NFL Team New Orleans Saints

NFL Team Attacks Disabled Veteran Who Defended US Flag, Anthem

NFL Team New Orleans Saints

New Orleans – One NFL team attacked a disabled veteran for his “sad and divisive” refusal of an award ceremony “tainted” by NFL players sitting for the national anthem.

Last week, retired Navy commander John Wells turned down an offer from the New Orleans Saints to receive a public service award for his work supporting veterans as a veterans rights attorney. The award was to be given at a Saints’ game this past weekend.

Wells stated publicly he would not accept any award from the Saints due to continued “dishonorable actions” and “disrespect for the national flag” by the NFL and its players. Many Saints players have kneeled or sat for the national anthem this season. In October, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell decided the league will allow the protests to continue. Wells believes the protests are a sign of disrespect for soldiers, veterans, and the flag, his service in support of which is the basis for winning the award the veteran sharply declined.

The Saints then attacked Wells, saying his refusal to attend the Saints’ game to receive the award was “unfortunate and disappointing.” The team spokesperson further called the disabled veteran’s position in support of the flag and against sitting for the anthem “sad” and “divisive.”

So, somehow NFL players kneeling or sitting during the national anthem after taking Department of Defense advertising money is not “divisive,” but a disabled veteran’s public rebuke of NFL players public opposition to the anthem is “divisive” and also “sad”?

.@Saints owner should be embarrassed for attack on well-respected veterans rights attorney John Wells. Click to Tweet

About Attorney John Wells

Wells is a very well respected veteran with service-connected disabilities who honorably served in the US military for more than 20 years and retired as a Navy Commander. After retirement, Wells because an attorney to start his second career as a veterans rights activist located in Slidell, Louisiana.

Wells now runs Military Veterans Advocacy, a nonprofit that fights for the rights of veterans, and is a very well known attorney in the field.

These multi-millionaire prima donnas probably did not realize who they were messing with, though. Didn’t anyone tell them not to mess with a retired commander who later became an attorney?

It is not a move one would describe as possessing common sense and generally ill-advised, but since when did NFL players ever shy away from any decision lacking common sense?

The irony of this debate is that the Saints wanted to honor Wells for his service to the country and the flag he swore to protect, meanwhile, NFL employees are allowed to kneel or sit before the flag during the anthem after giving him the award. Wells thusly takes the gesture as hypocritical for actions he takes as insulting of his service.

I am not terribly surprised NFL players and NFL owners fail to see the terrible irony in this position. Could you imagine what the military would do to a soldier who refused to stand during the national anthem? What about any other employee who engages in political speech while at work?

Somehow NFL players believe they should get a pass while the soldiers protecting their way of life and the financial institutions enabling their multi-million dollar lifestyles. That might be fine, I guess, but I would appreciate it if the NFL did not act like a petulant child after being rebuked by a veteran for enabling the hypocrisy.

New Orleans Saints On John Wells

According to the NY Post, the Saints were disappointed that Wells would make his opposition to the NFL anthem protests public:

“We respect his decision, he has that right, and we thank him for his service to our country and his past efforts on behalf of the military and veterans,” the statement read. “Throughout Mr. Wells’ media appearances today, he has stated he no longer supports NFL football.

“That is unfortunate and disappointing considering the New Orleans Saints’ unwavering 50-plus year commitment to honor, support and recognize our servicemen and women and veterans. We will not allow Mr. Wells’ decision and subsequent media appearances to distract our players and organization from continuing to honor and support our military and veterans.”

The team said it now plans to “move on from this sad and divisive discourse” and return its focus to supporting the nation’s service members and their families.

“We could not be more proud of the work our players do in the community and with our military, arguably a model program in the league,” the statement continued. “Our players have been clear and steadfast in their support for our military and veterans — not just with their words but with their actions — including visits with the military at home and abroad.”

Out of one side of its mouth, the Saints belittle this disabled veteran’s speech opposing the national anthem protests. Out of the other side of its mouth, in a press release, the Saints praise their club’s history supporting the military and the flag we swore to protect… at least until some on their team sat for the anthem without rebuke.

The Saints’ hyperbolic response reveals precisely how deluded many NFL employees have become of their undeserved elevated status in public discourse. Wells never said he does not support the NFL, but who really cares if he did?

As you will read below, Wells feels strongly that people should stand for the national anthem and failure to do so is a sign of disrespect for the country, the flag, and its military. Rather than be “hypocritical” by accepting an award for service to country before NFL employees disrespect the flag by sitting or kneeling, Wells correctly declined the award.

Apparently, the Saints have no qualm with Wells declining the award; they just wish the disabled veteran would have kept his speech about the flag private while its players publicly sit in opposition to what the flag stands for.

Wells’ Public Statement About Rebuke Of NFL Team Kneelers

Wells is a very well respected veterans advocate, and anyone knowing him well enough should not be surprised by his refusal of the award after the NFL refused to require its employees stand for the anthem.

John Wells David Shulkin
Attorney John Wells with VA Sec. David Shulkin, MD, in VA Central Office headquarters

About the award, NY Post wrote:

But Wells told the organization Wednesday not to expect him at the game, since he’s unable “in good conscience” to enter an NFL stadium where some players continue to “disrespect” the American flag by kneeling or sitting before or during the national anthem.

“Although I am touched and honored to be selected for such an award, the ongoing controversy with NFL players’ disrespect for the national flag forces me to decline to participate in the presentation,” Wells said in a statement, according to the Times-Picayune. “Since this award is tainted with the dishonorable actions of the NFL and its players, I cannot accept it. To do so would be hypocritical.”

Wells, a disabled vet who served from 1972 through 1994, said he “hoped and prayed” that Roger Goodell would ban the “disgraceful protests,” but the NFL commissioner announced in October that league owners will not force players to stand for the national anthem even though they agree that they should.

“Their failure to act is a slap in the face to all of those who have served in uniform,” Wells’ statement continued. “Men and women have fought and died for the flag that the players are disrespecting.”

Veterans Community Supports John Wells

Many of Wells’ supporters took to Facebook over the dispute showing support for the disabled veteran.

“While Cmdr Wells is first class in promoting health and well-being of the vets, and is most deserving of the Saints’ award, the Saints’ motivation does not strike me as genuine,” wrote James Leonard.

“Stand your ground to hell with them,” wrote another supporter. “They are only entertainers and poor ones at that.”

Floyd Trascher wrote, “Thanks again John for supporting our flag, country and veterans. Of course they don’t like it, not on their agenda.”

In a more lengthy rebuke of the NFL in support of Wells, Paul Perez wrote:

“I salute Retired Navy Cmdr John Wells for declining to receive the award the Saints want to give him tomorrow. His decision was based on the public disrespect some of the Saints players and other NFL players and coaches continue to show for the national anthem and flag he fought so hard to defend.

“In response, the Saints declared they’ve had an “unwavering 50-plus year commitment to honor, support and recognize our servicemen and women and veterans.” This is simply not accurate. If they did have such a commitment, the team would have admonished the players who sat during the national anthem.

“The team’s actions speak much louder than the hollow words in their statement.

“Mr. Wells and the rest of the country deserve an apology from the Saints and the NFL for tolerating disrespectful behavior from their players.”

My Personal Take On The New Orleans Saints

While I am not an anthropology expert on the state of affairs in the NFL, I can imagine that further attacks against veterans will not have a positive result for viewership and sales.

I used to watch the NFL regularly until I started my veterans rights legal practice. I frankly lack the luxury of watching multi-millionaire employees of billionaires run into each other at full speed in new stadiums funding by taxpayer dollars.

The money and the lifestyles it supports are obscene, while teachers and military soldiers are near poverty levels.

When movie stars and professional players step out of their screen characters and instead speak about politics, it breaks character and viewers tune out. That much is clear.

Still, more and more Hollywood stars continue to break character and more and more Americans tune out. And like in Hollywood, with dwindling viewership, pro-football is moving in the same direction. While NFL players would likely be better served, at least economically, by leaving politics off the field, basic supply and demand may run its course.

Consumers buy what they want to buy so long as it is supplied. When the market fails to provide the product customers want, they turn to alternative goods. Fewer Americans watch the NFL and many say it is because of the political speech before games.

Who knows where this could go if the NFL continues to thumb its nose at consumers?

Maybe ten years from now we will see a new sport, BASEketball, like South Park co-founder Trey Parker envisioned in his 1997 satire. If interest in football ever dwindled such that NFL players earned the wage of a teacher or Army sergeant, would Americans pay as much attention?


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  1. I think we are all quick to jump to a veteran’s side when we perceive an attack, but let’s rewind for just a second here. The Saints offered Mr. Wells an award and I’m guessing (because I wasn’t there) that they did this privately (because that’s how it’s usually done), and asked if he could attend. My guess (again) is that Mr. Wells then turned this into a public matter and politicized it. That, in my opinion, was not the right thing to do. We have far too much of that already going on, and he could have privately turned down the award, from what I gather. So, I do in some ways question his motives here….instead of turning down an award he decided to embarrass the people offering it to him. Is this an honorable thing to do?

    As I was thinking about this on the way home today, another thought struck me as peculiar….why is it disrespectful to kneel? Millions do this everyday while praying. Are we being disrespectful to our respective creators/religions? We’ve been trained (read brainwashed) to think of things through a narrow lens, but I don’t perceive what these guys are doing as disrespectful, and it’s in no way related to the flag or veterans (if you actually read up on it).

    1. I for one agree with you in your whole statement. But be prepared for attacks from others who don’t agree. Good Luck and Enjoy

  2. I see Papa Johns is pulling back on there advertisement with the NFL. They do make good pizzas but I will not buy one as long as they are connected to the NFL in any way.

    Wonder who will be the big advertisers for the next Cheaters Bowl, woops meant to say superbowl, this season. No doubt time slots will be selling cheap and someone can pick one up for a song and a dance. Who know maybe the race baiters over at BLM might even be able to afford one.

  3. The, So called, Saints NFL team this past weekend and their brawling on the field. What a worthless bunch of protesters.

    “Shortly after that incident, an odder one occurred in New Orleans, where the Saints defeated the Buccaneers, 30-10. In the third quarter, Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston, who was already out of the game and on the sideline with a shoulder injury, appeared to be pointing at something on the field but not trying very hard to avoid jabbing Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore in the back of the neck.

    Lattimore took exception and pushed Winston with one arm, at which point Evans sprinted over and gave the New Orleans rookie a much harder shove. That led to much more pushing and shoving between the teams, but the only penalty issued was a 15-yard flag on Evans for unsportsmanlike conduct.”

    Scumbags that’s all they are.


    1. I personally find it so Fricken laughable that all the trolls that are on this page today trying to support the disrespect of our Nations Flag and our National Anthem are all also claiming to be black. Even the regular troll “Lem” is now claiming he has been discriminated all his life because he claims to be 1/32 black. It truly does not show in your pictures Lem.

      Personally, I see both white and Black players disrespecting our Flag and our Anthem. What stands out to me is that John Wells stood up for our Flag and Anthem. I admire him for taking that stance.

      As for the pea-brained trolls that are trying to make this a race thing I have two words for you. Fuck You!!! And to the players who want to show disrespect for our Flag and our Anthem the same two words. Fuck You!!!

      Disrespecting our Flag and Anthem are not a white or black thing. The last thing I will do is listen to people who are so moronic they disrespect everyone else to try and get attention.

      1. Sounds like a Spoiled Brat who can’t play in the playground with others. I’m 100% Black and very Proud of it. But it sounds like ur Racist because you have a problem with other veterans being Black. Thank God u aren’t still in bc you just might be able to survive with all of those Black Military personal especially NC’s n Officers. Grow up

      2. You sounds like a total loser troll.

        What no threat? Loser!!

        Personally I don’t give a shit about some ones race. Clearly you do and your racism is showing you fucken loser!

      3. A jury convicted Swagerty of causing, inducing, persuading, or encouraging L.F., a person under the age of 16, to become a prostitute (“pandering”), and attempting to derive support from the earnings of a prostitute (“attempted pimping”). People v. Swagerty, No. C064210, 2011 WL 4017527, at *1 (Cal. Ct. App. Sept. 12, 2011).


      4. Yeah I️ mean Free Black American William Lawrence Antonio who won’t kiss Whitey Ass

      5. What this veteran going to do is right down ur name and trace ur relocation. Then im suing ur Ass for calling me a Pedophile. Don’t you know it’s against the Law accusing someone of a Crime. Have a nice day Whitey.

      6. William, if you go back and re-read many of your responses, you might just see that racial chip on your shoulder.

        You accuse others of racial motivations, but refuse to acknowledge your own racist thinking.

        If someone disagrees with you, they must be a white Trump supporter.

      7. 91veteran I’m not a Racist n my remarks aren’t either. If you don’t like it too bad. I’m done with White veterans tearing down the Black American veterans bc they exercise their Constitutional Rights. Maybe when you walk in our shoes as a Disrespected Group as Black Americans you just might understand. And as far as you other White Assholes who called me a Troll maybe ur White Racist Ass should look into the mirror. You have another Black Veteran who told you exactly the same thing as I️ did. The only Racist Here are the ones who attacked me because I won’t be a Ass Kissee or Slave and run and take my head n put it in the ground with my Ass in the air so you can Fk another Black American because he won’t do as you White Veteran want. I didn’t kiss your ass in Nam,60’s,70’s and I’m kissing White Ass now. I’m a Free Black American and of that makes me a Racist than shall be it. So now Kiss my Black Ass, Trumpettes

      8. Isn’t it interesting Seymore? Even attempting an honest discussion ends up with race baiting?

        There are none so ignorant as those who refuse to listen.

      9. I know what you mean 91Veteran.

        In this case though Mark is only here to disrespect everyone on this site with the 99% Bullshit he is spreading. His only intent is to troll this site without any meaningful dialog. He is nothing but a racist troll that has no respect for anyone.

  4. The Judges that said we don’t need to stand up for the National Anthem expect us to stand up when they enter the room…..

    1. @Oldmarine – – – You’ve got that right. If you don’t stand up when the Judge enters HIS courtroom (really the Peoples), you’ll have a World War break out on your freedom and life. – – – Nutter.

  5. Your comment here without detail is as chicken shit as the pathetic press statement put out by the Saints.
    Are you suggesting Wells didn’t deserve this award?
    Instead of being chicken shit, be like Wells and express your beliefs.

    I don’t take the Saints statement as attacking just him. Their words make clear they would attack any veteran if they believed it would somehow benefit them.

  6. This article has produced a lot of hot and touchy discussion. Now this is what America is all about. The only way that we can all be TRULY together, is if our land is attacked like at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Our shore’s were hit, but the other thing that was definitive in knowing who hit our land, is that we knew exactly who they were, where they came from, and who gave the order to hit us. Shit, sometimes this stuff utterly seems like frigging nonsense. Energies best used elsewhere. Live Veterans are suffering, this is more important to me. IMO. – – – Nutter.

    1. And pullleeeeeze, I’m not a War Monger, and I don’t like them. But you’ve got to admit, there was a flood of American’s signing on the dotted line, joining front and back of the line support groups, and much more. Are we clear? Any misunderstandings? Did I miss something?

      Hey @William Laurence Antonio – – – Look on your desktop, I’m sending you icon of cold imported beer. It’s cool Brother. We all have run ins, and outs. – – – Nutter.

  7. I happen to know Commander John Wells and have spent a week in August and this past October advocating on behalf of HR 299 the Blue Water Navy and HR 809 The Foster Act which address’s the use of Agent Orange on Guam, American Samoa and the Northern Marianas Islands. We met with Secretary Shulkin and also participated in a VSO summit where we showed the world that Guam and the other above locations are actually more contaminated than Saigon, South Vietnam. Commander Wells who has opened up the doors in Congress for many of us who have been shut out in the past. Instead of attacking someone who has done a lot of good for veterans, why not assist in the fight for all the veterans out there which have been used and abused by the government. I could careless about the Saints, or the NFL as a whole they are a non-entity for me. Commander Wells is a honorable man and until he proves himself unworthy of the trust that thousands of us veterans have placed in him and, myself included. He will continue to be my friend and fellow Vietnam/Vietnam Era veteran. Semper Fidelis.

    1. @Brian Moyer – – – Thanks for your post, and I agree with you post. Can you list the contact information of this group? They should hear what Veterans think that participate in Ben’s world. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

      1. Blue Water Navy Awareness and the Agent Orange Family and Veterans of Guam. Please also take in consideration you have Okinawa, Thailand and other locations where herbicides had been used. Just check in with Commander Wells site on Facebook the Military Veterans Advocacy page. Any and all veterans are Welcome to join us in our fight for justice. But if there are those who are coming over to the sites to be obnoxious we’ll just block the offending party. Thank you Sir! Fight the Good Fight! Semper Fidelis.

      2. @Brian Moyer – – – I was just looking to get contact info to add to my database. Joining other groups will just add to more messages. I’m an Investigative Research Biologist, and like to keep contacts to share with other Vets when I come across them. Didn’t they refer to the herbicides to something like the Rainbow colors, spraying in different locations, and using different herbicides in these areas? – – – Nutter.

      3. Yes, We have photos of Agent Orange, Blue, White and sworn affidavit’s to back up everything we say…. C’mon over to the Agent Orange Family and Veterans of Guam. Please ask to join and I’ll get you hooked with everything you need to assist you! Semper Fidelis!

      4. No doubt you are also aware that Agent Pink, as well as AO were stored at nearly every military facility on Okinawa throughout the ’70’s. We darn sure had our share of it at MCAS Futema.

        The Ryukyuan people are still dealing with the contamination from it to this day.

        Semper Fi!

      5. Agent Pink is bad but the atomic bomb of Agent Orange related herbicides is Silvex which has a dioxin level seven times higher than Agent Orange. Silvex was found in Fena Lake reservoir where we drew our water and also the ships that came into Apra Harbor, Guam took on fresh shore water that was contaminated with Silvex. It would be nice if Mr Krause would talk to us “other” Agent Orange Veterans and Commander Wells about what we are doing! Semper Fidelis!

  8. I read about this a few days ago, and thought the little amount I read of the Saints press statement was disgusting enough, but in reading it again and reading the complete statement, its difficult to think of it as nothing more than an angry rant put our by some little Social Justice Warrior in their PR department.
    Angry because Wells publicly declined rather than just be a good little sailor and either be used as a tool, or just shut up and go away.
    They are absolutely clueless when it comes to what some veterans think of their players childish tantrums. They think every veteran was some poor slob either drafted or who was poor and had no other opportunities. They have no idea what the flag, anthem or taking an oath means to some veterans. They can’t figure out why some veterans think their oath is something more than just a cheesy ceremony with fancy words.

    Their statement makes clear they have zero respect for Wells, the award they wanted to present as a PR move, the military, sacrifice, or what any of those mean. If they had any clue, they would not have just viciously attacked Wells for embarrassing them publicly, and believe me, it was a vicious attack showing disregard for everything else they claimed they support.

    They then insinuate Wells is the bad guy here wanting to create a distraction. Oh. You won’t ALLOW him to do that? Well whoopty fuckin do. That you can say that to a disabled veteran after the actions of your own players is just vile.

    Again, this was nothing more than an attempt to get good PR. They were not only embarrassed by a veteran who declined to be used, but they made the situation 10 times worse by then attacking the veteran.

    As for their cheap attempts to claim they support veterans, a good PR department would have cited specific examples rather than the vague bullshit they offered.

    As it is, look on Twitter or the Saints other social media sites. The only reference I saw of the military or veterans was of a soldier tweeting them some time ago. If their PR department wasn’t filled with nutless little angry snowflakes, you would see examples of their support for veterans.

    The Saints owner released a statement on Sept 29 about the kneeling tantrums and cited his own military service. Clearly the Saints PR department missed that memo since they decided to attack veterans instead.

    Let the Saints know what you think. Their Twitter account is @Saints. Drew Brees, their Quarterback, @drewbrees. The nitwit running their PR, @GregBensel.

    1. We are only stage props as Veterans and God forbid that the supply of public stage prop Veterans around Veteran’s Day becomes soiled by a Vet standing-up to fresh bullshit. The VA reacts accordingly when you stand-up to them. Hmmmm….I am seeing a pattern here. The DOD give NFL $$$ and in exchange the NFL gets to pick what stage prop Veteran(s) get utilized on the biggest show on earth. I fart in the general direction of football games these days…

      1. Yo, Brother Nam, pump it out. You seem to get more fired up when you have doctor or dentist appointments. What’s up with dat? – – – Nutter.

      2. I created really bad dental karma many decades ago when I ate on entire bag of generic oreo cookies before a teeth cleaning on a dare. But in all fairness, that particular dentist was an ass.

      3. Hey, namnibor,
        I shit in their general direction.
        They’ve shown their true colors! All they give a shit about is the monies and tax breaks they receive from the taxpayers!
        Remember Marge Schott? I wrote about her last year. She didn’t take one freaking done from any government agency. She, along with a few rich people [one was Ruth Lyons], built the [2nd] “Riverfront Stadium” in Cincinnati, Ohio years ago!
        When she spoke about veterans issues, people listened!

  9. From: “Gotcha News Network” on utube.
    Dated: 6 Nov. 2017
    (03:42 minutes long)
    “Massive Fight Breaks Out Between NFL Players! They Started Attacking One Another!

    Quote: “So much for the tolerance from the left!”

  10. I’m big on freedom of expression. I’m also a “fair” free market guy. Both seem to be in short supply these days. If these guys want to protest by kneeling – no problem. If they want to shit their collective nests and ruin their multi-million dollar gigs – no problem there either.

    I watch my NFL on Youtube on Sunday nights, e.g. Best passes, best runs, and specific game highlights. No protests, and no phony flag-waving. Soon enough, the NFL will probably ban or impede that too and want to make me pay. I won’t lose sleep from that either.

    We need to remain vigilant of our rights in this country – now more than ever. Especially our rights to criticize our country. Does the NFL BLM movement qualify – surely – to a degree. I also reserve the right to praise my country – but those opportunities seem to be overshadowed by a nearly omnipotent evil, the growth of which seems to be encouraged from all sectors of our crumbling social fabric.

    I shall now leash my dogma, and lay by my dish. or is it lie by my dish. fucking public school

  11. Off Topic Question for Posters and Readers – – – Is anyone being prescribed Carisoprodol (Soma) from a VA Primary Care Provider (PCP) or Pain Specialist, or under the care of VA Medical Provider, but seeing an Outside Provider too, and the outside provider prescribed you Carisoprodol (Soma).

    I’m in a conflict with VA, and if you have information that can help me, its appreciated. Thank you. – – – Nutter.

  12. I’m a Total and Permanent Disabled Vietnam Veteran and I happen to be a Black American that doesn’t appreciate how you, Trump and the News Media turned a Respectful Silent Protest against Black Americans being being murdered in America by Law Enforcement. The gentleman who started this was advised by a veteran to kneel during the anthem so he doesn’t get accused of exactly what you’re trying to claim. The Kneeling is about the Injustice in America and the Silent Protest did exactly what is needed in America. And that’s to face the ugliness in America on how Black Americans are being murdered by Law Enforcement and getting away with it , even with evidence proving their guilt. Before condemn the Black Athletes why not go get the facts first instead of spreading more lies. These professionals donate money to us Veterans and the Community but you rather jump on the bandwagon with Trump who has No Respect for us. When will you condemn Kidd Rock for tearing a American Flag to wear during his concert? When will you attack Trump for attacking Gold Stars Families? Or is it ur colored blind and only see Black, because I haven’t seen anything about Whites doing anything Disrespecting Veterans? Why not walk in our shoes and see what it’s all about before running your damn mouth.

    1. Why should it just be about “…Black Americans being murdered in America by law enforcement!”
      Especially since the facts are “MORE White Americans are killed by law enforcement than Blacks each year!”
      As far as this blog and the vets who comment on here are concerned. Any person who decides to make an issue about race, is automatically considered to be a “race baiter”!
      You have just proven how you don’t look at facts concerning what most vets wrote! No one, except you, made this a “RACE ISSUE!”
      You should be ashamed!

      No matter where a person grew up. No matter what skin color or other ethnic backround, I dare you to explain the following;
      Where are ALL these NFL, MLBasketball and MLBaseball millionaires at, when it comes to putting their money where their mouths are. When it comes to helping the inner cities?
      Or, are they just ALL talk?

      Lastly, Like I said earlier. In my 70 years of living on this planet, in the past 30 to 40 years, I’ve noticed a large drop in these reprobates not helping the People of the communities they came from!

      1. I brought up Race because if you read what I wrote that’s what the protest is all about. But again you rather not listen to the Topic. A Race Baiter , really so you know me personally, I think not so don’t label me. That’s a problem with America. Every Black Leader who stood up for the Constitutional Rights get labeled just like you did to me. Oh really, maybe you should take ur ass out to the Black Communities and ask because they will tell you that the Professional Athletes are the first one out helping way before you or the government, but you keep yourself blind and listening to BS Media. U run ur mouth and don’t know jackshit . It’s ppl like you who run their mouth thinking they know all about The Black Communities bc u watch and read the News. Anytime you want to go into Harlem, Spanish Harlem or Da Bronx so you can see what they did for the Communities you let me know. But you keep ur Ass in a Nice White Community thinking that All Black Communities are a dump bc Trump preached that BS to u. U have a lot to learn and u won’t listening to Fox News. Come outside to the real world.

      2. Now your causing the division to be wider and deeper. But, the discussion is getting to be quite progressive in nature. When I see the flag, I think Country, Veterans, and Patriotism in this crazy fucked up world. We need to stop fighting each other, gather our strength and centralize it, and to protect our damn shores because the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are no longer a protection.

        I don’t know what your intelligence is telling you, but we’re being breached everyday. And, I’m for sanctuary cities at every port or boarder city. Got to keep “centralization” in mind with these issues. Needs to be a vetting process that surely makes us safe, and to be a priority.

        Times have changed; 911, riots supported by the left, Nazi movement, And, there’re many white people that’re killed everyday by the police.

        I have a question, and with no offense intended, I just like to hear your perspective in case I missed something, or maybe being explained more clearly; “Why is it, that my fellow Black folk don’t talk about all the murders associated with Black on Black crime?

        I’m admitting that I don’t know it all, but trying to understand something if I missed the mark. Help me out my Brother Veteran. Thanks. – – – Nutter.

      3. That’s a laugh because unknown to you because it’s not on Fox News, the Black Communities been talking n begging for help for years but ignored. We demanded help with Crack n Nobody helped, but now there’s a problem in White Communities and America has a problem. Double Standards as always been in America. Why is it u always hear about Black crime but nothing about White on White crime? Criminals steal from there own neighborhoods is nothing new but the News rather talk about Black on Black bc it sells papers n sends out fear to White America

      4. Nutter, Blacks complain every damn day about crime but all the Police want to do is hassle instead of Policing. Ur walking through ur neighborhood minding your business and ur Stopped and Frisked for No other reason that ur black n u look like ur up to No Good. Now Imagine that happening in White Communities. US Supreme Court decleared it Unconstitional when NYC was doing it but Trump wants to do it even though the Supreme Court against it. Black crime is no different than White crime bc criminals do their crimes close to home. Just like the Crack episode, the Media ran all over it as only Black Communities Problem and ignored our cry for help. Now America has a problem in White Communities and we have to do something about the Overdosing. But u see Black Americans screamed about crime but in White America the Attitude is, hey it’s in the Black Communities don’t worry about it. But you did a good job covering other areas. Thanks for the Beer.

      5. I don’t watch the news (MSM’s) because they’re not telling the truth about anything! Hell, they can’t even get the weather reports right!
        As far as where I live. It’s out in the country. My nearest neighbor, who happens to be of “Saulk and Fox” decent, is about 4 miles away!
        My home is a log cabin, with 2 fireplaces, one in the kitchen (for additional cooking) and one in the living room! The kitchen has both wood and gas stoves. Plus a large refrigerator, powered by windmill and natural gas generator, if needed.
        We, the wife and I, have 127 acres of land. And we have worked all of our lives to gain these freedoms.

        You also don’t know me!
        I’m also a 100% Total and Permanent disabled veteran of my MANY years of military service!
        So, before you start running your sorry ass mouth, be advised what I stated – still goes!
        Those who play ball, all while making MILLIONS, are nothing more than a bunch of punk ass little COWARDLY basturds!
        There’s only a few, VERY few, who have “worn the uniform of a MAN”! They will be rewarded!
        All the rest will be condemned!

      6. Crazy elf… you need to stay in the woods. You seem to support the politicians who are making millions than the athletes that are making millions. I agree with William, the athletes are the ones who are going out in the communities making a difference. You’re just like those millionaire politicians…all talk. How come you’re not making a difference? Always blaming someone else for what they’re not doing.

      7. If you were sincere about wanting to do something about police incidents in this country, and if these players were sincere about these incidents, you would want to see honest justice carried out rather than the trials in the media using lies that we have seen.

        Nothing does more damage to any cause no matter what it is than being dishonest about it. Nothing turns people off quicker than being lied to about something.

        People want to feel safe in their communities and damn sure want officials to be accountable, but when facts are twisted or the truth is hidden, it makes people much less willing to pay attention and demand accountability.

        You don’t like being referred to as a race baiter. I suggest there were many good cops that didn’t like Kapernich wearing socks that showed cops as pigs.

        But the NFL let him do it.

      8. This is true but when you have the Media and POTUS putting out lies about the Kneeling and turn the public against us bc Trump doesn’t like what we’re doing all u hear is what sells News. Black Communities demanded to be heard so the Truth comes out and all that happens is again the Media n Trump turned it into a Political incident. Nobody noticed Colin until the Media made it a story. Do you know that the military veteran on the 49’s is the one who was asked what was the best way to demonstrate without offending the Military n veterans? The veteran on the team advised him to Kneeling so u don’t insult anyone. So why aren’t anyone attacking the veteran who told him Kneeling was ok ? Why aren’t you complaining about how Kidd Rock tore the American Flag to wear during his concert? Or the American woman in NYC Marathon who wrapped herself in the colors and allowing it touching the ground? What did happen, Americans are talking and asking questions about the Injustice and Equality we’re demanding. Why because the professional Athletes took it where America had no other choice but to see the problem. It’s time to bring out the problems that America wants to keep in the dark. Look what it did to you, ur talking about what it’s really is all about. It’s not about Disrespecting Military, Veterans, Anthem or the Flag. It’s about Injustice

      9. C’mon William, be honest about both sides of the issue. What lies has Trump said about the kneeling?

        If you are concerned about lies being told, or rights being violated, then surely you have to admit lies have been told in some of the police incidents that have happened over the past several years. Surely you have to admit there were many demanding rights be ignored. That is not equality at all. That is either demanding special rights, or demanding someone else’s rights be ignored.

        Kapernick did not do himself any favors by smearing all cops as pigs with the socks he wore, and the NFL didn’t do anyone any favors by allowing him the special rights of getting away with that.

        I have heard that a veteran advised Kapernick, but still have not heard details about this like what the name of the veteran is.

        I have seen where another SF veteran on a football team was recently shamed into groveling because he was outside the tunnel when the rest of his team decided to stay inside the tunnel during the anthem. You cannot believe shaming him into ignoring his beliefs is right.

        I have not seen where Kidd Rock tore the flag or the woman in the marathon, but I would be equally disgusted with both if they used an actual flag. It’s not that I don’t believe you that it happened, it’s just with the way the media reports such blatant lies, I would rather verify both for myself.

        As for bringing something out in the open to be discussed, I think there have been plenty of things that have happened over the past 5 years that have brought that out into the open. Unfortunately, the media has lied so blatantly on many of these issues that it causes serious damage to whatever the issue is being discussed.

        MLK made significant gains because of non-violent protest in a manner that could not be ignored. If these pampered players were honest about what they were protesting, then they would refuse to take the field. Instead, most are doing it because it is self-serving.

        I think Kapernick would have had a much better chance at bringing attention to his cause by not walking away from a multi-million dollar contract. He chose to do that. Nobody forced him out. He’s had plenty of time to protest since, but what has he done other than file a frivolous lawsuit?

      10. Well that’s the difference between what a White American wants the Black American to behave. Well those days are over. Colin took his and u as a veteran should be ashamed of yourself for not honoring your Oath to Defend and Protect the US Constitution. Where in the Oath that we took that it same we Respect Only if we agree with what ur protesting and why ur protesting? Please tell me, because the Oath I took didn’t put causes in when Americans can exercise their Constitutional Rights. You don’t have to like it you’re suppose allow any American to protest as long it’s Peaceful as Colin was. He demonstrate the teaching of The Rev.Dr. MLK Jr and used the platform that he knew would get America attention to a situation that ur were ignoring. Just as The Rev. Dr, King Jr used Selma March to awaken America and the world of the Injustice in America to Blacks, Colin used the platform that he knew everyone couldn’t hide from it. Black Americans have heard for too many years; It’s not the right time or its not the right place. Well when would be time for White America to hear what the Courts are doing. Some Police Officers killings innocent Black Americans and its recorded and they still get off. Why because as you would say; they should have done what the Police Officer said. Well I was a Police Officer for 6 years before becoming a NYBravest. I’ve been stopped, drawn on for no other reason then the color of my skin and the cop was scared. The cops of today shoot first. I was taught in the Police Academy to always have my gun ready when I Deal with a Black person but always give the benefit of the doubt to a White person. And I know that teaching is still present because I’ve talked to new Black Cops. So just listen to the Cop is BS bc u don’t need to do anything wrong for a scared Cop to shoot first n then cover it up later. Come live in our World, because we don’t have White Privileges. I’m not Racist as you might think I’m dealing with reality. I grew up on Long Island NY in a town that is 99.99% White.

      11. @William Lawrence Antonio @91Veteran – – – Actually Liam (Wil-Liam), both 91 and you have the same values. I believe that the issues have been too politically fuzzy feeling, where many things are taken out of context, to then only blown out of proportion. This happens on both sides of the isle.

        I think we all want the same things, but sometimes even our fundamental beliefs become a challenge. I understand and accept this fact, and then to overcome the underlying differences between us.

        The political atmosphere of the last Presidential Election and POTUS’s 10 months being President, have been challenging for many. That’s ok with me because I believe that there are many areas that need to be shaken up. Sift the sifters out. – – – Nutter.

      12. Correct Nutter, I couldn’t have put it better. It’s ashamed that some veterans here forgot what they served for. I don’t have to like or agree with any American on how they protest. My job as a Soldier was to make sure the US Constitution is guaranteed to every American. I don’t have to agree with them as they don’t have to agree with me in my thinking. Just respect their Rights as u want them to Respect yours.

      13. William, I have to ask. Why are you calling out Trump when he used his right to express himself about what the NFL is doing?

        You have the right to do that, but would you not have more credibility if you also called out Chicago politicians? New York politicians? Baltimore?

        It’s disgraceful what happens in many of our cities simply because some politicians are allowed to get away with incompetence, corruption and distractions from what their fellow citizens are forced to live with.

      14. Ur incorrect, the POTUS has no Right interfering with Private Business. If you knew about that then you would understand. His job if he ever does it is running the Government not Private, he’s not the Company CEO telling or as I say dictating what owners should do, Period. Look it up since I know you would believe me because ur a Trump supporter and you don’t believe anyone unless he dictates what to think. He wants to call out other Political groups so be it that’s part of his job. Ur correct about US cities but if you did ur research Trump was very well part of it in NYC. I’m a New Yorker and I personally know how he Discriminated against Blacks in Queens, Brooklyn and Atlantic City. He was founded guilty of Racial Discrimination in all three cases. So yeah Trump was part of it, just like his father being arrested in NYC with the KKK. He not only bailed them out of jail but paid their attorneys fees. Hmm you forgot he’s from NY just like me so you don’t know everything about ur Master. Trump stated if u listen, I paid Politicans so when I want something I remind them of the money I gave them. Corruption is Trump first, middle and last name.

      15. @Crazy elf – – – You said it Brother. In the last 30-40 years, things aren’t the same, not even close. – – – Nutter.

    2. Quit whining and get some true facts about your issues. You would probably get a job before I would because you ARE Black! And your kid would bump my kid out of a college for the same reason.

      1. No Asswipe I️ earned my two degrees after serving in Nam how about you. My children as myself earned everything they have unlike you. U automatically assume that because I’m a Black Disabled Vietnam Veteran that i was given everything. Well I’ll tell you what anytime ur ass think you’re ready for a face to face with me or my children just tell me. Ur one of America White folks who believes in White Privilege

      2. William, You are the racist. You see everything as Black or White. All whites are clumped in a cesspool because of their skin color. Quite despicable! You are an angry man unable to admit progress and by doing so send a very bad message to future generations, one of entitlement. I am 68 and when I was 5 years old my mother bought me a “Betsy Wetsy ” doll. My doll was a Black doll. Oh, how I loved that doll! I was also taught that only uneducated, ignorant people said “N” and to never repeat that little ditty “eenie, meanie, mighty, mo”. My mother had been a maternity nurse and always said the babies with the dark skin were the cutest babies. After my two degrees I have worked wth primarily young female high risk pregnant patients in All the projects in the city where I live. I loved my patients, and once they trusted me, they loved me. They would have greens cooking for me and other ethnic dishes. I am only second generation Italian/American and we like to eat! I loved it! Speaking of which when I was growing up,people would drive past our house, throw cherry bombs and scream, DAGO! WOP! You are the one unable to stand in anyone else’s shoes, you are too stuck in your own. Try to spread some love instead of perpetuating such a negative message. I also had a Pet Care Camp on me farm. I had 16 underprivileged little campers and I funded it out of my own pockey at a cost of $5000! What have you ever done for a WHITE underprivileged child?

      3. I grew up not only with Whites in 99.99% white town but we had numerous white children over the years live with us. And half my family as my wife is white so try ur Trump shit someplace else

  13. I am one person that supports John Wells in what he is doing. The group I have on Facebook, Blue Water Navy Awareness supports John as well. I feel that the players are disrespecting Veterans. Being a Blue Water Navy Veteran, I also believe they have a right to do as they are but should find a different way to protest that to kneel so that Veterans aren’t feeling they are being disrespected.

    1. @Mike Yates – – – You’re a man that’s a Veteran that thinks. Veterans have been offended and mistreated for decades. The AFGE has more rights than we do. The decline of America started well over 40 years ago, that I can remember. There’s been a downhill progressive movement to manipulate peoples thoughts into being controlled, watched, monitored, and entered into many different types of databases. The powers that be have been controlling us by using many devices, print, and stupid laws and policies. No offense, but I’m tired of the far right LIBTURDS, and unreasonable conservatives. – – – Nutter.

  14. There is nothing more unpatriotic and harmful to this country than hating your fellow citizen for exercising their Constitutional rights. I served honorably in the Marine Corps to defend those rights. However, selfish, immature people need a vehicle for their misery. Hating others is the most accessible way to do this. Mr. Wells is a sad, self-righteous hypocrite indeed. Embarrassing.

    1. To add to that, I think people are missing the point of the protests entirely.
      No one is disrespecting veterans or the country. First of all we swore to protect the constitution and the freedom of the people it protects, not the symbols that represent them. These protest are about the lack of action to protect a portion of this population from unconstitutional treatment on US soil. A stand I would have thought before today, reading these comments that EVERY veteran would stand behind.
      For the first time since leaving the military, I am looking at some of my fellow veterans with confusion. Did we swear to protect the flag or is people? Since when do we condemn Americans peacefully protesting injustice in America? This country is in a mental war… A mental war for the soul of this once great (still great, but falling fast) land. Some of you might want to create a sitrep and assess who the real enemies of the people are. Hint: Not peaceful protesters of injustice.

      Try to understand a point of view not your own for once. That would be a unifying experience the nation needs now (what vets are supposed to do) as opposed to the divide and conquer agenda that is gaining momentum and the real reason this country is in trouble.

      1. Thank You for the reason we served. The Constitution Rights for All Americans not just a few.

      2. Those in favor of these protests certainly have the right to support that action if they choose.

        I have the right to choose differently. I choose to believe they are disrespecting the flag, our anthem and our country by their actions. I also choose to accept the consequences of believing as I do.

      3. And that’s why we served so every America has that Constitutional Rights. But ppl seem to forget that fact

      4. William, I agree people tend to forget about Constitutional rights…that they work both ways.

        NFL players are actually employees under the Constitution, which means they have to follow the rules their employer sets. Only government cannot restrict the right of free speech, but employers certainly can.

        If we allow players the right to freely express themselves, then it should be allowed equally as you suggest you want…equality.

        Where things break down is when people demand a right to protest such as these players are doing, while at the same time other players have their right to honor those killed on 911 denied.

        Where things have seriously broken down is when a police incident happens, where many immediately demand jailing or worse while ignoring the police officers right to a fair trial. Serious damage has been done to the country by encouraging this belief by people who seem to have a private or political interest in such division. By whipping up emotion rather than following our Constitution, they might get what they want in the short term, but at what cost to our Constitution in the long term?

        In this case, the Saints wanted to express themselves and improve their image, while ignoring Well’s right to disagree and not wanting to associate with something like that.

        In many respects, I think it is incredibly disgusting when politicians or others use events like this to keep attention on these things, while ignoring much larger problems.

      5. The Saints went about the wrong way and I don’t agree with the way they did it. After Nam I became a NYC Police Officer for six years before becoming a Firefighter. I was there for 9-11 and retired from my illness and PTSD kicked in from Nam. I’ve been on both sides and I’ve been pulled weapons on by Police Officers for no other reason that they were scared of me. In the Police Academy you are trained to look at Blacks as the enemy and Whites as the Friendly. That training is still practice now in majority of Law Enforcement. Hell I was threatened to be arrested when the person who caused the problem was allowed to leave.I put the Officer on the spot and questioned him on why you go straight to the White driving and listen to him and then threaten to arrest me when he told you he was the one who was wrong. I even told the Officer I had a witness in my vehicle and a Dashcam That recoded everything? All he could do is say are you calling me on the Race Card? And I told him yes, because you go to him when I’m the compliant. You listen to him and then without checking with me and my witness for our side you threatened to arrest me. This is what this is all about. I’m the victim but automatically the Police Officer went to the White guy assuming I’m the bad guy. Now you tell me why was I️ automatically thought of as the bad guy ? I’m a decorated NYBRAVEST who has saved life’s for 33 years but I’m still stopped for driving a new truck or my new motorcycle. I’m asked how could I afford this. Am I a Drug Dealer, Pimp or plain out Criminal. I’m followed around in stores , I️ had store doors locked in my face while my friends are inside because they thought I was going to rob the store. I’m not the only Black that goes through this but we’re tired of it. I’m from a family of 7 boys n 3 girls. All college educated and most are veterans but still No Respect. I’m happy you’re starting to understand what really is going on with the Athletes. But this platform was the last opening for us so we used it. It got Americans talking, which is what we wanted. Tx u for allowing me to explain more to ur open mind.

      6. Thanks for your service in many ways William, but a question for you.

        How long was Kapernick doing his thing before the discussion became national? In many respects, it was mentioned by the media here and there, but it was largely ignored until Trump called attention to it. Do you think many people know the reason for his protest? I suspect there are many who believe players are doing it as nothing more than a protest against Trump calling them out.

        As for your experiences, you should remember that not everybody in the nation is the same as the people you have experienced. I grew up on a farm in a large family and never entered a large city over 50,000 until I was 16. If you demand equal treatment, I demand not being treated like the police officers you have experienced.

      7. Well here’s what happen, Trump n the Media turned it into something it never was or is. You have a player who has been sitting down for 10 tens on the bench during the Anthem and nobody said a damn word. Then Colin asked a member of the 49’s who happens to be a veteran. He asked him what would be the best way to do it without Veterans n military personnel being offended. The veteran told him to kneel so no one would call it Disrespect, well he listened and it was ok until again, Trump n Media twisted it. The Silent protest as taught by The Rev. Dr, MLK Jr is exactly what Colin did and just like the 60’s he like King were labeled Trouble makers, Militant, Radicals all bc they wanted attention on the Injustice in America with Black Americans especially at the hands of Law Enforcement. Eve now with video the Officer

      8. I grew up in a town on Long Island NY that was in the 50’s,60’s n 70’s 99.99% White in the suburbs. And I do understand where ur coming from. We can agree not to agree but still respect one another opinion

      9. I wouldn’t disagree with their reason for protesting if it were consistent and there were other activities associated with their protest.

        The NFL refused to allow Dallas to show support for the Dallas cops that were killed.

        The NFL refused to allow a team to show support for those killed on 911.

        The players themselves have offered all kinds of reasons for their protest.

        Of all the players in the NFL, how many have taken their protest beyond the TV cameras and have tried to make changes?

        How many have joined a protest against what they claim as oppression? Have they shown any compassion for those not making a pro team? College team?

        How many have shown up in Chicago to protest the violence there? How many have stood up to the lies being told about police incidents so their cause has even some tiny credibility?

        Until they show some consistency, I will continue to think of their actions as nothing more than self-serving tantrums.

        Much the same as the sanctimonious Hollywood elite lecturing us on how we should live from their gated communities.

      10. And that is your Right but as you they’re exercising their Constitutional Rights

      11. Sgt Coleman… very well said. I’m a Black Service-Disabled Veteran and the kneeling of the players is not disrespectful. I’ve read all these posts by these veterans who are talking about “disrespect” to “pulling teeth”. I know its hard for some of you white veterans to get out of your comfort zone and just listen to what the NFL players are saying. JUST LISTEN. Forget about being veterans for a moment and focus on being human-beings with human rights. Imagine your unarmed son, brother, father, uncle, or grandfather being shot down by police who were sworned to protect and serve. And this injustice (modern day lynching) is happening in every city and state of these United States. If this was happening at an epidemic rate in your white communities like so many of our black veterans who are constantly being pulled over by cops for no reason at all (or driving while Black), how many of you (white veterans) would still support the flag with the same enthusiasm. I served just like many of you. But I came home to racist cops that pulls a gun out on you for your license plate light being out with your kids in the back seat. This is what the NFL players are peacefully protesting. The cops are murdering unarmed black men and women with no jail time and all you guys can think about is “disrespecting the flag”.

      12. Thank You for explaining also because I’ve tried but they can’t get past the Trump n Media stirring. I as you have been stopped while driving Black and I was a Police Officer. I’ve been questioned about how I could afford a new truck or motorcycle unless I’m a Pimp, Drug Dealer, straight out Criminal. And this is in 2017 and threaten by Trump supporters calling me a Nigger, my wife a Nigger Lover and that I don’t belong here, go back to Africa. And I know you have horror stories too. So Veterans can you do as he said and stop listening to the outside and take a honest look and see how you would feel if this was happening to the White Communities? Liberty and Justice for All isn’t happening to minority’s in America.

  15. Wendell, I know personally where you are coming from as thousands of Air Force vets directly exposed to AO AND SILVEX were sold out by Mr Wells in favor of BLUE WSTET NAVY indirect exposure at best. You are correct that always ulterior motives and backstabbing.

    1. @Master Sergeant – – – Most commenters believe that there is a lot underlying ulterior motives and backstabbing going on with many. Thanks for clearing up a bit on Well’s behavior. I have to admit, that I don’t fully know the man’s character, judgement, actions, and fundamental beliefs. – – – Nutter.

      1. @Master Sergeant – – – And, I despise it when a Veteran is in fear of the VA, or any other organization whose sole purpose is to take care of Veterans.

        Don’t forget to look for the VA Documentary called, “VA; The Human Cost of War.” WHYY Comcast Channel 12. Check your listings. – – – Nutter.

  16. Interesting article, Ben.

    I cannot say I am surprised by either the NFL attacking Commander Wells for his stance – – – or Commander Wells refusal to give in to the PC crowd.

    This example clearly demonstrates one of the many reasons that I commented months ago that John Wells would have been the BEST choice for SecVa.

    The good commander still retains his high sense of moral integrity. Something our nation as a whole lost quite some time ago.

    Our media gives us fresh examples of this every day. Rigged elections, Mass shootings, Corrupt Politicians who claim they are “serving the public”, Citizens whose rights to do as they damn well please supersede their responsibilities to their fellow man, etc. Ad Nausea.

    The “Great Experiment” has utterly, miserably failed in all respects. While we might want to believe differently, only a fool would. By any qualitative measurement of Quality of Life – – – (Healthcare, Housing, Crime, etc.) not only is the USA! USA! USA! not numero uno – – – in the vast majority, it very seldom finishes in the top ten.

    The second Civil War is coming, folks. History will not prove me wrong . . .

    Disgruntled Veteran
    1973 – 1976 USMC
    1978 – 1993 USN
    Honolulu, Hawaii

    1. If that’s the case, why isn’t demanding that All Americans are treated Equally. Because as a Black Disabled Vietnam Veteran he’s showing he’s a Coward. Just like in Nam , the Black Soldier was only good when you needed us otherwise we weren’t shit just like our lives are now.

      1. @William Lawrence Antonio – – – Did I read your reply correctly? In reference to Commander Wells, you stated: “Because as a Black Disabled Vietnam Veteran he’s showing he’s a Coward . . . ”

        I have to ask for clarification. Did you mean it PRECISELY as you wrote it?

        If you did, then you clearly show ignorance of who precisely John Wells is, AND NFL policies governing game operations.

        I am not angry that the players want to exercise their right to protest. I am angry because they are BREAKING THE RULES with impunity. And they SHOULD BE PUNISHED for that.

        The NFL rule book makes no mention of the national anthem. But the game operations manual does.

        Here’s what the game operations manual says regarding the national anthem:

        “The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem. During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.”

        Notice the words: ” During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking.”

        In the military, when you broke the rules and got caught – – – you could be assigned EMI for slight infractions. If the offense was serious enough, it usually resulted in an Article 15 Non-Judicial Punishment proceeding. Courts Martial(s) were reserved for the most serious of offenses.

        Their is no racism involved here. It is an open and shut case. The NFL players involved are breaking rules they agreed to obey when they signed their million dollar contracts. And laughing at the owners who pay them the big bucks while disrespecting the symbol (and all that it stands for) that represents the country that so many honorable men have sacrificed their lives for.

        As for why Commander Wells “why isn’t demanding that All Americans are treated Equally.” – – – I cannot speak for the man. I can only speak for myself.

        I am sure if you were to write him about this subject, he would respond.

      2. Well I think you should read some more responses about Wells before you attack me. I as other veterans wrote against him so deal with it. U have to read the NFL Rules bc u got it all wrong and that’s why they can n do still kneel down. It states on the Rules they”may”, the Operation Manual States”Shall” and that’s why the Owners can’t stop them. Look it up before u quote something. John Wells in ur eyes is a Hero, not in mind and as I see he’s not to other veterans here either but you don’t attack them, why not? So are you another Trump dictating how I’m suppose to think or else? I’m not Slave nor Trump to dictate how I think or feel about another person whether they’re a veteran or not. It’s my opinion and if you don’t like it that’s ur problem. Do yourself a big favor and don’t watch football and u n Trump and others won’t have anything to cry about bc u don’t get ur way. Grow up, you Enlisted to guarantee every American to have their US Constitutional Rights, well they’re exercising it so stop crying or move to Russia where nobody has Rights

      3. Well, I was seeking clarification before. But after your response to me, now I am just laughing at you.

        Later Troll !!!

      4. Just For The Record: I NEVER watch NFL (National Fairy League) as it is not real football. Only one man on the team is allowed to (without penalty) use his feet on the ball. That is not football.

        I compete and play in our senior league here. We play under the Queen’s Rules. And she can be a jolly old time in the scrum.

      5. William, we have had quite a discussion on rights, and I agree that I have the right to not watch the NFL.

        You mention you are not a slave. Neither am I, and I cannot remember there being slaves here in America any more.

        Can you understand what many Americans think then when they disagree with what the NFL is doing, can turn off watching it, but are still forced to pay taxes to support a stadium? Or any other tax break the NFL gets?

        There are many cities where there are NFL stadiums that have been built because those living in those cities have been forced to pay taxes to fund them.

      6. Oh I do understand what ur saying but I served to guarantee every American their Constitutional Rights which means Silent Protest. This is a lesson that The Rev. Dr. MLK Jr taught. Violence get you nowhere, Peaceful Protesting achieves. American ppl have the power to not watch, not go to the games as their protest as it’s their Constitutional Rights. But to dictate and saying that because they’re Professional Athletes That they don’t have Constitutional Rights like every American has. I don’t remember them having to sign off giving up those rights in order to play. Do what makes you happy, don’t watch this way you don’t have to see it and have a Heart Attack

  17. 11/06/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    We are nearing the day to honor our Veterans on 11/11/2017, today is 11/06/2017, five days away, and we are discussing Football?

    Each team gets $122 Million in tax breaks a year, and the NFL Monopoly gets bigger everyday like the VA. Why is this system entrenched? Why are we allowing this system to be entrenched?

    Trump told the NFL to back off or the tax privilege will be revoked.

    That is when everyone stopped the BS.


    Don Karg

  18. As a Veteran, I understand their “right” to sit on their wallets during the National Anthem. We as Veterans living and those Honored Silent Vets, gave them the right to sit. However, “WE the Vet”, did not give them the right to Dishonor, this Great Nation. I myself has stopped watching anything NFL, and will continue. I will also join the movement this weekend “Veterans Day”, to continue this stoppage of anything NFL. I also want to Thank ALL Veterans, for their service to this Great Nation. Long may the Flag Fly. God Bless America

  19. VA HISTORY DOCUMENTARY – – – Department of Veterans Affairs history documentary is being aired, call the “VA: The Human Cost of War.” VA’s functions, importance, and reform will be discussed. 9pm EST (East Coast Time, Comcast Channel 12 WHYY. If you’re subscribing from another carrier, check your listings. – – – Nutter.

  20. Maybe the Neanderthal Felon League should better police their own as this was just last Thursday: “Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker is arrested for stabbing his wife to death, one month after he kidnapped his son from school and blamed it on ‘football injuries’…”

    1. I wonder if yesterday’s Texas church massacre Veteran shooter can now run with claiming his actions were because of “injuries” in his short 2 year span in USAF? Not justifying his actions one bit but what’s the difference or is it really all about tickets and crickets?

      1. namnibor, here’s the latest report about the “Texas Shooter” from:
        “Texas Church Shooter Booted from Air Force After Beating Wife, Child”

        dated: 6 November 2017
        “” | by: “Oriana Powlyk and Brendan McGarry”

        Looks like he was a “punk ass little COWARDLY boy!”
        I watched a video where Gov. Abbott and the sheriff discussed some of the details. Looks like a “local resident engaged the suspect” when he existed the church. It’s NOT known IF the resident or law enforcement actually took him out, or if the punk committed suicide (by self-inficted gun shot)!
        Also, now that Obama has come out, yesterday, and said, quote: “We need MORE gun laws!” Be expected to hear more of that crap from the democrats! They won’t let a tragedy like this go to waste!

      2. It has already been reported that his gun was obtained illegally because of a Texas law barring someone convicted of domestic violence from owning a gun.

        His actions show he was a shit stain. I cannot understand how he qualified for the military unless someone lied about the medications he was on while in school.

      3. This is the new snowflake military force. They eat antidepressants like we would consume lifesaver mints and some are even diagnosed as wee kids as bipolar and start heavy brain meds just as they are learning ABC’s…lowered entrance standards for military was a legacy POTUS Bush left us with…a shit stain…that’s how a LOT of gang members entered the military….avoid activating the draft, enlist shit stains…

  21. Not only are these NFL reprobates disrespecting OUR REPUBLIC’s Military and Veterans, Anthem and Flag, they’re disrespecting ALL Americans by “sitting or kneeling”!

    Here’s something else, In all my years on this planet, Ive NOT seen any NFL player in the local neighborhoods around the country! IF they were there, maybe we would have seen a brighter future for the kids!
    These multi-millionaire privileged individuals don’t care about the inner cities. IF they did, there would be less crime, ie; Murder, shootings, drugs, prostitution, etc., etc., etc.!
    When was the last time anyone saw a NFL player in an inner city helping the people who live there?
    In my opinion, They’re nothing more than privileged liberal snowflakes, out for themselves.
    Hell, How many of them can pass a high school final exam? From my experience, NOT many! They’re passed from grade to grade because they play football well. Not due to their mental capacity for learning the “three ‘R’s”!
    IF they’re injured during those years, Junior through High School, they’re tossed aside like dirty laundry! The schools don’t give a shit about them. Their only “useful” to “play the game”! Same as when they enter college.
    Maybe that’s the “EXCUSE” behind their “I’ve got mine, screw everyone else!” attitude!


    1. Crazy Elf, like you, I have been looking for examples where these players have done something on their communities, or have taken up a cause or pet project, but all I see are comments from leftists claiming these players do that.

      I would applaud a player that does do that, but so far I have seen nothing. I’m not talking about the BS show up for some face time and get a few pictures, then leave never to come back, but something where any of these players actually continue to do good work in a community.

      One would think teams around the country would highlight these examples for better PR, but they are not.

      1. Just like White Americans thinking Black Americans don’t do anything for the community unless they do as Whites and make a big deal out of it. Sorry that’s the difference between Blacks n Whites, we don’t have to brag like u do.

      2. Are you referencing people like;
        1. Al Sharpton: WHO owes millions in back taxes. All because he became a “Snitch” for the FBI and DOJ!
        2. The people who run the many NAACP offices, who for some time now are being arrested for criminal activities against their own people!
        3. How about football players, where it seems each year, they are being arrested for criminal charges; rape and in some cases- Murder! (Great role models these asswipes are!)

        Why aren’t more being photographed so you can prove what you claim? Because NO ONE is doing shit to help others in the inner cities!

      3. i love how Whites keeps bringing you Sharpton name. When will you stop repeating old stuff from the 80’s this is 2017?

      4. I gave three examples;
        You picked out Sharton. By the way, he still owes the money, MILLIONS, in 2017!
        Keep up with what’s transpiring within our Republic!
        Oh, and by the way, the news medias say everything is fine and dandy in Chicago and other crime ridden inner cities! From what I’ve been told, the MSM news outlets are reporting on it daily!
        Maybe it’s time for you to start writing your news outlets and complaining about the lack of coverage and cover-up!
        Or, maybe you should quit bitching about the lack of coverage and protest at the news outlet buildings!
        Hmmmmm, of course that means y’all would be protesting the MSM news outlets instead of at a football game!
        Here’s something you might want to consider!
        Y’all are angry about the news outlets NOT covering the “black people being killed by police!” Well, WHY protest at a game, when your complaint is with the news medias?
        Get ALL your players together, go to all the news medias and outlets in the major cities and protest in front of them!

        Here’s an anology:
        “If you have a complaint against McDonalds, would you protest at Burger King?”

      5. Why is it that Whites always try to tell Black Americans what and where is the best time or place to demand Equality in America? The platform was perfect because it got you and other Americans to listen to the cry of the Black Communities. You told The Rev. Dr. MLK Jr, Malcolm X, Rosa Park, Woolworth 7, and other Black Americans that its not the right time. So please tell us Black Americans when is the Right time so White Folks don’t get upset? You don’t like the Platform being used, turned the TV off or change the channel. Nobody forcing you or others to watch. Otherwise get used to the Black Communities demanding Equality and Justice Asia says in the US Constitution. You know the thing we fought for wearing the uniform. Or did you forget that we have Rights just like you?

      6. I didn’t “TELL YOU TO DO SHIT!” I gave you a fucking suggestion!
        You claim to have two college degrees. Well, evidently your NOT fucking smart enough to know the difference between a suggestion (with an “anology”) and when someone is TELLING you to do something!
        It’s that kind of language coming out of someone’s mouth that causes divisionism between people! Which is, in my opinion, exactly what the left leaning illiterate liberal democrats want us to do!

      7. I did exactly what I wanted and that was to make you show your true colors. Thank You

      8. So, you lie and cheat to get your way! Just like a “typical illiterate liberal snowflake Democrat!”

      9. William, I’m not saying blacks have to make a big deal out of anything, but you would think they would want others to join their cause and help them.

        Isn’t it kind of pretentious to think I am white based on my comment? What gives you the impression I am of any race?

      10. Because everyone hear that are White sounds exactly like you putting them down without ever finding out what this Silent Protest is all about. You as them condemn the Athletes because ur listening to Trump n the News who made it Political and about the Flag/Anthem. They asked and asked but again the Media n Trump turned it into something it never was and you and others took off calling them Unpatriotic. Why bc they wanted attention on the Injustice towards Black Americans because White Americans won’t listen. All we ever heard; It’s not the Right Time. If we waited The Rev. Dr. MLK Jr would have never Marched in Selma. Rosa Park would have never refused to give up her seat and move to the rear of the bus . Yes we want your support but at what cost ? Demonstrate when you want us to? Kneeling doesn’t show Disrespect and if that’s the case why are those veterans supporting Trump who attack McCain as a POW and other POW’s be they’re only Heroes because they were captured. Attacking Gold Star Families, arguing with a recent Gold Star Family? What about Kidd Rock tearing a American Flag to wear during his concert? I️ don’t hear the Cry for Disrespect to the military or veterans from you but yet you attacked Athletes. The Athletes are making America and Americans to look at what’s going on finally. You take the Opening and that’s what happened. No Respect towards Military or Veterans so please stop thinking that. Y not research it instead of listening to the Media n Trump

      11. I call out the athletes as pampered and childish because that is what their actions have been.

        It’s pampered and childish to demand special rights to act in certain ways while ignoring the fact that others do not have that same right.

        You complain about Trump attacking a Gold Star family when it was Trump being first attacked by a Gold Star family who turned out to be a Hillary supporter, and then when a politician turned a phone call into a fiasco that dishonored the veteran and his family.

        It’s disgraceful when politicians of either stripe politicize Gold Star families, but just as disgraceful to demand one side just ignore the political attacks using Gold Star families.

        You should know though that John Kelly, Trumps Chief of Staff is a Gold Star father, and even just offering an explanation of what a Gold Star family goes through, he was viciously attacked by many on the left and in the media. I do not view some Gold Star families as more equal than others.

      12. And u honestly believe that crap, the Congresswoman ur talking about is a family friend who knew the family for years. Nobody trapped or ease-drop on the conversation. The Widow put it on speaker for her mother to hear. Trump had his on speaker but that’s ok with you but the Widow not allowed. Shame on ur Double Standards. The first Gold Star Family defended their dead son who gave his life for others. The point that Gold Star pointed out if u listen was that they were immigrants bc he was attacking immigrants. Stop with this BS of Hillary supporter, the Election over and she has nothing to do with this, this is all Trump watch, take the Responsibility. Pampered u better check the Cryer n Chief about pampering n spoiled. You are a Trump supporter and you cannot be told anything bc ur brainwashed with Trump Kool Aid

      13. William, I never said anyone trapped or eaves-dropped on the call. I said the politician blew it up for political purposes. She did say afterwards she had to tell her kids she was now a rock star. That doesn’t show much concern for the family.

        As the the other guy, appeared behind Hillary at one of her rallies before the election. You can find pictures on the web.

      14. I’m not a Hillary supporter nor was I ever. But what bothers me is first Trump should have never put the General in that spot. And just because the General excepted the way he was told was totally different because he’s a Soldier and she’s not. And I don’t appreciate the belittling of Senator McCain n other POW’s. I don’t know about you but I along with two of my brothers went to Nam and they’re dead for answering the call from the Nation. I’m not offended by the Silent Protest bc it’s what MLK Jr taught, Non-Violent protest. Violence gets you and what ur protesting for nowhere but a Bad name n that’s true. If they made a scene, burn the Flag, tear apart the Flag, or any urine on it then I would have a problem. But as long that it’s peaceful and doesn’t Disrespect me, let them do their Constitutional Rights. Otherwise ur telling the Black Americans that we don’t have Rights according to the US Constitution.

      15. 91Veteran,
        For about 2 to 3 months now, I’ve asked people on utube videos concerning this very issue questions about “ball players” and the local communities!
        NOT one person has been able to give examples of them coming into the inner cities and giving time at a shelter, money to help with expenditures and/or their expertise in the classroom [of course, most don’t have a 9th grade level learning skill]!
        Everyone who responds says the same thing!
        That is; “They’ve got their money, WHY should they care about other people!”
        They’ve also said, “IF a ball player does show up, it’s for a “photo op” or “plaque”! Then they leave. Just like Michelle Obama did at that soup kitchen! Or, like when BHO flew over Haiti and then went on to Cuba to watch a baseball game with Fidel Castro’s brother! Remember that bullshit!
        At least when President Trump visits areas hard hit by a natural disasters, he actually works! And not for just a few minutes!

        There’s lots more I could write, only you’ve got the idea!

      16. Try looking in Da Bronx, Harlem, Spanish Harlem. Try Chicago, the areas that Black Athletes go but you not the Media will go. Your problem is because you don’t see it it’s not happening. Will my friend ur wrong, talk is cheap and they don’t talk they do action. Something our government doesn’t do for minority’s Communities

      17. You nailed it 91Veteran,
        They’re all talk and NO action. Especially when it comes to doing something constructive in the inner cities!

      18. Yep! I will take notice when BLM protests the gangs and thug killings in likes of Chicago or BLM protesting millions of fatherless families…wake me when we get to that stop. Have a feeling that train has been a runaway crazy train for a very long time with no prospects of it slowing down to take notice.

      19. Oh, and namnibor, let’s not forget Margaret Sanger. You remember her? She’s the baby mass murderer who started the Planned Parenthood organization!
        She was also part and parcel with the Ku Klux Klan! Look it up! There’s a real nice picture of her, at the first abortion clinic, and a bunch of Klan members behind her!
        When you look her up, it actually makes me ashamed of! Some of her statements are very racist! And yet, the far left leaning democrats praise her! As did Hillary Clinton!

  22. Did anyone see the article on “Fat Leonard”? Just sayin’ all Navy Commanders aren’t saints.

  23. So how many black veterans did Commander Wells assist with their claims. I’m about 1/32 black. I wonder if he would help me with my current claim? For me, if some of the POTUS can be willy nilly about respecting the Flag and returning salutes I fully believe anyone can voice their displeasure with the way the U S is handling things, especially Section (4)(d) of the 14th Amendment which guarantees veterans benefits. Reckon the way many veterans have been treated I might just take a knee during the Anthem. Mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more! Shout it from the roof tops.

    1. @Lem – – – If I recall correctly, most organizations of ethnic granting, you need to be a certain percentage of your Black post-Kin shared genetic code. Some identities that award monies or gives other gifts, will not accept 1/32nd due to being thinned out to much. Your either a dark shade, medium shade, or light shade. Since some judge by color intensity (but I don’t), where do you fit on the shade scale? Most go by looks and see nothing else (referred to as being less Akamai)

      I either forgot or missed something, and definitely not in the mood to search for what is “Fat Leonard?”- – – Nutter.

      1. I’m 1/32nd green-blooded Martian by association due to my listening to David Bowie’s ‘Spiders From Mars’ so many times in life and even played some of the songs in cover bands in past…but NASA will have none of it and grant me ambassadorship to Mars due to my name not being ‘Major Tom’.

      2. I’ll say it, this is “Major Tom.” Forgot the rest. Recoiled synaptic confusion of scatted fragmented thought sections, not being able to coagulate to express itself. Trouble going on, seriously. VA is a manipulative basturd. Violations are all over, and spread wide. It’s so bad, that the VA can’t keep up with itself. I think their shit ran into my shit, and now they want me to eat their shit, and I refuse until I receive relief from my symptoms. And, then will request such to locate new causations of my symptoms. In other words, practice precision medicine on me. – – – Nutter.

      3. Follow Up – – – Let me be clear, all communications with VA PCP have been cut off. No more VA shit. But, I was informed by my VA PCP, that I was being transferred to another Physician. Then afterwards, I receive notice of a new Medical Order from the same VA PCP. I’m still waiting on whom I’m being transferred too.

        What is going on? There’s too much confusion. How does a Veteran, request that their VA PCP seeks counselling? Seriously. Some one help the VA, please. Post what you think. Comments dark to light excepted. – – – Nutter.

      4. @Crazy elf – – – Hawaii been there; ate that, made that, speared that, bagged that, filleted that, toked that Pakalolo (fire + crazy). Yep, LoL at clean beaches. What is Palolo? The Pakalolo works well. Extra sleep, appetite, relaxation, etc.. – – – Nutter.

      5. Jim Crow. One drop you are black and use the black facilities. My family should know. Fat Leonard is the Asia contractor for the U S NAVY that has 60 Admirals lined up for following him to jail.

      6. Nutter according to the Law of the Land if you have a ounce of Black Blood ur considered a Black American. I’m not making this, you can look it up. This is why slave owners got rid of the female slave they impregnated. I learned this from my Grandmother before her death at 105 years young.

    2. Fat Leonard: ““fat-leonard”-the-navy-bribery-scandal-involving-more-than-60-admirals-explained/ar-AAuwkxa?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp”

  24. To the NFL troll disrespecting the names of Wendell Pruitt, John Wells and disrespecting every Veteran on this site as well as every single American on our planet.

    You came here with one intent and that was to attack John Wells for taking a stand against NFL players disrespecting our Flag and our Nation Anthem.

    Just how low is the NFL going to go since they are now trolling disabled Veterans?

    The NFL today has lost all honor and integrity. Clearly sportsmanship has been redefined by the NFL to include cheating, disrespecting our flag and our Nation Anthem. Now to even trolling Disabled Veterans.

    “They Said What? Read 6 Text Message Conversations in the Deflategate Report”, By Noah Rayman, May 6, 2015

    1. NFL nothing like wasting time to see who the best cheaters are at the Super Bowl.


    2. Please talk for urself and not me or my family who are veterans also. I’m tired of others telling me what I don’t like or how it Disrespect me. Unless you know every single veteran I suggest you speak for yourself.

  25. Unfortunately, the media now is already painting we Veterans as potential ticking time bombs again due to the “BAD PAPER DISCHARGE VETERAN” former USAF shooter of yesterday’s Texas church massacre.
    I wonder how the Neanderthal Football League would deal with one of their players going postal on the field and using hidden machinegun to wipe ‘Section A, Row 1’ out? Would that cause some introspection or still *crickets*?
    So, fuck you Neanderthal Football League…and also to the VA this morning, neither shall pass into my living room.

      1. Correction: ‘It’s’….both a bad neuropathy and PTSD morning. Having my remaining 6 teeth pulled this morning at Aspen Dental and I would rather have 6 teeth pulled than to watch the Neanderthal Felon League.

      2. @Namnibor – – – Good luck with your appointment. I’m a Tetracycline (antibiotic) Baby. Structure of teeth deteriorated as I got older. They cracked, chipped, and fell apart. Been there bro. Put some LUKEWARM TEABAGS between your GUMS. Causes clotting, and they work. When clotted, don’t go and play with the clot with your tongue. The clot will get excited, I mean extracted (sorry about that). And, if the plug is disturbed and comes out, it’ll take your gums a longer time to heal. Plus, don’t forcefully gargle. Mouth water pressure can remove the plug as well.

        When you get home, sit down, relax, roll it with your fingers, or pinch off a tad, drop er in the short but wide barrel, turn the heat up by flicking the flint or pushing a button, let that hot, flavorably-spiked air move in, and while those plant based compounds are firmly linked to the necessary receptors.

        Now Nam, I suggest that you sit back, and enjoy yourself while your recover. Try it and let the panel know how er goes. LoL – – – Nutter.

      3. No okay/release from my ID Spec. so today and Wed. are more measurement/bite/wax tests and hopeful by Thurs. my ID Spec. will FAX release to them to proceed. Living out of a blender these days…medication side effects and shitty USAF dental work all became trainwreck and never been made of $$$…so we’re down to last 6 to be pulled and full dentures….oh…no vaporizer or anything few days after extraction–do NOT want to get dry socket. Been there, done that-very painful.

      4. I forgot the term “dry socket.” Getting a nice plug of clotted blood is a nice. Had dry socket once for many months. Not nice. Watch for swelling with impressions. Adjustments in the future may be necessary. – – – Nutter.

  26. @Wendell Pruitt- So, from what I have gathered, the NFL accepting $$ from DOD for advertising is a HUGE conflict of interest and a SLAP IN THE FACE to every Veteran that has served to protect…our flag & USA, when these overpaid Neanderthals spit in the face of the very legacy of NFL player PAT TILLMAN…who if he was still alive today, would KICK ALL RTHEIR ASSES for being ASSES.

    1. Would make more sense if the NFL took a stand against these 16+ yrs of solid wars and a stand against FRIENDLY FIRE and all that went with Pat Tillman’s death…while protecting or freedoms, Tillman chose to enlist and he went from enlightened Neanderthal Football League to lowly grunt, walking away from potential more million$ to protect our FLAG & Freedoms. I see this form of Flag/Nat’l Anthem protesting as LAZY & EASY, riding the shirttails of America’s span…well, it grew thinb and grating many months ago and I know so may folk that have even unplugged and canceled cable because of the Neanderthal Felon League.

  27. @Wendell Pruitt – – – Your statement basically is so broad that it holds no weight, proves nothing, and can lead one to be suspicious without reason. Write your mind bro, instead of leaving others hanging. List your reasons per Well’s personal motives, and past actions. Plus, your post is nothing but an opinion, which then leads to this; an opinion, everyone has one. Why so hesitant about revealing things? Are you threatened? What’s your story for being so bland in posting a comment? Just wondering. – – – Nutter.

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