Veterans Affairs To Build New National Archives

Dayton VA National Archives

Benjamin KrauseVeterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald just announced plans to build an agency national archives located within two historic buildings in Dayton, Ohio.

The archives will be located in two historic buildings that were formerly the national headquarters for the Veterans Health Administration that originated during the Civil War. The construction renovation will build in the new national archives within existing structures that are presently vacant.


The cost for the renovation of the vacant buildings is estimated to be $20 million and will require private and public funds. So by applying current VA construction trends, the project will cost $40 million.

The announcement was made to the Dayton Development Coalition trip to Washington. The notion of moving the archives to the location was first floated last year when McDonald mentioned the possible move, but warned local business leaders that private investment would be needed to complete the project.

For two centuries, military records have been stored at the National Archives. Currently, those archives related to the Department of Veterans Affairs are fragmented and lack from poor organizational and structural. The changes purportedly will improve storage, organization and access to the records.

One way or the other, at least it will be easier and cheaper to access the records for researchers given that costs to travel and lodge in Dayton are significantly cheaper. However, it is interesting that our federal government would allow decentralization of federal documents in this manner.


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  1. If the Aurora Killer, Charles Manson, or Hasan were to die while begging a prison hospital for help, everyone involved would be fired, arrested, charged, and sued.
    Countless disabled veterans die the same way, and the VA is given immunity and it’s own police to enforce it.
    I guess it’s not fair to compare the VA to a prison hospital. A prison hospital would never have refused to fire an employee charged with helping suicidal inmates, and mocking them in clever photos of hanged Christmas tree ornaments like Robin Paul.
    No prison, cop, no judge, and no jury in the land would tolerate that kind of behavior towards violent, child-killing felons.
    How can veterans get the same care and legal protection as thrill-kill psychopaths who shoot kids in the face, murder-cult leaders, and the terrorists who crippled them in the first place, after gunning down our unarmed, pregnant soldiers on our own Army base?
    Someone better answer that question before the veterans do. With 22 veterans killing themselves per day, how long do you think it will take to realize there’s no consequences for painting the world red on the way out–and if they are caught before killing themselves, they’ll actually get better medical care in prison anyway. That’s an awful lot of bodies.
    They’re already pouring gasoline on themselves and setting themselves on fire outside VA clinics. Good luck finding it in the news though–I’ve seen only 2 sources in the last week, and I had to dig for them.
    You’d think veterans self-immolating would make the headlines somehow. I guarantee you if it was the Aurora Killer, we’d never hear the end of it.

  2. The real reason your records are being archived…

    They are rennovating old buildings because they are running out of storage space for your medical/research records. Just like the Legion Magazine stated veterans are dying so fast, they are running out of cementery space to bury them.

    As per my previous post, the real reason your records are being archived is because you are a guienna pig / laboratory rat and you are being STUDIED.

    They are running out of room for all these veteran medical records/reserarch records and are even hiring civilian companies to manage the vast amount of data being taken from your misery, injuries, illnesses and disease.

    In order to study a disease you must let it run its course. That’s why only your symptoms are being addressed by the VA.

    If you have a cough, you get cough syrup for it. Never mind that it could be pneumonia or congestive heart failure, because your VA doctor will treat ywait and see what happens. That’s research. You have to let it run its course so you can document your findings.

    If your head hurts, they won’t look for the cause because they want to study it and let it run its course to see what happens. They throw pain medicine at you to shut you up and then sit back and wait for whatever disease they suspect and see if they are correct. Then when the disease happens, again, they will throw medicine at you to treat the symptoms, not the disease. Wake up veterans.

    YOU ARE A LABORATORY RAT.. and that’s all you are to them. DATA for their research, so they can find cures and use them on themselves and rich people, but not you. You may or may not be chosen to be offered an EXPERIMENTAL drug or treatment in various stages of the disease. This is also research.

    Some will get the experimental drug or treatment in early stages of the disease to test what the new drug or treatment will do.

    Some will get the experimental drug or treatment in mid stages of the disease to test what the new drug or treatment will do.

    Some will get the experiemtnal drug or treatment in late stages of the disease to test what the new drug or treatment will do.

    Some will get a placebo and be told it is the experimental drug or treatment. This is the control group. The disease will run its course without any medical intervention.

    THIS IS HOW RESEARCH IS DONE….. I took statistics in college. This is how they gather their data.

    Next time you read a medical paper on a disease or treatment, look for the data which states how they came to their conclusion and you will see the statistics and data which represents the pain and suffering of veterans who were chosen to be a part of this human experiment.

    Sandy Hale

    1. Is this going to be another Saint Louis set up, place as many records into one building and an accident happens and a fire starts and thousands of veterans will be told, Your disability claim had been denied due to the Fire and those veterans will not stand a chance in Hell to obtain their deserved Disability.

      What better way to keep the money out of veterans hands and in the Employees hands and they tell veterans sorry you cant be treated because you don’t have a service connected disability, I am Service connected for my disability oh yea show me your records where the Regional office Authorized your claim.

      This happened in Saint Louis in the early 70’s and veterans who were discharged after the fire, still were told their Military records were destroyed and there is no way that could have happened. The money trail leads to Higher VA management and their Regulations or interpretation of those Regulations. Not Law, but their spin on what they think it means and it seems to always be their way to twist the real meaning.

      McDonald, if he’s not real careful, his Managers will stray him from his mission and tell him what to do ! I think they have already done this or are not providing him with information he needs. If they receive a complaint one of his staff gets a hold of it and does not show him and will take it upon themselves to give the veterans the run around.

      One of his staff Stephanie, has done this in my case and told me the Employee who falsely accused me of Disruptive Behavior does not work for the VA anymore ? when that person is alive and well able to hurt other veteran a manager at the La Junta CBOC.

      When Stephanie was told this and was told that the Denver VAMC lied to her about this employee not working for the VA. Stephanie Stopped all communication with me ! Now does that seem like his office cares about veterans that have been harmed.

      NOT TO ME ! They don’t care about me or you !

  3. I should add that I think that’s a really cool building architecturally, but I cannot help but think it looks also very much what my mind envisions when I think of an old haunted VA insane asylum.
    Seems that computer hard drives would be more efficient in many ways and serve Vets and Survivors at same time. Whomever thought of this idea should go back to peddling toothpaste.

    1. I envision a group of busy body women into preserving old buildings running around finding these places that must be restored in their minds, and they will do anything to make it happen…no matter the cost to the public.

      It’s just a co-inky-dink if some friend benefits from their “preservation”.

      Madison, WI is something like that with Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings. Its like a cult around there where someone discovers he may have designed a porch or doorway entry, they all freak out and immediately start planning how they can preserve it, no matter the cost or who owns the property.

      They never quite explain why, if he was such a great architect, that his work cannot be immediately recognizable and already preserved.

    2. @namnibor & 91Veteran,
      I too wonder “WHO” is going to benefit from this new/old money pit!?
      I grew up below the Dayton area (Butler County). There’s lots of crooks up there. Born in Kentucky, raised in Ohio, (until I was 17 & joined the Army), left and never returned. I’m 69 now.

      1. It just tells me to look around a bit more because this very well could be one of those election year smokescreens and when you look at yesterday and today’s Stars and Stripes, you see what the VA is hoping the Voters will not. Look to Leavenworth VAMC, KS. and know what am talking about as but one. The other is over 100 active VA OIG Wait Time Manipulation Scandal Investigations across the States and seems Arizona was only the tip of said iceberg….

        It’s sad to think this way but it almost never fails whenever the VA pulls something shiny out of Mickey’s Hat, there’s usually a stench that’s attempted to be not smelled nor seen from the provided smokescreen. Tactics any soldier of any Branch knows and VA does it horribly.

  4. Seems like a pay-off to someone.

    Will the project balloon to $120 million in a few years like other VA construction?

    Does it come with its own record burning/flooding/shredding annex?

    Finally, how much will the art work and glass entrance atrium cost?

    …yet a veteran burned himself alive because he couldn’t get care…

  5. I hope they Fireproof these 2 buildings because years ago the main Archive on Page Ave. in ST.Louis,MO. Burnt and part of my records were lost in the fire.
    But we are talking about the VA Here !!!

  6. A news article out yesterday on late night Fox, channel 35, local station.

    “Vandals Smash Pillar at Veterans Park in Florida”
    Apr. 12, 2016

    (Took them long enough to report it.)
    It happened in Gainesville, Fl. sometime late saturday night or early sunday.
    This reminds me of lots of videos, on Utube, I’ve watched over the past year or so.
    What angers me the most is, WHO would destroy that which gives American Citizens the freedoms they receive?
    The “Vandals” in this atrocious act will probably NEVER be caught. Because, that “…part of the park doesn’t have security cameras!”

  7. “…will require private and public funds.” We all know what that means!?
    How much tax monies will be needed? Which ‘VA program’ will be gutted? Which VSOorg will contribute? How many veterans will contribute? How many civilians will contribute?

    Questions which need answers! Answers which we will never hear!!!

  8. All well intentions, *but* would it not make sense for the VA to get their act together as far as our own records, their omissions/additions, and even refusal to acquire said Veteran Records because either a “fire” or “flood” or claim that DoD claims to never stationed a given Vet where claimed as what’s happening with some Central America Spec. Ops coming back slowly to bite and what about all the still in contention Vietnam War Agent Orange, and also Gulf War Illness Veterans?
    I ask because is this a way of the VA plastering records together and henceforth, what’s there is now solid as stone as fact to VA, and if so, will Vet’s have to jump even more hoops to correct, let alone acquire records?
    This “centralization” was attempted with the VA and DOD as far as electronic medical and service records all on same page…THAT failed.
    Hate to appear the eternal critic here but would it make more sense to fix the VA’s own existing problems rather doing as the VA does very well, and that’s creating more future expensive problems also needing bandaid fixes or never?

    Anyone else think the VA is misplacing focus on problems at hand? It would have been more appealing if the VA had stated that through establishing this repository at very same time doing electronic records system that works with DOD?
    Will we down the road hear the VA coming with open hat in hand to Congress for more Million$ because the VA needs to convert old microfish to paper…then again paper to electronic? I guess am asking if anyone sees this as yet another inopportune money-grab scenario while ignoring the 5 foot grass in one’s own front yard needing tidying-up?
    Rant out. Now get off my lawn! 🙂

    1. Kinda what I’m wondering. Who owns land around those buildings? Who, privately can benefit from this? Why is McDonald demanding private funding for a federal function unless there is private gain from this?
      With over $22 billion going into IT and every record being digitized, why the need for fancy storage space instead of computer hard drive space?

      1. Or…that particular building may lay on a major fault line near where active fracking is going on, which is all over Ohio. This will be the Great Lakes VA Black Hole $ Pit. 🙂

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