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Unlawful Detention Scheme Revealed At Phoenix VA

Phoenix VA

Benjamin KrauseNew allegations have surfaced at Phoenix VA of an unlawful detention of a veteran being justified by creating a falsified investigation report and citation.

The allegations concern VA Criminal Investigator Robert Mueller, who was previously linked to harassment and unlawful behavior against a whistleblower, Tonja Laney.

The Daily Caller just unearthed an outrageous violation of the law and VA ethics called out by one VA police officer, Liam Davis. The Caller found a report showing Mueller was linked to the scheme as the Criminal Investigator. The officer claims Mueller pressured him to create a falsified report and issue an unlawful citation for disorderly conduct.

Given the history, how many veterans have been harmed by such a scheme? Isn’t the act of falsifying citations and pressuring others to make false claims in itself a crime? Is Mueller still employed by VA?

For some backstory, VA police responded to a call from staff at Phoenix VA concerning a veteran who left the facility while on a medical hold. The police recovered the patient, who had walked across the street, and returned him to the facility. When they returned, the officers were told to arrest the patient. That is when the trouble started.

The citation was used to justify an unlawful detention of a veteran. In an addendum to the report written a few days later, Davis wrote that the citation should be voided “because I was pressured to write this citation by a supervisor in order to justify their prolonged unlawful detention of the named defendant.”

DOWNLOAD: Review VA Police Phoenix Investigative Report

In the addendum, Davis went on to explain how Mueller, the Criminal Investigator, bullied him into lying about the veteran in question:

“I protested this citation and the detention to the supervisor in presence of the physical security specialist. Further, I was told by the criminal investigator to lie and include false statements in the PC statement. The criminal investigator told me to include statements that were false three times in the presence of my supervisor and the department’s secretary.”

Davis proceeded to refute the citation for disorderly conduct by squarely explaining that the veteran was not disruptive or behaving in a disorderly manner:

“Also, the subject in this case never made any threats, threating movements or made any statements referencing harming [redacted] or others. The subject never became loud or argumentative. The subject never cursed or failed to follow the instruction of Officers.”

Sounds like we need to pressure Congress to investigate the behavior of its Criminal Investigators – likely nationwide. Take a look at what happened to Keith Roberts following a special investigation into him that resulted in imprisonment all based on an adjudication error by the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA). Scary stuff.

What has been your experience with various Gestapo-esq investigation elements within VA facilities across the nation?


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  1. VA DEATHCARE OND BIG BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET RUN BY @ FOR AFGE UNION CONTRACTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Mr. Krause:

    I think that all aiding and abetting the criminal behavior of the V.A. should be prosecuted long side with them, and again I hope Donald Trump makes it so I can vote for him, that is my decision; before I was undecided but now I am certain I will to put all the traitors out of business.

    They are in both leading parties.

  3. Dear Mr. Krause:

    All I can say for sure now is that without a second thought I will vote for Donald Trump after seeing the recent incident in Phoenix, Arizona involving that investigator that framed that serviceman.

    How long will all this without anyone taking decisive action ? what is everybody waiting for a special invitation, if the misdeeds of this investigator are recognized as a punishable, which it probably is already, offense let us get going before it gets worse and those refusing to take action and do not do so,become accessory to the criminal act.

    Yours For God and Country
    Frank P. Calderon

  4. Dear Benjamin,
    I had an appointment in June with my primary care physician, I arrived early So that I could talk To the people in finance About a Travel reimbursement that was denied. To my surprise, The finance department Had nobody waiting. I proceeded to the counter, To ask about The reimbursement. The VA employee sitting at the counter told me to go get a number. I went over and punched the button To get a ticket for “other”, As it was just a question. The announcement told me to go to a different window I went to that window And they told me to go to the first window I was at, When I did that The employee asked me where was my ticket? I went over to the koisk and got a different number. The automated machine Told me To go To window 3. This is where the first employee was sitting, And I stood there and waited for him to look up from what he was doing for almost two minutes! When he did ask me what I wanted I asked him if he could tell me How the program worked And who put in whether or not I attended an appointment. He looked at me and said first you have to plug in the computer do you know how to do that? he turned around and got a high five from the other employee in the office behind him. I asked, ” are you really going to be like that? He then said NO, WHY DON’T YOU JUST CHILL OUT! Eventually he told me it was the doctor’s secretary who was responsible for entering whether or not I attended an appointment. I turned around and mumbled under my breath Not talking to anybody in particular”It’s no wonder you have signs in the parking lots about weapons Somebody might go out to their car and get the gun , To get anything done around here” I went over to the doctors secretary And spoke with her for a moment Then came back to the main building For my annual primary care appointment. As I entered the building The VA security officer asked me What my name was When I told her She grabbed my dislocated thumb and spun me around into the wall face first. When I asked her what this was all about she told me you should know and slam me to the other wall Searching for weapons all over my body. I was detained at the VASecurity office and Forced to write a statement under duress. Last week I received a certified registered letter from the acting commander at the VAMC Informing me that I was banned from that facilityToday I received a summons to appear downtown at the federal building. I am a service connected disabled veteran Who was scared to death. I can barely drive to get down into town And I know I’ll never be able to get to the Federal building. But I’m afraid I’m going to end up in jail and all my animals are going to die cuz I live alone and don’t know anybody else… Do I need a lawyer? And I thought I just had that depression beat… HELP

  5. Last year when I was admitted to the SLC VA, I was physically assaulted and restrained CHEMICALLY by the VA police for demanding my right to religious services. After the VA staff came and took all the Mormon veterans off site for church, I got pissed that they provided no option or outlet for anyone not Mormon. I’m a disabled veteran because I was willing to defend the constitution, and for demanding the free exercise of my religious beliefs, I was threatened by 2 VA cops with guns and a shot of Adavan and Haldoll in my ass.

    A few months ago in when the AP release their year long investigation about the wait times at the VA not improving, I was asked to comment to a few news outlets in salt lake, where I was critical of the VA. In particular the salt lake VA, who months prior had claimed there wasn’t a problem at their location, but the new report told a different story.

    Within hours of that story being aired, I had a note tapped to my front door of my home threatening to releasing my VA medical mental health records to the media if I didn’t “stop biting the hand that feeds me.”

    I was stonewalled for over a week to even speak with the director of the salt lake VA over this threat and intimidation, and had to settle for the chief of staff. Still no answers about who violated federal law, and I am left with trusting the VA that extorts its vets into remaining quiet, and they are my only source of medical care.

    Did I mention I already have PTSD from my military service which is completely unrelated to this… So way to help the veterans by making things worse for them!

    1. Hope you saved that original copy of that letter. Unless they wrote it in crayon or something to disguise it’s origins. Also, seems I have read where Salt Lake City is not so nice place to live if you are not Mormon…I mean it was like on either 60 Minutes or 20/20 where they showed shannigans of the Mormon church that sounded like the blueprints of how the VA operates. Moving is not everyone’s options, but you would almost think that your VA is actually DISCRIMINATING by giving rides to Mormon Vets but yet serve red meat on Fridays when there’s bound to be Catholics on a Friday at any given VAMC….maybe less Catholics and other denominations in your neck of the woods because you are almost like a non-Catholic living in the village of Vatican City, Rome, Italy.

      Sounds to me like you have the double whammy there of both the VA and Mormons…and it really seems to me it would NOT be proper for the gov’t to be attending preferential treatment and even RIDES for Mormons…as long as you are Mormon…no, that seems wrong. Wrong as a piece of toast with the virgin mary on it.

  6. The “VA” treats you like you are still in the fuck’in military and can break your ass for any petty shit they want. A lot of us did our military a long time ago during Vietnam and have went on to school and work in the business world, trying to forget about our days that sucked big during that war or other conflicts we were ordered to partake in by the military-industrial complex our government bows to. In the meantime, in their fucked, fucked, very fucked-up minds, the VA is set up to treat us like we are back in the military and the Sargent -of-Arms is ready to arrest you. They look at veterans in a completely different way than people who weren’t in the military, and treat us differently than them – like we are branded as “dogs” forever. They eat shit!

  7. Trouble with all this is, there are too many bad VA employees vs. Good VA Employees.

    Do y’all know that Ron Nesler, of “VAislying”, is trying to raise $$$ to put up billboards across the U.S. that say,
    “VA is lying, Veterans are Dying” ?
    He’s trying right now to put them up by the Tampa, Fl. VA hospital. (That’s one of two that had rats and cockroaches.) And, I believe, in Alabama also.The two that are in Martha Roby’s State. The more he does, the more we will get the news out to the public. It will probably even get National News coverage.
    I don’t give money over the net. But I do send money orders snail mail. I’m hoping he gets enough to put a bunch of them up. He’s already got one up. Go to his site and check it out.

    Did y’all check that “Ashley Madison VA employee list” that was published on here recently? I was almost tempted to send emails to the pukes and say three words over and over—-
    “SHAME ON YOU” !!!!!
    Of course, knowing me, I probably wouldn’t stop there.
    Bruce, even though the news media is just giving out “bits and peices” of the bad shit VA does. I do believe it’s getting the proper exposure. Because, yesterday when I went to the grocery store, people, (Citizens and Employees), were talking about it. They were upset, and I do mean upset, over the way VA is not taking care of veterans. Some of them were of the younger generation (18 yrs old and up to seniors)! So, in my opinion, this “Shame Tactic” is working….
    They were knowledgeable about how Ol McD “…has turned his back on [us]”! They were knowledgeable about taxpayers money being spent wrongly. They knew of his trips to Hawaii and Alaska. How the vets felt about him, Gibson and other VA upper management.
    Let’s keep this up. We need to give out this website and others to the public. Let them come on here and other sites to see the truth.
    Just about everytime I go out. I’m handing out Ben’s website and
    “VAwatchdog” and “VAislying” to anyone who is interested. Y’all woud be surprised as to how many have taken it. Then the next time I see them, they thank me!!!!!!

  8. Get anyone at the VA annoyed at you in any way and they’ll call the VA police on you. When you get mad at anyone at the VAMC, don’t dare say anything a little out of the way to that person or you’re in big trouble! You pretty much have to stifle yourself because you definitely don’t want to get put in jail and then have your records flagged. Remember, veterans don’t have the right to due process on stuff like this. We’re second class citizens behind convicted felons, illegals, and everything else.

  9. 08/24/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Candy Land has begun to melt with the evidence released today.

    Doctors are making up stories, the same as the Phoenix VA, Nurses refusing to perform emergency care and use tools of their trade to help a dying person in front of fire-fighters—-is cold blooded.

    Simcakoski was murdered.

    Look into it.

    Thank You for your time and effort.


    Don Karg

    1. They should be arrested for murder, it’s very simple for them to overdose a veteran and then blame the veteran whom can not defend themselves. I have heard many such stories! Can’t for the life of me think our government condones killing veterans, but I guess they do! ?

  10. Yes, the VA so called medical professionals lie! Once you have complained or raised your voice in justified frustration with their incompetence or even mentioning the patient advocate, they will commit fraud by documenting in your medical record that you were disruptive and/or threatning. The FBI would be after us veterans if we committed fraud. But the Gestapo like VA gets away with it every day at the expense of ruining veterans lives with their lies!

    1. Patient Advocate? try finding one at the Dayton V.A.. I have tried in person, and by phone to reach that person, and i get a recorded message every time.

      1. So right-on, Donald. I think the term “Patient Advocate” is the biggest oxymoron of a Job Title they have yet to come-up with.
        It should read as: “Patient Advocate For VA Employees”, because it sure as hell is not there for Veteran’s benefit.
        The Columbus, OH VAMC is no different. I was in a waiting area so freaking sick (civilian Dr.’s eventually were ones to tell me I had walking pneumonia), and that waiting area was SO **noisy** that I could not hear the soft mouse voice of the so-called nurse that was calling names over all the outrageous noisy people and those noisy people seemed to be people not even THERE for anything other than to hang-out and talk to anyone, even themselves, LOUDLY, as I had seen this same individual each and every time I visited that VAMC doing his loud ass talking over everyone.
        It was So LOUD that after waiting over -3- HOURS sitting there, I wanted to just go to an ER because I really felt that bad. Went to front desk and the so-called nurse told me, “We called your name and you did not respond so you need to schedule another appointment!!!” That’s when I asked to talk to a Patient Advocate and I was literally laughed at…it was made to appear as if I was NOT paying close enough attention to names being called. I explained when I attempted to STAND CLOSER to desk so as to HEAR my name, I was forcibly told I better SIT DOWN, then the VA Rent A Cop appeared, so I went to a civilian hospital ER and used the State Medicaid I had at the time instead.
        Now that I have had Medicare, I only use Civilian Medical for everything, even though it does cost me more, and realize not all Vets have this choice, but I am convinced I would not be alive as of 5 years ago had I continued to use the VAMC for my care…plus, it did not help that they built a brand new over-budgeted VAMC here in Columbus in which they STILL have no plans of placing Specialty Clinics such as Infectious Disease, and instead make people go all way to DAYTON…not really a short drive from Columbus.

        Patient Advocate term should be replaced with “Patient Adversary”….yeah, that’s it.

  11. Above here somewhere, CorpsmanuP! may have something. If you could get a restraining order against a VA employee, so they have to stay a mile from you, they would have to leave a VA hospital or clinic, when you have an appointment, or be arrested. Nice!

    1. You have that ALL wrong! The VA would place a CHAIR -1- MILE away, spend $12,000. to have a video camera set-up and ask YOU to HOLD IT, and then tell you to WAIT for someone to come to you to be seen while they stay -1- mile away from you…and can turn on 220 volts from where they are to the very video camera they asked YOU to hold!!!
      I said this because it’s unreal how much CRAP can actually come out of just -1- VAMC location such as the Phoenix VAMC. It’s like that toilet that won’t quite flush all the offensive crap.

      One would almost think that it would implode upon itself like the owner’s home did at end of very first “Poltergeist” movie…and WHY do we still have SILENCE from Senator McCain??? I am betting because although it’s his own State and backyard, he does not USE the VA or at least not THAT one, so it does not affect HIM…reason for silence. He only shows-up for PR shots/shits around Veterans when it’s re-election time, nothing more and nothing less. Another example for the need for term limits in all Public Offices Nationwide.

      By the way, the few Presidential Candidates that the Koch Brothers only invited to a huge Cleveland Event this past weekend (and purposely did not invite certain others), are funded HUGELY by these asshole rich brothers and they only ALLOW the candidates to talk about what THEY consider important…making the rich richer, nothing less. They did not speak one word about Veteran Issues…these are more or less all puppets on the purse strings of Koch Brothers, and funny thing is, these SAME rich assholes are the ones placing Veterans in harm’s way with these senseless wars that amount to a bottom line of controlling oil revenues…they could care less about Veterans and look upon us as the “77% or the Entitled”…please remember this when voting because NONE of these people have our 6.

      Just like the police are doing in many cities now, perhaps Veterans should be the ones wearing video cameras and simply do not let them know about it.

      I am not justifying his actions at all, but one probably needs to take a closer look into the unfortunate shooting in NYC in a Fed. Building over last weekend that indeed was a Veteran that shot a “security guard” in that building that indeed houses a VA Facility to find out if this Veteran had been harassed incessantly prior to this event…something smells of a cover-up and wondering if these are all as someone else already stated, scattered small piles of crap to get people’s attention from the BIG PILES of CRAP the VA has going on????

      1. Here, hold this camera. Yes, that sounds like the VA. How about this one: The VA is one big gigantic lie, nothing is true, nothing is real, it’s all fake, a giant scam, at every level.

        There theme song should be the old Beatles tune, ‘Strawberry Fields’ — as in, “Strawberry fields, nothing is real, strawberry fields forever”. Yes, for as far as you can see, and for infinity after that, in every direction, when it comes to dealing with anything at the VA, nothing is real.

        They have fake doctors, fake cops, fake surgeons, fake nurses, fake lawyers. I would bet heavily you could take ten people at random, off the street from any town in America, and give them all jobs, ranging from VA surgeon to VA cop to VA appeals court attorney, and no one would ever suspect they were impostors, because they would perform just as incompetently as 99% of the rest of the VA.

        Think this couldn’t happen? Think again. This is exactly what is going on at the VA. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Review the real credentials and performance of 1,000 employees, and you can safely bet that the vast majority of them have faked their ways into their positions and continue to do so.

        They’re all lying, so none of them turn the others ones in, no matter how high or how low their position is. McDonald is a good example of this, and the way we know that is he tripped himself up by lying on camera about being Special Forces. So, when VA doctors are caught with fake credentials, and it happens all the time, naturally, there is an explanation for it.

        Like, official VA policy even says the VA uses its internal regulations to hire medical workers who are not actually medical doctors, then they document them as actual medical doctors. Do a little research on the internet and you will see that this is true.

        Why do you think the VA fucks up everything? This is why. They are all, almost without exception, a bunch of con artists, posers, impostors — just a bunch of clever gypsies.

  12. Elf asked how to avoid this shit. Here’s how: always have a witness and support person with you. Never go to the VA alone, on the phone or in person, without them by your side listening and watching. Unfortunately it has come to that at the VA. Eventually they will pull something on you that will ruin your life if they haven’t already. Undo the damage by using witnesses and support people, and by talking to other vets and reading about this shit here. If you are entitled to and earned any VA benefit, apply for it. They hope you won’t. Be careful. Always follow procedure (have a witness).

    1. I meant to say “… with them by your side”, not ” … without”. Notice how some of us have dyslexia or use some fucked up totally wrong word here? It is called stress. The woman below here somewhere said “bacteria” instead of “back”, as in go back. The VA is such a shit mess the way they do this to good people who have given so much, vets and their families. VA fucking assholes. We have to back each other up.

    2. PORTLAND, Ore. – The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon today announced the release of a smartphone application that will allow users to take video of police encounters and quickly upload the video to the ACLU. It can also send an alert when a police stop is being recorded by another user nearby and provides helpful legal information about interacting with police.

      “Police officers have a unique role and position within our society and they are given extraordinary powers,” said David Fidanque, executive director of the ACLU of Oregon. “Oregonians have the right to record video of police in public places as a check to those powers.”

      Get the cell app called “mobile justice”

  13. The VA has over a hundred Special Agents in their CID who have the specific mission of framing unsuspecting service-connected disabled veterans, and other vets with pending claims, or pending benefits applications into jails, prisons and state mental hospitals. There are at least two at every VA Hospital, and large Medical Centers like San Francisco Medical Center, and VA Long Beach, has at least 10 such agents. They do not care if you are a war hero and even a medal of honor winner. They have a dragnet that pulls in any vet for any reason, then falsify evidence and statements, using informants, other agents posing as non-agents, and others, who go into civilian courts to make sure the vet gets put away and loses his/her benefits. The sole motivation is financial. All I will say is it goes very high up, all the way to the top, but that is obvious to anyone paying attention to what goes on. Some of these people are very powerful, but some times they get caught and put away. One such individual is set to get out of federal prison in a few months, after several years there. Several years ago, he set me up, and hundreds of other vets during his very prominent high level law enforcement career. He was arrested on a technicality, very much like was done to take down Al Capone many decades ago, because it was too hard to get him on what he was up to. There are hundreds more out there just like him.

  14. I had a similar experience at the Tuscaloosa VA. A new psychiatrist just wouldn’t send my prescription. I ended up spasming and with a concussion. I called to complain. I was told I ordered it wrong, which was bogus. The nurse told the psychiatrist that I swore and threatened her, which I didn’t. When I finally had my appointment, two guards accompanied me to my appointment. She yelled at me for entire times. When I did get my scripts, she quit. Now, I have no doctor, medical or psychological. But, VA is making me drive the 200 mile round trip to see a nutritionist and a nurse. It’s getting worse at my VA every time I make the trip.

    1. Synopsis: Nurse Ratchet went to her favorite VA psychiatrist, Dr. “Death” Kavorkian, the one who tells vets to “off themselves”. Assholes! We are with you, John! Everyone, don’t be silent, speak up like John did, and others do here. Every time someone speaks up it helps our cause! Every evil empire has a vulnerable spot, and we are it.

      1. The veteran who feels that a VA accuses them of being threatening , should file a protective order against those who are accusing them . Equal protection clause under the l4th Amendment. If you have evidence where VA is making these accusations and is strictlty on “fears” and hearsay, your order for protection is just as valid as any bogus claim they can make against you!

  15. This occurs at every facility and employees take advantage of the disruptive committee claiming a veteran did something and are punished, and the employees making the allegation is not required to provide any proof! I had a tooth pulled and qualified for a replacement tooth. When I asked the dentist about a replacement tooth, he told me, you are not getting any replacement tooth, to much work and cost to much? . I looked up the regulations and I did qualify and called the dental clinic and had to leave a message and repeated what the dentist told me word for word. The nurse called me and was very very upset that I repeated what I was told and proceeded to tell me in an angry voice, the dentist wants to talk to you today at 3:30. Due to the va falsely accusing me of disruptive behavior before and never had to provide any proof at all and then punished and her tone of voice, I thought to myself why would the dentist want me to travel 60 miles, just to talk to me! ?. I may have a tbi, but I’m not stupid. If I had went that day, this is what would have happened. When I arrive the dentist would call me into his office and his nurse would call the local police and tell them I had made some type of threat and have me arrest, stating this veteran has been disruptive before and we don’t feel safe? . I didn’t fall for the scheme, if I had, I would have had to call my family get me out of jail, hire an attorney, be banned from all va care and have a record! I don’t believe this is paranoia, as they have done this before and the va could give a dam if they know it was all a lie, we veterans have no one to turn to when false allegations are placed upon US and the employees have a good laugh and say guess we showed him to question US! Until someone stops this type of illegal actions no veteran will be safe or immune to this tactic. It’s not a matter, if it will happen to you, it’s just a matter of time and then it will be your turn to be reported to the disruptive committee and you will not find anyone to defend you Period!

    1. James, you are absolutely right, you are not paranoid, the VA is out to get us, because they for the most part are made up of carefully selected and trained sociopaths who are traitors with them mission to destroy our military by ruining the life of every veteran and military member they come in contact with. Just so you know, a lot of military personnel go to VA hospitals, but when they report in they are usually not wearing uniforms. The VA was taken over by enemies of the state decades ago. A good analogy would be how Nasa recruited Nazi rocket scientists, and Nazi medical doctors, who had done horrible things to America and our allies. They slowly blended in with our military and Nasa and medical research programs at all levels of society, including the VA, which is why the VA is ran like a Nazi regime that crushes dissidents or anyone that dares question their facist powers.

  16. Ben, this is very interesting. I have been ticketed for parking while pushing my husband back into the facility in his wheelchair. Paid almost $90.

    Then detained because an employee stated that I attacked her with a door. She was standing behind a close door that swung into the room. I had taken my husband outside and when we came back inside two VA police officers came up to me wanted to talk to me because someone told them I had assaulted them. I repeatedly explained to them my husband could not get back to the room without my help. They threatened to have me removed from the facility. I did refused to go until I could get my husband back into his room and settled. The two stood in his room while I got him bacteria to bed. Their presence caused my husband to be upset. After getting my husband settled as much as I could, the two officers then took me outside and told me who had made the accusation. This person had many complaints from me to management as well as other familes. She would steal from patients. Even complaining to the police about her did no good. She was the golden girl.

    Once I was taken outside and interrogated, they said I could stay. I have rerepeatedly tried to get the police report from that night and it has disappeared. I was told by one of the officers that it would be sent up to his superiors. Even the security person who does FOIA could not locate it.

    So I was detained, threatened and no report on file?

  17. Ben, you know from talking to me a while back, the VA recently did much worse with their Criminal Investigators, police and security guards, with medical and other staff in on the whole thing. You also know it was immmediately investigated by my Congressman who ripped the VA a new asshole on the whole thing. This shit happens to many veterans every day. We have to arrest them, nothing else will work. I arrested one of them when they pulled this on me. It was a key leverage factor to hold them accountable. Citizen’s arrest powers are very strong if used properly. Don’t let these shitballs turn you into a coward that they can bully at will. They will try to provoke you if you have a pending claim or if you complain about anything relative to the VA or any VA staffer, no matter how wrong they are, they will retaliate. The officers that ratted that shit Mueller out need to be nurtured and developed as it is a certainty they have a truck load more shit to spill on these fuckups! Semper Fucking Fi.

  18. Ben Hi,

    We all aware of the “Transfer” games: “Fucking up, Moving Up”


  19. I haven’t had this happen to me, yet! Hope it never does. If someone has this happen to them, what is the best recourse to take?
    With all the bad press coming down on VA, don’t they realize doing something like this would cause more embarrassment?
    It seems to me, there is something coming out almost two to three times a week now. They don’t have enough people to do “damage control” anymore!

    Also, go back to the Ashley Madison blog. I put a couple stories on it.

    1. Most of the shit coming out every day on the VA is arranged and leaked in hopes of distracting away from the billion$ of dollars stolen in the failed hospital construction project debacle. The trick is to have everyone look at their new little piles of shit instead of the giant pile of shit they dumped before that. We run around picking up their little shit piles and give up on the mountain of shit that is too big for any pooper scooper, so it just stays there. Great strategy!

  20. Ben, I have direct evidence tat the VA OIG lied and requested a criminal prosecution. Joanne Moffett who is the spokesperson who asserted that a 3rd party made the request. If you want the information I can give it to you. The funny part is that I filed a criminal complaint against them and DOJ doesn’t follow the law. They sent it back to VA citing it is not their jurisdiction.

  21. 08/24/2015

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    I am not surprised, and that could be the reason for the silence in this town.

    What if City Police Chief Garcia knew about such activities [before he got fired]?

    What if the City Mayor Stanton knows about this and the City Council?

    Should our Congresswoman know of this activity?

    Should Sen. McCain and Sen. Flake not be all over this?

    Why has the Maricopa County Attorney not returned my second letter that was very demanding for a response? He had time to go after a veteran and call him an “enemy of the state” for promoting pot. Should he not know of this activity?

    Where is ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism reporters and editors? I thought these guys were the “gold standard of journalism?”

    By the way—any word on the ongoing investigations at the University of Phoenix and their parent group, The Apollo Group?

    These clowns have turned Phoenix into Mexico and the U.S. Citizens are paying a heavy price [in bodies/293 as of last year].

    “Scary stuff.”—No. Treasonous Stuff!

    Violations of Civil and Constitutional Rights—not the first time; the District Judge in 1985 told the courtroom to look outside to see if the American Flag was still flying, Judge Ideman—Dealing with Students’ Freedom of Speech at Los Angeles Harbor College.
    And in the Carl Icahn’s Arizona Republic Newspaper yesterday had an article about the restrictions on students free speech at the Arizona Universities.
    Where is Morrison Forester?

    Or was that a legal show back in 2007????

    Like I said you have to camp out front of the Senate Building to get the ball moving!


    Don Karg

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