

      3. T. Well said. I read it twice.
        1. Federal employment (like the VA), and gov’t jobs and state jobs (Salary positions, union and tenure) to include where federal money and state money flows in and rolls in (To include community college position where individual with MA get tenure positions, college position of tenure, and salary university posititions of teaching) without being checked. These salary positions everywhere need to be gutted everywhere across our nation. Studies, and investigations need to be conducted based on equality, and sociological factors. The question needs to be asked, “WHO REALLY WORKS AT THESE SALARY JOBS (Being govt funded, or US govt or state jobs)?”

        2. Individuals need to be fired, terminated, and released from employment..

        3. There is nation wide social networking going on here, nation wide with federal employment, or any where federal or state money employes individuals. It is a mafia like system. A mafia like system of gaining employment, or a pedophila-like sub culture of employment. And this system is NOT favorable towards veterans and former soldiers of the majority of the nations religion. Vets and former soldiers are not represented, and treated by similarties. Nor those employed at the VA, are they the majority in this country!

        4. These gov’t positions like state agency, and govt institutions where employees get salaries and can not be fire, they need to be turned upside down and gutted. There are too many members of certain and of a particular religion employed at these Gov’t agencies, and state instutitions. Nobody want to say it. But it is NOT favorable for the base which Veterans and former soldiers that served are!
        They’re using these U.S. Govt application of employment to get around hiring numbers of a certain religion. Their buddies of the same religion are getting fellow religious members employment. These Applications: Where you dont have to fill out and disclose what ones religion is, and then they are all of that particular religion working at the federal employer (that is if you check their backgrounds out. WHat their mommy’s and daddy’s religions are. you will find out who is employed at the VA Hospital). There is a loop hole. And it is being exploited by non-veterans, and members of a particular religion in our country (which they are the minority in our nation, but yet the majority employed at the VA).

        5. And then an injured vets, and disabled former soldiers are being treated at the VA by what they are NOT, but yet the minority is the majority at the VA. Nobody wants to say it! And thus injured vets, and disabled former sodliers are NOT being treated by what they are. This leads to bias, harassment, VA patient blacklisting, VA patient mobbing of injured vets by VA employees, and thus VA discrimiantion of injured vets and disabled former soldiers.
        And that is illegal by Federal Law!!!

        6. The demographics are not equal at the VA, or those employed are NOT accurately representing the base population of vets and former sodliers.
        For example: The VA Hospital. It is top heavy with Non veteran employees. Top heavy in Non Veterans, and of those non veteran employees they are “of a certain religion”. those employed at the VA are other then the majority of those who served! The injured vets and disabled former soldiers are being treated by Non Veterans (those of a partifular religion) Liberals, letist, draft dodgers, and those who are Anti Military and simply cashing in on the VAs Money Hog.

        7. But again nobody wants to say it. Nobody has studied these stats, nor has analyzed the demographics of govt employment. Nobody has done a soiciological analysis on the govt employees (checked out what their mommy’s and daddy’s religions are or political affiliations), or VA employees, and what their religions are, political affiliations (such as draft dodgers or anti military attitudes), nor their veterans status.
        Then VA says, “WE HAVE NO POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS AFFILIATIONS!” Really. Really now???
        8. Now the VA is top heavy with these like-minded individuals, and this is leading to: bias against the vets, harassment of vets, discrimination of vets, and the denial of benefits and VA claims based on the injured vets, and disabled former soldiers, differences compared to the majority employed at the VA.

      4. For example: The religion “MARTIAN” Made up religion, huh?
        *Replace the religion “MARTIAN” with any religion or political affiliation you want in the U.S.A.
        1. So your family. They were all “MARTIANS”. Your daddy was “MARTIAN”, and raised “A MARTIAN”. Your mother was raised “A MARITIAN”.

        2. So you were raised “A MARTIAN” from little on up, and went to all “MARTIAN” private schools growing up. All the students were of the religion, “MARTIANS” You were raised “A MARTIAN”. You grew up “A MARTIAN”. Your friends were all of the religion “MARTIAN”. You then go to all “MARTIAN” colleges and universities. For the first 21to 25 years of your life, your norms, and values are well…”MARTIAN”…
        *Sounds a little like children, being raised in Nazi Germany during the third reich huh? Just little mind you…
        *Keep reading now about the MARTIAN religion…

        3. Then you fill out a U.S. Govt Application, and you say, “you are NOT MARTIAN”. Suddenly on the VA application you are “NOT A MARTIAN”. But everybody working at the VA has done the same thing. You know it!
        However, everybody employed at the VA has done this, so MARTIANS, that are saying they are “NOT MARTIANS”, are helping other MARTIANS, that are saying they are “NOT MARTIANS” on their VA Applications, get employment at the VA.
        Now the VA is top heavy with individuals who are of the religion “MARTIAN”, who are saying they are “NOT MARTIAN”. But in reality “MARTIAN”.

        4. Now you have a MARTIAN-LIKE MAFIA at the VA, almost like a PEDOPHILA-RING (A sub culutre of MARTIANS at the VA), that protect each other. They were socialize that way after all…
        Now injured veterans and disabled former soldiers, who are of the vast majority “EARTHLING” are being treated at the VA by “MARTIANS” or employees at the VA who social networked to gain employment at the VA, saying they are “NOT MARTIANS”.

        5. How do YOU think that is going to work out for the injured veterans and the disabled former soldiers, who are “EARTHLINGS”?
        Let me tell you. THE INJURED VET and the DISABLED FORMER SOLDIER, who are other (EARTHLING) are going to get totally FUCKED by MARTIANS VA EMPLOYEES, who are saying they are NOT MARTIAN EMPLOYEES…
        *Now go back and replace the religion “MARTIAN” with a particular religious group in the U.S.A. or political affiliation in the U.S.A.
        And that is who the majority is employed at the VA, and who the majority is employed at U.S. Govt state jobs and federal salary jobs all over the U.S.A.! Or any agency or institution where federal taxes money or state money coming rolling in almost limitless…

      5. Funny analogy ( I think is the word I am searching for) considering for years I greet people with a “greetings Earth people.” For years I feel like, and have been treated, like an alien or extraterresteral in my own land and on my own planet filled with lies, damned lies, life time full of propaganda, social engineering, brain-washing, half truths, revised history to appease the so-called victors of wars/conflicts, or to appease the multitude of malevolent activist to the corrupt shadow government/leaders. Cough cough. Like we are “free” when we are the farthest thing from it, and have no real “rights” to be protected from mob/mass/unions/corporate/establishment rule, or safety from not wanting to join some herd, community, that demands we all think, believe, lie, or be just exactly like them. Pick a “Martian” and if we don’t bow to their demands or beliefs we become the enemy and suffer the consequences. That includes daring to question their official narratives/reports/claims, historical accounts, their statistics, their curriculum, their harmful actions, their phony history books, whatever. Including the crap from the VA, Washington DC to the local yocals and corrupt.

        I don’t care for Beck much but this chart easily shows some connections and evil anti-American, anti-Veteran, anti real freedom groups and activist out there we deal with. Yes, unions. But compared to the selfish needs or wants of the likes of the opressive medical schools, med boards, AMA, big Pharma, AFGE to SEIU, their bread and butter (control over our lives), we are nothing, our lives, medical needs, and other needs (not mere wants)…. are nothing.


        Point is like we are trying to explain, when dealing with the VA, their unions and staff, visa staff, we step on many toes and piss off a multitude of people or groups. There are many out there that absolutely want no change over anything, including VA care. So any change would have to be like burning a candle at both ends, mega multi-faceted, top to bottom, full circle. Not going to happen. To bring it down to my level and easy understanding, minus a lot of other stuff, it goes something like this in Indiana:

      6. I start to question my care and constant change in PCPs at the local CBOC. I get frowned at and given the usual excuses or cover-ups. Or why with the Choice Card I am still driving hundreds of miles per month for stupid ten minute check-ups or VA con game. I put it more nicely to them. I get the same crap, it’s the VA way and we are contractors (Humana) for the VA and follow the rules and training.

        More stuff happens. Then I ask why files on the Secure Messenging system which is supposed to be secure has all been deleted including saved emails from MDs, nurses and Patient Advocates. Oh well call this woman at IT she is a fantastic team mate and good person, well trained.

        I call. Basically told not to question a highly educated, VA trained, woman. Yes that matter of factly. And could not give me one good reason for the deletion of private communications between me and others that are supposed to be confidential and private, and secure. Other than she has the power and position to do whatever she likes. Then all hell breaks loose after telling her this conversation is over and done with her activist styled comments and avoiding the primary issue which is also a felony. Supposed to be anyway.

        Go back to the CBOC and endure crazy out-bursts by some. More change in care, more new staff, more hassles. Told it was due to their “burn-out.” Then I start my new care at the Indy VA which turned out to be much worse than I was escaping from. Then more hell breaks loose. VA teams team up against me, etc. I get annonymous and blocked number calls from people saying I’m trying to get someone fired at the VA, etc. Then some people/staff at the VA is associated with other local unions like Plumbers, Laborors, muscians, teachers, female activist groups, to metro worker’s unions, SEIU, Eugene V. Debbs communist party, ANTIFA and supporting veterans, BLM, to the veteran hating college kiddy activist millenials, various supposedly do-gooder religious people, local Catholick college, etc, to spread like wildfire. Even calls from the local Federal Prison?!! Talk about some evil, deep-seated, community supported, bullying and attacking. But proud to have so many scum sucking evil, anti-American, Satan worshiping, tyrannical, Draconian, enemies. I guess I can be judged at the pearly gates by the enemeis I have had in life.

        Then my info, health problems and issues are apparently gossiped to those in the local poltical scene, city/officials councils to left wing media censors/activist, to local health care people… that all start calling, threats, and harassments. Including the ones from the Indy VA over more incompetence, abuse, retraliation, and intentional chasing off from their so-called care complete with the threats. Which all increases with my communications or attemtps to get info and file complaints with the state’s med boards, attorney general, vet groups, to the corrupt polticians, etc. Then obviously all followed through and treated the same way, ignored, or harassed by civilian health care people and others who must be joined at the hip with the VA, medical schools, med boards, we were threatened with. And so it goes on and not one person in any position or power office cares including the lying Trumpster people are falling for. That I again voted for due to the lesser of two evils.

      7. How many other people get harassing phone calls from a major
        hospital with their administration fully aware of it happening and not one person is fired and they refuse to contact me back with any information or who these callers are married to or associated with or to what group. Interesting isn’t it? Life in a one party far left Democrat ruled corrupt college town. Period. I guess all this is what our “progressive,” socialist, Democratic, Neocon, “liberal” leaders and groups want and attained. So much for a community and what the happy globalist village is all about. Tyranny to fascism, Draconian health care and slow killings or genocide.

        Some issues are with VA staff with Pakistani DNA (among others), along with others with specific DNA or ancestral lineage. I start getting calls with local area codes and from both coasts, from those with similar phony names or sounding like someone from some foreign nation accent just to add insult, more threats, to injury. Typical activist tactics used against their perceived enemy. Is the person or veteran the true victim here? No, the cliques, the poltical parties, the activist, the VA staff to their families and activist buddies are the ones claiming victim status and going on the attack. Not me, for others, or my issues.

        On top of all that… stuff, are the ones, the billionaires, the public relations firms, Marketers, scammers, shysters, Chambers of Commerce, et al, that don’t want any negatives spoken or reported in their states or communities, regardless of the harm done or deaths. Veteran or not doesn’t matter to those freaks promoting “progress” or community building. Total facade. That seems to only serve the profits of the elite and connected. Examples follow:
        Indy. Lucas of Lucas Oil Stadium. Big fan of local big Pharma etc.
        Knucklebergs – whatever.

        All the various Semite mafias or groups, plus all the rest combined. What a crew! One hell-u-vah list of enemies to have with plenty of psychopaths or sociopaths in each group or fan club, or family. And many more we will never know the names of that are so high society, country clubbers, behind closed door meeting types born above us peons and serfs. Oh don’t tarnish their town, their race tracks, their sports arena community, don’t speak about crime or corruption in our perfect state and happy global village college towns. Oh yes, it’s all perfect…. at the top or connected.

        Free? We are not “free” and have zero representation locally or in DC. No media, no contacting other locals, no vet group support, no nothing but grief and dealing with the agents and activist of doom. I think now I know a bit how those living from the USS Liberty feels. Feeling of being ignored, dismissed, threatened, hated by some, being dismissed by vet groups, lied about, no mainstream media coverage, etc. Yep, kinda like that.

      8. Sorry. Long saved up New years rant trying to cover a lot. Oh well.
        Happy same ol’ yearly stuff to come.

        Hmmm I know I forgot and left out much of it. Did I mention getting threatening and harassing phone calls from local clinics, hospital and Federal Prison? Gee aren’t those mighty corrupt Democrats well connected or not. Animal rights activist, anti-fur and non-meat eating activist, hair dressers too, oh my. Not in America anymore ToTo.

    3. va death care wants dead vets bigger bonous $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ va budget for 2018 is 186 billion $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4 va dc sewage rats are dogs in heat for the $$$$$$$$$$$$ so they will l\\kill the vets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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