Toby Mathew

Louisiana Overton Brooks VAMC Director Removed

Toby Mathew

The director of Overton Brooks VAMC in Shreveport, LA was removed from duty pending an investigation into wrongdoing.

Last night, Officials from South Central Veterans Affairs Health Care Network confirmed former director Toby Mathew was removed form his position. The agency provided no input as to the reason for the sudden move.

This is the second major move and investigation against director of a VA medical center since President Donald Trump took office two weeks ago. The move apparently came at the behest of local officials seeking support from VA senior leadership.

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Overton Brooks Toby Mathew Removal Statement

According to a VA statement:

“There is nothing more important to VA than caring for the nation’s Veterans. That care includes protecting courageous employees who expose wrongdoing, investigating allegations of wrongdoing, and taking appropriate disciplinary action when an employee’s actions run counter to our expectations. In keeping with federal law, we promptly and thoroughly investigate all allegations of serious misconduct and, where such allegations are substantiated, observe all due process while we discharge our solemn duty to maintain the efficient and effective operation of the VA.

“Upon receiving allegations of wrongdoing against the Overton Brooks VAMC Medical Center Director, and other senior leaders, the allegations were referred to VA’s Office of Accountability Review (OAR) for investigation as required by VA policy. Effective February 1, the Medical Center Director has been temporarily detailed to the VISN 16 office in Ridgeland, MS., where he will be working in non-supervisory capacity while OAR completes its investigation. Once completed, the evidence will be examined by the appropriate management officials delegated with the duty to take appropriate corrective action.”


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  1. I am wondering when the head of the VA hospital in Fayetteville North Carolina is going to be fired. We do not have an ER at the Fayetteville hospital, its taking months just to get appointments scheduled. My last one sat in limbo for over a month before being scheduled so by the time I go to my appointment it looks as though I’ve only been waiting 20 days. I wanted something earlier but was told the 20th of April was the earliest. We still do not have emergency care after hours and on weekends and we take our changes when going to the local ER whether or not the VA will pay for the visit. There is more problems than this, it will take to long.

    1. @Ex va: Yes right between the two, we do our shopping at one or the other, only shopping in town is not so good.

    2. @Ex va: LOL, I can’t think of any good reason why anyone would camp in Crystal Lake. Am I missing something ?

  2. @Ex va: I don’t know if there is any monetary benefit? For me it is seeking justice. If there is a monetary benefit to all this, I won’t be around to enjoy it.

  3. @ ANutterVet, @cj, are you waiting on any monetary benefits? If i get some i think i am going to do it. Just pack up take the dogs. Just go to were the weather isn’t so messed up

    1. @Ex va – got some things to clear up, and because of my anger of flashbacking of being screwed over, I messed up. have to refile. and at the same time trying to get my health in order. which, after I wait a few days or when doing my next blood labs, I may have some things to share on the blog. I didn’t bring it up, but I may have to challenge something, I don’t mean to keep you in suspense, but I don’t want others involved unless I hit a brick wall. i’ll keep you up 2 date. I don’t know, but I may hear something this week. They are doing further testing on my lab work. I may have found a loophole, but not sure. I test for openings all of the time. it use to drive my wife nuts, but no she understands and is on the bandwagon.

      1. @ANutterVet: That is the way you NEED to be. Those bastards at the va………well, lets just say……..we all know how they are.

      2. @cj – I was in the final stages of throwing out the C&P examiner. Got busted, and was escorted out of the VA. that’s another reason my wife goes, to watch them then to watch me because of their BS. it doesn’t get nice. Fuck their Disruptive Behavior List, I have something else that i’m working on as well. I’ll give more info If I have to use it. its up to these dumb asses.

        Hey my Brothers, its 3am. my eye lids are in my way. i’m ranting out, but will check for other posts and answer before going off line. didn’t think it was this late. time flies. cj & Ex va have a good night. continue later in evening tomorrow.

      3. @ ANutterVet, i have to get bloodwork this week too. I hate it always something. I am glad you are on top with it and you know medicine. I have to get copies of records and then i can file another claim.

      4. @Ex va – yeah, file then the waiting game to get your all of your records. We’ll talk more about records tomorrow night. cj, you might be a good asset with this issue. I’ll discuss tomorrow. One eyelid lower than the other, I look all wrecked up. Good night, Rant out. Peace by the side.

      5. @ANutterVet, they are jerkoffs, can’t see much benefit with them. They are incompete, abusive and lack common sense with healthcare. I am going to fight them because they have hurt and violated my civil rights and other.

      6. @cj, that is what i am afraid of is they would cause me problems because i caused them problems. I reported on them so i think they would be trying to do things on me.

    1. @Ex va: That sounds like great adventure, so many things to see right here in the usa. So many beautiful states, Illinois not being one of them lol. but out west? Very cool, I hope all goes well and you get to do all that.

      1. No disrespect to anyone from Illinois, but, you know damn well that the only thing to do here is on a calm quite night, you can hear corn grow. This is one fucked up state. No wonder there are so many snowflakes,,,,,,,,,,,even in summer.

      2. @ cj, ROFL!!!!!!! Yes this state is most of a disaster, the agriculture is nice and people are too. Now chicago that is something all together different. I live towards the bottom of state.

  4. @ ANutterVet, @ cj, been thinking about getting an RV and sell everything and travel the country for a few years.

    1. @Ex va: See ANutterVet………………..he is already spending it on a Winnebago. Remember what they say about getting a fat woman drunk? it’s like driving a Winnebago with no brakes. NO disrespect to anyone here, it was not my joke.

    2. @Ex va @cj – My wife has been wanting to do that for years. Even a lot of people ship over or buy a used one in Hawaii and make arrangements with land owners, gas station owners to keep their RV on. My aunts did that when they first moved to the islands. So I had 2 aunts, 3 cousins, my dads mom, my mom, and my family. we all relocated to the islands. good flashbacks again.

      1. @Ex va – most passed on. but I have good friend that live on the Big Island. Which is the most diverse island in the chain in the archipelago [chain of islands, like the ones that extend of the coast of Alaska]

        You can live of the land and ocean too. People treat you differently.

      2. @Ex va @cj – You bet your pain level will go down. that’s why I want to go back. plus depending where you live, less humidity, they have geothermal heated pools that you can sit in, temp doesn’t go below 68 unless you live in the mountains. that’s why many people move to AZ, but that state is way too strict on weed

  5. @ANuttervet.@ cj, it is suppose to be legal in Illinois to buy what you want with a doctors script.

    1. @cj , @Ex va – Here he is, he awoke from the deep. Ex va, how you doing tonight [this morning] Brother. Same in many other states in the mid East coast. Now AZ and IN states that’s another thing.

      1. @Ex va: Hey Ex va, was wondering when you would get back from that scuba diving trip. Was begging to think you found blue beards long lost treasure, and was out spending your new found wealth.

      2. @cj, i wish, LOL!! If i found my pot of gold we would be buying rv’s and driving all over the place.

  6. @ANutterVet: I tell you, I watch some of the posters here, I am amazed at how smart they all are, you included. I feel like I am totally out of my league here. I mean I know exactly what everyone is talking about. Just not able to put together a coherent sentence anyone would care to read. It’s fucked when you don’t know if you already said something, or you only thought you did, and there it is……….my mind just went blank.

    1. @ANutterVet: look into xbmc(kodi) it is free, you download it, set it up as per the instructions, there are even youtube videos showing you how. You can stream all the movies you want…….FREEE. I have been using it for years, it’s fantasic.

      1. @cj – I already have it saved in my favorites folder for the near future. I saved it when you mentioned it last night. I try not to miss anything when others post.

    2. @cj – no worries bruddah, your doing the best you can. we all know your handicapped, that’s why we let you slide. Na only joking man. your doing fine. I think the same way sometimes, but when people really get to know you, care about you, they will understand. I hope they look beyond my mistakes. but then again, if they don’t well, too bad. don’t loose no sleep over it. too much shit running through your head. I mean it truly a good thing to evaluate yourself, but don’t dwell on things. as far as i’m concerned, your doing fine. a little slippage here and there, but I get that too. Hey, remember, its not our fault, its the VA’s. Every one blames others when they shouldn’t, but for us, we can blame some one, and that’s, now say it, “the frigging VA.”

  7. @ANutterVet: Where is Ex va? I was sure he would be up still. I hope he is getting some much needed rest.

    1. @cj – I don’t know. I hope his pain isn’t acting up again. I think his med condition may be a little worse than mine. because of the amount of pain he is constantly in, I hope that he gets as much days as possible being without pain or manageable pain. same with you. to me, its a dam bitch, I have to arrange my dam life around this shit. wouldn’t wish this on my ex wife, oh well, may be a little, only joking that’s not me. oh, yes it is. listen to me you dumb shit, it is not you. that the other thing, I get tired of the inner fighting within myself. eve experience that?

      I wish I had a fatty, i’d burn it right now. especially if it was a good mellow buzz with no paranoia. Dam VA needs to get with it on the herb issue.

      1. @ANutterVet: Yes the internal fighting………all the damn time. People do not understand, what you talked about having to rearrange your life around the injury. They do not understand, the anxiety that comes with taking a long trip many hours long, when you know you will be in the middle of fucking farm country, and a high possibility of having heart failure, and no fucking hospital in sight. That is why now days? I just don’t give a damn anymore. I will not let this shit ruin what little life I have left. I am planning several trips for this year, one to visit my mother in law, in Minnesota, one to see my only living aunt, in the colonies Texas, and another to do some serious shooting. The only problem I have is finding someone I can trust to take care of my pups.

      2. @cj – my family is so ignorant, that they have nothing to do with me because of these issues. I tried to explain and all they do is balk at me. so I say to them all the time, “go fuck off.”

      3. @ cj, how old are your dogs? I live in southern illinois I watch my daughters dog , i don’t charge bring dog food.

      4. @Ex va:My pit bull is about 9 years old, and my Dogo is about 4 or 5. It is a long way from northern to southern Ill-inois

      1. @ANutterVet: In my best Johnny Carson voice: I do not know. I think I heard it was on it’s way, just not sure if it has arrived or not.

      2. @Ex va, @AnutterVet: See? I am getting daffy, Ex va asked:
        Ex va February 6, 2017 at 2:13 am

        @ cj, is it legal to grow your our marijuana in your state??
        and I answered:
        cj February 6, 2017 at 2:21 am

        @ANutterVet: In my best Johnny Carson voice: I do not know. I think I heard it was on it’s way, just not sure if it has arrived or not.

        Don’t know what the hell I am doing!!!!

      3. @cj @Ex va – and i’m so bad off I didn’t even catch it. it didn’t register. your ok, its me.

      1. @ANutterVet: Lmao, I can’t find your last comment if my life depended on it….. here we go again……………. We need to start another thread, so us children can find it easier.

      2. @cj – wait, I wonder what people are going to think when they read our posts. ex-druggies or ex-hippies? pick one pls.

      3. @ANutterVet: yeah bro, I am ok, just a lil heart broken after my last post. Your comment was well placed and snapped my out of it……………..where the fuck am I gonna get fresh baked bread on a ship? LMAOOOOOOOOO. Your right, the V.A.’s tentacle are everywhere.

      4. @cj – when i’m not in pain and i’m thinking clearly, you notice, like I do in you, that I always try to put out the humor. it helps me to get a laugh, calm down, and forget the dam things that I need to kick out of my head [the stupid ill feelings that is]. know what I mean? you’re quite welcome for the joking.

      5. @ANutterVet: I sure do know what you mean. Once again, your on point about using humor to block out the pain. Right now I am in kind of a fog, combination of meds, sorrow, and reminiscing. It will take an hour or so till my head gets right. Remember cool hand luke? “You got your mind right..Luke?”

      6. @cj – Bens page started to act up for some reason. a lot of the blue that is on the left and right side of the page started to fill in on the top and bottom. I’m going to post this to see what happens. And yes, cool hand luke. I want to get our streaming device Rulu some time later this week. we’ll have a little more in the budget since my wife got her student loans waivered due to her work experience in the investigative services of the courts.

      7. @ AnutterVet, @ cj, when i am in pain my brain does not work. Can’t remember how to do laundry of cooking basic stuff. It makes me angry the pain causes me confusion. Is it legal to grow your own weed?

      8. @Ex va – you have to check with your state laws. some only allow you to buy w/ med card others will let you buy and grow. I think Hawaii does both. they’re not strict with the amount they allow. it is well enough. I get updates all the time. find out and i’ll share some links for you tomorrow or when we both are feeling good. little late tonight. I have an extensive library in my favorites.

  8. @ANutterVet: Back then I my ride was a 67 goat. with a cady 500 cu in with oversized valves, and holley 850 double pumper. hahahaha glorious days.

    1. @cj – You had the same problem that I did. Hey, can you take me to so and so. Yeah, got money for gas?

      1. @ANutterVet: Don’t you know it and how. But back then, a little bit of money went a looooooooooooong way. Not like today.

      2. @ANutterVet: A bag of Jamaican Red only 15 bucks, and you could hear shit that wasn’t even there???????????? No designer shit like they have today.

      3. @cj – Didn’t they call that a lid for $15? I would run across Panama Red a lot. Mex [dirt weed] was always abundant. Columbia Gold was usually around a lot too. Hawaiian would come around infrequently. I use to get $10-15 gr. [when u squeezed it, smelt like pine, sticky stuff]. We called it 2 hit wonder. It would bang your lungs hard. Testicles would come up to abdomen. Remember the type that you couldn’t stop coughing?

      4. @cj – then there was the kind that was laced with opium. Numb you out. A head nodder. My friends keep telling me to come back home. They’ve got strains with no seeds. Sensamealian [spelling]. I use to smoke pieces of buds walking to class when I was in college. Sorry, I had many episodes of flashbacking, and didn’t understand. Yes, the County Police were called, but back then, they even sold and smoked. Had to support their families.

      5. @ANutterVet: So true, the counties would stop you, find the shit, make you pour it out of the bag, and stomp on it, or, take it for themselves, and tell you f off and not be seen around here again. Now days they take your damn house? WTF. I am glad that it will be legalized. Too many good peeps siting in lockup for no good f ing reasong. Let THEM OUT AND MAKE ROOM FOR THE RAPISTS AND CHILD MOLESTERS.

      6. @CJ – lets not forget about the VA corruptors. put ’em all in together.

        Hey, got to admit it, tonight was a fantastic game. reminded me of a good come back college game.

      7. @ANuitterVet: The chemicals back then? Man I miss those days. my absolute favorite chemical was MDA………………………I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee that shitttttttttt…

      8. @cj – I probably know what it is, I forgot what is MDA? Dam opiates my friend, I hate them because I have to take them all the time, and the VA uses them against you. F king pricks.

      9. @ANutterVet: Ohhhh I forgot about Panama Red………..Yes Hawaiian very rarely, then Thai sticks started showing up. Ludes, Placidose=greenie meenies lol, and boy where they ever. lol

      10. @cj – yeah, t-stick wrapped with cotton on a bamboo stick. My absolute party chem is Ludes !! I would buy up as many as I could. White tall ones, and the orange ones. forgot milligram sizes. Then I use to get this black hash called something like, Nepolese Temple or Monkey Balls. Laced with opium. That was a one hit wonder. Half a hit and your nads are hurting from coughing. I’m getting ripped talking about it. Memory lane. And you know, we weren’t out destroying property or anything. just getting stoned and meeting people. all night long that is.

      11. @ANutterVet: MDA was a powder you put in your beer and drink it. I was a colorful drug, made the ladies very horny. You were in complete control of your faculties, but your inhibitions were removed. No trouble, no drama, just people havin at it. The ladies really loved MDA , as much as the guys did. nowadays it has morphed into something unidentifiable to its original form. I am sorry, the memory thing, I can’t remember what the morphed Mda is called today, BUT it is nowhere near the original.

      12. @cj – sounds like date rape or ectasy [spelling = sp]. I don’t trust anyone today. if I had glassware [$$$$] I most likely could do a lot of things. its all online. that’s the other thing. it is so easy nowadays, people are setting up 12-24 hr labs. Set up, extract up, clean up, and move on up [Jeffersons] until they got popped. getting ready to take the last clonz.

      13. @ANutterVet: Corecto mundo, We just partied, we never destoyed shit, people got along just fine, for the most part, there were always the fucking gangbangers, nothing but trouble from them. Get all butthurt over nothing and end up stabbing some kid, or shooting.. absolute madness. But back then people new what loss of life meant. Today they could care less if someone was killed. I am sorry if I am starting to not make sence, my meds are starting to kik in, eating a hole in my system while they at it.

      14. @cj – yeah, its crazy, no thought for life today. they fear nothing nowadays. that’s why I carry some sort of metal all the time, and in many places. have hidden in all areas in different rooms. only the one in the bathroom is to dig out the dried up poo that is sticking out my anus. Dam opiates. LOL, LO soreness. sometimes when it slips. I stab myself, then there’s a lot blood. LOL

        when I was first transferred to an aircraft carrier, I got all bound up and constipated. sick bay personnel gave me a tongue depressor to dig it out. then told me to eat fresh baked bread. where the hell was I going to get fresh baked bread on a ship with about 5k men? The VA has its extensions into active service as well.

      15. @ANutterVet: yeah bro, I am ok, just a lil heart broken after my last post. Your comment was well placed and snapped my out of it……………..where the fuck am I gonna get fresh baked bread on a ship? LMAOOOOOOOOO. Your right, the V.A.’s tentacle are everywhere.

      16. @cj – I remember. we called it meth. there was a very strong form, in which you may be referring too, it was called match head. because that is all that you needed and it would last for more than 10-12 hrs. depending on the person. think about the shit ice that has been around for a while. that stuff is dangerous. it came from somewhere in asia. hit Hawaii and these people were shooting at the police in Honolulu. makes you old fast too.

      17. @ANutterVet: Yessssssssssss………….MDA, has morphed into exstacy…………NOT THE SAME DAMN THING AT ALL. Back then we didn’t put it into peoples drinks, the ladies actually had their own. We all knew each other, and watched out for one another. I remember times when one of us would go on a bad trip, they never had to worry cause we had their back…………..ALWAYS……without question. Even the girls. Hell we all grew up together. One by one they are all disapearing into the wild blue yonder, I miss them dearly. Crazy shit use to happen out of the blue too. One of my best friends had a party, we were standing in the kitchen laughing, talking, you know typical partying. So my buddy John says “heyyy I didn’t show you my new toy” he comes back with a nice 45acp, and starts messing around with it. I asked him if he made shure it was cleared. He looked at me, and he was only no more than 5 feet away, and says “of course it is clear” and before I could say another word, he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger, I had pieces of his fucking skull on my face. I loved that guy. John Bennidetto, my brother, you are missed. i don’t think I ever recovered fully from that night.

      18. @cj – dam cj, I’m sorry about your friend. its hard enough to loose a good friend, but that way. I don’t know how I could handle that myself. and i thought it was bad because of a very good friend who had my back in Hawaii. he passed from the c word. i was pissed for a long time. he was the only local island friend that i could really talk too. Sidney Swann. he had 2 kids that i loved dearly and they loved their uncle. his wife use to sit on the steps almost every night while the moon was bright, with tradewinds blowing, and his wife and my mom would talk for hours. i can actually say i loved that dude. he was a true friend. and, oh my could he fight. he loved kicking the Hawaiians ass. they were really afraid of Sid. he use to be a narc and the state of Hawaii would transfer him from one island to the other. we still party hard though. always backed me up no matter what. really man, sorry about your good friend, hold unto the good memories of him.

      19. @ANutterVet: I think today, that is what bothers me most,,,,,,,,,Memories, it seems it is all there is anymore. Some of this I have talked about, but there is so much more I will never say another word about. Turns out I have suppressed a lot of things, and along with the damage a TBI has caused. Slowly I am remembering stuff, and I sometimes wonder if that is even a good idea. I too am sorry for you loss, nobody, or nothing, can ever fill the void left by such good friends.

      20. @cj – I know exactly how you feel. and I will leave that up to you in expressing what you want. the hard thing about today is that it is hard to find some one that will truly stand not only for you, but for your love ones as well. this is what was so special between Sidney and I. We watched over each other wife’s like they were our own, in a good way for protection against stupid assholes who would always test out how women were faithful to their men. My wife knows, that I will kill any mother fucker that pulls that shit on her. I’ve approached the assholes in stores, friends of family members that didn’t know me. it sets me off fast.

        I honor my friendships. they mean a lot to me, and I take the bromancing serious. hard to find that nowadays with all the greed, selfishness, and all for me attitudes that’s prevalent today.

  9. @ANutterVet: screw that link to armsworth……………. “” This one does not cutout. What the fuck is with people that post songs and cut half the fucking music out? I wish I could slit their fucking throats.

    1. @cj – Then I say, you don’t remember me, ok, listen to this [who I use to be, but warning I get flashbacks] “

      My favorite group. Seen them many time when stationed in Mayport, FL. They were out of Jacksonville. Wooo, got me going now!

      1. @ANutterVet: Skynyrd!!!!! Always funny watching a live band, and some idot always yells out “FRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEBIRRRRRRRRRRD” hahahahaha Even if the damn band is jamming the blues.

      2. @cj – Yeah, I know. I use to sing at weddings; Free Bird and Simple Man. Then the drunkards and heavy stoners would come up on stage, and we all we sing together. Those were the days man. Take me back, but with out all the problems.

      3. @ANutterVet: Semi way back maching “” All about the fast cars.

      4. @cj – Yeah, some Led Zepplin. I think that was the first rock group that I listed too when I first got stoned. Or, Electric Light Orchestra [ElO]. This is good too, “” T REX

        I use to play this song when I raced on the streets. I had a very loud quad stereo system.

      5. @AnutterVet: Oh hell yeah…. TREX. Sooooooooooo much great music back then. I HATED and if could make that font any bigger I would, effing DISCO.

      6. @cj – frigging disco? Come hear johnny Travolta. I couldn’t stand that dam music. my ex-wiff [yes I said wiff] liked that shit. no wonder we got divorced. different tastes, styles, and ? everything else. life was never stable with my ex. I had to drop out of college twice because of her ways. I couldn’t plan anything. always starting over. I got in the trap for the best interests of the kids. it didn’t work for me. nasty divorce. I mean nasty. child custody changed 4 x’s. not my doings. no dam stability. she always said I acted too old for my age. shit!! Oh my, a m f king flashback. pls stand by. ok, i’m alright now. no, still some residue. got it. ok, now i’m better.

      7. @Ex va – I think the BG’s was cj’s favorite disco group. right cj, tell us all about it LOL

  10. @ANutterVet: let’s not forget the classic Dancing Madly Backwards………..It is so fitting for vets.

    “” Lyrics and all.

  11. @ANutterVet: I know how you feel, so many years going to the same “cold” facility. I tell you when I am there, and I sit back and relax, it is easy to fall into a melancholy state of mind. The song that comes to mind is:


    1. @cj- Captain Beyond? Now that’s going back in time. Reminds me of my first car; ’69 Z28, Hurst 4 spd, dual Holley carbs, full overhead cam, I can’t remember what its called when both wheels in back spin, dual exhaust, super high performance clutch and pressure plate. It was built by a company in NY state. Street legal, it did mid to lower 9’s in a quarter mile. I could hardly keep it on the road. Only got 5-6 mpg, when gas was around 26.9 gallon. Where did those days go?

      I bought it in 1971 for $1800. He asked for 2K but I took out my wallet, showed him 18 one hundreds, and he took it. I use to race other Camaro’s, T-Birds, Goats, SS’s for gas money, weed, 151 dark rum, uppers downers, side wayers, women, you know. I use to wax that car once a week. I would got off on the lights at night bouncing off the hood. My cousin’s husband was super jealous because he seen the car before I did and didn’t purchase it. I didn’t know that he seen it. I bought it right on the spot.

    2. @cj – Then when you act up, and because your name is on the Disruptive Behavior List, they call the VA Federales on you. Then they come a running, grab you, and say “”

      And if you don’t comply, they’ll do the opposite; they still give you da morph but no laxative. Feel the pain now MF’er?

    3. @ANutterVet: Skynyrd is good, My favorite is Michael Schenker. the Stones, Zep, The Who, Doors, and who could ever forget Floyd? I know I am going to sound old here. (just like pops did) This shit they play today is NOT music. I know I left so many greats out…..Stanley Clarke, Sly Etc.

      1. @ANutterVet: And back to today……… the hell did this country get so fucked up in such a short period of time? It makes my head spin, my son has no idea how much of his freedom he has lost, because he didn’t live back when we had more, so he doesn’t miss what he never had. That is the reality of the lefts agenda and by plan. To slowly take away freedom until there is nobody left that knows what it even was.

      2. @cj – Brother I hear you. The dumbing down of America. You need us because you can’t make it without us. They want total control. Fuck them. Like you said, kids today don’t know what they lost if they never knew they had it. I can’t stand the dam twisted thinking, the tolerance message that’s spun in our society, and other BS. A penis is for Virginia. Notice how fast all this shit is on tv nowadays? They work fast.

  12. @ANutterVet: Even being the ever so clever geek, I have now come across a problem even I can’t fix. I will post a job order for an even better geek to come fix tha,t in witch I fuck-ed upeth.

  13. @cj – The VA knows squat about supplementation. I had it out with many PCP’s. Even the dam Clinical Pharmacologists. Those who are on opiates should be prescribed many types of nutraceuticals. I challenge them all of the time. For now on, after all of the reasoning that I’ve tried to get them to understand, they can go and fuck themselves. Assholes.

  14. I would love to join you in the Pacific………….<————————————–doesn't have that kind of cash-flow.

    1. cj – If all goes well, my wife and I will be able to set you folks up. I’ll tell you, its hard at first, missing family, and it is expensive, but the peace, natural beauty, the ocean, people take you in as their own [ohana]. I weep inside every I watch a program or show about them. Oh, the fooooood bruddah. Fresh fish, crab, opihi.

      McDonalds does a lot of their test marketing to see how well new food items are accepted due to the mix of ethnicities on the islands.

  15. Um………they have me on Polyethylene Glycol……but do not take that stuff is you have to leave the house. YOU CANNOT TRUST ANY FART while on that.

    1. @cj – Yeah, PG can make ’em more loose. Its purpose is to draw H2O into the bowel, where as others are stimulates your muscles in your colon [caustic]. Do you include any types of bran in your diet? Don’t forget to add the @ sign before my handle so that I can get notified of your posts. Thanks farting slush shooter. LOL

      1. @cj – PG = Polyethylene Glycol. My islands are calling me again tonight. I’ll tell you cj, when I get things taken care of, and we can see our way, I out to the Pacific.

      2. @ANutterVet: They also have me on metamucil, not sure if that is spelled correctly. Hey? I am a pretty knowledgeable geek myself, but, I have to ask. What are you talking about getting notified when I add the @before your name?

      3. @cj – Metamucil which is made of psyllium husks can give you a lot of gas. There are other good brans available; oat and rice bran. Many brans contain a lot of insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is indigestible, and adds bulk to your poo for easier passage through your digestive tract. You may not want to take wheat bran if you have been diagnosed with Celiac disease or if you have a wheat allergy.

        Soluble fibers are digestible and will add water to your poo. But some times this soluble fiber will slow down the digestive process. Pectin is a water-soluble dietary fiber. It can be found in most plants. Pectin slows the passage of food through the intestine and helps to lower blood cholesterol levels. Other foods that contain soluble fiber include; legumes, grains, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, flax, chia.

        β-Glucans, gums, pectins, and some hemicelluloses are soluble fibers, while cellulose, lignin, some pectins, and some hemicelluloses are insoluble fibers. Oat products and legumes (dry beans, peas, and lentils) are rich sources of soluble fiber. When increasing fiber intake, drinking additional a lot more water is beneficial.

        @cj, to bulk up your poo because polyethylene glycol [PG] makes your poo to have a slushy texture, try adding more insoluble and soluble fiber to your diet. And for your coffee runs, you can add soluble fiber to your drinks as well. Work with it, and it will work with you for a better poo. Its called, poo morphing. Just saying.

        * The above information is not medical advice. It is for entertaining the defecating purpose only. It only gives the reader something to think about, and to not follow as written while experiencing different types of movements.

      4. What kind of bran do you recommend for a thorough cleansing of the impacted poo at the VA?

        Is there such a bran?

      5. @91Veteran – No bran for the bulking of the poo texture. I recommend 100% sennosides [active stimulant chemical] for watery poo flowage in order that all the butthurt material is removed from all the cracks and crevices for a thorough cleaning out of the stanky swamp.

        Instructions; take one dose, then wait 2 hours. Follow by Veterans Choice Warm Soapy Suds Enema infused with food poisoning bacteria(s) [as a back-up, this ensures a watery consistency]. After the first waiting period of 2 hrs after first dose, follow with 2 back to back 750 milliliters of warm soapy suds solution. After 2 hrs of doing back to back enemas, repeat the process until you notice crystal clear water. This will indicate a good “draining of the swamp.”

        Note: Make sure you push the enema rod waaaaay up there in order to reach the cracks and crevices. Optional rods are available. Please see our website at “” Thank you for your patronage [suckers]. Don’t tell ’em, but additional ingredients were added; menthol, camphor, tea tree oil, clove oil, and the oils of habanero chili to the mix [see website for to purchase more additives]. Burn baby burn.

        Namnibor, your like me, you like the sick jokes that applies to these stanky swamp dwelling creatures. Good reading.

      6. @cj – When you add the @ sign before some handle, the system will send a message that contains what you sent to me. Then you can either answer back from the email message or go and answer from your browser that has “” in the URL bar on top of the page [I forget what they call the bar on top of the browser where the web address is located.

        In this way, when adding the @ sign before some one’s handle, they won’t have to refresh Ben’s blog all the time to see if new messages are posted. Capesh? [spelling]

      7. @ANutterVet: I completely missed all of this post on dietary fiber last night. Comment posts were flying by quicker than a F16 on steroids. By the way, good morning.

      8. @cj – I posted the fiber info this morning, so you didn’t miss it, it wasn’t there. Yeah, we were pushing many G’s last night. Neighbors acting up again. Typical dipshits. Ready to tell them to fuck off today. They’ve had a bug up their ass ever since we didn’t let them use our vehicle when they asked us. That’s been over 4 yrs. ago. Storming snowflakes no matter what you say, how you say it, doesn’t matter. How R U this morning?

      9. @ANutterVet: Ok good, I’d hate for you to think I was ignoring you. How dare you not let someone borrow your car to possible rob a fucking bank, run over an old lady, for a few points, smash into 20 or so parked cars, and then claim they were out of town all week. Doing ok, will start to do the Morph bobble head—-I’m up, no—I am sleeping—-I’m up———I am sleeping………..

    1. @cj – I was hoping you get some sleep. I found one more clonz, and that’s it for me. And then its nutraceuticals and nootropics [spell checker needs to add this word].

  16. I am okay ANutterVet, so many days with no sleep. This weekend was mostly spent just sleeping. Now the cycle will repeat itself.

  17. @namnibor: I found this most excellent piece of artwork, just for you. The artist is pure genius. I am with the last poster, “where can this masterpiece be purchased?” “”

    1. @cj – I’m doing so, so. In a good way the game got me worked up. Many records set tonight. cj, how you doing?

      1. @ANutterVet: I took that quite personally!!!!!!

        _,’,–.`-. _,’,–.`-.
        `-:__;,-‘ \ `A:__:,-‘
        \ / \
        (( )
        ( ) –

  18. ANutterVet,
    I watched a video yesterday, or the day before, where a soldier was in a “drive through line” at a competitor’s business. He showed the many cars waiting to be served.
    Across the street was a Starbucks. Not one car in the drive through. Plus not one car in the parking lot.

    Lastly, Starbucks stock is going down.

    1. @Crazy elf – The last time I bought from Starbucks was over 4 yrs. ago. I was at the VA with no fluids. Meds gives me cotton mouth. Since then I’ve never bought from them, and from what you shared about them jerks, I never will. They should’ve said that they were going to hire Veterans, and send the troop coffee to them. Its not like it would’ve broke their till. Plus, they could’ve reaped the rewards of being supported by Veterans, their love ones, and those that support our Brothers and Sisters. Dumb stinking Virginia’s. Ticks me off the way some of our Nation’s corporate leaders and politicians think.

    2. What Starbucks will do instead to attemot make to make “amends” is come-out with two new flavors of coffee; ‘Refugee Blend’ (where there may more may not be poison in coffee..a grab bag of sorts), and ‘Veteran Blend’ (which also may or may not have poison in coffee). Why? Because the way these Snowflakes have been raised, there can NEVER be a ‘loser’…everyone’s a ‘winner’, even those placing the poison in the coffee are winners…hey…even those unlucky enough to get some poison in their coffee are ‘winners’ in Distorted Reality Liberalism Snowflakism (DRLS).

      I jest…why?

      I watched the various Sunday morning news shows and am still shaking my head that it’s Feb. 5th, 2017 and these snowflakes are still all kinds of butthurt and refuse to acknowledge the election results…and some, just like entitled snowflakes in DRLS land, are saying they want a “Do Over”. Wah…my binky was stolen…wah, wah…. Starbucks can kiss my ass. So can anyone that chooses to sit on the ground when the National Anthem is sung today…I hope they get fire ants.

      Now for some Lady GaGa…err, football and then some GaGa!

      1. @Crazy elf, @Namnibor – I wonder if Starbucks is going to have a commercial on tonight during the game. They’ll play on all sides of marketing to satisfy their greed. You already know it, many corporations and our so-called compassionate fat pocket dumb butthurt ahole nose rubbing limpy wristing politicians will stand up, protest, cry for their penile binky w/ optional double nadder attachment, and riot [yes, I said riot], over the Executive Order to halt immigrants from entering our country.

        Actually, I believe DJT should have added Turkey and Saudi Arabia on the list, but this is what happens when their are terrorists in NATO and alley countries. And, during President Obama’s term(s), a solid vetting process should have been established in the first place. Hey snowies. I did refer to BO as President Obama. I show respect for the position of President and help that no matter who is in office, that they do well and don’t make our country look bad or do asinine buttfarting baboonic actions.

        And don’t forget to sing a long with the one and only [you know that] Lady Gurgling Gaga Goop. Isn’t Goop a grease and oil hand cleaner? Enjoy the game.

      2. @Crazy elf , @Namnibor – Lady Gurglee Goop said on Tiffany’s commercial, “Watch out, she’s coming for you.” Thanks for the warning, “and we’ll be waiting with K9’s and all.”

  19. I guess y’all have heard “Starbucks” is planning to “…hire 10,000 illegal immigrants and refugees” to work in their stores. Well, there is a Veteran run coffee company planning to take them down.
    Check this out from;
    “Next News Network”, Gary Franci reporting.
    “Vets Come Up With Epic Payback For Starbucks Promise To Undermine America”

    Posted today – (3:49 minutes long)

    The “Black Rifle Coffee Company” is hiring 10,000 veterans in response to Starbucks CEO’s bullshit.
    Spread this story to all your friends……
    Also, Starbucks stock is plummeting. So don’t buy any of it.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, Crazy elf!! My brother has been telling me about this company for a while and since caffeine is my drug of choice in this life, I went ahead and placed an order to support them. FYI- They have had such an overwhelming response of orders, a lot of sold-out items, but basics are there.

      Screw Starbucks. Over-roasted and overpriced butthurt snowflakes.

    2. Crazy elf – I was upset 4 yrs ago when I first started using the VA. Starbucks has a small store in lobby area. I told the wife, I thought the VA was supposed to support Veteran owned businesses. Imagine how much VA receives from Starbucks, or does the VA pay Starbuck? With their prices, not many Veterans can afford their over priced coffee.

      1. @ANutterVet,
        From what was said on here last year, Starbucks has a “contract” with VA.
        *IF* they’re is a contract, you better believe there was lots of monies involved!!!!!!

        Plus, (I might be wrong on this), I believe Starbucks was contacted by some of our brothers in Afghanistan a year or two ago. They wanted Starbucks to send them some coffee. Starbucks said, “NO!”!!!!
        So, screw the bastards! They deserve everything that’s coming at them!

      2. @Crazy elf – Believe that. And that company makes some bucks. They’re aren’t hurting in no way, shape, or form. Except milking for dollars. Prices are too expensive. I say, “Move out to the mall.” I take that back, “Move ’em Out!”

  20. I liked the “ex-lax” payment, of the person eating others lunches. Made my day, lol.
    Reminded me of the time I was in the Navy. A “CPO” didn’t like me, because of my Army time. He kept threatening me with all kinds of things.
    So, I started asking other CPO’s what they thought of him. Most didn’t like him one bit.
    I waited for the right time. And put that “odorless”, “colorless”, “tasteless”
    ex-lax in the CPO’s large coffee pot one morning. Told all the ones who didn’t like him “NOT TO DRINK COFFEE THAT MORNING!”
    Well, to make a long story short, he didn’t come to work for a couple of days – lol. The other Chiefs laughed their asses off. Thought it was about time he got his payback!

    1. @Crazy elf — Another good one I learned from a few restaurant waiter staff friends in past was that original formulation Visine will cause the star spangled ass splats when placed in a beverage and if they are repeat offender pain in the asses, the staff retrieving your car (especially the non-tipping types), would acquire some freshly rotten smelling limburger cheese from the chef’s cooler and it’s simply placed down inside one or two or the vents in car up by windshield, for a gift that will keep giving year round. No mafia in my family or anything, just cheese lovers with red eyes.

      Oh…Elizabeth Warren is Snowflake Queen…these Dem’s are really embarrassing themselves.

    2. @Crazy elf – Yeah, have ’em do the poo dance. He was probably running back and forth and anal buttflaming sphincter. Stupid for having it out on you because you served in another branch. Reminds of tactics used by VA Asinine Buttfarting Baboons.

  21. Anyway. You guys have a great night. Time to pass out. Will catch you tomorrow, and hopefully all this internet trouble will be gone.

  22. I am working off a temporary Hard drive. Nothing but trouble today with computers. The bios settings got changed, and with the os I am using if it isn’t set exactly correct, it will not boot. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any notes of what the setting were. So now it becomes a safe to crack.

      1. I hear ya, I was looking for something we could all use that is easy to setup. Skype is free, but it doesn’t have a group chat………so that sux.

  23. @Ex va , @cj – I noticed that my posts are loading slower than before, cj’s end is acting up, and now you’re having problems.

    1. cj February 5, 2017 at 1:34 am

      Ok guys, if you have skype, my id is ……..cj592005 if you don’t go ahead and download it it is free, then add me.

  24. @Ex va – K9’s who have been abused, then when they find good owners, they will be protective to the death. They know when they got it good.

    1. @Ex va – My first K9 was more protective. He didn’t like the smell of alcohol even thought I never exposed him to it. If someone was drinking and they called him, he would completely ignore them, and stay close to me with eyes, ears, and nose scanning like crazy. Militant attitude. Nowadays, that’s how I like em.

      1. @ ANutterVet, how big is he? I have a little dog and she has snapped at people. She doesn’t trust anyone she doesn’t know. I can understand, I appreciate it sometimes. I am physically weak so i feel like she has my six.

      2. @Ex va – He is about 35lbs. but solid muscle. And, I’ve never seen a dog so dam fast. He’s not afraid of larger dogs either. I thing that due to your k9 being abused, and you may not know how much, but I have a suspicion that her life was pretty bad. Especially since she snaps. That’s why I don’t let mine around any kids that don’t respect dogs. The teasing type.

        I’m dosing a little, while blogging, and watching pesticide documentary on RT reporting about Hawaii. Cracks me up when I hear how people try to pronounce the different island names of the islands.

      3. @ ANutterVet, it is that good food you give him. Lol! I wrote what you told me and i am going to improve on her diet. The vet said she was a little overweight.

      4. @Ex va – Yeah, try to watch her weight especially if she is older. Weight = more health problems, including tumors, stress on joints, strenuous breathing, etc.. And, don’t forget to brush her teeth with a dog toothpaste that has enzymes in it.

      5. @Ex va , @cj – Meds kicking in. Going to Rant out. I don’t know what happened to cj. No replies. Ex va, you have a good night my Brother. I’m starting to nod out. Brain starting to think nothing. Good night.

  25. @ ANutterVet, my k9 like that too. She is spoiled rotten. She feels like she has to defend me. She was abused, a rescue border terrier mix. She’s got a temper on her too.

  26. somebody messing with Bens site? perhaps someone that shouldn’t be messing with it in the first place?

      1. This thread has overloaded the blogosphere. Must be more than 300 posts. Too many posts in some software’s files cause shit to happen.

  27. @cj , @Ex va – My K9 has to lay next to my head on the pillow. He’s soooo spoiled. I’ll tell ya, he gets pissed if people knock on the door at night.

  28. @Ex va – You doing ok tonight? cj’s digitally passing out extra clonz’s to help his brothers. We’re trying to figure out how to send a full box of ExLax to our favorite VA PCP’s and other butthurting constipators.

    1. @ ANutterVet, made a quick trip to store. My back is feeling it now. I knew a girl who was paying back for this guy who was eating peoples lunch at work. She ground up a whole box of exlax in a batch of brownies. He ate like have the pan and we just laughed watching him run to the bathroom. Rofl. LOL!!!

  29. Wholly damn crap man. I can’t figure out where this shit is going to post next,,,,,,,,,,,this is f ing crazy. I will reboot and see you in a few.

  30. @cj – I’ve been tapering off for over 3 weeks. Been doing ok. Its the anxiety. I have an appt. in about 10 days. Thanks for asking. I’m going to take it in a few minutes.

  31. @ cj, @ ANutterVet, he knows a lot about pharmaceuticals and biology, i wish i had his knowledge. 🙂

  32. @ANutterVet: You only have one pamz left? Are you going to be ok? the withdrawals from that are worse than from Morphine.

    1. @cj – And, I didn’t receive a notice in my inbox. Many people are starting to get some nads and finally speaking out about the rioting.

    1. I do not know i am not getting messages and notifications either. I do not know if i need to reboot or what is going on.

      1. Ok guys, if you have skype, my id is ……..cj592005 if you don’t go ahead and download it it is free, then add me.

  33. @ANutterVet: gmail, is acting up, and I am not getting notified of your posts. Let me switch back over to non secure browsing. That should fix it brb.

    1. @cj – Temp dipped today. Dang nam skin dries out. Another reason I dislike the winter on the E coast.

    2. Alright ANutterVet. let’s start over again from right here okay, This is getting too messed up.

    3. @ANutterVet, @Ex va: Okay I am back let’s see how this goes. I have been having nothing but trouble with my computers all day. I will fax over some extra pamzy’s

  34. ANutterVet,
    According to the report, the youngest brother was only 22 years old. He made $160K/year. The oldest brother made $165K/year.
    The youngest brother had been employed by a Democrat, I believe from California.
    They all worked in Washington DC..
    They were also accused of theft of ???? in Washington DC of documents and equipment. What equipment I don’t know!
    There’s definitely going to be more coming out about this. Unless the “powers that be” shut it down.
    Hopefully, we’re going to be informed. As is required by law!!!!!!

    1. Crazy elf – I forgot to ask you how your doing? I had to step away to get washed up. I sure hope it all comes out. There good at burying things, until that is, someone comes along with a good intuition of going through the trash looking for clues that lead to substantial evidence. I had to edit some research papers, then edit and revise a response to my wife’s bullying boss. She has a meeting with his boss, tomorrow morning. We don’t want things to get out of hand. Way too much dictating supervision instead of managing. Nepotism runs rampant. One employee has had several complaints against him only by women. Hmmmm. Throw ’em out on his dam ear. Inexcusable behavior.

      1. @ ANutterVet, i pray things go well for your wife. Sorry to hear this ugly stuff she and you have had to deal with.

      2. @Ex va @cj – I don’t know what happened, but all of sudden I got a burst of emails per notification for posts. Thanks Ex va, I don’t like when someone acts like a bully. If you may have noticed, I take it a bit, then I go off. Some times sooner than later. Ok, ok, ok, its imitation time: cj and Ex va, what is your current pain level tonight?

      3. @ ANutterVet, my pain is around a 7 and starting to get some sharp pain. When my pain goes up usually the anxiety goes up too. Not every time.

      4. @Ex va – Yeah, that’s common for your anxiety to increase along with pain. And, I get agitated very easy.

  35. I watched two videos over these issues.
    One was about three brothers, all Muslims. They were “IT” specialists in Washington DC. They worked for three Democrats. They were fired around Feb. 2, 2017. They were paid $160,000/year to $165,000/year.
    The reason why they were fired, was because each one was suspected of being “double agents”! There are ongoing “criminal investigations”!
    (Sorry, can’t remember the website I saw this one on)

    The second video was from “Next News Network”, Gary Franci reporting.

    Concerning how the “raid”, where that SEAL was killed recently, may have been “compromised”! Meaning, the enemy [may] have known they were coming. It’s where President Trump went this past Wednesday, to pay homage to a “Fallen Brother”!

    I’m not a “conspiracy theorist” by any chance of the imagination. Yet, it seems odd these two items might be connected.

    The “Raid” was approved a few months ago, during Obama’s administration. It couldn’t be carried out until a “moonless night”! Which was about two weeks ago.
    The SEAL’s, who returned, said it was as if the enemy knew they were coming.

    Could those ‘IT’ specialists have informed our enemies of the raid before hand? They had access to classified intelligence from the “House”!

    Could we have “Enemies of the State” working in Washington DC?

    Could this be the beginning of more failed military raids, where we will lose more military members?

    So much needs to be accomplished by President Trump!

    1. I just remembered, the first video was from “End Times Prophecy”, “Brother Jim reporting”!

    2. @Crazy elf – Hey Brother I just read your post, and in my opinion it wouldn’t be far fetched that the raid could’ve been compromised, only if the individuals you mentioned did have access to the “old” intel, data, and military options and plans. Too many people have security clearances in our country. I’m not prejudice in saying this, but I’d hope these individuals were well screened beforehand. But then again, who knows, our countries sovereignty has been severely at stake from many angles. Just saying.

      1. @ANutterVet
        According to ‘Bother Jim’s” reporting, these three individuals had access to highly classified Intel.
        The report also stated the youngest brother had, not only a criminal history, he had declared bankruptcy as well. I’m not holding the bankruptcy against him. There was no mention of what the criminal record was. Yet, how did someone with a criminal history gain a security clearance?
        Also——- there were multiple lawsuits against him.
        How does someone, who lives with his other brothers, and all three make almost $500,000/year become broke, or in so much debt?
        Could these three individuals be contributing to the enemy?

        So many questions the security agencies, (FBI, CIA, DHS, etc.), are going to have to find out!!!!!!!!
        Maybe President Trump is correct. Maybe we do need better and more stringent “vetting” of every individual coming into our country!

      2. @Crazy elf – Strange. The one that had a criminal history should’ve never had a clearance. Like you said, how can someone declare bankruptcy making that much money. They may have sacrificed everything to somehow transfer monies through routes that are not monitored. It’s done all the time. And, if they were in any way connected to the underground enemy, they’ve had to pretty stupid to keep their name(s) in other types of records. Therefore, being the opposite of low key [under the radar so to speak].

  36. Ben,
    Please contact me regarding overwhelming corruption involving kick backs and favoritism between big companies and VA hospital senior management that we have experienced in the past 5 years. Their goal is to snuff out Veteran owned companies that have 1st priority to do business with the VA. ( see Kingdomwear decision) This decision mandates that the VA purchase all goods from Veteran owned companies that qualify to do so. However, the exact opposite is happening. Veteran owned companies wanting to do business with the VA are being pushed aside in favor of BIG BUSINESS backed by some, not all VA Management, often involving under the table pay offs. Are you surprised? We are talking about ” $BILLIONs here!
    We Veterans must stand up to the VA senior management. Especially those that are down right crooks! Make no mistake,we can defeat them….not going to be easy and we need to be ready to stay in there for the long haul.
    Yes, there is strength in numbers! If not a Vet Union as you have suggested, then let’s set up our own Volunteer board, independent of the VA, with some Veteran heavy hitters that have some teeth as well as the desire to challenge the corrupt senior VA management that sweeps all Vet issues that they do not agree with under the carpet. We have both the public as well as Trump on our side. Time to “MOVE FORWARD!” Again, Ben, Please contact me.
    Col. Whit
    USMC Combat/ Med-E-Vac Helo Pilot, RVN, 1969

  37. I’m going to have to shut down for a couple of days. Max time one hour for the blog comments. Have to go through about 750 pages and see if the references on my SOC are included and then find what should have been included and upload it as well as FAX it to the BVA which is considering my Unemployability (UE) claim since I’m finally at a 70% combined rating.

    Then I have to write a letter for reconsideration of my SF 95 claim to the VA General Counsel which will take at least a couple of weeks to put together. Have to have something off by March 1. I want to include a pro -forma District Court filing.

    1. @Lem – Wish you the best Lem with putting forth a sound and solid response. Don’t forget to take your mental breaks to get yourself refreshed.

      1. @Lem, I pray for your justice and wish the best for you. It sounds like you are going to be organized and prepared for the battle. Good for you. I am glad that you are getting prepared and understand the process and difficult time ahead of you. God speed. May God bless you and keep you.

      2. In 1985, a psychologist at the Down Town LA VA Clinic told me she hoped I wouldn’t make my fight a lifetime endeavor. But I have. 32 years and still going. That is why I have a lot of information on organic brain syndromes.

        Including a hunger strike (fast of less than 500 calories per week) on the Grassy Knoll overlooking the Vietnam Memorial in 1995, 3 years of NIH Library research in periods spent in DC living on the street with the homeless.

        If you are going to fight do it intelligently. I like to think that my TBI hand outs were read by the journalist as a student visiting the Mall or DC during that time and when he discovered veterans from post 9/11 wars were having an alarming rate of suicide and homeless problems began to look into the problem for his investigative report that got us compensated for TBIs. I’ll never know but I believe I planted the seed that eventually got results though it took over 20 years from my first letters to the BVA and my first court filing on the subject. (Bray V SEC VA Brown during the Clinton Administration) I’ll try to download a copy from the 9th or CAVA and send it to Ben.

  38. Until Vincent NG is removed in Boston ( look up his sordid past) I will have not encouragement anything will change. President Trump seems to me has stopped talking about veterans, disabled or otherwise. He will be a fool taking advice from the Big VSO’s and spineless politicians. His pick has said no privatization except the VA is pretty privatized already. The problem is claims and hospital administration. On the claims side just give the Court some teeth that the first Bush yanked out that alone might smarten up some Board members. End this paternal BS and sanction the Board personally ( law lic.) for much of their conduct.

    1. Putting David Shulkin in as VA Secretary is like more of the same…I can not see where he will be effective, might as well put Sarah Palin in….I hope they get to Albuquerque and boot Andrew Welch…that VA has the worse rating in the entire system.

  39. To All – Here is a generic letter that I’ve been sending to Mayors around the country.

    Mayor , I see you on the news speaking out about the privilege of immigrants. I would hope that you’d put that amount of energy speaking out about the rights of Veterans to have excellent medical care.

    I know that has done a fantastic job in helping homeless Veterans to obtain a home, but the unorganized and corrupted medical system affects-effects many more Veterans than those that are homeless. As a matter of fact, Veterans are the dedicated segment of American citizens that participated in securing the freedoms and rights in which immigrants seek.

    Mayor, you’re known to set high standards. I urge you to use your influence and speak out to reform and reorganize the VA Medical System.

    Best regards,
    A local neighbor- or put in what you deem necessary

    1. I cut a pasted the letter from an email. It didn’t include everything. I believe you can read between the lines. If you send letters, I suggest patting the Mayors on the back, even if their a dip shit.

      1. @Ex va – Hey Brother, I forgot to thank you for recognizing the letter. Its only an example that other can use or adjust as they deem fit to send to our political leaders, or to those that have any influence on expediently reforming and reorganizing the VA system as a whole. Got to put a flame under those Asinine Buttfarting Baboons.

  40. I don’t give a dam who he/she is. If he was removed for some fuck up he shouldn’t have be doing. GOOD. Now. Who will be the next VA fuck up doing the duffel bag drag???????

  41. The people I want to see gone, are all those “pretend” healthcare providers. The ones who “bought” their medical licenses from fake universities outside the United States.

  42. @cj – I was on another blog and someone referred to you by stating, Hey, cj stinks. And I came right to your defense and said, “Like shit he does.” An oldie, that my father use to tease me with. Just saying, to cause friendly trouble instead of friendly fire.

    I’m not looking forward to this weekend. Temp is going down, may be some precipitation. I’ve got those wonderful sub-tropical islands on my mind [Hawaii]. For me, they are hard to get out of my heart and mind. I should’ve never moved back to the continental states. No Aloha here. Old Boy Network runs rampant. Its been like this since I can remember.

    1. @ANutterVet: Let the keyboard warriors cyber punch me in the nose, Everyones a tough guy till they run into one. How you doing today ANutterVet?

      1. @cj – Well, well, its up. Are you clear headed? If not, go rinse that mug off with some cold water. Hey, I’m doing better. Last night I had a bout with restless leg. I had to shake my legs in bed to get them to simmer down. Its only about the 3rd time I experienced this in about a year. I noticed I get it when I’ve had a stressful episode. Strange. What I should do, is dance in front of my living room window in my white boxers. My neighbors need to be woken up.

  43. A demotion is, is a good thing. One good thing. If I’m not reading about these types of things every day, I go right back to believing it’s all a smokescreen. The VA problems and their crimes against Veterans, their attitudes are so abundant, I should be aware what direction we are heading, real soon. This is the first time in 40years I remember being able to say that. @Ben, I so appreciate your commitment to our Cause.

  44. My mayor of city of Columbus, OH just signed an Order declaring this city a Sanctuary City…but are calling it something similar to side-step Pres. Trump’s threat about Federal Funds…WTF?!

    1. @Namnibor – Liberal loop holing. It sure does run deep. They are good at lexical semantics. New names that mean the same thing. More palatable for their buds, taste that is.

    2. Lots of hipster snowflakes in my city. Not one of them would believe you if you told them we have been at war for 16 years now…inconvenient truths to the granola beard crowd. Rant Out.

  45. Love it!!!!!!!!! “”

  46. Look at USA Today article dated October 18, 2016, “Exclusive: VA shuffles managers, declares ‘new leadership’. These directors are so protected politically, that is why the are not held to any accountability. They are protected and basically untouchable from any prosecuting area. VAOIG don’t want to get their hands dirty. Excuses, excuses, it is ludicrous and diabolical.

    1. Yeah, a few times last year the VA was bolting down the shuffled deck chairs on the V.A. Titanic…that’s when they had the swell idea of hiring new head of BVA “Agent Orange Denier” Murphy. WTF?!

  47. This is very interesting.

    I see on the KSLA site another story from Jan 24 about a veteran retired from the Marines in 1996 with a bad knee, with the VA only treating his knee pain with Methadone…which the VA is also cutting back. His regular doctor was forced out because he wouldn’t reduce this vets meds.

    I wonder if this director being moved is related to that?

    But Ben’s post suggest it was other VA people making the complaint. The KSLA story says local officials requested his reassignment and investigation.

    The KSLA story says he was reassigned to a non supervisory position at VISN. That suggests misuse of authority or harrassment or retaliation.

    He was reassigned to the VISN from Louisiana to Mississippi.

    I have commented here several times before about why VA upper management does not do this more often. A directed reassignment for these crooked directors. The union has no say in it and the employee has a choice of being reassigned, or resigning.

    This should happen to any supervisor in the VA when allegations against them have been found to possibly have some truth to them.

    This NEVER happened under that lazy bastard McDonald, so employees and veterans were stuck with crap, which allowed hospitals or clinics to continue to deteriorate, and vets dealing with the poor care.

    I would like to see this happen more frequently, because it will not take word long to get around.

    I believe I am seeing the results locally. I sent a Secure Message to my PCP, only to get a response that because of stupidity, I was completely dropped from VA care. I sent an email to the VISN director and the hospital director with screenshots of the secure message.

    I got an email response from the hospital director the next day, 2 phone calls from the person who screwed up, a phone call from the scheduler and a call from a staffer in the directors office.

    My question on this directed reassignment is, did they have to pay his relocation costs?

    I don’t believe relocation costs are allowed when this happens.

    1. Since the VA decided to be particularly secretive on this Friday Dump from the Meat Grinder, it makes one wonder if this something that triggered something *really* Federal, so reason for heavy duty hippo protection?
      (yes, I realize the VA is Federal but Federal is usually claimed when it benefits the VA for ‘privacy’ reasons)

  48. Here’s another “off topic” comment. It’s about how;
    “Harley Davidson Forced To Make Major Change Following Anti-Immigration Protest”

    From, “The Next News Network”, Gary Franci reporting. 3 Feb. 2017 (about 3+ minutes long).
    I have never purchased a new H-D from a Harley dealer. I refuse to purchase one in the future. Because, it came to my attention a few years ago, Harley Davidson gives MILLIONS of $$$$$$ to the DAV, (Disabled American Veterans).
    Even when they were contacted, they refused to honor the veterans who were fighting DAV over the theft of their chapters and treasury’s!
    Now, it seems H-D is stopping President Trump from visiting their Milwaukee plant. Reason, the butthurt RADICAL libertard snowflakes are protesting them.

    Rant over for now!

    1. @Crazy elf: My best friend, since age 5, was vp of Harley Davidson, he wrote the program that crossreferenced all the Harley parts from every year, I can’t remember what they system was called. So a couple years ago, they notified him that he was going to be replaced. They brought in an Indian from India, and to top it off they wanted HIM to train this fuck, to take his job. When Harley fell upon hard times, there were an awfull lot of Nam era veterans, that had shops, poudly displaying the Harley name. These shops are what saved Harley. Harley’s response to these shops? They filed suite for using the Harley name…………….Isn’t that special?

      1. Also, Harley did meet with President Trump yesterday. The meeting was moved from the Milwaukee plant, to the Whitehouse.

  49. I know this is off topic, and I don’t know who mentioned this, elf, 91 Veteran, namnibor, Someone talked about homeless veterans, and it has bee sticking in my crawl ever since. We should DEMAND, that before one red cent is spent on a refuge, illegal, or sent to any other country in the form of aid. That every single homeless veteran, and veteran in need of phyc care, is afforded the abilitly to lead a dignified life. i am more angry about this, than I can posssible describe, as I am sure the rest of you are as well………..OK, thank you for letting me get that out of my system…………..Rant out…….I won’t see any responses for a few hours.

    1. @cj – Ranting back in here Brother. I agree totally. All Veterans should be helped first. Something is wrong when, as a nation, we are more consumed about immigrants [which has less rights than Veterans], compared to taking care of the ones [Veterans] who protected the rights in which they seek. This is a no brainer.

  50. Here’s my opinion,

    Until President Trump gets his ducks in a row with all the other bullshit being thrown at him, it’s going to take time to weigh in on the VA.
    I know y’all are waiting and wanting things done immediately, it just doesn’t work that way! I also would like things to take place sooner. Only, I know it’s not going to take place overnight!

    Look at the upheaval, from the “extreme Leftist RADICALIZED Snowflake Dumbass retards”, happening around our country right now. They’re destroying businesses and refusing to other allow individuals their Constitutional Rights!
    Trump Supporters are being attacked. Some are being hurt really bad.

    Our borders needs to be secured. It’s come out it will take approximately two years to complete a wall. It’s being done.

    California has sent paperwork to President Trump’s administration to make their whole state a “Sanctuary State”! They’ve also have threatened “cessation from the union”. A bad mistake.

    Washington State is suing President Trump over the immigration and refugee issue. As is Massachusetts now. Of course these will never make it in a court of law. It’s ridiculous what they’re trying.

    Right now, the Middle East is in chaos. All because of Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and a host of others.
    President “…Trump’s administration has [now] sent armoured vehicles to help the Syrian Kurds, the Russians are on board!”

    The EU is in shambles. Refugees are running rampant over there.

    The United Nations is threatening President Trump over his “friendship with Israel!” Our “new” UN representative is not taking that lightly.

    There’s so much happening it’s hard to keep up!

    Remember, first and foremost, President Trump wants to “Make America Safe First!” Then, everything else will fall into place!

    Again, this is my opinion!

    1. I am on the same exact page.

      The outrage is Shulkin was and has been there for whatever this crap is about in the VISN down there, and trying to become confirmed, yet the VA is continuing to play whack a mole. The VA does not get nor do accountability.
      Or, was Shulkin just way too BUSY planning his precious Super Bowl Party to deal with this properly?

  51. this is why the AFGE Union needs to go in taking 2years to get rid of bad apples!! Let alone the Senior Executives if they are corrupt, retaliate or other should be able to fire them that day! not have them paid leave, shuffle paperwork , which could hurt veterans more! :(, to give another job??

    WRONG FIRE THEM!!! if under-investigation laid off if by chance names is cleared then can get a job back , we all know that would never happen as too many of these charges are TRUE on corruption ,medical malpractice wrong doings and more stuff!!!

  52. I watched two videos just now. They are pertinent to today’s blog. Why? Because of the way some “RINO’s” are actively seeking to destroy anything President Trump tries to accomplish. And, why “executive orders” are necessary to accomplish such goals.
    Both videos are from “Next News Network”, “Gary Franci reporting”!
    “New Leaked Trump Executive Order Just Outraged Libs And Put Every Immigrant On Notice!”

    In this video, Gary Franci discus’s why immigrants, and refugees, are being allowed to be on welfare. While, quote: “…veterans are dying in the streets!”

    I put an article on earlier from “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns”, which also explains why illegal immigrants have tipped the scales in favor of them. Not for veterans or taxpayers!
    These individuals are in violation of a 100 year old law!

    “Urgent! New Report Exposes 6 Top Republicans On Soros Payroll! Guess Who’s On It?”

    These “RINO’s” will be responsible for trying to stop any attempt for President Trump to, not only “…making America safe again…”, but to stop immigrants and refugees from draining the our resources; ie; Tax Dollars!
    If you’ve guessed McCain’s name, you’d be correct. Rubio is another one, as is Ryan!
    All of them are RINO’S!

  53. WASHINGTON — The Department of Veterans Affairs abruptly removed the director of a VA Medical Center in Shreveport, La., on Wednesday after a months-long investigation of mismanagement allegations and multiple employee complaints to top VA officials, including President Trump’s nominee to take over the agency, current Undersecretary for Health David Shulkin.

    But rather than being put on leave pending further investigation, Toby Mathew was transferred to another VA job in Mississippi, a post at a regional VA office that oversees medical centers in four states, including Louisiana, where he will work on special projects.

    1. “Special projects” is a nice term for finding the guy a job until they figure out they can either fire him, or shuffle him off somewhere that he can do no damage.

      I can’t believe they just shuffle him into another directors job, because whoever signs off on a deal like that will likely be fired if the guy screwed up again.

      1. @91Veteran – This dude should be out of the VA system. Give him dam pay, finalize the termination, and boot his dam ass out the door. Then the VA should send an Alert Bulletin to all medical and treatment facilities.

        We Want Your Input – The VA is now incorporating a True Open Door Policy. Without repercussions or retaliation, please report the following; any activity that violates VA guidelines, policies, or rules, ill treatment of others [bullying, mobbing, intimidation, threatening], wage theft, stolen property, new ideas that can help better serve Veterans or save the VA time or money, . . . etc..

        And, it would be cost beneficial if the VA gave an employee a bonus for informing of the above. Why? You pay a bonus once, then the VA continually benefits afterwards. And, that HR program pertaining to VA employees not to discuss any negative things on the job, should be invalid immediately. Just saying.

      2. ANutterVet, if they paid a bonus for reporting someone for wrongdoing, it would have to be rock solid evidence of that or union hacks would be lining up to collect after setting up someone.

        It certainly would save money in the long run if for nothing else they are not having to pay for harrassment or retaliation settlements.

      3. @Namnibor – That’s the other issue; the dam union. As you know it is very hard to fire a Federal employee. They have better protection than we as Veterans. Now that’s skewed on their end, and screwed on ours. I agree, there would have to be protective measures to stop any false reporting. I really don’t like unions, but then again, I don’t like organizations with poor management. This type of management is running rampant in this country as well.

      4. ANutterVet, I guess I was thinking of a new director getting to a VA that wanted it run properly, and some union thugs setting him up to get rid of him so they could continue their gravy train.

      5. @91Veteran – These crooks know the system. Their probably hooking up and discussing what they’re going to do when some changes are made. Its really going to take some time to reform and reorganize to clean house. We need a Veteran pleaser, and nothing other.

      6. @Ex va – The door is always closed with the VA, unless your being removed dead or alive.

      7. @Ex va – Listening to others experience and your own, things start to really fall into a better perspective about the VA.

      8. @ ANutterVet, it confirms a lot that i unfortunately know about the va system. It is wretched and heartbreaking and most of it is just shocking that Veterans are treated this way. I have little peace about the majority of it.

      9. @Ex va – I’m glad that you post your VA experiences on Ben’s blog. I took a clonazepam earlier, and I didn’t think it would come on so fast.

      10. 91Veteran, ANurrerVet, Ex va: Signed back in, and just sitting on the sidelines. Keeping up with the conversation at hand. I’m gonna sit quietly. If you need anything just lob a grenade in my direction and yell catch.

      11. @cj – did you morph already along with your jumping/ java? I’m sloooooowinggggggg doooooooown. Oh my, going to go to another browser page and get some digital feen.

      12. @ANutterVet, @Ex va, @91Veteran,: You know I remember watching a documentary, a couple of years ago. It was about Iraq, vets coming home, and how they were being mistreated by they healthscare system that was suppose to take care of them. This was a documentally filmed in the UK. Apparently we are not the only ones getting fucked over. Just food to upchuck while ya think about it all.

      13. @cj – I think I seen that. One of them were so frustrated, that his face and chest shot is on Ben’s blog. The dude with the blue sweater making fists [no pun intended, late razzing and joking]

      14. @ ANutterVet, this is the only blog i feel safe enough to talk on. You guys have been thru too much and it has to change.

      15. @cj, @Ex va – Ben needs to install 3 and 4 way blogging on his site. I’m missin key.

      16. @cj – Sorry Brother, there’s no help for you. They gave the last bit to an incoming immigrant who landed in a Sanctuary City. Clonz is kicking in. May have to Rant out.

      17. @ ANutterVet, @cj, getting really tired. Bad day here, i need to try to sleep. Checking out…

      18. @cj, @Ex va – Get better Brother Ex va. CJ were still looking for help for you. Your like me, no one will take us. Hey, Brother, I’m going to Rant on out of here. My eyes are getting heavy. Lets talk tomorrow?

      19. @Ex va: it does have to change, but getting that monster to change? It brings to mind such an intricate spider web, that is so intricate, I can only compare it to the deep web. How to disassemble such a monster……….as everyone has already said, the union has to go firsr. In the confirmation hearing on Shulkin, he refered to trying to fire someone, but it was ruled “Unconstitutional” ? Whattttttttttttt? So you know damn well he was talking about the union, and labor laws.

      20. @cj, you break up the problems into smaller parts. Make plans to correct, long term plans. The statements they make are false, i do not know how else to say it. Everyone takes their statements as truth and later people discover that they are lies. Everyone can be fired, they make some ridiculous statement and people believe it to be true. No, its the politics, they are in it all together.

  54. Lord,

    If shit rolls downhill then I hope your will is that this snowball turns into a giant mountain size glob as it speeds downward, ever gaining more mass and momentum.


    1. @Dennis — If allowed, it may become so large that the shit snowball creates it’s own gravitational field and leaves Earth to infect a galaxy far, far away. It will then be known as the ‘Death Star Shitball” in outer space and maybe get swallowed by a black hole. Done.

      1. Nam, do you mean that they may have moved him because he was facing local charges?
        I can’t see the VA trying that crap. I think a prosecutor would get rather cranky over that.

      2. @91Veteran, @Namnibor – If he was removed because of local charges against him, the VA corruption and scandal runs deeper than what we think. Let hope not. Then it means it is engrained politically at the top and at the local level. That’s enlightening.

      3. @namnibor, 91Veteran, @ANutterVet, the director of the Marion VA Medical Center (concerning the botched surgeries) was transfered to a Veterans Integrated System Network, (VISN) position.

        They don’t charge people who are apart of killing Veterans thru neglect, abuse and loopholes they can use. They walk free and you can report it and it makes little difference. Believe it. It is beyond sick and has made me sick for so long.

        If something doesn’t feel right when you go to the va don’t stay there get out of there. Look at it this way… Do you trust them with treating you with your life? If the answer is no. Leave, do not risk your life with them.

        And i know some Veterans have no choice because they are discharged being disabled and they are so young. These young ones being discharged out of the military because they are acting up in their units from traumas are taking their lives, the va’s do not have crisis centers for them to get somewhat stable on medications so they can live. If you are in crisis go to an emergency room at a regular hospital and they can put you in a crisis unit so you can get medications to help you get to a stable life again.

      4. @Ex va, @Namnibor, @91Vetean – And if you have to go to a private sector ER for treatment, and they bill you, plead your case with the billing office. I believe its called something like Charity Care or Compassionate Care Program or some sort. I pleaded my case when I had a myocardial infarction [the grime reaper] in the widow maker artery referred to as the LAD- left anterior descending artery. It was 100% blocked. And, I lost consciousness twice. The VA would’ve probably let me go onto . . . my Creator.

      5. @Ex va – Wife has specific instructions not to take me there for a major emergency. I had stitches put in my index finger when I went to the ER. A cardiologist put them in. He was very professional and did a excellent job. When it was time to get them out, the PCP couldn’t even cut them with the scissors. I had to show her. Now that’s pretty bad.

        Yea, that day when I had the heart attack I thought it was over.

      6. @ ANutterVet, i am glad you have a good wife looking out for you. That is ridiculous that a pcp didn’t know how to take out stitches. Was the pain bad with the heart attack. Some people do not experience pain.

      7. @Ex va , @cj- I will never forget the day of my heart attack [myocardial infarction]. For some reason in the morning, psychologically I didn’t feel right. Didn’t know why. It was about 6am. I asked my wife to stay home because I felt strange, couldn’t explain why, so she stayed. Then around 9am it all started quickly; nausea, pressure on my chest, exhaustion.

        Wife called 911 for an ambulance. They couldn’t get an IV line in for 20 minutes, while still parked in front of my residence. The EMT had to give me 2 tabs of nitro. He was upset, and told me that he was sorry for attempting many times at getting an IV in. My arteries and veins collapsed. This is the first time I almost bit the dust. My wife was waiting in the car with the motor running wondering when the ambulance was going to take off to the hospital.

        They then stabilized me and proceeded to the ER. I was immediately taken to the cardio cath lab. I remember this because a few minutes after the EMT got an IV in me, I felt a little better, but that was short lived. I was coherent enough to see the image of my coronary arteries. They informed me that one of my arteries was 100% blocked. I was able to see the image, and said the Cardiologist, don’t tell me where the blockage is because I see it. I was correct in pointing out the blockage.

        While in college, I did a lot of reading the images from stationary and scanning electron microscopes. I attribute this experience and the many anatomy and physiology classes that I’ve taken while attending college, Plus, my father was determined that I learn about human and K9 anatomy.

        After they located the blockage, the threaded the catheter to reach the blocked artery to release the heparin and to insert the arterial stent. This is when my heart acting up again, almost biting the dust for the second time. They were able to stabilize me, but they kept a pace maker out of my body laying next to my right hip.

        The ER Nurse was super. She told me that we’re going to make you as comfortable as possible. You let me know what you want. I said beam me up with some dilaudid: a pain reliever. She said ok sweetie, you’ve got. After a push in the IV of the med, I was out.

        Besides the fear at the beginning, the only pain thing was after the removal of the catheter and the line for the exterior pace maker, you get a hematoma in your groin area. The ICU Nurses would come in every 30 minutes to check the size of the hematoma [blood clot]. And, when it got too big, the Nurses would have to massage your the area of your groin. That was nice! I asked for the younger less experienced Nurses to work on me. No I’m only kidding.

        After many times of massaging that area, it became numb. I felt nothing. When the Nurses would come in to rub out the hematoma, they would as if it hurts. I said that I feel nothing, you could have Nurse Olga from Russia to work on me, and I still wouldn’t feel it.

        I was in the hospital for 3 days. Recovered well, and I’m only on a preventative low dose of statin. That’s it.

      8. @cj – In what artery was your heart attack? By the way, Lem is acting up and I’m totally not in the mood for his BS.

      9. @cj – It just now registered, July 4. Dam, if someone was going to have a heart attack [HA], strange to be on the same day that we celebrate our Nation’s birthday.

      10. @cj – I know the feeling(s) and their changing ways. R U ok today. Or, does this thought always linger in your mind? Yeah, I’m personally prying because I care about you Brother. What’s going on?

      11. @ANutterVet: I hear ya, with the sleep deprivation, stress, pain, and internal strife, nobody hear needs anymore piled on our plates. Main artery to the heart, two blackages, one 90%, one 99%. After the stenting, the cardiiologist, said they were going to wait for my heart to stabilize, then go back in the following day and another stent on the main artery going away from the heart, it was 87% blocked, BUT…………the good old V.A. chimed in and said do no further work, stabilize and transfer to a V.A. heart center. In typical V.A. fasion……………….the third stent was never placed. No cardio rehab was ever offered, just a have a nice life, don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out.

      12. @cj – With 2 stents inserted and no cardio rehab? These people are worst than scum. The things you’ve been through, what Lem is going through, Ex va being treated like crap by being bullied and taken advantage of, others, and myself. Everyday, I’m reminded not to trust these people. I got to tell you, I’ve been getting very emotional dreams by being treated by them. This is the first time that I spoke of this. Their dirty scheming ways get Veterans all wrapped up by their wicked ways. They’re heartless. And, they wonder why Veterans lose it at times. They’re always justified, you’re not.

      13. Blockages not “blackages”…………unless the blockages were in fact black instead of the typical motor oil water mix color.

      14. @ANutterVet: Would have been a perfect day for me to go, I am first and foremost a patriot above all else. I stopped worrying long ago, I am ok with the afterlife, I look forward to it as a matter of fact, excited to see it, when that day finally arrives. There is noting left for me here, no dreams left to fulfill, no desires………..nothing. All I want is justice, and when that battle is over, so am I.

      15. @cj – Not to pry, and only out of concern, aren’t you married? It’s hard to personally communicate openly.

      16. @ANutterVet: Yes, married for 30 years, one son, 28 years old. Your not prying, if veterans can’t communicate openly with each other, then this world is even more fucked up than I originally thought.

      17. @cj – What does your love ones say about your wishes? Going to make a cup of joe. Anyone else want to join me?

      18. @ANutterVet: There is no inpending doom. The V.A and it’s goddam bs, has added years to this battle, it angers me to the bone, the delay they have impossed on me. I now have a better chance of dying of natural causes, than of my own hands. Fucking bastards.

      19. Cj – They have not fucking heart. This is why I tell them exactly what I observe when I go in for visits. Pops, taught me some good moves to play on these type of people who take the advantage of those who are in need. Fucking dirt bag criminals. Listening to your situation, Ex va’s, Lem’s, James, it never ends. They are wrecking the lives of Veterans. The ones that protected their rights of freedom in the first place. Asinine buttfarting baboons.

      20. @cj, @ANutterVet, I have had spasms in my back and thought i was having a heart attack. This week has been rough. Pain really bad. I have heart problems, no heart attack. They have given me nitro for my heart a couple times. Nothing like what you guys have been thru. Cj, glad you are still here. Glad you both are. Cj, it sounds like you don’t have the pain under control. I am that way too. It is bad i know. You have to keep trying different things to get some relief. Chronic pain is the worst i think. Maybe meds not working as good as they should. I hate the med changes, been thru that so many times.

      21. @ ANutterVet, i will join you in some coffee. I have to watch that too sometimes. Sometimes it helps, sometimes makes my anxiety worse.

      22. @Ex va – I’ve cut down a lot. Caffeine worsens pain and anxiety. But, I love my java joe.

      23. @ANutterVet: Veterans talk to each other about these issues, not family members. There is noway in hell I would ever openly speak about this with them, or anyone else for that matter. I am with you….time for another pot of Joe.

      24. @ANutterVet: I think we should end this conversation, I do not want another vet, that may be sitting on the fence, to see this and use it as a justification. Let’s not ever bring this subject up ever again………..for the good of the veteran community.

      25. @cj – OK Brother. But also do me a favor, and not to mention that you’re going to end it and it’s not at all what is happening. Remember you mentioned it before. I understand what you’re saying. As you probably have, I too have lost friends. Brings backs many memories on all sides of the subject matter. Case closed. Milk, sugar, both, or just black for your coffee?

      26. @ cj, i know what you mean about talking about the issues. I have tried a few times on how bad i can feel. It hurts them so i don’t talk about that. If i hurt bad sometimes i tell them some of it. They don’t want you to go bottom line.

      27. @Ex va: First, good afternoon Ex va. You are on point again, it hurts them. So I use a hear no evil, see no evil approach. I don’t want my dark side to soil them.

      28. @cj, good afternoon, i did get some sleep and i have been dragging myself today. Hurt all over this weather messing me up bad. Every time i hear someone getting justice it makes me feel good. I am waiting too for my justice. It isn’t easier, the waiting but, i think i will have justice one day. Everything points to no but i am believing it for some reason. I can’t explain it. I feel things are going to change. If you asked me this 6months or a year ago i would have said NO! Now it feels different, i have some hope. Didn’t think i would feel this way with all of what i am going thru.

      29. @Ex va: I am sorry, I didn’t catch that last sentence. Of course they don’t want you to go. I don’t think anyone would wish that on anyone, on that we can agree 🙂

      30. @Ex va, @ANutterVet: It does seem as though a better day is comming as far as the V.A. goes, you can tell a difference in the past year. ANutterVet LOL @ Asinine buttfarting baboons. Now how exactly am I suppose to erase that from me head? I wanna put that on t-shirts, hoodies, and sweats, and hats, for when we march on D.C.

      31. The chant is a toung twister for sure: Veterans for Justice:
        AND THE
        AFGE GOONS

      32. I spelled tongue wrong………oh well…………who ever told you I could spell was oviously yanking your chain.

      33. Let me put the jingle to the jangle:

        Veterans for Justice

      34. @cj, @ANutterVet, yeah, the baboons keep appearing in my brain with the butt farts. ROFL!!!!! Like the cupcakes in the rain…. I still laugh about that one!!! LOL!!!! It was hard not to view it several times and not end up laughing…..This is a crazy world we live in. We have to laugh about things, take the seriousness out sometimes. I need to go to the store today, not looking forward to it i can hardly walk.

      35. @Ex va: Hey remember, at our age we can get away with an awful lot. Get one of those motorized shopping carts, and either a honk horn, or a ringy bell. and ” accidentally” run into things and make a mess, like a bull in a china shop. Have fun with it, The it might become your favorite new sport………….. ooops sorry, aww damn, crap I didn’t mean to do that, my appologies. hahahaha…………I just might join you, this could be the most fun I had in ages……….

      36. @cj, @Ex va – Should borrow one and take it to the VA. Oops, I’m sorry Ma’am. Shootz, I’m sorry again. Shit, I’m not sorry, this really feels good. Forget your dam scripts, I like this better because it works. [then you really learn how to drive one of these carts]. Let me leave my skid mark on your face. Get up, so I can knock you down again. You’ve been doing this to me for to dam long. Payback time! I’m a sicko in thought.

      37. Ok, guys, I have to join the world for the rest of the day. Will catch you later tonight. Hope all of Bens blog people have a great day. God Bless you all.

      38. @ cj, yeah I remember the mischief… the coughing in school and saying bull___! Yeah, i have run into things with the shopping cart on accident. Those things are hard to operate. Next time i will laugh instead of getting upset. Maybe i can get them to clear the aisles better. LOL!!! They want to put up those little stands in the aisles. Drives me crazy!!! I think we could make that jingle of yours working. JUST SAY HEY, hey, ho, ho, remove those asinine buttfarting baboons have to go. LOL!

      39. @Ex va: @ANutterVet: I hope your guys day hasn’t been to bad of a day., I like your chant better…’s good, real good.

    2. Dennis, I hope other VA supervisors or managers are seeing the handwriting on the wall….and start calling out their bosses for their corrupt behavior, or go down with their boss.

  55. I hope that there is more investigations and action is taken where required. My dad died in a VA hospital. He was literally used as a lab rat. I refuse to go to the VA until it is straightened out.

  56. This must have been in process before the inauguration. But it bodes well for Shulkin as a VA Sec pick. The OAR is very probably as overloaded as the BVA. So these things take far too much time.

    1. It does NOT bode well for Shulkin, as it’s another game of whack a mole. He was relocated to a VAMC in Missouri and others swapped around as well. He was not removed as in sent home without pay or even home without pay…just relocated. Same old same old.

      1. @Namnibor, @Crazy elf, @Lem, @Dennis – VA employees even have protection during wrongdoings. If something like this happened in the private sector of a reputable company, he would have been sent home [like @Namnibor stated], with or without pay.

        The culprit would have been removed from any property in which the company owned until a thorough investigation was completed. This then would be beneficial for the company [VA in this matter], the protection of Veterans, other VA employees, and for the dam criminal. Oh, I’m sorry, are we still in the allegation phase?

        I’d also review and interview other employees that were associated with this character during the whole time period of employment with the VA. VA investigators need to expose the tactics in which bad seed employees are using to commit such offenses.

        When many top level administrators are committing acts that are subjective to dismissal, there usually are a common core of tactics that these individuals are using. Just saying. Its like living on an island, when something good or bad happens everyone knows it.

        VA employees have way to much protection, which is detrimental to the healthcare and welfare of Veterans. At this point, I give no thought to the protection of VA employees. Corrupt employees are taking advantage of the loopholes in the VA system.

        Like I said before, I’ll bet that many Administrators are talking with each other pertaining to the ways to get around the system for the sole purpose of their greedy ambitions. Just saying.

      2. @ ANutterVet, you are right on target with you statements. This is just a drop in the bucket to what is wrong in the va medical care system.

      3. @Ex va – Would have posted earlier, but my wife and I had to interview our new K9 walker.

        Per my follow-up reply to your post- All the signs are there. I’ve seen this many times during my experience as a Working Lead Person, Quality Control Inspector, Production Line Designer, and HR Trainer for Prospective Hires with Doctorate Degrees. All positions held in one of the worlds well known pc, printer, and calculator manufacturer. Hint: the business was first started in a garage in California. And, believe me, their management is not what is use to be. Greed has creeped its way into this company like it has the VA.

      4. @ANutterVet — Yes, a systemic problem needs to be treated like an infection, not continual whack a mole. Corruption breeds corruption. Corrupt ratty rats.

        Just *maybe*, these recent “removals” (aka being fired in the real world outside the VA’s dome), is a start of a trend? Popcorn? Peanuts? (however, I doubt the beer mogul supposedly helping Shulkin will share any suds)

      5. @Namnibor – If they are active like our new Prez, then we should see more actions of investigations, removal, and of course, transfers to their best interests. Like bacteria, when the specific gravity of the media, proper nutrition, optimal temperature, and relative humidity are at the appropriate levels or measurement, then for sure the corruption will spread like as easily as bacteria in its initial but lethal growing phase.

        Since I believe the corruption not only runs deep, it rampant. And, if the new VA leaders that are approved to fill vacant positions truly want to reform, reorganize, the VA in order to adhere to its original Mission Statement, then Ben will have a lot of information to keep him busy with publishing new educational and informational articles.

        FYI to others that post- For clarity and ease of reading, like newspapers, the best way to write a post is on a 6th – 8th grade level. No disrespect to anyone, but in this manner, the majority of viewers when reading our posts, will not get lost in over the head eloquent writing styles. For the ease of comprehension, without readers scratching their heads during their first rea-d of a post, please write on a 6th – 8th grade level.

        And when writing for clarity, when using acronyms, please reveal what each letter stands for. Then afterwards, it is acceptable to use the short version: the acronym. No offense, just only saying.

        The reason that I say this, is because I believe that there are more individuals that view Ben’s blog compared to the number who post a comment. In this way, when a new viewer reads something, they will know what you’re talking about and will be less confused. Therefore, increasing the probability of returning.
        No offense, again, just saying.

      6. I suspect the current 6th to 8th grade reading level is quite a bit above what you believe, Nutter.

        I haven’t seen anything on this thread that my 12 year old grand nephew couldn’t read. He also has the skills to look up acronyms and expanding his vocabulary. Did you just try to put down some you’ve been calling names?

      7. @Lem , @Ex va, @cj, @Namnibor, @91Veteran- Hey Lem, you’re the only one that balked at my statement. As a matter of fact, the comments that I’ve received were quite positive. If you think my comment was directed at you, well fucking think on in your own mind. And, why are you getting so offensive? If I was taking about you, like I am now, I say it. A friendly fuck off to you. Not in the mood for your fucking shit today! Read all of my posts and other comments by others. You’re mother fucking ass’s attitude is getting quite close to ex-Ben blogger J. Don’t post to me until you change you demeanor. If not, again, a friendly non-offense fuck off.

      8. @Lem – No worries Brother. Lets just help those in whom we can from our own experience and perspective. At this point, we’re not outnumbered, we’re out powered. We need to tip the scales on these people.

      9. @ ANutterVet, i agree with the use of acronyms, i get lost at times myself too. I will try to remember to type out the word first and then use an acronym later. With the latest survey that was on Ben’s blog there is hundreds of people reading these articles.

      10. Ex va – It’s almost the same as when you visit a website. If its too hard to read, or it makes them confused [especially scratching so much that now the person has a bald spot], they will go somewhere else. It benefits all Veterans if Ben’s blog attains more people that not only post, but they also spread the word so that more people visit. Then when they visit, they aren’t intimidated or confused when they read a post that has many acronyms. This applies not only to new visitors, but others as well like yourself. And, I mean disrespect to anyone by my comments. Its a principle that many other journals, magazines, paper, and other media use as well. Just saying.

      11. @ ANutterVet, I agree. Need not to turn away or confuse more readers if we want the word getting out.

      12. Ex va – More to come. A little bit at a time. I don’t want to overload anyone. There is a lot of good information that is being shared by Veterans on Ben’s blog. Don’t want to see anyone turned off or confused by reading something that they don’t understand what is being said. Just saying.

      13. ANutterVet, I agree administrators may be talking to each other, but I have another thought.

        This comment may be long, but I think it would be worth the read.

        Are some VA managers finally growing some guts and turning on some rats above them?

        These were other managers who turned him in. Clearly they had enough evidence to get him reassigned. Did they turn him in because someone wants the directors job? Did they turn him in because they are afraid they might get axed for following the directors illegal orders? Or are some of them just tired of the crap, and they now see a chance to get rid of a tyrant?

        With whatever happened, I cannot see that director returning to that hospital. A directed reassignment like this isn’t done because of a minor disagreement or even their policies causing bad care for a veteran. This was something serious enough to recommend that this guy be moved until an investigation confirms what they already have evidence of.

        I mentioned all the phone calls I got in another comment. I got another call from another person wanting to make sure everything was resolved and I had any other questions…and then got another email from the director foliwing up.

        Something has lit a serious fire under them.

        I mentioned a few days ago about a focus group advertised on their Facebook page. I called and told the meeting was scheduled for today. I didn’t get a follow-up call or email confirming it, but went anyway.

        The lady coordinating it seemed nervous that she didn’t return my call or email.

        Only about 10 people were there, and at least 9 veterans in the meeting. All but me were other VA employees, while 1 other older vet was a volunteer.
        I don’t know if this thing is a national program, but the guy leading it mentioned giving the same talk in Tucson.

        It was a very eye opening experience.

        Although a few VA employee veterans talked, they still seemed nervous with one of the directors staff sitting in the back. They too were not happy with how the VA is run, with one female vet talking about hoops to jump through to see her PCP even as a VA employee and another vet talking about advertising of these services. He said it has not been done very well if even he as an employee didn’t know about them.
        The topic was on Same Day services from your primary care, asking if vets got phone calls within 24 hours, scheduling when needed or getting same day care.
        Phone calls and secure messaging were talked about, and how phone calls might not even be returned depending on who the vet called.
        The female vet also talked about the long wait for the ER for simple problems. The response was that they are bringing back some kind of nurses triage who will be staffing a desk to help veterans with any problem on a walk in basis, whether it’s getting an appointment, prescription or actual emergency care.
        The other surprise was the mental health clinic manager saying they had a walk In service, and an Incident Response Team they could call in if a veteran was having a crisis.

        The topic went back to advertising that these services were even available if VA employees were not even aware of them.
        Towards the end, the female vet brought up Choice, and everybody acknowledged what a disaster it is for anyone to use it. There was mention of a need to educate vets about Choice since vets are getting Choice consults without even knowing it until a vet is called from some stranger asking for their SSN.
        I said it would help vets considerably just knowing there were Choice champions available to help vets through the process. I said it was 45 days into the process before I found out about them, and the female vet employee said, “yeah, the Choice people like to keep themselves hidden”.

        Choice is supposed to be a future topic, with these meetings held once a month.

        They also said these Choice people were going to be moved into the hospital so they could better help vets.

        Something has gotten their attention.

        If I had any suggestion for vets, it would be to use Secure Messaging. They are required to respond to those within 24 hours.

      14. @91Veteran – I read your informative read. I’ll respond to your post after some thought. I agree, something is happening in your area, but in mine, no osmosis, yet.

      15. @91Veteran – Hey Brother, I hope it’s the guts of other employees having enough of the way that the system is running, The people on the front line are the best assets in the VA. They have seen a lot of things that aren’t right, and many would like to see positive changes.

        It might be that as a “sort of cleaning the house” effect is happening, that these employees may be getting enough nerve to speak out. As well as it should be at all times. This has been a real big problem for the VA. Most likely, from what I’ve deduced, is that there is a lot of intimidation by a powerful few. I don’t believe that all VA employees are problem employees. It doesn’t make sense. Or, who knows, due to the VA being so deep rooted in being smug, that the problem could be a systemic.

        As far as this director goes, if he has committed offenses he should be used as an example. Give him his due pay [or not, depending what the situation is], finalize termination, and show him the door. No pass go, no collect da monies, no nadda, el zippo, zero, and not even a transfer to another facility so to stop the infection from spreading.

        Per the meeting you attended, it sounds as though there was a lot of positive insight and suggestions. The good thing is that at least people are talking and revealing things that need to be changed.

        The Choice program, in which I was in, is all screwed up. Many employees involved are either holding onto information, or not completely informed of the program, or they could care less. When I was in the program, the VA employees didn’t even know if the providers were in the system or not. And, I received many notices of recorded times that they said they called, but there was no record on my caller ID and no messages in voicemail. I also was told that they were going to have the Appointment Staff to call me, and they never called. Who knows what is up with that program.

        I believe it was on August 1, 2014 that the VA sent the Choice Cards out to Veterans. It was the same day that I received a denial to see an outside orthopedic surgeon because of multiple reasons. One reason was that the VA surgeon was a goof ball. I didn’t trust him one bit.

        Namnibor, the gist that I get from your post is that there is hope of changes catching on, and possibly spreading positive changes through the VA system. And, I hope so too. In order for this to be accomplished, new VA leaders should implement changes that effect better care of our Brothers and Sisters. Its a wait and see game. Time will definitely tell.

      16. @91Veteran –Yes, I think like piranha in a school, the union will actually consume each other in a mad feeding frenzy in the congo, as it goes with union swamp beasts.

        The delayed onslaught of Trumphobia is bound to make the ratty rats toss each other under the bus and if there’s any reward or bonus involved, definitely union piranha feeding frenzy will ensue.

  57. If I read the article, and Ben’s blog, correctly, the director is now shuffling paperwork instead of being in charge of a VHA!?!?
    That the investigation isn’t completely finished, tells me he could get shuffled around to another VHA!

    Of course, we heard nothing from the committee, asking Shulkin, about this.
    As a matter of fact, there wasn’t anything asked by committee members about any of the egregious acts committed by VA employees, contract officials, healthcare providers being hired with fake documents, etc., from top to bottom, about anything pertaining to anything!!!!!!

    So, when will the committee start asking pertinent questions?

    1. I am thinking that committee confirmation hearings of Shulkin are as well-rehearsed as any VA Public Affairs statement at this point.
      Just look how many VA Directors they had to shuffle around (whack a mole 101) in order to just move him to shuffling papers in Missouri. The statement also suggests that *other* upper management in that VISN are implicated in *whatever* this VA fire is and the VA is tight-cheeked about any details. (yes, take that ‘tight-cheek’ to mean any body part your imagination takes you).

      1. Yea, namnibor, I gotta feeling this isn’t going to be what we want it to be! Massive firing at many VHA’s and VBA’s nationwide.

        Only, with all the other bullshit that’s been going on, (ie: RIOTS, VIOLENT DEMONSTRATIONS, etc., I gotta feeling it’s going to take time to see more and more firings at VA’s nationwide.


        namnibor, check this out,
        “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns”
        Published today, (3/2/17).

        “Liberals are Outraged- President Trump is going to deport illegals who are on welfare!”

        And Guess what, this law he’s using has been on the books for 100 years! This ain’t a misprint – its actually a “100 year old law!”
        I gotta feeling we’re going to see lots of “old laws” being used to carry out saving America, and Americans, from what Democrats have led us into!

      2. namnibor,
        Remember this one fact. President Trump’s two official things as POTUS are;
        1) To be Commander in Chief of ALL the military.
        2) to “…enforce all laws…” (as written in the Constitution.)!

      3. I am all down for VA fraudsters and abusers and scammers to be FIRED but as this article suggests, as usual, he’s only been REMOVED and so starts the whack a mole game on the V.A. Titanic.
        The INFECTION yet again has just been relocated to fester and infect another location no matter WHAT role he is performing,…or not.
        The VA has damaged many a Veteran lives by “Shuffling Paper” and this removed director to shuffling papers does not mean he is harmless to Vets in that role…maybe he should have been sent home on leave to “RECOVER” on paid leave, just like the VA Medical Assistant that killed a Veteran in a Louisiana VAMC was and still is as far as we know? That VA THUG has been on paid leave for what, two years now? I really wonder if it’s connected since the State was filing charges since the VA dropped it?

    2. They will only start asking those questions when Isaakson can no longer take the ribbing from his colleagues in the Senate gym while he’s trying to concentrate on not falling off the Stairmaster.

      1. LMAO! 🙂 🙂

        Although it must be a forklift retrofitted to work as a Stairmaster with a gravy boat above with a crazy straw! 🙂

  58. Would this happen to be the same Director/VISN that the VA Medical Assistant beat a Veteran in his hospital bed to death via blunt force trauma? Would THAT be what the locals were trying to garner the VA upper management’s attention about or something entirely different this time?

    “[The VA has not provided any detail regarding the nature of the allegations against Mathew or identified any of the other senior leaders referenced in the statement. they also have not clarified whether the allegations stem from a single incident or a broader or systemic issue.]”

    Oh, and thanks Benjamin. Learned a new word today from your article; ‘behest’-noun

    1. a command or directive.

    2. an earnest or strongly worded request.

    Let’s just hope that the punishment for whatever it is, is not simply a game of whack a mole. This director was moved already to a non-supervisory position in MS. Want to bet he stews there and creates more problems in coming days?

    “[The VA says Overton Brooks VAMC Associate Director Zachary Sage will serve as Acting Medical Center Director of the hospital through February 5. After that, Richard Crockett, Deputy Medical Center Director at Central Arkansas Veterans Health Care System in Little Rock, will assume the position of Interim Medical Center Director on February 6 until further notice.

    VA officials report veterans will receive no interruptions in service during this transition.]”

    1. Is today’s steel trap reinforced limited VA statement Isaacson’s new morning exercising without bad VA news policy that Shulkin is following suit with? Almost a non-public statement.

      1. That worthless POS Isaakson is just upset over it becoming public how non existent his oversight is before he finishes taking a dump.

        As for your question above, I doubt that director was reassigned based on that beating. They ignored that elderly veteran being beaten to death for over 2 years, so nothing from that really would have caused his move.

        No. I believe he acted like a tyrant. His own staff turned him in, which means they had plenty of time to gather evidence…They just needed to wait for someone to get out of the SecVA seat such that others will now listen.

        There is a reason they are saying he was moved to a non supervisory position. That can only be he was highly incompetent or giving illegal orders to his staff.

      2. We also are talking about the VA so stretch your imagination a bit…this now ex-director just as easily could have been spending too much time in the morgue or playing trick or treat at the pharmacy…who knows?!! 🙂

      3. I knew a va director who at helping veteran homeless and other events wore a cape, hat and carried a can wearing a three piece suit. This was his dress up attire for functions. He looked like Kramer on Seinfeld. I didn’t know who he was i thought he was someone from mental health. He was walking like Kramer showing off his outfit. He was the one over the surgical incidents that they transfered to a VISN position.

      4. @ namnibor, ROFL!!! In a professional environment i was just stunned. I asked someone, “who the hell is that?” They said it is our director. Bizarre!!!

    2. THE V.A. “swamp” is obviously not being drained enough …SHULKIN?????? c’mon…..all this other doublespeak isn’t going to work on this veteran…I can’t quite figure what Trump ‘got’ by selling out what he said as far as “taking care of our vets….I am hearing about all the other bullshit he is spewing and nothing at all about we vets….I voted for you Don and now am kicking myself in the ass….same old bullshit about the V.A. and the same old cover-ups; i.e. the situation with the killing and wounding in Yemen of our own..u should be totally ashamed are definitely a rookie pres

      1. I just returned today from senator Bennett’s office in pueblo, Co. His aid looked at my stack of papers, Evidence to prove that a VA employee falsely accused me of disruptive behavior and did so with the blessing of the Chief of Staff and the director at the Denver VA.

        I had a cover sheet of about 10 pages that gave the history of how it all went down. I had a complete packet of evidence to support my claim. The Aid just copied the History and no evidence. She stated I will speak with my Guy at the Colorado Springs a John Griego and After I told her about how the VA lied about my records being lost in the saint louis fire in 1973 and how the VA refused my disability for 40 year until I hired an attorney.

        How the VA denied my claim for disability for a TBI, that I did not know I had and how the employee was not required to provide any proof period, how the VA has threatened me with Federal Charges and Arrest and Banishment from all VA care because of the lie.

        The aid stated I don’t think we can do anything. I asked have you heard about the New Holman Rule. Reply NO, so I explained it to her. Telling me how sorry she was about what happened to me and how it was a shame that an employee could do this. I told her A Shame, Its not A Shame it a crime. To Slander someone with out having to provide any proof and admitting they had no proof.

        Asked what I wanted the end game to be. A letter from the Director stating that I was wronged and my records would reflect that and I wanted the employee to be Terminated per the Holman rule and Or I wanted someone to give me permission to file a law suit against the employee and the VA for letting this happen.

        I think I was holding her up from her weekend duties. Did not seem to concerned. I told her you know someone must put a Bug in the senators Ear. The way I see it is that the people elect a Senator. But many people don’t know that they really hired other people to Run the Show for the Senator and that’s as far as it goes. The Senators don’t get involved, they let someone else do it for them and what ever the Aid does that’s it and the Senators don’t ever hear about what the citizens have been through.

        So, what is a Senator Job ? The Swamp is even bigger than we thought. I almost forgot that I e-mailed McDonalds office twice and those messages were deleted from my computer. That is telling me that the VA has the power to get into your computer.

      2. @james: From my experience, Congressmen, and Senators are worthless. You recite a law, you tell them all your asking to have that law enforced. The V.A. in turn tells them to fuck off, they do, and you are back to square one. One big circle-jerk. No surprise here why so many Vietnam veterans have died of cancer, and all kinds of shit waiting on AO litigation. Then after the courts ruled in the favor of the vets………………they still get the run around. Here doggie doggie, nice boy, lay down, roll over, sit, gimme your paw. Pat on the head…good boy….and then the hammer drops……………NO!!!!

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