Phoenix VA Executives

After 2 Years, Three More Phoenix VA Execs Fired

Phoenix VA Executives

Three more execs have been fired from Phoenix VA immediately following a decision from the Department of Justice to not support a law vital to Sharon Helman’s termination.

Those employees terminated were Lance Robinson, associate director at the Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center; Brad Curry, the chief of Health Administration Service; and Dr. Darren Deering, the hospital’s chief of staff.

If Helman is able to appeal her way back into her job following the massive White House refusal to support an accountability law it supported, she will be without her comrades… unless of course they appeal.

Phoenix VA staff tried to set up a petition to nix the termination but apparently VA Central Office took the trite gesture as more of a bad thing. Now, Deering and three others were fired for “negligent performance of duties and failure to provide effective oversight,” according to a VA press release.


Sloan Gibson had this to say about the termination:

“We have an obligation to veterans and the American people to take appropriate accountability actions as supported by evidence… While this process took far too long, the evidence supports these removals and sets the stage for moving forward.”

This announcement and termination came after Robinson and Curry were originally suspended in mid-2014 for their involvement in the wait list scandal and whistleblower retaliation. In January, the duo was taken off leave and given administrative jobs.

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They are now fired and will need to explain how the hell they were terminated from a cushy government job at the most scandalous agency in the nation. It is obviously impossible to get fired from VA, and these three bozos figured out the mystery to get it done.

Congrats you three. Now that you are fired, let’s hope positive changes will follow at Phoenix VA.


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  1. If your a lier than you should be fired, there is no reason for anyone in VA to think it is there responsability to do anything but the jobs they are given to best of thier abilities, no lying, no being deceptive, or feeling they are above the law to screw over Veterans for a living, Instead of just doing a job as American taxpayers would want. Somehow it has become the screw the Veterans show and make sure we do what is best for VA and not necasarrliy the Veteran. Fire them all and start over as they have proven to just be trouble that is a continual strain on taxpayes, set up to divert funds from Veterans in need to all there own needs. Totally disfunctional for original mission.

    1. Agree. Many Many veterans have been dupped out of their deserved disability !

      Those people need to serve jail time. Crimes against the disabled !

      When found out that the VA Refused a veteran of his disability because they hid their record’s or other season’s those veterans should be granted back pay from when they first applied. !

      No. If’s ands or but’s. !

      No excuses. Example: regional office has told hundreds of veterans Their official military records were destroyed in the saint Louis ?.

      And come to find out that was a lie and it was found out that they had those records all along !

      Took me forty year’s to find this out and when I advised the regional office. That I should have been given back pay from 1973.

      The response I got from the VA employee. Was yes you Should have !

      Hand then laughed at me. Stating you would have but you let your claim lapse.?

      What a scam. ! Dupping veteran by lieing !

  2. Gibson the Terminator? I think Gibson I wanna job in the next administration is more like it.

    Question is, why wait to fire them until after Lynch decided to ignore her oath?

  3. Ben. I made a donation. How do I know you received it.?

    Thanks for your hard work. It’s not much. But I know that every penny helps.

    Just wish I could give you enough to shame these people to the point they can not look another veteran in the face. !

  4. VA ONE BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY AFGE UNION CONTRACTS FROM HELL VA DEATHCARE IS SATANIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lots of votes. What do you expect from this special interest group?

  6. When I fired someone when I was in management in the private sector, they were gone the same day. This is the VA at its finest. In the two years, over a million dollars in salaries plus the cost of benefits were paid to these three. And, worse of all, it doesn’t phase the morons who support the VA, like the supposed veteran organizations such as the VFW, DAV, etc.

    1. these 4 va sewage rats should be in federal prision asap va deathcare one big federal rico crime racket from hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Dan. May I ask you a question.? If one of your employees claimed another employee did something wrong. But was unable to prove it to you. What would you Do to eather employee?

      Fresh look at things from the private sector. !

      Just a question. Nothing more.


      1. It is difficult to answer without a specific example. I’ve had employees accuse other employees of everything from theft of personal items, theft of company assets, sexual harassment, cheating customers, assault, threatening to expose personal information, cheating on time cards, to you name it, short of murder.

        First, I would consider the credibility of the employee making the accusation and then their motivation for making the claim.

        If it was criminal in nature, I would have law enforcement involved based upon either physical evidence, corporate records or corroborating statements. If not criminal in nature, occasionally I would have the the person making the accusation repeat it in front of the person they are accusing. You can learn a lot by watching the interaction and reactions of the two.

        I have terminated both union, non-union and management personnel. However, the one thing which was foremost in any disciplinary decision came in this priority; what was best for our customers, what was best for the company, what was best for the employee. I believe if the VA looked at their whistle blowers in that order, we would have a much better VA.

  7. Ben ? It’s amazing how one person can start the ball rolling in the right direction !

    And you my friend did it. ! I’m so pleased to have you fighting for your fellow veterans !

    So many have no idea. What you have accomplished. !

    You made my day and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. !

    Thank you. !

    All veterans will know your name one day. !

  8. If the “Commission on Care’s” rough draft report has enough egregious acts against VA, maybe the people in government will listen.
    Maybe the report needs more in it. Maybe someone will listen.


    I’m with namnibor on this one.
    How long will it be for these asswipes to team up with Helman? Or how long will it be those punks will sue for their jobs back?
    If they get their jobs back. Will we see them in another state?
    I just don’t see them giving up without a fight!

    1. They are very special Genetically Modified Floaters, or to satisfy the love of acronyms, ‘G.M.F.’s’.

      Also, it would not surprise me one bit if Obama has his DOJ ‘Lynch’, go to bat for these Federal Criminals. Insane, I know, but that’s how bad things have become…expect the dastardly unexpected.

      1. @namnibor
        What really should have happened to those asswipes is “jail time!” for the multiple criminal acts they committed. But, we all know the DOJ will never persue anything against those “G.M.F’s”! You branded them correctly, brother!

        Haven’t heard anything on “The Candy Man”, YET!
        That’s probably still “being discussed in private and behind closed doors”!!

  9. 06/09/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Not one Arizona U.S. Representative or U.S. Senator has gone after the VA Problems; let alone Sharon Helman’s efforts to be re-instated into the “corrupt and fear based” institution.

    Sad part about it no Arizona State Senator, or State Representative had made a move; nor any County officials [some cannot write back/Bill Montgomery]; and the City of Phoenix is responsive [Hole in my Backyard Wall] and the Police stated it is a “Federal Matter.”

    The Governor Ducey has not been too vocal on the VA Scandal, after the failed attempt on moving the Veterans Funds [reversal in hours after receiving a letter hand delivered to his desk].

    This is a U.S. Problem and will it take U.S. People to solve the problems face the VA and other related organizations/corporations/unions/charities/and suppliers.

    This is why we have Elections—minus the Fiascos and the deliberate sabotage of the Americans ability to implement corrective actions that has been well demonstrated at the Capitol of Arizona Offices/County Offices; and the interference from the Gannett Corporation who really runs the town. “The Best Managed City” and the VA Hospital is smack dab in the middle of it—-what a slogan!

    What happened to the Management? Most individuals do not care, and I am sure Peter Drucker is rolling around in his grave [Claremont University]. Back in the 1990s the Slidematic employees gave him a heads up what was becoming the norm for management.

    1998 the Cox Report was released by the U.S. Representatives.


    Don Karg

  10. ….and what’s to prevent these -3- flunkies of the VA Clown School joining-up with Helman AND Deering in some form of a Class Action against the VA? I ask because we KNOW how hard it is to FLUSH a VA Employee because they always seem to hang around as “floaters” in the VA Enema Pot.
    Will this further embolden Helman or will the others grow magical consciences like mushrooms overnight, and pull down Helman and make her bio gradable in order to finally FLUSH her as well? 🙂 VA $hit tends to always float around for a while.

  11. A sudden display of limited accountability several weeks before the Commission on Care Report is coming out. From the Commission on Care’s website the rough draft include quite a bit about the VAs failure to hold employees accountable.

    By holding out until now the VA not only has given the Three Stooges and their attorneys enough time to set up the work around, but also the VA can claim a level of accountability by the temporary firings.

    1. Yup, Sloan Gibson is one to talk about buzz words like responsibility and accountability. He asked Zeldin to support his 180 BILLION dollar budget but when asked about John Mitchell forgot to tell Indy VBA Director Michael Stephens to follow the law. Or, even his own Brad Flohr who also perverted the law and called Zeldin’s guy a liar and bragged he would say it to his face. By noon Zeldin’s guy had an apology.

      All are still ignoring the law and my husband is now alone in Alaska. His blood is directly on McDonald’s hands.

      1. @Robin Mitchell

        I hope your husband is doing better.

        What do you actually believe “McDuck”, “Gimpy Gibson”, “Slimey Shulkin” or the other punks will do? What’s Zelden’s “attack plan!”
        I hope it’s not like “Maybe Miller”, (R-Fl.) is doing. You know, saying “It’s unacceptable”, then hide away for awhile!

        Can Congress hold McDuck, or the other ingrates, in “contempt” for not turning in his report?

        Can you tell us more about that “piss test”/$150 was all about.

      2. A veteran was accused of coming up hot on a VA piss test so he went right to a private lab. The VA sec used equitable relief power congress gave him to pay for the private lab.
        I don’t know what Zeldin has planned but watch the video of him boxing in Shulkin. Then he goes for the kill shot. I asked if Anyone was fired.

        Smart man. Youngest at the time to pass the NY bar at 23. I doubt Bob’s lawyers can say that.

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